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Magical Items, such as Grandmaster's or Celestial. If you do not like what happened, save the game and exit. I think nearly everyone that plays single player is using Plug Y. I'll let someone else tell you about it, because i don't have any first hand knowledge.


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The expansion to Diablo II adds a host of new features to the game, including two new playable classes - the shapeshifting Druid and the cunning Assassin. Jump to: navigation, search. Crafted Items are items made with the Horadric Cube in Diablo II. By using the There are four types of basic recipes, that correspond to four types of pre-set mods: Crafted Items went through a variety of changes from Patch to Patch, including changes in recipes.

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Diablo II - Lord of Destruction (20th Anniversary Release) Nov 7 2020 Lord of Destruction (20th Anniversary Release) Full Version 1 comment. Sigon's Set was greatly improved in the expansion, and is one of the most popular sets to "twink" to a new character. Select your server in the top left corner of the website, add the items you want to buy to your cart, proceed with checkout and receive most of them instantly!

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Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Crafted Items. Unlike the mortal owners of these distinguished items, the equipment is still very solid and real. Do some experimentation and create lists of valuable items so you will.


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Isenhart's Armory has the same problem that most Item Sets with weapons have; it does not allow enough damage for any melee character to seriously consider using it for long, with a slight exception of Paladins who specialize in Holy Fire, Holy Freeze, or Holy Shock, but the lack of skill boosts means this set isn't effective for very long for these characters either. Our Diablo II Item Store is filled with a wide selection of D2 gears that will enhance your capabilities to make you reach your full potential in the game. I know that, in general, there is no way to increase the odds of getting a set item over a magic item, so magic find/barbarian item find and killing a lot of creatures is the general technique.

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Blizzard Diablo II Default pvpgn 1.10 version server with all runewords: ) Diablo 2 Top. I have to many years Diablo 2 LOD, after years without playing I decided to install the game again, I have the installation CD and the expansion Lord of Destruction, but I lost my play disc and because of this I cannot perform the installation, I have the CD-Keys of the installation CD and the expansion set, so I lost my LOD 'play disc' game disk, but still have my CD-Key! And I'm nowhere near tired of it!


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Diablo3: State of the game: Still unfinished. Still undeserving.

i'd quit D3 right after RoS and came back at mid of S20 and currently i'm waiting for S21. But its weird. I played wizard main before RoS and then i'd quit because Blizzard ruined the whole game with RoS by adding those +10000% damage bullsh!t.
Now i played the game in S20 (all classes) and ... well. There is some build diversity because there are 2 Sets or 1 Set and 1 LoD build for each class. But thats all. But there is something which is the worst part of the game because.... most of this was already bad/stupid pre-RoS and blizzard didnt redesign those legacy design issues.
This post is not about changing the whole system (items and skills) in Diablo 3. Its brocken, bad, stupid. And it will always be!
This post as about fixing some greater issues so that this mediocre system will be more consistent. I would still prefer a better system, but therefore we will get D4 (hopefully). I just want to fix Diablo 3 because D4 will be released in maybe ~1-2 years and i would like to have a better D3 until the release of D4.

In my opinion there are 2 major issues in D3:
Skills and items.
In this post i will give examples and suggestions and ill use the wizard for this because this is the class i played most (by far). This is just an example. Because all classes have the same problems.


Most of them are useless crap. Since ... 6+ years now.
Lets have a look at the wizard's skills (other classes have similar problems, but i think the wizard has the worst skills in the game).

  • Ray of Frost. Useless. Just used in some builds to increase the damage of other skills (deathwish). Nobody is using ray of frost to do some damage. Nobody.
    • Solution? Increase damage of most runes, add a chance to freeze for all runes.
    • Sleet Storm should pull in enemies which are in a 30yard radius (just move them slowly towards the player, like a slower version of black hole). Sleet storm size should be 20 yards fix. Damage should be around 800% per second. Slowing enemies. Enemies inside sleet storm may move and attack normally (but chilled). Make it like a permanent soft frost nova.
  • Arcane Orb: This skill is a perfect example of bad game design! All runes are 100% useless except frozen orb. Frozen orb does 2-4 times more damage than other runes. The scorch rune is still 100% useless because it's exploding somewhere else. Blizzard did not even try(!) to make all runes useful.
    • scorch should explode on contact. Just like Fireball.
    • all damage should be higher (at least on current frost orb level)
    • arcane orbit should be bigger and it should deal more damage.
  • Arcane torrent: Flame ward is used in some builds for deathwish or zodiac ring. Not for damage. Damage of this skill is just low, there are no good items to increase the damage. Death blossom is useless since DAY1!
    • increase damage
    • death blossom should fire projectiles at random enemies, not towards random positions. If there is only one enemy, this enemies will be always hit by all projectiles. Make it a boss killer if there is just a single target.
    • static discharge should be the trash killer. More damage, more projectiles jumping between enemies. Just like creating chain lightnings at the first target.
  • Disintegrate: Again just used to trigger deathwish. Just useless. All runes. Low damage compared to other skills. And all those channel-spells have a huge drawback: players must play more stationary. This is a high risk. Blizzard, do you remember? "High risk = high reward". But in D3 is just: High risk = no reward.
    • more damage. 500% at start, going up to 1500% after 2 seconds.
    • Entropy area should be bigger.
  • Frost nova: long cooldown. Just freezing. Wow. Not! Frozen mist rune does almost zero damage. Bone chill is mediocre. Should i really waste one slot for this? NO!
    • lower the cooldown overall, increase area. Enemies hit by frost nova will take 33% more damage by all attacks for 2 seconds. Bone chill should increase this value to 50%. Deep freeze should add armoall res. Frozen mist should have a larger area, slightly higher cooldown because as long as enemies are hit by the mist, they still take more damage (base attribute of my new frost nova)
  • Diamond skin: long cooldown. Small effect. Maybe used somewhere to stay alive at a certain point in some skill rotations. Rarely seen in archon builds. Most runes are just useless (prism, sleek shell, diamond shards) since RoS. Before RoS, this skill was used in most boom sorc builds.
    • Increase base duration to 5 seconds. The rune which increases duration adds another 5sec. Prism should increase mas arcane power by 50% for the skills duration. Diamond shards: explodes on next spell with damage of next spell (what about casting a full arcane energy star pact after this? hm? Yea!)
  • Slow time: There is a set for this skill. A few legendary items to get all runes and lower the cooldown. But this skill is still used rarely. Most rune's effects are just way too small. So there is a set which increases the damage of skills if slow time has been used. And this set is not used at all. What does this tell us about slow time? Hm?
    • Cooldown 10sec. Increase most values.
  • Teleport: just 2 runes are useful. 1 rune is sometimes used in mediocre tal rasha builds. 2 runes are 100% crap. Since day 1.
    • Wormhole: removes cooldown. skill costs 15 arcane.
    • fracture: enemies are forced to attack decoys first.
  • Wave of force: This skill is useless since day1. All runes are just crap. Low damage, slow animation, high costs. Who designed this?!?!?!?
    • base damage: 500%, costs 15 arcane. Is cast way faster (remove the supid bunny hop animation). This spell should be a main attack spell. So increase damage and effects. Think about a melee mage build using this spell and explosion with arcane orbit and diamond skin!
  • Energy twister: Wtf this is even more worse than wave of force! Before RoS there were some builds. Since RoS this skill is just stupid, bad and DEAD!
    • should always pull in enemies (one enemy per 1 second)
    • should always travel in a line or be stational (depending of used rune)
    • increase damage!
  • Hydra: okay. There is a set which increases the damage by 2398423684762% ... so yea.
  • Meteor: Thunder Crash is useless. Comet too. Molten impact has an insane cooldown and low damage. Wtf?! (okay, damage of thunder crash or comet is way lower...) Star pact and Comet Shower are the only(!) useful runes at least since RoS!
    • remove delay, increase damage, lightning reduces cost. molten impact cooldown should be around 6 or 7 seconds.
  • Blizzard: This skill was great in Diablo2. Right release after RoS Apocalypse was .... useful because there was a set. Yea. And now? This complete skill is just crap. Just write "removed blizzard skill from game" in next patchnotes and nobody would care! Really!
    • Transform to a support skill with 20yard radius: enemies caught in blizzard take 20% more damage from the blizzards element. Add an arcane storm (unrelenting storm).
  • Ice Armor: Wtf. Pre RoS frozen storm was used in Boom sorc builds. Yea. And now? 100%useless since RoS! Most runes effects are just bad even if we would double or triple the numbers.
    • general: melee attackers are chilled, increases armor and all res by 15%. 1 rune increases defence even further, another increases cold damage, another increases movement speed (yes we glide), rune with AoE effect has 10yard radius and "in this area: all enemies take 20% more damage from all sources".
  • Storm armor: Just used because there is a ring which reduces damage taken by 80%. This skill is just bad too. Increased movement speed if hit by a MELEE attack. Wtf. As a wizard? Really? And then: Some random lightning strikes with no damage? Wtf?!
    • general: all lightning damage is increased by 10%, runes may increase attackspeed, move speed, decrease cooldowns (on hitting enemies by lightning strikes), ...
  • Magic weapon: This is okay. Some runes need way better effects or mechanics. Its mostly a simple damage buff. Okay.
  • Familiar: Icicle rune is just bad because the familiar's rate of fire and projectile speed is .... stupid since day1. Ancient guardian is just a JOKE rune. Who designed this BS?! Canoneer... wtf. Low damage. Almost no damage.
    • general: increases fire and arcane damage by 10%. Runes may add additional damage%, add resistances, ... just some useful stats!
  • Energy armor: Absorption runes adds a CHANCE for getting almost NOTHING when being hit? Really? And overall? Why does this skill reduce the maximum arcane energy? Well, because they added a stupid rune which is increasing arcane energy. Wow. Thats game design at its best. Pinpoint barrier was a small damage increase before RoS and now its too easy to get 50% crit chance so that additional 5% are just ... nothing. Wasting a slot for this? no way. Force armor and prismatic armor are .... okay.
    • main problem of wizard: too many skills wich are the same! 3 channel spells with 5 runes each? wtf. 3 Armors skills with 5 runes each? Boring. But okay. Allow players to use multiple armors at the same time then. 1 rune may increase arcane per second (more than just 2-3 arcane/s!) another may add armoall res. Another may increase max arcane (heavily! Star pact incoming ;))
  • Explosive Blast: Even with wand of woh, there is only 1(!!!) useful rune. Chain reaction. What about the other runes? Unleashed= more damage but still less damage than chain reaction. Wtf?! 3 explosions may trigger "on hit effects" more often. So if chain reaction does 520% damage per explosion, than 'unleashed' should hit with 2000% weapon damage at least! Same for other runes.
    • increase damage and radius of all runes.
  • Mirror Image: Not used since RoS. Just remove this skill too.
    • yea wtf... dont know how to change this. Maybe as crowed control or DPS - depending to rune. Current effect are way to low. Maybe something like this: "creates a duplicate and forces all enemies in 15yard radius to go to duplacate's position and attack in melee range" ... maybe.
  • Archon: Wow. This skill is special. Pre RoS blizzard changed the archon because they didnt like that players are 90% in archon form. The devs told us, they they designed so many skills (wtf? bad skills, yes!) and that they dont like to see that the players are just keeping up archon form all time. The devs ruined archon and boom sorc build (boom sorc had so many builds and used so many skills...) with RoS. And now... now we have an archon set and mechanics which allows to stay in archon form 80% of the time again while spamming shockwaves from chantodo. Wow! Amazing! I'd never understand this whole archon thing because in some point the devs were right: They designed skills while players ignore them by using only archon. Yea. But changing archon so that its just a damage bonus, a cooldown bonus or something like that? NO WAY! Instead of this they destroyed the pre RoS Archon build to create a new archon build! Incompetence at its best.
    • well, just keep the archon as it is. these changes would be way more than modifying some numbers.
  • Black Hole: Wow. here we got a useful skill. But: Supermassive should have higher range. Absolute Zero is okay. Event horizon is just useless and bad! Blazar is just damage which is just bad with the current item design: we stack +damage items for one skill. Black hole is an utility skill. So raw damage makes absolutely no sense at this point! Spellsteal is the better version of absolute zero. Again: most runes are just bad. Cooldown is way too long. Any much more. Why not adding a rune which allows the player to use black hole like a fireball which is sucking in all enemies in its path?
I could repeat this for all classes. Most classes have 100% useless skills or just runes which are bad designed compared to other runes. But... wizard has by far the most useless skills/runes. Since release or at least since RoS.
Blizzard didnt change anything about this. Why? WHY?
I'm really afraid of Diablo4 because blizzard is not even able to SEE their biggest mistakes which are right in front of their eyes. They add more sets with even more +238746238% damage bullsh!t in every season. But they dont fix the base game.
Since years.
With RoS blizzard destroyed so many great mechanics and added nothing to compensate this.
Step1: make all skills useful. (even energy twister! come on!)
Step2: balance all runes of each skill.


Yea i hate this +15000% damage bullsh!t because it is limiting the players in creating builds. But blizzards is failing even in creating items with high numbers. Why? Well, the necro has a ton of great main/off hand items. Single legendary items which may increase the players damage by 1000% or even more (Nayr's Black Death).
And wizards have:
Winter Flurry: Enemies killed by Cold damage have a 15–20% chance to release a Frost Nova
  • Light of Grace: Ray of Frost now pierces
  • Singularity: Critical Hits grant 3–4 Arcane Power
  • The oculus: Taking damage has up to a 15–20% chance to reset the cooldown on Teleport
  • Primordial Soul: Elemental Exposure's damage bonus per stack is increased to 10%.
  • Cosmic Strand: Teleport gains the effect of the Wormhole rune
  • Orb of Infinite Depth: Each damaging cast of Explosive Blast increases damage done by 8-10% and decreases damage taken by 20% for 6 seconds. This effect can stack up to 4 times.
All this sources are 100% useless and then some devs looked over triumvirate:
  • Triumvirate: Your Signature Spells increase the damage of Arcane Orb by 300-400% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.

So just compare those sources. What the....?!?!?!? Blizzard? Again: incompetence at its best. If they would care about their own game, they should change those items like this (well, just adding stupid +234234% damage numbers):
  • Light of Grace: Ray of Frost now pierces. Ray of frost damage is creased by 500%.
  • Singularity: Critical hits will cast a copy of the skill which did hit critically (this copy can not trigger this ability again)
  • The oculus: Taking more than 10% of max health as damage: reduces all cooldown by 2 seconds. Taking not damage for 5 seconds: 20% cooldown reduction.
  • Primordial Soul: Elemental Exposure's damage bonus per stack is increased to 30%.
  • Cosmic Strand: Teleport gains the effect off all runes. The next spell after teleport does double damage.
  • Orb of Infinite Depth: Each damaging cast of Explosive Blast increases damage done by 50-60% and decreases damage taken by 10% for 6 seconds. This effect can stack up to 8 times.

As you can see easily: blizzard is just increasing some numbers randomly without updating the other items.
Thats why there are so many useless legendary items, so many useless skills. Some items increase damage by 500% or 1000% and some items are still the same as pre RoS: they add +5% damage here and there and have some very special conditions.
Again: The wizard is just the best example for this bad game design. Other classes got bad legendary items too. A ton of them. But the wizard seems to be the class which has been ignored most of the time.

So please Blizzard:

Clean up your game.
The current state of Diablo 3 is just undeserving even for the (lower) standards of Diablo 3! And please do not create the same bad system in D4! It would be okay for me if Diablo3 would just be the bad Diablo game with high numbers. But currently Diablo3 is the Diablo game with RANDOM high numbers.
Adapt old items to offer more build variety. We could create so many great LoD builds if most useless skills and items would be reworked in a quite simple way.
Maybe may suggestions are way too strong, maybe may skills/items would be still useless. I dont have my own ptr, so testing would be required.
In my opinion we should have many(!) viable LoD builds. Using many different skills on each class. But this is not the case. I would like to change this. I dont want to be forced to a 6 piece set which is forcing me to use ONE skill.
submitted by maSu2322 to Diablo


PD2 Summoner Druid - An In-Depth Guide

Guide is written and updated for Season #1 Awakening
The druids summoning tree recieved a massive rework in PD2 with the goal to make it a viable self reliant build archetype on its own. Not only got the minions buffed themselves but now you are able to summon multiple of them at the same time, which wasn’t a thing back in D2 LOD. I won’t go over all changes in detail but I recommend taking a look at the official wikis druid section to see all changes that have been done in this mod before continuing reading.
An in-depth guide?
My goal with my guides is to really provide a lot of information to players, not just a list of items and no explanation how to get there or why you want them. Also I am not a fan of videos; imo you can’t tell if you like playing a build just by watching someone playing it in a perfect handmade setting for a couple of minutes… you can’t grasp the actuall feeling of the build this way But don’t worry I got something even better for you! In various sections of this guide you will find 4 different singleplayer savegames to DOWNLOAD with characters in different progression stages with real gear all functioning properly! So you can try and test the build in this guide to full extend yourself, on your pace, the way you like it and as long as you want to see if it fits your taste and if you actually want to play it on ladder.
Just to mention it: I am mostly a HC player, so I design all my builds geared towards a HC setting – feel free to adjust everything you don’t like to your liking if you play SC. Don’t treat my recommendations as the only options you have, think for yourself and try out different stuff which looks interesting to you.

General Playstyle:

Very meticulous and safe playstyle – perfectly suited for HC. Your minions will kill, tank and draw attention away from you while you are standing in the back spamming Ravens… Sounds boring to you? Well if you like you can also get your hands dirty: use you shapeshifting abilities and transform into a bear, fight by your minions side and maul down hords of daemons with them! If the situation is dangerous just sit back, kite and reposition your trusty merc and your minions with the new teleporting ability Gust. Carrion Vine devouers fallen corpses to heal you and your minions after an engagement. Cast Cyclone Armour in the right situations to protect yourself from elemental damage.
  • Very safe playstyle
  • Not many klicks required to play this build
  • Can be build very tanky
  • Very good bossing character
  • Can do Ubers and MiniUbers solo and safely
  • DClone is possible solo (but very hard, you have to play really well)
  • Can do maps with dangerous mods/high density in HC solo
  • Very good build for group compositions which want to tackle difficult content together
  • Smooth ladder starter
  • Summoner playstyle is not for everyone
  • Achieving good clear speed requires some gear investment / not the best farming speed at the start of a ladder
  • Minions are a little weak at the at the start of Hell difficulty, requires frequent resummoning and good positioning
  • Druids don’t have good life scaling (comperatively low HP pool at the beginning of Hell to other classes, weak FHR and block frames), you will need good gear and some investment to feel tanky, otherwise you have to know what you are doing
  • If you want to play this build well, you need to switch between many skills, kite, pay attention to your envirenment and constantly reposition. The skill cap of this build is quite high – profund D2 knowledge will be required to play this build to max efficiency, especially in groups, since your mistakes might cause deaths to your group members
  • Requires to setup minions everytime you start a new game

Basic skill point distribution in the endgame:

Summoning Tree:
  • 20 Raven
  • 20 Summon Spirit Wolf
  • 20 Summon Dire Wolf
  • 20 Summon Grizzly
  • 1 Poison Creeper
  • 1 Carrion Vine
  • 1 Heart of the Wolverine
Elemental Tree:
  • 1 Arctic Blast
  • 1 Cyclone Armor
  • 1 Gust
The rest points are yours to choose and depend on preference. I personally like to dump as many points into Gust to reach a cooldown timer that feels good for a fast playstyle, repositioning frequently. Other options would be investing into Heart of the Woverine for damage or investing into Werebear, Lycanthropy and Maul if you want to transform frequently and fight by the side of your minions in first row. Just keep playing around with it an see what you like best.


  • Strength: enough to wear your gear (and to be able to perform a weapon swap in combat)
  • Dexterity: depends if you are going for max block; otherwise no points here/enough to wear gear
  • Vitality: Everything you can spare goes here
  • Energy: Nothing


  • %FCR: If you are focusing on Gust and are mostly spamming Ravens in the background you would want to reach at least 46% FCR breakpoint (13 frames) for your teleport to feel smooth, more is always good but not needed (reminder: you can’t use Gust while shapeshifted – but you can perform warcrys while shapeshifted in PD2! Those also depend on your %FCR breakpoint)
  • %FHR: If you go maxblock I would aim for the 63% breakpoint (7 frames) – if you prefer going werebear form often and wielding a 2H-weapon go for 86% (6 frames)
  • %FBR: Druid has very slow blocking frames so investing here is a must; go for the 6 frames breakpoint (52% in human form, 65% in bear form if you insist using a shield), don’t use shields with no extra %FBR on them to avoid getting block-locked.
  • %IAS: Depending on your weapon choice if you wanna go full werebear (use an IAS calculator), otherwise, none.

Leveling – How to level this build from scratch:

Pretty easy overall for summoner. Spam Ravens and resummon your minions when needed – Diablo is the most difficult encounter here since he is able to kill your minions fast. Just keep your distance and keep resummoning them until he is deas (this will take a while but it is a safe approach).
Level Skill Level Skill Level Skill
Level 2 Raven Level 13 Cyclone Armor Level 24 Raven
Akara Poison Crepper Level 14 Summon Spirit Wolf Level 25 Raven
Level 3 Arctic Blast Level 15 Summon Spirit Wolf Level 26 Raven
Level 4 Raven Level 16 Summon Spirit Wolf Level 27 Raven
Level 5 Raven Level 17 Summon Spirit Wolf Level 28 Raven
Level 6 Raven Level 18 Gust Level 29 Raven
Level 7 Raven Radament Summon Dire Wolf Level 30 Summon Grizzly
Level 8 Raven Level 19 Summon Dire Wolf Level 31 Raven
Level 9 Raven Level 20 Summon Dire Wolf Level 32 Raven
Level 10 Raven Level 21 Summon Spirit Wolf Level 33 Raven
Level 11 Heart of The Wolverin Level 22 Raven Level 34 Raven
Level 12 Carrion Vine Level 23 Raven Level 35 Summon Grizzly
Gear to look out for at the end of Normal: Spirit sword, Stealth chest, Ancients Pledge shield, a random Wolf Head with +skills (just farm Normal Cows for required runes and some random charms and bases – it is not difficult to get, you also will occasionally drop low level set pieces, some of them are pretty decent at this point). Try to build an Insight Polearm for your Act 2 merc – it will carry you early Nightmare along with your minions.
Here is an example of how your character should look like at this stage in the game – download the savegame and copy it into your D2 savegamefolder and start it in Single Player: DOWNLOAD - Early Nightmare Test Character
Got your basic gear ready and some decent resists to start out? Good – if not farm Nightmare Countess and Black Marsh/Stony Field for runeword bases and runes before you go on. You can also attempt to build a Lore now if you have a good base. Just carry on through the acts – Nightmare is easy with basic gear, you will face no problems at all (watch out for dolls in Act 3! Their explosions got reworked and now have a delay). If summoner is to slow for your liking at this point you can respec to wind druid at lvl 40 (it basically utilizes the some gear, so you can make an easy switch anytime you want using a respec – Hurricane will carry hard in Nightmare and is a great tool for farming Nightmare Cows at a decent speed with very little gear) – but summoner can also do everything at this point without problems. After maxin out ravens put around 5 points each into both of you wolves and then max out Grizzly, after that max out Spirit Wolves and Dire Wolves in this order. Once you kill Baal it is farming time! You have do do some farming for basic gear in PD2 before you go to Hell difficulty, otherwise you will struggle hard. So take your time to farm up some gear in Nightmare Cows. Nightmare Cows is THE best farming spot at this point in PD2 thanks to player 5 loot; Cow Kings drop table is really nice and you can kill him here; the portal can still be opened afterwards – you can drop a ton of good stuff there. Lets assume you get really unlucky and get no good drops at all; you sill will be able to progress as summoner, no worries.
Gear to look out for at the end of Nightmare: Just pick up every amulet and charm, reroll grand charms from Cow Level for Skillers, sell them and buy 3-4 clean summon skillers for your druid. Gamble amulets for a good chance at +3 class tree skill levels with the gold you get from cows and selling items to vendors – sell +3 amulets for other classes and buy a +3 summon druid amulet if you don’t find one yourself. Build yourself a Rhyme shield in an exceptional base, upgrade your Stealth to a Smoke chest in an exceptional base (if you can’t find a Lum rune, just buy one or use a 3os chest and socket it with Ral-Ort-Thul for some resist instead. Overcap your resists with charms to have good resistances when you enter Hell difficulty. I recommend using a respec hear to invest some points into dexterity reaching around 50% chance to block with a Rhyme shield. We likely won’t have access to %PDR or decent amounts of flat PDR at this point so block is an option to consider against physical attacks.
Here is an example of how your character should look like at this stage in the game at the bare minimum before you should enter Hell – download the savegame and copy it into your D2 savegamefolder and start it in Single Player mode: DOWNLOAD - Early Hell Test Character
Hell is difficult for almost any character build without gear in PD2 similar to vanilla. As a summoner just be careful, keep resummoning your minions when they die and take your time – you will get there. Just do Act 1 normaly until you reach Outer Cloister waypoint. From now on just farm Pits. It is a lvl 85 zone with a high treasure class which can drop almos all items in the game. Farm up gear before you continue through the acts. You can do it as a summoner with basic gear but you have to really know what you are doing to not die – farming Pits for gear is way easier. For skill points just finish maxing out your wolves and put the rest points into Gust to lower the cooldown further.
Gear to look out for while farming Hell Pits: You want to get complete Aldur’s Set as soon as possible. Every piece but the body armour can drop even in Nightmare difficulty – Aldurs isn’t overly rare and one of the easiest class sets to farm. The Set also recieved a huge buff in PD2 which makes it the abolut best midgame gear choice overall for this build – you need very good gear before you can even think about outclassing it. So just farm and buy all pieces one by one if you don’t find them yourself. Once you have aquired the full set just buy two Nagel rings for MF, look out for a white Monarch, socket it and build yourself a Spirit shield, buy IK belt if you havn’t found a decent rare belt yet and you are basically done. Before you carry on I highly recommend buying any kind of Ampliy Damage on hit weapon for your merc to deal with physical immunes.
Here is an example of how your character should look like at this stage in the game. You can cruise through Hell now and farm any regular Hell content with this setup and even do easy maps – download the savegame and copy it into your D2 savegamefolder and start it in Single Player mode: DOWNLOAD - Midgame Test Character
From here on out it is your choice where you want to take the build – get more clean skillers first and decide from there what you want to upgrade next.

Endgame Gearing:

This section only covers endgame gear options (check leveling section for gear progression). PD2 provides a very in-depth gearing system thanks to various balancing changes to uniques, runewords and adding a corruption and socketing system on top of that. Everything depends on gear composition – imo their is no (or very seldomly) clear BIS option for a gear slot for any build type. Just take a look, compare and try to reach breakpoints where you can. I will also mention usefull corruptions to look out for on each gear slot. I won’t list every option since there is just too much to cover – instead I will focus on pointing out interesting concepts and ideas for you to build around. If you have questions regarding gear choices just ask in this thread – people can have a discussion and help each other out with ideas.
What should be your focus?
Try to stack +skills until you reach around slvl 45 with precast gear and stop there (you don’t need that many, around lvl 35 is sufficient for all regular content). More is always possible but not needed. At this level your minions can tank Ubers confortabely and going for more damage won’t improve your clear speed by much – don’t be a mindless „tooltip warrior“ in PD2, higher numbers don’t always translate into higher clear speed in this game. After that focus on defence, getting extra auras from gear and building a great merc.
Want to see how a fully decked out HC Summon Druid performs in PD2? Download this savegame and copy it into your Diablo 2 savegame folder, start the game in Single Player mode and enjoy! DOWNLOAD - Endgame Test Character
  • Heart of the Oak [Ko-Vex-Pul-Thul] in a Flail: good old Hoto, great %FCR, 3 skills and some resist. This runeword got nerfed in PD2 but it is still a very good option to consider for defensive setups which don’t have room for resists or %FCR in other slots.
  • Beast [Ber-Tir-Um-Mal-Lum] in an Berserker Axe/Ettin Axe (1h) or a Champion Axe (2h): Depending if you want to use werebaerform often and fighting yourself with your minions – go for a 2H weapon since it has better %IAS frames and more damage. The classic approach would be just wearing it for the Fanaticism aura to buff you minions and stand back which also works. Keep in mind that this runeword got changed slightly in this mod – it no longer provides up to 40 Strength but has more %ED and a higher level of Fanaticism to compensate for it.
  • Doom [Hel-Ohm-Um-Lo-Cham] in an Berserker Axe/Ettin Axe (1h) or a Champion Axe (2h): You don’t feel the need for more damage but wan’t more CC to support your group? Then Doom is the choice for you – Holy Forst provides some nice slowing effect and cold damage to you to deal with highly physical resistant monsters on your own, damage and %IAS is also great. Doom is a top choice for group support if you play with someone who can provide you and your minions with a Fanaticism aura already like a Bowzon or a Zeal Paladin.
  • Stormshield: Want %DR and max block on your build? Then this is the choice for you – not much to say here since it is still one of the best choices despite the huge %DR nerf it recieved.
  • Gerke’s Sanctuary: Got buffed in PD2 and is a top tier choice now. Great resists, max block viable, a +skill and %DR paired with some flat pdr and mdr – one of the best defensive shields you can get
  • Moser’s Blessed Circle: still one of the best shields available imo for a rather cheap price
  • Rhyme [Shael-Eth]: super easy to get and very decent in an elite base for any max block build out there. You get resists and the very valuable affix CNBF which affects cast speed in PD2 so it is great to have in any build now. Corruptions to look out for: +1 skill, resists, CNBF, block chance/block rate, cast speed, %PDR, %FHR, Replenish Life
Weapon Swap:
  • Call to Arms [Amn-Ral-Mal-Ist-Ohm]: While BO got a massive deserved nerf in PD2 CtA ist still great and better than ever for this build in particular. Mostly overlocked CtA also gives the player access to Battle Cry which got reworked and reduces physical resistances of monsters now. You can break physical immunes with this and it stacks with curses! And you can perform warcrys while shapeshifted – it is a massive buff your build so use it in your weapon slot to prebuff (it basically gives +2 skills, one from the runeword and one from Battle command) and as a utility tool – use your weapin swap actively in combat to perform warcrys.
  • Lidless Wall: Great caster shield overall with skills, %FCR and mana after kill. In this build it is used as prebuff gear – you can even corrupt it for another skill which leads to a +3 all skills off hand, which is he highest you can get in this gear slot.
Body Armors:
  • Rain [Ort-Mal-Ith]: Really great runeword for just a Mal rune. Got buffed in this mod and offers up to +3 to summon skills. I personally really like the Cyclone armor on struck especially against frame based attacks like Diablos Lightning Hose – it can safe you when you make a mistake or don’t pay attention.
  • upped Spirit Shroud: Yes – this thing is good now, really good. It provides a skill, %FCR and CNBF in PD2 as well as huge amounts of flat mdr and high replenish life which is a buffed stat in this mod – if you stack it on different gear pieces the regen is significant. What makes this chest really good is the high potential through corruption and sockets you can get on top of that.
  • Arkaine’s Valor: Really great body armour for summoners in general – huge defense rating, +2 skills, high %FHR paired with vitality on lvl. Again – corruptions and sockets bring huge potential. This can be a +3 all skills chest which also work for warcrys
Corruptions to look out for: +1 skill, resists, CNBF, block chance/block rate, cast speed, %PDR, %FHR, Replenish Life
  • Aldur’s Stony Gaze: Recieved a massive buff and gives up to +4 to summon skills on top of FHR and cold resists and has huge corruption potential on top of that.
  • Spirit Keeper: Very defensive helmet which gives up to +3 to a random druid skill in this mod (many great options for this type of build available like: any summon, HotW, Gust, Cyclone Armor, Werebear, Lycanthropy etc.) – maybe not as much damage as other options but versatile.
  • Jalal’s Maine: got nerfed but is still one of the most well rounded options for any druid build thanks tot he wide variety of stats it provides – makes other gear slots very flexible.
  • Steelshade: Got reworked and is now one of the best option for any max block build which depends on +skills – it grants massive block chance and block rate… on a helmet! This helm can save you tons of dexterity investment which leads to more effective HP overall.
Corruptions to look out for: +1 skill, resists, CNBF, block chance/block rate, cast speed, %PDR, %FHR, Replenish Life
  • Trang-Oul’s Claws: Looking for %FCR? Get these! They are better than Magefist since you don’t need the +1 to fire skills and the mana regen and it provides some cold resists instead as well as a higher defense rating.
  • Bloodfist: Great gloves which you can wear from start to finish – 30% FHR and 40 flat life is huge – you rarely get rare gloves which are better than that.
Corruptions to look out for: block chance, block rate, %FCR, Replenish Life, flat life, resists, stats
  • Waterwalk: are now 40% FRW in this mod, also max fire res and flat life are nice
  • Aldur’s Advance: the „worse Waterwalk“ in this mod, but cheaper
  • Hotspur: low level boots with max fire res, fire resist and little life but without %FRW – if you are using a Vigor merc this downside isn’t that harsh they are worth considering
  • Infernostride: max fire res and %FRW, pretty nice boots overall
  • Natalya’s Soul: already capped on fire resist? Then this pair of boots might be great for you
  • rare/crafted boots: rare boots can have a variety of great stats like %FHR, %FRW and resists
Corruptions to look out for: CNBF, Curse Duration Reduction, %FRW, %FHR, resists, Replenish Life, %PDR
  • String of Ears: great belt for Werebear Hybrid since it provides leech on top of %PDR and flat mdr
  • Verdungo’s Hearty Cord: %PDR and huge amounts of Vitality paired with little %FHR – solid defensive choice
  • Rare/crafted belt: have huge potential and can be some of the best items in the game.
Corruptions to look out for: max res, block chance, %FCR, %PDR, %FHR, resists, stats, Curse Duration Reduction.
  • Bul-Katho’s Wedding Band: +1 skill, life on level paired with life leech – great slot to get some leech for the werebaer.
  • Wisp Projector: got reworked in PD2 and provides non class skills now and +1 all skills on top o fit. This nets potentially +4 to HotW – it also has some %lightning absorb which is great (if you consider wearing 2 of them for +8 to HotW on your druid… won’t work sry since non class skill levels are capped to +3 for classes which have the original skill available to them, so +3 is max for druid – for other classes this will stack to +6 of course)
  • Ravenfrost: Can’t get CNBF on other gear slots? Going for max block? Then this is a great ring for you. Up to 20 dex and 250 AR help you reaching max block and hitting monsters with werebear. The cold absorb is also great to have – consider having one around for heavy cold damage encounters.
  • Rare/crafted ring: can provide life, stats, %FCR and resists to fill out deficits
Corruptions to look out for: %FCR, leech, CNBF, Curse Duration, Resists, Stats
  • Mara’s Kaleidoscop: +2 all skills paired with resists and all stats
  • +3 Summoning magic amulet: Simple but it just works fine, it also can have a nice suffix on top of it like life or %FCR. Since they are fairly common this can be a good target for getting a nice corruption too
  • crafted caster amulet: can have +2 druid skills and up to 20% FCR with other goodies
  • Nokozan Relic: worth mentioning since it is fairly common and got buffed. Provides huge amounts of %FHR, fire resist and max fire resist; a good corruption can make it pretty nice.
Corruptions to look out for: max res, %FCR, +1 skill, %FHR, block chance, resists, Replenish Life, stats
  • 9x Summon Skiller
  • Torch/Anni
  • Resist/FHR charmes to reach breakpoints
  • Life charms
Open Sockets:
Sockets should be used to reach breakpoints where you can with either jewels or runes for purely defensive purpose, no need to look out for offensive stats here. If you are satisfied with your defences go for %magic find.


Mercs got an overhaul in PD2 to actually bring diversity and chouce to choosing a follower for your build. All mercs now provide some kind of passive aura and some of them have a wider variaty of weapons they can equip. Mercs also have more than 3 gearslots to equip them in this mod – check out the merc section on the wiki for more information.
Act 1 - Fire (Vigor):
The Act 1 rogue merc is actually really useful in this mod. It is my personal choice for a follower for this build. Vigor aura not only provides movement speed to you and your minions but also increases velocity which makes your minions more responsive and act faster! This is a huge improvement to their sometimes clunky minion AI. Otherwise it is ranged attacker, which does not benefit from the melee splash changes – so consider it a support role, not a damage dealer.
Act 2 - Defense (Defiance):
Very good if you are figthing in werebear form often since it boosts your defense further (defense rating works while running/walking in PD2!) – combined with the defense bonus from shapeshifting you can reach some pretty good numbers. I would not go for this if you are mostly in human form, since druid has no way of scaling defense to great effect if not shapeshifted.
Act 5 - Barbarian (Might):
Need more damage? Then this merc might be the choice for you. Might aura got buffed in PD2 and provides a huge boost to your minions. The barbarian merc is also the most durable one and can hold on its own if needed. (nice thing to know: since barb mercs can now equip 2h axes and 2h maces in this mod this merc can wear full Immortal King set and get all the boni from it – if you want your merc to become a walking death mashine go for it; thanks to elemental damage bonus he is able to deal with physical immunes this way)
Merc Weapons:
  • Wrath [Pul-Lum-Ber-Mal] in a Chu-Ko-Nu: luxury option with CNBF and higher Amplify damage proc rate than Wildwitch String on an Act 1 merc – still very little damage but you reach 8 frames with it without further IAS investment in other slots.
  • Wildwitch String: the new go to weapon for breaking phyiscal immunes on Act 1 merc – socket it with 2 shaels and stack off weapon IAS on gear to reach the 10 frames breakpoint (54 IAS needed with 2x Shael in bow) – deals almost no damage but good enough against singel immunes if you wait long enough – Amplify Damage is a huge DPS boost to your minions.
  • The Reaper's Toll got changes and now has Amplify Damage on hit - overall a really fast and solid weapon with good damage and leech on top of it
  • Vile Husk: Again, Amplify Damage on Strike is king – your Act 5 Barbarian will help you out greatly with it. (Decrepify got reworked in this mod an no longer provides physical resist reduction => Lawbringer is no option here for breaking physical immunitiy)
Merc Body Armour:
  • Treachery [Shael-Thul-Lem]: Got nerfed and now only provides a much weaker version of Fade on struck – still a great chest since it provides huge amounts of %IAS and some %FHR
  • Heavenly Garb: Very overlooked option imo. Sanctuary aura makes it so any physical resist of every undead monster in the game is ignored (the game will treat it as the monster having 0% DR, yes even physical immune monsters!) – most physical immune monsters you will encounter are of undead type so heaving even a seemingly weak lvl 1 aura around will let you deal with them easily, they will fall over like flies.
  • Templar‘s Might: One of the best reworks in this mod imo – it now provides a lvl 8 Might aura (which got buffed btw) to enhance the damage of your minions and yourself. It has a really high strength requirement so consider sockting -15% requirement jewels into so you don't have to search for extra stats in every gear slot of your merc just that he/she can wear it.
  • Shaftstop: Very defensive option thanks to huge amounts of %PDR and life – best defensive merc chest in the game (could also be an option for your character to be honst)
  • The Galdiator’s Bane: Got buffed in PD2 and now provides even more flat pdr and mdr on top of great stats like %FHR, CNBF and great defense. The Attaker takes damage on hit mod got buffed hard so if you want you can stack this attribute on all gear slots and make a thorns merc.
Merc Gloves:
  • Laying of Hands: damage against daemons, huge fire resist and 20% IAS – could not wish for more.
  • Dracul's Grasp: got reworked and no longer provides lifetap on hit, still really good gloves for mercs thanks to open wounds, life leech and 20% IAS.
  • Ghoul Hide: again huge damage potential paired with 20% IAS – you get the theme here, IAS is king in almost all situations.
Merc Belts:
  • String of Ears: BIS merc belt – nothing else to say here, don’t think anyone would ever consider something else. Not that rare to get, great stats, leech and damage reduction.
Merc Boots:
Same options to consider as for your character – noteworthy mention: Rite of Passage set boots have CNBF in this mod and are not too rare to get; cheap option for your merc.
Merc Helmets:
  • Vampire Gaze: The %DR option, very defensive and overall great choice
  • Andariel's Face: Has +2 skills which apply to merc auras as well as %IAS – really great merc helmet overall
  • Tal Rasha's Horadic Crest: cheap and great, has everything your merc wants.
  • Guillaume's Face: Want to stack crushing blow on a Act 5 merc? Go for it, he will be an absolute powerhouse and can solo the game with great gear and your support
  • Crown of Ages: Very rare but also really good – has 75% curse reduction in this mod which gets rid of curses almost immediately on your merc – also has %DR, great %FHR and 2 open sockets to custumize.


How do minions work/scale?
Minions have hidden resists and damage reduction which is not displayed ingame. Their resists scale with skill levels (soft points); their AR and defense scales with monster level, so no need to invest into AR scaling from merc auras. This means minions become automatically more tanky when you switch to a higher difficulty (they don’t get hit by attacks that often) to keep up with the monster scaling a little better. Minions benefit from all auras and buffs like Battle Orders that are applied to them after minion scaling is done multiplicatively. Different minion types generate different threat levels which basically work like a taunt or define how much aggro a minions can draw.
How many minions can I have up at the same time?
12 Ravens, 5 Spirit Wolves, 3 Dire Wolves and 2 Grizzlys on top of 1 spirit whisp and 1 vine of your choice. You can’t have multiple spirits or vines up at the same time in PD2
Do druid minions deal splash damage?
Not all, only the grizzly and vavens perform attacks which deals splash AoE damage; the grizzlys cleave has a big spalsh damage radius, ravens only have a small radius. Wolves don’t have melee splash. Ravens on the other hand automatically chill a monster on attack slowing their action speed. Poison creeper spreads vines on the ground which deal poison damage over time on each frame when monsters stand on them.
How does Cyclone Armor work exactly?
Cyclone Armor is a very usefull tool which prevents a portion of elemental damage before your life orb takes damage. Cyclone Armor applies before resists are taken into account (this is why it drops so fast against heavy elemental attacks) – in PD2 it was given a short cooldown so you can’t spam it anymore so look out for timing it correctly.
How does Gust work?
Gust is a newly introduced skill in PD2 which is a wind based teleport ability. The cooldown gets lower for every soft point into it (so you don’t have to spent as many hardpoints if you don’t want tot o get a reasonable good result) – all cooldowns are shared between abilities which apply a cooldown in D2! So consider that when teleporting around and using Cyclone Armor in between. Gust also applies a short duration stun to surrounding monsters on impact, but deals no damage itself. This stun is very reliable to get around if you have invested in %FCR, %FHR and/or %FBR to not get locked in place.
Call to Arms runeword got nerfed, is it still worth using?
YES – CtA is so good on this build! It provides up to 300 life and 150 mana with good gear to you and your minions/merc for buff duration of 5min (so it is not anyouing to keep up) which is significant. Without some +skills it is pretty weak, so don’t think just swapping one on almost doubles your life pool like it does in vanilla – you need investment to make it work. Another great thing in PD2: Battlecry recieved a rework: it now reduces the physical resistance of nearby monsters and can break physical immunity – it also stacks with curses! It is great for this build since you can perform any warcry while shapeshifted which makes having access to battlecry through CtA a pretty nice utility tool on top of it for this build.
Hybrid WerebeaSummoner melee build? WTF?
It is actually viable in this mod and pretty fun and versatile to play around with. Damage is good enough with some investment and skill point focus to handle monsters on your own. You can also just be a support for your minions zoning monsters by applying open wounds to bosses, battle cry against tough elites or to break physical immunes. Or you just stand in the back in werebear form if you don’t want to teleport in this specific moment or spam ravens just to benefit from the huge defensive boost your werebear form provides. You can get 400-500 extra life and triple your defense rating just for shifting to bear form in hard encounters. Lycanthropy scales with softpoints so just investing 1 point while using a Beast weapon can go a long way (you get werebear from the weapon, so you don’t have to spec into it) – just switch between human form and shapeshift form freely depending on the situation.
THANK YOU FOR READING | SPECIAL THANKS | ABOUT THE GUIDE CREATOR Thank you all for reading through all of this, i hope it was interesting and helped you out in some way or another. I decided to write this guide to show a different perspective on approaching build guids and playing PD2 in general. It is only season #1, plenty more to come and this mod is already great – balance isn’t that much off like people claim – I am actually pretty impressed by it getting it done this way on the first iteration.) I really enjoy the PD2 mod so far. Just wanted to thank the whole PD2 Team for all their work, time and passion they invest in there free time to provide us players with a great new and enhanced experience of playing our beloved game Diablo 2. If you have any questions please just ask. Thank you again for reading – more guids to come in the future as I experience new interesting builds.
submitted by Wuslwiz to ProjectDiablo2