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PES 2020, PES Menu buy PES 2020 cheap. The Master League sees a change with real-time face scans of famous managers from the PL, with the likes of Pep Guardiola being introduced to the mix. Data Pack 2.0 - last post by @ Dec 20, 2020 Data Pack 2.0 - last post by @ Dec 2, 2020 Data Pack 5.0 - last post by @ Apr 11, 2020 Install PES 2020 Patch 1.16 Data Pack 7.0 on Any Mac OS X - last post by @ Aug 12, 2020 Data Pack 3.0 - last post by @ Dec 27, 2020. PES19 Patch 1.04.02 From 28 February.

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North America: SCPH-75001 The mainboard is a bit different from last SCPH-70011/70012/70001 versions. Ini adalah update official Pro Evolutution Soccer yang didownload langsung dari Steam. Last edited by Steve_OS; 10-22-2020 at 09: 44 PM. Advertisements - Register to remove: 10-23-2020, 11: 22 AM #2: DBMcGee3. UPDATE - Thursday 26th June, pm: After yesterday's release of Patch, Data Pack 7 is now available to download on the PC version of PES UPDATE - Monday 16th June, am: Konami are aware of certain issues affecting Data Pack 7, where the new Dutch NT kits would not be added for some users.


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Then type in the following cheats. Patch pes 2020 data pack 2. The latest update for eFootball PES 2020 introduces the Iconic Moment Series, and you can currently nab a free Maradona on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. By Richard Wakeling on March 9, 2020 at 2: 29PM PDT. Offline For PC, data pack 2, konami, efootball, free, baixar, exe file, october, terbaru, gameplay, serie BKT.

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Sky go hack pro 1000 games. C: \Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\download\ 3. Data Pack 2.0 brings the latest league, club and player data for numerous countries including. Sign talented star players through the "Player Pack".


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Ls09 patch tractor v1.1 skype webpage. Ove 150 players got their cyber faces updated in the DP2.0, including those from official partner clubs, such as FC Barcelona's Ansu Fati, Arsenal's William Saliba, Albian Ajeti from Celtic FC, and Christiano Ronaldo from Juventus. Be careful not to copy to any folder inside your external hard drive. List will be updated later.

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Konami has announced that free Data Pack 2.0 for eFootball PES 2020 SEASON UPDATE is now available. EFootball PES 2020 (eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020). ALREADY INCLUDE BUNDESLIGA *COMPLETE VERSION, DELETE PREVIOUS VERSION BEFORE USING V2 DLC 4.0 This patch is not mandatory. It adds four new teams, 73 new player faces and four new stadia.


PES 2020 Data Pack 2.0: New Features

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AutoCAD 2020 Keygen one of the most simple and powerful CAD applications. These players come with boosted stats that reflect their performance on that specific game. PES 2020 PC Complete Option File DLC 2.0 by Ruitrind (Update 01/11/2020) PES 2020 Andri Patch v2.0 AIO Season 2020/2020; PES 2020 GIGA Scoreboard Pack for PES 2020; PES 2020 Official Patch 1.02.00 + Data Pack 2.00; PES 2020 All Inclusive Pack V2 AIO IntroServer by Flav69. Mobiledit crack serial numbers.

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Smart bro wimax hack symbianize s. The needle has swung both ways with data packs, then, and in many ways you can view eFootball PES 2020 Season Update as a full stop on that ongoing saga, a kind of bells and whistles edition of. Rookie OVR: 0. Join Date: Sep 2020. Spectrasonics omnisphere keygen only books you can try this out.

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Thank you to Aaron_wangtao for giving me the PES 2020 game as a donation; and sorry if the face that I made are not good enough, because I still have a lot to learn in making faces for PES. Instructions: 1. Extract the file with WinRAR, 2a. If the face is not a CPK file, you need to make it to CPK first, you can follow it here. Patch released - The new [HOST] Patch including the latest PES patch and data pack is available to download now. The new PES 2020 Data Pack 2.0 brings the third Barcelona kit.


PES 2020 Data Pack 3.01/4.0 for CPY Version

Battlefield 2 patch 1.5 chip online. FIFA 2020 Full Game Crack Free Download Setup For PC. It already-classic addition to the series, as the official face of the game, Messi, will be replaced by not one, but four familiar faces: Eden Hazard from Chelsea, James Rodriguez from Real Madrid, Anthony Martial from Manchester United and Marcus Reus from Borussia Dortmund. PES 2020 has a September 10 release date on PS4 and Xbox One, while FIFA 20 launches just a few weeks later on. Experience the award winning gameplay and match excitement from console on android.

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The Patch v 0.1 fixes Logos and Names of Teams and Leagues, and corrects the kits of EPL, Laliga, English Championship and Juventus. Eset nod32 antivirus 5 key generator. Player faces updates, more than 200 Kit updates, new boots, Steven Gerrard as Master League manager, and more. Mikroc full version crack.


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It comes with all the features and gameplay from the 2020 game, along with the new season's player and club data, the exclusive UEFA EURO 2020 mode, and content in advance of the rescheduled real-life tournament. UPDATED FOR DATA PACK 2.0! The latest announced World Cup squads have also been added for teams like Brazil, England and Germany. Live and breathe the most authentic soccer game ever created, developed with the assistance of renowned.

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Data Pack 2.0 release. The Data Pack update will include new stadiums and new licensed national teams, and more! High graphics game on your Android phone. PES 2020 GDB Kitpack V11.1 for KitServer Season 2020/2020 by Glauber Silva breandaharlinn April 11.

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[PC] Thoughts on Online/Offline/MyClub and PES 2022

Firstly, just want to start by saying I've made a habit of buying PES every 2 years, no more, no less. Does that mean I haven't experienced PES 2020? No, I play all of the games, one way or another (make of that what you will), and why is that important? I feel like yearly there's little to no improvements, so not worth full price, but two is an "acceptable" amount of time for improvements to be worth full price (note that this year's entry is basically last year's game with a season update and some very small tweaks, that means no new mechanics, no nothing).
That said, I've been playing PES since 2013 (which is still one of the best for me either way), and have experienced the engine change in 2014, and the evolution all the way up to today. Overall not really impressed. This generation of PES always felt sluggish, non agile, sometimes plain scripted... But I still enjoyed playing. Since I started purchasing the games on PES 2017 I've noticed many small incremental changes on passing, dribbling, set pieces, etc, and mostly were positive and contributed to the overall experience.
However, PES 2020 felt like the end of the road for this engine, both because Konami were already working on 2022 when it came out and because the FOX engine (which wasn't even designed for SPORTS games to begin with, GG Konami) had been pushed to the max. So much that this year's game brings no new mechanics, just a roster update, some new faces, and a menu change. They say that some of the existing mechanics were "refined" but, if they even have been to begin with, it's such a small thing it's barely even noticeable... Agile dribbling has been tweaked they say, but is it any good? I personally don't think so, didn't see much use for it in 2020 and still don't see much use in 2021, but your mileage may vary.
But I didn't buy PES 2021 because of "refined mechanics", like I said, I made a habit of buying the game every two years, so naturally after 2019, it was time to give this one a go. Now I'll briefly go over my experiences with PES 2019 before moving on to 2021.
For me 2019 was one of the best in the recent times. Yeah, menus were pretty bleh, but I liked the R2 jinking run better than the left analog's agile dribbling (I still wish there was an option to re-enable it). That's not the only reason why I liked that game, online was decent at worse, and pretty enjoyable at best. Never plain awful. I had around 600h on MyClub and can't remember a single match where connection was either awful or unplayable (I've used a 100mb fiber cabled connection since 2018), and as a result I was constantly playing MyClub and online friendlies.
And then there's PES 2021. First three matches were supposed to be stable 3-bar connections, but ALL of them were sluggish, with lots of delays, players were slow to perform actions even at the start of the match. Just plain awful. And that was supposed to be the best connection scenario. I'm not even complaining about passing, dribbling, shooting, I know online experience is always going to differ from offline, I'm just wondering how did it go so WRONG connection wise. Konami should be more than capable of providing multiple servers world wide with at LEAST decent connection. I mean for crying out loud, how much do they make out these games every year?
Second thing that grinded my gears about online is the time it takes to find a SINGLE match. I noticed that even on PEAK HOURS there's only about 10k people on the WHOLE PLANET playing, is that correct? That's mental, it just goes to show you how much FIFA still has the upper hand in football games...
Quick thoughts on offline: it is what it is. Super star still feels heavily scripted, and player AI is still highly doubtful. I tried doing a Euro 2020 run with Netherlands, which are a proper side, no Germany or anything, but you'd think I wouldn't have much difficulties leading a group with Austria, Kosovo and Ukraine, right? Nope, all games felt really gung go, with no teams being able to play anything resembling tactical football, pretty much a gegenpressing fest, clearances everywhere, lots of ball watching resulting in goals... Just not a pleasant experience. I don't mind losing. I mind not being able to play proper football and losing because of that. Haven't really touched ML or BAL yet, but I've done so many over the years that I feel I'm not missing out on anything.
Conclusions are: Not worth full price. I got it with the veterans discount, and it still doesn't feel like it's worth even with that. The only hope I have for this game is updates and data packs. MAYBE proper updates could fix some of the crappy AI and connection issues, but I seriously doubt it. Maybe wait untill black friday, it'll probably be a better bargain than the veteran's discount Konami is giving us.
I'm really hoping 2022 is THE year for PES. FIFA is not looking like it's going to change any time soon, so Konami, for ONCE, should capitalize on this opportunity and make a proper football game. It's gonna be a blank canvas, and will set the tone for football games in this new generation of consoles. Please do not make the same mistakes.
TL;DR: "New" game, same problems, awful connection. Wait for a better sale.
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The Tesla Bull Case in Brief

The Tesla Bull Case in Brief
I have no financial position in Tesla at this point in time and no interest in initiating one within the next month.


There seems to be a strong sentiment among some that Tesla is vastly overvalued, and that the current stock price is completely unrooted in reality. I understand the viewpoint, but don't really share the belief. That's not particularly surprising as I consider myself a Tesla optimist. I decided to present in brief the case for Tesla's valuation as I understand it.


Tesla's current market capitalisation appears to be grossly overvalued, especially when compared to their peers in the automotive sector as the below charts so clearly illustrate:
Comparison of Tesla to European and American Automakers
In fact, the charts actually understate things as Tesla's market cap currently seats at around $464 billion. You could add another Daimler to the US and EU listed companies and they would still have a lower market capitalisation than Tesla.
This really is the case for Tesla being overvalued: it's automotive revenues is many times it's current market capitalisation. Per MarketWatch, Tesla's trailing PE is 978.44, so it's not as if Tesla is especially profitable either.
On a fundamentals basis, Tesla appears to be grossly overvalued.


The above chart doesn't necessarily indicate that Tesla's current market capitalisation is an extremely speculative bubble that could burst soon, but more that Tesla is not valued based on its current financial situation. Tesla is valued as an extreme growth company, and it's growth over the past five years bears this out.
Year Revenue (USD millions) Growth (%)
2008 15 -
2009 112 646.67
2010 117 4.46
2011 204 74.36%
2012 413 102.45
2013 2,013 387.41
2014 3,198 58.87
2015 4,046 26.52
2016 7,000 73.01
2017 11,759 67.99
2018 21,461 82.51
2019 24,578 14.52
Source (Macro Trends)

To contextualise this, here's Tesla's trailing CAGR:
Time span CAGR (%)
5 years 50.36%
7 years 79.27%
10 years 71.45%
Over the last decade, Tesla has demonstrated formidable growth. There's reason to believe that they can continue to show impressive growth (albeit lowered going forward).
The first two quarters of 2020 were battered by a pandemic (Tesla factories faced lockdowns due to the pandemic), and as a result are somewhat of an exception. There were no lockdowns during Q3.
Looking at Tesla's Q3 results, we see that the formidable growth story continues;
Q3 2019 Q3 2020 Growth (%)
Vehicle Deliveries 97,186 139,593 44
Automotive Revenues (USD millions) 5,353 7,611 42
Storage Deployed (MW) 477 759 59
Solar Deployed 43 57 33
Energy Revenue 402 579 44
Total Revenue (USD millions) 6,303 8,771 39
Source (Tesla Investor Relations)

Going Forward
Wall Street seems to expect the growth story to continue. Per Market Insider, here are the consensus analyst estimates for the next five years:
Year Revenue (USD Millions) Growth (%)
2020 30,626 24.61
2021 44,937 46.73
2022 55,963 24.54
2023 79,620 42.27
2024 102,526 28.77
Source (Markets Insider)

I personally think that analyst consensus estimates are significantly underestimating Tesla's growth. In particular their figures for 2020 seem off by $2 billion or more. Analyst estimates for Q3 2020 were off by $495 million, and the estimate of $9,884M for Q4 seems off by around $1,500M (assuming Tesla meets the 180K delivery target) without accounting for the recognition of any deferred revenue. Tesla had $1,258M in deferred revenue at the end of Q3.
This may seem optimistic, but you're welcome to hold me to do this on January 28th 2021.
Despite their (potential) underestimation of Tesla, analysts expect a 5 year CAGR in 2024 of 33%. Tesla is expected to continue to show formidable growth to the end of the decade.

Tesla would execute on this formidable growth story through capital expenditure. They will build numerous service centres and gigafactories. The goal is to have giga factories on all 6 economic continents (with some continents having several factories) in order to lower the expenses involved in distributing the cars and to streamline logistics. Currently, Tesla is building two new gigafactories in Berlin and Austin and is currently expanding Giga Shanghai.
An inherent assumption is that the market has the demand to absorb all this extra supply. Many states have committed to phasing out ICE vehicles:
Schedule for the phase out of fossil fuel passenger vehicles
Source (Wikipedia)

Around 13 states have committed to phasing out ICE vehicles on or before 2030. Over the coming decade, the EV total addressable market is projected to grow to 27 million by 2030 (at a CAGR of 21%). This again seems a bit too conservative. EV sales were down in the first half of 2020 (due to the pandemic), but in July sales grew 77% YoY. Some states have also pulled forward their timelines for phasing out fossil fuels since the forecast was initially made.
Tesla would face stiff competition going forward, but the total addressable market would grow fast enough to absorb all of Tesla's growth in supply if they can successfully market their vehicles. The risk here is that Tesla would fail to execute not that the total addressable market isn't large enough.
As an optimist, I'm fine betting on Tesla's ability to execute.

Access to Capital
To fund the massive expansion expected of them, Tesla would need to spend a lot on capital expenditure. Fortunately, access to capital is not a problem for Tesla.
  • Tesla's cash on hand at the end of Q3 2020 was $14.5 billion.
    • Per their 10Q filing this is already sufficient to fund their capex needs up to 2023.
  • Free cash flow for the quarter was $1,395M.
  • Giving their current market capitalisation ($464 billion) and the mandatory demand from index funds on their inclusion ($60 billion), Tesla has an opportunity to raise $10 - $20 billion in a new capital raise.
    • A $20 billion raise would give them enough cash on hand at the end of 2020 to finance their expansion plans for several years going forward.
  • Free cash flow is expected to rise going forward:
    • In Q3 there was a 234% increase QoQ and a 276% increase YoY.
    • Tesla has been seeing increased efficiency of capital expenditures.


Another component of the Tesla bull case is that in addition to hyper growth in revenues, Tesla's profit margins would also rise significantly over the next decade. This is readily apparent if we look at Tesla's past four quarters:
Tesla's Trailing 4 Quarters Revenue and profits
Source (Tesla Investor Relations)

Automotive gross margins have steadily risen from 22.8% a year ago to 25.4% last quarter and seem set to continue their upwards trajectory. Total gross margins have risen from 18.9% to 23.5%. There are good reasons to expect the rise to continue and maybe even accelerate going forward:
  • Manufacturing Efficiencies
  • Network Services

Manufacturing Efficiencies
As Tesla continues to ramp up production and innovate, they will be able to drive down the manufacturing cost of their vehicles, benefit even further from economies of scale (both in their production and their supply lines as EV demand heats up globally). Tesla's capital expenditure will become even more efficient; they will be able to squeeze out more manufacturing capacity, from the same amount of capital expenditures.
Tesla's rise in capex efficiency is apparent when you compare their capex expenditure in 2020 (construction of Giga Berlin, Giga Texas, Fremont Model Y ramp, and expansion of Giga Shanghai) to capex expenditure in 2017 (Fremont Model 3 ramp):
Tesla's Capex Expenditures Q4 2016 - Q3 2020
Source (Hypercharts)

Despite the lower capex in 2020, Tesla is building a lot more cars:
Tesla Vehicle Production Q1 2016 - Q3 2020
Source (Statista)

In addition to the aforementioned favourable trends, there are concrete reasons to expect Tesla to perform very well on the capex efficiency front over the next decade. At Tesla's battery day, Tesla laid out a roadmap to drastic increases in efficiency:
Vertical Integration Benefits
Source (Tesla Investor Relations)

Tesla is forecasting a 69%!!! increase in capex efficiency in the coming years.
Furthermore, the cost of batteries is forecast to fall by as much as 56%. Batteries are a significant component of the total cost, and the reduction in the cost of batteries would further improve Tesla's margins.
Aside from batteries, and capex efficiency, Tesla should also be able to drive down the cost of manufacturing other components of their electric cars due to Wright's Law.
While Tesla would pass on some of these cost savings to the consumer, they wouldn't pass on all of them. This is evidenced by Tesla's improved margins in 2020 despite several price cuts.

Network Services
Tesla's network services are included with their automotive revenues, but represent a novel high margin business that isn't part of the traditional automotive playbook. Using Tesla's fleet as the platform, Tesla can sell software products, subscriptions and other services to their customers. The recurring revenue of subscriptions in particular is a cause for optimism (especially given the potential high margins).
Tesla's existing products:
  • Software
    • Full Self Driving: $10,000
    • Enhanced Autopilot: $4,000
      • This isn't currently available was previously an option
    • Acceleration Boosts
      • Model 3: $2,000
      • Model Y: $2,000
  • Subscriptions
    • Premium Connectivity: $10/month
    • Full Self Driving: ???
      • Reportedly coming soon
  • Miscellaneous
    • Supercharging
Tesla has only a few such products now, but they would likely develop more such products in time. Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas referred to this as "the internet of cars".

Beyond Traditional Automotive Revenues

It's a common statement among Tesla bulls that Tesla is not just an automaker. In my experience sceptics tend to be annoyed by this and (rightly) point out that the supermajority of Tesla's revenue comes from traditional automotive endeavours (selling their cars). While this is true now, it's not necessarily the case 10 years from now, and there's reason to believe that traditional automotive activities may no longer constitute a majority of Tesla's revenue, and may represent an even smaller portion of Tesla's profits.
I'll cover some other businesses of Tesla's that are poised to grow over the next 10 years:
  • The aforementioned Network Services
  • Energy
  • Ridesharing
  • Insurance

Tesla's energy business is poised to benefit substantially from the shift towards renewable power sources. In particular, Tesla's battery storage businesses stands a lot to gain. Per the Financial Times, total energy storage capacity would grow rapidly over the coming decade to over 700 Gwh by 2030:
Projections for Energy Storage
Source (Financial Times)

The total addressable market is once again large enough to soak up hyper growth from Tesla over the next decade. Musk himself has stated that he expects Tesla's energy business to be as large as their automotive business long term (a reminder that Tesla's targeted end state is 20 million cars per year).
A refresher on Tesla Energy's available products:
  • Solar
    • Tesla solar panels: $1.49/watt (after incentives)
    • Solar Roof
  • Battery Storage
    • Power Wall (residential)
    • Power Pack (commercial)
    • Mega Pack (utility scale)

If Tesla can sufficiently advance their autonomy technology, they may finally be able to launch their autonomous ridesharing network. While Tesla's autonomy technology is currently not yet up to par for this application, their ongoing beta has been rapidly improving with weekly updates. The beta testers have been reporting significant improvements in capability since it was rolled out a month ago.
The bet is that Tesla would be able to reach superhuman driving capability before 2025. Their location agnostic approach would let them scale up operations much more quickly than geofenced competitors (e.g. Waymo).

Tesla collates extensive data regarding vehicle usage and the driving patterns of their customers. Combined with their driver assist software, Tesla should be in a privileged position regarding risk assessments for Tesla customers. Using their abundant available data, Tesla may be able to prepare the most compelling insurance package for a sizable fraction of Tesla drivers.
Tesla insurance may also have a synergistic relationship with Tesla's warranty processing and service centres. Tesla insurance customers may be offered discounts on service that wouldn't be available to customers of other insurance providers.


For public accountability purposes, I'll register my Tesla expectations for this year, next year and 2025. I'm not a financial analyst or otherwise particularly financially savvy, so I'll keep it pretty simple. I'll report my 25% - 75% confidence interval on the following metrics:
  • Vehicle deliveries
  • Total revenue

25% 75%
2020 Deliveries 160,000 200,000
2020 Revenue (USD millions) 30,000 36,000
2021 Deliveries 800,000 1,200,000
2021 Revenue (USD millions) 48,000 78,000
2025 Deliveries 3,000,000 5,000,000
2025 Revenue (USD millions) 135,000 350,000

The growing variation in the interquartile range is a representation of my growing uncertainty about the business.
I have neither a price target for $TSLA nor concrete expectations for its stock price (I've said in public before that $TSLA might go to $200 before going to $600:

I simply believe that Tesla will demonstrate hyper growth over the next decade and have a > 10 year investment horizon, so I would be comfortable investing in $TSLA using dollar cost averaging.

Closing Remarks

Many are dubious regarding Tesla's ability to deliver on the formidable vision outlined above. There are certainly numerous risks that may challenge Tesla's ability to deliver on hyper growth. However, as mentioned above, the main challenge to the hypergrowth narrative is execution risks. Fundamentally, it's a question of if Tesla can execute on the vision presented above. Giving their formidable track record so far (and the comparatively less than impressive records of the sceptics), I'm willing to bet that they can.

Additional Disclosure
While I have no financial position in $TSLA, I'm sort of an anomalous case. I only became interested in investing a couple of months ago, and I decided to defer any investments I would make until January 2021 to mitigate exposure to political risks. If I did have a portfolio, I'd expect $TSLA would feature in it (probably at around a 10% initial weighting).
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