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Cracks [Flux Pavilion Remix] Lyrics

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When it's over, and the heart break. My next time through the course, I'll be prepared and more confident than ever to begin drawing. Create your free account. Andrea Lawlor teaches writing at Mount Holyoke College and is a 2020 Whiting Award winner.


Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Nov. 23, 1987

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-5-1987 1-12-1987 1-18-1987 2-2-1987
2-9-1987 2-16-1987 2-23-1987 3-2-1987
3-9-1987 3-16-1987 3-23-1987 4-6-1987
4-13-1987 4-20-1987 4-27-1987 5-4-1987
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10-26-1987 11-2-1987 11-9-1987 11-16-1987
  • With all the major promotions running Thanksgiving, there’s an illusion of choice for viewers. Of course, there aren’t choices for most of the public. Even so, the promotions are getting into it as if there is one. The Mega Powers and Sam Houston’s theme (the Midnight Rider theme) are both WWF taking a dig at Crockett, while Manny Fernandez is making comments with clear anti-Dusty subtext in Memphis. Dave’s not going to try to speculate or predict what comes out of any promotion for Thanksgiving, but he does note a couple things. WWF has never produced a major spectacular with a heel winning the main event. Crockett has. That said, if they want to build a Hogan/Andre rematch for Wrestlemania, it would make sense to have Andre go over here. The trick is hiding Andre’s physical problems, because if the viewership catches on to those, it could ruin Wrestlemania. That’s unlikely to happen, but it’s possible, and that’s the risk of building heavily around a guy who probably shouldn’t be categorized as an active wrestler these days.
  • Starrcade clarification: they’ve announced Wilbur vs. Ivan Koloff, but that’s a preliminary match at one of the other sites and won’t air for the closed-circuit audience. The announcement has confused some people, and Dave’s not sure how they could have not seen confusion being the result. Tickets for Chicago have nearly sold out, by the way, and now it looks like they could probably have gotten a bigger venue and sold out rather than going with the Pavillion, even with the earlier start time. They’ve also opened the Aragon and Regal theaters in Chicago as closed-circuit locations for those who can’t attend the live card.
  • New Japan’s Japan Cup tournament started on November 9 and they ran two major angles at the start of the tournament. The first was an injury angle to Fujiwara, leaving Inoki with no partner. Before the end of the show, Inoki asked Dick Murdoch to be his partner (so you can probably expect Inoki/Murdoch vs. Choshu/Saito in the finals). Murdoch was originally to team with Scott Hall, but now Hall will team with Sakaguchi. The bigger story, however, is Choshu and Saito wrestled Fujinami and Kimura, with Kimura pinning Choshu in the biggest upset of the year in Japan. Fujinami and Kimura at present lead the tournament with 10 points, with Keiji Mutoh and Nobuhiko Takada in second with 9 points.
  • WWF taped Saturday Night’s Main Event for November 28 in Seattle on November 11. They sold out 16,000 at the Seattle Center Arena, and Jesse Ventura did color instead of Heenan. The matches don’t sound that hot, unfortunately. Probable airing matches include Ted DiBiase over Hillbilly Jim in three minutes with a clothesline. The heat it did get came from Ted insulting Brian Bosworth and getting the crowd behind Bosworth more than they were for Hogan later in the night. Randy Savage beat Bret Hart in what’s said to be the best match on the card, a 15 minute match full of Bret working the ankle and Savage making the comeback after the commercial to win with a small package. Bam Bam pinned Hercules. This match had a double countout at three minutes, then after the commercial they restarted the match and Bigelow pinned Herc with a slingshot. Harley Race and Jim Duggan went to a disqualification of some kind (some confusion over the exact result), with Duggan not looking great. Bundy beat Hogan via countout and Hogan has now suffered his first national tv loss since becoming the big star. Andre did some interference and got sent away, and Heenan eventually held Hogan’s leg to keep him out of the ring. Word is only Hogan and Savage’s matches had any heat, so they’ll definitely need to sweeten the sound. The next Saturday Night’s Main Event will be taped December 7 for a January 2 air date, with a Hogan/Bundy rematch headlining.
  • Dave reviews Crockett’s November 9 San Francisco show. They drew just under 2,000 for a $25,000 gate. It was their first show in the area in four months and had both Flair and the Road Warriors, so that has to be a disappointment. Nothing to write home about this one. The only good matches were Nikita Koloff vs. Eddie Gilbert (“basically a good match” at 2.75 stars), Barry Windham vs. Larry Zbyszko (3 stars), and Ric Flair and Lex Luger vs. Ron and Jimmy Garvin (3.5 stars). Ron Simmons vs. Black Bart got -1 star. Between his physique and his background, Ron Simmons should be a superstar, but Dave questions that whenever he sees him live because Simmons just hasn’t been improving from where he was when he started over a year ago. Bart stalling out the entire 11 minute match just made things worse. Overall, Flair saved the show and made it good, but the card itself was bad otherwise. Crockett next returns in February because they don’t think they can come back any time sooner and actually draw. So there won’t be a Bunkhouse Stampede show, which would have been an easy $60,000+ gate. San Francisco is the only city left where battle royals are sure draws (AWA is doing a show next Saturday that’ll prove that, Dave says, but he’s going to be very wrong on that front), but Dave’s pessimistic about Crockett even drawing 2000 next time.
  • TV ratings are down a lot for Crockett, and that’s worse news than the recent bad houses and unrest among some of the bigger name talent. Neilsen’s weekly syndication reports of the top 15 syndicated networks saw Crockett drop out of the listings entirely very quick. The Wrestling Network had consistently been holding around number 7 and peaked at number 4, and now it’s out of the top 15 and even behind number 14-ranked All-Star Wrestling Network (which includes POWW, Pro Wrestling This Week, and AWA). Crockett’s package is on 200 stations, while All-Star’s package hits a combined 123 stations, so having fewer viewers than them has to be a bit of an embarrassment. All told, the ratings for Crockett’s package have dropped about 40% in two months, all leading up to their biggest show of the year and November sweeps. The timing could not be worse, and Crockett had bought UWF primarily to improve the tv network. The results speak for themselves, though and it’s clear Crockett will lose affiliates if the ratings don’t make a big turnaround. Crockett’s got affiliates in every major market except Boston, so that should illustrate the state of the numbers. WWF probably earns $13-15 million per year off television, and buying UWF was Crockett’s gambit to be getting into that level of business. But viewers are sending a clear message, and tv ratings are the most important barometer in this day and age for determining public interest in a promotion. Live gates being down can be explained by a lot of things (unwanted matches, bad economy, competition, etc.), but if tv ratings are down it says people are turned off by the product itself. With all current plans, nothing can be done until after Thanksgiving, because Starrcade is already planned and it’s too late to throw out a last-minute big angle. Unless a lot of things happen that bring fans back into the arenas, though, 1988 could be a rough year for Crockett (that it will be). Dave hopes they don’t look at Starrcade and their show at Nassau Coliseum, which should both do well, and think they’ve just solved things.
  • AWA also has bad news, which includes lots of shows being canceled. As of Dave’s most recent report, only two shows are booked for December, which is traditionally one of the best months for wrestling in the midwest, so something is really wrong. The wrestlers who don’t have weekly guarantees are going to be hit real hard and won’t be able to survive the month. Lots of stories about guys quitting, coming back, quitting, and whatnot. Tommy Rich is gone, D.J. Peterson has given notice, Steve DiSalvo left after one night, Jerry Blackwell is gone, and there are three more uncertain (one of which is probably Ray Stevens, who is scheduled for WWF’s old timers’ battle royal). The San Francisco show on Saturday should answer some of the questions on who’s staying and who’s going. Some are talking about coming in, but that won’t be until 1988 at least, as it looks like there’s no money to be made in December. The big story for AWA on that front, and it makes sense for both, is that the Midnight Rockers are negotiating a return in January. Guess January being when hell freezes over was obvious in hindsight, as that’s when they were supposed to return.
  • Let’s hope 1988 is a year that turns things around for wrestling, because the negativity isn’t fun.
  • WCCW’s Von Erichs Over America tour opened on November 7. With the amount of advertising Bum Bright and his people have poured in, you have to figure they’re disappointed by gates of $4,000 on November 7 and $16,000 on November 11. They’re handling the booking, advertising, and paying wrestlers around $200 per show guaranteed.
  • WCCW tried to bury Brody on tv, but did a half job of it. They hinted that The Thing ran him over, but they might have to try and get Brody in for a match with him in December so they didn’t want to outright say it. Thing is a rookie trained by Boris Malenko, and worked about a week in Florida. He doesn’t really do anything but punches and kicks and sells nothing.
  • In Memphis they did some interesting stuff with Jeff Jarrett and Jimmy Jack Funk this week. Last week Funk stole Jarrett’s title after their match, and Eddie Marlin (Jarrett’s grandfather) came out and ordered Funk to return the belt. Well, Funk hit both Marlin and Jarrett with the belt, then tried to hang him with a noose. When he threw it up around the lights, he wound up losing the whole rope and someone (Dave thinks Bobby Jaggers) had to throw him another rope from off camera to try again. Anyway, Marlin broke things up and Funk beat him up more, and Marlin suspended Funk but Jarrett begged them not to suspend him because he wanted to beat Funk up at the next show. That sounds like a classic, simple angle right there to me.
  • No major update on Steve Estes’s court date on his robbery charges. He did plead innocent on a misdemeanor charge of writing bad checks (for our younger readers, checks are a slip of paper you used before debit cards were a thing). His trial begins in early December sometime.
  • POWW drew 850 on November 1 in Marietta, Georgia. Dave would tell us who was the big draw for the group, but their advertising didn’t mention the names of any of the wrestlers.
  • Aileen Eaton, former boxing promoter at Olympic Auditorium and mother of Mike and Gene Lebelle, passed away about a week ago.
  • The November 8 Crockett show at the Omni is really only notable for what they’re doing with Ric Flair. Flair’s match was called a “workout”, as originally Flair and Ron Garvin were scheduled for a non-title match but instead fans were to be treated to “pre-Starrcade workouts” in handicap matches against jobbers. Garvin won his match against the Gladiators. Flair’s workout was a handicap match against Kendall Windham and Italian Stallion. Flair dominated Stallion and sold heavy for Windham, and the match wound up with an Arn Anderson run-in finishing things up. Ric Flair isn’t even being given clean wins against jobbers, if that tells you anything about this company.
  • After just a day in the AWA, Steve DiSalvo returned to Stampede on November 6. He has the potential to be one of the better heels in the business, as he has both the muscularity of Don Muraco and can carry himself with the most arrogance and condescension of any human alive. But he’s not a good worker, and absolutely whollopped Biff Wellington with one of the stiffest clotheslines Dave has ever seen in his debut match on October 24.
  • WWF injury updates: Ted DiBiase is 100% and back in action. Billy Jack Haynes collapsed November 6 after his match at Nassau due to dehydration and potassium deficiency. He didn’t miss any matches but Ken Patera had to carry him in tag matches over the weekend and he’s now loading up on bananas to get his potassium up.
  • Bob Orton got detained by customs on his way back to the States from Calgary after the November 8 show. He missed several shows as a result.
  • Nothing much from All Japan this week, but more details on their tag tournament to come next week. Those details are mostly just some results, so again, not much detail there.
  • [Oregon] Steve Doll and Scott Peterson won the Pacific Northwest tag titles on November 7. They’re dressing like the Midnight Rockers and calling themselves the Southern Rockers now.
  • WWF’s old-timers’ battle royal has now gained Gino Brito, Ray Stevens, and The Crusher. Expect a full report on that show next issue.
  • A letter asks for clarification on the Midnight Express, since there are a couple different versions, and Dave gives the rundown on what and who and why there are so many Midnight Expresses. Short version, Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose, and Norvell Austin were the original team as a three-man group in Southeastern (now Continental) Championship Wrestling (Alabama territory) in the early 80s. Condrey and Bobby Eaton got together in 1983 as the Midnight Express for Mid-South (later UWF) and then went to WCCW in 1984 and JCP in 1985. Condrey left the team in March and Stan Lane replaced him. Then Condrey resurfaced with Randy Rose and Paul E. Dangerously in the AWA a few months back. NWA never trademarked the name, so nobody has any grounds to sue anyone over use. Also Dangerously’s real name is Paul Heyman, and he used to edit Wrestling Power and Double Action Wrestling, and was an associate editor of Norm Keitzer’s Wrestling News.
  • Dave also clarifies his position on Dusty Rhodes in response to another letter about him. Dave has nothing against Dusty being a star. Dusty has charisma in spades and can cut a promo like nobody else. But Dave has a lot against Dusty being the star, since he doesn’t appeal widely enough and he likes to hold back those who threaten his position. Put simply, it’s easy to get fans to cheer a face and boo a heel, since they’ve already paid and fans like to play along. Jimmy Valiant and George Steele get cheers, but they don’t draw. Dusty pushes himself as the star, so he gets big cheers because audiences see him as the star, but his appeal is closer to a George Steele than a Hulk Hogan. Pushing Dusty as the main face of Crockett’s promotion holds back pushing someone who could sell more tickets and help keep the promotion alive. Marks hated The Sheik, loved Dick the Bruiser, and loved the Von Erichs, but those guys also ran off other fans and killed their territories because they couldn’t gain the wide appeal that a promotion needs to thrive. When you have limited appeal as a promotion, your only audience is marks and hardcore fans, and to be majorly appealing you have to reach the average person, not just marks and hardcores.
  • Dave finally finishes his run-downs of Award favorites, and says he’ll include a complete list of categories next issue, and will begin accepting ballots. For Best Technical Wrestler, Dave gives it all to Japan, as Fujiwara, Maeda, and Takada outclass anyone in North America (though Owen Hart makes a close fourth place for Dave). For Worst TV Announcer, the past few weeks have led Dave to only one conclusion: David Crockett. Best Booker is a field with few choices this year. Inoki has dropped the ball in many ways, and Dusty was the best last year but has been near the bottom this year. Lawler and Jarrett have a good show, and Eddie Gilbert was good at putting together live shows. But on the strength of his television show’s production and the genius booking of Hogan/Andre, Dave can’t believe he’s doing it, but he’s saying Vince McMahon. For Worst on TV Interviews, Dave gives the Japanese wrestlers in Calgary like Hase and Yamada a break on their English and instead picks Bugsy McGraw, who is not funny at all.
  • John Nord’s getting over great in Minneapolis as a face largely because of his commercials for his father’s car dealership. There are three commercials, all with the slogans “No credit? We don’t care!” and “Don’t make payments? Then we care!” He does wrestling moves in the commercials, piledriving a guy onto the hood of a car in one, bodyslamming a guy through the windshield in the second, and suplexing a guy onto the hood in the third. Dave likens Nord’s performance to an impersonation of what it would be like if Jim Duggan impersonated Bruiser Brody.
Watch: Nord Motor Company commercial
  • Genichiro Tenryu beat Hiroshi Wajima on November 7 in their first match. This is especially interesting because of their histories in Sumo before they went to pro wrestling. About a decade ago they were top stars in the world of sumo, and Wajima was ranked above Tenryu (Tenryu’s highest rank was Maegeshira 1, which is top of the 5 rank of the highest division, while Wajima was the 54th Yokozuna and competed for 8 years after attaining that rank). Wajima was a nine-time Grand National champion in Sumo, which is why he was such a big deal when he came over to pro wrestling in 1986. Tenryu was a big-name, but he never was allowed to break into the elite, which is why he turned to pro wrestling.
Watch: Tenryu vs. Wajima
  • Ray Stevens got a deal where he’s working the old-timers’ battle royal for WWF but will stay with AWA.
  • Bob Orton is still missing dates, so no idea if he’s suspended or fired from WWF.
THURSDAY (4 issues left in 1987): PPV forecast for 1988, Pennsylvania house committee recommends deregulating wrestling, wrestling holds five of the top 20 cable ratings, and more.
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OC Tournament #5: Round 1 Match 24: Elliott Vs Max

The results are in for Match 22. The winner is…
Perseus Drakos, with a score of 73 to Pemburu’s 68!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity MFA 18-12 Voting was even at 2-0 UE for the first two days, then MFA caught up and the pair were neck-and-neck until the last minutes of voting, where a few last minute votes came through for MFA! There’s been a lot of last-minute massive turnabouts lately.
Quality Tie 22-22 Reasoning
JoJolity UE 23-24 Reasoning
Conduct TEAM 10-10
The entire pit was filled by the time the two were almost done fighting, Perseus was still woozy from the poison and had to be consoled by his stand, but Pemburu was much worse for wear, concrete stuck to his clothes and quiver, glass injuries, and wreathing in silent agony.
They were poised for one last clash between their stands when a voice was heard from the far side.
“Hey, what are you two doing in here!” The construction foreman has arrived on the scene. “What did you two do to the foundation!”
It was at that moment Pemburu succumbed to his injuries as unconsciousness overtook him.
Perseus tried to get a word in but the foreman only continued, “Kid, I have half a mind to send you to the police. Do you have any idea of what you’ve done here? You doomed this whole construction site.” Angrily muttering under his breath now, “That bitch probably got what she wanted out of this.”
“I was…” Perseus tried to explain to the man.
“Kid, just get out of here and take your grandpa or whatever with you.” The foreman wasn’t even paying attention to Perseus anymore while surveying the damages. “And what the heck is this stuff!” The man started to wretch as he inspected the poison.
[The Stranger] took this as the cue to leave, rushing his young master and an unconscious Pemburu out of the construction site.
If you still want more, you still have time to vote on a staged match between two animal based stand user in a clothing store over a rubber ducky
Los Fortuna Trolley Station, 8:07 P.M. Downtown
Max idly waited as people vacated the trolley and for it to continue towards his destination. The Los Fortuna Roller Rink was still a number of stops away, but this was still faster and more convenient than rollerblading his way over. The tunnels around Hotel Delmano were also an option for travel, but they didn’t quite lead into the district at a convenient spot for where he was heading.
While the murder at city hall was still fresh on everybody’s minds, Maxwell was trying to use this time to keep his own mind off the situation, as it wasn’t like he could do too much to help Peter or the others track the killer down. For now, he had all the free time in the world while they tried to find a lead. Who knew, maybe on his way back he would do some scouting around the city of his own, not too different from what he was accustomed to anyways.
Once the rest of the passengers filed out, Max looked around seeing that he was the only person left on the trolley. Max looked around, it was slightly strange, but it wasn’t like the place had too many people to begin with.
“Cclluunnk Ccllunnk”
Two heavy footsteps could be heard as Maxwell turned to see a large woman enter the back of the trolley and take a seat right at the back. The two look around, seeing nobody else entering the trolley, and make brief eye contact.
From looking at Elliott, Max noticed her expression. She seemed displeased somehow, annoyed by something. Did something happen to piss her off earlier? Did he accidentally do something to annoy her? She gave a short nod to him, and he responded with a grin and a short wave.
Well, whatever, it probably wasn’t anything serious.
Moments Ago
Elliott had decided to use her day off to go Downtown. She had plans set for dinner at a small local diner that had notably good reviews, “The Vermillion Bird”, and spent most of her day trying to find a gym that she could use more frequently, since the Business District didn’t have many that worked for her.
While she could have been skating around on foot around Downtown, now probably wasn’t the best time to do so, considering people were still a bit on edge over the incident at City Council. And so, she decided to get onto the trolley, to make her way over to The Vermillion Bird.
Getting onto the trolley, Elliott noticed that the only other person on it, an unkempt-looking man, turned to look at her. Yeah, that made sense. She was just about used to that happening, what with her appearance and size. He seemed calm, but wanting to diffuse any possible tension, Elliott gave a curt nod, as if to motion that she had no ill will towards the man.
He seemed to have gotten the message, as he grinned and waved back to her in response.
“Next stop, Redrum Boulevard” The automated speaker system rang out before the trolley started moving again. However, Elliot quickly noticed that something was going wrong with it. The trolley was rapidly picking up speed for some reason.
Max noticed that something was off as well, shifting in his seat. The trolley was rapidly picking up speed. Strange, this didn’t happen at the last stop he was at.
A short burst of static and a human voice could be heard from the speaker. “Hello? Is anyone on that trolley? There’s some sort of issue with the cable car system, and it’s spiraling out of control. Don’t bother trying to answer, by the way, I can’t hear what you’re saying.”
Elliott turned to look behind her as the station shrank into the distance. Adrenaline started to pump for both her and Max. Both of them started thinking of ways that they could possibly stop the trolley.
“Look - this trolley is going to crash, but whatever you do, please do not try to stop the trolley or dive out of the car. I can assure you, as long as you hold onto something when you land, the trolley will be intact and you should be fine with the safety measures we have in place.”
Well, at the very least, that was slightly reassuring. “However, do not, and I repeat, do not try to stop the trolley completely. That will only cause greater problems to the other trolleys.” The voice on the other line takes a breath. “You have to crash into one of two buildings. Currently you are on route to crash into the Los Fortuna Museum. The emergency lever is now active at the front, and if you pull it, the trolley will divert and in the Los Fortuna Art Pavillion’s direction, crashing into it. You all have the choice to make on where this trolley crashes. I can’t see a winning situation here, but if any of you make the tough decision I’m sure nobody will hold it against you. You have about 10 minutes to make a decision.”
Max and Elliott looked at each other at and back to the lever. Max started talking calmly, “Alright, let’s think about this - our choice really doesn’t matter here, since we will have to crash anyways, yeah? So we should just leave the lever how it is and be done with it, agreed?” Max looked at the large woman, unfazed by the situation at hand.
Elliott nodded, “That makes sense, yeah, lets just stay put.” However, Elliott heard a small voice in the back of her mind, gnawing at her, as if she was forgetting something important.
“Hey” Elliot scowled and turned to see her stand on her back. “You know, if you don’t divert this trolley, you won’t be able to go to that diner. The museum is in the exact opposite direction you want to go in. And you know what’ll happen afterwards, yeah? You’ll likely be questioned, and you’ll be delayed even further… Factor in the time it’ll take to make your way back, and in the end, you’ll miss your chance to get to the diner before it stops serving new customers...” [Work It] whispered to her, acting as the raspy devil on her shoulder.
The realization struck Elliott and she stood up abruptly to turn to the man in rollerblades. “Hey, if it doesn’t actually matter, You wouldn’t mind if I diverted it, right?”
Max frowned, “What makes you want to do that?” The truth of the matter was, he didn’t want the trolley diverted. The roller rink would be a long ways off if he allowed this trolley to change course, and he wanted to be there as much as possible before it closed.
“Well… You know... I was thinking the museum is more important, so maybe we shouldn’t crash into…” Elliott couldn’t continue her lie without trailing off.
“You and I both know neither of us care about the museum or the art pavilion.” Max could see right through the ruse. “Come on out with it, we can still discuss this like adults.” Might as well hear her out if he was to get anywhere.
Elliott stomped her foot and waved her hands in front of her in mild frustration, “I want to go to The Vermillion Bird, one of the diners closer to the art pavilion, is that too much to ask!?” She knew how childish this looked, but this was important to her, damn it.
“You know, there’s tons of diners Downtown, you can pick a different one to go to or find another way there.” Max tried to still reason with her.
“No, you don’t understand, it’s one of my few days off and that diner is supposed to be really good! I have to get there before it stops serving new customers!” Elliott would not take no for an answer at this point.
“Ok, ok. Just breathe, calm down now, I know you are probably just stressed from this whole situation. Take a seat.” It was a long shot but it might still work out, Max thought to himself.
Elliott paused for a moment, processing the conversation that they were having. “Hey wait a second! Why do you want to go to the museum anyways?! You already said before that we both don’t care about either of these places!”
“Well, uh, that’s not important right now.” Max tried to deflect.
“No, I think it is!” Elliott shouted. At this point, she was just about fed up.
From behind her [Work It] shouted, “Go pull the lever! What’s he going to do about it, eh?! He probably can’t even stand up in here with those stupid skates! Look at his bats and skates, it’s like he couldn’t choose between baseball and roller skating as a kid and just picked both!” [Work It] laughed, and started chanting “Pull. The. Lever. Pull. The. Lever.” in rhythm as Elliott walked her way over.
Now Max was a bit miffed, her stand was mocking his rollerblades. He stood up effortlessly and blocked Elliot’s way, “You want to know? I was on my way to the roller rink.” Max maintained his composure as he spoke, and he gave a grin as his stand manifested besides him, “And I think we both know neither of us is backing down here.”
The two sized each other up, neither of them giving an inch.
Max didn’t want to fight, but that was before her stand started insulting him and what he stood for. Now, it was personal.
Elliott knew she was being goaded by her stand, but that didn’t mean that she wouldn’t just let her chance to go to The Vermillion Bird go down the drain. It was too late now to back down in any case.
Open The Game!
Location: On a Downtown Trolley, here is a general image for reference.
The area here is 3 by 9 meters with a 3 meter tall roof. Each tile is one by one meter. The trolley itself is made mostly of metal and glass for windows, except the floor which is lacquered wood. The trolley is fully enclosed so you couldn’t accidentally fall out easily.
Players are represented by their tokens with Elliott on the left side and Max on the right side.
The red and blue rectangles represent the plastic benches where passengers would sit and the grey X marked circles are metal handrails.
The doors to the trolley are on the top and bottom side and are denoted by the green trapezoids. They can be forced open with a bit of effort.
All the way on the right side the magenta triangle is the emergency lever. Currently it is set to lead the train to Max’s intended destination and flipping it will lead it to Elliott’s intended destination. The lever can be flipped back and fourth as many times before the match ends. If the lever doesn’t get flipped all the way, it will stay with whatever track it was on. The lever has a rubber handle and is made of metal, but it is also completely indestructible for this match.
Goal: Make sure the trolley is heading where you want it to be by the 10 minute mark which is the end of the match!
Additional Information:
Max’s rollerblading is unaffected by the moving trolley for the purposes of this match and there are no noticable bumps or jostling of the trolley in its motion. Basically you will not need to account for the forward momentum of the trolley for your strategies while inside the trolley.
Players are not allowed to derail or otherwise stop the trolley since that would mean they can’t get to their destination.
The players are technically allowed to hang on the outsides or ceiling of the trolley if they somehow end up outside, however at the speed the trolley is going you will not be able to get back if you fully detach from it.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Sharp Lookers Elliott “Ah, please allow me to say completely... I've won! Completely!” Even though this space isn’t the best to work with, you are a professional and that means knowing how to work in any environment. Outmaneuver your opponent in as stylish a way possible!
Baker Street Rat Pack Maxwell “Ten-Ten” Tennet “I'll say it one more time. I'll win if the ball contains poison gas.” You are going to have to get creative to go against a person in here, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t up to the challenge. Outmaneuver your opponent in as stylish a way possible!
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
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