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The Presidential Election 2020: Tarot Prediction (Accurate)

I performed this Tarot Reading yesterday night, and posted an Astrological version of it as well, which oddly enough predicted a different outcome; However, the Tarot Prediction was correct (and I was able to take screenshots to prove the time I uploaded the info.) Below is my Tarot Prediction for the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election, along with the cards and their placements (which I was unable to load here.)
The Description of each card, placement and method of layout is explained below:
I have been doing readings on this subject for several months now — and it’s truly bizarre, as the information seems to change significantly. (Which is actually quite rare). That tells me that there is an immense amount of fluctuation of information and numbers, constantly going on.
I have also created numerous Astrology Charts regarding Trump and Biden. Astrologically, Donald J. Trump appears to win; However, the Tarot has a different opinion.
The following reading was done using the Thoth Tarot, of Aleister Crowley, and the reading was performed November 3rd, 2020 at 11:13pm EST (5º Cancer Ascendant).
I will also explain the layout below the picture of the cards (which were originally laid out in a slightly different manner, but still in the same sequence.)
Method of Layout: The Question: “Who will win the Presidential Election 2020?”
  1. Then I laid out Line Number 1, with 3 cards; The 4th Card was to describe the energy around the Subject of Line 1 (Donald Trump); The Final card was to indicate the “Final Result” of the question.
  2. Then I laid out Line Number 2, with 3 cards; The 4th Card was to describe the energy around the Subject of Line 2 (Joe Biden); The Final card was to indicate the “Final Result” of the question.
1) 5-Card Layout: Donald J Trump (Aka DJT) (Gemini with Leo Rising)
[Note: I will use the initials DJT to avoid confusion with the term “Trump” aka Major Arcana.]
Prince of Wands (Air of Fire) + Unicursal Hexagram + Princess of Disks (Earth of Earth)
a) Placement shows the personality: “Prince of Wands” is actually DJT’s Court Card, as he is Leo Rising. This indicates a brash, bawdy, and emotionally immature man who has to be center stage at all times. He cares more about himself than what others think of him (even though he is hurt and shocked to discover other people dislike him.) One might say that this description might be gleaned without the use of the Tarot, and I agree; However, I am only making statements regarding the cards themselves.
b) Placement shows the current situation: “The Unicursal Hexagram” (only found in the Thoth Deck of Aleister Crowley), indicates an extreme element of danger, not necessarily to *him*. He apparently is dealing with some extremely dark energies right now, and has more power than others assume. This is a veritable “wild card”, it warns for the need of caution. [Note: There may be others who interpret this card in other ways, but this is my Tarot viewpoint.]
c) Placement shows the current energies: (As of the time of the drawing of the cards) - “The Princess of Disks“ indicates that DJT has a few more cards up his sleeve to slow down the final decision; which can even include making a claim of an unfair election to the Supreme Court. At that point, the “Princess of Disks“ might possibly involve the new Supreme Court Justice DJT just added. Interesting.
d) Overall Energy: 8 of Cups (Saturn in Pisces): “The 8 of Cups“ indicates a total morass of negative energy. A weakened state of body and mind, yet an addictive quality that continues to ”drag on”.
Final Result: The Chariot (Cancer): “The Chariot” indicates a move away from a situation, and a serious possibility of a physical relocation from his current home. Whether that means, “The White House”, will soon be confirmed, but it is highly likely, if all the rest of the cards have been interpreted correctly.
2) 5-Card Layout: Joe Biden (Scorpio with Sagittarius Rising)
Queen of Cups (Water of Water) + Knight of Swords (Fire of Air) + 2 of Swords (Moon in Libra)
a) Placement shows the personality: “The Queen of Cups“ is actually in alignment with Joe’s Sun Sign of Scorpio. It indicates a person who appears quite friendly, down to earth, emotionally caring and a conservative at-heart. In stark contrast with the personality of the over-the-top personality of DJT.
b) Placement shows the current situation: “The Knight of Swords” shows that Biden comes across very inconsistently. He may be intelligent, but he makes ridiculous mistakes whenever he speaks. When he’s good, he’s great — and when he’s bad, he’s ludicrous. His Scorpio mentality shows an ability to evade scrutiny successfully, unlike DJT whose mistakes are blatant.
c) Placement shows the current energies: (As of the time of the drawing of the cards:) ”The 2 of Swords“ indicates that Biden’s health is increasingly fragile. His mind is not sharp, and wavers. He is easily confused. This is most alarming when you realize that the future of the USA depends too much upon Biden’s fragile health and age. This aspect makes me quite concerned.
Overall Energy: Ace of Disks (Root of Earth): “The Ace of Disks”, is a strong card here. It shows the vast amount of wealth that he has garnered for his campaign. He is very much being well-funded in this race. What is interesting here, is that Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos would not want to be funding someone who has promised to decimate their fortunes by increasing their taxability. This really makes me wonder.
Final Result: 6 of Disks (Moon in Taurus): “The Six of Disks”, another strong finish, which just intensifies the energy of the “Ace of Disks”. No matter who wins this election, Biden being able to get this far will show it to be no “fluke”.
Top of Deck: High Magus (Major Arcana) - This indicates the matter concerns a “choice” between two ideas, and two candidates. Interestingly, DJT (as earlier mentioned), is a Gemini who is ruled by Mercury, the planetary ruler of this card.
Bottom of Deck: 5 of Wands (Saturn in Leo) - This indicates the incredible amount of drama on the World Stage, at this current time, in respect to the importance of the question being asked. Again, interestingly, DJT has Leo as his Zodiacal Ascendant.
Summation & Prediction
According to the Tarot Layout above, Joe Biden‘s cards indicate that he will technically win the 2020 Presidential Election; It is interesting that Donald Trump’s Astrology Chart indicates that HE will win The Presidency again. It will be very interesting to see how it all turns out.
Blessings to us all in these strange times. ~V~
submitted by Voxx418 to predictions


[HWC] RLC - 2020 RLC Rewards: Redemption Period 12/7 – 12/20 (info in post w/link to forum post)

VIA HWC Forum here: https://forums.hotwheelscollectors.mattel.com/hwcblog/club-entries/2020-rlc-rewards-redemption-period-r1012/

Check your point total at your RLC Account summary

Please note: the following is from the link above - the HotWheelsMod is not controlled by, nor associated with, Hot Wheels or Mattel. This was posted as a courtesy to the /HotWheels community for visibiliy. Please don't sue us Mattel.

As a Red Line Club member, you’ve earned Rewards Points all year when making purchases here at HWC. Now it’s time to put those points to good use! We’ve converted your Rewards Points to Rewards Codes and stocked the Shop with plenty of product. Get ready to treat yourself for supporting us throughout 2020. Here’s everything you need to know.


You can start redeeming your Rewards Points (via Rewards Codes – see below) beginning on Monday 12/7 at 9:00 a.m. PT through Sunday 12/20 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Get in there during this window!
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Throughout the year, RLC members earned 1 Rewards Point for every $1 spent on select items in the Shop. RLC members will now receive ONE (1) Rewards Code for every 100 Rewards Points earned.
Each Rewards Code can be redeemed in the Shop for a value of $10. Look for the RLC Rewards page in the Shop for eligible items you can get by redeeming your Rewards Codes.
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You will receive your Rewards Codes via email. This email will contain all the details about redeeming your Codes. We expect to send it out approximately 12/1/20, so watch for it around that time and read it carefully when you receive it.
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