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A comprehensive Jehovah's Witness speak dictionary.

The further I get from being mentally in the harder it's getting for me to remember the new speak that JWs employ. I decided to document everything I can remember and figured I would make it public in case anyone else can contribute or make use of this.
I really want this to be as accurate as possible. So please call me out if I am making any assumptions, if anything is incorrect, outdated, or misrepresented and I will change it. I want someone who has never heard of JWs before to be able to use this as a reference to understand what they're saying.
New words and phrases:
  • Anointed - Exactly 144,000 people will be faithful enough to go to heaven when they die, they are called the anointed. They are hand selected by Jesus. "Can you believe Sister Smith is one of the anointed?"
  • Babylon the Great - Synonym False Religion. All religions that are not JWs, especially other Christian religions. Can also refer to practices deemed pagan. "I used to be Catholic, then I got out of Babylon the Great."
  • Bad Association - Negative connotation. Anyone who is not a JW, or is a JW but does not live up to your standards of spirituality. People you should not befriend or spend time with. "We used to invite Jimmy over for pizza nights, but based on the movies he watches he's bad association."
  • Bethel - Usually the world headquarters in New York, sometimes a branch office in a specific place. "We are visiting Bethel this weekend, then going to Canada Bethel next weekend."
  • Bethelite - Someone who volunteers for Bethel. Either physically at a branch office or over the internet. "I cannot wait to hear the Bethelite's talk."
  • Branch Office - Local headquarters of JWs assigned to specific countries. "We wrote a letter to the brothers in the Mexico branch office."
  • Brazen Conduct - Anything done disrepectfully, against the recommendation of the Elders, causing someone to stumble, or having a bad attitude. Practically, a catch-all term. "We asked her to wear more modest clothing, but she didn't listen. Now we must take action due to her brazen conduct."
  • Call - Synonymous with Return Visit. A person visited again and again by a specific publisher. Typically with the goal of starting a Bible study. "I have three calls to make today." or "I reported 5 return visits last month."
  • Circuit - A group of congregations in a geographic area overseen by a Circuit Overseer.
  • Circuit Assembly - A twice yearly meeting that is larger than a regular meeting and smaller than a convention. All congregations in a circuit attend. Typically one or two days long and hosted by the Circuit Overseer. Baptisms happen at assemblies and conventions. "This year's circuit assembly program was exactly what I needed to hear."
  • Circuit Overseer - Abbreviated CO, The man assigned to oversee a group of congregations for three years, called Circuit Work. Reports to the Governing Body. "The CO is visiting us this week."
  • Coordinator of The Body of Elders - Or just Coordinator formerly Presiding Overseer. The Elder who oversees the entire congregation. He is not supposed to have any special authority above regular Elders, and instead is in an administrative role. "I heard your brother was appointed Coordinator of your congregation."
  • Conscience Matter - A decision not clearly outlined in the scriptures, up to the individual to decide the best course. While no decision is considered wrong, conscience matters often determine if someone is exemplary or not, and therefore if they can have privileges. "I would love to grow a bread, and I know it's a conscience matter, but I want to be an MS someday so I am not growing one."
  • Disfellowship - Synonymous with Disassociate for all practical purposes. Someone who has either left JWs or was kicked out by the Elders. All JWs are supposed to shun this person as punishment. "It's sad that Sister Smith was disfellowshipped, I wonder what she did wrong?"
  • District Overseer - Abbreviated DO. No longer in use, formerly oversaw a group of circuits and COs.
  • Do Not Call - A person or household that should not be contacted while in service. "Skip house 327, they're do not calls."
  • Elder - One of the men selected to oversee a congregation. Any individual is not considered a leader, however the group as a whole lead the congregation. "If you have doubts about your faith you should talk to an Elder."
  • Elder Body - The group of Elders who lead a congregation and follow the COs instructions. "The Elder Body is responsible to maintain the cleanliness of the congregation."
  • Faithful Slave, The - Currently refers to the Governing Body exclusively. Formerly meant all anointed people. "The Faithful Slave directs Jehovah's organization."
  • Family Head - (1)The man in charge of the family, especially their spirituality. Typically the fathehusband of the family. "Family heads are tasked with making good decisions for their family." (2) Sometimes called Spiritual Head of The Family, this can apply to a baptized son or, in cases when no men are in the family, the baptized mother. In charge of the family's spirituality. *"Since my dad is not a JW, my mom studies with us as our spiritual head."
  • Family Worship - Replaced one meeting at the Kingdom Hall weekly. Intended for the Family Head to have a Bible Study with his family. "I can't go to the movie, we have our Family Worship on Tuesday nights."
  • Fornication - Any sexual contact outside of a heterosexual marriage, sometimes includes oral or anal sex within a marriage. Considered a serious sin. "The World doesn't have the same morals we do when it comes to fornication."
  • Field Service - Synonymous with Service and Door to door work. A specific form of ministry when a group of JWs visit everyone in an assigned territory. "We always go in service on Saturday mornings."
  • Gilead - School for JW missionaries. "My best friend was just accepted into Gilead"
  • Great Crowd - Everyone who survives the Great Tribulation and Armageddon and enters the paradise without dying. "Armageddon sounds scary but I want to be a part of the great crowd."
  • Great Tribulation, The - Prior to Armageddon but after all false religions are destroyed. the Tribulation will be a very difficult time on earth and governments will try to destroy Jehovah's Witnesses. "We need to be ready for the Great Tribulation by always obeying the Faithful Slave today."
  • Group Overseer - An Elder who works with a specific group of JWs, especially in the ministry. "Our group overseer wants to work with us today."
  • Governing Body, The - Established in the 70s as the ruling body for JWs. Considered the only spokesperson of Jehovah God today. "The brothers of the governing body are tasked with providing spiritual food by Jehovah."
  • Helper - A man in charge of a department at Bethel, reports to the Governing Body.
  • Judicial Committee - 3 to 5 Elders who meet with a person accused of a serious sin. They decide if the sin happened, if the sinner is repentant. They also determine what, if any, punishment is warranted including disfellowshipping. "I am meeting with a Judicial Committee to discuss the time I watched porn."
  • Kingdom Hall - Equivalent to a church. Local meeting place of Jehovah's Witnesses. Does not include the congregations that meet there. Buildings are built, maintained, and sold as directed by the branch office. "It is exciting that we are combining two Kingdom Halls into one on the other side of town."
  • Last Days Starting in 1914 onward, a short amount of time before Armageddon arrives. People will increasingly abandon God and good morals during this time. "Did you see the latest school shooting? These are certainly the last days."
  • Ministerial Servant Abbreviated MS. Has some authority in the congregation but less than an Elder. Often viewed as a stepping stone to becoming an Elder and a good goal for young men. "As soon as I am out of high school I want to be a Ministerial Servant."
  • Need Greater Places where JW presence is low are called Where the Need is Greater. Someone who temporarily travels to one of these places to participate in the ministry is called a need greater. "I have a week of vacation from work, so we are going to where the need is greater."
  • New Light - A changed doctrine or policy. "Jehovah constantly provides new light for us to learn about."
  • New World Translation - The official JW translation of the Bible. Written anonymously and differs from other translations. Considered the most accurate translation by JWs. "You can learn the truth from a KJV, but the NWT has God's name put back in it."
  • Older One - An elderly person, typically a long time JW.
  • Other Sheep - Anyone who has the Earthly Hope. Meaning they are not going to heaven after they die, but will go to the paradise earth. "I would love to go to heaven but I am one of the other sheep."
  • Personal Study - Recommended studying of JW materials in free time. Can including reading magazines, watching videos, or reading the Bible and other books. "After talking to Brother Sanchez I realized I need to step up my personal study."
  • Reinstated - No longer disfellowshipped. JWs are no longer required to shun. "Brother Kowalski has been reinstated."
  • Region Formerly District, a group of circuits.
  • Regional Convention Formerly District Convention an annual three day long meeting, usually held in a stadium. All congregations from a region are expected to attend their assigned convention. Each year's program has a specific theme. "My favorite part about the conventions are the dramas!"
  • School for Kingdom Evangelizes - Formerly Bible School for Christian Brothers and Ministerial Training School. A special school for publishers who want to do more for Jehovah's Witnesses. After attending this school they are assigned, often to a remote congregation or, if male, as a Circuit Overseer. "My goal is to attend School for Single Brothers when I can, so I am staying single."
  • Serious Sin - An action that that is forbidden to JWs and can get you disfellowshipped. They are broadly defined and include fornication, non-neutrality, and brazen conduct. "He felt compelled to confess his serious sin to the Elders."
  • Service Overseer The Elder who organizes the ministry in a congregation, also collects everyone's hours monthly and sends them to the branch office. "Make sure to turn your service time into the service overseer today."
  • Service Year - September - August. The time during which a Pioneer must meet their hour quota.
  • Society, The - No longer in use. (1)The entire organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. "The Society takes care of its members." (2) The Watchtower Bible Tract Society, the corporation originally founded that became Jehovah's Witnesses.
  • Spiritual Weakness - Someone who is not considered a good JW is spiritually weak. Usually blamed on a lack of personal study. "We need to encourage spiritually weak ones."
  • System of things Synonym Old System or Wicked Old System. The time we live in now, including all human history. Everything between the Garden of Eden and the New System. "I can't wait for this old system to be gone."
  • Paradise - (1) "The paradise." Synonymous with The New System and The New World. JW version of heaven on earth. Everlasting life and pet tigers. The reward for nearly all loyal JWs. "Jehovah will give his servants everlasting life in the paradise earth." (2) "A paradise" The Garden of Eden, "Adam and Eve lived in a paradise."
  • Pioneer - (1)Regular Pioneer. A JW who commits to spend the majority of their time in the ministry annually. Considered a significant privilege. (2) Auxiliary Pioneer. a JW who who commits monthly to spend a specific number of hours in the ministry. "I am using my spring break to pioneer this month."
  • Prison Witnessing - Meetings held inside of prisons to convert prisoners.
  • Publisher - A baptized JW who is active in the ministry. "Our Hall has 100 publishers."
  • Scarlet Colored Beast - Specifically The United Nations. Will attempt to destroy all religion then Jehovah's Witnesses in particular. "It is only a matter of time until the scarlet beast turns on us."
  • Spiritual Food - Sometimes "spiritual Food at the proper time" (1) Guidance from Jehovah that must be regularly reviewed to stay faithful as a Christian. (2) The publications, videos, and talks from JWs. "The meetings are designed to provide us with spiritual food at the proper time."
  • Theocratic Ministry School - Sometimes just The School. A weekly meeting. Bible readings, short talks, and demonstrations are assigned to JWs to prepare. Most parts handled by men. " I want to participate in the school but I am too afraid."
  • Truth, The - Jehovah's Witness doctrine or organization. "I was so unhappy before I found the truth."
  • Unbaptized Publisher - Someone who has not yet been baptized, but is considered a JW and is allowed to participate in the ministry. A step toward getting baptized. "My Bible study just became a publisher and want to get baptized this summer."
  • Unbelieving Mate - A spouse of a JW who is not a JW. Typically applied to men. "Wendy's husband is unbelieving."
  • Unevenly Yoked - Typically applied to marriage. JWs shouldn't marry or otherwise "yoke" themselves to weaker JWs or non-JWs. "You may be lonely, but if you marry a non believer you will be unhappy from being a unevenly yoked."
  • Universal Sovereignty - The issues that Satan raised in the garden of Eden and the book of Job, namely that Jehovah is not fit to rule. Is answered by remaining faithful as a Jehovah's Witnesses no matter what. "We must always obey Jehovah so that we can answer the question of universal sovereignty."
  • Young One Depending on context, either a child, teenager, or young adult. Sometimes all of them. 'This program is aimed at our young ones."
Redefined words and phrases:
  • Apostate - (1) People who spread lies and misinformation about JWs. (2) Any information from non-JW sources, all of which is considered to be untruthful. "Be careful reading news articles on the internet, you may be stumbled by apostate lies."
  • Armageddon - Impending event that will kill all non-JWs on the planet. Possibly some will be spared and some JWs will be killed. Viewed as a good thing. "I cannot wait for Armegeddon to happen."
  • Baptism - Declaring your loyalty to Jehovah's Organization, then getting dunked fully under water by an Elder. Indicates you are a Jehovah's Witnesses forever and can be called Brother or Sister. Typically must be around 10 or older to get baptized. "I am so happy that your little sister got baptized that weekend."
  • Bible Study - Studying a JW publication. Some publications are meant for non-members studying in their home with JWs, others are meant for members and are studied in Kingdom Halls. "The Bible Teach book shows us what the Bible really means."
  • Brother - (1) Baptized male JW. (2) All JWs, usually "The Brothers". "We love all of the brothers very much."
  • Christian - (1) Any religion that involves Jesus. (2) Sometimes First Century Christians* refers to the original Christians who, supposedly, worshiped the exact same way JWs do today. "We can see evidence for the Governing Body in the way First Century Christians handled matters."
  • Christendom - All Christian religions that are not JWs. Has a negative connotation. "All of Christendom's churches are misleading people under Satan's influence."
  • Clean - Sometimes Cleanliness. (1)Physically clean and uncluttered, tidy. A requirement to be a JW. (2) Sometimes Spiritual Cleanliness. Only observe the "pure" teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses and avoiding any teachings from other religions or organizations. "Don't become unclean by participating in holidays or holding political opinions."
  • Dating - Deciding if you will marry a specific individual or not. "I really want to get married so Chelsea and I are dating."
  • Dedication - Required prior to baptism. Privately dedicate your life to Jehovah in prayer.
  • Drama - Outdated. An audio recording played at a convention with people on the stage acting along with it.
  • Evolution - An attempt by Satan to discredit Jehovah. An erroneous conclusion based on the adaptability of life. Considered to be completely unsupported by evidence. "We know Jehovah created the animals and gave them the ability to adapt, but humans are special."
  • Exemplary - Someone who appears to represent the ideal Jehovah's Witness and qualifies for privileges. "I wouldn't talk to Johnny, he's not exemplary and his attitude could rub off on you."
  • Faith - A conviction based on careful research of evidence. "We do not have blind faith, we have faith that we have the truth."
  • Fear of God - A healthy fear of displeasing God.
  • Generation - Sometimes Overlapping Generation. A group of people and anyone born while people from the group are alive. "The 1914 generation will see Armageddon."
  • God's Kingdom - A government established in heaven in 1914 with Jesus as king. Will rule on earth for 1,000 years after Armageddon.
  • Inactive - A publisher who has not gotten any hours in the ministry in the last 6 months. "We should talk to Sister Diane, she's been inactive for a while."
  • Interested - A person who is curious about JWs but is not a member and may not have an official Bible Study yet. "My co-worker is interested so I invited him to the meeting."
  • Irregular - A publisher who has not gotten any hours in the ministry in one or more of the previous 6 months. "I wonder why Brother Klien has been irregular recently?"
  • Jehovah - The common English translation of YHWH, the name of God the Father. Not part of a trinity and never refers to Jesus.
  • Headship - A scriptural principal referring to the subservience of women to men, and men to Jesus. Women can only teach in front of other women and must wear a head covering while doing so, never in front of baptized men. "I had to pray before service this meeting because no brother were out, so I wore a handkerchief as a head covering to respect headship."
  • Letter Writing - A form of ministry where letters are written and sent to people.
  • Love - (1) The good feeling you get when you do everything Jehovah wants. Absent when you are doing something wrong. "I felt so guilty when I was missing meetings, but when I am here I can feel Jehovah's love." (2) Affection toward other people, expressed correctly. "We love our son, so we are shunning him until he comes back to Jehovah." (3) Agape Love Literally loving the unlovable. Applied as blanket love given to all fellow JWs. "We send our greetings along with agape love for the brothers."
  • Marked - Someone who is not follow the Elder's instructions, but is not sinning enough to be disfellowshipped. For example, dating or marrying a non-JW. The person is shunned outside of the Kingdom Hall, but their name is not directly mentioned. "Someone is dating a nonbeliever. That person is marked."
  • Meditation - Thinking deeply about Bible topics, recommended after reading the Bible. "I had to really meditate on this week's Bible reading to understand it."
  • Meeting - Equivalent to a church service. A program typically held in a Kingdom Hall as directed by the branch office. "I never miss meetings, they are too important."
  • Ministry - Synonymous with Witnessing. Recruiting people to be JWs, often under the guise of "Bible education" or "helping with life's troubles". "I went in the ministry with brother Johnson today."
  • Modest - Sometimes Modesty. (1) Clothing that is neither tight nor revealing, usually applied to women. "That blouse is too low cut to be modest. (2) Not taking credit for personal success. "When complimented on his talk, Brother Smith modestly gave the credit to Jehovah."
  • Organization, The - Generally, the religious and corporate entity overseen by the Governing Body known as Jehovah's Witnesses.
  • Political - Considered a serious sin in the form of Violating Christian Neutrality or just Neutrality. Politics includes joining a political party, voting, or having specific opinions on governments. Does not include paying taxes. "Why would anyone put trust in the politics of this world?"
  • Principles - Unwritten rules that the Bible implies and must be followed, especially if one wants to be considered exemplary. "After meditating on the principles of how Jehovah views violence, I gave up video games and sold my PS4."
  • Privileges of Service - Or just Privileges. Anything during a meeting other than sitting and listening. Includes hold microphones, reading the Bible, ministry, and giving talks. Most are only available to men. Can be revoked if for any reason you are no longer exemplary. "I am trying to reach out for more privileges in the congregation."
  • Reach Out - Putting yourself in a position where you can receive more privileges. Expected of men. However reaching out too far is considered presumptuous. "I show up to each meeting 20 minutes early because I am reaching out."
  • Reproof - After confession a sin to the Elders they may take away all privileges and make a note in your file. You are reproved either for a specific time or until the Elders decide otherwise. (1)Private reproof. Only the Elders know you were reproved. (2)Public Reproof. Your name is announced publicly as being reproved.
  • Sister - A baptized JW woman. "You should find a nice sister to marry."
  • Stumbled - (1)Being so offended you leave JWs. (2)Being at fault due to offending someone else, can be for any reason. "You should wear a longer skirt or you could stumble some of the brothers."
  • Talk - Similar to a sermon. A specific outline to be delivered by a brother at a Kingdom Hall, Assembly, or Convention.
  • Theocratic - Related to God's Kingdom or his organization on Earth. "We do well to focus on theocratic matters."
  • World, The - Any organization that is not JWs. "Satan controls the world."
  • Worldly - Anyone who has never been a JW. "Wordly people do not know the joy of serving Jehovah."
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Hi! I'm new to this community :) Let me explain my problem... I'm running a website where I sell my courses and the students streams the videos in the website. I host every video in a s3 bucked, I already converted the mp4 to hls using Media Converter and I add the embed video in the website using the .m3u8 file. Everything works perfectly but... If someone use a plugins or a download manager they can grab the video and download it without any problem. For example videodownload helper (a mozilla addon) can download these videos without any problem. How can I prevent all these plugins using an aws? Thank to everyone! And sorry if I made any mistake posting this here :)
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