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More Things I Wish I Knew When Starting Out in NMS (part 3 of 2)

This is the fifth in a series of articles about what I wish I'd known when (re)starting out. The complete list of links:
Feel free to ask questions as a reply to an article. Be sure to look through the existing replies as well, as there are places in there where I learned something new, even after 1800+ hours.

Siting Your Base

I want to expand a bit on this, which I covered briefly in the first article.
Your first Base mission tells you to create a Base, without the requisite Survey Device tech for finding Hotspots. You will have to power that base. You can do it with Solar Panels and Batteries. Biofuel Reactors are problematic and need to be refilled all the time. So, build the first base, to learn how -- knowing that the next one will have all the tools needed for the best siting. It's OK to delete bases, and the first one is often a good candidate for that. Be sure that the next base has a Base Salvage Capsule, so that you get back some of the resources you used for that base. (The Capsule in my 1190+ hour game has well over 1,000 Metal Plates and hundreds of Glass.)
Once you have the Survey Device, you should be able to find one of each hotspot (EM, Gas, Mineral) in a 300u circle centered somewhere between them. This is not always true, as there are cases where one or two of the hotspots won't exist. In that case, fly somewhere else and keep looking. It should not take too long to find a place where all three hotspots are available and within that 300u circle. If the terrain is acceptable somewhere in that center, I will build my base there.
There seems to be a 400u limit (with my excellent scanner tech) on the detection of a hotspot. If I'm at 401u, I don't see it at all. When I land at a potential site, I flip through the scanner. If I see one hotspot, I move on. If I see two hotspots, it's geometrically possible that if I move towards one of the other two, a third one will appear -- but it might not. Depending on what I'm looking for, two might be sufficient, if one of them is an EM hotspot.
  • If I'm after one of the Big Three gases, then EM and the right Gas hotspot will satisfy my needs. The Big Three are needed for crafting the Big Tech items, described below.
  • I go through a lot of Silver, with Glass Cuboid rooms and extensive Freighter renovation. If I find an EM hotspot and a Silver Mineral hotspot, I will often build a base specifically for that.
If you Google for tips, you'll fall all over people telling you how to mine Activated Indium, or how to crash the Cobalt / Wiring Loom / Chlorine / Faecium markets. Hello Games has changed the game in Origins, making these far less profitable or impossible.
Short cuts won't work for building the infrastructure you need if you want to be able to craft anything and everything. I've never mined a single unit of Activated Indium, Activated , or exploited a crashed market -- and, while it took me longer, I have All The Money in my 1190+ hour game. I'm headed in that direction in my recent restart. I find building the infrastructure to craft billions entirely and extremely satisfying. There is no One True Way, so do what works for you.
You can extend the reach of your base, to get to more distant hotspots. However, building bases like that can be problematic. I've managed to extend a power line almost 550u, but I didn't build enough EM generators the first time. I could not build more EM generators until I extended a second parallel line to that same field.
To extend the power line to the EM hotspot:
  • I walked as far as I could go towards the hotspot, while the menu showed me it could build a Battery. When the menu vanished, I stepped back towards the base until it reappeared. I built the Battery there. I ran back to the Battery halfway between it and the base, connecting the two with power. Now I had a powered Battery at about 300u.
  • I walked away from the Battery, and got about another 50u before the Battery vanished from the menu. Step back, build a Battery, connect it to the power. Place a pair of Lights next to the Battery, after scaling them up to be as large as possible. One should shine towards the base, the other toward the hotspot. This will give you a visual indicator you can see against the terrain. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  • At 550u, I could build a new Battery, but I could also build the EM Generators I needed. I built a lot (not enough) and then ran a line back to the nearby Battery.
I could not extend the power and pipelines far enough to reach the mineral hotspot about 400u from that base, no matter what I tried. I even tried tunneling through the hill to get more directly to the hotspot on the other side, but there was no joy.
I would not normally have built a base there, but I was following the storylines in a fresh restart. You start the base build before using a reasonable power source. I didn't have the complete scanner at that point, either -- if I had, I would have moved the base about 250u from where it is currently situated -- and I'd have been in the middle of a triangle of hotspots.
The Terrain Manipulator makes it very easy to sculpt a terrain, so that you can create a base that fits beautifully into the landscape. Additionally, parts of the terrain will go away when you place a room in a volume that's not entirely clear. This is fast and easy when you're throwing a new base up. The gotcha is that the game will remember that set of global terrain edits. If you go somewhere else and make terrain changes, you may come back to an unpleasant surprise -- your base has filled in with the terrain you carefully removed. You may have an extensive archaeological dig in front of you.
I had weird interactions recently, when I was trying to build a large underground structure. I didn't realize there was a complex cave system down there, and things got very, very weird and confused. I managed to escape falling through the bottom of the world. That section no longer exists. I'm much more careful when digging.
This is why I tend to build up, high into the air. Even that isn't safe. There's a set of trees that insist on growing back, up and through Landing Pad #3 on Exuberant Base. At one point, I thought I'd lost my bright yellow Squidiculous, only to discover it was completely camouflaged on Pad #3.

Freighter Bases

You can build most Base items in your Freighter, along with some Freighter-specific spaces. Be aware that most Freighter rooms require Silver to create; you can consume a lot of Silver in extensive builds. You can also recover Silver by deleting spaces you're not going to use.
Furthermore, you're not constrained to a single Freighter deck. I have been told you can build up to 14 decks, reachable by stairways. I have gone up to a fourth deck, and have built out practical, usable space on three decks. Stairway placement is tricky, at best. I've encountered other weirdnesses when trying to join up with existing construction. Most of the time, the problem is solved by deleting the space, going to the other side, and creating it from that direction.
One trick I use is coloring different decks or different regions of a deck. On Vortex Deep Command, the Operations Deck is blue, the Crew Deck is red, and the Hydroponics Deck is green. On the PS4, you can do this by selecting the region for deletion, moving right to the color circle icon, and then up to the desired color. I've been able to cover every volume except for the space immediately outside the top of the stairs from the hangar. (It flashes furiously when I try.)
The Storage Units are on the Operations Deck. I usually have a long line of them, in a J shaped region. All of the Units are contiguous, so you can walk through them from unit to unit. The trick is to be able to identify which Unit you're in, because the Unit doesn't show you the convenient name you've given it for your ground bases. So, there are convenient flat, clear spaces on the outside wall, to the right of the door, if possible, on the rear wall, and on the back right side of the right doorway in the room. I put big numbered decals up on each of those places, identifying the Unit number.
You can take a pictorial tour of my Freighter Koyaanisqatsi.

Save Early, Save Often

Having lost important work to odd game behavior in the past, I've learned to save my work regularly. I put Save Points in a couple of key locations on every base:
  • At the main exit.
  • In my crafting workspace, which is usually the room with my Storage Units, a Large Refiner, a Nutrient Processor, and a Galactic Trade Terminal. (There may be more Refiners depending on where I am in the tech tree. Start simple.) On the Freighter, this is in the middle of the space surrounded by the Fleet Command Rooms.
  • At the end of my bed in my bedroom. As I've said elsewhere, these bases are homes, where I often spend a lot of (too much) time. When I'm at the end of a session, I go to my bedroom, stand next to the bed, and hit the Save Point. Then I shut the game down. That means that I am waking up from my bed when I restart -- with the light of the sun or a planet pouring down through the glass. Alternatively, I'm in my Freighter cabin, on the Crew Deck.
I also shut down and restart the game when it starts acting oddly after a very long session of play. I lost more than 530+ hours of play a long time ago. Some people (including me) regularly copy backups of their save files onto a USB drive for additional security.

Acquiring a Freighter (New Thoughts)

People have asked me what I do about this. Having a Freighter will let you start running Frigate missions -- that bring in money useful for getting that larger ship. You can live quite well with a C 19+6 or an A 15+6. When you're running 3 and 4 Frigate missions at a time, you will start to want that larger Freighter.
Five warps into the game, you will get thrown into a Pirate battle in space. Be prepared, having armed your ship. I prefer Positron Ejectors because I don't have the finely honed reflexes of most gamers. They seem to be a popular choice. (I handed a ship over to my son, who has those reflexes. He bought a couple of each weapon tech and then flew several battles to comparison shop. He preferred the Positron Ejectors, too.)
If you win the battle, you are invited over to a Freighter. You have two choices:
  • Take the free Freighter. It will probably be small but adequate to start. (e.g. A 19+6)
  • Refuse the Freighter. Three hours and five more warps later, you will get into a second Pirate battle. This time, the free Freighter will be a Capital ship, much larger. (e.g. B 30+8)
My thinking has changed on this. I used to always take the first one. I think if I restarted again, I would refuse it, then do what I needed to do to get to the second battle as quickly as the game will allow. EDIT: No, definitely take the second one.
Before Desolation, there wasn't a big difference between an A 32+9 and an S 34+9, the largest possible Freighters. Desolation added Cargo Bulkheads as a way to take an A to 42+14 and an S to 48+21. There's also a lot more Freighter Tech available, waiting to fill up those new slots. This makes a significant difference between an A and an S class Freighter, and a real reason to go hunting.

Acquiring More Ships

Someone asked me how I go about getting more ships. I live opportunistically. I also don't have to fix every slot in a crash wreck for it to be a useful ship, especially if I have room in my Exosuit:
  • I build up infrastructure, like a farm or three, to be able to craft Living Glass, Liquid Explosive, and Circuit Boards. If you're making $10m-$30m every day or two, it helps a lot. My 2 farms brought in $60m today.
  • I fly Frigates for cash, things to sell, and things that will be useful for the infrastructure -- Storage Augmentation, Salvaged Frigate Modules, Cargo Bulkheads...
  • I usually have a ship I focus on, as my main transport.
  • I will find crashed wrecks and claim them. Most go right into the scrapper. I may start flying one, leaving the old focus in the Freighter hangar or just summonable. I will start to work on that one.
  • I will slowly repair the ship I'm flying, if it's damaged. I will also add more Tech to it. This will take time. Plan for it.
  • Sometimes, it's just good to have more tech in, even if it's A or B class. Again, I'll look for the S, but may settle for something I will replace. I won't look a gift Tech in the mouth...
  • At some point, I may decide that one of the ships is not as useful any more, and I will scrap it for the parts. Usually, this is the old ship, to provide money and improvements for the new one.
  • If I see something I like in a Station or a Trading Post, I may buy it. I usually keep a stack of Salvaged Data that I can sell to the owner of my target as extra cash for the deal. I may also sell off most of one or two of my accumulated elements, if I need even more. This new ship can also trigger scrapping one or more of the others.
  • There will always be a ship I want coming down the line. If I can't get this one, there will be another.
So -- lots of decision points and things to consider. In my recent restart, I:
  • Took the free A 19+6 Freighter in the first Pirate encounter.
  • Hired a few Frigates to start sending out.
  • Found a wrecked A 19+6ish Shuttle. Decided I would keep Proxima Vortex Blues on the way to the scrapper. If I name a ship, it's far more likely I'll fly her for a while. Flew her, repairing her slot by broken slot.
  • Hired more Frigates with the profits from the first missions and the $10-$30m I was bringing in from the base farm every session.
  • Scrapped my original ship.
  • Scrapped a Fighter that I'd found just before the Shuttle, because Proxima was bigger to begin with -- and would cost a little less to expand than the Fighter.
  • Found a B 30+8 Freighter in another Pirate fight. Paid the $62.1m I needed for the exchange, which dropped me down to $30m or so. Again, infrastructure keeps me afloat and growing. Your current Freighter is always a down payment for the next, better one.
  • Built out the Freighter with a small farm, as an adjunct to the base. Added more Frigates -- I'm at 24 right now.
  • Bought and immediately scrapped a series of ships, for the Techs and the Storage Augmentations. Sold the Techs for nanites. Used the Storage Augmentations on Proxima. Repeated this as I rebuilt my cash to levels where it was economically comfortable and would allow me a surprise purchase of a cool ship, should one appear.
  • Never found a better ship than Proxima, which was A 40+14 on the way out of Euclid.
  • Got my S 22+21 Living Ship Emerald Radiant.
  • Built a second tiny base just to mine Cobalt (for cash) and Nitrogen. (for advanced crafting)
  • Built a full third base with another full farm. It mines Sodium and Oxygen.
  • Just found an S 48+8 Hauler in Eissentam. Bought it for $112m, which put me back down to about $75m. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it just yet, although I did augment it to S 48+14.
  • Proxima is in the Freighter hangar, along with the unnamed Hauler. I'm flying Emerald Radiant most of the time. I fly Proxima when I need her Economy and Conflict scanners on the Galaxy Map.
I'm not sure if that sheds any more light on the subject.
If you want to understand how ship statistics work, and the advantages of each specific type of ship, go to the Gamepedia article on Starships.

Where Did my Scrap Go?

You've thrown another ship to the scrapper, and you're supposed to get $10m for it. Yet, when you sell off the items, you've only cleared $6m. What happened to the other $4m?
Check your stacks of elements. It is not unusual for the Scrap payout to include stacks of Chlorine, Cobalt, Chromatic Metal, or other elements. If you already had a stack in your inventory, you might not notice the increase.
The most I've ever seen from scrapping any ship was 3 Augmentations, and that came from scrapping something a large S class ship. I've scrapped a number of largish C class ships, hoping I might get one, but didn't get any. I've scrapped several of ships I've owned, including one S class Exotic I'd augmented to 48+21, that broke my heart.
You may get two or three Techs of the class of the ship, but those are C class Techs from a scrapped C class ship. Scrapping an S class ship will give you S class Tech back.
Do make sure you've emptied the ship of the portable things, like Tritium, Oxygen Filters, and Wiring Looms before you scrap it.

But I Want That Specific Ship... and I Can't Afford It Now

The Universe provides. You might miss a great ship, but there will be another one. And, if you take something away from the encounter, you will build up your bases and infrastructure so that you have the resources to buy the next one. If you do that right, that infrastructure will let you build every tech item in the tech tree, so you're never at a loss for whatever it is you need.

The Living Ship Missions

I really have trouble with flying to a given set of coordinate for each part of the Living Ship quest line.
First, it's easier if you try to get the second coordinate to the desired value. You can do this best by flying due north or south, using the indicator in your window. Once you get very close to that second coordinate, you can start to drift, to figure out what direction you need to go to hone in on the first coordinate. Of course, having a real heads-up display with latitude and longitude lines overlaid on the planet seems to be too high tech, even though we have it in the real world.
Second, if you can set your ship down close enough to the target coordinates, get out your scanner. These numbers keep fluctuating. Hopefully, you've got your scanner loaded with great tech. If you scan, the scan will show you your coordinates as you walk. The scanner may also show you where your target is located. You can then tag the target and walk or fly to it quickly.
You can do all of the steps but the last one in a galaxy other than Euclid. In the last step, the Void Egg will give you a list of glyphs you need to enter into a Portal to get to the system at the end of the quest line.
  1. The Portal must be in Euclid. There are many ways to get back to Euclid if you are not already there. A base you built there, a station you visited there, a base in the Anomaly Teleport list...
  2. You must find a Portal. Any Euclid Portal will do. There are several ways to do this.
  3. You must already know all of the Glyphs, so that you can operate the Portal. If you don't, then you have choices here, as well.
  4. You must figure out the Portal address to enter. You can take educated guesses at it -- it's not too hard to figure out. Alternatively, you can look in the Glyph entry in the Gamepedia.
Congratulations are in order when you get your Living Ship.

More Living Ship Thoughts

To upgrade your Living Ship, you are looking for egg-shaped encounters in the Deep Dark, as you pulse along. It shouldn't take very long in pulse mode to get an encounter of some kind. It may take an extended pulse drive with several recharges of the drive, without stopping.
Important note on the PS4: the menu changes in mid-flight! If you are >= 50% of fuel, down on the D-pad does not take you to the Recharge sub-item. If you are at < 50%, you drop into the Recharge sub-item, so that you can immediately go up and do the recharge. This makes me crazy, as a player and as a User Experience designer.
You cannot find these upgrades in a normal ship, no matter how long you look.
Half of the fun of these extended pulse sessions are the odd encounters you can have in the Deep Dark.
To upgrade:
  • You zap an egg and a Tech appears in one of your slots.
  • When you click on it, you get a choice:
    • Install -- this puts it in a slot as is, so a C tech goes in as a C tech.
    • Evolve -- if you have the Nanites, you can Evolve the tech. For 210 Nanites, a C Tech becomes a B Tech. Evolve it again (310 Nanites) to get to A, and one last time (430 Nanites) takes it to S.
    • You can evolve something after it's installed.
  • Placement is also important, just like the placement of Tech is important in standard ships.
    • I have not seen a definitive analysis of optimal placement.
    • I use a standard T shape. The Base Tech (e.g. Spewing Vents) is in the center, with enhancement Techs on 3 sides.
    • If you're good at Tetris, you may be able to pack these into the available slots.
    • If you have the Base Tech + 3 Enhancement in one compartment (e.g. Organ Chamber) you can add up to 2 more Enhancements in the other compartment (e.g. Storage Sacs) It helps if the 2 are touching, if possible. It may not be.
  • All Living Ships are S 22+21 and cannot expand at this time. So, consider your use of Technology versus your need for storage.
  • I have had ship damage done when taking my Living Ship through a Black Hole. It took a lot of effort to repair. Others have gotten through safely. While zipping from one galaxy to the next really makes a hash of normal Ships, Exosuit tech, and MultiTools, I have not done this. Others have gotten through with no damage.
  • You cannot currently get Living Ship tech anywhere except in the Deep Dark, pulsing between places.
If you are trying to get a second Living Ship, you must have a plain Void Egg. Cracked or Active or other adjectives on the Egg mean you have the wrong kind of Void Egg. You will not have to repeat the entire Living Ship mission -- a single encounter will take you to a new shell, which you can rescue for 10k nanites.
You can get rid of a Living Ship by exchanging it for another in a ship purchase.

Ship Console Display

The ship's console shows a lot of information when you're cruising about the system. I have much of it figured out:
  • Red circle: planet
  • Golden triangle: space Station
  • Purple rectangle: Freighter where you can land and purchase them
  • Orange square: Not clear to me yet. Anyone know for sure?

Naming Ships

Ships will tell you their name, if you listen very carefully. Etude for Three Quasars is a musical Living Ship; the background soundtrack is somehow always better when I'm flying with her. Diver of the Deep Dark doesn't want to hang around any one place; she gets bored and wants to jump somewhere new. Emerald Radiant glows green with life wherever she goes -- especially in her pilot's cabin, and is a streak of green along her plotted course radiant. Squidiculous is just a real silly beast that jumps with abandon for 2,600 LY if you ask -- but stomps out pirates in a hail of positrons if they dare to annoy her.

The Galaxy Map

The map has several different things it can display. Suppose you're looking for a red star. You want to make sure there's no Filter on the display. It uses red for showing a specific Economy type or a specific Conflict level -- I've been confused before.
You want to find a star of class M or K. The Galaxy Map has a key for each star, something like K0pf. The first letter describes the spectral class, and is based on the system used in astronomy. M or K stars are red stars.
  • O, B -- blue stars
  • A -- real, blue, but not used in NMS
  • F, G -- yellow stars (our sun is a G2 class star)
  • K, M -- red stars
  • E -- green stars, not an astronomical spectral class

Unclaimed Systems

There are systems on the Galaxy Map that don't show the usual Economy and Conflict information. Some systems are unclaimed, with no Station. There are pirates everywhere, even in these forsaken systems.
There are abandoned systems with space Stations that are damaged and broken, no longer habitable. You may find some working components inside. Is it really safe to trust a Teleport there? (Some work -- they're fine. I always debate whether I should just warp to another system instead, to be completely safe.)
These systems tend to be good places for Living Ships to pulse to find eggs with Tech upgrades in them.

Glitch World Change

These are currently 11 types of Exotic Biome worlds, where you can find Stabilised Reality Glitches. These include Fissured, Rattling, and Frothing worlds. As explained elsewhere, there is one animal species on this world, so claiming the 50 nanite bonus for finding all animal species is easy.
The description of these animals have changed -- SOME are now predators. So much for wandering aimlessly about these worlds without worry. Some of these creatures eat, and can be tamed. It may be possible that feeding a predator might distract them.
Don't forget to scan. If you haven't done so before, take a closer look at those that are specially marked with a "?" icon.

Planetary Biomes and Biome Names

There are many defined types of Biomes. Each Biome has a set of synonyms used when describing worlds with that Biome. Thus, if you have a mission to take a picture of a Frozen world, you have many different specific candidates to choose from:
  • Frozen
  • Icebound
  • Arctic
  • Glacial
  • Sub-zero
  • Icy
  • Frostbound
  • Freezing
  • Hiemal
  • Hyperborean
Some of the names are quite unusual and interesting. I had to stop at a Blood Planet Biome, just to see. It was definitely creepy. They added more with Origins, so keep looking!

Getting to the Core

I've found this guide to be helpful in getting to the core. With Origins 3.0, there's no Portal Interference any more, which makes it much easier to jump directly to the core. You may find an explanation of Portal addresses adds even more enlightenment.

Moving to Another Galaxy and Back Again

When you move to a new galaxy, you keep everything you discovered in any previous ones. You also keep your bases, your ships, your Freighter, and everything else.
Be aware that the reset will do a lot of damage to all of your Technology that's not in Technology slots. That's your Exosuit, your MultiTool, and your Ship. Living Ships may have problems, but I can't confirm that. I am not ready to test the theory, and Living Ship tech is harder to repair, needing less common materials.
You will be roughly 500u away from your starship, in a potentially hostile environment. There may be predatory animals. It should be easy to repair enough of your MultiTool to get your scanner and a weapon working. The scanner leads you to your ship. This is why you always want to carry a slot full of Wiring Looms when you do this, along with the basic elements for initial repair. I have gotten a flashback to those initial 30 minutes of panic and terror I had when first starting the game.
You can flip back and forth between Euclid and Eissentam, or any pair of galaxies, as if they were one large contiguous space. Ships acquired in one place will follow you wherever you go afterwards.
If you're looking for a particular place in a galaxy, a search should work, as long as the Portal you use is in that galaxy.

End Note -- What do you know?

Part of the genius of No Man's Sky is that you and I can use entirely different styles, with entirely different approaches and both feel satisfied and successful with the game. There is no One True Way to play. As usual, these reflect what I have learned in my style of play -- what would you add to these articles?
Updated for Origins 3.0.
submitted by vortexofchaos to NoMansSkyTheGame


What are the hardest levels?

I have seen many posts and videos of people discussing what they think the hardest level in the game is (master) and I am curious to know what you guys think.
In my opinion, the top ten is:
(Keep in mind the difficulty 8 and 9 levels I haven’t played are: Mendelssohn - A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Op.61, No.1 (level 8), Liszt - Transcendental Etude, IV. Mazeppa (level9), Saint-Saens - 6 Etudes, Op.111, No.6 (Level 8) and Bizet - Farandole from “L’arlesienne Suite No.2” (level 8))
  1. Chopin - Fantaisie-Impromptu, Op. 66 (level 9)
  2. Grieg - In the Hall of the Mountain King (level 9)
  3. Rachmaninoff - Flight of the Bumblebee (Rimsky-Korsakov) (level 9)
  4. Chopin - Black Key Etude (level 9)
  5. Beethoven - Moonlight, Mov.III (level 8)
  6. Rachmaninoff - Six Moments Musicaux, Op.16, No.4 (level 8)
  7. Pananini - La Campanella (Franz Liszt) (level 9)
  8. Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto No.2, Op.18, Mov.I (level 8)
  9. Mozart - Turkish March (level 8)
  10. Paganini - Caprice No.24 (Franz Liszt) (level 8)
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