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0.185.0 Teardown Follow Up - Digging Deeper

Hello everyone!
So we took a further look into the latest APK with our tiniest pickaxe and found some more information we can share! Mostly about Megas and how they function but also helping to clarify a few speculations. Let's dive in!
Orginal Teardown


  • Fun fact: They started working on Megas before remote raiding and stickers
  • Megas are the first true implementation of real Form Transformations and might be reused in the future
  • Megas are their own raid level (not 1-5 as we previously reported)
    • We think you would actually catch the mega mon and not the pre-evolved form
  • Megas could require an item for certain Pokemon?
  • Mega energy is called candy in the code because it uses the same backend as candy
  • New quest type specifically for Mega evolving
  • Quests can now display an icon on them (to help separate event quests from regular perhaps)
  • Costume type can display on the Pokemon info screen
  • Battle parties might soon be saved to the server (maybe)
  • Mini Collection added to Today View (with no information on it haha)
  • A subscription category was added to the store


One thing that was very interesting (at least I thought) is according to the code, they started working on Megas (or at the very least started designing them) before work on remote raids and stickers. So these have been in the pipeline for a long time it would seem. Exciting!

Megas Are The First True 'Form Transformation'

It appears that Megas are not 'created' as a separate form like we are typically used to. Rather they are a modified version of the existing Pokemon (meaning quite literally this is the first actual implementation of form transformations which gives hope to other non-Megas getting form changes as well in the future). There is more information about this specifically in the Game Master section below.
As part of this, things we were able to determine these temporary transformations contain:
  • What type of Mega evolution it is (regular, X, or Y)
  • What their stats are (which does, in fact, imply they will have separate stats and not just a generic boost like we previously thought)
  • Their types
  • How they appear in the camera
  • Catching stats like base capture rate, how much they jump, attack etc (during encounters)
    • This suggests when you do mega raids you will be able to catch them as Megas instead of their pre-evolved forms
    • If the mon was mega evolved is also logged in your journal after you beat the boss so this further suggests you will be able to catch Megas after the battle
  • Specific buddy size and heights of the models

In addition, it appears that each mon now stores a lot more information about it. We couldn't determine everything that was added but we were able to confirm the following:
  • If it's a temporary evolution (obviously)
  • What we are calling History? That name might be incorrect but there is now information regarding where the mon was caught from:
    • Wild
    • Egg
    • Raid
    • Quest
    • Vs Seeker (GBL)
    • Invasion (Rocket)
    • Photobomb
  • A lot of the information stored within these fields were obfuscated, but we were able to pick out a few things, such as:
    • If the mon is from a EX Raid
    • If it's a temporary evolution raid boss
    • What type of quest it originated from (story vs field for example)
    • What GBL season it was caught during
    • What Rocket it came from (Which leader, a grunt, etc)
It'll be interesting to see what they do with this information. Would be cool to have more history about where the mon came from for display/history purposes.

Megas Are Their Own Raid Level

We speculated this but have confirmation now that the raid level was updated to specifically include Megas as an addition to the levels 1-5. This means they can have a separate health boost vs other levels.
In addition, the temporary evolution message was added to raid invitations meaning you will be able to invite others to Mega raids.

Mega Evolution

Several error messages were added for reasons why a Mega may fail to evolve. Some pretty standard stuff like already mega evolved, insufficient resources etc. But one that is very interesting is FAILED_INVALID_ITEM_REQUIREMENT. Nothing in the texts suggests requiring an item, but perhaps some Megas require an item in addition to energy in the future?
Also, you will get XP for mega evolving but that's kind of expected.

Mega Energy

Energy (or candy in the code) is most likely called Candy because it is using the same system as regular candy is. That is to say, it appears each 'energy' is specific for each Pokemon. Or at least it has the ability to be.

Mega Quests

A new quest type was added to specifically mega evolve a pokemon. This is probably to go with the Willow texts we saw about mega evolving the starters.
In addition, quests received the ability to display an icon which might be helpful if used to distinguish between different event's quests.
And as previously speculated, we can also confirm you can get energy from quests.

Mega Inventory

A new inventory item was added called Mega Evolve Species. It contains two number fields that are obfuscated so we aren't sure what this is, but it's not the candy/energy section we have seen in other places so it's some other inventory item. It could be related to the Mega item requirement found above perhaps.

Mega Trading

As we saw in the text, we can confirm there is an exclusion reason for temporarily evolved pokemon in the trade exclusions.

Mega Settings Added To The Game Master

We can't see exactly what they are, but our best guess would be:
  • How long a Mega stays evolved
  • What the Mega boost % is
  • What the Mega STAB boost % is
  • Something we have no idea haha
We won't know until the settings start to get pushed to the GM before we can start to truly guess what they are.
In addition, temporary evolution settings are also added and are separate from Mega Settings (Megas are actually a subset of Temporary evolutions). This will include a list of all Pokemon and what their temporary evolutions are (along with their asset information). This further suggests they will not be added as separate forms but rather modifications to existing Pokemon.
There were also two new messages added to the Game Master that we have zero clue as to what they may be haha. We'll have to wait for them to be pushed as well.

Pokemon Display Screen

In addition to the mega stuff we previously reported on, there is now a section for which costume the Pokemon is. These are typically things like Halloween 2020, Winter 2018 etc. So kind of like collections I guess? Would be cool to display that on the screen as well.

Battle Parties Saved To The Server?

In player preferences, a new setting is stored that from what we can tell (obfuscation makes it difficult) stores your battle parties. If this is correct (big if) then that would be exciting and a very nice QOL update.

Mini Collection in Today View?

A new section to the Today View was added called Mini Collection. Unfourently it literally contains no information so it's just a stub at the moment. Will be interesting to see what comes of this.

Store Subscription

We saw hints at a subscription service a long time ago, but now as part of the Store section, a Subscription Category has been added in this version. Would be interesting how and what that looks like.

Additional Fitness Stats

It appears additional fitness stats are now stored as part of your player stats. A few values were added, and they were all obfuscated, but we were able to determine one of them is step count, which suggests the other two are also fitness related.


Not as exciting, but they are now logging/reporting Niantic Social settings back to the server (like if you changed your online status, opened someone's profile, etc).

There were other quite a few other changes we saw during this, but we left them out if they were completely obfuscated as we don't really have anything to report on (stuff and things happened haha).

submitted by martycochrane to TheSilphRoad

Angry Birds 2 v2.45.0 + OBB (symos Mod)

App Name: Angry Birds 2 v2.45.0 + OBB (symos Mod)
Description: One of the most popular games in the world
Join hundreds of millions of players for FREE and start this fun slingshot game now! Team up with your friends climb the leaderboards gather in clans collect hats take on challenges and play fun events in new game modes. Evolve your team and show your skills in the most exciting Angry Birds game out there!
Get to know all of the iconic Angry Birds characters and experience the fun arcade gameplay that has captured the hearts of millions of players.
🎮Fun gameplay to enjoy for free 🎮
• LOTS OF COOL LEVELS. Play casual puzzles with new ones added to the popular bird action game regularly. • FUNNY DAILY CHALLENGES. Play special levels in casual and free daily challenges and earn top rewards. • RPG-ELEMENTS: LEVEL UP your characters with feathers and increase their scoring power. Build the best team to defeat the pigs in the puzzle. • IT’S A MULTIPLAYER GAME: JOIN A CLAN to take down the pigs with cool friends and players around the world. • COMPETE WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Compete with other players or friends in multiplayer games of cool bird flinging slingshot fun and prove you are the best. Who will come out on top? • COLLECT SILLY HATS. Collect hats with fun themes to level up the fashion game of your birds and take part in casual special event challenges. • IMPRESS THE MIGHTY EAGLE in new challenges and earn coins to use in his exclusive shop on the top of Eagle Mountain. • MULTIPLAYER LEADERBOARDS WORLDWIDE. Compete with friends & other players around the world and prove who is the best on the global leaderboards. • CHOOSE POPULAR BIRDS to PLAY. Choose your best bird in this fun slingshot puzzle and defeat the pigs. • NEW ARCADE GAMEPLAY. Play fun free and challenging levels with arcade adventure stages – just watch out for Boss Pigs. • FREE to download for Android! --- Angry Birds 2 is a free to play casual slingshot game. Optional in-app purchases are available for players around the world.
Have fun playing Angry Birds 2 – the best bird-flinging pig-popping action puzzle game around!
This game may include: - Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13. - Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse to any web page. - Advertising of Rovio products and also products from third parties.
Although some features are available offline this game may require internet connectivity for certain features. Normal data transfer charges apply.
Terms of use: http://www.rovio.com/terms-of-service Privacy Policy: http://www.rovio.com/privacy
Google Play: Link
Mod Info: 1. Infinite Gems 2. Infinite Energy 3. Infinite Black Pearls
Participate in Angry Birds 2 Playing for the Planet events starting October 12th! – Pop piggies to win exciting rewards and learn more about reforestation and how to contribute to reforestation efforts! – Collect the new Park Ranger Hat Set and embark on The Lost In The Woods Adventure. Let’s play for the planet!
VirusTotal: APK OBB
Download: APK OBB
Fyi: Copy or extract com.rovio.baba folder to /storage/emulated/0/Android/obb
submitted by Blood_Bleeder to moddedandroidapps