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WotV PvP Tactics & Mentality - Class Match 2 (CM2) Team Construction and Meta Preview

WotV PvP Tactics & Mentality - Class Match 2 (CM2) Team Construction and Meta Preview

Some would say I wrote this whole post just for this Flex. They're not wrong!
For this edition of WPTM I want to go into some analysis about the sorts of teams I expect to see be trouncing around in the second Class Match event (CM2). For those of you that don't know its starting tomorrow and will last for eight days - 40 matches in total. The rewards are very good - tons of viz and rare recipes - so I recommend everyone give it a spend. (Not to mention that Live PvP is the most exciting game mode in WotV - I might be biased...)

I'm going to review some info about CM2, some general PvP observations, then dive into highlighting the units, VCs, espers, and team compositions that I expect to see trouncing the opposition in CM2. You don't need to use anything in this post but you'd better have an answer to handle each of these compositions because you're going to be seeing them!
Without further ado...

A few notes about CM2

  • ***EDIT*** Matchmaking seems to have been changed for CM2 compared to CM1! In CM1 Diamond Masters were still matching with Bronze and Silver ranked teams. It now seems like the Matchmaker is trying to keep teams matched at similar rankings; this completely changes the strategy for those of us at the top of the bracket. For CM1 we needed to go 39-1 to have a shot at top ten but this time the win/loss records are probably going to be much more reasonable, say 30-10 or 35-5 for the folks in the top 10. To all my diamond master buddies: strap in because we're going to be seeing quicken gunners and theoretically perfect evade teams ALL DAY LONG. If you're in Silver or Bronze all my advice about dealing with auto teams still applies - there will be TONs of auto teams further down the bracket. ***/EDIT***

  • As we discovered in CM1, the key to making Diamond Master is to maintain the longest win streak you can as the bonus points due to win streaks grow all the way up to 20 wins in a row. Your final record is not nearly as important as where your losses happened to interrupt your streaks. For example, I went 39-1 in CM1 but had a loss on day six - I wound up in 6th place in the final rankings. Players 1-5 all were 39-1 as well but they had lost really early or lost after I did and so had a larger win streak bonus to pile up. In other words, its better to lose your first five matches then win 35 in a row thAn it is to go 38-2 and space those two losses at equal distances.

  • CM has three time slots and, anecdotally, myself and others in the Live PvP community felt that slot two had the softest competition and slot one had the hardest. No guarantees this continues!

  • CM2 has a *500* cost limit - that's the cost of your units, VCs, and Espers added together. 500 entails more sacrifices than 540 so expect folks to be reaching into the 'value for money' category of VCs/Espers (more on this later).

A couple notes about Live PvP strategy generally

  • Healers - sometimes useless, and sometimes godly. I could dedicate a whole post to this effect but I'll just point out here that the more hits your units can take (and here it doesn't matter if you can take 4 hits because you can survive that much damage or because the first 3 miss and you get one-hit on the 4th) the more valuable a full-life or big heal is. If your units are all one-shots then heals are useless because you won't be partially damaged in the match and a full-life only nets you value your situationally as you are spending one move to recover a character who will only take one additional enemy move to kill again. If you have a unit that takes 4 enemy moves to kill then that same full-life is going to burn 4 more enemy moves to kill that unit the second time!

  • This goes without saying, but you need to have a plan for how to kill the enemy and how to live long enough to achieve those kills. Every team I go through in this post may have a different answer to how they address those two questions but they definitely have an answer! In my section on team construction I will be explicitly asking and answering these questions for each team comp I present.

Noteworthy Characters in the Current Live PvP Meta

(thanks to wotv-calc.com for the screenshots!)

Halloween Little Leela (HLL)

The meta destroying mage of doom!
I predict HLL will be an MvP candidate for CM2. She combines high evade with instantaneous heals, full-life capability, and is a strong damage dealer in her own right. The evade meta has always existed and recent units like RK Sterne and Lasswell reinforced it but HLL has put it over the top.
Why is this? It goes back to what I said about Healers above - HLL is the first evasion healer. In a top tier evade team it can take several swings to connect with or kill enemy units so having HLL sit in the rear and heal up or drop the full-life when needed gives enormous value to the team utilizing her.
Couple this with her also ample damage dealing capabilities (powerful, long range, AoE...) means that HLL is one of the primary candidates for CM2 MvP!
Oh, and did I forget to mention she's only 70 cost? Gumi logic!

Ruin Knight Sterne (RK Sterne)

If only his Dad ever told him that he loved him none of this would've happened...
RK Sterne is the *other* meta defining evasion unit. He's going to be in samurai sub and you're going to see him doing the same two things at the opening of every. single. match. - popping bells and putting illusion on himself and his evasion partners in crime. His kit includes a counter-evade buff in Roar of Ruin and a frightening AoE in Hazard Crusher. There aren't going to be any light units of note in CM2 (maybe one guy with Ramza - you know who you are!) so being Dark doesn't penalize him.
RK Sterne's only downside is his mammoth 100 cost - you will have to make some sacrifices to fit him in, but he's worth it if you have the pieces to make evade work!


She's been my MvP since I pulled her Week2
Fred was the MvP of CM1 - its my understanding that about half of us in the top ten were using Fred in our teams. The reason? Her mammoth range and incredible power when coupled with Bells (Barrage is hungry for AP) and a maxed Fred's Dream VC. A quickened Fred can drop most units that she can hit with two barrages and at incredibly long ranges. Barrage isn't guaranteed hit and can miss evasion units but Fred is the 2nd highest innately accurate unit (behind Mustadio) so she'll reliably hit evade units before/after their evade buffs, particularly when coupled with an Alex ring or similar. Oh and she has the single most hated counter in the game - Reflex.
Fred's weaknesses - her frailty and her lack of Def penetration - don't matter in Live PvP where you can kill enemies before they can deal damage and Def tanking just isn't a competitive answer (You can kill WoL's friends then chain him like a raid boss to end the match!).
Her dominance in CM2 is in question though - high evade teams with HLL have the possibility to survive and recover through her barrages. If Fred has to fallback to using sharpshoot she can't take out the entire team before they can get to her.


Agrias is a unit whose value I took a long time to appreciate.
Of all the potential brawlers/bruisers in CM2, I predict Agrias will have the most impact. Firstly, she's Ice Element which is the element you want if I'm right about HLLs being all over the place. Lesiela sword+bells gives her plenty of accuracy and her LB has long range and if you can land it it wins matches single handedly. She's tough enough to survive multiple hits and in the current evade meta folks might not have accessory room for ribbons so judgement blade is another match winning option. I don't know how well bruiser teams are going to do in CM2 (I suspect they'll do just fine!) but Agrias has the best chance of leading the way!


PvE and auto PvP WotV has slept on this one
Nobody is talking about Chel outside of the Live PvP community and so you might go all 40 matches without seeing her - I have no idea how aggressively the larger community has been preparing her. But you can bet your ass that you if match up with a guy who has auto off and chel in their team you're going to be in for a rough ride! The reason is straight forward - Chel costs only 50 and has the highest AGI of the time mages with access to quicken. Sure Chel can drop hastes or fire off a Comet/Ruin in a pinch but honestly, she's just a fast quicken source. You might think that no single ability is enough to warrant a unit being included in this list but you'd be wrong. Quicken lets you take a mediocre unit's turn and translate it into your OP unit getting to go twice. That's two barrages, two Hazard Crushers, two level 3 Aerogas, etc. etc.... We will see Phoebes, Helenas, even Gilgameshes throwing quicken in matches but Chel does the job of quicken as fast as possible at the lowest cost possible and has high value for that alone.

Value for the Money VCs/Espers

Leonis Castle
Perhaps the biggest mispricing in VCs in WotV!
Everyone knows about Leonis Castle but it bears repeating - if you're running a bruiser comp in CM2 Leonis Castle is likely *BiS* for you, let alone value for the money! A great way for bruiser comps to save cost for the rest of their team.

Instantaneous 1,000 Needles, Cactuar

You laugh at Crit Rate up 9 until you win a match on a lucky Crit...
Cactuar has some sneaky value - some evade teams might take this to eek out some more evade/speed and any team that's relying on AGI to lap opponents might want to stack this with House B on that crucial unit.

Great Detective Little Leela

HLL loves this VC
The party ability for GDLL is not that much of a damage buff to magic teams, but the 25 ACC isn't something to sneeze at. ACC is maybe the most important stat in the current evasion heavy meta so here's a way to sneak in some ACC on a single unit. You can even stack this with the Aigaion or House B VCs for even more ACC...


His Esper is even better than his VC!
I've only got one value esper recommendation here and its little Cactuar. You're really reaching if you look at the other SR espers but Cactuar gives you 15% man-eater on top of MAG / MAG Attack. All of us and he's only 20 cost - a great Esper for HLL in particular!

Meta Team Categories and Examples

Most every competitive Live PvP team can be grouped according to its philosophy around how it plans to kill the enemy and how it plans to stay alive long enough to achieve that objective. Either you're going to kill the enemy before they can hit you, or you're planning on taking some hits and surviving them. I therefore group the various team categories accordingly:

Teams that Try Not to Take Hits


  • How do I Kill the Enemy: Deal moderate Slash (and magic with HLL) against the weakest or most out of position units. Strike or Missile damage is *possible* but atypical.
  • How do I Survive Long Enough: Dodge the enemy's attacks more than they dodge mine!
Lasswell is a great 'anti-meta' play with his innate ACC and elemental advantage to HLL
The premise of Evasion teams is to stack up as much LUCK, AGI, and direct Evasion as possible to cause unprepared opponents to swing and miss. From DesuSnow 's awesome spreadsheet, here are the top Evade units, including JP (I highlighted relevant global units):

Tidus EX is going to destroy the Meta next Year...
Note - Shadowlynx is on the bubble - we'll see her but I don't predict she'll have much influence.

I predict that Evasion teams will be the single most common categories of teams we observe in CM2. There are two reasons for this: first, in live PvP evade is at the top of the meta so many live pvp players will be employing evade teams, and second, evade is powerful in Arena/Guild Battles as well so many players on auto will bringing their modified to 500 cost evasion teams as well. Put these two groups of players together and you had best be ready to see these same teams over and over again!


  • How do I Kill the Enemy: Deal the strongest Missile damage possible to off out of position or weak units at maximum range.
  • How do I Survive Long Enough: Kill the enemy before they can close to deal any damage. If the enemy can close, try to force them into making poor trades. If all else fails, pray for Reflex.
This is my current CM2 team
Core Unit(s): Fred
Support Unit(s): Lu'Cia, Mustadio, Quicken Sources
The premise of Gunner teams is built almost entirely around the advantages available to Fred: solid AoE damage in the form of Barrage attached to the longest range and one of the highest AGI units in the game. Xiza's Bells are all but essential here - your Fred pops bells, typically as the first move of the game, then you see what your opponent does. If they charge you you start shooting right away and try to take them down in a hail of arrows and bullets. If they turtle then you cast Aimed Fire and take advantage of Fred's high AGI and maximum range to play the positional battle and punish any positional mistakes your opponent makes.
Its very common to couple Fred with a quicken source - I used Miranda in CM1, and will be using Phoebe in CM2 (because I didn't pull Chel...) as a double barrage is fatal to the majority of teams. Lu'Cia is becoming less common as a supporting unit for various reasons but having a second sharpshoot source in the evade meta is very useful. Expect to see some Mustadios as well but he's a much rarer unit in general.

Double Quicken

  • How do I Kill the Enemy: Move my carry unit into attack position with Quickens ready to resolve and deal overwhelming damage before the enemy can respond.
  • How do I Survive Long Enough: Kill the entire enemy squad before they can effect the battle in any meaningful way. Failing this, force a trade in my favor in the early game to set up the rest of the match.

I can't believe this is 500 cost either
Core Unit(s): RK Sterne, Fred, Glaciela, HLL,
Support Unit(s): As many Quicken Sources as you have
Perhaps one of the scariest teams to face in Live PvP is a team with two sources of Quicken. They require a ton of tuning/practice/work to get working but for the folks that have set them up they can do something no other team can do - completely eliminate enemy teams before they can take their second set of moves.
These teams are defined by the hypercarry unit they select. Typically folks will select whichever unit they have which can deal the most AoE damage possible - units like RK Sterne, Glaciela, and Fred are great for this. I haven't seen a hyper carry HLL yet but I don't see why this wouldn't work as well.
In CM2 double quicken teams will have to have an answer to evasion so look to see lots of ACC stacking (I believe only Ramza has a guaranteed hit AoE attack and its not repeatable as its his LB). If you're running an evade team, be sure to pop your evasion skills straight away and pray. If you're running a bruiser team you want to pop defensive skills or consider spreading your team apart if the situation is really desperate.
Despite their strengths, I don't expect double quicken teams to win more matches than the other archetypes for the simple reason that so much is on the shoulders of the hyper carry. Out of 40 matches you're probably going to run into a matchup with a team that's tanked from hell to high water against the damage type you're doing and force a really hard match. But if you want to farm teams on auto as fast as possible for the other 35 matches - double quicken can't be beat!

Teams that Tank the Hits


  • How do I Kill the Enemy: March towards the enemy as a unit and deal a mix of strong damage types - Slash being the most the common. Grind the enemy down, focusing on healers first where possible.
  • How do I Survive Long Enough: Be able to absorb enough hits in a row that you can heal in between enemy attacks sufficiently well to stay alive. Full-Life a dead tank and force the enemy to burn 3 or 4 actions to kill it again.
I predict Agrias will be a champion Brawler for CM2
Core Unit(s): Agrias, Kilphe, H.Rairyu, Lasswell, Cid
Support Unit(s): HLL, Miranda, Gilgamesh, Rain, Grace
The premise of the bruisebrawler team is to combine units with high effective HP with support units that can sustain them long enough to kill the enemy team.
The Bruiser category is the most in flux of the meta groups as bruisers have suffered the most at the hands of the evasion meta. Kilphe was a powerful weapon against pre-HLL evade teams with her tankiness and guranteed hit but HLL simply destroys Kilphe (also HRairyu - which is muting his impact in the Live PvP scene despite his incredibly strong damage capability). This leaves Agrias as perhaps the best brawler unit available. Lasswell is possible too as Mirage gives him more brawler capability and he also has elemental advantage to HLL but his lack of range compared to Agrias puts him back on the list for me.
For all you Cid lovers - I suspect we'll see a ton of him, but on auto - I'll cover that below. In Manual PvP Cid is still great but he suffers from more ACC problems than Agrias does as you're generally putting a coral sword in his hand and trying to pick up ACC elsewhere.
Rain is another unit whose importance has faded a bit but jamming thrust is always useful and he can tank HLL while healing - a possible sleeper unit?

(Dis)Honorable Mention: The 'I'm here from Arena and am on Auto' Team

This is what I think when I see Cid/WoL on Auto
Core Unit(s): WoL, Cid, whatever is popular in Arena/GB
Support Unit(s): Ayaka, HLL
The most common team you're going to see is going to be somebody on auto with either evade units (discussed above) or this team. A brawler Cid and WoL can be tricky to beat if you're not careful, particularly if Cid has Bells and can pop his LB. Take advantage of the predictability of the AI - you should have a good feel for how to take apart AI controlled Cids/WoLs by practicing in regular live PvP on the new map before starting your first CM2 matches tomorrow.

MIA Teams

There are some other team comps out there that have been popular or for whom we keep waiting on their popularity. You'll probably see them in CM2 but I'm not expecting to see them take over the meta for CM2.

Piercing Teams

Glaciela was supposed to usher in the pierce meta for live pvp but she failed to launch. Simply put - she's too delicate. Fred tears her apart and while she does have guaranteed hit for evade teams she can't brawl effectively against the likes of RK Sterne. Viktora has a cool LB but hasn't been much of a factor recently either. There are still some dedicated Aileen fans out there but she's not in the meta by any definition of the word.
Honorable Mention:
This isn't a pierce team - its a double quicken team! Run if you see it...

Magic Teams

HLL is going to be everywhere and we're going to see plenty of HRairyu too but they're typically complementary pieces to teams that are also dealing slash damage. Salire has never taken hold in live PvP and Medi bombs are still around but not nearly as common. Most medi bomb drivers have probably switched to using HLL.

One final note - WotV is actually way more balanced then people give it credit for. In this post I discussed units that I expect to see the most of but if you didn't see your favorite unit mentioned it doesn't mean that it sucks. Charm Xiza - still useful! Fry can step into bruiser teams, delita is a strong sleeper evade unit, etc., etc. - there are more units then I have time to discuss. But I do think the units I highlighted are the ones we'll see the most so hopefully this post will help you get ready for CM2!

Well that's it for this post, I hope you found it useful! I want to thank everyone on the WotV Live PvP Discord who spend hours theory crafting with me and who kindly donated many of their intended team comps for my usage in this post. If you're interested in learning more about Live PvP you can join us at the Live PvP discord server or join one of our guilds - we'll be happy to help!

WotV PvP Tactics & Mentality is an irregularly updated series of posts about the most neglected aspect of WotV: Live PvP If you liked this post, feel read to my previous entries in the series:
1. WotV PvP Tactics & Mentality: Playing Ahead vs Playing from Behind
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3. WotV PvP Tactics & Mentality - Six Months of Mediena Bombs & how the Meta Evolves in PvP

submitted by RedKnightRG to wotv_ffbe


STORY: Humiliation Tournament: Round One: Match One: Sasha Banks vs Carmella (Bra and Panties Match)

Announced to take place in WWE for their women was an unique tournament, one of all the past humiliating and degrading match types that some fans used to love. And while it was a controversial move, it drew increased interest and eyes. Especially for the opening, a classic stipulation for embarrassment, a bra and panties match, which pitted Sasha Banks against her newfound rival Carmella.
Sasha made her entrance first and was definitely not lacking any confidence as she strutted out onto the ramp and struck her classic Boss hip swivel, sticking out her tongue before making her way to the ring, clearly as confident as she was before any other match, despite the humiliating stipulation and stakes. However, as had become the norm the previous few weeks, Carmella was not waiting for the match to strike first. Because as Sasha made her way to ringside, Carmella suddenly struck with a superkick to the side of Banks’ face, the Boss never seeing it coming as Mella struck first.
“That’s right! That’s why Mella is money! And Mella is untouchable!” Carmella boasts, spreading her arms and posing over the fallen form of her foe, “And that means that I am unable to be humiliated! This tournament is mine! And I’m going to make the Legit Boss my Legit Bitch!“ Carmella screams, grabbing Sasha by the hair and shorts and picking her up before tossing her into the ring, giving her a wedgie as she does so. The Untouchable Princess wasn’t in any hurry to follow up however, ducking underneath the ring apron to find some toys, pulling out and tossing in a couple of steel chairs and a couple of kendo stocks into the ring, before pulling out a trash can and holding it up smugly.
“Look everyone! It’s Sasha and her career!” Mella brags, taking too long to pose however. Because as she started to go towards the ring, Sasha had already recovered and was running the ropes, sliding and drop kicking the trash can into Carmella’s face, sending her down to the floor with a scream. Sasha slid out of the ring after the former Princess, scowling down at her.
“I’m sick and tired of you ambushing me week after week! There’s no way I LET YOU humiliate me in this too!” Sasha screams down at a dazed Carmella, ducking down and picking her up by the hair, before tossing her hard into the barricade. “It’s fitting you grabbed a trash can, because that’s all you are, trailer trash!” Sasha shouts, verbally berating her rival before picking her up and rolling her into the ring, quickly following behind.
Unlike many of their prior interactions, Carmella was on the back foot, staggering towards a corner and struggling to maintain her footing. Sasha was quick to follow however, striking with her corner Meteora to send Mella down to her ass, and then following up with another one, this time staying in position with her crotch pressed against the Untouchable One’s face.
”You may be ’Untouchable,’ but the Boss owns your skanky ass!” Sasha brags, sticking out her tongue before hopping off Carmella and setting her sights on one of the chairs she had brought into the ring, setting it up while the woman herself crawled out of the corner, rubbing at her face as it was clear she was trying to escape the ring.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Banks demands as she grabs her foe by her blonde hair, dragging her to the set-up chair. “This is what you wanted right? To be seen by everyone! Well trust me, nobody’s gonna forget what I do to you!” The Boston Native screams, forcing Carmella over towards the chair and bending her over it while kneeling down herself. “Let’s see how much this skank ass of yours can take!”
“Please! No! OW!” Carmella shrieks as Banks licks her hand and delivers a hard slap to one of her tan ass cheeks. Sasha wasn‘t done, delivering five spanks to each ass cheek and ten overall, turning Mella’s tan ass a light shade of pink. Sasha wasn’t done however, winding up and playing to the crowd before delivering an overhead, doubled-handed slap, causing the Untouchable Princess to cry out in agony.
”Now then, let’s see my ’Hand‘-iwork,“ Sasha quips with a confident grin on her face, taking Carmella by the waistband of her shorts and starting to pull down. And despite Mella’s flailing legs, and the slight complexity of the lower half of her attire, the Boss managed to wriggle her shorts down and off, exposing the Princess of Staten Island’s red thong and juicy ass.
“Piece of cake!” Sasha taunts, standing up and raising Carmella’s skimpy shorts in the air before bending down and performing her hip swivel taunt again. This proved to be costly as the half undressed woman had managed to recover and take advantage of the Boss’ cockiness, delivering a dropkick to her butt which sent Sasha tumbling through the middle rope and to the floor with a cry of pain.
”Are you kidding me?” Carmella shrieks as she glares down at Sasha, “You want to spank me? You want to strip me?” She screams, sounding indignant as she grabs a Kendo Stick and rolls outside the ring after the Boss, glaring down at a crawling Banks. “You don’t get to do that to me! Nobody does that to me!” Carmella screams as she raises the Kendo Stick and sends a lash down across Sasha’s back.
“Your ass always eats these shorts every match anyway, why stop now?” Mella shouts as she ducks down and grabs Banks by the hair and shorts, tossing the blue-haired woman into the steps and giving her a wedgie which exposes a lot of her bronzed booty. And, unfortunately for Banks, she ended up in a humiliating position, slumped over the steps on her stomach, with her round, exposed ass in the air. A position that her opponent was quick to realize.
”Are you kidding? This is great!” Carmella taunts with a loud laugh, stepping towards her foe and raising her Kendo Stick, before swinging it down across Sasha’s exposed and prone backside, causing the Boss to cry out in pain as her butt pleasantly jiggles. “You! Think! You! Can! Touch! Me!” Mella screams, unloading a strike with each word onto her opponent’s thick butt, leaving Sasha screaming in pain as she weakly tried to get off the steps, reaching back to rub at her booty.
”I’m untouchable baby! Un! Touch! A! Ble!” Carmella screams, emphasizing each syllable as she walks around to get in Sasha’s face, a cocky grin on her own as she looks down at her pain stricken opponent. “What’s the matter Banksey? Ya gonna cry like you do after every big loss? Huh? You gonna cry like the Legit Baby you are?” Mella taunts, Sasha weakly trying to slap up at the cocky Princess, only for the blonde to easily move out of the way. “That’s not very nice! Bad baby!” Carmella taunts arrogantly, going around Sasha and smirking as she sees her trying to get back up, running and booting her directly in the butt, sending her falling off the steps and to the floor.
”That’s right! Here is your winner, the Untouchable Carmella!” Mella shouts, declaring victory and feeling dominant despite technically being at the disadvantage in the match with her thong showing and Sasha still technically fully clothed. Despite this, the Untouchable One didn’t seem to be in a hurry, grabbing a bottle of water from the announcer’s table and walking leisurely back over to the Boston Native, taking a long gulp of the water before spitting it directly down onto Sasha’s face and chest.
”That’s right! That’s where you be...AH!” Carmella starts to brag before crying out as Sasha kicked her knee, feeling enraged by the disrespectful gesture shown. Sasha quickly got back up and dodged a swing of Carmella’s Kendo Stick, countering a second by grabbing it and trapping the stick underneath one arm. The Boss then kneed The Princess in the gut, causing her to stumble back and relinquish control of the weapon to Banks.
”You think you can disrespect the Boss like that Carmella? I’m ‘bout to own that skanky ass!” Sasha says with no small amount of confidence in her voice, stepping towards The Staten Island Princess and aiming repeated Kendo Stick shots at her, all of them causing her to cry out in pain as Banks continued to chase her around the ringside area, continuing to inflict more punishment with her own weapon.
“Please...stop it Sash...AH!” Carmella tries to plead, trying to feign in the Legit Boss, only for Sasha to catch her superkick, shaking her head at Carmella before dropping her face first into her knee. Banks then rolled Mella into the ring and ducked underneath it, digging around a couple seconds before pulling out a black Sharpie, holding it up with a devious look in her eyes.
“I told her I’m gonna own that trashy ass!” Sasha shouts, starting to climb up onto the apron only to get caught with a superkick this time by Carmella, sending her sprawling back to the floor, the marker falling out of her hand. Mella followed her outside, looking furious at Sasha‘s attempts at humiliating her.
”I’m sick of you! Let’s take this up a notch!” The blonde screams as she reaches down and grabs the waistband of Sasha’s shorts. Only, instead of pulling down, she pulled up as hard as she could, giving her a tight wedgie as it exposed almost all of her round backside. “You said you were gonna own MY ass? Please, I already own this sad lil’ booty!” Carmella shouts, sending a couple swats into it as Banks winced in pain from the earlier spanking. Mella then finally released the wedgie, only to quickly start pulling down on Sasha’s shorts. The Boston Native could barely fight back as the Princess wriggled her tiny shorts down over her big backside, exposing her blue, cheeky panties which looked more like a thong from the earlier wedgie.
”I bet she thinks this is the worst of it! Oh no, I meant it when I said I’d make the Boss my Bitch!” Carmella shouts as she holds up Sasha’s small shorts for a few seconds before tossing them into the ring. She then grabs the Kendo Stick and turns back to a slowly recovering Banks, grabbing her by the waistband of her panties with a cruel looking smile on her face.
“You don’t wanna cry and quit yet? How about now?” Mella teases cruelly as she slides the Kendo Stick into the right leg hole of Sasha’s panties, a huge grin plastered across her face.
”What are you doi...OH!” Sasha starts to mutter in confusion before gasping and moaning as Carmella slides the stick through both sides of the Boss’ panties and tugs up harshly on it, giving her a huge wedgie.
”How do you like this one Banksey? Still think you can humiliate me?” The blonde taunts, smirking down at her foe as she bounces the Kendo Stick up and down a few times, causing more pressure on her foe’s ass and causing Sasha to whimper and moan in pain. “Getting close to a few tears I see, let’s see how much more you can take!” Carmella mocks as she grabs Banks under the chin with one hand while still holding the Kendo Stick with the other, squeezing her cheeks together and making her make a very unflattering face with her lips puckered.
“Hm, looks like you’re ready for a kiss! Ooh! I know what you can kiss, bitch!” Carmella taunts as a lightbulb goes off in her head, releasing her grasp of the mega wedgie to Sasha‘a relief. However, it was only so she could turn around with her ass facing her rival, and pull Sasha’s forcibly puckered lips into one of her tanned and exposed ass cheeks.
“Bow down to your Untouchable Princess baby!” Mella shouts, keeping Sasha’s face pressed again her butt for a few seconds before bumping it backwards, knocking Banks down to the floor with a groan as she looked disgusted and humiliated, squirming in her discomfort. “That’s right! She wants to expose my ass, she can kiss it!” The blonde screams as she gives her rear a couple slaps before turning around and grabbing Sasha by the hair with one hand and the Kendo Stick with the other.
“In you go, Bossy Bitch!” Carmella screams as she tosses Sasha into the ring, starting to follow before she saw the Sharpie that Banks dropped earlier. “What’s this? Were you gonna try and use this on me?“ Mella teases with an evil glint in her eyes as she bends down and grabs it, “Let’s see how that works out for you!” She shouts as she picks it up and slides in the ring, chuckling as she sees Sasha weakly crawling for a chair.
“Where do you think you’re going?” The Princess taunts as she bends down and grabs the Kendo Stick, tugging up harshly on it and causing Banks to scream in pain as she gets another huge wedgie from the Princess of Staten Island. “I never said you could go ANYWHERE!” Mella shouts as she continues to wrench harder on her grasp of the weapon, for the longest fifteen seconds of Banks’ life until she finally dropped it with a huge grin on her face.
“Now then, what can we do with this?” Carmella taunts as she holds up the Sharpie, rolling a struggling Sasha over onto her back with a huge grin on her face as she opens the marker. “Time to show everyone who’s bitch you are!” Mella then kneels down and draws a giant letter “C” on Sasha’s toned stomach, cackling as she does before dropping the marker on the mat.
”That’s right baby! Who’s bitch are you? Who’s bitch are you?” Carmella taunts as she pulls Sasha slightly upright by the hair, only to receive a weak kick to her leg in response, causing her to stumble back a couple steps. “UGH!” She growls in frustration, before clocking her blue haired rival with another super kick, turning Banks’ lights out.
“I could end this right now you bossy brat! But, that would be too generous for you!” Mella spits down at the Legit Boss, grabbing her by the hair and roughly dragging her to a corner, before sitting her up in it. “Stay there bitch!” She screams as she bends down and bitch slaps Banks across the face, before moonwalking backwards, and making a couple “Suck It!” gestures.
”Open wide!“ Carmella shouts before running and nailing Sasha with her Bronco Buster. Only, instead of hopping off, Mella continued to bounce up and down and grind her crotch into her foe’s face, even miming riding and humping it with an obnoxious moan and laugh. “That’s right! Who’s bitch are you? Who’s bitch are you?” The Blonde mocks in an annoying, sing-song voice before finally hopping off after around twenty seconds of her Bronco Buster.
”I don’t think that’s enough! I think she deserves more!” Carmella taunts as she walks to the center of the ring before turning around and smacking her tan butt back at Banks. “I think she deserves to be this Untouchable Princess’ throne!” She shouts, starting to slowly back her ass towards her downed foe’s face, setting up a humiliating Stinkface. Desperate to avoid that, Sasha had managed to wriggle the Kendo Stick out of her panties and grab it, holding it up with the point directed at Carmella’s ass.
”What? Ohhhhhhhhhhh...” Carmella moans in shock as Sasha started sticking the Kendo Stick into her ass crack and asshole, poking it into her before springing up and grabbing a tight handful of Mella’s blonde hair.
”I will never be your bitch!” Sasha growls into her ear, shoving Carmella forward before running forward and kicking the Kendo Stick as it was thoroughly embedded between Mella’s ass cheeks, earning a moan and scream of pain as she fell face first onto the mat. Sasha was quick to follow up, walking around to in front of Carmella and grabbing her by the hair to make her look up.
”You think it’s fun to try and shove your skank ass in my face? I hope you like Boss booty,” Sasha teases as she then turns around and pulls her rival by the hair and embeds her face directly between her plump cheeks. “I bet you regret that wedgie now!” She teases, wiggling and clapping her thick, bronze cheeks against The Princess’ face, her screams of humiliation muffled by Banks’ plump posterior. For fifteen seconds, Sasha continued this humiliation, until she pulled Carmella’s face out and pressed it into one of her wobbly cheeks.
”Kiss it! Right Now!” Sasha demands, getting a weak peck in response which she deems good enough, dropping Carmella’s hair and stepping forward, striking her hip swivel with a huge and confident grin on her face. “I’m the Boss! She’s just a nobody!” Banks shouts, turning back to Carmella who was reaching back and weakly trying to pull the Kendo Stick out from between her ass cheeks.
“Uncomfortable? Let me help you!” Sasha mocks in a ”friendly” tone as she grabs the Kendo Stick and harshly yanks it out, causing Mella to scream in shock and pain, before quickly dropping down and wrapping the weapon around her neck, pulling back in a Kendo Stick assisted Bank Statement, causing Carmella’s eyes to quickly bug out as she tapped almost instantly. Unfortunately for her, the match didn’t end via submission, leaving the Untouchable one weakly tapping the mat until she passed out from the submission. Sasha finally released it when Carmella had gone a few seconds without moving, standing up with a huge and confident grin on her face.
“I could end it right now, but that would be too generous for you!” Sasha taunts, mocking Carmella from earlier as she grabs a steel chair that was in the ring, picking it up with a slight wince. “I hope I don’t flatten this pancake ass anymore,“ Sasha warns before swinging it down harshly on Mella’s ass, causing her to unconscious wince, before Banks repeats the process twice more, laughing as she looks down at the still unconscious Princess.
“Alright, you bore me.” Sasha says dismissively as she grabs the back of Carmella’s top and slowly starts untying it, taking her time and knowing she had all of it in the world, before pulling it off and exposing the back of her red bra, the referee calling for the bell as soon as The Boss strips her rival.
”Here is your winner, Sasha Banks!”
Sasha clearly wasn‘t done though, grabbing the discarded marker from earlier and glaring down at the smudged “C“ on her stomach.
“I told you I’d own this trashy ass, bitch!” Sasha shouts, kneeling down and writing “Property of the Legit Boss” on Mella’s ass, the blonde groaning as she slowly started coming too. ”It looks almost natural, slut!” Sasha brags, tossing the marker out of the ring and exiting herself, a huge grin on her face as she walked up the ramp with a sway to her hips, shaking her exposed backside slightly for the delight of the people watching. Carmella meanwhile had slowly come too and looked down, seeing her own bra and shrieking in shock as her arms flew over it.
”A towel! Get me a towel!” Carmella shrieks at the referee, melting down and throwing a tantrum in the middle of the ring, not even having noticed the writing on her ass yet. Sasha, when she reached the top of the ramp, laughed as she surveyed the scene and blew a kiss towards the ring, slapping her butt and then walking to the back while Mella freaked out about her humiliation.
So, this is the first story in the tournament. Tell me what you all think, what I can improve upon, or just other comments. I hope you all enjoyed.
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