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Creative tactics

Getting bored of the usual 4-2-3-1 and it’s getting stale. Any other formations or tactics that you guys use?
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Phoenix Point Survey Results

Here are the results of the Phoenix Point survey. There were 1861 replies. Thanks to everyone for participating. I will be doing an analysis for the next newsletter.
Question / Importance (1-5)
How important is it for the aliens to have a good AI in tactical battles? 4.6
How important is it to have a large variety of mission objectives 4.4
How important are destructible environments? 4.4
How important is it for to have a mutation/evolution system to generate a large variety of aliens? 4.2
How important is multi-level terrain (e.g. multiple floors in buildings)? 4.2
How important is it to have interesting story elements and plot twists? 4.0
How important is it to have a large variety of weapons and equipment compared to modern XCOMs? 4.1
How important is it to have procedurally generated battlefields? 4.0
How important is it for you to fight tactical battles to defend your base from alien assault? 4.0
How important is it to have extensive skill trees for each character class? 4.0
How important is it to have other human factions to trade/ally/fight/interact with? 3.8
How important is it to have a detailed resource / economic system? 3.8
How important is it for the shooting to have a more realistic model for hit probabilities? 3.8
How important is it to have a wounding system that can disable different body parts? 3.7
How important is a detailed geoscape reminiscent of the original X-COM? 3.7
How important is it for the game to feature fights with huge monsters? 3.7
How important is it to have modding? 3.6
How important is it for soldiers to have inventory management in battle? 3.5
How important is it to build multiple bases around the world? 3.5
How important is a modern Lovecraft/Cthulhu style theme and story? 3.5
How important is it to have a stealth system and stealth abilities for soldiers in battle? 3.4
How important is it to have drones/mechs/mini-tanks in tactical battles? 3.4
How important is a Time Unit (Action Point) system in tactical battles instead of a 2-action system? 3.2
How important is it to have larger squad sizes (8 or more) in battle? 3.3
How important is it to have less RNG dependent shooting compared to the modern XCOM? 3.2
How important is it to have a detailed air interception system? 3.2
How important is it to have a soldier class system instead of flexible soldier development? 2.6
How important is co-op multiplayer (e.g. some kind of horde mode)? 2.4
How important is it to have a pod activation system as in modern XCOMs? 2.4
How important is it to have controller support on PC? 1.9
How important is PvP multiplayer? 1.7
How important is it to have a console version of the game? 1.6
submitted by JulianGollop to PhoenixPoint