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Polypharmacy in Older Adults With Hypertension: A

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What are COVID Pulses?

What are COVID Pulses?
A COVID pulse is a significant change in the social, economic, and other behavior that was disrupted during the 2019–2020 COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic and reactions to it led to major changes in obvious sectors like financial and labor markets,FRED transportation and mobility patterns,Apple and internet searchesGoogle and online community activityZhang but also in less obvious sectors like industrial emissions,Le Quere seismic noise,Lecoq and crime.Bullinger The implementation of public health measures like social distancing and quarantines are examples of pulses generating major disruptions to collective behavior, but re-opening policies or the introduction of new treatments are other examples of pulses that could also cause significant disruptions.
Changes in driving routing requests by U.S. state. Data from Apple's Mobility Trends Reports.
Identifying pulses has immense value for all kinds of scientists for several reasons. First, major "exogenous" pulses are examples of natural experiments that enable scientists to make stronger causal arguments from observational data by comparing behavior before and after the pulse. Second, there is no single global pulse but multiple pulses of different severity depending on the timing and the local government's response. Third, the effects of pulses are not limited to a single domain but can cause "spillovers)" that influence other natural, social, and technological systems and illuminate these hidden links.


The atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons between 1945 and 1963 caused a significant change in the concentration of radiocarbon (14C) in the atmosphere. The generation and circulation of radiocarbon and other unusual isotopes from atmospheric nuclear testing was a global-scale pulse-chain analysis. This "bomb pulse" is a profoundly important tool in many scientific fields like biology, ecology, and forensics where the absence/presence of excess radiocarbon can be used to accurately date specimens. (Latif Nasser has an excellent explanation in Episode 6 "Nukes" on his Connected series on Netflix.)
Atmospheric radiocarbon for 1950–2010. Taken from Figure 4 in Hua, Barbetti, & Rakowski (2016).


The goal of this community is to collect and organize examples of COVID pulses across all kinds of data. Just as the "bomb pulse" continues to be an important tool for many kinds of scientists almost 60 years after the end of atmospheric nuclear tests, the "COVID pulse" will continue to be an important tool for many kinds of scientists in the years and decades to come. We are interested in:
  • time-series data documenting a COVID-related pulse (natural, social, technical, etc.)
  • data about different kinds of pulses (timing or severity of shutdowns, etc.)
  • examples of scientific analyses using these pulses (peer-reviewed articles, news coverage, etc.).
Right now, share links to datasets and articles that discuss COVID pulses. In the medium-to-long term, we'd like to archive these data and articles in open repositories like an Open Science Foundation repository or a Zotero group. Also follow us on Twitter.
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Sohail going beyond criticism and free speech; disrespecting other's religious beliefs

With the rise of activism in the social media age, I enjoyed their company. Some people find religion as a core value of self-fulfillment. Others cannot align themselves with religious doctrines. These circumstances are normally fine as long as you are a good person. For whatever approach we have taken to continue our destiny, our goals are overlapped each other to be better versions of ourselves.
With all due respect, yesterday, I shockingly came across this post on twitter that Sohail is not just criticizing, he is mocking a religon. These types of subjective advocates of redefining Kalima on his own thoughts for mockery are highly unacceptable in humanitarians' standards. In this post, the reason I refuse to say "ISLAM" is that my message applies the same if his disrespectful actions go towards other communities of faith.
Needless to say, as a moderator Sohail himself goes against his community guidelines.
We're different. We insist on respectful and polite dialogue.
After insulting Kalima, his actions are far from being respectful towards individuals who are still practising Islam. But his hypocritical guidelines shows that
Be respectful, intelligent, and constructive
The general objective here is that post titles, post content, and comments should all contribute towards the respectful, intelligent and constructive discussion regarding Islam/Ahmadiyya.
Comedy and satire are welcome although such should be presented tastefully (i.e. not as a personal attack).
How does he define intelligence? If leaving religion to improve cognitive development is a sign of intelligence, there won't be a space for individuals seeking spiritual comfort for their own.
To other group moderators, are you okay with this picture of him?
I believe practicing Muslims deserves his apology. The picture indicates the unquestioned islamophobia so all moderators should be present publiciy in these discussions to identify your intentions on criticism because his twitter picture has clearly gone beyond the limit.
submitted by eyesofpopcorn to islam_ahmadiyya