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A Review of Dual Destinies and why it's simply fine (SPOILERS)

This post will have spoilers for Dual Destinies as well as the previous four main Ace Attorney games. I will not be discussing either Investigations game as I have not yet played either. I also recommend reading my Apollo Justice review I put together last month first to get a vibe of how I felt about that game, but it's not entirely necessary.
To start, going into Dual Destinies, I knew relatively little, but I'll say what I did know. I knew Klavier, Pearl, and Edgeworth all came back in some capacity. I had seen the picture of Apollo and Clay together as well as edgy Apollo with the bandages and jacket. I also had seen and knew the name of Athena Cykes. Otherwise, I knew very little of her than hearing some negative comments on it. About halfway through the game, I saw hints about Fulbright's true identity, but still had doubts up until the moment we learned Athena stabbed them in the hand.
Alright, now that we got the introductory disclaimers out of the way. Wow, Dual Destinies sure is a video game. It's not awful, but it's also nothing super impressive. So I'm going to structure this in three parts. Part 1 will be everything that isn't the story. Part 2 will be about general issues I have with Dual Destinies and Part 3 will be my thoughts on each of the game's six cases.

Part 1
So, with this being the first entry on the 3DS, we have a lot of changes. First of all, full 3D graphics. To be honest, the game looks really good. I still really like the sprites of the first few games, but 3D does wonders for the animation quality. It makes things feel much more dynamic at times and that's definitely a good thing. The courtroom also feels a lot more alive than it did before because of it. I really like the moments where the camera pans around the courtroom during certain moments.
The music here has me kinda mixed but I do think it's good overall. This game brought back Trials and Tribulations composer Noriyuki Iwadare and while I think he did a great job on some tracks, I think some are pretty weak. The cross-examination and investigation themes are probably some of my least favorite in the series. They do the job, but I don't care for them. They also remastered a number of themes from the original trilogy like the themes for Edgeworth, Trucy, and Pearl as well as Confess the Truth 2004 (which was a really random choice, by the way) and those are good. We also got two great remix of Apollo's theme and I really like them both. And then there's the fair share of solid new tracks.
Fulbright's theme is really good and so is the courtroom lobby theme. I don't know why every single detective theme in this series has to be incredible, but it keeps happening and I am completely fine with that. The court lobby theme actually comes pretty close to the one from Apollo Justice, but isn't quite at that level. The Swashbuckler Spectacular song also got stuck in my head through most of my playthrough of the DLC case. I also enjoyed Athena's theme and the pursuit theme. I keep remembering more and it's because there's a nice bit here to love like with most Ace Attorney soundtracks.
The last thing I'll say about the music is that I wish Guilty Love got a new remix for when Klavier Gavin showed up, but to be honest, the original is pretty much perfect as is. I'd like to think that Iwadare was asked to do a remix and then declined because he didn't think he could do it justice. (no pun intended)
Anime and Voice Acting
I would've liked to have had case opening scenes been rendered in full 3D similar to what they were moving toward with the Apollo Justice openers since I really enjoyed those, but anime is good. I think the style they went with works well for Ace Attorney. As for the voice acting, I think it works out for the most part. I still have my pipe dream of fully voice acted trials, but I do understand that's a bit harder in an established series where people already have voices for these characters, but I digress. I think Sam Riegel does a pretty good job as Phoenix, though I was already used to him as the character due to Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Orion Acaba also fits Apollo pretty well. Dave Mitchell as the judge is fine, but nothing remarkable. So to sum up, I'm fine with most of the new voices for the existing characters with the exception of Klavier Gavin. The second I heard his objection, I did a double take. Yuri Lowenthal is a great voice actor, but I just don't think he works for Klavier. And Edgeworth's objection is a bit off, but unlike Klavier, I think Kyle Hebert sounds fine in the cutscenes. Wendee Lee wasn't the first voice actress that came to mind when I looked at Athena, but I think she does a really good job with the role. She gives a lot of energy to the character of Athena.
Now we move onto gameplay and this is something I'm pretty mixed on. Dual Destinies text scroll immediately felt a lot slower than that of the first 4 games to me. I'm not sure if it really is, but it didn't help either that the game only has two lines for text. I'm a pretty fast reader, so I felt slowed down by the pace of the text fading in. I wished several times during the game that I could just tap to immediately load the entire line. (Brief addendum: I played the first couple minutes of Spirit of Justice and it seems that this is exactly what they did and I am very happy about that.) That being said, the ability to move to any location from any other one is a nice quality of life change, but the game automatically moves you to the next area so frequently that I don't feel it's impact all that much. And speaking of which, Dual Destinies is a whole lot easier than any other Ace Attorney game so far.
Investigation is significantly railroaded and even when it isn't, it's blatantly obvious where you need to go next thanks to the court record notes. I appreciate that it keeps the game moving, but there's just something about it, I don't quite like. I don't miss trying to present every piece of evidence and going to every single location trying to progress, but at the same time, I feel like that kind of became part of the identity of Ace Attorney. I get why they changed it though and I'm not really that upset about it. It's just something I noticed. I think it's totally fine to do that with investigations. With trials, on the other hand….
I very rarely got stuck on any part of a trial in this game. Maybe it's because of how experienced I am with the gameplay now, but trials just lost most of the difficulty they used to have. And Capcom also made save scumming easier by allowing you multiple save slots and allowing you to go right to the title screen without having to reset the game. But, much like moving anywhere, this change is completely negated by the fact that when you get a guilty verdict, you can immediately return to whatever question/cross examination tripped you up with all penalties being removed. And even still, if you're stuck, you can always just consult your co-counsel and get a nice hint. All this made Dual Destinies the first game in the series where I never had to look up a guide, which is nice I guess, but it also meant that I had significantly fewer "aha!" moments when I finally figured out a tough segment. Those moments are part of what I've always enjoyed about Ace Attorney. I feel like I'm making a slightly bigger deal about it here, than it really meant in-game, but it is definitely something I noticed. One quality of life improvement that I have zero qualms about is the addition of a text log you can open at any time. I've always felt this was missing in Ace Attorney so I was very glad to finally see it here. I don't have much to say about how examining scenes work now. I don't really miss being able to examine every room. Admittedly though, 3D investigation is pretty cool.
That being said, I found the new court elements of the mood matrix and the thought route (I don't know if that's the actual name, I'm talking about the thing at the end of trials where you have to answer like five multiple choice questions) to be enjoyable. Though, the latter gave me Danganronpa vibes. I wouldn't be surprised if the AA team was inspired in some way by Danganronpa for that. I did enjoy the gameplay of the Mood Matrix even if story-wise, I- well, we'll get to that. I did find enjoyment in pinpointing and probing with the Mood Matrix, though. It took away some of the monotony and stumped me a little more than the traditional cross-examinations did (though you don't get any penalties from the mood matrix, so…).
I think that about wraps up Part 1, though.

Part 2
Before we dive into this game case by case, I want to first discuss a few facets of the story I disliked overall. I know this has been pretty negative so far, but I do indeed like things about the game. I did mostly enjoy it on a moment to moment basis, I just found that it had some overarching problems.
Phoenix Wright
I do feel that maybe Phoenix shouldn't have become a lawyer again, but he did. I feel like Dual Destinies wanted to overcorrect what Apollo Justice did with the character. I was fine with how he was portrayed in that game. He was a different man. And that's why I have a problem with him here. It felt like Dual Destinies wanted to Wright to be this legend that is infallible which completely contradicts what his character has become. Even in T&T, Phoenix began to stray a bit with things like the Furio bait. He will often do anything for that not guilty verdict due to his belief in his clients. And of course there's the scene in Turnabout Trump that I don't need to say anything more about for now. It felt like Dual Destinies wanted to forget all of that and have this perfect Phoenix that never did all that when that's not who his character became.
Barring that, I feel like this game also has way too much of him. Dual Destinies has three playable characters and six cases. That should be a clean split of three cases per character. So it came to my surprise that Phoenix is the primary playable character in four of them. Now, I could play the "not what Takumi wanted" card, but to be honest, I think most of you are probably already aware of that so I'll just say that I don't really care for Phoenix all that much when compared to Athena and Apollo. Phoenix already had three full games and you have two other interesting protagonists that I'd like to see more of. So to me, it felt like a slap in the face to have so much more focus on a character I feel has already had his story told and is straying from what we've previously seen of him.
I'm going to briefly discuss "Phoenix Wright" being back in the title. I really wish they just finally would've shortened the title to "Ace Attorney Dual Destinies", but there's definitely a reason they didn't. They definitely wanted to harken back to the original trilogy with this game. Or at least that's how it feels to me. I'll go more into that and things continue, but putting Phoenix at the forefront for most of the game and bringing back Pearl and Edgeworth and ideas from the trilogy for Case 5.
Apollo Justice
I'm actually talking more about the game than the character. Several of my complaints with DD are due to the fact that it's a sequel to Apollo Justice Ace Attorney. DD drops a couple of subplots that really felt like they were building to the sequel. For one, Trucy and Apollo's mother being alive and well and also the fact that they're siblings. I get that the relationship between the two is purely platonic and doesn't really have a shot of being romantic, but you should still probably let them know, Phoenix. I mean, I guess you could imply Apollo knows about his mom because his ringtone is the Guitar's Serenade, but you could just as easily argue that that's because of his relationship to Klavier rather than because Lamiroir is his mom.
There's also the whole jurist system thing from Turnabout Succession that is just completely dropped. I guess they wanted that to be linked with the Dark Age of the Law, but the problem is that in AJ, Phoenix seems to indicate that the problem with the court system is the requirement of decisive evidence whereas the Dark Age is focused on false charges and forged evidence. AJ Phoenix seems to believe that changing the court system is the answer and then completely drops that in DD and decides he needs to get Blackquill acquitted to fix the court system and we'll get to that, but I've said it before when discussing the Star Wars sequel trilogy and I'll say it again: "even if something isn't well received by fans, trying to retcon what has already happened just harms a trilogy overall." You're dealt your hand by what has come before and if that happens to be a forged ace of spades than so be it.
I will say that I did like the retrospective insert of Clay between Turnabout Trump and Turnabout Corner. It bridged the gap between the two cases well enough. Why Apollo waited so long to go to Wright and why he suddenly decided to so seemed a little off to me. That actually made sense and explained something from the previous game.
Trucy Wright
Trucy really didn't deserve how she was treated. I really came to love her character in AJ and to see her get reduced to "magic panties: the character" for most of DD just didn't jive with me. I get that Athena effectively replaced her, but the fact that Pearl somehow ended up with more screen time again reaffirmed the idea that they were more focused on the original trilogy than on what they had done in AJ.
Then they actually tried to pull a Turnabout Farewells and have her taken hostage with Phoenix having to fight for her freedom in court. The problem with that is that it has none of what made that setup actually work well in JFA. Maya was on Phoenix's mind for a majority of that case whereas Trucy is mentioned a handful of times with his main focus on Athena. We also have a lot less to go on of the relationship between Trucy and Phoenix so even when he does express worry for her, I never really felt much of a connection between the two of them. They're father and daughter, but honestly Maya and Phoenix's relationship was more defined at the time of her kidnapping in JFA. It also really doesn't help that she was basically treated as an Athena replacement and then was replaced by Pearl pretty quickly after.
Simon Blackquill
I actually don't really take much issue with the character of Simon Blackquill. I wasn't a fan of him at first, but he grew on me as we learned more of his character. I think some of that initial dislike was due to the mood whiplash of going from someone like Klavier Gavin to this stoic prisoner that is somehow allowed to prosecute. Taka is also great though I'm still not really all that into Simon's design. It just kind of comes off as overly edgy which kinda fits the character until you learn he never actually killed anyone.
Athena Cykes
Athena is a great character. The only reason I bring her up her is because of Widget and the mood matrix bothering me from a story perspective and apparently I have to use character names for the segments of part 2. Apparently. Anyways, I take issue with the fact that you have her using holographic technology right next to Phoenix using his same old phone from the first game. And then you later see these crazy advanced AI robots that apparently existed as soon as a year after T&T. I would be fine with the argument that Phoenix is just bad with technology and likes to keep it simple with his old, but the state of the art tech at Shipshape Aquarium includes a "TV Phone" straight out of 2006 and smart phones were something that existed when DD came out. I'm not sure why outdated phone tech bothers me so much, but it's definitely a nitpick and doesn't really hurt the experience.
I don't really know where to categorize this, but for whatever reason, there's just something about that writing of Dual Destinies that immediately felt off to me after jumping right in from AJ. I also noticed more typos in this game than before, but something about it felt weirdly worse to me, at least during case 1. The feeling went away after that, but I think the point still kind of stands…? Honestly, I don't really know. It's just a thing I thought I'd bring up.
And with that, I think I can move on to Part 3, the case by case examination of the game.

Part 3
Turnabout Countdown
So is it bad that I found Athena Cykes tripping and falling down the courthouse's staircase to be my favorite moment of this Chapter? It's nothing against Athena, I just thought it was a really fun way for them to introduce the character and not only kept things from getting too serious after there was a straight up terrorist attack, but also really showed Athena as an energetic girl who occasionally gets a bit ahead of herself and has a constant variability to her emotions. It also highlights widget pretty clearly and that the device reflects her emotions. Also, I have to admit that they managed to make Phoenix putting his suit jacket on look badass.
As for the trial itself, other than the job of lead attorney cycling through every lawyer at Wright Anything, it's pretty standard. I would like to point out that this is the first case since Case 1 of Justice for All to show the player who the killer is at the beginning of the case and wow I don't like that. It's as simple as not wanting to know the answer before I even get to solve it. With the first two games, they were simply just tutorial cases and didn't really have any bearing on the overall plot so it wasn't a huge deal. But Turnabout Countdown isn't a straightforward tutorial case and is inherently intertwined with cases 4 and 5. I really don't see why they felt they needed to show the killer. Ted Tonate was pretty obviously the murderer, but I still rather wouldn't know for sure.
I don't have a lot more to say other than the fact that I don't really care for Juniper in this Chapter. Apollo getting attacked was definitely an interesting plotpoint. That's about it. I don't really think there's anything else that's particularly good or bad about this case.
The Monstrous Turnabout
A reason I harped so much on revealing the killer from the get-go a moment ago is so that I can quickly say that it's even dumber to that for case 2 and really didn't want to know that the killer was Florent and that there was literally no reason for the game to tell the player this. It's just dumb. Monstrous Turnabout is a full case and is in no way a tutorial. That was very dumb. But that's not all of it. I don't care for any of the characters in this case. Pre-possession Damian Tenma was kind of interesting. Also, the one they handled Yokai here was just super weird to me. Like I feel they were trying to almost make it seem they were real which made me consider the fantasy elements of Ace Attorney a bit too much. I mean, when you have spirit channeling, maybe Yokai exist, too. But it also seemed at odds with AJ trying to keep things more grounded. Again, Zak Gramarye's explanation of Apollo's bracelet still sticks out to me.
I also didn't like the whole psychological evaluation of Jinxie Tenma. I'll be the first to say that I'm not a psychologist or anything of the sort, but the way her mental health was portrayed and how easily Athena "fixed" it really didn't sit well with me. The second trial also just really dragged in my opinion. I just got really tired of this case. Bobby Fulbright is definitely a fun character and he was probably a highlight of this case even if I did want to see Ema Skye return for this whole trilogy like Gumshoe did. Another highlight was the banter between Apollo and Athena. The characters immediately hit it off and it just works similarly to the chemistry of Trucy and Apollo from the game before. I kind of ship it to be honest. I mean, I don't really expect their relationship to go anywhere, but I like how they play off of each other. And I also think Klavier might already have Apollo's heart, but I digress. (I'm not firmly of any opinion in terms of shipping Apollo, it's just something I thought about while playing so I figured I'd at least mention it) Also, speaking of Apollo, I got really excited when he mentioned his friend from junior high that he used to say "I'm fine" with. I was just very thirsty for some Apollo backstory since his own game was so lacking in that. I like his character and I want to know more about why he is like he is.
But overall, I don't like this case because I didn't care for any of the characters and I didn't get much enjoyment out of actually solving the case itself.
Turnabout Academy
Actung, baby! I knew Klavier would be returning in some capacity, but that doesn't mean I didn't get incredibly excited when I saw "Herr Forehead" grace the screen of my New Nintendo 2DS XL. Klavier Gavin is one of my all time favorite Ace Attorney characters and I like many others thought the famous prosecutor that was mentioned would be Edgeworth. I really only expected a brief cameo from my boy. Having him there to reenact the mock trial with Apollo was just great. It was just a really great moment and pretty much the only bone they threw to the fans of AJ. I'm not complaining though, his appearance was great and is probably my favorite part of the game alongside Athena falling down the stairs.
As for the actual case, it was really solid. I liked pretty much all of the characters here. Juniper got fleshed out more and I was glad to see that. The reveal of Robin Newman's secret was something I was initially scared about giving how I felt about how Jinxie's mental health was handled and because transgender representation can be not great, but I honestly think it worked out. She was a fun character and having the exaggerated sides of masculinity and femininity was endearing after her reveal. I will never not think of Tenya Iida from My Hero Academia when looking at Hugh O'Conner. And his secret reveal of actually being 25 years old was… surprising. I actually really like the amount of twists and turns to this case. It was just fun to solve.
Myriam Scuttlebutt is also a really enjoyable character. First of all, the name Scuttlebutt is amazing, but her going for the Metal Gear box disguise the whole time was something I found funny and I kind of relate to her wanting to be part of a friend group, but not being able to so you just kind of watch from afar. Myriam also writes about it for the paper, but that's different. Also, I really like protagonist Athena. I wish she got more than one case to be playable, it was wonderful. I really enjoyed the bit where she tried to emulate the conditions Means used to hide the body under the tarp. That was stupidly entertaining.
And speaking of Aristotle Means, what a killer! So, I love the double pun of "Arrest at all Means" and Aristotle being a philosopher he shares ideas with. I also found myself constantly laughing every time he did the ok hand. 👌 I it's because that's become a meme, but I couldn't help but laugh. He also had a really solid breakdown. The chalkboard bit was definitely amusing. Aristotle was an interesting killer. More than I can say about Florent L'Belle. So overall, I think Turnabout Academy might actually be an all time favorite case for if I'm being entirely honest.
The Cosmic Turnabout
Well, I hope you're ready to play as Phoenix for the rest of the game. Because I sure wasn't. So, they thought the best playable character for the case that really shows Apollo's character was… not Apollo. Okay, then. I get that he wanted to get away from it because he suspected Athena, and that he still did get backstory, I just want my boy Apollo to be the protagonist again. This isn't really Phoenix's story. I would've been fine to have Athena take this one since she also had an inherent connection to the case even if we wouldn't learn it until the end of it. But instead, we're back to Phoenix.
Playable lawyer aside, I still think it's a perfectly fine case. I'm glad we got some Blackquill backstory. It set things up for case 5 pretty well and I think case 4 really is. It's a setup case. And I think for once, I actually prefer how T&T approached it. Case 4 was a setup case for case 5, but they also weren't literally trials for the exact same murder. And I get that a "To be continued" leaves a lot less impact than a "the end" after Athena is accused of murder. (That was a really well executed scene by the way) I understand that it would've made the final case super long if they were merged into one, but cases with three trial days aren't unheard of even if we haven't seen one since Rise of the Ashes. I think this trial is where I finally got tired of the "the place we think is the scene of the murder isn't actually the scene of the murder." thing. Maybe it was because it happened two cases in a row (three if you played the DLC case after case 2), but that twist only works so many times. I get that it shakes things up, but it's been used so many times that it just doesn't shock me at all anymore.
There's not even much I can say about solving the murder, because you don't actually solve it in case 4 and that just feels so off. I don't like it. Aura Blackquill is an interesting character and I got the feeling that she wasn't going to be the murderer because it felt like they were building her up to be the villain in case 5 which was technically right. It counts. Solomon Starbuck's sighs got annoying very quickly and I don't really care particularly for either of the robots. Poor Clonco, though. Honestly, Yuri Cosmos just comes off as an idiot for most of case 4. I like his character at the end of the game when we find out that what he did was really for the safety of his crew, but it doesn't come off that way for most of his screen time. Once that truth comes to light, the game is done with him. Just like how I'm done discussing this case.
Turnabout for Tomorrow
So this felt like a weird analogy of all the final cases in the series so far. They took the idea of 1-4 with you defending someone whose been there for the whole game and also the criminal has been hiding in plain sight the whole time and the day of the trial is the last chance to find the truth (Von Karma's bullet, the Phantom's disguise as Fulbright; The statute of limitations running out and Blackquill's impending execution). It draws from 2-4 with Trucy being taken hostage, even though it isn't anywhere near as well executed here in 5-5. They drew from 3-5 by having the main prosecutor trying to protect the female protagonist due to being close with their dead mother figure (Godot protects Maya because of Mia and Blackquill protects Athena because of Metis). And it copies 4-4 in that both cases revolve around a trial from seven years prior that resulted in the Dark Age of the Law (Phoenix's disbarment trial and UR-1 incident).
It works well enough I suppose. But it also has some of its own identity in The Phantom. So I had been kind of spoiled on this twist. So I had been listening to Fulbright's theme on YouTube (because how could I not? It's a complete banger) and I came across a remix that mashed it with Space Jam. For a few frames about six seconds in, it shows the image of the Phantom wearing the mask stolen from Metis's lab. I had also seen the top comment (I'm normally good about not checking comments on these videos) on an upload of the Fulbright theme that said "He played us like a fiddle." led me to put two and two together.
That being said, I did get a eureka moment when it was revealed Athena stabbed him in the hand because whenever Fulbright shows the back of his when putting his fist up, there always seemed to be some sort of mark on his hand beneath the glove. This isn't directly mentioned in-game, but I think it was intended…? I'm not entirely sure. Regardless, I thought it was a solid twist even if it would've been near impossible to guess to prior to the final trial. There's not really any hints about Fulbright's true identity prior to that but I do like how they put it all together. And having the final piece of damning evidence be the earing Metis left her daughter was still pretty cool.
Having Edgeworth was cool and it was kinda interesting that he had this planned out to get Blackquill acquitted. But I don't understand how any of that works if this was an unsanctioned trial. Shouldn't any verdict passed down have no legal merit? Maybe I just don't fully understand what the trial was supposed to be, but it seems like an unsanctioned trial shouldn't really have been able to overturn the verdict of the UR-1 incident.
Overall I like Case 5 as a final case. It's not mind blowing but it's a solid way to close out the game.
Too bad, Capcom still needs me to pay $5.99 to finish the game.
Turnabout Reclaimed
I saw someone say something along the lines of "Turnabout Reclaimed is Turnabout Big Top done right." I don't actually dislike Turnabout Big Top, but I will somewhat agree with that sentiment. Though I still think defending an Orca is dumb. I already mentioned being tired of the swapped room murders as previously mentioned, but I still kind of enjoyed solving the mystery. Specifically, slowly piecing together the secrets of Shipshape and the incident a year prior. I also like the characters, but there's something about it that holds it back for me and I'm not positive what it is.
I think an aquarium is a cool setting and Sasha is a really fun character with a good amount of depth once you start to get the Azura info. DePlume is a character that grew on me. I initially didn't like her, but she's on the side of truth and that's a quick ticket to me liking a character. Herman Crab oddly reminded me of a Persona 5 villain. Maybe it was his final message before the end of the day 2 investigation and because he was currently the one they seemed to be trying to make you think was the murderer. Some of it is probably the artstyle, but I'm not entirely sure. It's just a vibe I got from him.
Rimes being the killer was something I had dismissed early on and he technically isn't which makes this the first time in the series that I'm aware of where the murder in question is simply an accident. (While we're talking about firsts, Dual Destinies is the first game so far to lack a female murderer). Rimes is an okay character. I liked his character motivation, but I wasn't a fan of the character himself in either form.
Overall, I liked the case and think it was worth the price. I just wished I'd played it between cases 2 and 3, but I actually had no idea that was something people recommended until I had already started Turnabout Academy. And at that point, I didn't want to turn back so I just decided to play it at the end.
I suppose I'll sum this up by saying that I found Dual Destinies to be a perfectly fine game in the series, but I don't think it's really eclipsed any of the other games for me except maybe Trials and Tribulations (and yes, I know me not particularly caring for T&T isn't at all common, but I've explained it before and may do a whole review someday if people are curious). Basically, it has a bad case, two good cases, two mediocre cases, and a case I really love. That sounds pretty good, but having six cases gives you a lot more leeway for meh cases. It's still overall half the game that I didn't really care for and even though I found Turnabout for Tomorrow to be good, it's still got plenty of problems. And a lot of my problem with DD is the overarching issues I brought up in Part 2. I don't think it does an excellent job of following up Apollo Justice. And that's why it's funny that a key point of the opener of Turnabout for Tomorrow is Phoenix's declaration that you can't run from your past and that is absolutely the truth.

With that, though, I believe this review has come to a close. The Ace Attorney addiction continues though in that I have already started and finished Case 1 of Spirit of Justice. I don't know when I'll actually get around to finishing it since Fire Emblem Three Houses comes out in three days and that's probably going to take up all my time so it'll probably be a longer gap before my Spirit of Justice review is out, but at this point, it's kind of a tradition for me to do one so I'll see you guys then and thank you for reading all this.
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Real Tones - Absolutely Nothing Defeats the Original | Filmy Ringtones

Why is it that a costs value is placed on things that are initial developments? Why new experiences are never forgotten? Our music society shares this very same sentiment. In this digital world where replica or replication is economical, simple and easy, and also instantaneous, it is a joy to rediscover such initial favorites as well as re-live memories with songs.
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Thus, the creation of Real Tones. True Tones are a compilation of ringtones as they were initial heard by the public. Initial voices. Original tools. Any ages. Across cultures.
Who does not appreciate hearing tracks from Scooby-doo, The Simpsons, as well as of course the all-time fave, Sesame Road? Definitely not just the youngsters, however likewise even those kids-at-heart like moms and dads. Teens on the other hand will obviously like songs from Beverly Hills, Buffy, Dawson's Creek as well as other popular TELEVISION collection. For more mature audiences, Real Tones offers motifs from James Bond, Goal Difficult, Mac Gyver, X-Files and also more.
If you're very little into flicks or TV collection, Real Tones has tunes of various musicians and also category for you, particularly pop, hiphop, as well as dancing or techno songs. Real Tones includes not only current hits however music of the past and leading hits of tomorrow as well. Sing, rap and dance to these catchy beats. Yearning for something uncommon as well as unique? Go Orientals, Arabic, or Tribal. Discover and also appreciate their splendor, variety and also vitality. Listen to seldom heard music tools play energised beats or extreme tunes. Listen to hums, chants as well as voices pouring out soulful lines.
In accordance with this diverse choice of Eastern culture, Real Tones also features songs from Bollywood, the preferred Mumbai-based movie sector in India. Listen to Lata Mangeshkar, Sonu Nigam, Kishore Kumar, and various other well-known singer-actors and also playback vocalists. Real Tones' long checklist of Bollywood songs mirror exactly how prospering this culture is.
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Going patriotic? Search for your national anthem. This checklist is great not only as a ringtone however also for collection functions. Speaking of collection, Real Tones additionally puts together Classicals - religious and also otherwise; English as well as European.
Whatever your choices or style, True Tones has it covered.
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