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Anthony Vapes: My Experience at ECC Ontario 2018 and new products i seen

Sup all, Don’t know if anyone gives a flying fuck but i wanted to make a post about all the stuff i did/seen at ECC. I know my posts are usually boring in the sense it’s just pure information either in a review or PSA so i wanted to have a little fun with this one and crack jokes and all so disclaimer there will be foul language and typos but no mods were harmed in the writing of this post
So i shot up to ECC this past weekend. Fuel for the day 2 rockstars, 2 beef jerky sticks, 2 bottles of water. Also vaped an epic fuck ton of juice well maybe between an imperial crap load and metric fuck ton. Set ups for the day, i wanted to be over prepared and not bring mods other people would have and enjoy some of the cool custom shit i’ve dropped a bit of money on and never get to use for reviews. So it was my dual 26650 FSK flask with wasp nano RDA for juice tasting. My dual 21700 custom DNA 250C with recurve RDA as backup juice testing but also good thing i got the mod with me i’ll explain that in a second. And for the trip up My custom dual 20700 PWM with modfather RTA and it’s great 10ml capacity. Just enough to make it there without refilling dual using with my aspire breeze 2 which i brought with me as a comparison when i tried other pods there. And 1 spare set of batts for each. My FSK flask got a shit ton of attention. Every loved it but got a lot of “too big too big” comments too lol
So why was it a good choice to have that DNA250C mod on me? Well companies don’t understand batteries. Seriously every display mod from every company pretty much was filled with mismatched and poor quality batteries. Literally nothing i’d vape on and i vaped some shit up to 200 watts which would have been no way with their mods and their crazy low quality mismatched batteries. I didn’t see anyone get divorced but i didn’t see any married batteries either LMAO. 2 no name brands were sleeping around i guess in all the mod.
So why did i go to ECC? Well a few reasons. 1 I wanted to see new shit, 2 juice tasting although I didn't get much time to do that. 7 hours there was not nearly enough time. I maybe touched on 30-40% tops of the booths. There is a reason it’s a 3 day event. And 3rdly, to fight the good fight and give feedback to companies about issues with their device. Number 3 was a mixed bag. Not a lot of informed people at any booth really. Mostly just there to set up and show stuff off but not very familiar with their own mods. I know how to use beta mods i never seen better then the company reps. Only a few companies had reps in the know there but we’ll go over them 1 by 1.
Traveling isn’t easy and when i arrived man i felt bad for some people. People in jeans and sweatshirts lol, nah this is LA man. Those poor souls, it’s hot as satans balls out there. I think around 90-100 that day. Shorts and t-shirts only. Caught 2 company reps smoking cigs outside LMAO gross. There is a long story about the pass but maybe for another day since this is gonna be a long post anyway, but the short side is vaporesso gave me a B2B pass so My name was jessica from Vaporesso for the day. I don’t look like a jessica and it seemed to confuse some people although i have been told i look like AJ from the backstreet boys. Anyway without further ado lets get into the rundown of the booths i visited and their products and the feedback i gave


So my day started at vaporesso since i went in with them anyway. Just making small talk as we make our way in and such. Them: “Food here is so big i can’t eat it all. I have to share with 2 co-workers” Me: that’s why your so skinny lol. Them: “i eat but just not that much , too much” My translation Americans eat a lot. Pretty accurate statement. I’ve been known to down a 5 lb burrito at times, probably enough to feed their whole company. Anyway to the important shit. So i get to their booth. They got some cool new shit coming out
  • New mesh coil - They use a bullet with air directors in the middle of the mesh. The idea is to get more air to the coils and block spitback. Gotta say it worked great. Their best coil so far flavorwise.
  • new tank - it’s a pretty standard sub ohm tank. Forgot the name but they had some crazy glass choices. Pumpkin one and devil one lol. Pretty funny IMO
  • new pod. The revunno zero. It was tiny and auto draw and performed great flavorwise for a pod. Really liked that thing as long as the coils last it’ll be a winner
  • new mod - this was the star of the show for them IMO. it’s called the Luxe. same chip as the polar, same screen and menu, different firmware. More comfortable shape with a wider base on the bottom and rounded edges. Really comfy in the hand. Cool designs for the backplate. I told them they should sell the back plates separate as well like with the switcher so people can color match. Vaporesso was highly interested in feedback and ideas and really on the ball. Anyway with the mod first thing I did was pop the wasp nano on it and set it up in TC. I told them change the default SS mode to 092 from 105 but not a big deal since you can adjust it anyway. so popped it into SS mode set the TCR to 092, power to 75 for fast ramp (my wasp anno build was like a 60-65 watt build) put the wasp nano on. But juice! Needed juice didn’t bring any really just 1 bottle because i knew I’d be buying a ton there. They gave me some Graham Slam which taste like those golden graham breakfast bars. It was amazing. Later on i went to that booth that sells it and brought 3 100mls for 30 bucks and they threw in a free shirt. So much cheap juice but i digress. Anyway mod worked excellent in TC mode. 440F nice warm vape no dry hits really excellent TC performance with no fiddling. Vaped away quite a bit on it. Really liked it.
  • new squonker - single 2x700 designed by TVL with vaporesso providing the chip and making the mod. It was beautiful in the bronze they showed me but man so many issues and lacked features. Vaporesso rep “oh no, they shouldn’t have even shown it here with those issues. Ti should have been caught” me IDK why i’m the only one that finds issues with products lol. Anyway it was VV mode only. No power mode no TC just adjust voltage. Digital though nice color screen. Proprietary bottle system was hard to remove almost sliced my finger getting it out. Uses a pump system of sorts but you don’t pump it you hold the button down and it draws up the juice then let go and it sucks back excess. Worked good but IDK if people will like it. I would have prefer a pump. Can see issues. The main issue was the battery door. It doesn't stay shut. It kept just popping open for no reason. Came with a mesh RDA too. Looked decent enough but i was like bad pairing. Mesh RDAs flavorwise are meh and on top of that needs more watts then your gonna get really from a single battery mod. Most mesh RDAs i run at 100-150 watts. Needs a dual battery squonker. Not sure what TVL was thinking but back to the drawing board. TBH most companies and their reps are kind of out of touch with how things work or how to use things. Either way could be good with some fixes but as it stands unusable.
After all that i gave them some feedback on stuff. They asked me to come back at 130 and do a “live review” on their instagram if I was ok with it. Yeah that’s fine no problem. Came back at 1:30 to do it and stood behind their booth and got mods set up. 1 of their luxe mods with the new tank and coils and one of their luxe mods with my wasp nano. One of the mods was busted. Read every coil at .05. I was like can’t use this it’s broken. They fiddled with it “me” no point unless you have a screwdriver and i can open it up (BTW not a single screw driver at the event lol) “ put that one away. Used 2 working ones. Before we shoot me: wait this is live her: yes me: wierd silent stare as i figure out how i want to word what i’m gonna say. Her: “that means behave” lol body language is universal for sure. Before we start, her: it’s loud in here, make sure to speak up. Me: (loudly) is this good enough it startled her lol. I cna be a loud mothafucker. Probably all those years coaching little league teams lol. Anyway we do the live show. She’s nervous, i’m not, she said 20k people were viewing it. I don’t care what people think lol doesn’t bother me. I do a mini review of the luxe and show off the TC working and talk about the new mesh coil. Was pretty fun.
After the live show somebody walked over there and was like I want to try the thing anthony just reviewed on your instagram lol. Found that out when i went by their booth again later to show bear their new pod. More on that in a bit. Also found out the polar preheat issues were because they thought it was a good thing becuase all the dumb asses in their reviews saying shit like OMG hits so hard and fires right away. So yeah reviewers cut the shit as you created a lot of headache giving bad feedback to companies. Either way that about wraps up vaporesso and that will be the longest one i promise.


Ah good old rincoe booth. They are a new company and the 2 reps that used to work for smoant work for them now. Also so many booths were using their mods lol the manto was quite popular there. I’m still working on a review for mine and the metis tank. Already reviewed the ceto. Met both my reps. The one thing is my reps typically weren’t there. Only 2 companies had my actual rep there at the show i deal with. Rincoe and augvape. Went by a few times looking for bear. Eventually he showed up. Bear is cool as fuck we hung out for quite a bit went juice tasting and stuff. Really cool dude. Was glad to meet him. They have a new pod system coming too. Don’t remember the name. Very similar to their ceto but rubberized finish and slightly tighter draw. Really good pod system. The star of the show though was their new triple and quad mesh coils for the metis tank. This is where it gets fun. I used bears’ triple and killed it trying to push the wattage. It was excellent around the 90 range and very comparable flavorwise to the mesh pro coils. 110 burned it out though. This is why i said I was happy to have my DNA250C mod on me. Because the quad mesh. It’s rated 130-180 watts. I wanted to push it. I pushed it all the way to 200. 200 was too hot but didn’t burn. 180 however was perfect. Best flavor i’ve gotten from any tank. I didn’t want to stop vaping it or give it back. I chain vaped the living fuck out of it at 180 watts and it was a little warm and very tasty. Very impressed. I vaped about 10-14 ml of juice in it at 180 watts in a span of 20 mins or so. I think i earned 2 records there. Highest watts vaped at ECC and most juice consumed in 20 mins at ECC. no way was i gonna try vaping 180 on a dual 18650 mod with mismatched batteries lol. My DNA250C is dual 21700 and i was running samsung 30T batteries in it so no issue for me there. Bear was on the ball though. He had all married VTC5A batteries in his mods on him and was using the manto kit. He was running the triple mesh at 60 watts. He likes a more tame vape then i do personally. People were like how am I vaping at 180 watts non stop and still fine lol.


My rep was there. Didn’t spend a lot of time there but they do win for craziest product i seen. I’ll start with the simple one. Their new mod. Similar to the charon mini. I believe it plays music i asked does it play music? They replied it’s touch screen. Language barrier was a bit of an issue for me during the day. Didn’t get an answer there. Don’t remember the name either. They had an early designed dual batt squonker as well. Didn’t get the name of it. Dual 18650 and IIRC has a pump system. Wasn’t quite the push that won the contest but looked nice. If it has the typical smoant performance should be a winner overall. The crazy product was this thing that i could only describe as a mi-one with a AIO on top lol. It has 2 chambers. One for juice and one for whiskey. I shit you not. They had whiskey in it. The concept is you get nicotine and alcohol. Like totally fuck yourself up in 2 ways at the same time. It’s a cool concept. I went to try it and i just got spitback. Tons of spitback lol. Tried another more spitback. They had 3 on display 3rd times the charm right? Nope just spitback. I think i wound up with a free shot of whiskey in my mouth from trying it lol. Not sure who would buy it (ok i might lol) but if they fix the spitback issues could be an interesting device for a collector like me but probably not practical for most.


Funny enough no eleaf stuff there. IDK why. Nothing new from joyetech really either. It was pretty much just a wismec booth. Tried talking to the rep but language barrier was real. We sounded like jackie chan and chris tucker in rush hour. At one point she was like “i’m sorry for my broken english” i was like “my wife is Asian and has a heavy accent, sounds normal to me. We both had a good laugh. She’s like “wait here i come back” she comes back with the lead designer for wismec. They were one of the companies that actually sent a designer. That was pretty awesome. Language barrier was still there. I don’t think he spoke any english really. She was translating what i was saying to him about their mod issues in a “who’s on first” type conversation. I asked for a screwdriver to show him, but as i said no screwdrivers at the event. Luckily my custom FSK flask has exposed internals i showed him on my mod and he got it.
He was pretty shocked actually and wasn't aware that was being done (no grounding or chasis grounding via screws) as he does the designs himself but not the putting it all together parts. Finally after the rough back and forth he understood what I was saying so maybe that will be fixed in the future as he agreed with my assessment. I also told him they need newer better chips, better TC performance, nicer screens, and better 510 pins. Also worth noting he had a custom mod he made himself and man it was beautiful. Small single 18650, wismec chip obviously running it in power mode, nice 510 pin (not a wismec one) stabwood on the top and bottom of the body with a translucent clear resin in the middle and yes he had a ground wire from the 510 to the chip soldered on.
Product wise didn’t get to see too much new stuff and as i said not much in the way of getting answers. They did have 1 new mod to show that was a rugged active mod with a belt loop that i think plays music as well. Should be IP67 with a speaker on it is my guess.


Ijoy was a company that surprised me. A lot. Their rep was on the ball, and familiar with their products. She didn’t pull any punches either. I really liked her. I talked to her about her mods. She actually had read my reviews of the diamond and avenger. She was happy to meet me. Gave me her card and wanted me to do reviews for them. I was like “i don’t pull punches” she was like “listen, i’m not stupid. Do you know how hard it is to get good feedback? I know reviewers don’t use the shit and put up a video right after they get it and never see or point out issues. I need people who are going to really use it and give it to me straight. If it sucks tell me it sucks i want to know so we can fix it. I was very impressed with her. Outside of the PD270 issues she seemed well aware of the other issues with their mods. She was well aware they suck at TC but said she thinks TC is dying out (guess she didn’t know the DNA250C just released lol) I have a feeling ijoy may be phasing TC out of their mods which wouldn’t be a bad thing at all IMO
Product wise they had some cool shit. They have a new dual 20700 zenith mod. The original zenith was one of my favs. 30 bucks at launch and 20 down the road later on. Well built solid triple 18650 VV mod. I still have my orange one. The new one has a big ass POT on the front that’s easy to adjust and labels the actual voltage output as well. Goes from like 2.6V to 7.2V so really wide range and fires down to .05 ohms. It looks like an awesome mod. They have a new mod with more voice controls as well but more useful ones. She said you can tell it 60 watts and it’ll change to 60 watts. Could be cool if it works well. Lots of simple starter stuff too like a small internal battery non adjustable mod with MTL tank.


Didn't’t get to do much their. They only had 1 actual person that worked for the company there and he was super busy. The rest were hired people to work the booth. Not much in terms of new products either but did have a cool new mod called the dynamo. It’s a small dual 2x700 220 watt mod symmetrical with color screen. Fire bar would have been nice though. All their other stuff i already have


Small company didn’t expect to see them but when i did i remembered i reviewed their AIO SKE box a while back which honestly would be way more popular this year than last year. Came out a year too early for the trends but nice device. Either way i went over there to see their new stuff and talked with the rep. She was pretty cool I showed her my review of the SKE box and she remembered seeing it. Gave me a bunch of review samples of new products to work on and a business card. Mostly pod and beginner stuff. All looked pretty dam cool for sure

Coil Art

Coil art was cool. The rep was cool but nothing new really. All their stuff i already have for review except the dpro mini i never got. The only new product was a new tiny MTL RTA but it wasn’t really ready for show. Good people though

Squid industries

Squid industries booth was popping. They pretty much sold out all their shit in one day lol. Anyway a buddy of mine is really cool with the owner there and wanted me to do some shopping for him. Anyway owner dude was super busy so i tried their juice. They have 4 flavors all pretty unique and while i don’t do juice reviews their descriptions were 100% spot on and the juice was good as shit. I didn’t want to shop too early because carrying shit around for 7 hours is no fun. Anyway came back later got to talk to the owner. He gave me a detonator to send to my buddy, i brought 2 tac 21s one for me and 1 for my buddy. My buddy already had a tac 21 sample and reviewed it but loved it enough he wanted a 2nd in another color. And i brought 1 bottle of each juice they had (4 flavors). Owner is a really cool dude
Product wise they have the tac 21 which is a dual 2x700 version of the double barrel and 200 watts. No mode but power mode and built like a brick. Really nice mod. Detonator is a single bat mod made with a grenade like fire button. Cool peeps, cool products


They had a really small booth. Nothing new really either. I just stopped by the booth to do shopping for my buddy. He’s been raving about the C4 RDA and wanted another color. Said they should be selling at the show price of around 25 bucks. I went over there and talked to the dude who was cool as fuck. I was talking about their mods and how they are great but TC sucks he was like yeah i know. Were working on it. Showed him my reviews for their mods i did. He was pretty impressed. Went to buy the C4 RDA he was at first 1 for 25 or 2 for 40. He was impressed with how thorough my review was and how honest it was it. Said just take the C4 and give him a review. Said they normally have a process for reviewers to get samples but don’t worry about it i can just take it and send him a review link when it’s done. Again companies saying feedback is hard to come by because most reviewers don’t do a good job. Appreciated my work. So i said ok then 25 for the one for my friend and he said nah just take it. Don’t worry about. Cool as fuck.


Another company that had a good rep. He was cool. I talked to him about the issues they have with the watt limit in TC but otherwise they make great devices. Told him i was working on a review for the caliber kit as well. He asked me to be honest about what i thought. I gave him my honest opinion and he appreciated it. He showed me their new beta mod. Looks pretty awesome. Dual 18650. 1 battery goes in each side symmetrical shape. Cool fire button placement. I really liked it. Look forward to getting a sample when it’s ready

Smoking Vapor

The makers of the mi-one and mi-pod. Talked with the owner. He was cool as fuck. And busy as fuck. Their booth was popping. American company so all american reps. They all loved my custom mods. Bear is a buddy of theirs and this was when we were hanging out towards the end of the conference. He hooked me up with a mi-pod to review. I was gonna buy one to see the hype and what’s its about as i did like the mi-one a lot. He had like 30 new colors just for the show and some cool ones. Some rubber wrapped , some with cork wrap, some with chrome, some leather just really nice. I was like what color looks good in pics. Walked out with a chrome purple to review. He also gave me the necklace chain to wear around too lol. I wore it like a necklace and vaped it after that. Really nice so far
Juice wise though, they make their own sal line. I’ve had good salts before but never great salts. His salts however was awesome. Had mango, grape, another one i can’t remember and my favorite currant. Man these are good especially the currant. And they make it in lower MG which i like. It’s 20mg the ones i got where i normally use 25-35 because that’s what most companies have or higher. I was like let me buy a bottle of each he was like nah take it and gave me one of each. Then i was like i’m gonna top off my breeze 2 with the mango sample and he gave me the sample bottle and said take it. Again really cool dude


Geekvape had a small booth there and again really cool people. One employee and the actual designer. Product wise i have all their stuff on display already. The drop solo, nova, aegis legend, and creed RTA. The designer was vaping something different though. I was like what’s that? He’s like new RDA can't show it yet. After talking a bit and showing him my reviews he’s like ok you can try and see but no pics and don’t give any details. So i took a few puffs off his RDA and dam flavor was on point. Surprised me for sure. Also worth noting every company rep who builds only used fancy wires. Nobody used round wire anymore. I can't give details but will say great flavor, unique easy to build deck, and good overdrip oversquonk protection. Looks like it’ll be a winner. The chick that worked there was like “picture picture you 2 take picture” so i took a picture with the designer in front of their display. Cool peeps for sure


Small booth, didn’t get a lot of attention or anything. Nothing really new. Tried talking to them about issues with their stuff but nobody really knew anything there. Showed them my wyvern review, they remember seeing it. Gave me a card and said they want to send me samples to review and that was pretty much it


Augvape was the other company where my actual rep was there. After we figured it out he was cool as fuck. They had some new stuff to show off as well. He let me hit hsi new RDA which is the BTFC RDA. again he had a nice assed fused clapton build. 80 watts great flavor. Adjusted airflow 110 watts decent flavor but more clouds. Made for flavor or clouds. Lokos good, good deck. He gave me a review sample. Asked what color i wanted i said rainbow he was like “you sure?” i was like yeah lol. I like colors that stand out in pics and also most samples i get are black or SS which gets boring over time
They have a cool new mod in the works. Prototype was there. Uses a lock 510 pin. Which release. Really cool. You can thread on to it as well but it’s cool to quickly pop on or off a tank. They are working on making it work correctly though. Monir issues so far but good idea. Mod itself was cool. Buttons are behind a panel so no need to lock them ever. Also has the ohms law diagram on the inside under the panel by the adjustment buttons


I know they don’t get much love as a not to popular company but overall they make good shit with a few exceptions that sucked (c-flat, super bat) but mostly pretty solid company. Designer was there. Cool as hell. Great reps who knew their product line well. I showed them my reviews of their other products and they were asking me for a ton of feedback. They all knew my reviews and were happy to see me and wanted feedback of the beta stuff. They had 2 things. 1 was a design only. No chip in it yet or battery sled. It was backwards i shot you not. Unique fire bar but backwards. I gave them 2 tips to make it right and if they do those would be a tiny badass dual 2x700 mod. The other was a working prototype and pretty cool. Dual 18650 symmetrical, centered 510, firebar, back LEDs, bad ass color options and a battery tray like the smok mag. They asked my opinion. I loved it but said i can see someone pressing the battery release thinking it’s the fire button and having the batteries drop out but that’s more of user error then a design flaw LMAO. chatted with them for like 30 mins about their stuff. Very receptive to feedback and advice which i love.


Rep didn’t know much there but their products were cool as fuck. I talked to her about the ones i reviewed and the issues (poor TC on the mods, bad coils for the sliver) but overall they make good stuff for power mode. Had a good talk and they want me to review their stuff. They had seen my reviews before.
Product wise they had a smaller single battery version of the punk 220, a newer version of the punk 220, a mesh coil for their tank and a new pod with a screen that hit very nicely. Overall pretty impressed with their product line they had on display

Desire Designs

One of the coolest group of peeps there for sure as well. I probably spent the most time in 3 places, with bearincoe, vaporesso, and desire. Was there for probably 30-45 mins with them. Was a rough start at first as the 1st rep i spoke with didn’t really speak much english but she got me over to the “higher ups” where i hung out with them for a while and talked about their products and what works and what doesn’t. Very open to feedback very good people. They want me to beta their products in the future. I said i’m all for helping get good products to people. Nothing new to see though. I already have samples of everything they had there

cotton bacon

As it all wrapped up around 630 booths were closing down. Hit up cotton bacon. Haven’t tried prime yet. Went over there and talked to dude. He was cool AF. 5 bucks a bag. I said give me 2 bags of prime. I haven't used it yet. He said 2 bags should last me like a year. I said i do reviews and build 12-20 atomizers a week so not even close. He laughed and was like dam that’s a lot of building. Threw in a couple of sample bags for me too. They had juice. I tried it pretty dam good. Got a 100ml of each flavor for 20 bucks. He threw in one of the cell chone things for the back everyone sues but me.
I did use some last night on a few builds and yeah it’s pretty dam good and better then 2.0. Probably me new favorite followed closely by kendo gold. I’ll probably only use/buy kendo and prime from now on and I have tons of cottons lol


Stopped by a few other booths as well with not much to discuss. Smok but the reps were pointless and not much new really. Typical smok stuff. Same goes for sigelei/snowwolf which had probably the ugliest mods at the show and no idea about their products or issues. Didn’t see innokin there. Lots of random pod companies i never heard of.
Every booth used breeze 2 for the nic salt tasting. Most bought AIO style or stick mods for regular juices. I just used my RDAs. so much juice so cheap so many deals free shirts and hats everywhere lol and free bags. I might have forgotten some shit. Long post, lots to remember. Feel free to AMA in comments which may job my memory

some funny moments

  • Tasting juices - dude was like you dripped to much as i squeezed a fuck ton into my RDA. me not even close him it’s too much, pop the top of my RDA (wasp nano) showed him my cotton, not even fully saturated. Dropped more onto it. Him “thats a fuck ton of cotton”
  • Only wound up using my wasp nano to taste. Didn’t need the recurve. Used the recurve drip tip to try geekvapes and augavpes RDAs they had built though
  • Vaporesso booth after I set up TC on their luxe mod with the wasp nano. “Is it weird if try your RDA” me: no but i’d probably wipe it first lol
  • Hygiene is odd there. Many booths had “condoms” as in rubber covers for drip tips. Some gave you free drip tips to try their stuff. Others had wipes. Some just let u wipe it on your shirt lol glad i brought my own RDA to drip and had the extra drip tip on me from the recurve
  • White label juice co had a full bar there. Probably made more money at the bar then with their juice. I spend at the bar but didn’t buy any juice from them
  • Met ohm boy josh - kinda quiet and reserved. He looked young enough to be my kid. Hope they ID’d him
  • Met some dude named sherlock ohms? He had a pretty professional camera set up
  • Got plenty of free juice along the way. Bear knows everybody there lol. He’d walk up to booths. This is anthony vapes and they’d hand him free juice for me lol
  • I’m a lot more humble about doing reviews then most lol. I seen a couple other reviewers i never heard of being cocky about their reviews like gods greatest gift lol
  • Didn’t see any big reviewers but heard tony b was there and matt from SMM
  • Derpy comments, so may derpy comments. No time to comment and won’t be specific because i don’t want to make anyone feel bad. but some things i’ve heard people say hurt my brain on a deep level and they said it as if they were gods of vaping.
  • Me at several juice booths, “i don’t do juice reviews” them “why” me: too subjective too busy with hardware. I don’t think a solo review of juice is helpful. It’s better with a place like juiceDB where you can get tons of people giving a star rating and such. Also so many i’ll give you free juice if you do a review moments. Me no thanks i’ll just buy it.
  • Me at BLVK booth. Them you want a free hat. Me not really. Them will you wear it? Me probably not. Them i’ll give you one if you wear it, me then don’t give me one lol, them you sure? Me yes, them what would you use? Me bag or t-shirt. Them i have a wristband do you want one? Me not really, them will you wear it? Me defeated fine give me the wrist band, them let me put it on you. Me extends arm out. She puts it on backwards so the company logo isn’t even showing lol
  • Overall spent around 300 bucks not including alcohol. 60 was for my buddy though (tac 21) this was my haul plus some random shit like shirts and stuff.
  • confused looks on peoples faces when they seen me wearing a badge that says i’m jessica from vaporesso :)
Anyway thanks for reading. I’m sure i’m forgetting shit. Feel free to AMA the comments which may jog my memory. Had a blast, really fun time will do it again. 11/10, truck full of dildos, hits hard as fuck, and all that nonsense people say.
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Tides of Magic; Chapter XXXVI

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“Only the three of you,” the old woman said as the party made their way towards the small shack, motioning to Hal, Diana and Ash, “another will follow anyways, you won’t get anything though.”
Exchanging some confused glances Hal lead the way into the hut, followed by his two companions and Chris who seemed to refuse to be left out. Considering the old woman had mentioned another following Hal decided to drop it. This was aided by the old woman opening a trap door and walking down a steep wooden staircase, gesturing for the players to follow her.
The cellar, for lack of a better word, was larger than the building it was beneath. Two stories down with only a single narrow staircase leading down it was lit by a plethora of candles though a larger fire flickered around a corner beyond what looked like a store room.
“Don’t touch anything,” the old woman barked without turning and leading the party out into a large underground forge room. A man, at least as old as the woman leading them worked at an anvil, hitting some slab of metal with a curiously shaped hammer. His face was covered in small burns, at least one finger was missing from his right hand and what remained of his hair was grey with ash and soot. Despite his age he was still in quite good shape, bringing the large hammer down in a regular beat with practiced swings, hints of a mass of muscle hidden beneath a ragged leather apron.
“Those adventurers from the flying castle arrived,” she said, interrupting his work.
“Oh, these ones actually showed,” the man replied with a glare at her, “or is this a different flying castle?”
“They promised to handle the creepers in exchange-.”
“Actually, we already did that,” Diana interrupted.
“Damnit woman,” the old man half bellowed, “can’t you at least get your events straight?”
“At least I got something out of them!” she yelled back, “you’d have just given them weapons and left us to deal with the damn creepers.”
“We’d be more than happy to pay,” Hal said, trying to stop the shouting.
“You think I work for money young man?” The smith replied, “if I did, I’d have a damn sight better home than this hole.”
“If you worked your way you wouldn’t even have that!” the woman replied.
“I also wouldn’t have to listen to this bat.”
“This bat,” she mocked, “is the reason you’re still alive.”
“Did we come at a bad time?” Diana asked, looking visibly uncomfortable. Ash was cowering behind her while Chris tried to meld into the shadows of the hallway.
“It’s a fine time deary,” the woman replied, reaching over and grabbing Hal’s wrist and pulling him forward, “have you gotten your weapon yet?”
“I have this,” Hal motioned to his claymore.
“That’s not your weapon,” she chided, unbuckling the scabbard from his back and throwing it into a corner, “you shouldn’t steal from your knights.”
“Sir Owen is dead.”
“Did that happen already,” she paused for a moment then shrugged, “no matter, still not your weapon. You finish his weapon yet?”
“It’s been done for months you old hag!” the smith replied, grabbing an object from a shelf, pulling out the unmistakable shape of a great sword in a leather sheath.
“Ain’t my fault they’re late!”
“Ignore her,” the older man said, motioning Hal over, and holding out the weapon. By itself the handle was gorgeous, even with the makeshift sheath. A handle wrapped in leather connected a silver pommel that held a small blue gem of some kind to a cross guard of steel chased in the same silver. Either side of the guard swept outwards elegantly like the wing of a bird made metal, with a pair of metal flanges followed the blade up through a short ricasso that came into view as the smith drew the blade.
The blade itself was beyond whatever Hal had seen previously, a core of steel darker than night filled out the bottom of a wide, shallow fuller. The dark metal glittered as it moved giving an illusion of swirling energy contained within through a thousand flickering stars. The edges came into view a hands breath from the guard, made of a lighter steel that contrasted strongly against the midnight sky black of the core. As the weapon continued to emerge from the sheath it seemed like a blue light was moving in waves up and down the edge, discoloring the metal ever so slightly with a magical ting that you could only see out of the corner of your eye, and vanished when you turned your focus to it. A series of flowing runes were engraved into the dark metal of the blade’s core, filled with a bright shining silver that mimicked the glittering stars seemingly trapped in the weapon.
“This is Spero-Arcanis,” the smith said as the twin edges of the blade smoothly swept together as the elegant tip of the weapon emerged from the makeshift sheath, “a core of Abs-steel with an edge of Arcinite, it can both store and discharge an enormous amount of arcane power without breaking. In addition, the blade grows harder and sharper the stronger the magical strength of the wielder.”
“Arcinite and Abs-steel should destroy each other when they touch,” Chris said in the background.
“Should, yes,” the smith agreed, holding out the handle of the weapon for Hal, “I imagine no other weapon made from both metals has ever or will ever be made again.”
“Wouldn’t have been possible without me,” the old woman muttered in the background.
Hal carefully took the weapon from the smith, he was certain that the moment he touched it the energy within the dark core began to spin faster but considering how hard it was to even determine if the movement was real or imagined he didn’t know. Taking it in both hands he shifted it back and forth, marveling at how light it was. Despite being nearly four feet long from guard to point it was lighter than the old hand-and-a-half he’d wielded after his first encounter in the west vales.
“Move,” the old woman said, pushing Hal out of the way, “you don’t have all day and we still have two more weapons to hand out.”
Diana was next as the man pulled a staff from another shelf of his worktable. It was primarily made of a metal the color of soft bronze, several red gems set into a head piece the shape of a brazier. A collection of twigs and branches seemed to be stuffed into the staff head, but despite their hap hazard appearance they didn’t shift at all as the mage gently took the weapon. As soon as she touched it a pulse of red energy seemed to race up and down the staff from where she made contact. A massively complicated pattern of runes and sigils was momentarily revealed by the light before fading once again into a featureless bronze surface. There was a noticeable pop and hiss as the branches within the staff’s brazier head caught fire and soon a small flame flickered within the metal cage.
“This is Spero-Pyris, it’s made from-.” The old man started only to be interrupted by his partner.
“She doesn’t care,” the woman turned to Diana, “all you need to know is the head is filled with branches of the divine brush, it will never go out or need refilling. Now move, we got one more.”
Chris started to step forward but the old woman grabbed Ash instead, ignoring the shocked look of the champion.
“Those other two were for fun,” the old woman explained as she pushed the paladin to the front, the smith searching through piles of junk on his worktable, “but yours was the most important.”
“Is,” the smith corrected, reaching between the workbench and wall to scrabble for something, “is the most important, will be, is not yet.”
“Shut it!”
“She doesn’t know past from future,” the man continued regardless, pulling something out of the space between the wall, “had this one laying around years now because of that. Kept telling me it was the last weapon I’ll ever forge.”
“And it will be if you don’t shut it!” the woman screeched, snatching the object from the smith before Hal could get a good look at it. She took a moment to brush off whatever it was before turning and presenting it to Ash. It was a shield, three feet from top to bottom and half that in width at the widest. Glimmering silvered steel shone under the candle light, despite a good portion of dust that had built up on it, a chased gold starburst had been worked into the front, the rays reaching out to every edge of the shield. As Ash took it from her it seemed to glow with a golden light, momentarily filling the entire underground smithy with divine light before fading.
“That is Spero-Solis,” the smith grumbled as the woman handed over his life’s work.
“When even the light of the sun fails, this will protect what is dear to you,” the old seer said as the paladin took the shield.
“My turn?” Chris said as the young man walked back towards the entrance to the underground looking at the shield.
“No,” the woman said, making motions for everyone to leave, “no one else matters in the end.”
“She means you all already have good weapons,” the smith corrected hastily, rolling his eyes.
“I mean they’ll probably get new weapons without anyone noticing,” the seer dismissed, herding everyone towards the exit, “now get out and cull the creepers like you promised.”
“You old bat, they already did that!”
“Bah,” she growled, “I’m sure there is something they have to do that they haven’t done yet. Like wonder if I can really see the future or am just making this up.”
“Been doing that this whole time,” Hal admitted.
“Then do it later!” she barked, shoeing everyone up the steep staircase despite continued protests from Chris. As the group emerged from the small shack continued shouting between the two who lived there echoing up from the basement, but Hal couldn’t make out any particulars.
“New weapons?” Isabella asked, being the first to notice them.
“For some of us at least,” Hal replied, “more than I was expecting if I’m honest. But it means that everyone at least has a magic weapon again.”
“Mine hardly counts,” Croft said, looking at his small mace and comparing it to Hal’s newest blade, “you’ve gone through three swords since I’ve gotten this.”
“There’s still a few towns between here and the old hidden star headquarters. Worse case you can teleport with Diana to Litsen and buy new weapons.”
“Easy for you to say,” Chris grumbled, walking past the group towards where the lift waited, “you got a legendary sword.”
“Weren’t you the one complaining that I didn’t have a magical weapon?” Hal asked.
“I say we all go back and demand weapons for all of us,” the champion replied, “not like the two of them could stop us.”
“Ya, no. We’re not going to threaten an old couple for weapons.”
“You may be a king but I’m not one of your subjects, I don’t have to listen to you.”
“Fine, do as you want, but Prometheus is leaving with or without you.”
“Chris,” Theo jumped in, trying to be the calming voice once more, “let’s go, you already have the highest-level weapon of our group.”
Hal wasn’t waiting around, him and almost everyone else was moving back towards the lift. Only Malcom and Shyla hesitated, after seeing Alessandro and Theo both moving towards the lift he gave up and stomped over, spending the entire ride up grumbling.
“I have a question,” Theo spoke up as the lift settled into the metal cradle on the wall of castle Prometheus, “why do you have a gate on a flying castle?”
“Oh, it’s a hold over,” Hal explained as the group began to disperse, Chris stomping off towards the hall where his group was staying while the rest of Hal’s party made their way to their own towers. Diana met Hal’s eyes for a moment before glancing at the top of the central tower and walking off.
“Needed an access way for when the castle was still under construction,” he continued, his mind slowly turning back to what he was going to say to Diana, “not much point in removing it.”
“Oh,” the swashbuckler replied simply, “I thought there was like a boarding ramp or something cool.”
“I…. no,” Hal stuttered, his train of thought suddenly derailed, “could it really be that simple?”
“Biggest issue with a sky keep is moving people and goods between it and the ground,” Hal spoke rapidly, “I’ve been working on a design for a cargo lift but… a ramp would be so much easier. I never even thought of that. We could just march people on or off, roll goods up on carts or whatever we need. And it’s cheaper than a lift.”
“You engineers are weird,” Theo laughed, “glad I could lift your spirits.”
“Shouldn’t you save the puns for combat?”
“I’m always inclined to make puns whenever, and they’re just ramping up now.”
“Oh god, I’m leaving,” the knight groaned, breaking off towards the main keep as the other man laughed behind him. He grabbed a bottle of wine and a couple mugs from the kitchen before heading up to the top of his tower. By the time he got there Diana was already waiting, looking off into the night sky.
“Great minds think alike,” Hal commented, placing his bottle of wine next to the one Diana had brought up. Pouring himself a small amount he took a seat next to the mage and spent a moment relaxing, taking a sip of the wine. She hadn’t responded to him, so he was happy to wait for her to feel ready to talk.
“I’m not a psychopath,” she said softly after a few minutes of sitting and enjoying the night breeze, “at least, I don’t want to be.”
“You aren’t,” Hal reassured her.
“I like hurting people,” she countered, “I don’t know why, but it’s fine if it’s enemies. That’s what I tell myself anyways. Just don’t ask me to hurt you or anyone I care about.”
“Did you enjoy hitting me with your storm earlier?”
“No, but-.”
“You’re afraid if you keep doing it you might?”
“Well, I’m not really into SnM but-.”
“Not that kind of pleasure,” she snapped, then sighed an explained, “it’s more… satisfaction that I have control over someone else. I can hurt them, and they can’t hurt me. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.”
“Not exactly something I can throw cliches at again,” the knight admitted, earning a glare from the mage.
“I was bullied a lot growing up,” she continued, returning her gaze to the stars, “I think that’s where I got it from, no one helped. My dad was a drunk and my mom couldn’t stand up for herself. He didn’t hurt me or her, he just… didn’t care.”
“And you found the only way to stop them from hurting you was to hurt them first?” Hal finished, to which she nodded, looking at her feet.
“You’re not a bully, in fact I might be,” she paused and swallowed another sip of wine, “but I don’t want to be a sadist, I don’t want to feel good hurting people I like.”
“I don’t think you will,” Hal responded, “you hurt people to protect yourself, but I would never hurt you intentionally. None of the group would. So you don’t need to protect yourself from us.”
“I know but…”
“Small steps,” the knight said, taking her hand in one of his, “if you feel the same way about me as I do about you, then trust that feeling. You want to hurt enemies, and, like you said, I’m the furthest thing from.”
“I just…”
“We can take it slow, I believe you’ll be fine. We can work to get you to believe it too.”
She didn’t respond but tightened her grip on his hand and took another sip of wine. For several long minutes neither of them spoke, watching the stars slowly move across the sky while enjoying each other’s presence. It was hard for Hal to sit there, he wanted to do something to reassure her, to fix what was wrong. But he knew there was no easy fix, not to problems that ran that deep.
“Oh god,” Diana groaned, finally ending the extended silence, “everyone now thinks I’m a sadist or something.”
“I’m sure they don’t think any less of you.”
“But how am I going to face them now?”
“Get drunk enough to forget what happened?” Hal offered.
“We can’t get drunk in here, remember?”
“I’m up to try anyways if you are.”
“That looks stupidly over powered,” Theo commented as the top half of the wooden training dummy landed on the ground with a thud. Hal could only nod as he inspected the clean cut his sword had made.
“From what the identify told me it scales with both strength and spellpower,” Hal replied, “it also stores an amount of energy when used to parry that is automatically discharged on the next attack.”
“You said it was made from both Abs-steel and Arcinite?” the swashbuckler asked, “both were rare metals in tides Ulyssar.”
“And coastlands if I remember correctly,” Hal agreed, “you couldn’t create anything with both materials though.”
“I can’t remember any lore reason for that, but Chris insists it shouldn’t be possible. He was complaining all night about not getting a weapon.”
“He had the most powerful weapon previous to us getting these,” replied the knight, settling in front of the remaining half of a training dummy to take another swing.
“Maybe second to Alessandro’s, sword saint weapons level with them apparently. But ya, his was the most expensive. My sword is one step up from ‘weak magical aura.’”
“We should fix that,” Hal agreed, stepping and stabbing the remaining torso of the dummy, his sword gliding through the wood like it was made of butter, “If you hadn’t noticed my guild is kinda loaded, any requests?”
“I need a rapier or saber to use my abilities,” Theo replied as Hal pulled his weapon free, “but I’m not worried about that, I’m afraid Chris will do something stupid to try and… prove his gaming cred as it were.”
“If he’s been the leader of your party, and kept most of you alive this long he’s done quite well,” Hal replied, inspecting the stab wound in the dummy.
“I happen to agree, not everyone can find and exploit something in game. But apparently that’s not good enough for him.”
“Any suggestions?”
“Not really,” Theo admitted, “ideally we’d give him some position of authority, but if you give him anything he’ll only resent it and more proof he’s not good enough.”
“Mmm, let’s go see if Theylin is done with my new sheath,” Hal said after a moment’s thought, motioning towards the small smithy, “she insisted that I not use the sheath the smith gave me, apparently it wasn’t fitting for a king nor a legendary sword.”
“It was rather crude for such a weapon.”
“As for Chris, everything here we’ve more or less made ourselves,” Hal continued as they began walking across the courtyard, “as you said simply giving him something wouldn’t work, any way you could get him to accomplish something similar? I’d been happy to support you guys within reason.”
“Right now he’s just moping, unlikely to get anything done,” Theo replied.
“Sounds like he needs a kick in the butt.”
“He’s a competitive type, maybe a rival?”
“I’m not a good choice for that, too far beyond him… in his mind anyways.”
“I don’t know who would-,” Theo was interrupted as a dark shadow passed over the pair before landing with a thump in front of them on the granite walkway. Isabella pulled on the reins of a large hippogriff to turn him to face the pair, smiling widely and waving.
“There you are, I got something for you!” She announced, jumping from the back of the large animal which Hal now recognized as Escanor. The beast master motioned to the beast as it lifted its head as though to look down its beak at Hal and Theo, “your new mount.”
“Don’t you have to hunt and kill a great beast before you can give out mounts?” Hal asked.
“Apparently the abberant thing last night counted,” she replied, pushing the reins into the knight’s hands, “I can give dire beast mounts to ‘a number of guild members equal to my level, plus one for each active member of the guild court.’”
“Which gives us twenty mounts to give out after the court,” Hal said.
“Yup, was thinking of giving two to your Promethium knights, two to Ash’s knights and one for each of Theo’s group,” Isabella said, “assuming they’re willing to join the guild, can’t give mounts to non-guild members.”
“That still leaves us with, what, a dozen open mount slots?”
“Ish,” she agreed, “I could give more to your and Ash’s order of knights, but not sure how often they’d realistically use that many flying mounts.”
“What about starting an order of flying knights?”
“I have enough on my hands with managing the stables as is,” the beast master said.
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking Theo?” Hal asked, glancing at the other man, who was carefully petting the hippogriff.
“Issue is you can’t just give him the knights, hand outs will only make him resent you more,” the swashbuckler replied, earning a confused glance from Isabella.
“I’m not planning to just give the position away,” the knight smiled, “I think we need to hold a tourney for the position of lord of this new knightly order. Winner leads the group, runner up is the officer, top five or so are offered positions to join.”
“Give what to who?” Isabella asked, looking between the two men.
“I’d like to welcome everyone to the first tourney of the vales,” Hal announced with all the kingly confidence he could fake, trying to ignore the thousands of eyes on him in the massive wooden stadium that had been constructed for the event. It had taken about a week to organize the event, which was rather remarkable for how well it was coming together. Diana had ensured that word had reached every major town in the young kingdom, drawing well over a hundred participants for the various events. Archers, knights, arms men, all were lined up in the center of the arena, looking quite impressive in various colors of tabard and styles of armor. It had taken quite a bit of pushing to allow anyone to join in the melee and jousting, which were apparently supposed to be for nobles only. In the end it had taken a promise that Gordon’s Hope would bankroll the event to get the barons to grudgingly agree.
“As you all may have heard by now the guild of Gordon’s Hope is looking to sponsor a new order of knights to join us in the fight against the Legion,” he continued, focusing on remembering his lines rather than being the center of attention. His voice easily boomed through the stadium thanks to a simple spell, overpowering the various reactions to his mentioning of the Legion, “Therefore I shall announce now that the grand prize of the tourney shall be the lord officer position of this new order. For you wondering why we would go to such lengths for a simple knightly order, allow me to introduce the mounts you will be using.”
On cue Ash took off from a small platform hidden behind the arena walls, quickly followed by two knights of his order riding their own newly acquired hippogriffs. The crowd froze for a moment as the formation of lightly barded dire animals flew over Hal’s head, only to erupt in cheers as Ash carefully landed Dumbo at one end of the arena floor. Sitting tall in his saddle he led the hippogriff past the more than slightly surprised participants, stopping for a moment in front of Hal’s booth to bow before taking off once more and vanishing over the stands.
When they had been planning the tourney Hal had thought that Isabella or Eric would lead the demonstration, given Ash’s almost chronic shyness. But he had really stepped up, his newly polished armor still bore some marks of the divine beam he’d taken, slight warping or faded scorch marks, and he was the picture of a gallant knight.
“Any man or woman brave enough to join our fight against the legion is welcome to take part. May the best win,” Hal finished to renewed cheers, he kept a smile on his face long enough to dismiss the voice boosting spell and return to his seat next to Diana. She smiled at him as he grabbed the mug of wine and took a long drink.
“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were a real king,” she teased as he sagged into the comfortable chair.
“Considering you’re the one to all but trick me into it,” Hal retorted, watching as the field was cleared in preparation for the first event. He noted Chris was one of those among the participants who had signed up prior to the opening ceremony, which was just as they had planned. Theo was with him having also signed up, more to prompt Chris to than for any desire to lead the knightly order. Not that they had any intention of rigging the games in anyone’s favor, if that was discovered it would do far more damage than simply letting the champion continue to mope. It was up to him to earn the position, whether that would sate his competitiveness or not was anyone’s guess though.
“You’re doing fine,” she assured him, favoring him with another smile, “I just hope no one crashes this little tourney, would suck if the Legion turned up while we’re celebrating.”
“Eric and Isabella are patrolling the border, Croft and Pearce are monitoring what they can with magic. Our dwarven allies are still nearby and we might be getting help from another Hold before long,” replied the knight, “if they are rude enough to drop in unannounced, we’ll know about it.”
“Guess I’m just eager to move forward,” the mage admitted, “take the fight to the Legion, all that.”
“Eager to be free of me?” He joked.
“Hardly,” she replied with a coy smile, “the two of us will be continuing this on the outside.”
“Thought we weren’t going to speak of that?”
“That was before,” the mage said simply, looking back to where the first round of archery competition was about to start, “now shush, they’re starting.”
((Tourneys in Tides are similar to those in the real world, with three main events, archery, the general melee and the joust, but being in a magical world there is also a type of magical duel in which both participants attempt to remove the other from a small circle on the ground or knock them out. Despite this, the two most important events are still the melee and joust, possibly because the mage duels have a tenancy to send spells into the crowd as well.
I'm interested in what people think about this chapter, this, and the next one, were hard for me to write due to the emotional content. I hope I handled it well, things kinda got deep here. In any case, feel free to rant at me on discord, the next chapter is up on Patreon for a buck a month. In any case feel free to comment below, and hope you enjoy!
Finally, the map by thegurw is updated through chapter 34. I've also given him a list of... spoilery points of interest to add to future updates, which may be important in later chapters, may be redherrings, or may just be hidden easter eggs. You can follow his progress on the map on the discord mentioned above as well as watch as I slowly go insane playing Anno 1800 when it comes out this week :D ))
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