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I'm Finding it Very Hard To find Players Is The game not that active ?
submitted by TrueGamer124 to needforspeed

Stealth Carrier - If you are as bored at work as I am, help me theorycraft a REALLY BAD IDEA into a build.

So lets start by acknowledging all the wisdom and testing that many have done prior to this post that will inform literally everyone that reads it that I am proposing a terrible, unfeasible build, that no one in their right mind would ever consider viable in this game. For anyone who is reading this who is inexperienced, I am not exaggerating at all, be warned, this is a terrible idea.
Now that we are past that, I am bored, and stuck at work, and I've had an idea bouncing around in my head that I want to do a bit of theory crafting on if anyone is interested in joining me in this bit of insanity.
Years ago ever since the Caitan Atrox and it's stalker fighters were released I've wanted to make a stealth carrier. I wanted it to hide out and send it's stealth fighters out to destroy it's enemies without ever being seen by them. Way back then, it definitely wasn't possible...
...today I think it might be... barely (and badly).
The Challenge: Design a build for a Fleet Caitian Atrox Carrier (T6)) that can clear story missions (and maybe easy difficulty FTOs) without entering a red alert state.
Now, you might be asking yourself where I got the idea that a ship with no native cloaking device is gonna do this. The most obvious thing I might have been thinking is Mask Energy Signature, which is a terrible skill no one should use, with limited duration. It's not a feasible path to meet my challenge.
Inspiration for the solution I am looking hard at came from my experience in the Widening Gyre event, using the Obfuscated Strategist Set, which at the 2 piece gives you a significant amount of stealth as long as you are not engaged in combat. I found that "engaged in combat" translated to "in the red alert state." I could still launch fighters and I could still deploy mines without losing that stealth. The mines and fighters could engage enemies without breaking that stealth. If I fired any other weapons, or used many boff powers, the stealth would break and I'd be stuck in combat till I could get a decent period of time away from the synth drones. This differs from Masked Energy Signature in an important way: I can lay mines without breaking out of the ability.
The plan to maintain stealth and stay out of red alert opens another possibility, one I haven't tried at all yet: Ambush Point Markers. These provide an AOE stealth field. I am not sure if the set's stealth bonus and the boff ability's will stack, but I plan to find out. But if all goes well, I can lay out these markers, summoning in reinforcements, and keeping my clouds of mines under the marker's stealth along with myself. This is entirely untested on my part though. If the two stealth bonuses DO stack, I feel confident I'd be able to maintain stealth even at close ranges, otherwise, it could get dicey if the enemy gets to close and is able to spot me.
Another bit of info I gleaned from my time in Widening Gyre is that Eject Warp Plasma doesn't put you into the red alert state... though tractor beam repulsors with the doff that makes them pull definitely does. I am not sure how useful it will be though, because getting someone stuck in it often requires getting close enough to be noticed in through the stealth.
Since mines are going to be a major part of what measly DPS the design has, I am pretty sure All Hands on Deck will be vital, in order to facilitate reducing the timer on Relocate Mines. And with the possibility of using eject warp plasma, Vent Metreon Laced Plasma, though I am going to do more testing on this before I decide if it is worthwhile, and to confirm my earlier findings about the lack of red alert state with it.
The rest of the ship traits will be focused on carrier pet DPS: scramble fighters, relaunch and repair, etc. I will probably include SAD even though I'll never be firing my own guns, activating the abilities should still enable those modes on the fighters. I will have to test if that will put me in red alert or not though. Since I am planning on using SAD anyway, I will probably try out Heavy Tachyon Mine just to see if it is usable with my plan of staying out of red alert, since it would be activated by the same things I would use to activate SAD.
I really want to have the Dampen Energy Signatures trait, but the ship has no intel seating, and mask energy signature actually seems to place me IN a red alert state when used and keeps me in that state it's whole duration, disabling the stealth bonuses and abilities I am actually relying on, so that trait has to stay off.
For personal traits Wing Commander, Hot Pursuit, and Holographic Mirage Decoys are all obvious shoe-ins.
Now, for weapons, I currently plan on just turning my fore weapons off so they have no chance of firing. Then letting the rear-mounted mines go continuously. As stated previously, I plan on using Obfuscated Strategist Set, and I plan on trying out the Task Force Ordnance Set as well, but am worried that the cooldowns will be too long to maintain the rate of deployment I want. If it does not work out I am not yet sure which mine I will replace it with. I also have the black ops mine launcher for the third rear slot.
For ship gear, I am considering the Iconian Resistance Starship Technologies 4pc set, with it's activated ability that can boost my fighter damage a bunch. Alternatively I am considering the Adapted MACO Space set for it's mask energy field, but I haven't tested if that has the same issues as the boff skill of a similar name. If anyone has any better ideas though, I am open to them.
That's pretty much everything I've had bouncing around my head about this build. Any thoughts, ideas, or insights anyone wants to share about this bit of insanity, please feel free to do so!
EDIT: I've just become aware of the Maquis Interceptor's Trait, which gives stealth bonuses while around your own anomalies. If I ever get the lobi to pick one up, I will play around with that to figure out the possibilities of an alternate build using it.
Edit 2: I've been considering Specializations for this build. Here is what I am thinking:
  • Pilot is currently top contender in my mind. The maneuverability it gives to the huge lumbering carrier I plan on using will be nigh invaluable for the purposes of moving around the enemy without running into them. On top of that it gives me access to Danger Zone and Wingman which will count my hangar pets if close enough. It will give me Immunity to a warp core breech every 60 seconds. I'd lose the danger zone bonuses and some of the maneuverability offered if this was secondary.
  • Temporal Operative is next on the list for Phasic Artillery and Entropic Rider it would lend to the mines I'm deploying. If this one is secondary, I'd lose the Phasic Artillery.
  • Intelligence Officer offers me Intel Fleet active ability to boost my fighters with, greater effects when my mines hit their rear arc which I would have no control over, and extra bonuses to stealth based on aux power levels. If this one is secondary, I'd lose the intel fleet, but keep the rest.
  • Miracle Worker would allow me to (this is untested and theoretical, not sure it will actually work this way) use Scramble Fighters and Relaunch and Repair traits to maintain a variety of defensive bonuses on my hangar pets... but I am not sure that would be particularly useful given that those two traits already basically make the fighters all but invincible.
  • Strategist looks like it would give a bunch of stacking buffs, most of which might actually apply. Would need to test and see if launching mines builds stacks that require firing a weapon, and need to see if Diversionary Tactics puts me in Red Alert state.
  • Constable would give my mines a variety of advantages against a single target, and this build would likely be killing things slow enough for it to activate on that target, but I think I'd rather pick a secondary that will help against more than just 1 target at a time... I am also not so sure I want to actually hard target anyone, since I am trying to stay out of red alert state.
  • Commando I might take and focus my specializations on the ground benefits over space. This captain is also stealth focused on the ground though.
  • Command... offers nothing useful to this build.
Below is the ship's build, I've filled in the ideas I have had so far, and will fill in more as ideas come.

Ship Loadout: Fleet Caitian Atrox Carrier

Slot  Item  Notes 
Fore Weapon 1  Support Tetryon Omni-Directional Beam Array Mk XV Epic  FOr 3 pc set bonus, less important.  
Fore Weapon 2  Advanced Inhibiting Polaron Heavy Turret Mk XV Epic  Important for 3pc set bonus 
Fore Weapon 3  Mk XV Epic  No idea what to put here yet. 
Aft Weapon 1  Modulating Competition Quantum Mine Launcher Mk XV Epic   
Aft Weapon 2  Advanced Inhibiting Rapid Chroniton Mine Launcher Mk XV Epic   
Aft Weapon 3  Black Ops Photon Mine Launcher Mk XV Epic   
Deflector  Iconian Resistance Deflector Array   
Impulse Engines  Iconian Resistance Hyper-Impulse Engines   
Warp Core  Iconian Resistance Hyper Injection Warp Core   
Shields  Iconian Resistance Resilient Shield Array   
4 Engineering Consoles  Swarmer Matrix   
  High Energy Communications Network   
  Repair Platforms  It may be silly, but these have a tiny stealth field around them. If things stack, it's just a bit on the top to help stay hidden.  
  Prior's World Elite Defense Satellite   
4 Science Consoles  Covert Munition Deployment Console   
  Ordnance Accelerator   
  Covert Mine Layer Suite   
  Point Defense Bombardment Warhead  will probably never use it's active ability 
3 Tactical Consoles  Vulnerability Locator [Mine]   
  Vulnerability Locator [Mine]   
  Vulnerability Locator [Mine]   
2 Hangar Bays  Elite Stalker Fighter Squadrons   
  Elite Stalker Fighter Squadrons   

Officer Details

Bridge Officers  Power  Notes 
Commander Science  Polarize Hull I    
  Science Team II    
  Hazard Emitters III    
  Photonic Officer III   No one needs this much cooldown reduction, but no other science boff powers of this tier are useable with this build, so I am putting photonic officer here and using the lower level slot for something else.  
Lt. Commander Engineer  Emergency Power to Engines I    
  Emergency Power to Auxilliary II    
  Eject Warp Plasma I    
Lt. Commander Universal/Command  Tactical Team I    
  Deployment Pattern Beta I    
  Ambush Point Marker II    
Lieutenant Tactical  Kemocite-Laced Weaponry I    
  Cannon: Scatter Volley I    
  Deployment Pattern Beta II   Having 2 deployment patterns is not needed for cooldown purposes, but it does improve the total number of mines you can have spawned.  

Traits & Duty Officers

Trait  Name  Description  Notes 
Personal Traits  Hot Pursuit  Chase distance for all Mines increased by 100%.   
  Holographic Mirage Decoys     
  Wing Commander  +100% Rank Up XP for all Hangar Pets (This reduces the total time it takes to reach Rank 5 by half.)   
  Kinetic Precision  Projectiles gain +10% Shield Bleedthrough   
  Superior Projectile Training  +7.5% Projectile Weapon Damage   
Starship Traits  All Hands on Deck  C-Store   
  Superior Area Denial  Lockbox   
  Scramble Fighters  C-store   
  Relaunch and Repair     
  Heavy Tachyon Mine  C-store  Or Vent Metreon Laced Plasma... may be both when I upgrade to T6-x, if ever. 
Space Reputation Traits  Auxiliary Power Configuration - Defense  In space combat you gain a bonus to Maximum Hull HP, Maximum Shield HP, Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating and Energy Damage Resistance Rating that scales based on your Auxiliary Power Level   
  Auxiliary Power Configuration - Offense  In space combat you gain a damage and accuracy boost based on your Auxiliary Power Level   
  Torpedo Pre-Fire Sequence  Torpedo Damage and Destructible Torpedo Flight Speed   
  Precision  Increases your Critical Hit Chance in space combat.   
  Advanced Targeting Systems  Slightly increases critical severity in space combat   
Duty Officers  Projectile Weapons Officer  Chance to reduce the time to recharge mines   
  Projectile Weapons Officer  Chance to reduce the time to recharge mines   
  Projectile Weapons Officer  Chance to reduce the time to recharge mines   
  Flight Deck Officer  Reduce the time to recharge hangar bays and Boarding Party   
  Flight Deck Officer  Reduce the time to recharge hangar bays and Boarding Party   
  Flight Deck Officer  Reduce the time to recharge hangar bays and Boarding Party   
submitted by Cryhavok101 to stobuilds