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Prinz Eugen Fanfic: Commander~ Ich Liebe Dich… Just Kidding <3 Chapter 21: A Light Within the Endless Night


3:42 PM. “Master,” Dido approached me as I looked outside the window. “I-I have news for you…”
I turned to the nervous Royal Maid. “Thank you, Dido, what is it?”
“M-Master,” Dido was at the brink of tears. “Please tell Dido that you won’t leave her behind if I tell you…”
I scratched and tilted my head as I nodded. “Dido, I will never forget anyone, alright? Please have a little more confidence in me and yourself…”
Dido had an expression of bliss as she replied: “M-Master, I’m terribly sorry for acting this way… I was just afraid that you might abandon me once you find out…”
Oh no… does the Royal Navy do shady stuff like the Iron Blood, too? Sirius stepped in after aiding Hipper in organizing the commission report. Petropavlovsk sat in front of her eldest sister as she downed a bottle of vodka. Hipper giggled as she herself brought out a bottle of beer.
“Honorable Master,” Sirius said as Dido stuttered. “The Knights are coming home, Honorable Master, and with them is Bismarck, Prinz Eugen, Prince of Wales, and the missing Enterprise. They’ll be back shortly before supper, it seems.”
Hipper spat her beer as Petropavlovsk dropped her vodka bottle.
“They’re coming!” Hipper exclaimed as she dragged her little sister out of the room without waiting for me. Hipper popped her face back in after she exited the room. “Hey, Dummkopf! You better move it!”
Petropavlovsk smiled with embarrassment as she hurried along with her elder sister. Dido and Sirius simultaneously sighed as they cleaned up after the mess the two Admiral Hipper class cruisers made in their wake.
“Th-Thank you for your work, Dido and Sirius…” I patted both of them on their forehead, making them turn red as apple as I left the Royal Navy residence. “Any news on Roon?”
“I’m afraid Lady George said nothing about Roon, Master…” Dido replied. It seems Eugen didn’t manage to rescue Roon… I’ll set up a rescue operation as soon as possible for her. We can’t let her be like that.

Is this good news or bad news? How will the Sirens react to this? Wait… if they get wind of this, they might try to escape! I radioed Queen Elizabeth and Amagi and gave them these orders, er, suggestions, in the case of Liz: “Close all ports! Nobody leaves until I say so!”

7:38 PM. George and Hood stepped on the harbor with the other Knights. Yorktown soon followed as she carried her unconscious sister. Vestal eagerly greeted Yorktown as they, along with Graf Zeppelin, immediately took Enterprise to the infirmary.
The Sakura Empire deployed their submarines on a patrol around the perimeter of the island base to make sure nobody leaves unannounced. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth had the Royal Maids do rounds in each port to sniff out any intruders trying to get in or suspicious individuals trying to get out.
“Commander, we’ve found the traitors,” George said as she patted me on the shoulders. “I trust you will give them a fair punishment. They have admitted to their crimes, after all.”
I glanced at George and shot my gaze back to the edge of the harbor as four familiar ships finally landed. Eugen, Wales, Bismarck, and U-556 all approached me in a single file. They’re really back…
“Guten nacht, Commander~” Eugen greeted me as she stopped in front of me. Hood stood next to Bismarck as Wales and George stared at each other without saying a word.
“H-Hey,” I muttered. Goddamn it! Get your act together! “H-How are you, Eugen?”
Eugen’s smile turned sour. “Hmm… Commander, you haven’t been looking at other girls while I was away, were you? Why such a lukewarm reception…”
I laughed and scratched the back of my head as Petropavlovsk charged and hugged her second older sister. “Mein Ältere Schweister!” She exclaimed with tears in her eyes. “I-I thought you would never come back! You really didn’t do what you said you did, right? Please tell me it’s just a misunderstanding!”
Eugen smiled and hugged her little sister as Hipper crossed her arms while approaching the two of them.
“Took you long enough,” Hipper said with a pout. “Still… I’m glad you’re back.”
“Hmm~?” Eugen replied while cupping her ears. “I can’t hear you, mein ӓltere schweister~”
“S-Shut up, dummkopf!” Hipper boomed as she pouted. “Don’t you worry me like that again.”
Eugen giggled and replied: “Ja… Vielen dank, mein ӓltere schweister. Your ammo helped me out when I ran out~”
Hipper raised her brow. “Huh!? Who gave you ammo, dummkopf! Stop spouting nonsense already!” She turned her back on Eugen and pretended to walk away angrily but I caught a glimpse of her smiling.
“Hehe… did you miss me, Commander?” Eugen asked me as Petropavlovsk finally let go of her.
“Of course I did!” I replied. “You don’t know how much I—”
“Alright. That is quite enough,” George interrupted as she cuffed Eugen, Wales, and Bismarck. “It appears the Commander is still emotionally compromised. Therefore, by the Queen’s Orders, I, King George V, hereby places Prinz Eugen and Prince of Wales under arrest by the charge of treason of the highest order! Bismarck is also placed under arrest by the charge of—”
“George!” I boomed. “Are you going to place these ships without my authorization? On what grounds are you placing them under arrest?”
George turned and looked at me with eyes of disgust. “Commander, be especially careful of what you say. Her Majesty might support you for now but should you step out of line and show special treatment towards the Iron Blood again, not even Her Majesty can guarantee your place in this base.”
“Please, King George!” U-556 implored the blonde battleship. “Lord Bismarck is innocent. So is Frau Eugen and Prince of Wales!”
George ignored the little submarine as Bismarck assured her that everything will be fine.
“I am still your Commander, King George V of the Royal Navy!” I placed my foot down as I refused to be pushed around by the Royal Navy battleship. “I will place these three under my custody until a fair trial is given to them. For now, you WILL obey your commanding officer.”
George gritted her teeth and reluctantly unbound the three. “As you command… Commander.”
George turned away with disgust. I winked at Eugen and chased after her.
“Let’s have a talk, George.” I commanded. George pretended not to hear as she continued walking away. Hood blocked her path and shook her head.
“Hood!” The Royal Navy battleship exclaimed. “Out of the way. It is quite clear that the Commander favors one faction over the other. The Queen shall have a full report of this matter.”
“King George V,” Hood calmly replied. “I implore you to listen to the Commander with an open mind.”
“Et tu, Hood?” George facepalmed herself in disappointment. “Very well. I shall listen to the Commander’s story. If his story, however, fails to explain this behavior, then I shall deliver a full report to the homeland myself.”
Hood’s eyes widened. “Lady George! How dare you bypass Her Majesty’s authority!”
“I shall do whatever it takes to protect Her Majesty!” George argued. “Even if it means going against her will. Besides, the Commander’s custody is literally just one room in our own residence.”
“Which Her Majesty herself decided to give me full control of, George.” I replied.

“Commander,” Bismarck stepped in. “I shall bear full responsibility. No matter what happens, I promise you that I will take—”
“No, Bismarck!” I interrupted. “There is no need for anyone to be punished! Come, George. To the Iron Blood residence!”
George raised her brow. “Are you mad? Why the bloody hell will I come with you!?”
“I vouch for the Commander, Lady George,” Hood said. “Come, let us see the truth of the matter unfold there!”

7:58 PM. I asked Hipper and Petropavlovsk to go and ask the faction leaders to convene at the Royal Navy residence for a meeting at around 2200 hours. After which, the rest of us marched towards the Iron Blood residence. Hopefully, we can expose the Sirens and put an end to this affair today!
“Mein Ältere Schweister?” Tirpitz greeted us at the entrance of the Iron Blood residence, probably in shock since her elder sister was handcuffed. “W-What’s the meaning of this, Commander!?”
“Guten nacht, mein klein schweister,” Bismarck said with a soft smile on her face. It’s been a while since Bismarck saw her sister so she probably missed her so much. “How was it? To be a temporary flagship?”
Tirpitz raised her brow. “What do you mean? I was only a flagship for two weeks. More importantly, what is happening? Why are you cuffed? What is Eugen and Wales doing here after betraying our faction?”
“I’ll explain later,” I told the confused Tirpitz.
“Nein, I want an explanation now,” she said with a frown on her face. She aimed her guns at George who responded by pointing her own guns at Tirpitz.
“Are you challenging me, Lone Queen of the North?” George mocked Tirpitz by using her moniker as the Iron Blood battleship’s icy presence began growing even colder.
“Tirpitz,” Eugen broke the menacing silence. “Where did Bismarck say she was going today?”
“I don’t need to answer you, Eugen,” Tirpitz dismissed her question. “You stole vital information and relayed them to the Sirens. That went far, far beyond your orders!”
“Tirpitz,” Bismarck said. “Please, do tell us where I said I’d be going.”
Tirpitz crossed her arms. “You said you’d be going with Roon and U-556 to the port. Weren’t you going to be sent on a commission?”
Oh no.
“Commission!?” I exclaimed. “What commission?”
“I didn’t know about any commission…” Bismarck said.
“Then… who told me about that?” Tirpitz’s face showed a horrified expression.

“I did.”
We turned to see Observer, Tester, and Lurker standing behind us!


“Commander!” I jumped and rammed the Commander, knocking him out of Observer Alpha’s tentacle range. Her tentacle narrowly missed us as George sliced two of them, making the Siren shriek in agony.
“Y-You little…!” Observer groaned as Tester and Lurker began opening fire on us. Bismarck snapped her handcuffs without exerting any effort and deflected their shots away. George is visibly shocked at this as U-556 and I ushered the Commander inside the residence. They must be aiming to capture him!
“Eugen, here,” the Commander handed me five foldable transparent masks. The Commander unfolded one and wore it on his face. Actually, it looks more like a glass helmet than a mask, now that I can see it fully worn. “I had Akashi, Yuubari, and Nimi develop these. Tell everyone to wear this while fighting the Sirens!”
“What’s this, Commander?” I asked as I received the five transparent masks. “Are these countermeasures to their neurotoxins?”
“Yes!” The Commander smiled. “These cost me a fortune so you all better beat the hell out of those bastards! What’s more, I can communicate with each one of you using these for up to 500 meters away. We have just six of them right now… Still, it’s way better than fighting them without protection!”
I nodded and told U-556 to protect the Commander for me before rushing out of the residence. The Commander suddenly grabbed my right hand.
“Eugen, ich liebe dich…” He said. Aww… how sweet.
“Ich liebe dich, Commander~”

“I would have preferred to stick around some more to leech off more information from your imbecile of a Commander…” Observer chuckled. “But it seems the jig is up… So, how did you enjoy your experience in Reichstag, Bismarck?”
“Thanks to you, I’m stronger than ever,” Bismarck declared as she easily kicked Tester about ten feet away. Tester managed to block in time but… that looked like it hurt! “Danke. I can now fight you all myself!”
Observer laughed. “Are you sure you can, Bismarck?” She aimed one of her guns at her as I tossed one of the masks at our flagship.
“Catch!” I yelled. Bismarck quickly reacted and equipped the mask.


“Hehe… strong as you are, you are just a product of our technology!” Observer chuckled. “You are still no match for—”
Suddenly, from within the green cloud of gas, a salvo hit Observer’s rigging right on her main guns.
“You were saying?”
Tester and Lurker immediately came to Observer’s defense.
“What happened to her…?” George asked me as I finished handing Wales and Hood their own masks. “This isn’t the Bismarck I fought all those years ago.”
“The Sirens put Bismarck through thorough torture while giving her strength enhancements…” Wales replied. “We’ll explain it later, dear Sister.”
“Wales…” George gave her sister a softer look. “Does this mean… Oh, gods, can you ever forgive your foolish elder sister, Wales?”
Wales smiled. “Let’s get to work, dear Sister!”
George uncuffed me and Wales and drew her sword after wearing her mask. Wales would have done the same but she lost her sword earlier today in that skirmish; instead, she put on her own mask.
“For the Queen!” Both Wales and George yelled in vigor as they aided Bismarck in fighting the three Sirens who were already struggling to keep up with our flagship.
“Hmm… everyone’s so fired up~” I giggled as I put on my mask. “Aren’t you, Lady Hood?”
Hood gave me a smile. “I have a chance to begin anew with Lady Bismarck… as do you, Lady Eugen, with the Commander.”
“Maybe… I’m still not set on him, you see~” I teased Hood.
“I can hear you!” The Commander’s voice resounded from within the mask! Oops hehe… I forgot he can communicate with us with these…
“Orders for all of you: capture the three Sirens alive,” the Commander confidently commanded. “We can extract information from them. Remember: your safety is priority, though. Now, give them hell!”
Ah… now there’s the man I missed.
Hood covered her lips as she stopped herself from laughing out loud.
“Hmm~?” I smirked. “Come on, you want to laugh right now, don’t you? Why not drop that facade of elegance for now and just let loose?”
Hood raised her brow. “Absolutely not. For you see…” She raised her right arm and aimed her guns at the distracted Lurker. “Elegance is not just for show!”
Her barrage landed multiple direct hits on Lurker!
I scoffed at this as Hood winked at me. “Let’s see how long you can keep up that elegance of yours…” I joined the assault on the three Sirens.

“Yield!” George declared as Observer, Tester, and Lurker all sat on the ground battered and heavily damaged. There wasn’t much to say or see… the fight was so one-sided that you can even say that we bullied these three to submission. “Submit to the might of our fleet.”
Observer grit her teeth and readied one of her cannons hidden under her tentacles. Upon seeing this, I blew off that tentacle with my HE round, making Observer shriek in pain again.
“Y-You…” Observer snarled at me. “You’ll all pay for this!”
George pushed her sword just an inch away from Observer’s jugular. “You and what army will do such a thing? You honestly think victory, in your situation, is still possible?”

“Oh, King George V.”

Th-That voice!

“You have no idea what is possible!”

A blinding flash of blue light illuminated the night as a figure appeared in front of Observer, making George, Hood, Wals, and even Bismarck, take a few steps backward and cover their eyes. It’s her!
“Greetings, Azur Lane and Crimson Axis,” Arbiter said as the light surrounding her faded. “I hope you appreciate the new and improved toy you stole from me…”
She menacingly turned to me and Wales. “Eugen and Wales.”
“Who are you!?” Hood flabbergasted. So… even the elegant Hood loses her composure before Arbiter…
“It matters not!” George declared. “En garde!” She sliced… the air?
“Haha…” Arbiter chuckled. “Little King, you think your blade can touch me, Empress of the Sirens?”
George tried to chop her again but she caught her blade with her bare hands without even trying!
“Do you really want to play with me, Little King?” She replied. Hood and Wales are both frozen in fear… Verdammt, she really had to show up now of all times! She slammed her fist on George’s face, making her fall unconscious.
“Arbiter!” Bismarck came hurtling at her with her own sword. Arbiter’s face turned into a grimace as she generated a shield to block Bismarck’s blade. “Time to pay you back for the torture you put me through tenfold!”
Bismarck swung her sword at Arbiter, who blocked twice respectively. Her shield… it’s cracking!
“Thanks to you, I’m now your match!” Bismarck declared as she shot a salvo at Arbiter. The salvo turned into a black hole which threatened to suck the Siren in.

Why is Arbiter smiling?

“Guh!” Bismarck’s the one getting sucked by her own black hole!? W-What happened? I’ve been observing their fight without blinking… Now, Arbiter is the one standing where Bismarck stood. How did they switch places?
“Fauer!” I fired a barrage of AP shells at Arbiter… I’m almost out of ammo!
Arbiter blocked with her shields. “Tsk… looks like you’re all just going to gang up on me eventually, huh?”
“There’s no escape, Arbiter!” Bismarck boomed. “This is where you’ll sink!”
“Don’t engage.” The Commander’s voice echoed in my mask. Bismarck, Hood, and Wales’ expressions all changed as well which tells me that he also contacted them. “We don’t have enough intel on this Siren called ‘Arbiter’. Just observe her and gather combat data. There’s always another chance.”
“Ahh…” She smiled. “The Key must have told you all to stop attacking…”
Arbiter sat on her rigging and giggled.
“Commander,” she addressed him. She probably knows that he is watching elsewhere. “I don’t know where you are… but let me tell you I know how you humans think. This isn’t the first world we conquered and it definitely won’t be the last, after all.”
What does she mean that we’re not the first? Did the Sirens conquer some other worlds before?
“You humans are all alike. Let me tell you that we, the Sirens, have sung the song of humanity’s destruction for over a thousand multiverses already!”
Now what is she on about? Multiverse?
“Eugen, don’t react.” The Commander said before I could make my quip. Mein gott… he already knows how I think, huh? “Let her have her speech. It might give us an insight on who the Sirens are and what they really want.”
“Hmm?” Arbiter crossed her arms. “No response? No witty comebacks? No quips?”
The Siren caressed her chin. “Very well, your Commander is a clever one… does he perchance think I was going to reveal more? Haha… how interesting.”
Arbiter hovered towards her Siren friends who were still lying beaten on the ground.
“Come, Observer, Tester, and Lurker,” she said as another blue light enveloped the four of them. “For now, farewell, Test Subject P. Take care of the Key for us. We’ll be back to collect him very soon.”

They’re gone.

“And that’s what happened,” the Commander finished narrating what happened a few hours ago to the faction leaders at the Royal Navy dining hall. I sat next to him as his reinstated secretary as Hipper and Lützow sat on the sidelines, conversing with Hood and Wales.
Representing their respective factions were Queen Elizabeth and Warspite from the Royal Navy, Nagato and Amagi from the Sakura Empire, Saratoga and Hornet from the Eagle Union, Bismarck and Graf Zeppelin from our faction, Sovetskaya Rossiya and Avrora from the Northern Parliament, Le Triomphant and Richelieu from the Iris Libre, and Dunkerque and Jean Bart from the Vichya Dominion. The confusion and panic that the Commander’s report caused the meeting of the faction leaders to devolve into a chaotic mess of squabbling and murmuring.
Queen Elizabeth, who was sitting at the head of the long table, whispered to Warspite who was standing at her right side.
“Dear Comrade,” Sovetskaya Rossiya was the first to break the cycle of murmuring amongst the faction leaders. “Do you mean to say that the Sirens have not only discovered a way to impersonate any of our comrades, but they have also discovered a way to appear and reappear on our island base at will?”
“Yes, Rossiya,” the Commander replied. “This is a dire situation… we are potentially always exposed to danger because of this development.”
“I concur, Commander,” Le Triomphant replied. “They can always surprise us now. ‘Danger’ is quite a very light way to put it, don’t you all agree?”
“Yes,” Richelieu replied. “Still… as long as we do not stray from the path of righteousness, I’ve no doubt that we shall prevail.”
“Here you go again with your undying traditional way of thinking!” Jean Bart boomed. “We’re in a real life or death situation, y’know? What? Are you suggesting for all of us to pray to some deity that we’re not going to get bombarded later when we sleep!?”
“Jean!” Dunkerque tapped the Vichya battleship as she stood up and bowed. “Apologies for my friend’s outburst… Still I agree that perhaps we need more… concrete solutions.”
Nagato sipped her tea and spoke: “The Sakura Empire will participate in any operation that will be decided upon. We are no strangers to surprise attacks, after all.”
Saratoga stood up and replied: “Yes! We all know, Lady Nagato. After all, wasn’t it the Sakura Empire that surprised Pearl Harbor!?”
“Miss Sara!” Hornet asked Saratoga to calm down. Normally, Enterprise and Yorktown, the more level-headed and calm senior Union carriers, would represent the Union. However, since both are unavailable… Saratoga and Hornet took their place instead.
“Are you alright, Commander?” I asked the obviously-stressed Commander who was already pulling his hair trying to come up with solutions.
“Yeah… It’s just that our situation is really, really bad, Eugen,” he replied.
“Lady Bismarck,” Queen Elizabeth addressed our flagship who was simply observing the chaos. “Didn’t you and the Commander say that you were held captive by the Empress of the Sirens?”
“Ja.” Bismarck replied. Graf Zeppelin simply stared at the Queen of the Royal Navy. Usually, I would be the one next to Bismarck, giving her advice and delivering witty remarks to support her statements. But since I am now the Commander’s secretary again, Graf took my place as Bismarck’s temporary second. However, it’s obvious with Graf’s ‘I don’t care’ face that she’d rather be someplace else.
“Just ‘ja’?” Queen Elizabeth growled. “Go on! Describe the place! Give us something to work with, for goodness’ sake!”
“I’m afraid I cannot do that.” Bismarck flatly declined. Of course she can’t… If she described Reichstag, she’d be revealing national secrets to all factions here. “Fatherland will not benefit from all of you knowing such sensitive information.”
“W-What!?” The Queen flabbergasted. “I supported that rescue operation for you, you know! Show some gratitude you vulgar—”
“Alright!” The Commander stood up and slammed his hands on the table. “That’s quite enough out of all of you!”
The room fell silent.
“We’re here to discuss and solve our problem, not fight amongst ourselves!” He declared. “We are only as powerful as our combined strengths and as helpless as we are disjointed. So, stop your incessant squabbling and start acting like leaders!”
The Commander stood straight and observed the shocked expression on each of the faction leaders’ faces.
He suddenly grabbed my arm and asked me to stand up as he called Wales to stand next to me… what has he got planned?
“Look at these two!” He announced. Alright… a little embarrassing there, Commander. I can feel Wales’ face flaring up as I blushed. “Prinz Eugen of the Iron Blood and Prince of Wales of the Royal Navy. They were enemies, no, rivals! Yet look at them. They conquered the odds, fought tooth and nail, and came back from the Iron Blood homeland having rescued Bismarck and U-556.”
I-I’m feeling a little shameful right now with all these eyes on me… I know I like teasing others and making fun of them but it honestly feels so awkward to be made an example of like this…
“They did these feats by themselves, working together.” He said. “Now, imagine if all of us combine our powers like they did. What miracles can we pull off working together instead of against each other?”

A deafening silence ensued. I really hope whatever you’re doing actually works, Commander. Mein gott…

“L-Lady Nagato…” Saratoga was the first to break the silence. “I apologize for my comment… i-it was uncalled for…”
Nagato and Amagi nodded to each other. “No offense taken, Miss Saratoga. It’s my fault for saying something so insensitive at a time like this…”
“N-No!” Saratoga replied. “Also, please call me ‘Sara’. No more honorifics needed, ‘kay?”
“V-Very well… Sara,” Nagato replied. “Then I supposed you may just refer to me as ‘Nagato’.”

“...Sister,” Jean Bart called out to Richelieu. “I may not always agree with you but… we’re still sisters. I apologize for that earlier outburst.”
“I’m sorry too…” Richelieu said. “You’re right, Jean. We do need concrete solutions… but we should not let fear overtake us.”
“I agree… so,” Jean Bart scratched her cheek. “How ‘bout we spend some time together… like old times?”
Richelieu couldn’t stop herself from smiling as she nodded with excitement.

“Y-Your Highness…” Wait.. BISMARCK called Queen Elizabeth ‘Your Highness’!? The skies must be falling upon us! “If you wish, I will discuss some information regarding Reichstag… provided that you will give your word that this information will never be used against the Fatherland…”
“O-Of course! Lady Bismarck…” Queen Elizabath stammered as she smiled. “I-I… erm, I apologize for calling you—almost calling you—a vulgar…”
It seems the Queen is finding it difficult to apologize… Wales giggled quietly as I shrugged my shoulders.
“Nein.” Bismarck said. “There is no need to apologize, Your Highness. It is as the Commander says: we shall find our strength together. Individually, we pose no threat to the Sirens but together… perhaps we can finally strike a decisive blow to the Siren forces.”
“That’s it!” Saratoga exclaimed so loud that even the Commander covered his ears. “Whoops! Sorry… But, that’s it, Bismarck!”
“What’s it?” Bismarck raised her brow in confusion. Graf Zeppelin looks a little more interested at last as the Commander allowed the faction leaders to brainstorm.
Saratoga cleared her throat. “Why are we waiting for the Sirens to attack us, panicking as if we can’t fight back? Why don’t we bring the fight to them?”
“Excellent suggestion, dear Comrade!” Avrora applauded the carrier’s suggestion as Rossiya nodded satisfied. “If we all attack, then even that dreadful Empress won’t stand a chance!”
“True,” Amagi replied. “However, if we all attack, then we run the risk of leaving the base unprotected.”
“Amagi is right,” Nagato said. “While we are unstoppable as a united force, we cannot simply leave the base and allow a teleporting enemy to do what they please with it. I propose creating a fast taskforce that will strike the Sirens when they least expect it.”
“Hmm…” Queen Elizabeth mumbled. “What do you think, Warspite? Would the Knights suffice as a part of this taskforce?”
Warspite stood straight. “Your Majesty, our Knights are second to none! I guarantee their cooperation will be most useful for this operation.”
Queen Elizabeth nodded. “Then our Knights shall participate in this operation. Furthermore, I hereby decree that once this operation begins, the Royal Maids shall patrol the island base.”
Upon hearing this initial proposal, the chaotic squabbling amongst authorities transformed into a civilized meeting where each faction was able to bring their strengths to the table. The Commander happily entertained suggestions he thought would help and vetoed ideas he thought were ineffective. Wales looked and winked at me as she returned to the sidelines with my sisters, pushing me to the Commander’s side. I took my seat next to him as I further understood why he was chosen as the Commander of the base.
Each faction has their own tradition, beliefs, and ideologies. Of course, we are all competent in our own right but our ideologies can sometimes get in each other's way. The Commander was chosen to lead because he respects our ideologies and he knows what to do to get us to unite under the same banner. Just like his father, the Commander respects us ship girls and treats us like actual human beings. This is how he turns our differences into something much more than a sum of our parts.
“Alright!” The Commander stood and raised a piece of paper where he summarized the plan. “Here’s the plan: the Royal Knights, the Northern Parliament, and the Vichya Dominion ships will join the Iron Blood fleet to be decided by Bismarck as the main attack force on the Reichstag. A few U-boats and Sakura Empire subs will also participate to give us underwater support while the Union and Sakura Empire carriers will standby behind the main attack force to provide air support. They will be escorted by each of their respective teams of destroyers and cruisers.”
The Commander cleared his throat.
“Since we have established that the Sirens may be interested in capturing the Fleet Commander, myself, I will join the attack force while the Royal Maids and the remaining submarines patrol the waters of our island base. A few destroyers and cruisers from every faction will be assigned to different points in the island and they will have constant radio communications with the Island Command Center we shall establish. This command center will be in the Academy and it will be headed by Queen Elizabeth here who will be aided by Amagi. They shall coordinate the tactical operations here on the base while I am away. Any questions?”
A moment of silence.
“If there are none, then please return to your dorms. We shall begin our operation two days from now to give each faction a chance to prepare.” He fixed his uniform and bowed. “Please, lend me your strength!”

“That was… very impressive,” I told the Commander as we walked out of the Royal Navy dining hall. “You always seem to know what to say when things are tough…”
“Did Prinz Eugen just praise me?” He winked. This man… haha well, he deserves some praise today. Maybe I’ll spoil him later~
I grabbed his right arm and tried escorting him out of the Royal Navy residence. I have a lot to tell him in our room.
“Uh… where are we going, Eugen?” He asked with a confused face.
“Hmm?” I smirked. “Commander, you haven’t moved out of my room yet, have you?”
“Er…” That face… that face is the face of a guilty man.
“So, what did my Commander do while I was away, I wonder~?” I giggled. I do want to find out. It’s not like I’m going to eat him alive or something hehe… well, it depends on how severe his crime is.
“Mein kleine schwester,” Hipper came up to me with Lützow in tow. Bismarck and Graf passed me and waved the four of us goodbye. “You will not believe what this man did while you were away!”
The Commander hurriedly covered Hipper’s mouth and sent her away… strange. Why so defensive, my Commander~?
“Sooo is there anything you’d like to tell me?” I asked him.
“Er… well, yeah,” he laughed as he scratched the back of his head. “I need to ask you about a German word Hipper called me…”
I raised my brow. “Hmm? Go on.”

“What does the word ‘schürzenjäger’ mean?”

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I Wrote Some Worldbuilding Headcanon

This is non-canon, goes without saying, since I wrote it myself -
The structure of the Churches of Saradomin can largely be attributed to the chaotic times of the Fourth Age. The Holy Isle of Entrana, once venerated as the site of Saradomin's first temple, was abandoned and left uninhabited due to repeated raiding. The collapse of secular and religious institutions both made it all but impossible to maintain a coherent church hierarchy. Each human tribe instead developed its own priesthood; doctrine, practice, and even conceptions of Saradomin varied wildly, and were often incomprehensibly mired in mysticism by today's standard. Holy texts and relics from the Third Age were precious treasures, and tribes often ascribed almost totemic powers of protection to otherwise mundane artifacts by virtue of their ties to the Church of old. Implausible legends arose around objects as commonplace as chalices and burial shrouds. In the middle of the era, the tribes of Avarrocka developed the custom of anointing the most learned among their number as "High Priest"; this man or woman served as the keeper of the lores and traditions of the Avarrockans, and eventually as advisor to the kings of the city-state of Varrock. As Varrock became an established force in the heart of tribal Misthalin, many of the outlying tribes came to acknowledge the High Priests as a spiritual authority - they often possessed greater knowledge and resources than their own seers and elders, and if Varrock's survival in the face of the hordes that threatened it were any indication, perhaps held the favor of Saradomin himself. Enshrined in the longhall of Varrock was a golden communion chalice said to have been rescued from the temple on Entrana prior to its fall; the Varrockians guarded it jealously, and the sole key was entrusted to the then-reigning High Priest, passed on to his or her successor upon retirement or death.
In the early years of the Fifth Age, as tribes coalesced into kingdoms, so too did their priesthoods coalesce into national churches under the guidance of the fledgling kings - each with their own distinct theology, rituals, and organizational structure. The differences are comparable to those between different religious denominations.
The new era of human expansion and settlement allowed by the runestones led to the discovery of an island in the Unquiet Ocean, believed to be the long lost Holy Isle of Entrana - though truthfully, the location and geography of Entrana had long been lost to history (and any signs of human habitation would long have been overtaken by the elements), so doubts remain even up to the present day whether the new "Entrana" is in fact the original isle. It is a matter, many Saradominists maintain, that must be taken on faith. Valentinus, the doge of the powerful and wealthy city-state of Crandor, capitalized on this uncertainty in 131 V, interpreting certain verses from the Apocryphon of Zilyana (a text of dubious provenance not included in the scriptural canons of most national churches) to suggest his island to actually be the true Entrana. The Church of Crandor, under the doge’s leadership, used the city’s political and economic clout to promote their alleged status as the Holy Isle in various parts of the mainland - successfully redirecting some amount of pilgrimage traffic from “the other Entrana” in the process. For nearly a decade the topic was hotly debated across the continent, until the issue abruptly resolved itself with the destruction of Crandor by the dragon Elvarg (and the resulting death of almost the entirety of the Church of Crandor’s membership).
Yet these doubts, so readily exploited by Crandor’s merchant empire, had not been at the forefront of people’s minds a century prior. Soon after the rediscovery of Entrana, a monastic community had been organized on the island, dedicated to praying for peace for the world - but if they had hoped to isolate themselves from the world's wider affairs, it was not to be. By this point the succession of the High Priest of Varrock had become an intensely ritualized affair, and as the population of Varrock and its subject territories swelled, it became impractical to select the High Priests by popular vote. Instead each High Priest would nominate his or her own successor, subject to approval by the rest of the realm's clergy. At a gathering of Saradominist clergy from across the lands, the elderly High Priest of Varrock surprised the Abbot of Entrana with an unexpected gift - the golden chalice deserved to return to its rightful home, he said, and with it the mantle of "High Priest". After some discussion and debate, most of the assembled clergy agreed that due to the vast differences in their versions of the faith, Entrana would make for a convenient unifying factor. Ideally, this mutual recognition would also help prevent the different regional churches from attempting to proselytize each other or interfere in one another's spiritual affairs. The extent to which this hope has worked out in practice has been variable - the Crandorians, for example, spread their faith in every port they traded with. (The neutrality and perceived toothlessness of a monk on a rock in the sea may have also made the Entranan abbot seem an ideal figurehead.) The patriarchs of the Church of Misthalin thereafter assumed the title of "Archbishop", a product of their unique episcopal polity (a model of church governance not subscribed to by the other regional churches).
The Churches of Saradomin are today a loose confederation of regional bodies, intertwined with monarchical power to varying extents. The Church of Al Kharid, as an example, has all but died out from a lack of royal support after the emirs of that city converted to the worship of the pagan deity Het. Some are led by councils; others concentrate power in the hands of an individual, such as a chief pastor or king. The Church of Misthalin was, for much of the Fifth Age, mired in considerably more conservative traditions and practices than the other churches (likely owing to its descent from the Varrockian religion of the previous era). As recently as a half century ago, the priests of Misthalin were expected to remain unmarried (something other churches ask only of members of religious orders, such as the Sisters of St. Elspeth or the Knights of Falador). Only in recent years has this prohibition been lifted, as the Misthalanian church faces internal struggles between those who uphold more traditional beliefs and those who seek to modernize. The election in 160 V of the fiercely traditionalist Aeonisig Raispher to the office of Archbishop may, depending on how events play out, be either the last dying gasp of the traditionalist faction - or their resurgence.
The High Priest of Entrana is deemed “first among equals” among the Saradominist clergy. His status is largely symbolic, and his involvement in the affairs of Saradominist churches beyond Entrana's shores is limited. Nevertheless, as custodian of the Holy Isle, the High Priest does hold the unique power to lay down wide-reaching religious laws meant to govern the lives of all the Saradominist faithful. However, these laws are not binding unless a given regional church chooses to make them so. It is not uncommon for the clergy of one or more kingdoms to assure their flocks of the safety of ignoring the latest Entranan decree. Examples of these laws include:
1) Setting and maintaining calendars both religious and secular; Entrana is largely responsible for Misthalin and Kandarin's adoption of the Asgarnian calendar. (This despite a competing attempt by the Church of Crandor to export their calendar to the rest of the human realms, defeated only by the fact they were simultaneously attempting to ensnare the other nations in one-sided trade contracts.)
2) Dictating marriage ceremonies. Most ceremonies and liturgy are designed by the regional churches themselves, who embrace or eschew ritualism to various degrees. However, owing to some clever theological arguments by the High Priest Clement II - a man known as much for his connections as his erudition - the High Priests have successfully argued that authority over such bonds made before the God of Order fall to them and them alone. (The acceptance of his scholarship on this point may have benefited from the fact that he was a member of a prominent Crandorian patrician family, combined with his other family ties: a niece married to Misthalanian royalty, three cousins having previously chaired the Church of Asgarnia’s General Assembly, and a bastard son who frequently played poker with the King of Kandarin.) Even here there is no guarantee of uniformity, however: a wise High Priest will craft unique marriage ceremonies for each regional church, tailored to their given theology and customs, if he doesn’t wish for them to be discarded out of hand.
3) The collection of tithes from the masses, which are used to support the upkeep of the island’s holy sites, maintain the great library that collates religious records from across the kingdoms, and provide for the monks and priests of Entrana so they do not have to concern themselves with worldly work.
None of these have any staying power on their own - the regional churches are each autocephalous, and therefore the High Priests of Saradomin are freely ignored at the leisure of a given church body. That they are often listened to is more a matter of choice than due to any actual power the High Priests have to enforce their will.
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