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How degenerate is No Banned List cEDH? (Pt. 2, Flash Boogaloo)

Join the NBL-EDH Discord here!
Part 1 post is here for reference. If you're curious what this format is, and our rules for it, that post will go over it all. This post is already way too long so I didn't want to include it again here.
I've broken it up into four main categories so you can read what interests you.
  1. Introduction
  2. Format speed
  3. What cards are actually good?
  4. Metagame breakdown
There will be a TL;DR at the end.
Welcome back to the insanity that is No Banned List cEDH. Since the last post, we've recorded another two hundred games, refined and tuned strategies, and watched a few decks explode in popularity and win rate. Stax and more control oriented decks have found their place, and we're seeing a diverse set of decks seeing success. It's not quite the 4c and 5c piles we were expecting.
The last time I posted, Flash had no wins. Now, flash has a lot of wins. In fact, it's the second best individual card to win the game. Excluding commander centric strategies (Najeela, Gitrog, Jhoira, etc), Time Vault and Flash make up the largest portions of game wins across the board.
How fast is NBL-EDH?
NBL cEDH ends on average at turn 4.35. The fastest strategies among decks with large enough sample sizes are Inalla (3.38), Zur (3.55), Breya (3.60), and Mairsil (3.78). It is clear that UBx decks leveraging unique commander strategies are what dominate in terms of speed. For reference, Tymna/Thrasios wins on turn 4.13 on average.
In terms of win cons, you can see the breakdown of how fast different winning strategies are in this chart. Somewhat interesting, Ad Naus wins faster than Flash across its 17 wins, although it has won 7 times less despite being included in every black deck. An important disclaimer is that its entirely possible for Ad Naus only succeeds in very early games, which is why the stats show it as being "fast", when instead it is just fragile as games develop.
What banned cards are good in NBL-EDH?
Time Vault and Flash are obviously busted good. Here's some other cards and our experience with them so far:
Griselbrand is so much better in Mairsil than anywhere else that nobody has even tried brewing another deck with the demon daddy.
Paradox Engine is really powerful, Jhoira eggs is certainly a deck, but Tymna/Thrasios has better stuff to do instead of Pengine and so it isn't seeing much play.
Prophet of Kruphix is still very good in midrange strategies, but doesn't see a lot of play for the same reason Pengine doesn't. Generally the best deck to play it in is Tymna/Thrasios and they can do better.
Balance is either terrible, or game ending. Unfortunately more often the former than the latter.
Emrakul and Channel are bad unless you have them both.
Fastbond is pretty underwhelming. It's hard to take advantage of in decks with 24 lands.
Gifts Ungiven was hyped in my first post, but its really fallen out of favor. It's at its best in Jeskai, cause if you have green, you have access to Flash which is just better.
What decks are the strongest in NBL?
This is more of a full metagame analysis. Obviously take it all with a grain of salt.
Well, like we identified last time, Tymna/Thrasios is the deck to beat. The best shell we've identified is a layered Time Vault, Flash, Consult list. This deck also often plays Tinker -> Citadel and Ad Nauseam as other one card wins. It usually does not play Paradox Engine as Citadel more directly wins the game.
UBx fast combo is very viable in this format.
  • Inalla Spellseeker lines are still extraordinarily fast. Relying on a very cheap one card combo makes it a formidable match up at the best of times.
  • Zur is a force to be reckoned with due to incredible fast combo potential combined with a very strong inevitable game plan in Zur himself. While Zur doesn't get anything new off the banned list to fetch, Necropotence and Rhystic Study are still extraordinarily powerful cards.
  • Mairsil has set himself apart as being the premier Griselbrand deck. Since Griselbrand functionally reads "draw 28 cards, sometimes draw 35 cards", Entomb+Goryo's Vengeance basically reads "win the game". With a strong backup plan of just casting Mairsil and getting a Griselbrand by proxy, this deck has the ability to threaten an instant speed win at most points in the game. Also Mairsil+Time Vault lmao.
4 and 5 colour decks certainly aren't absent from the metagame:
  • Breya is a very fast combo list, able to leverage some very neat cards like Treasure Nabber, as well as being the premier Bomberman decklist.
  • Kenrith and Golos are both excellent flavours of fast combo. It's hard to go wrong with 5c, but it is important to note that decks that can't abuse their commander often tend to struggle. They both grind worse than Tymna/Thrasios or Tymna/Kraum, and don't operate on an axis faster than what other commander-centric decks can provide.
  • Tymna/Kraum is certainly a very powerful deck. We haven't quite seen it match Tymna/Thrasios in effectiveness, but this is primarily due to the versions we've seen. I feel confident that this deck will earn many more wins than what's been recorded so far.
More stax and control oriented decks are certainly not absent, although only one sits above the 25% win rate so far (Leovold). As is often the case, the more stax oriented decks at the pod, the stronger they will all do. Another downside of stax oriented decks is that they often lose to the midrange power of Tymna/Thrasios, making them weaker in the context of the meta.
  • Leovold turbo-wheels is so far the best control deck. Able to leverage some fast wins with Time Vault and sultai Flash piles, you can also sometimes just resolve Leovold and a wheel and get there.
  • Najeela is the premier hard-stax commander so far. Her 5c identity allow her access to all strong control pieces. Having a combat win in the command zone affords her an easy win as games go long.
  • Last but not least, Derevi is certainly a viable stax deck. Derevi plays the one card Time Vault win, combined with Flash Hulk to access another easy win. Lack of access to black makes Derevi's tutor situation quite challenging, but the deck is certainly viable in this format.
The last two decks I want to talk about don't really fit into the above categories but deserve mention nonetheless.
Kinnan has shown that "mana go brr" is an entirely viable strategy in NBL-EDH. Boasting an above average win rate, just casting Moxen that tap for 2 mana and then spinning Kinnan is totally an option that wins games.
Second, Rofellos is bad (or Neiv is bad. You pick. Sorry bud.)
4c piles are good, but not as fast as 3c piles. Every deck plays Time Vault cause it's basically free. There isn't a "value" oriented pile that's stronger than Tymna/Thrasios yet. Flash is kinda good lol. Ad Nauseam, Tinker+Citadel, and Griselbrand all go brrr.
This format is reasonably diverse, and certainly not solved. There are plenty of unique decks and strategies. There is clearly a "best" way to play in the context of Flash and Time Vault, but even within that there are plenty of other decks that operate on unique axes able to compete at that level.
Paradox Engine is good, not busted. Prophet of Kruphix is good, not busted. Mnemonic Betrayal is busted cause Black Lotus is a card. Lutri is still underwhelming. Karakas is stupid and should never be unbanned. Trade Secrets doesn't do anything. Tolarian Academy does everything.
If you have more questions about NBL-EDH, feel free to post on this thread! We play NBL games Monday afternoons and evenings in US time zones, so feel free to stop by the Discord! We have tons of decklists brewed if you just want to try something out.
submitted by Joking101 to CompetitiveEDH

AITA for asking the salon to redo my hair color?

I (22F), someone who never does anything adventurous, got my hair dyed. I had been planning it for weeks. I wanted to go a natural dark-copper leaning red for the fall. Basically I wanted my hair to match the trees. My style is very... vintage librarian? I guess? I don't like to stand out at all, and I'm very sensitive to/intimidated by bold colors.
So key word: natural.
About a week and a half ago I had a consultation appointment. I was explained the whole process, picked the color I wanted from a bunch of these little example swatches they keep, and set the date for yesterday. All of the staff were very kind and helpful and I really enjoyed my initial experience.
Yesterday at the start of the appointment she brought out the swatch that I had chosen, I confirmed it was the right one and she got to coloring. I noticed right away that the color was very bright, but I didn't think much of it. The dye sat for like a half an hour, and everyone walking by my chair kept complimenting how pretty it looked. With those compliments and the whole experience of dying my hair for the first time, I was really excited.
But after it washed out... it was neon orange.
Neon. Orange.
I didn't really know what to think. It's a really pretty color and from what I can tell it was done well, the color looks even. I had all of these conflicting thoughts racing through my mind, I guess I was still overwhelmed from the excitement of the whole situation? Idk, I have social anxiety and can never admit when I don't like something, and I still wasn't sure whether I liked it or not every time she asked. So I did what I normally do when I'm in this situation: panicked, paid, and left.
Once I got back home and the excitement started to fade, the disappointment set in. It's way too bold and doesn't match my clothes. So not only did I pay $240 for the wrong color (plus a $20 tip), but now I basically have an anxiety attack every time I look in the mirror.
So I called the salon today around noon to get it fixed. The receptionist told me that the stylist was finishing up with a client and would call me back when she was done. Five hours after hearing nothing, I called back again and the receptionist told me the same thing. The stylist called me a couple hours later, and I gave her the tldr version of what’s above. She tells me that because I had confirmed the swatch, it wouldn't count as a fix and the salon would consider it a recolor. Basically I would have to pay for everything again.
I said, "Yeah, I confirmed the swatch, but the swatch had red in it, this is neon orange."
She said she'll talk to her boss about it and have them call me tomorrow.
So this is where I am. I should probably wait until I hear from the boss to post this, but I never get myself into situations like this and am overwhelmed and panicking. AITA for not asking for a fix before I left the salon? Am I being a Karen?
First, thank you to all who assured me I am not being a Karen and deserve to have my hair fixed, you all really brought a lot of comfort to me.
For all those who were wondering, this is what I wanted.
This is what I got. (in reality, my roots are this bright but the rest of my hair a tad duller)
Now, onto the update. I spoke with the "boss" (I'm assuming she's the owner?) and here's a quick summary: She repeated that because I had the consultation appointment and confirmed the swatch, they did nothing wrong. I asked why my roots were neon, she flat out said she didn't know. I said there's no red in here and it's not natural like I asked. She said I picked the most unnatural swatch on the ring. I said it still doesn't match, she said it matches perfectly. I said even if it does, if you all knew that the result wasn't going to be like the pictures I brought in, why didn't anyone tell me? She said she wasn't there so she can't comment on the conversation.
According to her, I'm just too shocked at how vibrant it is and unwilling to admit that I made the wrong choice. Basically she ran circles around me deflecting all responsibility and said I would have to pay full price for a recolor.
I really don't think I'm being unreasonable? I just want to have a darker color put on top. I don't even want a full refund, I did get my hair bleached and a hydrating treatment + the stylist deserves to be paid for the three hours I was there, so I asked for a partial refund to cover the cost of the color or something and the boss just said "We don't do that."
So, I will not be going back. And like many of you suggested, I will be leaving a detailed negative review about this whole thing if they continue to ghost me.
Thanks again for all your advice!
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