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(My Solution) Best method for Virtual Couch Multiplayer

EDIT: Found Out: My solution only works if the game is hosted on Windows. The audio sharing is a recent addition to 'jitsi' my chosen solution and ONLY supported on windows.

I spent a lot of time thinking about how to get this working the best way possible. Below is a DETAILED rendition of my conclusion, opinions, and research. If you have any suggestions or recommendations please respond and share the knowledge. I spend many many hours trying to craft the best solution
Solution Up Front:
  • Requirements:
    • 1 host computer running jackbox party games.
    • 1 laptop/computer per household.
    • 1 phone/tablet per contestant (You could use a full computer too).
  • HowTo
    • Host computer
    • Participants
      • Join meeting at http://meet.jit.si for your video conferencing on the laptop. This is how you heasee/chat with all the other people playing and how you hear and see the game audio.
      • Use your phone to enter answers at the http://jackbox.tv website by following the games instructions.
That's all you need...Good to go.
Best Alternative in my opinion: Skype
Requirements for a Solution
I had a firm set of requirements for how I thought these games should be played:
  • You should be able to see everyone just like in real life couch multiplayer
    • You get to see body language
    • You get to enjoy everybody's stupidness visually
    • You feel like your are still around people
  • The game audio has to get to everyone without headphones and having to sit at a desk
    • I don't think many people want to be chained to their desk with headsets on their ears. It feels restrictive and un-personal.
    • It's more fun to still be able to elbow the people next to you in your house while you still get to play with others remotely.
  • It has to be DEAD simple for NON-technical people to jump in with you.
    • Both the game and the conference calling software use only your web browser
    • Jackbox just has you enter a 4 digit room code to join your game
    • jitsi's default method is simply a long room name made of english words.
      • It can be password protected if desired
Research Notes Below:
I spent many many hours trying to develop what I thought was the best solution. All of my notes are of course personal opinion.
Solutions that were not satisfactory to me:
  • Google Hangouts
    • This solution required you to start a google hangouts video chat, then use chrome browser to cast your desktop and system audio to the hangouts meeting.
    • If trying to video conference from the same machine, this method has a feedback loop that quickly builds to a crescendo of squealing on your audio out.
      • To work around the feedback loop it required vb-cable virtual audio cables to separate out inputs and outputs and was a truly colossal hack where you had to switch your default system audio device between starting different components
    • It's video, even when successful was a slideshow, and it actually interfered with the game that you were casting if the game was intensive
    • People probably already have this, but still requires an account
    • It has a completely broken bug where it simply wont cast to hangouts at all if your windows default audio device is configured as anything other than 'stereo' (like '5.1 surround'). This ate 2 hrs of my time during research and it choked with only a useless error message like "failed to connect" when you attempt to cast to the hangouts session.
  • Discord
    • Cannot stream directly to a multi person video chat
    • You must stream the game through a discord server and have people join the stream directly.
    • Doesn't provide Multi person grid layout video chat (Brady bunch style so you can see everyone)
    • (Playing game stream audio through speakers) It had incredible trouble with mic noise on my friends laptop caused by what the app hears from itself while watching the game stream. This causes it to set the auto mic sensitivity so high you can't speak through it.
    • Requires a non-techie to install another app, requires account, etc.
  • Skype
    • If you are casting you cannot show your own camera
    • It is a beast of an application that is simply annoying to have installed. (personal opinion of course)
    • Has issues on many peoples machines with exclusive audio etc.
    • Does have grid layout for multiple people (Brady bunch style so you can see everyone).
    • Most people probably already have this, or are familiar with it, but it's still just another thing to get going first.
  • Steam Remote Play Together
    • Maxes out at 4 people.
    • Requires Steam ( I love steam but non-techie family members would choke on this)
Best Alternative Reason
The best alternative till I found jitsi was skype. The singular reason is because its one of the few solutions that allows a grid layout where you get to simultaneously see all the peoples video feed (up to a reasonable number at the same time). I didn't like that it was another application that people had to have installed first, and it has been known to have a number of weird audio/technical problems. But if you can't or don't want to use Jitsi, then it's your solution.
Bluetooth Crud
I also learned a lot about bluetooth along the way too while puzzling through a lot of different configurations. I happened to be unlucky enough to try 'Self Hosting' (detailed below) with a Bluetooth+mic speaker. If your speakeheadset device (like my sharkk mako speaker) handles both "phone" comms (input and output) and music quality audio(output)...and skype tries to read input from the mic...The device will simply stop playing any audio being sent to the music bluetooth endpoint outright without any indication as to why. It has to do with Bluetooth Profiles (HFP-AG vs A2DP) Details here: https://www.howtogeek.com/354321/why-bluetooth-headsets-are-terrible-on-windows-pcs/
Self-Hosting Research
What I mean by this is having the person hosting the game ALSO use the same computer to video-conference and play the game. This would require multiple monitors. You forward the game monitor while having the conference call and playing the game on another screen. This causes MANY issues with separating your conference call out from "system audio" requiring very contrived virtual audio cable hacks etc. I spent a LOT of time trying to figure out a graceful way to do this to not require a dedicated host computer for the game...but in the end...it's simply not worth it. I thought that perhaps I'd come up with a solution people could just copy+paste...but I'm out of f's to give. Just use a dedicated game computer. It was exhausting trying to develop a self hosting solution.
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4 Dinosaur Games that did not stand the test of time (Text Thread)

Hey Dinosaurs Today i thought i would make a text post about some dinosaur games that did not stand the test of time, whether they were scams or games that just didn't do well.
This will be layed out like this: DINOSAUR GAME TITLE
- What it was
- What happened? (This will be via a timeline of events)
I will also attach videos and images to the games, As i am currently making a "What Happened" series about these 4 games on YouTube, i thought it would be a good idea to edit them in to this post via hyperlinks in the future.
Sources will be linked at the end of each dinosaur game!
Anyways lets start this.

Beasts of Prey

What was Beasts of Prey?

  • Beasts of Prey was a dinosaur survival MMOFPS game, featuring a world of dinosaurs and other players. Coming into steam early access on the 6th June 2014, this game allowed you to do a wide variaty of different stuff from building massive structures and creating your own empure in a huge procedually generated world that grows alongside the server population, the game was essentially a mix between Rust and any Dinosaur Hunting game.
What happened to the game?

  • Beasts of Prey did actually last a few years, although it was a dinosaur game that didn't stand the test of time, it wasn't a scam like two of the other dinosaur games on the list.
  • From 2014 to 2016 the game was actually developed, with the world being improved in May 2015, with the addition of a Volcano and huge lava Rivers coming from the Volcano.
  • In addition to this they had acquired a new Dinosaur in March of 2015, officially introducing the Ankylosaurus by Vlad Konstantinov which was from The Stomping land.
  • However, although the game was active it wasn't the most populargame, averaging around 150 players daily and rather quickly decreasing the game wasn't doing extremely well.
  • on March 9th 2016 the games development came to an end, with the games official facebook page saying: " Hello there, Unfortunately we have decided to stop the development of this game. If there is anyone out there who actually likes to take-over the project and continue its development please contact us. Please note that for legal reason the project has to be sold under a contract to your company - so if you do not have a company and/or the skill-set to continue the development please do not start any negotiations."
What happened to the Money?
  • As the game never went through crowdfunding and its revenue flow came from steam sales, it is likely the games funding went directly into the games development over the 2 years it was being developed
Beasts of Prey Never left Steam Greenlight, meaning the game sadly sits on the list of Dinosaur games that didn't stand the test of time. The developers never gave an official explanation as to what happened to the game and why it ended. One can assume it was due to the games dimishing population due to the rise and dominance of ARK: Survival Evolved which was a very similar, but better game.

The Podlands

What was The Podlands?
  • The Podlands was an open world Indie Adventure game, all about hunting, ranching and selling unique dinopods (Dinopods were essentially heavily cartoonised dinosaurs that were unique to the game).
  • The game had started its life in 2018.
  • The game was funded by supporters through Patreon.
What happened to the game?
  • What happened to the Podlands is pretty straight forward, the team of developers split up, with the lead developer Mr4Goosey retiring from game development.
  • Posting on the Official Podlands discord server:
  • "I've Decided to retire from my game-development work. Nathan and Nano will be shifting back fully to Prehistoric Kingdom, and The Podlands will be effectively cancelled. For everyone who’s been involved or interested: Thank you for your support, it was great working on the project. Anyone who’s supported us through patreon or alike, get in touch for a refund. It’s been great!”
What happened to the Money?

  • This one is pretty straightforward, those who wanted a refund got a refund.
Steam Page , Tweet from Mr4Goosey mentioning it is cancelled

The Stomping Land

What Was The Stomping Land?
  • First hitting kickstarter on the 7th of May 2013, The Stomping Lands was a Multiplayer Survival, Adventure game set in a world of Dinosaurs. Developed by Supercrit which was headed by Alex Fundora.
  • For the first time in a very long time, dinosaur games got the break that they deserved with the stomping land, reaching new heights for dinosaur games, especially when it came to popularity and youtube videos.
  • Within the first 24 hours since the games crowdfunding went live it had raised over $20,000 and when the crowdfunding campaign for the game ended it had raised $114,060.
  • The game also became available via steams greenlight program around May 30th 2014, making it publically available.
What happened to the Stomping land?
  • From May 30th 2014 to August 4th 2014 the game went silent, no announcements, no public updates, no word from the developers, nothing.
  • August 2014, the Website goes down and when Kotaku made an article about this, they interviewed both the games community manager (Lee Fisk) and lead developer (Alex Fundora).
  • Fundora claimed the silence was due to moving over towards Unreal Engine 4, but in the Kotaku post Lee Fisk announced he was leaving the project: "I wanted to see the game succeed" "I didn't want to lead the community on"
  • August - September yet again the game fell into radio silence once again, until September the game was taken off of steam. This was also claimed to be due to the game moving to UE4.
  • December 2014, The games 3D Modeller Vlad Konstantinov announced he was freezing all work on the Stomping Land.
  • Saying on the community forums that he can't reach the creator Alex Fundora, who owed him money for some of the dinosaurs in the game.
  • In January/February 2015 the game was officially over,Vlad announced he is selling his assets to Beasts of Prey and The Isle in order to pay for the work that was left unpaid by Fundora. The Stomping land was over.
What happened to the money?
  • As far as money goes, It appears that Fundora had left with most of the money, however an interview with Vlad by MMOGames said that Fundora was on time with payments, so it would appear in the early stages the funding went into paying the development team.


Mesozoica is a big one, so i will keep this one short and sweet, although i have made a youtube video about this two years ago, which explains a lot more in depth.
What was Mesozoica?
  • Mesozoica was a dinosaur park building game, claiming to be the spiratual successor to the ever so famous Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. The game was created by Squadron interactive, DreamInCode inc and Underdog Interactive (Funnily enough these are literally all the same company) all they have to their names is Mesozoica.
  • The game raised over $55,000 in kickstarter funding.
What happened to Mesozoica
  • Drama occured throughout the games development, mainly centered around the lead developer or the face of the game, Max Wood.
  • Max always claimed he wasn't a developer and this was always a contentious issue, he never actually done any work for the game, he was just the one who licensed the companies.
  • However, i want to skip the in development drama, it was mainly around stolen skins from artists, games and TV shows. As well as the odd spat between developers and other games.
  • When the game was released as a demo it had a very nice world, although its UI was very much the same as that from Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.
  • The game was slated to be released in September of 2017 after 2 years of development, but when it got round to September, the release date was delayed until December.
  • When December did come around they pushed the release date back from the 21st to around the 29th of December.
  • The game, when it was released was met with huge criticism, with it being a barren sandbox with no terrain, only trees that you could place yourself. Somehow worse than what it was before hand.
  • The game had 2 updates, before it officially went cold in February, with Max Wood claiming he was kicked from the project. But in reality he asked to leave it himself.
All the information is in the video, with messages, comments, leaks and more.

So what do you think?
Do you wish any of these games succeeded? Personally i wish The Podlands wasn't cancelled.
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