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Dear Frost Giant Studios


First of all, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the members of Frost Giant Studios for a lot of reasons. First, for having made all the games I love. Second, for this exciting announcement. And third, for giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas and be a part of this.
I always thought that SC2 shouldn't be the last great RTS, and even though it is currently the best RTS, it is not perfect, but it feels very close to it. The world is in NEED of another RTS that offers competition to SC2. So, during these last few weeks, I have been thinking and planning on how to build my own RTS. But then, I saw your annoucement through Tasteless' video and my world exploded!! (In the bests of ways, I mean)
I warn you, this will be a long post. So, bring some snacks and a cup of coffee, and join me with this love letter to the RTS genre. I'm really excited to share all the ideas I've wrote or compiled on what the next great RTS should consider.
(Please, note that I don't own any of the ideas presented here. I'm just a guy who, just like most of you, is very passionate about the RTS games. Understand that I'm not demanding or requesting anything.)

A Song of Setting and Lore

Most of us would agree that RTS is the best videogame genre. But sadly, we are quite alone on that. Compared to FPS, MOBAs, Card Games or Battle Royales, the RTS genre is not as popular as them. So, the question is: how can we make the genre attractive to more people?
I understand how deeply the team wants to focus on the core audience and that they are still choosing the setting of the game. So, I would like to propose the following idea: what the game is set on a pre-made world? I know nothing about intelectual properties or copyrights, but an alliance with other creators (artists and writers) could be very benefitial for both parts.
The RTS I was planning, the RTS of my dreams, would be set on the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Nickelodeon show that aired between 2006-2008. If you haven't seen it, please, do yourself a favor and watch it. It's one of the bests shows ever. The world-building is so complete. All the military and nations are inspired on real cultures. And each element portrayed in the show corresponds to a nation: Air Nomads, Water Tribes, Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom. Each one with their own distinct identity.
The good thing about this is that you would gather all the current RTS gamers and all of the Avatar fanbase (let's say) into playing the game! Whether they love Avatar or RTS, or are just curious about how it merges together.
One could argue: "No! I don't want an anime RTS!". But please, hear me out, it doesn't necessarily have to be Avatar (and it's not an anime...). It could be anything: Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, Star Wars, Middle Earth, Lovecraftian Mythology, D&D, etc. There's plenty to choose from!
But being realistic, it will most certaintly be very complicated to form an alliance or get the copyrights to do something like that. Dreaming is free, you know? So, I will leave the idea of an 'Avatar RTS' to rest here. The rest of the post won't be focused on that. (But please, think about it!) (If anyone is interested, I can write another post explaining my ideas for an Avatar RTS)

Let's talk about Gameplay

SC2 has a brilliant and fluid gameplay. The unit responsiveness and path-finding is perfect. I have nothing to say about that, only that hopefully it will remain the same or better, if someone finds room for improvement.
Amount of races. I strongly support the idea of 4 races. The variety of matches would increase from 6 (from 3 races) to a total of 10! Creating a richer and more varied environment than SC2.
Workers. All workers should be different and they should have different ways to gather resources, such as in WC3.
Units in common? I think it wouldn't hurt if all races have one early-game unit in common, or late-game unit or both. They could have different physical styles. But it would ease the work of balance a little, I guess?
Size matters. One thing that makes SC2 so encaptivating is the variety and diversity of units, from their different attacks, attributes and their different sizes and how they interact with their environment. This is something difficult to do with a human-based setting. But I firmly believe that this should be taken into account.
Upgrades. Every upgrade should have a visible expression, as the Zergling's wings or the Marine's shields. Lots of upgrades in SC2 have a physical expression, but should every update have them as well? Why not?
Resources. I believe the current amount of resources of SC (supply, minerals and gas) is an excellent number. One could talk that Zerg has more resources: larva and creep. And going deeper, one could talk about more kinds of resources, such as time and attention. If you sum up all that, no wonder why SC is a complex game. However, I've noticed a way to handle the hero dilemma (to add or not to add heroes) would be not by introducing heroes but to turn all units into heroes in the sense that all of them earn experience.
Have you ever noticed how exciting is to watch when one worker stays alive after a huge drop? Or the single unit who has killed a lot of Drones and then escapes? It sounds like there should be a reward for that kind of hero unit.
For this, I propose a new resource: experience. All units can earn it, or age if you prefer. There could be two ways to earn experience: by the passing of time they've been existing during the game and the units they've killed. The benefits of aging or leveling up shouldn't be huge. But a small buff wouldn't hurt. But now that I think about it, on the negative side, disposable units would be very damaged with this kind of resource... After all, the idea is to make the Ranks of SC to be relevant. and not just a mere title. The life and death of the units could be more valuable.
Another important thing is to keep the diversity of races, each with their own identity and style of play. One of the things we all love about SC is how different the races are. The rhytmic mechanics (never heard of this concept before reading it from Neuro on Twitter) of the Zerg of injecting larva and spreading creep are very attractive. If you can invent more kind of mechanics or similar ones to each race, it would be great!
Randomness. This is a huge topic to discuss. Most of us know how assymetrical is BW compared to SC2. For example: things like scouting first or the position of the base are very influenced by luck. What is your posture on this? I think it would be benefitial to make it optional and to have the two kinds of maps: symmetrical and assymetrical.
The following are ideas from other non-SC RTS, and they could be optional for certain maps, also.
  • Neutral Camps. Just like WC3.
  • Mercenaries. What do you think about being able to hire mercenaries during a match? What kind of situations could this bring? For these two ideas to work, Gold (or money) should be a resource.
  • Team games. One of the things I like about Age of Empires 2 team games is the fact that you're able to trade resources with your allies. And concerning the balance, one could just set different attributes or constrictions to races when 2v2. Another suggestion I read it was to be able to control the ally units, such as the Archon mode, but with each player with his own base. Or just to borrow some units.
  • Global skills. Like Age of Mythology or the ones in the SC2 Co-op Commanders?
  • Time cycles. To implement a night-day cycle, to increment sneakyness! Or seasons cycle, perhaps?
  • And lastly, what do you think about adding water units, such as ships? It could be harder for map makers and balance... Ground units would be at disadvantage... But to break the air-ground kinds of units into air-ground-water could be interesting.

What can we learn from other genres?

Sometimes I feel the other genres learned a lot from RTS, but RTS haven't really absorbed anything from the other genres. And there's a lot to learn from them.
Honor Great Plays. This is something I've seen from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive scene. There's a list of memorials to pro-gamer moments in some of the maps. And I found it to be very charming.
Spectator Mode. I think we all can agree that the observer mode of SC2 is one of the best ones. And also that is a very easy-to-watch Esport. However, a feature that is missing in SC2 spectator mode is to be able to see the player's camera location on the minimap. Another excellent idea by nice__username was to have a built-in spectator mode, such as DOTA 2, which I fully support.
Encyclopedia within the game. Oh, how amazing it would be to look at a close up of each unit, read their information, their values, their counters, etc. or read the lore of the game. All of that without having to leave the game or enter the campaign mode.
Co-op Campaign. Have you ever played the co-op campaign in Portal 2? It's brilliant!! The RTS of my dreams would have a single-player campaign and a two-player story-driven campaign, so I could invite my friends to try it and finish the game. This would be in addition to the co-op commander game mode, of course!
More after-game statistics for the nerds. I love the current ones that SC2 presents, but I would love to see special stuff about the match I recently had. Things such as how many enemy workers I killed, in what minute I produced my first non-worker unit, what unit I produced more, etc. Things like this are smalls details and, we all know love is in the small details.
Highlights quick-replays. Like the Mario Kart ones! To highlight the moments when it ocurred the most action. It doesn't have to be perfect, it would be funny even if it fails. For instance, for the highlights to show some INTENSIVE DRONING.
Training mode. To have a Standarized Format for writing build orders and to be able to copy/paste them outside/into the game and to have a training game mode where the game indicates what to do to follow the build order. For instance, Magic: The Gathering Arena has their own text format to import(export) to(from) the game. On the other side, I love the idea of the racing sim style ghost to learn build orders from replays.
Rematch button. You don't imagine how much I wish this button exists in the SC2 ladder. How I miss the old famous "GG WP RE?". I think I read this idea here in Reddit, but I believe a lot of other games have this button.

Modern Problems require Modern Solutions

Graphical aspect. If we want the game to stand the test of time, it must have every modern graphics requirements: RTX, 4k, 120 FPS, etc. I know you're certain of that. But the main thing I would like to see is the ability to be able to zoom in and be able to see the face of an unit, their eyes filled with terror when facing the imminent war and brutallity!
If following a human-based setting, I strongly believe that when generating an unit, *it should be women or men, randomly, like the villagers in *Age of Empires 2. Going further, one could also consider random facial aspects for each unit. Of course, it must follow the principle that each kind of unit should always be easily recognizable and to have the same attributes. In these current times, diversity is a must.
Health. It would be nice to see more kind of advices on how to play the game in the loading screen, such as obscure gameplay elements. And kind advices also would be beneficial, like health advices. Something like: remember to take breaks, to rest your eyes, to drink water, to go to the bathroom, etc. Also, a little and friendly reminder for the players to not get angry, to promote fairness, respect, good sportsmanship and the right mentality would be really appreciated. Surely, most of us have fallen into the darkness of toxicity and unhealthy addiction.
Now, the most difficult part of making a game is the balance. How can we make all races to feel fair? How we make no race stronger than the other? Or even further, how we make no race easier than the other? This is the most ancient issue, but surely modern tools would help with that. What do you think about using Machine Learning for balance? What do you think of generating millions of simulations to test balance? It sounds very complex, but in the end we could solve any problem or test any idea using science and AI.
Lastly, the era of consumption is real. I'm in total favor of a reward system. To be able to advance, and earn not only experience (real experience and user experience), but to collect things (not only achievements). So, *one of the things I missed in the early years of SC2 were the Skins, Announcement Packs and etc, until finally, they all appeared. Want it or not, I think this is a must for a modern game. It would benefit players that like to consum and the company, as well. *(I don't mention P2W content, but in case anyone is wondering: *no.)*

A Strong Sense of Community

Ok, we reached the point where I talk about how the chat system in SC BW and WC3 were perfect for creating a community and making friends, while the SC2 chat was not.
I can say that until this day, I still maintain the friends I met in BW. I still remember the times where I played custom maps with strangers in WC3. But the only community thing I remember from SC2, besides content creators and the competitive scene, is that when facing an opponent, if I'm lucky I would receive a "gl hf" back. I've rarely talk with my opponents. And the chat seems obscure and it's like nobody is talking. Also... what is the real purpose of clans or guilds?
Communication and the facility to do so is a thing that must be considered. One could argue that Discord covers all of the necessities. But what if I want to invite someone that never played videogames to try the new game without installing Discord? Or if I want to chat with strangers? As far as I know, Battle.net has their own mic settings, chat and friends list. Something like this is a must for the next game. Just imagine how interesting would be a voice chat channel built within the game.

Final words

If I caught your attention with any of the ideas presented, please feel free to ask me.
I don't consider myself as a gamer, I'm more of a filthy casual. I played lot of games (mostly RTS) during my life and started playing SC2 seriously about 2 months ago (currently D3 on NA, yey!). IRL, I'm a student of MSc. in Physics and all this daydreaming project of my own RTS it was a project that I was pretending to start soon after I finished my thesis, because I know one thing or two about coding.
We all are very passionate about RTS games. And above all else, we desire quality. In that sense, we could say that papa Blizzard left us very spoiled.
But what I really want to do with this post is to express gratitude, share ideas and inspire more people to share their thoughts too. These are very exciting times to be alive, and we can not miss the train!
submitted by iPsk2 to FrostGiant


My 44 Favorite PS4 Games

As the PS4 generation is coming to an end, I have decided to make a list of my 44 favorite PS4 titles, and wrote 3 sentences describing why I enjoyed each game. This isn’t a critique of each game as they all have their flaws, but is intended to be a post showing my appreciation for that amazing experiences I’ve had over the years on this amazing piece of hardware.
Enjoy, and thank you for reading.
1 - Bloodborne
This was my proper introduction to the FromSoftware catalog, and what an introduction. I have never before or since felt the same satisfaction of victory as I felt overcoming this masterpiece. Pair that with the haunting tone and the compelling sense of mystery, I have not enjoyed an experience this generation more than my journey through Bloodborne.
2 - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Witcher 3 has all the standard RPG tropes that I love, but what makes this game exceptional is the best in class writing. The Bloody Baron, The Last Wish, hell even the quests the armorers grant are compelling, not to mention the incredible DLC that was released to support the game. Witcher 3 is easily the highest quality game I have played this generation, I can’t wait to play it again on PS5.
3 - Dark Souls 3
After discovering Bloodborne, I played Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 1, and couldn’t wait for Dark Souls 3. What FromSoft delivered was an epic Greatest Hits album from my favorite band. They perfectly balanced the faster pace of Bloodborne with the RPG depth that makes Dark Souls so fantastic.
4 - Monster Hunter World
This is my introduction to the Monster Hunter series, so this game was a total surprise for me. The hooks of Hunt > Craft > Repeat have never been stronger for me. This system works so well because it feels absolutely incredible taking down one of the vast number of beasts on offer.
5 - What Remains of Edith Finch
Edith Finch is something special. Clocking in at around 2 hours, it’s like going through an incredible pop-up story book filled with short stories, all coming together cohesively to deliver an incredibly emotional experience. This is the best short story in all of gaming.
6 - Persona 5 Royal
I shouldn’t enjoy this game, I don’t really like anime or JRPG’s, but wow am I glad I grateful I checked this game out. Clocking in at 120+ hours, this ½ Social Sim ½ Dungeon Crawler blew me away with its sense of style, incredible soundtrack, and unforgettable cast. What makes this game elite is how well everything synergizes together as every game system feeds beautifully into itself, making every task and decision feel weighty and important.
7 - The Last of Us Part II
This is the high bar for combined technical wizardry and storytelling in gaming. Some characters I hated, some characters I loved, and some I felt both simultaneously. What made this game special though is how they forced you to see the world through another set of eyes, giving me an incredibly unique experience of empathy that I had not before experienced in gaming.
8 - God of War
Another title delivering on outstanding combat, fantastic story, and technical wizardry. This is the first God of War game I really fell in love with in large part because they made the story personal. I was on the edge of my seat as I rarely am to see what was going to happen next in the story, and I was not disappointed.
9 - Nioh 2
Team Ninja is the one team that can give FromSoftware a run for their money in melee combat, and in terms of combat they may have passed them with this title. It’s so much fun to comb through a level finding all the loot I can, taking down a tough boss, and have them explode with loot everywhere, then do it all over again with a stranger. What Team Ninja built with a combination of Ninja Gaiden meets Dark Souls makes for a package that I could not put down.
10 - Horizon Zero Dawn
This may be the best new IP to come out this generation. Aloy is a character that is incredibly likeable, the world is stunning, and the bow may be the best bow in gaming. I can’t wait to see where this series goes next.
11 - Hitman 2
While many other games offer the biggest maps possible, Hitman nails a dense map better than anyone. It is so much fun to jump in, play a level that I’ve played 4 times before, and find entirely new ways to take down my target that I had no idea existed. It’s also brilliant how they allow you to import your Hitman 1 levels into Hitman 2, creating one large hub for all of your content, and they’re continuing this with Hitman 3; more studios need to learn from what IO pulled off here.
12 - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
What other game lets you tranquilize an enemy, attach a reverse-parachute to them, so that they can join your engineering team? What other game lets you take a water pistol on a quest with you so that you can shoot out electronic systems, or even play audio of someone taking a dump while you hide in a port-a-potty undetected? MGS V is the pinnacle of letting you experiment with crazy gameplay ideas in a mature, AAA universe.
13 - Dying Light
On a console where zombie games seem to be a dime-a-dozen, Dying Light found a way to stand out by marrying a fantastic parkour system with a great crafting system within an impressive sandbox. If you want to really crank up the intensity, head out at night to hunt zombies. What pushes the game over the top is how great the developers have continued to support this product over the years, releasing a variety of free updates and the must-play The Following DLC.
14 - Rocksmith 2014
As an amateur guitar player, Rocksmith became an essential piece of content for me. The amount of DLC that was released for this game was staggering, over 1,500 tracks. It’s a ton of fun to learn a new track and jam along with your favorite tunes, there’s something for everyone in the library.
15 - Fallout 4
Where Fallout 4 really delivered was in the amazing world building. There aren’t many games that are quite as satisfying to pair up with a companion (13 on offer) and just explore for the sake of seeing what’s out there. Being able to explore essentially every building, loot almost everything, and get better stats is a really satisfying power grind.
16 - Wolfenstein: The New Colossus
If you want an over-the-top roller coaster ride with insanely pulpy scenes along the way, The New Colossus offers this in spades. An absolute thrill ride filled with shock and awe that would feel at home in a Tarantion movie. Along with that, it’s the one game that stirred “controversy” by promoting that it would “Make America Nazi-Free” again, unbelievable.
17 - Assassin's Creed Odyssey
For my money, this is the best version of Skyrim made by someone not named Bethesda this generation. They’ve succeeded in creating an endlessly huge, beautiful map filled with fun activities along the way, paired with a satisfying gear grind. Bringing in the mythological elements like battling Medusa sets the series apart from the pack.
18 - The Outer Worlds
Having another studio straight-up challenge Bethesda at creating a Fallout that leans further into RPG elements made this title very exciting. Outer Worlds really nailed their balance of “scope and budget”, not overextending themselves like some other RPG makers have. It’s really nice to be able to play a funny, Fallout-lite RPG, and having a full RPG that is maybe a dozen hours.
19 - Divinity Original Sin 2
The opening dozen hours of DOS2 are among my favorite “levels” in games that have come out this generation. The level of depth involved in this RPG is absurd, and the character creation toolset is as good as I’ve seen in any game. Truth be told this is the one game on this list I have not finished, but escaping Fort Joy 3-4 times (because I keep restarting the game!) has shown me how much attention to detail has been poured into this game by Larian.
20 - Dead Cells
This is one of the most white-knuckle, tense experiences I’ve had. The loop of Try > Die > Repeat isn’t my favorite loop generally, but the combat in this game is so satisfying and air tight that I couldn’t help but keep giving this just one more try until I finally after many hours beat the last boss and breathed a massive sigh of relief. I’m excited to see what this studio makes next.
21 - The Evil Within 2
For me the top tier of action-horror games are Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, and The Evil Within 2. The combat feels great, the tone is tense, and the art design is fantastic. If you like Action-Horror, don’t sleep on The Evil Within 2.
22 - Ratchet & Clank
What a beautiful, funny game with way better action than it has any right to have. The weapons in this game are explosive, hilarious, and everything in between. Some prefer Spider-Man, but for me this is Insomniac’s best game to date.
23 - Night in the Woods
If you’re looking for a game oozing with unadulterated charm, nothing touches Night in the Woods on the PS4. This game at first looks like a cute game about hanging out with friends, but the story has some real depth as it unfolds touching on topics rarely tackled in the AAA space. Plus there’s a mini-game where you just grab a slice of pizza, delightful.
24 - Steamworld Dig 2
A simple game about digging, and collecting loot. Incredibly relaxing. Immensely satisfying.
25 - Firewatch
A stunningly beautiful game where you live in a state park. Exploring the woods and seeing the sights is a great substitute for going outside. The real hook is the relationship you build with a neighboring park ranger, as the theme of escapism is explored by both you and our character.
26 - Until Dawn
Perhaps the best reimagining of a teen-slasher film put into a video game format. The motion capture of the characters is incredible. The fun game of trying to keep the whole cast alive makes you feel like you are involved in a slasher flick yourself.
27 - Nier Automata
Playing as androids, Automata does a great job in shifting the players perspective in a variety of ways. Having the hack & slash combat shift camera perspectives to essentially every perspective imaginable keeps the gameplay feeling fresh and novel. Shifting the perspective of who you are playing lets you see the story through another lens, making this a story that is best told in the medium of a video game.
28 - Tetris Effect
One of the most immersive, “in the zone” games I’ve ever played. Best experienced with headphones, no distractions, fully tunneled into the universe created a hypnotic, zen-like experience where your brain is transferred to another world as your muscle memory takes over flipping the tetris pieces into position. Nothing like it.
29 - Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 Remake
Tony Hawk on PS1 is one of my all time favorite games, so having the first two games remade for the PS4 is a nostalgia dream come true. Having all the skaters freshly motion captured, a fresh, updated soundtrack, while capturing the feel of the original games makes me feel like a teenager again. I’d love to see this bring the Tony Hawk brand back to life.
30 - Inside
An incredibly haunting atmosphere with superb animations. Add in the bat-shit crazy ending, and you have an absolute must-play. A perfect follow up to their prior game, Limbo.
31 - Assassin's Creed Origins
After the AC series grew a bit stale, Ubisoft took a year off and overhauled the formula. The result was Origins. This was an incredibly welcome change, ushering a new breed of Assassin’s Creed games.
32 - Prey
This sci-fi sleeper gem of a game picked up the slack where System Shock and Bioshock left off. What makes Prey shine is the amazing, unique weapons like the Gloo Gun paired with a mysterious story to see through. Prey has one of the coolest opening hours of gaming this generation, an incredibly memorable subversion of expectations.
33 - Days Gone
Perhaps the most underrated game of the generation. An epic open world with some of the most impressive zombies this generation. Setting 50+ zombies ablaze with a well placed molotov is wildly satisfying, and the story does a great job pulling you forward in the hunt to see what exactly happened to your wife making a variety of friends and enemies along the way.
34 - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Coming in as the most challenging game I have ever finished, Sekiro has the most memorable boss fights on the PS4. The Guardian Ape is maybe the wildest boss I’ve ever beaten in a game. Sekiro executed with laser precision their air tight combat in their side-step from their RPGs they are known for.
35 - Red Dead Redemption 2
Possibly the most beautiful open world game on PS4, from the landscapes to the animations to the modeling of the guns. But what makes this game a must-play is the cast of characters. Getting to know Arthur Morgan, and seeing John Marston’s past in this prequel makes for a special experience.
36 - Dragon Age Inquisition
The first big RPG on PS4, Inquisition’s massive world rife with it’s RPG hooks was a joy to play through when the PS4 launched. Questing, looting, recruiting companions, closing rifts, slaying dragons, DA:I was a great time sink. Here’s hoping Bioware can return to form with Dragon Age 4.
37 - Ghost of Tsushima
Sucker Punch really nailed their art direction in this open world samurai game. The combat is tight, and it feels great to slice through enemies in a dual. This will be a series to watch on the PS5.
38 - Resident Evil 7
Resident Evil 7 may be the straight up scariest game I’ve played on the PS4. Being trapped with a family of hillbillies in this disgusting nightmare of a game has never looked more beautiful. Don’t eat the food in the fridge.
39 - Uncharted 4
What an amazing send-off to Nathan Drake, this is how you complete a characters story thread. I enjoyed the slower start and the more personal moments with Drake in Uncharted 4 to mix up the over the top set pieces. The best Indiana Jones-style blockbuster gaming.
40 - Borderlands 3
This game still delivers the loot, mayhem, and over the top absurd humor the series is known for. I’m looking forward to going through it all again on the PS5 with their free next-gen upgrades. With all the DLC that has come out, and all the DLC continuing to come out, there’s always more to keep me coming back.
41 - The Division 2
Satisfying loot. Tight gunplay. Impressive maps.
42 - Little Nightmares
Spooky dark tone. Beautiful art direction. Nightmares induced.
43 - Life is Strange
One part teen melodrama, one part supernatural time shifting. In a landscape where so many games are based on superheroes or shooting bad guys in the face, Life is Strange was a welcome breath of fresh air. I appreciate how Dontnod evolved what Telltale started with their massive hit The Walking Dead, and put their own spin on the formula with better controls and a relatively down to earth cast.
44 - Detroit: Become Human
Detroit has taken the idea of a “choices matter” game and actually made a game with truly branching choices. Their flow-chart system they built to show all the choices you could have made is a touch of brilliance, and the technical execution of the visuals is stellar. Quantic Dreams is a studio that has set a new high bar for the genre in their technical execution with Detroit: Become Human.
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