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Season 6, Week 1: Tournament Recap

First of all, I want to recognize Season 5 Week 11's winners! The last recap got lost in the shuffle of the new season rotating in.
Sunday: mandrakata w/ RDW Monday: Pixywing w/ Mono Green Stax Thursday: Briar_moss w/ Cruel Lore
A great ending to a great season! But now we're onto Season 6!
Sunday Decklists
Week 1 of most new formats can be dominated by aggro decks. They're easy to build and can crush most non-optimized brews. Such is the case with this tournament's winner, Soldier Stompy by crazybaloth, of PD Masters Series fame. With a 5-0 in League already, crazybaloth came with experience with the deck and a solid gameplan. The deck has two modes: an average aggressive White Weenie strategy of on-curve strong threats, or the [[Preeminent Captain]]-powered busted starts. The Captain can cheat in plenty of large threats as early as turn 3, thanks to [[Crystal Vein]], this season's Dark Ritual. A card that really surprised me was [[Palisade Giant]]. Similar to [[Protector of the Crown]], the seven toughness of Palisade Giant is a tough nut to crack for the smaller aggro decks. This is a great deck for the current meta, and it's no surprise that it came out on top.
Out of the 33(!) players, eight came with RDW, and three made top 8. Again, this is the product of an undeveloped meta in Week 1. RDW was basically handed on a silver platter for players. [[Chain Lightning]], [[Ash Zealot]], [[Hellspark Elemental]] and others can make a winning deck any day of the week. To be fair, it's unclear what the most optimal build is, due to the vast amount of options RDW has. If you're coming into a tournament, be sure to be prepared for RDW. Case in point, Pixywing's UW Control is geared towards beating the Red menace, going all the way to [[Greater Realm of Preservation]] as a true beater out of the sideboard. I didn't even know this card existed until now!
The rest of the top 8 is filled with more aggro decks, all white-based for the most part. These are all safe Week 1 options, as stated before. In the tournament as a whole, there wasn't a single [[Hypergenesis]] deck, and only three [[New Perspective]] combo decks. These decks will eventually rise up, as it takes time to develop a combo deck to its full potential. Same goes for the control decks. Once everything settles a bit, and we see the top decks emerge, control enthusiasts will be able to figure out how to attack the meta.
For more content on this tournament, I did top 8 commentary that I posted on my YouTube page.
Monday Decklists
28 players this time around, and the result is the same as Monday, this time with stash86 piloting the Soldiers deck. I could easily just copy/paste the blurb I wrote from Sunday's tournament, as the lists are exactly the same. Quite honestly, I really should be talking about my own run with Hypergenesis, but I already did that on my YouTube page. I feel like I was pretty much one mulligan away from victory, but I'm a gamblin' man for sure. Hypergenesis was in a good spot this tournament, as it seemed that few were prepared for it. Verr also played another version of the deck, starting 2-0 before losing the last two matches (one to me). The deck is still underplayed as of now, and should really be picked up if you enjoy winning very early. Practice a lot, and learn how to stack those triggers!
It's also the same story for RDW this tournament as well. Three out of the eight Red decks made top 8. Heroic from littlefield and the UW "control" from Pixywing also returned to top 8. Those two results are not surprising, as their skill in the format has been proved in the past. This format really rewards knowledge of the meta, and deck familiarity. I always find it easier to build your own deck and tune it through testing and theorycraft rather than pick up a deck and just run it in a tournament. This seemed true last season with a few players, like Jdogg24k. I first saw Jdogg's [[Mogg Maniac]] deck in Season 5, and I thought it was a pile of nonsense. He would soon prove me wrong, racking up consecutive top 8s, continually improving the decklist. Now he's come back with a Mono Green Hermit Druid deck which seems sweet. I've played this archetype before in past seasons, but [[Lhurgoyf]] and [[Satyr Wayfinder]] really powered up this strategy. Maybe this is the new deck Jdogg will champion, proving to others that you can go your own way and be successful.
The rest of the tournament is filled with assorted brews. One deck I'd like to highlight is silasary's Felidar Guardian combo deck. If you love clicking on MTGO, then this is the deck for you! The basic combo is to stack the trigger of [[Felidar Guardian]], targetting a [[Parallax Wave]] combined with some ETB trigger creatures like [[Elvish Visionary]] and [[Inquisitor Exarch]] to go infinite. I'm still being surprised about all the combos that are coming out this season, and we're only in Week 1!
Thursday Decklists
When you think you have things figured out, all of a sudden, a new contender shows up. 13eakers, well known for thinking outside the box, won Thursday's tournament with Grixis Sorceries. In reality, this is a Rakdos deck splashing for the best sorcery of them all, [[Cruel Ultimatum]]. If you want a deck that's going to destroy aggro decks, this is your list! Out of the sideboard, [[Slaughter Games]] is a souped-up version of [[Memoricide]], capable of dismantling the combo decks in the field, as well as the maindeck [[Lay Bare the Heart]], secretly one of my favorite cards this season. I only think the mana base could use a bit sprucing up, but other than that, I can see this deck evolve with the meta and become a true contender.
The two sole Hypergenesis players made top 8, Back_Alley_G with my improved list, and trevor3693 with his own version with large Eldrazi. I truly feel that this can be the best deck in the format, and will need more responses from its competitors. One deck that it seems to crush is the Red aggressive strategies. No RDW list made it to the elimination rounds! Could it be that the death of PD via [[Chain Lightning]]s was called too early, or has the best list not been fleshed out yet? When you're one of the more talked-about decks, everyone's gonna have the sideboard hate. I don't think the red deck is dead, but maybe it'll come back strong later in the season. They have too many tools to not be a top tier deck.
Soldiers, the GW Hexproof deck and Junk Reanimator all returned to the top 8. Dragonas77 brings back an old favorite of his, [[Odric, Lunarch Marshal]] to the top 8. However, the deck that caught my eye was noaya's UB Dragon Control list. [[Silumgar's Scorn]] can be very powerful in the correct shell. [[Nameless Inversion]] and [[Icefall Regent]] represent the Dragon clan, which can barely be enough to fully power up Scorn. Even as a two-mana [[Force Spike]], Scorn is just as potent. Other than that, it's a pretty classic one-for-one deck, while refilling the hand with [[Dragonlord's Prerogative]].
This meta was quite all over the place. Blue looks to be on the rise, while Black continues to be under-represented. I believe if you want to be successful in the current meta, you'll have to do three things:
  • Beat up the aggro decks.
  • Have a plan vs Hypergenesis.
  • Be consistent with your own strategy.
Get out there and keep brewing!
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submitted by jmeka to PennyDreadfulMTG

Role Call Vol. 1, Chap. 4: the last of the Rainbow Tanks!

Greetings Gungir emporium! I"m currently bathing in salt that my favorite FF character, Sephiroth, will not be a Bonus unit for tomorrow's MK event because... reasons, but I'll get over it.
In my previous Role Call, some of you expressed grief that I couldn't fit Basch, Tank Titties, the Tonberry Tank, and better Ramza in the post. Fear not, the Reddit word count limit won't get me down this time.
As I've already covered the 4★ units that can serve as alternate roles for these units, and since - with the exception of Thancred for evasion shenanigans - you should NOT be using 3★ units to Tank in the current Meta, this Role call will actually consist of all 7★ that I haven't covered yet. And since this is the end of the tank section, I'll offer a subjective rank session at the end which you may feel free to Gungir-stab me with if you disagree. Let's get funky:

Mercenary Ramza Mercenary Ramza

In Final Fantasy: Tactics Lore, Ramza is our dashing protagonist who... honestly has to deal with way too much bullshit that results from a shitty government and old people's ambitions. Ramza's Mercenary version is uh... a unit with an interesting FFBE history, to say the least.
His weapon choices are Daggers, Swords, Greatswords, Katanas, Axes, Hammers, and Instruments. His armor choices are L & H Shields, L & H Armor, Robes, Hats, Helms, and Accessories. Typical tank fare. At Lv. 101/7★, Ramza gains 10% all element resist with 50% resistance to Stop, and before that at Lv. 100/6★, he gains immunity to all status ailments. Spares you the ailment gear, so that's cool. Let's get into what else he can do:

Role Name Effect & Duration
Support Second Wind ST increase ATK/MAG +50% for three turns
Debuffer Weapon Break** ST (1.8x) physical damage, break ATK by 40% for five turns
Debuffer Mind Break** Same as above, but MAG.
Physical Attack, Support Blade of Justice* ST (2.5x) damage w/ ignore 50% DEF, [Enh +1: 3x ST Damage w/ ignore 50% DEF, Enh+2: Break ATK/MAG 45% for three turns if used before Weapon or Mind Break, increase the value to 60% Break]
Support Entrust Use own LB gauge to ST fill ally's gauge
Physical Attack Raging Inferno ST Fire physical attack (6.8x)
Debuffer Crush Resistance ST physical damage (12x) and break all element resistance by 60% for three turns.
*Enhancements available
**Break value increases to 60% if used after Blade of Justice +2

Second Wind is poop at the current meta. Weapon and Mind Break, without the Enhanced Blade of Justice, are inferior to WoL Arms Eraser in both magnitude and flexibility, and he can do Armor Eraser too. With it, they're pretty good, they fit in the meta for non-LB breaks but he'd fall short of Enhanced HT Lid, Loren, 2Booty, etc. Without enhanced BoJ, they're pretty bad. More on this later, let's get to his tanking:

Name Effect & Duration
Stone Throw ST Fixed damage (400), [Enhancement +1: ST Fixed Damage (1,000) and Self +100% target chance for two turns, +2: ST Fixed damage (2,500), self +100% target chance for three turns, self mitigate damage by 40%)
Noble Lineage 75% chance to ST Cover ally from physical damage w/ 50% mitigation
Vanguard Protector 75% chance to AoE Cover allies from physical damage w/ 50% mitigation
Rear Protector* 75% chance to ST Cover allies from magical w/ 50% mitigation {3 turn CD, available turn 1}

Now his tanking is pretty solid, provided you get him to 7★, the only one of these you can get with Merc Ramza at 6★ is Noble Lineage, and ST Cover that you can't manually select a unit for is widely considered useless. Vanguard and Rear protector make Merc Ramza into a true Rainbow tank, giving him on demand cover for Physical and Magical nukes. Covers override each other, so both can't proc at once, but with the CD matching the duration, you don't need to worry about Rear protector unless you accidentally activate Vanguard Protector before the cooldown. We also should give a mention to Stone Throw, as 40% self mitigation is very serviceable, and it lasts the standard three turns. You should enhance this, as without it, Merc Ramza has no provoke (notice a theme here?)

Name Effect & Duration
Counter Tackle 30% chance to counter physical attacks w/ normal attack
DEF +20% Self-explanatory
SPR +20% see above
Branded Heretic* +50% MAG when wearing Robes [Enhancement +1: +50% ATK/DEF when wearing L Armor, +2: +50% ATK/DEF when wearing H Armor]
MAG +20% But he has no relevant MAG moves... why?
Auto-Refresh Recover 5% MP/turn
HP +20% Well, we're just missing ATK +20% at this point
Last of the Beoulve +50% DEF when wearing Helms
Warrior's Pride +50% ATK when wearing Hats
ATK +20% Well I'll be damned.
True Justice* +15% DEF/SPR when using Light Shield [Enhancement +1: +15% DEF/SPR when using Heavy Shield, +2: increase value to +30% ]
True Hero* Nullify all status ailements [Enhancement +1: Nullify Charm, +2: +15% all element resist]
Ramza Lugria^ +50% Resistance to Stop, +30% ATK/SPR and +20% HP, +10% all element resist
SPR +20% Here we are again!
Seeker of Truth +50% LB gauge fill rate, +20% LB damage, +2x mod to Blade of Justice
*Enhancements available
^Requires TMR equipped

Well... this is a lot. Unconditional +20% for ATK/MAG/DEF/HP/MP is cool, +40% for SPR is nice as well. Enhancing True Justice is required so you can flex to H Shields, enhancing True Hero is slight element boost and a handy Charm resist, and enhancing Branded Heretic is necessary so Ramza can gain bonuses from actual Tank gear.
I'm going to abbreviate the Magic section: Ramza has a useless Cura, a situational Esunaga, Ultima because of Lore reasons, Raise which is handy if your Healer is busy, and Curaga is just there.

Limit Break Effect & Duration
Ultima Blade (5★ / 14 LS) AoE phsyical (2.5x - 3.45x) damage with ignore 50% DEF and dispel all status effects.
Ultima Blade (6★ / 16 LS) AoE phsyical (2.7x - 3.9x) damage with ignore 50% DEF and dispel all status effects.
Ultima Blade (7★ / 24 LS) AoE phsyical (4.55x - 6x) damage with ignore 50% DEF and dispel all status effects.

Merc Ramza's LB is useful if you need a Dispelga. Otherwise, you should be using him to Tank, or Break.

Reward Effect
Japa Mala (TMR) Accessory, DEF +3, HP/MP/ATK/MAG +20%
Reverie Shield (STMR) H Shield, DEF +92, SPR +84, DEF/SPR +20%

Now, all of Ramza's stat passives minus that final +20% SPR boost, his TMR ability, and Seeker of Truth are available at 6★. However, if you only have Merc Ramza at 6★, all he can do is be a Provoke Tank with serviceable breaks (IF BoJ is enhanced), and let's face it: nobody wants that I say, as I cry for my Viktor Marchenko who was my first 5★ Tank so for the purposes of having him at his most desirable, the following bougie and bullshit builds will be done at his 7★:
L Arm: Gigantaxe
R Arm: Asfales (I keep coming back to this, but... that trial wasn't all that hard)
Head: Grand Helm
Chest: Force Armor
Accessory: Muscle Belt
Accessory: A1 Class Powershield
Materia: Mog Rise
Materia: Mighty Defense
Materia: Shard of Genius
Materia: HP +20%
Esper: Golem
HP: 12,573 | MP: 456 | ATK: 612 | DEF: 1,082 | MAG: 336 | SPR: 566
This isn't bad. The HP stat is low for a 7★ Tank, however. The DEF is excellent and the SPR is serviceable, although with Merc Ramza, as other Rainbow Flex Tanks, you're building on the stat of the type of attack you want to counter. If you want more SPR, use Thirst for Survival, Robes instead of Armor, etc. With the following bougie build, I'm going to try more balance between DEF/SPR, but keep in mind focusing on one often offsets the other, and you have to keep HP in mind too.
L Arm: Sledgehammer (DQ)
R Arm: Reverie Shield
Head: Grand Helm+
Chest: Ozetta's Armor
Accessory: Jake's Pirate Ring
Accessory: Japa Mala
Materia: Thirst for Survival
Materia: Patriotic Recall
Materia: Energy Converter
Materia: Hero's Vow - Earth
Esper: Golem
HP: 18,947 | MP: 487 | ATK: 687 | DEF: 1,246 | MAG: 318 | SPR: 830
Note that this build has Merc Ramza's STMR, and two 5★ TMRs, one from Viktor Marchenko and one from Sieghard.
Also note that these two builds do not take (the currently... questionable) IW rolls into account, so these stats are missing the bonuses you'd get.
If you want more SPR, use Lakshmi or Carbuncle, and in addition, a Robe or more Healer Gear. However, 830 is decent for element-less nukes - I mean, Shylt and Mystea do it with less - the DEF stat is excellent, HP is only slightly lower than the Willy, Sieg, etc. (note that ALL of the Materia used boosts HP), and he has a solid MP stat, which combined with decent DEF/SPR, can help him survivng Hasiko-esque preemptive Osmosis bullshit. Otherwise, although Ramza's HP beefiness will never exceed that of Sieghard, Viktor, or Wilhelm (all of whom can handily exceed 20K while having higher DEF stats), he's very much serviceable.
If you've followed along thus far, I'm gonna be honest and parrot what the sub's vets should know already: Merc Ramza at 6★ without enhancements is a poor unit who's only function is mediocre Breaks and an ST random Cover proc. At 6★ with enhancements, he's only a decent Provoke tank with - if you enhance them - neat Breaks and stat passives that make him decently tanky, but still... Provoke only. At 7★, with enhancements, he can be freely configured for AoE Tanking any fight you like and should do a reliable job of doing so, provided you can manage his Mag cover CD.
TL;DR - Merc Ramza needs enhancements to not suck, he needs 7★ AND enhancements to enter "fuck yeah" territory. He's worth a UoC IMO if you don' t have a 5★ Tank yet, you have a single M. Ramza, and you need a 7★ for content but... this depends on your unit collection. On to the next tank y'all bitched about Reddit's word count not including:

Basch Basch

Basch was the first Rainbow tank in GL. Let's see how's he's aged!
Basch can equip Daggers, Swords, Greatswords, Katanas, Staves, Rods, Bows, Axes, Hammers, Spears, Maces, and Gauntlets. His Armor selection is L & H Shields, L & H Armor, Hats, Helms, Clothes, Robes, and Accessories. Being a Judge like our Zigglybuffed Zargabutt and uh... hmm... *reads hand* ... um, Drace? Yeah, Drace. Basch has equipment with a unit exclusive effect: Vortex of Judgement, on the Judge Magister Cloak, which increases Draw Attack by 20% and LB fill by 30%. He has no innate resistances or weaknesses without leveling, so let's get to what he does:

Role Name Effect & Duration
Support Commander's Orders AoE +70% DEF/SPR to allies for five turns
Debuffer Arms Eraser AoE -45% ATK/MAG for three turns
Debuffer Armor Eraser Same as above, but DEF/SPR
Debuffer Confusing Lament* ST physical damage (3x), Break MAG by 50% for five turns [Enhancement +1: scales w/ 100% of DEF instead of ATK, +2: 60% MAG Break for five turns]
... okay god damn it, Inescapable Disaster Same as above, but SPR.
" " Fulminating Darkness* ... but ATK [Enhancement +1: scales w/ 100% of DEF instead of ATK, +2: 60% ATK Break for five turns]
" " Ruin Impediment ... but DEF. Whew!
Support Weight of the World W-Ability for the ST Breaks
Support Unbreakable Vow Self 80% Auto-Revive for three turns, AoE increase LB by 5 shards, except self
Support Bell of a New Dawn Self +150% ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR for three turns, ST Break ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR by 65% {6 turn CD, available turn 1}
Support Chastising Spirit AoE +120% DEF/SPR for three turns, AoE Heal 1,000 HP (4.1x)
*enhancements available in JP
Welcome to Basch's Butt-Breakin' Bonanza! He Breaks god damned EVERYTHING! W-Ability for the Breaking is always nice. Arms/Armor Eraser is outdated and with W-Ability you should ignore it anyway. JP enh. make the ATK and MAG ones better. Get 'em. Bell of a new Dawn is somewhat below our 74% LB Breaks, but it's nice to have and gives Basch additional sustainability. Chastising Spirit is nice for emergency buffing, and Unbreakable Vow is a nice source of insurance. Now to the Tanking:

Name Effect & Duration
Dawn Guard* 75% chance to AoE Protect allies from Magic damage with 50% - 70% mitigation to self for three turns. [Enhancement +1: +100% SPR, +2**: nullify SPR break for three turns**]
Twilight Guard* Same as above, but physical [Enhancement +1: +100% DEF, +2**: nullify DEF break for three turns**]
*enhancements available in JP
Yeah this is it. Rather abbreviated, huh? Basch has no Provoke in his Kit so that's... an odd thing to overlook. Hmm. The JP enhancements to these mean he gets extra tankiness and doesn't have to deal with pesky Breaks. Neat!

Name Effect & Duration
Undead Killer +50% physical damage against Undead enemies... but why?
DEF +30% Obvious
Loyal Spirit* +20% HP, +20% DEF/SPR when using a shield [Enhancement +1: +30% HP, +30% DEF/SPR when equipped w/ shield +2: +40% HP & +40% DEF/SPR when using shield and nullify Charm]
SPR +30% Obvi...
HP +20% ... ous
Auto-Refresh Recover 5% MP/turn
Spirit of the Fighter 30% Chance to counter physical hits w/ Self 400 (16x) Heal
Undying Fighter 30% change to counter magic hits w/ 50 MP refresh
Apocalypse Shield^ +30% DEF/SPR, +50% Lightning Resistance, Auto LB +2
MP +20% More mana, dood
For Dalmasca! +30% HP, +20% DEF w/ H Armor, +20% SPR w/ L Armor, cast Protect Basch (+80% DEF/SPR) at start of battle
*enhancements available in JP
^Requires TMR equipped
Well yeah. These are pretty solid. Basch can take a beating and his counters mean that usually he can help your HealeSupport top off his HP and MP. Solid kit here. The upcoming enhancement to Loyal Spirit increases bulk and handily nullifies Charm, although our JP comrades warn us that future events say "so?" to our ailment resistance because... reasons. Also, that being said, Basch has no other ailment resistance. Or element resistance. While not a deal breaker, consider throwing on a Malboro Shield, Liquid Slime Shield, etc., to get both DEF/SPR boosts and resistance all in one.

Name Effect & Duration
Flame Purge (5★ / 22 LS) ST Fire physical damage (7.8x - 9.7x), self negate 3 physical damage taken for three turns
Flame Purge (6★ / 26 LS) ST Fire physical damage (8.6x - 11x), self negate 3 physical damage taken for three turns
Flame Purge (7★ / 30 LS) ST Fire physical damage (16.1x - 19x), self negate 3 physical damage taken for three turns

Nice mod, although you don't have the ATK to be doing DPS with Basch. The self negation is nice, nobody ever complained about additional evasion.

Reward Effect & Duration
Zodiac Escutcheon (TMR) H Shield, +60 DEF, + 70 SPR, +50% Lightning DEF, Decoy Pose (10% Physical Evade)
Unquestionable Loyalty (STMR) +50% HP, +30% SPR, 30% chance to counter magical attacks with 50 MP restore

Zodiac Es-ku-tcheon is a very solid shield with what I believe is the highest SPR available in GL currently. Unquestionable Loyalty is the best combination of HP and SPR we have on GL currently, with a nice conditional mana restore fixed in. Neat!
Being a Rainbow Flex like Merc Ramza, you can customize the gear option to configure your units for HP, DEF, or SPR, as the fight needs. You can't cover Mag and Physical AoE at the same time, so kit your units wisely. Here's a bargain build:
L Arm: Fangbreaker
R Arm: Zodiac Escutcheon
Head: Grand Helm
Chest: Maximilian
Accessory: Millie's Charm
Accessory: Germinas Boots
Materia: Mog Rise
Materia: HP +20%
Materia: Resentment
Materia: Adventurer IV
Esper: Golem
HP: 15,822 | MP: 480 | ATK: 390 | DEF: 931 | MAG: 264 | SPR: 617
Great HP for budget fuckery. His DEF sits at a solid but could-be-better 931, and he has a decent SPR stat for dealing with mag shenanigans, although you'll heavier invest in SPR if you require that. Now for some bling:
L Arm: Fangbreaker
R Arm: Escutcheon (FFT)
Head: Grand Helm+
Chest: Ozetta's Armor
Accessory: Jake's Pirate Ring
Accessory: Domino's Boots
Materia: Thirst For Survival
Materia: Unquestionable Loyalty
Materia: Patriotic Recall
Materia: Gust Mane
Esper: Golem
HP: 22,060 | MP: 420 | ATK: 327 | DEF: 977 | MAG: 210 | SPR: 682
Hmm. Again, keep in mind the lack of IW buffs, but it seems that Basch's HP skyrockets while his DEF growth spurt is meh and his SPR's is respectable. All of the Materia I used, again, have HP buffs, so if you feel you'd rather focus on DEF/SPR rather than HP, use the FFBE Builder to check out your physical/magical eHP and go nuts however you feel like. Being a flex Tank, you won't see as high DEF as say... Sieg or Willy on DEF, or Awakened Rain/WKN on SPR, but you can gear him enough to get a job done. The pro of tanks that only cover one stat is that they are all in on that DEF/SPR stat, the trade off for flex tanks covering both is that they often split the difference, trading flexibility for the outright absurd numbers.
Now, I did these with balance in mind, if you go dicks out for DEF or schlongs out for SPR, you can maximize one stat and have a Breaker or another tank deal with the other. Depends on the fight.
Although, 22K HP is damn nice in the current meta.
Now on to the most titillating tank in the game:

Lilith Lilith

Thankfully, as a pixelated game, we'll never see much in the way of fan service (Mercedes exception noted). In FFBE Lore... well, she doesn't have any. Just like Fryevia! And Elfreeda! And... well, you get it.
Lilith's weapon choices are Daggers, Staves, Rods, Instruments, Maces, and... Whips... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Serviceable Tank options there. Her Armor Choices are L & H Shields, L & H Armor, Hats, Helms, and Accessories. Funny, considering her sprite appears to be wearing a corset. Ah well. Naked out of the crystal, she has no resistances or weaknesses so she needs some experience first.
Lilith can do a LOT to satisfy you on off turns. Let's see what she's got:

Role Name Effect & Duration
Magical Attacker Hypnotic Cry ST 10% Charm Chance, Magical damage (2x) w/ SPR scaling
Magical Attacker, Debuffer Serpenté - Kiss of Dusk AoE 5% Charm chance, -50% Dark Resistance, Dark Magic damage (2x) w/ SPR scaling
Magical Attacker, Debuffer Serpenté - Kiss of Dawn Same as above, just Fire instead of Dark
Support, Trolling? Serpenté - Unholy Kiss ST 10% Charm Chance, Self +120% DEF/SPR for one turn, +100% for two turns, +80% for three turns, ST physical damage over time (1.5x) w/ DEF Scaling
Support Love Hungry Self 1,000 HP barrier, Auto-Revive 80% for three turns
Support Counter Curse AoE Nullify Stat Break for three turns to allies, Self remove debuffs and cure all ailments
Support Serpentine Tail W-Ability for Serpenté skills
Magical Attacker Serpenté - Dusk Lash* ST 10% Charm chance, -50% Dark resistance for five turns, Dark magic damage (5x)
Magical Attacker Serpenté - Dawn Lash* Same as above, Fire instead of Dark
Physical Attacker Life Siphon ST 20% Charm chance, physical damage over time (3.2x) w/ DEF scaling, Magic damage (4x) as HP drain (50%) {6 turn CD, available T1}
Support Enchanting Corruption AoE +70% Fire & Dark resistance to allies and self +150% DEF/SPR for three turns. +2 - 4 LS for all allies {5 turn CD, available T1}
Support Hypnotic Presence Self Mitigate physical and magical Damage by 65% for one turn and 45% for two turns {3 turn CD, available T3}
Magical Attacker Serpenté - Kiss of Midnight** AoE 5% Charm Chance, Fire and Dark magical damage (4x) w/ SPR scaling, Heal 1,000 (4.8x) HP to self, refresh 75 MP.
*Kingsglaive chaining family
**Aureole Ray chaining family
Lilith is just spilling out with abilities.
Most bosses we have in the backlog aren't immune to charm, so if you're using Lilith and a boss so happens to develop heart eyes... congrats, you have three free turns to do fuck all (no seriously, heal, break, buff, etc.) while the boss eye fucks your Tank. Lilith has solid imperils for Fire and Dark, can W-cast the Serpenté abilities, and has reliable methods of buffing and mitigating herself for sustainment; with her offense abilities scaling of DEF and SPR, she should do reliable damage, though not as much as pure DPS units, depending on your loadout.
Let's peep at Lilith's tank assets:

Name Effect & Duration
Demonic Guard (Physical) 75% Chance to AoE Cover allies from physical damage w/ 50% - 70% mitigation for three turns.
Demonic Guard (Magical) Same, just magical.

Mimicking Basch, good Cover proc chance w/ standard mitigation and no Provoke. The AoE Cover is what you get. She's gonna get in front of you and you're gonna like it. On to Lilith's massive passives:

Name Effect
Dream Walker -50% Targeting chance... which is the opposite of a Tank's job
DEF +30% 30 DDs? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Succubus' Charm Nullify Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, Petrify, and Charm
Crimson Curse +100% DEF/SPR when HP is below 50%
Demonic Instincts +50% Mag Damage to humans, Demons, and Undead
Vitality Chemistry 30% chance to counter physical attacks with AoE 5% Charm chance, Mag damage 2.4x w/ SPR scaling, one turn, restore 15% HP to self
Energy Chemistry 30% chance to counter magical attacks with AoE 5% Charm chance, Mag damage 2.4x w/ SPR scaling, one turn refresh 15% MP to self
Devilish Wish +30% SPR, +100% Dark Resistance
Devilish Luck +100% counter chance
Bewitched Aura^ +30% DEF/SPR, 100% chance to ignore fatal damage above 1% (max 1 time per life), auto limit +2 per turn
DEF +20% 20 D- no wait that torso size is way too small BEGONE, LOLI!
Dream Chemistry +30% HP/SPR, 80% chance to counter phys/mag attacks w/ Dream Melding*: AoE 5% Charm chance, Mag damage 2.4x w/ SPR scaling, one turn +100 LB fill rate
*Divine Ruination chaining family
^requires TMR equipped
Lilith's passives are very well rounded. She's got crisis buffs, absurd DEF passives, great SPR passives and a decent HP passive. Dark resistance has niche use, and she's immune to the only ailments that a Tank should be concerned about. The counter chance +100% passive means that LS generation shouldn't be a problem, and the Chemistry moves make her self-sustain very potent.

Limit Break Effect & Duration
Sinister Dance (5★ / 22 LS) AoE Magical damage (6x - 7.9x) w/ SPR scaling, self mitigate 45% damage for two turns and restore 40% of HP & MP
Sinister Dance (6★ / 26 LS) AoE Magical damage (7x - 9.4x) w/ SPR scaling, self mitigate 45% damage for two turns and restore 40% of HP & MP
Sinister Dance (7★ / 30 LS) AoE Magical damage (8x - 10.9x) w/ SPR scaling, self mitigate 45% damage for two turns and restore 40% of HP & MP

This LB offers respectable restores, good mitigation and if you've built SPR levels high, it'll hit decently hard too, although the damage will likely be icing on the sustain cake.

Reward Effect
Midnight Star (TMR) Mace, +15 ATK & +95 SPR, +20% HP, Demonization: +10% DEF/SPR
Malefic Heart (STMR) +30% HP, +30% DEF/SPR w/ using Maces, +50% Fire & Dark resistance

Midnight Star is a solid option for Mag/Flex tanks that can AoE cover Magical attacks, the excellent HP and minor DEF/SPR boosts make it a solid choice for IW enhancements, even if lately IW has made even less sense than usual. Malefic Heart would go best on Lilith or a fellow Mag/Flex tank, it has a generous HP, DEF, and SPR (those last two are conditional though) boost, with a nice resistance to Fire and Dark attacks.
So Lilith has solid stats and cool trust rewards. Let's dress her in the street ho build:
L Arm: Fangbreaker
R Arm: Asfales (Shut it, you!)
Head: Frozen Crown
Chest: Seductress Armor
Accessory: Millie's Charm
Accessory: Force Armlet
Materia: Mog Rise
Materia: L Shield Arts
Materia: Resentment
Materia: Patriotic Recall
Esper: Golem
HP: 15,011 | MP: 400 | ATK: 248 | DEF: 648 | MAG: 231 | SPR: 739
For a backroom casting couch build, this is okay. Keep in mind that A: equipping her TMR massively buffs her defensive stats, and that here's no IW buffs taken in account here.
Now let's have our Lilith put the SUCC in Succubus:
L Arm: Midnight Star
R Arm: Impervious Shield
Head: Grand Helm+
Chest: Ozetta's Armor (Gumi, plz give us more armor choices with respectable SPR)
Accessory: Arsha's Talisman
Accessory: Jake's Pirate Ring
Materia: Thirst For Survival
Materia: H Armor Arts
Materia: Malefic Star
Materia: Patriotic Recall
Esper: Golem
HP: 18,320 | MP: 344 | ATK: 248 | DEF: 998 | MAG: 231 | SPR: 1,026
Excellent all around! She reaches A. Rain levels of SPR while trouncing him in the DEF department, and with a respectable HP stat, this means that you can stuff Lilith in any boss without worry, she can effectively perform well regardless of what you're facing. M. Ramza leans toward DEF, Basch is more of an HP monster, but Lilith is effectively one of the most balanced tanks in the game. Gumi and releasing premier units on limited banners, name a more iconic duo.
Speaking of Limited:

White Knight Noel White Knight Noel

OG Tundra Tank boi finally got his 7★ this past December. I was waiting for him to drop as this would be my final Tank-related chapter of Role Call, so here we are... a month later.
Kindly excuse my alcoholic procrastination.
Noel can equip Staves, Rods and Maces. Somewhat skimpy, but Maces allow for significant HP boosts, Staves are good for SPR and Rods help his side hustle as a Magical attacker. His Armor selection is more fleshed out, being able to equip L & H Shields, L & H Armor, Hats, Helms, Robes, and accessories.
Noel moonlights as a magical damage dealer, so most of his non-tanking kit revolves around that:

Role Name Effect & Duration
Support Steel Self mitigate physical & magical damage by 75%
Magical Attacker Ice Blitz ST Ice Magic damage (1.6x), -30% ice Imperil
Magical Attacker Gale Blast Same as above, Wind instead of Ice
Magical Attacker Glacial Wave* AoE Ice Magic Damage (2.1x), 30% Paralyze Chance [Enhancement +1: AoE Ice magic damage (3x), Imperil Ice by -30% for three turns, +2: Ice damage w/ ignore SPR 25%, (4x)]
Support Blizzard Ward AoE Ice and Wind resistance +70% for three turns, self mitigate damage by 75% for one turn {4 turn CD, available T1}
Support Overdrive Activate Self +200% MAG and enable Turbo Mode (T-Cast Magic) for four turns, recover 10,000 HP, refresh 300 MP
* enhancements available
Noel's Blitz and Blast moves are rather meh. Glacial Wave got a meh enhancement. Considering there's no W-Ability for these, you're better off using his Magic (and possible an external Imperil, as -30% is nothing great), and his magic abilities, to be brief, are the usual Aero and Blizz -ara, -aga, and -aja spells, with Tornado to chain, and Freeze, a new one: AoE Ice magic damage (2.75) with a three turn -50% imperil.
Tank time:

Name Effect & Duration
Bring it On Self 80% chance of being targeted, mitigate physical and magical damage by 50% for three turns [Enhancement +1: +80% MAG/DEF/SPR to self, +2: +150% MAG/DEF/SPR]
I'll Protect You! 80% chance to AoE Cover allies from magic damage w/ mitigation 50% - 70% for three turns

Noel's taunt comes with 50% magical and physical mitigation, meaning this will stack with General mitigation. LIT. Also the enhancements buff him up even more. This is a contender for the best Provoke in the game. I'll protect you has an unusually high 80% proc chance with standard 50% - 70% mitigation. Reliable for Magical shenanigans.

Name Effect
Attract Self +30% Targeting chance
HP +10% Duh.
Rune Protector* +15% DEF when using L or H Shield, +15% MAG when using Rod [Enhancement +1: +25% to all values, +2: +50% to all values]
Winter Guardian +20% HP, Nullify Silence & Petrify
Tactical Gear* +30% DEF w/ H or L Armor, +30% MAG w/ Robes [Enhancement +1: +30% SPR w/ H or L Armor, Robes +2: +50% DEF/SPR, +20% HP w/ H or L Armor, +50% MAG/SPR, +20% MP w/ Robe]
Mystical Flair +20% MP, +10% MAG
Winter Palisade** 40% to counter magic attacks w/ Noel's Judgement: 30% chance of Ice Blitz (see above), 30% chance of Ice Wave (AoE Ice Magic Damage (1.8x)), 20% of Glacial Wave (see above), 20% chance of Sub Zero (ST Ice magic damage (2x), Imperil Ice by -50%, 100% Paralyze chance)
Ultimate Defense^ +20% MAG/MP/HP, +50% Wind resistance, nullify Charm
War Tactics +20% MAG w/ Hat, +20% DEF w/ Helm
Shield Proficiency +20% DEF/SPHP when using Shield
Mystic Arms Proficiency Refresh 10% MP/turn, enable DW Rods, Staves, & Maces, +50% Equipment MAG when DW
Strategic Arms +30% MAG, +10% SPMP when using Rod, +30% SPR, +10% HP/MP when using Staff, +30% HP, +10% DEF/SPR when using Mace
SPR +20% Again, duh
Noel's Honor +20% DEF/MAG, 80% chance to ignore fatal damage when HP above 5%, once
*enhancements available
**Winter Pallisade gets a subnote for enhancements because they're sillly: +1 will change all the chances to an even 25%, and the counter chance itself to 45%, while buffing Ice Blitz to (1.8x), Ice Wave to (2.1x), Glacial Wave to (2.5x), and Sub Zero to (3x), while the +2 enhancement has the proc for Ice Blitz and Ice wave set at 20%, and the proc chance for Glacial Wave and Sub Zero set at 30%, while the counter chance goes to 50%. In addition, the damage is buffed to (2.1x), (2.5x), (3.2x), and (5x) respectively
^requires TMR equipped

Uh... so yeah. Noel has

Limit Burst Effect & Duration
Winter Shroud (5★ / 14 LS) AoE (+40% - +59%) DEF/MAG for three turns to allies
Silver Curtain (6★ / 16 LS) AoE (+50% - +74%) DEF/MAG for three turns, refresh 30 MP to all allies
Silver Curtain (7★ / 36 LS) AoE (+120% - +150%) MAG/DEF/SPR for three turns, refresh (25% - 40%) MP to all allies

Sizable buffs here at 7★ w/ Mana regen attached. More synergy with a magic DPS team than ATK, but hey you can't have everything.

Reward Effect
Ice Rosetta (TMR) Accessory, +50 DEF/MAG, +25% Ice Resistance
Noel's Legacy (STMR) +40% MAG, +20% SPR, +10% HP, +20% MAG w/ Rod, +40% SPR w/ L or H Shield

Ice Rosetta is a solid physical tank option, or a solid magic attack option as well. The ice resistance is a nice icing on the cake. His STMR is solid on himself, can buff up a squishy magic attacker, or fit nicely on another magic tank considering the shield passives.
Now that this wall of text is nearly at its end... building Noel is pretty much up to you. Rune Protector +2 gives him DEF/SPR bonuses with Shields, or a MAG bonus with a Rod. Tactical Gear +2 offers HP/DEF/SPR bonuses w/ Armor, or MP/MAG/SPR if wearing robes. Strategic Arms offers 10% HP/MP regardless, but 30% MAG w/ Rod, 30% SPR w/ Staff, or 30% HP w/ Mace.
As such... you can customize Noel to have mild defense for provokes and huge SPR for AoE Magic tanking, balanced DEF and SPR if he'll be your physical provoke/magical cover Tank for slot efficiency, or give him Robes and Rods if you wish to use him as a formidable magical damage dealer.
Unusually for me, I'll have to forego the section here where I show off all possible builds. A budget build for Noel's maximized MAG DPS, maximized physical Provoke Tank, and maximized Magical Cover Tank, will all have noticeably different gear to take advantage of different passives. Also, Noel gets passives for Dual Wielding that give you bonuses for Staves and Maces, but you miss out on these if you opt for the DEF/SPR boost of using a shield instead.
What this means is... I can throw Noel in the FFBE Equip, but results will wildly differ depending what what you yourself prefer. This is a Tank post after all, so I'm not delving into his magical DPS build. So I'll condense this:
  • Normal Values indicate Mace & Shield build for maximum HP/DEF/SPR balance
  • Bolded Values Indicate Shield & Staff build for maximum DEF/SPR balance
  • Italicized Values Indicate Mace & Staff build for maximum HP/SPR results
We aren't using Rods and Robes because he'd lose out on DEF. Anyway, basic build:
L Arm: Fangbreaker / Fangbreaker / Asfales
R Arm: Asfales / Staff of Osiris / Staff of Osiris
Head: Grand Helm
Chest: Flame Mail
Accessory: A1 Class Powershield
Accessory: Ice Rosetta
Materia: Heavy Chimera
Materia: L Shield Arts / Staff Mastery / L Shield Arts
Materia: Mog Rise
Materia: HP +20%
Esper: Golem
HP: 17,821 | MP: 510 | ATK: 306 | DEF: 942 | MAG: 479 | SPR: 879
HP: 15,957 | MP: 540 | ATK: 247 | DEF: 917 | MAG: 547 | SPR: 995
HP: 16,751 | MP: 540 | ATK: 309 | DEF: 647 | MAG: 606 | SPR 854
In this build, both weapons and Asfales have an HP boost. For Materia slot two, we use L Shield Arts for the two Shield builds and Staff Mastery for the Mace/Staff build. With using his TMR, he takes advantage of his innate boost from Ice Rosetta.
Noel's HP remains consistently reliable, as does MP. ATK doesn't matter, DEF doesn't suffer until you remove a Shield (that 50% DEF is significant), MAG isn't a concern with these Tank setups but it's enough to chain Tornado or s/t, SPR is good, excellent, and good respectively (again, loss of 50% SPR w/out shield).
Like I said, Noel is VERY flexible and you can easily gear him as you like. Now let's turn ice into diamonds:
L Arm: Fangbreaker / Fangbreaker / Escutcheon (FFT)
R Arm: Escutcheon (FFT) / Holy Wand\* / Holy Wand\*
Head: Grand Helm+
Chest: Ozetta's Armor (sigh)
Accessory: Arsha's Talisman
Accessory: Ice Rosetta
Materia: Noel's Legacy
Materia: H Armor Arts
Materia: Thirst for Survival
Materia: Patriotic Recall
Esper: Golem
HP: 20,755 | MP: 480 | ATK: 306 | DEF: 1,216 | MAG: 526 | SPR: 995
HP: 18,900 | MP: 510 | ATK: 260 | DEF: 1,191 | MAG: 526 | SPR: 1,163
HP: 19,430| MP: 510 | ATK: 322 | DEF: 981 | MAG: 517 | SPR 863
***this is the reward from the very Powercrept Sheratan trial. Drag it through IW and get HP/SPR bonuses on it, ya lazy! That being said, AFAIK the only staves that have HP boosts are Elven Staff and Staff of Osiris.
WKN's DEF/SPR stats can be taken to MONSTROUS levels of balance. If you're fighting a boss that does AoE Mag and ST physical hits, don't bring two tanks just bring Noel. Obviously you'll build him differently depending on what elements you're facing and what mechanics the boss has, as well as your own quality of buffers/breakers, etc. Personally I feel the Shield & Staff combo is best, with the Mace/Staff combo somewhat weak, with the Shield & Mace combo decently formidable, but that's just me. Load up FFBE Equip and go nuts!
Alrighty, my fingers hurt. I'm annoyed at this point because I can't fit "I love Ellie's titties" Beryl and "Voted Most Elegant 5EVER" Sieghard in here (which hurts because I actually HAVE Sieghard, of all the 5★ Tanks I've covered thus far I only have him and Viktor, damn it!).
That being said... I'm hung up on what to do next. I figured I'll wait for Yuraisha to make my fingers suffer through buffers, but I feel Auron is significantly far away that I could do Breakers. And since the next meta-destroying Healer is a long ways away in Sephiroth's backup scabbard for Masamune Zack's ex, Aerith, I feel I could put out something with Healers as well. I'm confused.
As usual, let me know how much I suck. Lube up your Gungirs beforehand though, please.
Joker out.
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Edit: Thanks to u/Senct for pointing out my silly behind didn't give M. Ramza Japa Mala for his own Trust Ability. Fixed.
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