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After the 11: 11: 11 portal activation in November last year, the Matrix is finally falling apart. The most famous Green Puffle is the Keeper of the Boiler Room. It takes place in the underwater environment and allows you collect unique fish to breed. Apocalypsend hacks in minecraft. Follow the 5 steps in the FISH! When the boss comes down, the crew should go out of their way to make things as pleasant as possible with an upbeat attitude.

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[Modded Minecraft] The drama that created modpacks

Hello! Just found this subreddit a few days ago and reckon I should drop my own history in drama. Unfortunately, due to this all happening nearly a decade ago, I don't have any receipts, don't have access to the Something Awful archives to fish up the exact posts, and the Minecraft forums were bad enough to search back in the day, let along 8 years after the fact. So you're relying on memory for this one unfortunately, and it is possible some finer details are wrong. The general idea of what happened should be accurate however
I'm going to take you back in time, to 2011 and 2012, when Minecraft modding was first becoming a large thing. We have three main parties to talk about here
Modders are various people who make mods for Minecraft. I group them together as a group here but.... They're not a single unified group. Just, people who make mods. You have them in every video game community. This is a day prior to mod-packs existing so every mod is stand alone, there's pretty much no compatibility, and early Minecraft is.... Well, we'll get to this. Mods were at this time mostly shared through the Minecraft Forum, an utterly chaotic website due to being the official Minecraft forums.
Something Awful was an internet comedy website that, at this time, was presently having something of a resurgence thanks to this new-fangled form of entertainment called "Let's Plays", where someone would play through a video game (sometimes skillfully, othertimes not) and provide their commentary over it. SA had a massive influx of new sorts due to this, which was also why I was lurking around at the time. SA also had a large Minecraft community and... I'd like to say 'bad' reputation around the internet but this may be an understatement. Seriously, this website was such an absolute goldmine of drama, you do not even know the half of it.
Users are people who use mods. Minecraft being Minecraft at this time, it did sort of tend towards a younger audience, but plenty of older people did play, especially us old junkies who still remembered Infiniminer (A block-based mining game that is often called the inspiration for Minecraft itself). All sorts of people were interested in this game and keeping an eye on its developments
Minecraft modding at this early stage of its life was... Tricky. Please do recall that Minecraft only came into beta in 2011, so the game was fresh new and hadn't even been officially released as yet. This was a day where there were 255 different tile IDs you could use, each corresponding to a specific type of block and even the colours (Different wool colours used different IDs, for example). Merging mods, even though programs to help, called Modloaders, existed, was a difficult process, requiring frequent adjustment of recipes and tile IDs, ever hoping you did not hit that 255 barrier. It was incredibly easy to break something, and there was not any sort of support network. Did you want to get two different mods to work together? Good luck. That's all the help you're getting. Hope you know how to modify Java resource files, because that was essential knowledge to get any sort of conflict sorted.
Most of Minecraft's audience did not, in fact, know how to modify Java resource files. Heard someone managed to merge two mods together and make amazing things from it? Best of luck doing it yourself, because the mod makers would not help you do it, nor would anyone else. This lead to a black market almost of people secretively releasing their packs of pre-pared mods outside of the eyes of the modders themselves, which was generally overlooked as these were kept low-volume and were generally private to certain areas.
Enter Something Awful and its community, eager to play with mods and certainly having a few people able to get everything working together, but also not quite willing to keep their works secreted away from the modders. SA wanted to share their stuff among other people on SA, so.... They did. One person on Something Awful decided they would get around this by making a pre-configured modpack, containing many of the popular mods of the day. This was... Technically a 'private' mod pack, but the privacy didn't last and people readily spread this around through all Minecraft websites
Thus was created Now That's What I call Minecraft!, a very early modpack that didn't really ask modder permissions and spread like absolute god-damn wildfire, especially once a certain Youtube group known as the Yogscast showcased it. This spread brought the hosting website down, it was getting that many downloads. It was, in many ways, the perfect advertisement for what modded Minecraft could be, given it had such diverse mods as town builders, new animals and creatures and.... Scared peaches that ran away from you (look, early Minecraft modding was weird). Showcasing the then popular mods of the day and having them work together, in one easy package? What could go wrong?
Given how early this was, the whole concept of asking permissions for mod distribution wasn't really an idea that had crossed anyone's mind and the whole idea of mod pack permissions especially wasn't. The mod was out there and available for easy download, so.... Why need permissions? While there had been small private packs, NTWICM was the first to go big. People were just not prepared for how many people were now very interested in playing modded Minecraft now that it was simple rather than needing to spend time making sure everything worked.
Nothing quite to the level of this had existed in previous games. Sure, games like Morrowind had done merges, but they were generally easy things thanks to various add-ons available designed to make merging easy. Minecraft's combination of the technical aspects to get its mods working together, alongside with the sheer popularity it had, created an instant demand for this type of thing. The barrier to entry was demolished overnight.
Modders were annoyed at their mods being accessed from places where they had no control over, working together with mods that could be causing bugs, and having absolutely no control in the whole process that was going on. The overall feeling for users however was positive, this widely spread mod-pack letting them experience a heavily modded game without having to go through the process themselves. Little did everyone know however, this was just the start of the avalanche that Minecraft mod packs were to be
Another member of Something Awful made another mod-pack as time went on, releasing in early 2012. This was created very specifically to be a showcase of the then developing mechanical mod scene, combining together different mods in order to create a modpack less based around 'what is popular' like NTWICM, but instead the idea of making a large technological base and several machines. Enter Technic.
Technic started as a semi-private modpack, freely open to anyone on Something Awful to grab. No permissions were sought once again because, hey, its private, and also because its Something Awful, insular internet communities leading to that type of thing. So of course the Yogscast, who originated from a Something Awful World of Warcraft guild, knew of it, downloaded it, and showed it off, given how open it was to access. Viewers loved what they saw, and what happens when one of the largest of the content creators in this early Youtube scene show something off? Everyone immediately rushes to grab it. NTWICM's popularity was large, sure, but it was nothing before the tidal wave that was Technic's. New users flooded every single channel and area they could to talk about the modpacks and get help with them.
Modders were not happy this happened again, and for multiple reasons
I go into this part noting that for over 5 years, I was a regular contributor to one of the still remaining Warcraft 3 resource websites. I love and support modding and believe modding should be a free enterprise where, if you release things, folks should be able to grab those and play around with them how they like. This is because Warcraft 3 modding works by downloading separate parts, be they models, skins or code, and putting them into your map or campaign. By necessity, you needed to have that free access to even use these things. We need to get this out of the way so as to understand why my view on Minecraft modders at the time was "If you don't want it being used however people want, why'd you even release it?"
Minecraft modding and Warcraft modding are two different beasts. I did not understand this at the time. Minecraft modding always looked down on modpacks. The reasons why are many and complicated, but, in order of "A reasonable opinion" downwards, the common ones were as follows
1: The ability to maintain control over how they are issuing their mods. Completely understandable, completely reasonable, no one really objected to this
2: Not having to deal with issues created from mod merges. Apparently users had a habit of just bum-rushing any mod in question asking for help. Unfortunately this ties into the early issue of no support system for making modded Minecraft mods, and ultimately this sheer inability to handle this from both the mod-maker side (who of course wouldn't know why their mod is messing up with other ones) and the user side (Who probably doesn't even know how to mod the game to begin with) is probably what would end up with mod packs being so widely accepted in the future. But for now, its just a constant barrage of messages at mod makers who haven't any idea on what someone's done to break their mod in the first place.
3: Income. Unfortunately, during this time, most Minecraft modders used an link shortening services, Adfly. This service had a checkered history even then, of having basically no vetting of the ads being shown, quite a few being reported as downloading viruses onto people's computers through browser vulnerabilities. I don't know if this is still a problem, but it certainly was back in 2011. Folks who came to play fun block-placing game being forced to have to deal with their computers being potentially hit by viruses? Modders didn't care. Risk your computer getting infected with viruses or don't use their mod.
Drama erupted on all sides due to all of these issues. Modders complained about this loss of income and control. Some users supported them on this, specifically calling out people were being lazy and could just click off the ads, with other users (myself among them) fighting back about how dare they lock their mods behind such blatantly dangerous websites to earn a quick buck, especially given these could be kids who haven't the foggiest of computer security? (Yes, I basically "What about the children'd" on Minecraft mods.) Users complained about the impossibility of getting everything working together and modder's insistence on just leaving everything up to the end user, using the sheer popularity of Technic to show why there had to be a better option for this. The responses of 'just learn how to use Java', predictably, did not quieten this, nor did the demands that maybe people just shouldn't have access to modded Minecraft packs unless they knew how to do this themselves, claims that seemed silly in face of just how popular Technic had become and what it was doing for mods.
Before Technic, most of the mods out there were just small individual things, showcases if mods like NTWICM that had a bunch of mods together, but no real synergy between them. Technic had synergy in its mods, letting elements from one mod interact with those from another. This combined them together into a stronger gestalt entity that stood well beyond the sum of its parts. And Technic worked. Say what you would about its lack of permissions, but it showed what modded Minecraft could be better than any singular mod page. It drew in more people, so the drama continue to expand as modders and their supporters found themselves against people who just wanted to play the game as simply as possible, each side uncaring towards the other's side's attitude on things. Technic utterly decimated the barrier of entry to Minecraft mods. Additionally, Technic served as advertisement, turning the mod-packs from small things into now having a massive audience, eager to learn about, play through, and keep using these individual mods, even when there were other mods in the pack to use. Previously fairly popular mods became overnight sensations.
Content creators like the Yogscast wisely stayed silent during this and just made content. These debates were for the modders and the mod-pack creators, not for them.
The developer of Technic decided to handle this in a way that was surprisingly simple and effective, and in the next update, put a single block in the game on that caused a lot of complaints to vanish overnight: A donation block, bypassing Technic entirely and going straight to the mod developers, with people able to pick their favourite mod to donate to. It wasn't a perfect fix, but the combination of the sheer userbase Technic had at the time and the sheer publicity of every mod? People donated. People donated heavily towards their favourite mods, Technic providing an easy available option for them to do so rather than having to scrounge through the madness of the Minecraft forum. Per an anecdotal report, one of the modders received more in a single donation than they ever had by using adfly, which they promptly put towards a new laptop.
With that donate option front and center on, at the time, the biggest thing for Minecraft, mod developers were being directly rewarded for their mods, and had that massive benefit to have their mods work with others. The wind went out of all but the most anti-mod pack developers' sails as now, the mod-packs were helping them. The issues of permissions and everything were still there and would remain eternally, but Technic, through absolute strife, proved it could be beneficial to the modders to have around.
Minecraft modpacks had proven themselves far too popular to be ignored. In time, along would come Feed the Beast, or FTB, another modpack group that made the shocking step of... Actually asking modders for permission. Most accepted, and FTB took the world by storm, being publicised by many Youtubers at the time. It would also come along with a custom launcher, making modpacks easier than ever before to access. Modders put modpack permissions alongside their mods, knowing that their mods could explode in popularity and be the next big thing, and this, not the Minecraft forum, was the main way to get one's name out there.
Countless Minecraft content creators, ready and accessible ways to use mods at their disposal, used these modpacks, and other mods, further spreading news about these mods to more audiences, who would download them in turn. A golden age of modded Minecraft had arrived. Minecraft mods grew off each other, compatibility between mods was the norm, and from this mutual atmosphere, even more mods would develop. From these old seeds, we have the modern modded Minecraft atmosphere of today.
Something Awful became less and less relevant to the Minecraft modding space, but Technic is still around, from either its successor Tekkit, or the mod launcher which shares its name and was designed as an alternative to the Feed the Beast one. Drama I was not privy to has knocked out a lot of its older developers, and it has long since fallen from its lofty heights as the must-have Minecraft pack. Time simply moved on, and the Technic pack did not. Its still around if you want to give it a try, but time has not been kind to it.
Adfly links became an alternative option rather than the sole way to download things. Today, with the rise of our modern modding ecosystem and the regularity of Patreon, the day of the Adfly link seems well and truly gone, and I could not be happier. Please directly reward your mod makers rather than depend on third parties relying on clicks. There's probably some drama to watch out involving this and the Twitch launcher, but... Well, that hasn't happened yet. Just... Keep an eye on how the Minecraft modding community goes the next few months, okay? There's clouds on the horizon.
Some mod makers chose questionable routes to ensure they didn't have to use Technic, two in particular going after end-users to punish them for using the mod pack via malicious code if it detected it was in a folder called 'Technic'. Most didn't however, just accepting mod-packs as something they'd need to deal with from now on. Mods were developed to play into this new atmosphere, and the face of Minecraft mod making would forever be changed by Technic, even if time would slowly forget it.
For one mod maker this would be one of many events causing them to take a very different path and embracing having their mod as incompatible as possible with others. But, unfortunately, I don't know the full story behind Better than Wolves, except that, despite this mod being featured at the time as one of the higher pinnacles of Minecraft mod making, the mod maker took poorly to the wave of people wanting to play his mod, and especially to Youtube creators using his mod in videos. Whether it was the influx of new people wanting to check out this mod or disagreements with other modders on mutual projects to help the community, he would walk his own path away from the Minecraft modding community. But, unfortunately, that is a story I do not have the full details on. It is a story for another time, and another teller.
submitted by Mecheon to HobbyDrama


I help someone get revenge on their gold-digging ass of an SO

This happened some years ago but was just reminded of it, so here you go Reddit!
I worked as a front desk agent in a large luxury hotel chain for some years. One particular hotel I worked at was located really close to the downtown area and so we got a large number of young, very wealthy, business people who loved to party. I usually worked the 2nd & 3rd shifts which meant I got to see loads of drunken hookups, breakups, cheating, hookers, and more.
This particular one though...this is one I will never forget.
I was working at the desk when a group of young, well-dressed men come walking in. They've all clearly been drinking, but aren't so drunk that they can't walk right and hold a conversation.
One of them comes up to me and tells me that while he and his friends were at the bar, a woman was hitting on him, and even though he told her no multiple times she wouldn't stop. So he and his friends left and it wasn't until they got in the Uber that he realized he didn't have his room key anymore. He thinks she took it and he's concerned that she may come up to his room, he asked that I deactivate his keys and if she does come up to the hotel to not let her in.
When he was telling me all of this, it didn't sit right with me. He and his friends were all grinning about it and snickering amongst one another. Then he gave a clear description of her, without being asked. Told me height, body shape, hair color, and style, the kind of dress she was wearing. All while saying it in a mocking tone.
Now, this could have easily been because he thought the whole thing was ridiculous or was too drunk to take it seriously, but it really didn't sound right to me. Either way, I did as I was trained in that situation. I pulled up his reservation, deactivated the keys as requested, made him a new set when he showed me his ID, and even offered to move him to a new room if that would make him feel more comfortable. He and his buddies all laughed a little at that and he declined, took the keys and they went to their room.
About an hour or so later, the woman he described showed up. Now, by this point, my relief for the night had also shown up and was sitting at the front desk while I was in the back office counting down my cash drawer. I hadn't had a chance to tell him about the woman. Just as I'm walking out of the back office with my bag and about to leave, I see my coworker buzz the doors open and the woman comes rushing in, cuts through the lobby and down the hall to the elevators. She was barefoot, holding her heels in her hands, and knew exactly where she was going.
I rushed up to him and told him what the man from before had told me about her. My coworker looked at me confused. He then pointed to the screen that had the reservation pulled up and told me that when the woman arrived, she went to use the room keys and they didn't work. So he asked for her room number and last name, she gave both and her name is on the reservation. I looked at the reservation and down in the notes, there was a woman's name listed. The man from before was listed as the primary, but her name was listed as secondary with his consent to be in the room.
I was confused, I thought maybe she wasn't the same woman he was talking about. But, to be on the safe side I called the man in his room and told him the situation and that we allowed a woman, fitting that description he gave, to enter the building because she confirmed her name was on the room. He laughed, said he forgot her name was on the room and asked that I remove it. I was now super confused, I asked to make sure:
Me: "Sir...just to be clear, the woman you met at the bar tonight was with you at check-in hours ago and was allowed keys then, but now she is not?"
Him: (laughs to all his friends in the room) "Awww....guys I confused the poor girl." (gets back on the phone with me) "Yeah sweetheart, she's banned from the room. Don't worry about the other details, just take her name off."
Me: "...I see. Then, if she isn't going to be on the room anymore, would you like us to call the police and have her removed from the property?"
Him: "Hahaha...woah! That's too far there. Don't worry, she'll get the hint soon enough."
We ended the call there and I got really suspicious of this. I told my coworker to not do anything and that I was going to stick around for a bit to see if anything happened.
A short time later the woman came off the elevator, pouring tears, sobbing while on the phone with someone. She sat down in our lobby and my coworker and I tried to look busy while eavesdropping hard on her phone call.
She was sobbing on the phone to her mom and sister. From what she told them, she was invited out to spend the week with her boyfriend meeting all of his old college buddies. This being their first-night they all met up for dinner and drinks. After a bit, she went to the restroom and when she came back she caught her boyfriend hitting on another woman. His friends all bet that he wouldn't do it. When she confronted him pissed off, he called her a bunch of names and humiliated her in front of his friends and the entire bar. All of his friends joined in on mocking her and he threw in her face that she was "nothing without him" and dumped her right there. He and his friends then took an Uber back and left her stranded at the bar with no money and no way back. She then had to use her phone's GPS and walk back to the hotel from the bar, barefoot (she had heels, and walking 2 miles in those was not going to cut it). She was asking her mom and sister for help as he wouldn't let her in the room to get her luggage or her wallet.
My heart broke. I felt horrible. I helped this guy treat this poor woman like crap and now he and all his friends were up there laughing at her while she's sitting in our lobby sobbing and with nothing. I went over to our snacks area in the lobby, grabbed her a bottled water, and brought it to her. I told her that I couldn't help but overhear the conversation and was very sorry for her situation and asked if she would like us to help. I informed her that if he was keeping her from getting to her things, we could call the police and have them force him to hand over her things so she could leave if she'd like. Or if she wanted to let her mom or sister pay for a room we'd be happy to give her a very low rate in a room far from him.
She thanked me, took the water, and tried to calm down and talk to me about what all was happening and what her options were. Eventually, we decided on her staying in the hotel for the night and figuring out the rest in the morning. As we make it to the desk, she asks me to try and run her credit card to see if it has enough on it for another room. I ask her what she means by "another room" and she tells me that she's actually paying for the room he's in. That his name is on the room because he booked it, but it's her card paying for everything.
This intrigued me. I asked why she was paying for the room if it was in his name. She told me that she's the one with a job, not him. That he hasn't been able to find a job in his field since graduating from college and is essentially living off of his parents' money. But just after they started dating, his parents cut him off, so he's been living off of her money. That's why she was so upset and confused by how he had been acting all night, he was sweet and doing everything for her back home, but since he met up with his friends he did a 180 and hasn't been the same guy the entire time.
I wanted to tell her that it was obvious he was using her for the money and that he would probably blame his friends for all of this and try to get back with her later on. But I doubted she would have listened to me or cared for a complete stranger to butt in on her personal life like that. So instead, I offered up a sweet piece of revenge.
I informed her that, considering she's the one paying for the room, if she can confirm that it is her card on file with some sort of photo ID and verify the last 4 digits of the card number (That's honestly all this hotel company required) then she could, if she wanted to, kick him out of the room and keep it all to herself. But, considering how poorly her night has been, if she were indeed able to prove she is the one paying for the room, then I'd be more than happy to provide for her the biggest luxury upgrade we offered at our property. Largest suite we had, full hotel ammenity access, I'd even have my coworker fish out a bottle of champagne and some fresh strawberries for her to have sent to her room. All free of charge.
She was taken aback by the offer and was very sincerely tempted, she looked like she was about to say no. Then I told her that since she would be upgrading her room, that would require moving her things from that room and into her new one. Which mean the room that she is currently listed in would need to be vacated immediately, if anyone were to remain in the room after we have demanded it be vacated, we are required to have them escorted off the property or they pay for the room. Their choice.
She then thought about it, pulled up her card's banking app and showed me the screen. It had a photo of her, her full name, the card's full number, and the hold from our hotel for the room. She asked if that worked. It was good enough for me.
I quickly upgraded her, moved everything over in the system and before I could say a word to my coworker he was already grabbing a set of master keys, a bell cart and was asking her what her luggage looked like since he would be the one retrieving it for her to deliver to her room. He didn't want her to have to deal with her ex again. She smiled and told him which ones were hers and that she hadn't unpacked yet.
My coworker runs down to the elevators and up to fetch her things. While I make her a new set of keys and send her off to her new room. Once she's on the elevator, my phone at the desk starts ringing. It's the ex-boyfriend and he's very angry about why my coworker has entered the room and is taking her things. I calmly explain that I cannot give out the private information of any of our guests and that if he would like to remain in his room he will need to pay for it as there is no longer a method of payment on his room.
He. Blew. Up.
He's making a ton of demands and at the same time yelling at my coworker to stop what he's doing, but its obvious from the way he's yelling at him that my coworker isn't listening to him. I can even hear the guy's friends telling him to chill out and just pay for the room.
I then explain that we will give him a courtesy 10 mins to make a decision. At which point, if he doesn't have payment ready then he must vacate the building or we will be forced to call the authorities and have him evicted. He continues to yell at me. He screams, swears, threatens, and yells for a solid minute before taking a breath. I then tell him he has 9 mins remaining and asks if he has come to a decision yet. He hangs up on me.
9 minutes later I call the room and he doesn't answer. I call again, no answer. I call a third time, he picks up, then immediately hangs up. I call the police and tell them what's going on and they said they're on their way.
The officers arrive, I tell them what's going on, we go up to the room together and the man and his friends are all white as ghosts when they see the cops. The cops explain to the ex-boyfriend and his friends that they're being evicted. The ex-bf starts trying to talk to me but the cops stop him and tell him to only talk to them (I told him about his attitude on the phone before). The friends are all offering to pay for the room at this point and the cops look to me and ask if that would be acceptable. I smile very sweetly and say "no" and the cops nod and start rushing all of the guys to grab their things and leave the room. The ex-bf is the last one out the door carrying his 2 bags and complaining that he isn't even given a luggage cart and has to carry his own things. His friends all look pissed at him.
I go with the officers to escort all of them out of the building and run into my coworker in the lobby. He waits until they're all outside in the parking lot to tell me that the woman is in her new room, loves it, and said no to the champagne, she just wanted to sleep.
I didn't get to see her before she left town the next day, but the ex-bf did try calling our hotel to complain a number of times and even tried leaving some bad reviews of us online and lied through all of it. I hope she doesn't have to ever deal with him again.
Edit: Thank you all so much for the awards! It's only been 1 day and I'm blown away by how much this story was loved! I normally do post my hotel stories to talesfromthefrontdesk but felt that this one would work here too so I posted it here first. Glad I did and I plan to repost there as well. Thank you all again for the love! I have a lot of asshole stories from working in that industry, very few wholesome stories, but this is my one and only revenge story. So really happy you all loved it! Thank you!
Edit 2: Wanted to address some things you guys brought up in the comments:
  1. I have no idea why she didn't use Uber instead of walking, probably due to the distress of the moment and didn't think of it. Honestly, if you're ever in that situation, despite being publicly humiliated like that, ask the staff for help. Either they think of something you're too panicked to think of or they'll be nice and pay for an uber for you. I've done it for people plenty when working in hotels. There's no shame in asking for help.
  2. The credit card company is Capital One. I wasn't going to mention it since some subs immediately flag your story for listing major company names and didn't want to fuss with that. But yeah, their app lets you post a picture on your profile and, on most banking and credit card apps, you are able to pull up the full card number by clicking on the account information. Yes, technically I shouldn't have accepted this as a form of ID however, given how shit her night was, I didn't care.
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