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Game benchmarks for M1 Mac mini with 8gb ram inside!

Game benchmarks for M1 Mac mini with 8gb ram inside!
I picked this up and am now busy running various games. I will be posting my thoughts, results, screenshots, and settings used below. When I test games, I strive to reach a balance of reasonable FPS for the genre with decent graphics settings. I don't strive for 60 FPS lock, unless it's FPS, MOBA, or an Action game. One more thing, In most cases I recommend turning on v-sync, especially if your FPS is north of your monitor's refresh rate (typically 60 hz). It makes things a lot smoother from my experience. Finally, the built-in screenshot tool accounted for 1-5 FPS depending on the game, so your actual FPS will be slightly higher.
<11/23> I have some bad news. I decided to pull the plug on this project. Being a detail oriented person, I noticed I spend very high amounts of time in my benchmark and optimization process. And that's not even taking editing and narrating into account for the YouTube thing. And being a perfectionist, I won't settle for subpar content. To keep this up, along with other multiple real life activities I partake in, is simply unrealistic. In fact, I'm already quite burnt out, which is starting to affect my real life responsibilities. Apologies for the disappointment - I hope you eventually find what you're looking for! And thank you for all your support and kind words. They really helped me with this CVS receipt of a post.

iOS Apps: unable to resize or fullscreen windows. Default size is tiny on my desktop (3840 x 1600). For some apps, this means practically unusable. I can't imagine running iOS Civ 6 or XCOM 2 like this. Screenshot on Roll for the Galaxy attached for reference.
Steam: Runs...laggy via Rosetta. If you have a lot of games, scrolling your library has significant lagginess involved and also jumps around. Not sure if Valve will address this. Edit: tried “Disable GPU acceleration and smooth scrolling” and it's fixed!
Civ 6 (Steam): This mini is a silent beast! Fan didn't even kick on wow... Late game using built in benchmark gives me 30 fps minimum 54 fps maximum. Detailed settings used attached. Onto next game!
This War of Mine (Steam): Starts loading then crashes to desktop...
Offworld Trading Company (Steam): This game is a niche favorite of mine. Notorious for being poorly optimized and hard to run. Averaged 23-24 FPS using decent settings - which I consider really good for the game. Fan dead silent. Is my fan broken?? I'm very impressed.
The Long Dark (Steam): Minimum 46 FPS, maximum 76 FPS indoors. Settings and resolution in attachment. Fan still silent. I touched my Mac and some parts of it are cold??? Post FX settings and resolution had the biggest effect on performance. V-Sync doesn't seem to cap FPS...
League of Legends: Runs extremely well. Although v-sync is turned on, it doesn't seem to cap the FPS. Also noticed it in The Long Dark. I was getting FPS in the 60's. Settings posted below. Also, built in screenshot tool wasn't working, so it's via phone. The lobby client doesn't seem to detect that you finished a game when you exit. You may have to restart client between games.
Dota 2: This was actually tricky to find the optimal settings. I was aiming for 60+ FPS with some eye candy during moderate action. Although it can play higher resolutions with more sparkle, the FPS suffers. In the end I resorted to the settings attached in the screenshot. Also, use of the Vulcan API seems to still make a positive difference over the OpenGL in the game settings.
Cities: Skylines: I didn't have an already built city to test and it was taking forever to grow my village to a decent size - so only early game testing was done. Also, there was only one 21:9 resolution available, which means I couldn't tune down resolutions in the 21:9 ratio. I did three separate tests on this, one on 16:9 resolution and two on 21:9. Game ran decently well on the fastest game speed, but I assume late game will bog it down somewhat. Detailed stats below.
Stellaris: Starts loading but hard freezes at 5%. Music still plays and mouse movable, but Command Q and Command tab were both not working. I had to force restart the mini to exit. Edit: apparently this is a known issue. I will retest next week on MacBook m1 /16 gb (already uninstalled. This machine is temporary)
World of Warcraft: Ran natively. Performance was insane! Screenshot tool had some impact on this game, but I made note of it in the comments. It also hard froze once while changing settings. I'm level 5 so I didn't get to bench massive fights. One of the few games I can max pretty much everything at 3840 x 1600 and still get 70+ FPS. I actually turned that down in benchmark images to account for bigger fights. Best part? Dead silent. Cold to the touch at some parts. :)
CS:GO: Does not make it to the main screen. Entire screen is black.
FTL: Runs! No screenshots or FPS testing - was strictly for compatibility.
Into the Breach: Runs! No screenshots or FPS testing - was strictly for compatibility.
Starcraft 2: The performance difference between medium and low shaders was dramatic. I tried to keep medium because it was notably better (realistic shadows, lighting, etc). In the end, given the game's competitive nature and propensity for bigger engagements, I lowered down the settings. In very early stages of 2v2 I averaged 90-110 FPS. Medium stage was in the 60's. Brief dips to 40-50's occur sometimes. I imagine late game will run mostly near high 40s to 50s. I also noticed M1 has some sensitivity to post fx more than most graphics cards. During the time I used medium shaders, looking at Protoss spawning graphics took away 10-20 FPS. I also read that online play against real people will force 16:9 ratio for 'fairness.' I feel Blizzard's logic is a bit flawed, but I can see how they arrived at this. (reminder: screens are now on Imgur due to Reddit image limit)
Diablo 3: Low 60 to High 80 FPS depending on activity. Again, I recommend turning on V-Sync, it'll make your gameplay smoother. Images posted on Imgur. Settings weren't maxed, but they were still decent. Settings were turned down because I was aiming for 60 + FPS regardless of activity level
CK2: Getting the error message, 'You do not have permission to open the application' despite being an admin user. The googled solution of manually changing executable read/write setting did not resolve the issue. Edit: Information is flying around that a beta Mac update fixes the issue. I will reinvestigate!
Hollow Knight: 3840 x 1600, maxed everything and runs at 100 FPS without v-sync. I recommend leaving v-sync on when playing. The excessive FPS (my monitor is 60 hz) was causing choppy gameplay if I left it off.
Kerbal Space Program: I don't have much experience with KSP, but after seeing how playable this was, I'm going to address that. First, I wanted to see how it would run with default settings and from orbit. The resulting graphics were gorgeous with acceptable FPS, but I knew it wouldn't cut it for all scenarios. I still took a picture because it was amazing. Second scenario I loaded confirmed my suspicions, so I worked on fine tuning the settings. After much tinkering, I found a setting I was happy with that worked with above decent frames for most (all?) scenarios. Screens were taken of these too. Even if you don't play KSP, please check the first picture - it's amazing.
Minecraft: Ran extremely well at full resolution (3840 x 1600) with high settings. I could not set the graphics to 'fabulous' because the game would crash. I increased the render distance to 14 chunks because it was performing so well. Low's were in the 60's and high's were in the 80's. This was from flying high above and zooming around to see if I could tax the system. It didn't turn on the fan. In fact, I still don't know what my fan sounds like. I expected the Mac to download java, but it seems like it was already installed. I haven't tried to fancify it further via 3rd party graphics plugins yet. Screens on Imgur, as noted below.
Minecraft with fancy shaders:
Factorio: Game was benched using a 'megabase' (extremely large factory) with no mods. Default settings ran decently considering the huge amount of things going on. Lowering the sprite resolution from high to normal was necessary to hit average FPS of high 30's. Resolution was set to 3840 x 1600 and view was zoomed all the way out. I tried to set the view on a busy part of the map. Images are on Imgur (find Waldo!) and save file is here (Reminder: you have to right click image on Imgur and open in new tab to view the full resolution): https://www.reddit.com/factorio/comments/gely3v/20000_science_per_minute_hybrid_modular_megabase/
------In an effort to reduce redundancy, games below this line will only receive previews before its video counterpart-----
Dolphin: Dolphin is a Wii emulator and the performance depends on a lot of things, including the game being run. I decided to choose a relatively demanding game, Super Mario Galaxy 2. While it's possible to run this well with minimal quality, I wanted the most optimal setting possible for the mini, even on the more demanding scenes. (60 FPS target, with as much sparkle I can enable) In an effort to reduce redundancy and confusion, I won't cover all the variable changes, notes, and warnings here. Some settings were not as they seemed, and I don't want to confuse users new to advanced emulation. But gameplay screens have been posted to show you what you can expect running with an optimal, performance-oriented setting.
XCOM 2: M1 Macbook 16 gb arrived sooner than anticipated, so I benchmarked this game on the system. I was anxious to test one of my favorite games, and I may have spent a little too long trying to optimize this. XCOM 2 was infamous for being poorly optimized so I expected it to run poorly - especially the 'Lost' level where hordes of zombies surround you. Sadly my expectations proved correct. This has been one of the worst performing games so far. Still playable, but I managed around 25-30 FPS for that level. Screenshots show low 30's, but that's due to camera being held static. During explosions it would drop even further, sometimes to 15-19. I also heard the M1 fan eventually spin up and get warmer for the first time - so it's reasonable to infer that the fanless MacBook Air would have a harder time running this for extended durations. Resolution was 1440 x 900. Although performance could be improved a bit by lowering the resolution even further, I consider 900p the absolute minimum for pleasant gaming. FPS, though important, is not everything that makes a game 'feel good' - even for a turn-based game. It's the balance of screen resolution, FPS, and different quality settings that forge the feeling that we all desire. Screens have been posted on Imgur and I intend to go more in-depth in the follow up video.

Crossover Performance: I made a separate section for Crossover, because this requires additional tinkering of the wine environment - sometimes on a per game basis. Afaik, this is currently the only way to run x86 Windows games. I will try to explain what settings I used on all fronts to guide new users.


iOS app Roll for the Galaxy. Unable to resize or fullscreen
Civ 6 - minimum 30 FPS
Civ 6 Tried to catch Max. Saw 54 FPS
Detailed settings used via fullscreen
Offworld Trading Company - early/Mid game, averaged 23 FPS
Detailed settings. Changing them didn't matter much for this game. (Game known for being unoptimized and hard to run)
The Long Dark - indoors FPS 76 FPS
Outdoors FPS 46 FPS
Settings part 1
Settings part 2
League of Legends - Screenshot tool unresponsive. FPS in the 60's. V-Sync doesn't seem to cap FPS.
Detailed settings. V-Sync was turned on. If you get a black screen while changing settings, tabbing out and back in seems to fix it.
Dota 2 - Had to lower quality to achieve near 60 FPS stable during significant action.
Detailed settings. Note the Vulcan API.
Cities: Skylines - early game. Don't mind my village lol
Detailed 21:9 settings. Only one 21:9 resolution available so I had to lower most other settings down to keep the resolution.
2nd try with even lower settings. Not much difference - at least on the early game stage
Setting used for 2nd try
3rd try, this time using 1920 x 1080. It is ran on windowed mode because fullscreen would stretch to fill my entire screen. Windowed mode may have a slight negative effect on performance.
Detailed 16:9 settings
Ran into Reddit image limit. Rest of the images are posted on Imgur. Also, using mobile to access Imgur user post page does not work... You need a computer browser unfortunately.
If you want the full experience of every pixel count (I run high resolution), you'll have to right click the image on Imgur and open in new tab.
Edit: Also, thank you for the gold and all the awards! And a plat??? Wow, what do I do with all these?
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Since my (19F) mom found out that I’m autistic, her health-nut friends have come out of the woodwork and have recommended that I go on the dairy-and-gluten-free diet. (Tried posting in r/autism but apparently I use too much bad language to post there)

Fuck, I’m pissed. She bought the “ASD complete autism spectrum disorder and diet guide” per recommendation from one of her friends who is vegan and anti-vax. My mom dismissed her friends’ anti-vax claims since my doctors have discredited them over and over again. However, she just found out about this “autism diet cure” thing, so I haven’t had a chance to get my docs to talk with us about this.
For the record, besides being an aspie, I also have Cystic Fibrosis, so it’s imperative that I eat right. I already avoid sugar for the most part since sugar has numerous adverse impacts on everyone’s health. But, I eat lots of gluten, dairy, and meat since they contain lots of fat and calories, which I need as someone with CF. As far as I can tell, I’m not gluten or dairy intolerant, especially since starting a medication called Trikafta, which requires me to take with at least 10 grams of fat with it, which I usually get by drinking a large glass of whole milk every morning. Either that, or I drink a smaller glass of whole goat milk, which is basically a thicker version of cow’s milk.
Since discovering my mom’s plan to attempt to impose this shitty dairy and gluten free diet, I sent her some studies and resources that are credible and discuss the dangers of the gluten and dairy free diet. My mom isn’t stupid. She’s actually really smart. But, she sometimes gets roped into bullshit conspiracy theories thanks to her weird anti-vax-type friends, whom I really can’t stand.
These same friends have tried to throw a monkey wrench into my hunting and fishing plans, citing bogus claims about how I’ll get worms or CWD from the fish and game I hunt. Of course, since I’ve been hunting and fishing for my whole life and have yet to get a tapeworm or die of Chronic Wasting Disease, my mom has dismissed her vegan friends’ arguments. Also, her friends tried to convince my mom to take me off my protein-rich diet. She did for about three months, during which I lost ten pounds and got sick with all sorts of shit. My doctors chewed her out for that and got me back to eating two pounds of beef per day along with lots of salmon, and I got better.
So, now this. I’m honestly so sick of it. It also just hurts. The way her vegan friends and that ASD diet book talk about autism is dehumanizing. No, I am not “damaged” or “broken”. No, I don’t need to be fixed. Autism is nothing like Cystic Fibrosis. CF should be cured because it is literally killing me and causes me to suffer from numerous lung infections and digestive issues. Autism is just a different way of viewing the world, and that’s okay!
If the five studies I sent my mom don’t counter her woo-woo shit, I have an appointment with a psychiatrist for my official-official diagnosis in a couple weeks. I’m sure he’ll be pretty upset with my mom. I’ll probably let my mom’s psychologist cousin (who recommended that psychiatrist to us) know too. My mom’s cousin doesn’t view autism as a bad or wrong thing. In fact, she thinks it’s a tremendous advantage in a lot of ways, and if anything, should be nurtured and celebrated!
If my mom’s cousin was my mom, and autism was proven to be exacerbated by gluten and dairy (which it’s not), then she’d put me on a diet of pizza and mac-n-cheese! Lmao
Anyway, I don’t know what else to say. I already have shitty self esteem, and I have a long way to go before I accept the fact that I’m on the spectrum. This just pushes me back further. Right now, I fucking hate my autism diagnosis. Part of me wishes I never found out about it. After all, I did go for eighteen years without knowing that I was autistic. We just thought I was shy and anxious, which is true, but for entirely different reasons than ASD. There’s already enough stigma surrounding CF and anxiety. I don’t need to be beat down even more by the stigma surrounding ASD as well.
Before, I believed my CF would kill me before I could become successful. Now that my CF, for the most part, has been brought to heel, for a couple of years I truly believed I could do anything I wanted. My close friends and family told me that I could. In fact, one of my closest friends, who was also my teacher for the last two years of high school (long story short: CF almost killed me, so I graduated high school online with the help of a home school teacher who very quickly became my friend), has said to me over and over again, that I can be literally anything I want and not to get too stressed out or afraid I won’t succeed. My dad has also pounded this into me, saying that the only thing in my way to becoming successful is my anxiety, which is very fixable.
But now, I’m having severe doubts thanks to my autism diagnosis. I’ve seen the studies. I’ve heard the horror stories. I have some horror stories myself (including this latest episode). I’m becoming more and more convinced that I’m destined to live under my mom’s roof forever, and even when the pandemic ends and it’s safe for me to go places and do things, I won’t go to college or anything like it. I could really use some motivation from those who are also on the spectrum, but who are successful and independent.
EDIT: Holy shit, I didn't realize it would blow up like this lmao. Anyway, I had a discussion with my mom and she apologized. She read the studies then realized what she was reading had been discredited long ago. She still wants us all to eat healthy, but that's normal. My current diet won't change, and neither will hers. As for her weird wacko friends, I wish I could pry my mom away from them, but they're just in our lives forever I guess. Oh well. At least science is on my side haha! My mom clearly loves me and wants the best for me, as I love and want the best for her. She, like all moms, just gets a little over-excited sometimes, and that's okay. Thanks for y'alls advice and encouragement. It really helped to lift my spirits and self esteem.
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