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Teambuilding with Dynamax in Mind

Teambuilding with Dynamax in Mind
Hello everyone! My name is Jake AKA jackofspadesman! After talking to my friends more often with the drop of Crown Tundra and Series 7, I’ve done a lot of reflecting on how different teambuilding in Sword and Shield is with the addition of Dynamax. I’ve discussed in an earlier write up how to utilize Dynamax Pokémon to their fullest (which you should go check out!), but how about building a team around it? Well, the first step in my eyes is identifying on a scale of 1 to 5 how frequently a Pokémon wants to Dynamax in any given game. This idea was brought to me at the start of 2020 by head vgc honcho himself u/ErrantRailer and I feel as though it’s a fantastic way to think about how to compose one’s team. So the scale of 1 to 5 we’ll define as such:
  1. Never wants to max in a game unless necessary. Think supportive Pokémon without much offensive presence like Dusclops, Amoonguss, and Whimsicott.
  2. Doesn’t want to Dynamax, but can if it’s a good opportunity. Think supportive Pokémon with offensive options like Porygon2, Pokémon holding Choice items that will lose their effect upon Dynamaxing, or Urshifu which loses some power by sacrificing Wicked Blow and Close Combat for Max Moves.
  3. Can Dynamax, but does not have to in order to function. These are your run of the mill offensive Pokémon that do just fine on their own, like Kartana, Rotom, and Tapu Fini.
  4. Want to Dynamax, but can still find success out of Dynamax if need be. These are Pokémon like Zapdos, Tyranitar, and Glastrier.
  5. Almost always needs to max in order to function. These are Pokémon which are underwhelming without Max Moves for one reason or another and really need to be thought of as “if I’m not maxing it in this game, why am I bringing it?” These are Pokémon like Defiant Thundurus-Incarnate Forme, Galarian Moltres, and Physically Offensive Dragapult.
So why is this so important to lay out? Well, let’s look at some successful teams and how they were composed with this scale in mind. Just to speed things along, I’ll rank these Pokémon on the Dynamax scale and then get to my point after a few teams are discussed. This is Aaron Traylor’s winning team from Dallas Regionals 2020, full details here:

Gigantamax Charizard, Supportive Whimsicott, Assault Vest Conkeldurr, Life Orb Duraludon, Offensive Supportive Jellicent, Supportive Togekiss
For these ratings, let’s look at this match of Aaron vs Justin Burns in Top 4, which was played in Series 2. Dynamaxes occur at 3:50, 15:50, and 25:30.
  • Charizard is undoubtedly a 5. When Charizard comes, it needs to Dynamax in order to get the most of its power with strong Max Airstreams and G-Max Wildfires. Without it, it loses a lot of its offensive presence with Air Slash and Solar Beam at its disposable and Blast Burn making it vulnerable after use.
  • Duraludon is a 4. While it prefers to Dynamax to get the most offensive pressure, it can function just fine without it and makes a great option that isn’t Charizard. We saw it used just fine in Games 1 and 2 without Dynamax, but Aaron was able to get the edge in Game 3 by dropping Charizard and Dynamaxing Duraludon.
  • Conkeldurr is a 2 or a 3 on Aaron’s team. Conkeldurr’s moveset on Aaron’s team benefits from not maxing by using Drain Punch and Mach Punch as utility while having Close Combat as a stronger move than its Max Knuckle counterpart. If needed for the survivability of Dynamax at an inconvenient time, it has no trouble bringing the heat.
  • Jellicent is a 2. Its supportive moveset is what it tends to want to utilize with Trick Room and Strength Sap, not to mention being able to launch spread damage with Water Spout. Unlike Conkeldurr, which is focused on offense, Jellicent is a supportive Pokémon on this team where damage from it seems to come second.
  • Whimsicott is a 1. It’s there to support Charizard and Duraludon to their fullest with Tailwind, Fake Tears, and Charm. Nothing else.
  • Aaron’s Togekiss is a 1, unlike Justin’s in this set. It’s also there to support everything around it with Follow Me and Yawn.
With Aaron’s team, there’s clearly a focus on a main Dynamax user, or Gigantamax in this case, with another option that can function just fine without it. This is a great way to balance out how a team functions with clear cut roles.

Next is Andrew Ding’s team which won Collinsville Regionals 2020, full details here:

Offensive Support Sylveon, Coil + Hypnosis Milotic, Weakness Policy Tyranitar, Life Orb Durant, Support Gothitelle, and Support Arcanine
As a reference for this team, let’s look at this match of Andrew vs Bingjie Wang in Top 8, which was played in Series 2. Dynamaxes occur at 2:20, 17:30, and 28:40.
  • Durant is a 5, I’d say the most 5 Pokémon popular in Series 2. Thanks to Durant’s Hustle, it can get off incredibly strong moves boosted by the ability with no reduction in accuracy. Without Dynamaxing, Durant is rolling dice on every move it uses and makes it a really risky choice.
  • Tyranitar is a 4. As we saw in Game 1, it Dynamaxed with Durant not brought to the match. However, in Game 3, it was able to fulfill its role as an attacker without Dynamaxing just fine and seal up the game for Andrew!
  • Sylveon is a 2. It likes to Hyper Voice for spread damage, Quick Attack to pick off Pokémon and activate Tyranitar’s Weakness Policy, and Yawn for support. Dynamaxing it wouldn’t fit its supportive offense, but if it needs to get off that Max Starfall then it can do so.
  • Milotic is another 2. Coil, Hypnosis, Muddy Water. That’s what it does and it’s sticking to it. Maxing can be be an option if needed, but it definitely isn’t its purpose.
  • Arcanine is yet another 2. Its main function is to Intimidate, Will-O-Wisp, and Snarl to boost the survivability of the rest of its team. Again, it has the offensive power to Dynamax if somehow necessary, but it wants to support its team!
  • Gothitelle is a 1. It doesn’t have a true offensive presence and is strictly there for Shadow Tag and allowing its Dynamax partner to succeed.
Andrew's team is another fantastic one where one primary Dynamax candidate exists and a secondary Dynamax, that is less reliant on it, succeeded in a large tournament.

A different approach to building around Dynamax can be seen with Santino Tarquinio’s Players Cup champion team, full details here:

Supportive Togekiss, Choice Band Rillaboom, Offensive Gigantamax Rapid Strike Style Urshifu, Supportive Dragapult, Gigantamax Coalossal, and Assault Vest Offensive Support Incineroar
To analyze Santi’s team, let’s look at this match of Winners Finals where Santi faces Jiseok Lee, which was played in Series 5. Dynamaxes are used at 3:40, 15:00, and 25:10.
  • Coalossal is a 5. This team has a full focus on Gigantamaxing Coalossal as it gets a Steam Engine + Weakness Policy boost from one of its partners. According to Santi, he Gigantamaxed Coalossal in every game he played of Players Cup and never strayed from his gameplan.
  • Rillaboom, Urshifu, and Incineroar are all 2s. They’re there to offensively support Coalossal and clean up for it, but are certainly candidates for Dynamax because of their offensive presence in a pinch.
  • Dragapult and Togekiss are 1s. They exist solely to support Coalossal and don’t pose any true offensive presence.
We can see with this sort of team, there’s less emphasis on flexibility of the Dynamax and more focus on building up one Pokémon as the true offensive powerhouse of the team.
So what was the point of all this? Take note that none of these players used more than one 5 ranked Pokémon. These Pokémon are all terrifying to face when they’re Dynamaxed, but when they aren’t they truly lack a lot of power that make them shine. So you have a team with Defiant Thundurus, Dragapult, and Galarian Moltres and you think “wow how is anybody going to break through these offensive monsters?” Well, simply put you can only Dynamax one of them making the other two a lot easier to handle. If you have two Pokémon on a team that truly need to Dynamax, it’s going to be awkward when you potentially want to bring both to a game! Some Pokémon hardly function out of Dynamax! That’s what my point is: limiting your need to Dynamax Pokémon on your team. I say this for more reasons than just the one. In addition to not having to worry about fighting for who gets to Dynamax, using only one 5 on a team allows you to build better around that one Pokémon and build a more cohesive team. With that, it’s okay to not use a 5 on your team and will certainly lend itself to more flexibility on your team!
Keep in mind, a Pokémon itself doesn’t inherently have a Dynamax rating on this scale. How you build that Pokémon to function gives it that grade. As a general rule, I personally try to limit every team to two 1s, three 2s, three 3s, two 4s, and one 5. Naturally you don’t need to stick to this as law. Some teams that have had success that have completely broken this mold. For example, Adi Subramanian’s Players Cup team used what are arguably three 5s (some may see them as 4s) and three 1s given the team composition. This team worked for a similar reason to Santi’s though: each of those three 5s were focalized by the three 1s. When teambuilding for VGC in Sword and Shield, Dynamaxing should be at the forefront of your mind. Be sure to think about the Dynamax scale any time you build a new team!
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[Standard] Impressive Meta BO3 Tier List for Nov

Good Morning (from US) Spikes!
Also, have a great turkey day week (in US - and others that may celebrate) I thought this would be a nice timely post for those of you may find yourselves with some additional time this week, and looking for something different and competitive to play!
It certainly has been an interesting meta with some hiccups out of the gate in the great rotation plus the release of Zendikar’s Rising, however we are most certainly in one of the smoothest periods I certainly recall since the Return to Ravnica days. Things continue to be extremely healthy, and I will comment some more on this below. Additionally, what I like most is from my experience this set being the last standard drop of the year it is also the longest time to play the current standard meta and set.
We are roughly two months in, with about 2+ months to go with Kaldeim being dropped. With the above said enjoy the health while we have it even though you may be getting some standard fatigue?!?!? (Never fear there is probably a list for you below otherwise) I wanted to share some thoughts as always, and highlight some new decks into the fray! (Note: This time around we have quite a few decks! Since the short to the expanded and now this list I have 40+ Decks!)
I pull these lists together to help give us an alternative competitive angle, as well as trends, with a nice little timestamp as I believe being competitive there is a long term knowledge angle we need to take as well :)
Additionally, I like to provide a competitive MTGA Landscape, those who like a visual or just to discuss! You can find the observations along with the tier list below. Please share your thoughts as always, and feel free to comment on the new format or decks I should consider that I missed.
TLDR: The healthy meta remains intact. Yorion has been knocked down a few, and esper doom more of a thang. Ugin creeping back in as predicted. Some surprise sleepers, and probably more. Don’t be surprised to see more competitive decks that make you go oooo.
Tier List
What it is, current meta observations, and deck overviews! Additionally I love sharing the observations and recent changes we have faced in an ever evolving fast paced format.
Items of Interest & Considerations:
  • Long Live Balance - The “Spirit Squad” is still in the house! As I mentioned above I don’t quite recall a timeframe as healthy for the current state of standard for a very long time. The positive side of this is we continue to get an opportunity to both have fun as well as be competitive with a variety of decks in the current eco-system. Over the last two months we have heavily seen some trends come and go, new decks pop in, jank become competitive, and even those that were there right from the beginning continue to hold strong. There isn’t a consolidation of 30%+ of the meta playing one deck. Sure you run into common decks, but not every deck is Gruul or Rogues. There is a fair distribution among the decks taking up a healthy 2-5% of the meta, and at most clocking in around 15%. Even the pro leagues look pretty interesting!
  • Yorion got too close to the sun - Out of the gate Yorion decks were extremely hot, almost too hot to touch in fact and almost seemed unbeatable at times. However, since this rise I think like Yorions cousin icarus they may have got too close to the sun! In reality there are still some power espeorzhov doom foretold decks, but many of the others are starting to wane. I believe we have even seen some interesting mardu spicing in there as well. All said and done it seems like the Yorion doom combo is emerging as the one key part of this pairing, and has just fallen a bit back to reality.
  • Ugin Second Coming? - Now this definitely needs to be called out! I had said this for sure after the Omnath ban, and that Ugin may make that comeback. However, maybe I was dreaming as I couldn’t find the line, but maybe I did call it out as a watch in my tier list videos. Nonetheless I will reinstate this as Ugin is most certainly coming back, and an Ugin insert land color or colorless or whatever archetype you want is definitely starting to show. More dominantly BIG RED and Mono Black Control making their marks.
    • “Where is Ugin? - I missed this in my BO3 commentary so figured I would add here. There is becoming a slight rise in ramp decks sadly next release for me, however I think that is also due in part to not a high usage of Ugin in the format yet...I say yet because I did posterize that Ugin definitely may make a comeback, and is certainly a great answer to loads of decks in the format.”
  • Definitely Overlook & Underplayed Cards - The more decks I have played, the more familiar I have become, and the more time I have spent there is one thing that has surprised me. There are still very very powerful cards that are not played enough or many of us have forgotten. I will give two examples given my recent experience oddly playing more black/swamp colored decks. The first one is soul shatter, this is certainly undervalued, and if you watch my sultai midrange matchup you will see why. The ability to crush a wicked wolf is absolutely nasty. The other one here worth mentioning that I absolutely love is necromentia. Again, a forgotten card that is a beast in destroying any main strategy your opponent has! All in there are certainly lots of fun things still coming, and I didn’t want to spoil it all because I love to see what people have in their back pockets!
  • Continuation - Still a call out despite the shifting landscape several of the competitive decks still remain positioned well, but their overall win rates have come down a bit, and the viability less certain. This again points to a very healthy meta. The decks I am talking about are mono red, dimir rogues, and gruul. These still remain great options, and certainly a path to hit mythic this season, or the next two.
  • There are still competitive, jank, and homebrewed decks to be discovered. Believe me when I say this not a day goes by I think of the jank meme’s going ooooo I should try that. I feel like every other day in competitive I play something with a dropped jaw and I need that shiny object!
I have produced this list from a culmination of a few things. I have reached this point by pulling together research data from multiple sources like untapped, MTGAzone, Aetherhub, twitter, personal gameplay, tournament matches, this reddit as well as others, personal stats, and consistently hitting Mythic over the last year and participation in the last Mythic Qualifier.
Again, Happy to discuss or talk about decks not included! Tier list below plus deck lists (shells - tweak to your heart's content) if you are looking for some options most all top 1500 at some point many at the #1 Rank, and multiple top end tournament results!
All Full Deck lists consolidated: here
MTGA BO3 November 2020 Tier List
Tier 1 (4)
Mono Green Food (Youtube) (Decklist)
Esper Yorion Doom (Youtube) (Decklist) - Note at time of pub thought was Yorion Version
Gruul Adventures (Youtube) (Decklist) - More Recent List per ask
Dimir Rogues (Youtube) (Decklist) - More Recent List per ask
Tier 2 (20)
Temur Ramp (Youtube) (Decklist)
Orzhov Yorion Doom (Youtube) (Decklist)
Rakdos Midrange (Youtube) (Decklist)
Mono Black Control (Youtube) (Decklist)
Temur Obosh Adventures (Youtube) (Decklist)
Mono Red Aggro (Youtube) (Decklist)
Mono Red Control (Youtube) (Decklist)
Selesnya Yorion (Youtube) (Decklist)
Mono Green (Youtube) (Decklist)
Mardu Yorion Doom (Youtube) (Decklist)
Selesnya Adventures (Youtube) (Decklist)
Sultai Midrange (Youtube) (Decklist)
Dimir Control (Youtube) (Decklist)
Azorius Yorion Blink (Youtube) (Decklist)
Mono White Auras (Youtube) (Decklist)
Boros-Yore Cycling (Youtube) (Decklist)
Mono White Aggro (Youtube) (Decklist)
Orzhov Auras (Youtube) (Decklist)
Naya Ramp (Youtube) (Decklist)
Dimir Mill (Youtube) (Decklist)
Tier 3 (17)
Abzan Ultimatum (Youtube) (Decklist)
Mono Blue Control (Youtube) (Decklist)
Mono Black Enchantments (Youtube) (Decklist)
Golgari Adventures (Youtube) (Decklist)
Simic Mutate (Youtube) (Decklist)
Naya Winota (Youtube) (Decklist)
Grixis Control (Youtube) (Decklist)
Selesnya Counters (Youtube) (Decklist)
Izzet Tempo (Youtube) (Decklist)
Boros Warriors (Youtube) (Decklist)
Rakdos Aggro (Youtube) (Decklist)
Boros Knights (Youtube) (Decklist)
Abzan Mutate (Youtube) (Decklist)
Jeskai Yorion Control (Youtube) (Decklist)
Orzhov Aggro (Youtube) (Decklist)
Orzhov Party (Youtube) (Decklist)
Jeskai Spells (Youtube) (Decklist)
submitted by MTGSpeculation to spikes