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I just pirated the final episode

You may imagine I got what I deserved.
I'm not here to be judged but...I have some spoilers and If you don't want to know about the final episode... this is your last warning to stop reading.
Also, going to be very clear on this but I'm not going to mention the show's name for legal reasons. I think you know what show I am talking about but...I can't risk more people finding the episode.
Not like this, but it is almost futile to assume no one will guess...or try.
It's the tv show. That tv show millions of people have been watching...the first episode of the last season is coming out this weekend. Marketing campaigns across the globe catering to a rabid and hungry fandom.
I was so rabid I couldn't help myself and I started to look for a way to get ahead of everyone.
There had been threats of course with the season before and hackers had held the episodes hostage. I knew someone had access somewhere.
Clicking through an assortment of the dingiest websites with sleazy banner ad after banner ad I couldn't turn up anything yet until I found one comment tucked away under a video which had already been removed for a copyright claim.
“Find Me.” In websites constantly advertising get rich quick schemes and masterclasses in dating I felt a slight twinge of suspicion. But...it wasn't like this is the dark web.
I didn't think I was some noob who could be scammed. I gave up my credit card details to this mysterious user (never do this, not joking how stupid it is to do this) and they gave me a decryption key and a link to the torrent.
As it slowly downloaded I felt a pump of adrenaline. After so many years following the show, I was finally going to get to the end.
It downloaded a little too quickly and when I opened the video my computer gave me a warning.
“Are you sure you want to open this on your computer? This unauthorized file may contain programs which may be harmful to your device.” I scanned it but zero threats came up so I clicked open again, my hand shaking on the mouse.
“Are You Sure You are Sure About this?” It prompted me again. Are you sure you are sure?
This wording made me wonder if I really was tricked into buying a computer virus into my PC but I clicked again.
“You know nothing”
There was the sound of static before the show's theme montage lit up on my computer.
I swear my pupil's widened at the sight. It couldn't have been this easy, could it?
I felt a slight pang of guilt but kept my eyes glued to the screen drinking in the theme song which was so addictive I even hummed it on the bus and in the shower.
You can hear it too if you know what I mean and how willing I was to finally finish this. And then suddenly my computer crashed. Or at least I thought I did until a single title card popped up:

“From our cast and crew, we dedicate this to you, those who have been here since the beginning. For the fans!”

and then it resumed.
I breathed a sigh of relief. I was touched that they had actually put that in. They didn't have to, but I blushed at the idea that they put this in.
The episode began with howling wind and snow blowing.
Subtitles appeared at the bottom of the screen but I couldn't understand them whatever language they were. Some form of east European or Cyrillic by the shape I assumed.
The Main Hero's friend, the one with an affinity for books was crawling through the snow as ghoulish figures followed him slowly. He left a long trail of red as they closed in and began stabbing him. Again and again. It kept going for at least five minutes. This show as you may already know had a certain violent reputation but five minutes of stabbing seemed...really odd. Consider how quick it is when a character is killed on screen usually...something seemed wrong with this footage. Again and again and again and again.
The scene changed with sad mournful music as the army gathered before the gates as the enemy forces swarmed towards them just before the Hero raised their blade, suddenly the camera cut back to his friend being stabbed again and again alone in the woods by the group of masked figures. These were not the usual bad guys however...and they had never turned up before...unless they had appeared a few episodes ago and even then they were not in the trailers online.
Another ten minutes of him being stabbed.
I couldn't believe it. If it wasn't the for the actual actor or the camera quality clearly this wouldn't have been the show and I would have thought this was fake...but it was there playing on my computer screen.
I almost skipped ahead but thankfully it cut to the great library. Last time I saw this other guy in the library he couldn't walk and the Hero's friend who I just saw was being stabbed in the woods was on his way to tell the hero the truth this guy told him. He tears a single page from the book they learned the secret from, he crumples it up and he swallows it whole. He then pulls out a vial from his robes, empties the powder from it into a wine glass and drinks it in one sip drinking the poison with it. My jaw drops.
I knew there would be some a lot of twists but...I never imagined this would happen.
He falls face first and dies with his head slumped over the book. The next scene is a tower overlooking a graveyard.
The tough lady knight is pushed from behind out the window before falling to her death. A figure emerges from the shadows laughing and I see it was the bad guy who was killed at the end of the season before. It was a major twist because he had double-crossed nearly everyone up until that point but here he is laughing before finally... he winks.
He actually stopped and winked straight at me. A chill runs down my spine. I click pause and pull the scroll bar back a few seconds.
This time he doesn't wink but he is staring straight at the camera as if I did something forbidden. There is a tense silence kind of like he is waiting for me to apologize.
Suddenly there is a bang.
The scene has changed to a ship out at sea firing a cannon during heavy rain except I am so startled by such a loud noise after having the character look at me like that I jump up in my seat.
The ship bobs up and down in the stormy sea before the camera pans back to the Hero's friend who was killed in the forest. The figures are all gone and his body is being picked apart by crows.
The sad music plays again and the scene transitions to the great pyramids in the eastern lands. A monk looks up from his scroll to speak to the queen. “It's the end...and there is nothing you can do” The Queen looks directly into the camera at me. Her beautiful face begins to rot away before my eyes. Her skin withers and corrodes, the flesh peels and decays.
I try and move the mouse to close the video. It doesn't work. I try to press the off button. It doesn't work. I look at the power cable for my desktop. She looks in the same direction as well.
“Don't you want to see the end?” she pleads. I scream and the queen with her face still rotting away points at me and laughs. The screen flashes back to the bad guy in the tower.
He points at me and laughs.
The Hero standing at the gates about to take on the ancient evil instead turns around and then he points to me and laughs.
The main theme song begins playing and I am greeted with a montage of all the sickest, violent and tragic moments from the series including more of these ultra-violent scenes from this last...very dark and clearly hellish episode. And hellish it is because scenes start playing out which happened but are happening differently. The blacksmith who spent a few seasons missing...who they sent to call for help when the group needs him the most...instead of finding the queen and her coming back to save the day he trips over in the wilderness and he dies there alone in the snow.
The man who was kept a prisoner in an earlier season is shown dead in his chains.
The woman he would have gone on to rescue is shown being poked with hot irons as hunting dogs bark in the background.
On and on and on and on I am shown the most barbaric slaughter imaginable and it just doesn't make sense anymore who is killing who or how they are dying anymore.
I heard rumors the producers were filming fake endings to mess with pirates...but the way this whole thing happened it all seemed almost too vivid.
If this was the case, then they spent millions on making a whole episode which was pretty much a snuff film and by mentioning this version of the finale you would be marked as either crazy or with contempt by the fandom.
Every character is shown dead including ones who already were dead and buried long before this episode and they were being dumped into a massive fiery pit out on a snow-covered battlefield.
Finally, it cuts back to the end of the first season, the scene where the main hero at the time is about to be executed and instead of being killed creating the most epic twist in television history:

he moves out of the way of the axe which is swung down. It misses his head and he looks straight at me. He isn't laughing or being sinister but simply he looks disappointed.
“Why did you fail us like that?”
The axe is swung again a final time straight into his neck. His head rolls along the cobblestone floor and the camera zooms in. “We are coming for you” he whispers before the end credits begin to fade in.
submitted by SLSage to nosleep

Genestealer Cult Leak Megathread

With all the hotness on the internet right now being centered around the Genestealer Cult codex coming out this weekend, and leaks thereof, we thought we'd put all the leaks/confirmations in one place with sources, as we build the picture of what this army looks like/is capabale of.
I will be updating this thread as new info comes to the surface. This post will be removed at the discretion of the mod team, either come Saturday when the codex is dropped, or at such time that there is enough leaked info that it borders on piracy of said codex to have it all in one place.
special rules
Cult ambush
Instead of arriving from reserves normally, unit can roll the ambush table D6
  • 1/ your own table edge
  • 2/ roll d6 1-2 left 3-4 right 5-6 you choose
  • 3/ anywhere more 9" from enemy or 6" from enemy which have no los
  • 4/ 6"
  • 5/ 6" + bouns shooting or run
  • 6/ 3" + charge on the turn arrive
Source: miniwars
Return the Shadows
Instead of moving in movement phase, unit have this rule and not within 6" of enemy models can be removed from battlefield and placed into ongoing reserve. Units can't use this rule on the turn they arrive from reserve or ongoing reserve and can't do so when in a vehicle. All infantry units and characters have this.
Rugged Construction
On a 4+, vehicle ignores crew stunned/shaken and immobilized results. Suffers HP damage as normal though.
Goliath Truck - Source: BoLS video
BS3 11/10/10 hp3 open-topped/transport 10 models, no genestealer or patriarch can ride though (specifically says so). Comes with heavy stubber + twinlinked autocannon. Has rugged construction rule.
Option to take a cache of demolition charge 20pts. Allows 1 embarked model to throw one instead of firing its normal weapon. Range 6" S8 AP2 assault 1, large blast
Goliath Rockgrinder - Source: MiniWars
Default comes with heavy stubber + heavy mining laser + drilldozer blade, can replace mining laser with clearance incinerator or heavy seismic cannon.
  • Heavy mining laser: 36" S9 AP2 Heavy 1
  • Heavy seismic cannon: 0-12" S8 AP3 Heavy 2; 12-24" S5 AP4 Heavy 6. To wound/Pen rolls of 6 are AP1.
  • drilldozer blade - auto pass dangerous terrain test + RAMS enemy vehicle add an extra D6 to S to hit, if causes pen add 1 to result of damage table and when it performs a tank shock, each enemy unit the vehicle reach must take an initiative test before taking a morale check. If I-test is passed, the unit avoid the rockgrinder but if failed, the enemy suffer D3 S10 Ap2 hits. If enemy units make a death or glory attack on drilldozer vehicle and fail to stop it, the unit suffer an additional D3 S10 AP2 hits.
Acolyte Iconward - Source: Dakka
Other then the sacred relics it can choose to carry the banner, and give freindly units of genestealer cult faction within 12" furious charge and feel no pain(6+). If model already have feel no pain then +1 to FnP (helloooo biomancy...)
Acolyte Hybrid (Source:Dakka)
Can take heavy rock cuttedrill/saw (1 per 5). Each gives Sx2 AP2, unwieldy, 2 hands. Cutter forces enemy to take a T test for each wound, if failed it dies outright. Drill lets you exchange all attacks for a single S10 AP1 attack instead. Saw has armourbane. Source: MiniWars
Hybrid Metamoprhs
Can take a metamorph heavy claw, lashwhip, bonesword, metamorph talons as special options. Seems to be any/all can take them - not limited to 1/5. Claw gives +2S, lashwhip gives +3 I, bonesword as per tyranid codex, metamorph talon gives +1WS (can take 2 for +2 WS). Source: MiniWars
Metamorphs come with rending claws and metamorph talon which is bascially +1WS , and can replace rending claws with 2nd metamorph talon for free. Replace metamorph talon with metamorph claw for 2pts. Replace metamorph talon with metamorph whip for 2pts. Leader can take bonesword for 20pts.
Purestrain Genestealers (source: MiniWars)
Have 5+ invuln at all times. Have stealth. Get furious charge when joined by a patriarch. Can ambush/return to the shadows like everything else. 14 ppm. As a tyranid player WUT COME ON
Neophyte Hybrids (source: the_scotsman @ dakka)
10-20 man per squad, same cost as guardsmen. Can take up to 2 heavy weapons (heavy stubber, mining laser, seismic cannon) OR 2 models can form a heavy weapons team ala Astra Militarum. 2 additional models can take special weapons (flamer, grenade launcher, webber).
Can take a cult icon, which gives +1WS. All neophyte, acolyte, and hybrid metamorph units can. Can also upgrade to a leader, which had access to power mauls, power picks, web pistols, etc.
Abberants (source: the_scotsman @ dakka)
Same cost as Deathwatch Overkill. Size 4-10, identical in every way to the DW:OK rules. My guess is no new models for them coming, since GW seems to be de-emphasizing them.
Genestealer Primus (source: the_scotsman @ dakka)
Slightly buffed from DWO version. 75 pts, comes with needle pistol, Toxin Injector (poison 4+ when using his Rending Claw), Bonesword (AP3 S:User, to wound roll of 6 has Instant Death), Rending Claw. May take Sacred Relics of the Cults.
Special Rules: Cult Ambush, Hatred, Infiltrate, Return to Shadows, Unquestioning Loyalty. Grants Hatred to any GSC unit within 12".
The Patriarch (Source: BoLS)
Is now 90 points but is Strength 6, starts off as a ML1 psyker but can buy ML2, can buy two Familiars for cheap and gets access to Biomancy, Broodmind and Telepathy. He also confers Fearless to all friendly Genestealer Cult units within 12".
The Magus (source: MiniWars)
40 pts, comes with Adamantium Will and Infiltrate, is ML1 base but can pay for ML2 and gets the same disciplines as the Patriarch, he also gives Adamantium Will to all Genestealer Cult units within 12" and can take the same cheap familiars as the Patriarch.
Chimera and Armored Sentinel/Scout Sentinel data-slates look identical to the Astra Militarum versions, still BS3.
Detachment - Cult Insurection - Source:MiniWars/BoLS
  • 1-6 Core, 1+ Auxiliary, 0-3 Command.
  • You can't have more than one Patriarch, Magus and Primus in the Cult Insurrection detachment
  • Patriarch gets a codex warlord trait re-roll, all non-vehicle units gets Infiltrate, if they already have Infiltrate then they get Shrouded for the first game turn instead.
  • You add 1 to reserve rolls and enemies subtract 1 from reserve rolls.
  • All units that arrive from ongoing reserves gain D6 models back that were killed earlier in the game.
Two core formations are different. One is basically the units from Deathwatch Overkill, the other is an IG based cult (image on the right - Neophyte Cavalcade - BoLS video is source)
The First Curse formation (Source:BoLS Video) includes:
  • 1 Patriarch
  • 1 Purestrain Genestealer unit
  • You roll a D6 before the start of the game and add the result to the Purestrain Genestealers for the whole game; 1: they get assault grenades, 2: they get 4+ armor, 3: they get Poisoned melee attacks, 4: they get Rage, 5: they get Preferred Enemy, 6: you pick which one you want.
Unit Profiles from back of book
Weapon Profiles from front of book (source on both: MiniWars)
  • The weapons list confirms that the Leman Russ variants in the standard Leman Russ kit are the only ones available.
  • The Clearance Incinerator is a S5 AP4 Torrent Template weapon.
  • The Heavy Mining Laser is just a Mining Laser with 36" range.
  • The Heavy Seismic Cannon is Heavy 2 and S8 AP3 at 0-12", or S5 AP4 Heavy 6 at 12-24". Normal Seismic Cannon is the same, just with Heavy 1 in the first profile and Heavy 4 in the second profile.
  • The Webber weapons fire small blasts and are S3 (pistol) and S4 (rifle). Special rule gives it an AP value equal to the S of the target unit. So vs Marines its AP4, vs Eldar its AP3, etc. Anything S7+ its AP-.
Random info!
Brood Cycle (the other core formation) contains:
  • 1 Iconward
  • 3 Acolytes
  • 2 Neophytes
  • 1 Metamorph
  • 1 Purestrain
The Scout Sentinels in the Neophyte Cavalcade formation get the rule that lets them go into ongoing reserves and pop up near enemy lines via Cult Ambush.
Allies of Convenience with Astra Militarum and Tyranids, but are Come the Apocalypse with everyone else.
Broodmind Powers (source: /tg and Dakka, from a german blog I couldn't access at work (oops))
  • Primars: warp charge 1, malediction. A single unit within 24" reduce WS/BS/I/A by 1 to a min of 1
  • Psychic stimulus - WC 1, blessing. Friendly unit not in combat gains relentless and fleet, can charge even if ran in shooting phase
  • Psionic blast - WC 1, witchfire 24". S5 Ap3 Assult 1 Blast
  • Might from beyond - WC 1, blessing. a friendly unit in 24" gets +1S and gains rage
  • Mental onslaught - WC 2, focussed witchfire 24". both Psyker and target model roll a dice + LD, if drawn target model is -3I until next turn. If Psyker is higher, target suffer wound equal to the difference and no armor and cover saves are allowed
  • Mind control - WC 2, focussed witchfire. targets a single non-vehicle unit not lock in combat and makes shooting attack exactly as if it were one of your model
  • Telepathic summons - WC 2 or 3. Choose 2 or 3, summons a single unit. WC 2 = 5 Acolyte or 5 Metamorphs or 10 Neophyte, WC 3 = 10 Acolyte or 10 Metamorphs or 20 Neophyte or 4 aberants or 8 genestealer, these model can be equipped with ANY UPGRADES list on their data sheet
Warlord traits:
  1. Steath
  2. Friendly unit of GSC faction have counter-attack with 12" of warlord
  3. Move through cover, warlord and his unit never suffer penalty to I for charging through difficult terrain
  4. It will not die
  5. all model in your warlords detachment can use his LD
  6. When using cult ambush with any unit he joined, do not roll on the ambush table, you can choose a result
  1. Icon of the cult - friendly unit within 12" of bearer have furious charge and can reroll failed Morale/pinning/feat test, model in same unit of bearer gets +1 A
  2. Dagger of swift sacrifice - can instead make a single attack rolling to hit as normal at S user, Instant Death/Poisoned(2+)
  3. Scourge of distant stars - if bearer is involved in a challenge, their opponent must pass a T test before any attacks are made, if failed that model suffers a wound with no save of any kind allowed and -1 I & A until the end of phase
  4. Staff of the subterranean master - shooting attack 18" S2 AP- Assault 10/Ignore coveRending
  5. Sword of the void's eye - +1S AP3, reroll to hit and to wound of 1 and to wound of 6 has the instant death rule
  6. The crouchling - in CC make additional 2 S4 AP- Rending attack, bearer can generate one additional psychic power at the start of game
  • No hit and run in entire codex :(
Unit sizes:
  • Neophytes 5pts min size of 10, max 20
  • Acolytes 8pts min of 5 max 20
  • metamorphs 9pts min of 5 max 10
  • Aberrants 30pts min of 4 max 8
Formation rules
Brood cycle
Any non-vehicle unit in this formation that is within 6" of at least one other unit from the same formation +1 to Leadership and WS
All unit in this formation have furious charge while they are within 24" of Iconward. in addition, the range of inconward's Nexus of Devotion will effect 24" instead of 12" (6+ feel no pain and +1 if already had)
subterranean uprising
All unit in this formation must infiltrate during deployment and setup using Cult ambush rule. When rolling the table, roll 2 dice instead of 1 and choose either of the result.
If a unit in this formation has been joined by a Primus, you can roll 3 dice and select any of the result
Demolition Claw
Get tank Hunter, can re-roll scatter dice of demolition charge or a cache of demolition, Roll a dice each time a model throws a demolition charge whilist it is within 6" of a Goliath Rockgrinder from the same formation; on 4 or more that model replenishes its explosives and can throw another demolition charge during the battle
3 models of a broodcoven must be deployed as a single unit. They can still join friendly units, but if one does so, all other broodcoven models must join the same unit, same if they leave.
The broodcoven unit and any unit they join have the following special rules whist the relevant model from this formation is still alive: Patriarch: fleet / Magus: Counter-attack / Primus : Preferred Enemy
submitted by ChicagoCowboy to Warhammer