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My Year 7 Seasons, Operators and Reworks (Concept)

My Year 7 Seasons, Operators and Reworks (Concept)
Operation Naval Deceit - Y7S1
Operation Naval Fleet - UK Royal Navy
Rift is a 1 speed, 3 armour attacker with his Modular Lens Devices. These are devices that can be placed on any destructible surface like floors, reinforced or soft walls etc. When placed, this device punctures a small circular window of bulletproof glass which allows your team to see through and establish visual into areas where you may not be able to normally, like through the other side of a reinforced wall. Due to his past as a sailor, these are reminiscent of a ship's circular windows like this

Ship window- Inspiration for the Modular Lens Device
He took inspiration from these and expertly modified it to work on metal, or wooden surfaces, allowing you to look in, but not pass through, which is the key here. As its bulletproof glass, it is transparent meaning enemies can also see you through this, which is the balance factor here.
He'd get 3 of these, which can be used around the map to give his team some nice intel overall. These are also not impacted by any electrical currents, and cannot be jammed. This means that as a defender, these can be really hard to remove and gives free intel to your team. There is also another catch though; these can be interacted with and opened up when nearby. This means it can be very impactful on the round, which is what we want.
Weaponry and equipment
  • V308 (Lion)
  • CAMRS (Buck) - Option for an Angled or Vertical Grip!
  • Super Shorty (Gridlock/Mozzie/Castle)
  • Q-929 (Ying/Lesion)
  • Stun Grenades
  • Breach Charges

Hoax is a 1 speed, 3 armour defender equipped with 2 Volumetric Barricade Displays (VBD). This device is fitted above a doorway or window, which will then create a volumetric display (essentially a hologram) of a barricade over the doorway or window.
This device is fantastic at just denying any line of sight into the room that it is in, which is strong in itself, but also pings enemies when hit, or shot through (like Alibi). This would be a 1 static ping, and will repeat like Alibi everytime this occurs, giving a negative to interacting with it.
There are some drawbacks though. Firstly, the device can be destroyed and disabled in a few ways. It'll have a small fuse box at the centre of the device which can be shot, as well as destroyed by Twitch if necessary. Kali can also pop the fuse box, but only her explosive lance; this doesn't apply to other explosives. Thatcher can disable it with his EMP, and IQ can locate the device and pop the fuse box from below for example. Nokk also doesn't get pinged when coming into contact with the device.
As for run-outs, which is the biggest concern, i'd say that any operator running out through one of these has a grace period before being unaffected when going outside. If they run out through one of these devices, they'll instantly be tagged for running out. I know this doesn't make too much sense but is needed since this will be such a concern otherwise.
This is a big meta changing operator like Mira was, and uses some pre-existing tech and mechanics from other operators like Alibi, Iana and Mira herself. This gadget will have a big impact on the meta and i love that, with the option to be very strong but not oppressive.
Weaponry and equipment
  • K1A (Vigil) - No ACOG!
  • D-50 (Blackbeard/Nokk/Valkyrie)
  • P-10C (Clash/Warden)
  • Barbed Wire
  • BP Camera

-New Map: Carrier-
This map is set deep within the Pacific Ocean on a Naval Carrier that was intercepted and overrun by a rogue militia of terrorists, who now have the carrier on lock-down with all the assets of a small fleet within their hands. Team Rainbow have been alerted of the situation and have ensured this is their number one priority, and have sent specialist operatives to defuse the situation in an operation they've dubbed 'Operation Naval Deceit'.
  • This is concentrated to parts of the first and second deck, as a proper carrier consists of many, many rooms sprawled across multiple decks. This is a medium-Large map.
  • Each room is fairly decluttered, and simple in design, with a clear emphasis on easy call-outs through recognisable items and a good colour scheme.
  • Some room names consist of Parts Room, Workshop, Canteen, Bunks etc.
  • This has a varied amount of destruction, and is easy to clear and drone despite its size, which is important.

Operation Closed Cipher - Y7S2
Operation Closed Cipher - Egypt Season
Network is a 2 speed, 2 armour attacking operator who works as an intel/gadget nullification operator with his Malware Node, which is a device that is thrown beside a camera (most benefit from a default camera), which passes on a clever hack into the camera, giving him access to all the defending camera feeds, while allowing you to disable gadgets in sight on these cameras too.
This device can be thrown next to at any camera, which works through a small area of effect that the camera must sit within, which'll allow him immediate and secret access to the defending camera feeds. While this only grants YOU the feeds, it is beneficial for locating enemies and calling out their positions.
From this, you can toggle viewing mode from a normal camera view, to a gadget detection view akin to the view of IQs scanner in her into video
IQ visuals of her scanner in her operator video
This operator is designed to be a hybrid of intel and gadget nullification and is meant to be a strong, hard counter to both. Considering Intel and traps are very strong in Siege, the ability to deny these in a strong way, or at least benefit from their disposal, it gives attackers more agency to move around free of traps and cameras.
There are some balance factors however. If a defender thats roaming finds the node and destroys it, it completely renders the gadget void, meaning placement on a camera that is away from the action is crucial for the success of this operator. Also, Network is the only one to see and use these cams, with Dokkaebi remaining the operator to hack the cameras for all the team to see, keeping both operators viable in this respect. Lastly, the reliance of your team to not take out all cams, and the defenders to bring their fair share of electrical equipment and cameras will dictate the strength of this operator. The more they bring, the harder he counters them, which is the dynamic i want to go for.
Weaponry and Equipment
  • F90 (Gridlock)
  • 556xi (Thermite)
  • 417 (Twitch/Lion)
  • .44 mag semi auto (Nomad/Kaid)
  • 1911 TACOPS (Maverick)
  • Breach Charges
  • Claymore

Patch is a 1 speed, 3 armour defender who specialises is blocking holes in walls through the use of her TUB (Transparent Unfolding Blockade) devices. These devices are thrown at breachable walls, and will unfold to provide a reinforcement-sized clear bulletproof wall to 'patch' up the opening to resist the push of the attackers. These Blockades are a realistic version of the bulletproof glass from the new mid-season event map Stadium!
These devices are thrown at a wall pre or post breach, and as long as it hits the remaining part of that wall, it will drop a blockade there. This blockade can be destroyed through the use of an explosive like a breaching charge, Zofia charge, ash charge, grenade etc, and also contains a small box-shaped power unit at the top, which when shot, will collapse and destroy the barricade.
The device has two states, which can be chosen through how long you hold it (like a Candela)
  • The first state will work by clinging and filling the area where a reinforced wall would be, as long as it hits that side of the wall
Side dependant deployment state
  • The second state will require a longer charge time when held, but will allow the device to place a reinforcement-sized blockade based on its contact position, and can work over two reinforcements. It isnt restricted by picking a side, like before
Free position deployment state
She'd have 2 of these, with each one having a lengthy 8 second deploy time, allowing time for attackers to react and act on the deployment. She also has several counters. For example, any explosive will destroy this, Kali's lance will work if placed high enough the pop the fuse box at the top. IQ can detect and pop this, it can be shot down, and twitch can also pop this. The only one who has little to no effect is Thatcher. The blockade's deployment gets deployed, but once deployed thatcher has no impact on it from his EMP's. Also, as its bulletproof but transparent, it means you can still be called out or pinged through providing some risk v reward elements which is crucial in this game.
Weaponry and Equipment
Primary Weapons
  • UMP45 (Castle/Pulse) - Is ACOG compatible!
  • MX4 Storm (Alibi)
  • Supernova (Amaru/Hibana/Echo)
Secondary Weapons
  • P226 (SAS)
  • Barbed Wire
  • BP Camera

-Reworked Map: Border-
Border is a map that has become extremely played-out and stale, and will likely be one of the first maps to be replaced when they add maps back to pro play. Whether you like the map or not, it is fairly linear, unbalanced and boring at pro play for viewers and spectators. This is why i wanted to make changes
Border Ground Floor Changes
This ground floor rework is fairly simple and changes were easy to make. Lets run through some of the changes
  1. Firstly, Bathroom has been expanded to offer more room to work with. It now connects directly into Tellers, offers more cover BUT has two new access points. One is an outer window, and the other is a window into Workshop. This change makes it properly seem like a bomb site, and offers more retake potential if they plant and take control of the bomb site.
  2. Secondly, the Tellers window has been moved to between the lockers. This is to keep the angles you can get limited, and protects the outer wall better, which requires more work to open such as using Maverick or initiating vertical play.
  3. Thirdly, we move to Customs. The small office is expanded across covering the doorway that was there before. This small office now encompasses that doorway and is a buffer room to the site, allowing you to play Customs a lot more easily. The middle hatch in CCTV, which is above Customs is also removed.
  4. Next is the new staircase which covers part of Passport Check. Its smaller overall to help fit the stairs in, but keeps passport a strong entrance point with the double wall into customs, and a doorway which leads under the new staircase out to Waiting Room. The new staircase leads up to break room near CCTV.

Border Upper Floor Changes
This too was fairly easy to change, so lets run through them
  1. The first change i want to highlight is that the central hatch in CCTV has gone. I forgot the remove it on the image BUT it is gone. The small office hatch is still there of course.
  2. The next change is to break room, to accommodate the new stairway. Its now sectioned off more and works as a separate room, which is important for protection.
  3. Next, i added a small pass through room by Office Wall from the balcony. This allows an easier rotate into Office from East stairs, as the long passage way to office door can be lethal most of the time. This change is simple but effective.
  4. The fourth change is the slight adjustment to cover in Archives. instead of the filing unit going all the way across, it is now more of a horseshoe shape to allow for more rotates, and for the map to play out differently.
  5. Finally, there are some extensions to the outer balconies to allow for safer places to repel to, or to sit on when droning for example. This change is a nice buff to attackers overall.

Operation Silent gaze - Y7S3
Operation Silent Gaze - Chile Season

Hush is a 2 speed, 2 armour attacker with her Hush-Systems. These are puck shaped adhesive devices which will deafen any enemy sitting within its Area of Effect (AoE), meaning they lose all audio from their person, heavily hindering the information that player will gain.
These devices have a 6m radius, and the AoE passes through surfaces (like normal) meaning these can be placed beneath or above the objective, or common anchor points, to keep it safe and still having a huge impact on anyone sitting within it.
When an enemy enter the AoE, it begins lowering the volume of audio for that player over 3 seconds before they'll be completely deaf. Once they are deafened they will get a low volume wispy sound indicating its the device deafening you. From this, its down to you whether you want to relocate or rely solely on visual cues.
This device DOESN'T mask audio of teammates actions, which is an important distinction. This wont hide the audio of anyone's actions if you aren't within the Hush-System's AoE, meaning teammates unaffected are at no disadvantage compared to before. This device, like previously suggested, doesn't instantly remove your audio either, meaning its actually better against anchors and placing this around or near common anchor spots.
Hush would get 2 of these devices, which can be retrieved and replaced whenever needed meaning you have a lot of flexibility in terms of placement, to help you get a lot of value from this gadget. These devices also have normal interaction mechanics, with Mute jammers also disabling them causing them to spark like cameras do when disabled.
Weapons and Equipment
  • 552 Commando (IQ)
  • AR33 (Thatcher)
  • MK14 EBR (Dokkaebi)
  • SDP 9mm (Gridlock/Mozzie)
  • Breach Charges
  • Claymore

Armadillo is a 3 speed intel defender that protects cameras within the map with her gadget, offering her team stable intel reliance, and insures intel or heavy utility loss for the attackers.
Shells are attached to regular default cameras like these
She is equipped with two 'Armadillos' which are protective casings that can be placed over default map-specific cameras to keep them alive and active to help provide more intel overall. The shells are thrown and will attach themselves when near the default cameras, allowing you to get outer cameras with skilful lobs from windows or doorways.
The idea with this operator came from wanting to have a 3 speed operator who specialises in Intel, which we currently don't have. I like having roles padded out with ops at different speed ratings, and weapon choices so that's why this op makes sense. 3 speed should have a less strong gadget overall, but makes up for it in other aspects like speed, weaponry or equipment choices, and as default cams are the most basic info gathering device possible, it made a lot of sense.
The casings, when attached, provide the camera complete bullet resistance, and heavy explosive resistance, meaning 2 explosives have to be used to remove the shell, and then the camera can then be shot out afterwards. Another subtle benefit of this device is that it pans the camera out more, and gives it a full range of movement, unlike default cams currently which have limited movement and aren't panned out very much.
Weaponry and Equipment
  • AUG A3 (Kaid)
  • FO12 (Ela)
  • PRB92 (Capitao)
  • LFP586 (GIGN)
  • Impact Grenades
  • Deployable Shield

-New Map: Observatory-
This map is set upon a new space research facility at a new Telescope being built in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The new Telescope, one of the largest in the world, and its accompanied research facility is this seasons new map (which is shown in the title screen for the season).
It is a Medium-sized map with 3 floors with obvious design in verticality, many entry points for attackers, with the play-space being fairly large but the map itself more contained in the play-space. There are many cool Easter-eggs available to find, and the map is full of cool aesthetics and a funky layout.

Operation Fallen City - Y7S4
Operation Fallen City- Ukraine Season (Chernobyl Inspired)

Banjax is a 2 speed, 2 armour attacker equipped with 3 Repulsion Cells, which are small adhesive devices that will repulse a defending throwable back on the opposite angle that it entered the Cell's AoE, flinging back the throwable the way it came through the use of opposite magnetic fields to the gadget being thrown.
This device is launched from its own primer launcher, and will fly straight until adhering to a surface. The Primer takes 1s to charge up before firing the Repulsion Cell at high speeds to the surface you want it to adhere to. This is accomplished through holding the fire button for this duration to charge the primer before the shot. The primer then takes 4s before loading the remaining cells, repeating the process for firing.
These Cells will have an AoE 5m, and will repulse up to 1 throwable before being destroyed. Any throwable that is flung back will not be triggered in any way unless its an impact grenade for example. This means they can be retrieved and rethrown if needs be but the device has likely flung it somewhere inconvenient. This also requires initial LoS before flinging it back, meaning putting these in more open spots is going to be better overall.
Weaponry And Equipment
  • Commando-9 (Mozzie)- Option of an ACOG!
  • PARA 308 (Capitao)
  • T-95 LSW (Ying)
  • GSh-18 (Spetsnaz)
  • Breach Charges
  • Claymore

Gamma is a 3 speed, 1 armour defender who is equipped with 2 Gamma-Unit Reinforcements, which provide her intel, area denial and other benefits to the team.
These are placed like standard reinforcements but are fitted with an internal device that allows them to emit damaging radiation for a short period of time. These would have a different appearance to regular reinforcements, but have all the same eventual interactions.
The radiation deals tick damage, which is low but is constantly the same damage of 2 per tick, with ticks occurring every 350ms. It also provides a strong slow effect of 35% and anyone within it will be highlighted with an old Lion-esque body outline, keeping it a strong deterrent. The Lion outline is seen by Gamma AND her teammates, making it a strong gadget overall.
The radiation reaches a 2m distance out from that reinforcement, which will be indicated with a heatwave visual distortion, and will provide a HUD indicator when within it, like when you are in the range of a mute jammer. This is important to allow attackers the clear knowledge they have been impacted.
She can activate these like Vigil through a metered ability which lasts for 8s, and has an 8s recharge. These can be reactivated after 20% charge is needs be, giving the flexibility. This device has many applications and uses such as on an important exterior wall so you can assist teammates in stopping a breach, or hindering operators like Maverick who have to get up close. Or it could be used in a hallway, whereby they will have to pass through taking damage and giving you intel on their position.
Weaponry And Equipment
  • SPAS15 (Caveira)
  • Super-90 (Frost)
  • M870 (JageBandit)
  • Bearing-9 (Hibana/Echo)
  • RG15 (Zofia/Ela)
  • PMM (Spetsnaz)
  • BP Camera
  • Barbed Wire

-Reworked Map: Bartlett University-
This is my Bartlett University Rework, with me explaining most of the changes made, why and the effect of said changes. Lets first have a look at the ground floor
Bartlett University Ground Floor
First change I decided to make was to turn the Fireplace Lounge into a bomb site, which is shared with the Library Room. The Fireplace Lounge is one of very few sites that is technically in the open, and not really a dedicated room. However, on Bartlett University it is an enclosed Lounge which has vertical elements, and is easy to retake as a defender, and isnt exactly easy to reach as an attacker. This allows for a more open, expansive defensive hold with unique interactions throughout.
Next thing to note is that Library shares 2 technical bomb locations, with a new split bomb site with the upper Library room, connected with the stairway. This means this bomb location is crucial and players will need to learn how to play it as it is part of 2/4 sites on the map.
Another change is the second bomb site, which is now called Rest Room and Kitchen. These rooms are actually fairly separated, which makes it unique. The catch is that you have some nice buffer and connector rooms available, which will be crucial to holding the site. This gap between the two sites does mean that the attack also have more choice in which bomb room to push, meaning defence have to have a reactionary set up, which will come down to strats and how they evolve.
The final big change is adding more doorway entrances, while keeping window entrances as well. There is now an extension of the front balcony so there is now a doorway into Piano Room, with a doorway into Reading Room, and into Conservatory. There remains a window entrance into Reception (which has seen an expansion so coat room is now the hallway, cutting of a LoS to Fireplace Lounge, and finding a purpose for coat room), into Fireplace Lounge, Rest Room and Kitchen. This gives attackers more agency overall which is important.
Lets now have a look at the Upper Floor
Bartlett University Upper Floor
The first big change is the upper and lower library objective, which is now a split bomb site. Due to the internal staircase, and plenty of destruction, I feel this is actually a workable, viable bomb site overall which is great to see. The Upper Library Balcony is expanded, and so is the Vista Hallway which grants more movement, vertical play and changes some angles that can be achieved.
The Pillar Alcove just outside Classroom (Lower Left Room) has been altered with a window for defender and attacker rotates, and the Alcove becomes an integral power position which is crucial for whoever has control of it.
Next is the change of bomb site which is now Model Room and Trophy Room, which is a site that is a spread defence but is one of the more attacker oriented sites from first glance, due to the balcony window access, and the plenty of buffer rooms that are crucial for holding the site. I feel this site is balanced, just isnt a free win for the defenders OR the attackers, like all the sites are.
The roof hatch outside of model room, which drops into Model Hallway is still there BUT new added vents will restrict the angles that can be achieved by attackers, keeping it as a drop down entrance point, not a defuser watching post plant spot, which is good overall. This means there is still that easy and quick access to site BUT it isnt as strong as it was before.

That's my list of season, operators and reworks for Year 7 of Rainbow Six Siege. I hope you enjoyed this detailed, but long post, and i hope you can appreciate the work put in to making it relatively believable, fun and content rich. What do you think? Let me know :)
submitted by brodiebradley51 to Rainbow6


2017: Return of the Hackers

Has anyone else noticed this as of recently? I dug around the web to see if I was just going crazy, or if I felt there was more questionable or in some cases blatantly obvious hackers in larger numbers than when BattleEye first wiped the slate (mostly) clean when it launcher.
I won't post links, or anything too technical but it appears on at least one message board talk regarding a file one could bypass BE, then manipulate further to avoid detection - A non-public file.
I only decided to look around as I've noticed an increased amount of lower level players (sub 30) playing ranked, carrying their whole team each round. One instance was last night, our team of plats 1-2, vs 1 unranked 30 and 4 golds got desemated by the unranked player - He went 11-0-0. None of the golds had a single kill until near the final rounds. Now, first thing that would come to mind in this case would be a smurf account. It's not unheard of, and it also appears someone frequently lately - However my eyebrows go up when several team members indicate they have shots fired on the player, on the same round and the final kill cam still shows him above 90% health. The optimistic side of me likes to think "hit reg RNG" It further lifts an eyebrow when it's been sometime since you have last seen the awkward "snap head, headshot, loose control" motion that used to plague this game.
I'd like to say this was a one-off experience in the last few days - But similar things have been happening quite frequently as of late. Has anyone else noticed this as well on PC? Or am I out to lunch here?
submitted by DocShayWPG to Rainbow6