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Discuss Madden NFL Football on the Xbox One and PS4 here! Just replace your roster with roster that you download from here in document folder (EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07) It also work in cricket 11 sorry if i had bad english.


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Game X.A 2020: Men in Black - Rules, Roles, and Registration

Sign-Up Here!

This October there will be two games running concurrently:
Game A: Men in Black - hosted by Enovara and Team-Hufflepuff and shadowed by Meepster27 and/ u/SlytherinBuckeye
Game B: Jurassic Park - hosted by elbowsss and MacabreGoblin
When signing up you can either choose one, say which one you’d prefer, or say that you don’t mind and we will pick for you.
Game A: Men in Black has limited sign-ups. Our game has a hard-cap at 40 players.
You receive a call on your cell phone. Without even looking down, you hit the green button and hold it to your ear.
“Agent, we need you back here urgently. It seems that Agent M of the Martians in Black has finally realized that there is no Alien Affirmative Action plan, and has appealed to the Kylothians for aid. They’re angry about Serleena’s death and are already here, disguised as Agents. Headquarters will go on lockdown the moment you return. Don’t trust anyone.”
The phone beeps as Chief Zed hangs up. You turn it over in your hand. Is it your phone? Are these your clothes? Are you sure you’re not a Kylothian in disguise?

Factions and Win Conditions:

There will be two factions: The Men in Black and The Martians in Black.
The Men in Black (the town): The MiB’s job is to keep the existence of aliens a secret, and avoid intergalactic war in the process. They are willing to do whatever it takes to defeat the Martians in Black. The Men in Black will win when they eliminate all Martians in Black.
The Martians in Black (the wolves): Agent M is furious that he’ll never get to be part of the Men in Black, and plans to create a new, better agency. The Kylothians are just here to exact revenge for the death of their queen. The Martians in Black will win when they outnumber The Men in Black 2:1, or in the case of a 1-to-1 tie.


All roles below may or may not be included, and there may or may not be hidden roles.

Men in Black

Role Description
Chief Zed You have an entire database at your fingertips, allowing you to run Background Checks on whomever you encounter.
Agent K You’re old school, and you’d take an old-fashioned Stakeout over espionage any day.
Agent J Your Cricket is tiny, but it hits really hard.
Agent L As a former coroner for NYC, you know how to perform an Autopsy.
Frank the Pug You might be a talking dog, but man do you look good in Sunglasses.
Neeble, Geeble, Sleeble, and Mannix (The Worms) Whenever people see you, they immediately think, Aliens?!
“Dedicated” Agents You’ll do anything for this job… even if it’s an Accidental Sacrifice.
Intern Agents You’re an eager beaver… but you’re also a bit of a Clutz.
Overachieving Agents You’re a try-hard and you have a particular… Expertise we can’t find elsewhere.

Martians in Black

Role Description
Agent M Your goal is to eliminate the Men in Black… one way or another.
Kylothian You’re a foot soldier for The Martians in Black, but you know how to blend in and get things done.
Recruit You’re a fresh face around here, and things are feeling a little fuzzy around the edges.

Social Phases, Events, and Items

Each Saturday, we will begin a Social Phase to let tempers cool, and both players and Hosts take a break from the game.
This game will also include events, with items available to win as rewards.
You cannot use an item and an action in the same phase. The items listed below may or may not be used in this game, and there may or may not be items not listed below.
Item Description
Ouija Board Pick a user to bequeath this item to upon your death, and you can send a 20-character message to them at the end of the phase after you die. If you fail to bequeath it, it is lost forever.
Stink Bomb The Martians in Black HQ is now unbearably smelly, and they had to clear out. If someone is the target of the Martians in Black, they won't be touched this phase. When using this item, just target yourself.
Warp Drive Allows the user's target's action to go first in OOO. The user may target themselves, and their next action will go first.
Top Secret File Contains orders that prevent your target from being retired... once. The user may target themselves.
Text from HQ This text contains orders allow you to tell someone who to direct their action to.
Manhole When used, the target can jump in a manhole and not be seen while performing their night action.
Emergency Meeting Button Cancels all actions after yours in the OOO.
Duct Tape Put this item over your target's mouth. Now they can only talk with their hands. (The target can now only talk in text-free GIF's linked to punctuation.)
False Documents These papers contain the orders to retire someone of your choosing. Whichever target you plant them on, they will subsequently vote whoever you want them to vote for. (Your Target 1's vote will change to Target 2)
Forgery Kit Cover up the scene of the crime. When you use this item on someone that dies, their affiliation won't be revealed on death. (If your target doesn't die, your item is wasted.)


General Information

This game will have combined day and night phases, each lasting approximately 24 hours.
Each phase, every player must:
  • submit a vote for the person to be neuralyzed and sent to the Post Office for retirement
Day actions, including retirement votes, will resolve before night actions.
Each phase will close at 5:00 PM EDT (UTC -4) and the new phase will be up within two hours.
In the event of a tie vote, the retired player will be determined by RNG.

Live Voting Sheet

This game will include a Live Voting Sheet, which will showcase an instantly-updated view of where the votes stand at any given moment. This will show who each individual player has submitted their last vote for, as well as whether or not they’re missing a vote. This will be a link to a read-only Google Sheet that will be added to the meta of each post.


Players who fail to submit the required form will receive an inactivity strike. A maximum of 1 strike per player will be given out per phase. Players who 3 inactivity strikes will be removed from the game.


The Meta each phase will contain:
  • the names and affiliations of the dead players
  • final voting roster, including missed votes.

Rules and Other Information

  • This game will follow all rules in the sidebar.
  • All conversation must take place in the designated subreddit(s).
  • You may ask any question or make comments about game mechanics, but the facilitators reserve the right to refuse to answer the questions.
  • The mod account for this game is GriffintheArchanan. All official game information will come from that account.
  • Secrets alts are allowed, and in fact, encouraged, but not required.
  • Forms may be submitted as many times as desired each phase with only the most recent submission counting.
  • There may or may not be private subreddits.
  • Werewolves is a game of lying, conspiracy, and mob mentality. Arguments are part of the game. Mods will not intervene unless the arguments leave the scope of the game.
A note for new players: here is the link to the player’s guide that has a lot of tips and tricks for HWW as well as Reddit! It is highly recommended that you read through this, as the mods are not here to hold anyone’s hand.

Codes, Keys and Ciphers

Comments in this game should be in English and free of encryption. We ask that players do not try to find workarounds to this.

Comment Editing

If you’re editing a comment, make it clear that it’s been edited and why it’s been edited. If you made an error, use strikethroughs on the information you want removed, but don’t delete it. If you want to add something, put it at the end what you’re adding. Do not share information, then immediately edit your comment to hide what you said from others. Do not delete comments under any circumstances.

PM Sharing

All communications with the facilitators should be considered private, and their wording should not be used to confirm or deny identity, actions, or any other information. This does not mean you cannot share information revealed to you, but the specific wording is private. Violators of this rule may be removed from the game immediately, no questions asked. We recommend you paraphrase or re-word your PM’s instead.


  • Sign-ups for Game X will open on September 25th and close on September 30th at 5:00 PM EDT (UTC-4). Initial role PMs will be sent out shortly after sign-ups close. Confirmation period will last for 24 hours exactly. Any unconfirmed roles will be reassigned if needed before Phase 1.
  • Phase 0 will go up on October 1st at 5:00 PM EDT (UTC-4) with the full roster.
  • Phase 1 will go up on October 2nd at 5:00 PM EDT (UTC-4), and the game will start. Phases will close at 5:00 PM EDT (UTC-4) and the next one will go up within the next two hours.


Edit 1: clarified Warp Drive's effect
Edit 2: Lowered the Ouija board's character limit.
submitted by GriffinTheArchanan to HogwartsWerewolves

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