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After 5 real life years, I have finally done it. AFC Bolnore, “the worst team in England”, have won the treble!

It’s taken 5 years in real life, 35 in game seasons, 23 promotions, two hard drive reformats and 4000-odd ingame hours (most of which have been spent processing or idling), but thanks to the lockdown, I’ve finally reached the goal at long last: Taking AFC Bolnore, the “worst team in England” which in 2014 were predicted to come dead last in the illustrious Mid Sussex Football League Division 11 - all the way up through the football pyramid to the Premier League and Treble glory. In this time, the real AFC Bolnore have unfortunately become defunct, which made me unexpectedly sad. This spurred me on to complete the challenge, however. And now that I've done it, I'm not about to move on without documenting the suffering I've put my patience and my computer's processor through, so here goes.
This is basically a marathon version of the dafuge challenge, with some personal modifications to avoid going completely mad (such as allowing scouting at even the lowest level and signing players to an amateur team from across the country). The journey itself presumably started in some sort of field near Haywards Heath. Due to database quirks, I had to use fake players and staff to ensure that clubs that would normally be empty would have players and managers. For those who doesn’t know, this usually doesn’t change much other than the names and occasionally the nationalities of well-known players. This means that Eden Hazard is now named “Scott Greatorex”, Alvaro Morata is called “Candido Pastor”; and Thomas Müller, hilariously, is just called Josef Müller. From the beginning, I also only had the English football leagues as this alone was more than enough to bring my laptop to a boil.

Basically, the first decade or so is just a test of endurance rather than representative of any form of management skill. The game isn’t really balanced below Conference level, so if you’re good enough to get promoted once, chances are you’re good enough to get promoted next year as well. The one challenge is keeping your players for an extended time, as amateurs change teams at the drop of a hat and aren’t restricted by pesky things such as “transfer windows” or “the loyalty and homebody-ness of a sane person”. I reckon that until Bolnore went semi-pro around the Isthmian level, at least half the squad would turn over each season. That said, it was in the amateur years that I also managed a whole league season without conceding a single goal, and I didn’t even notice until the summer break.

Semi-pro level provided a different challenge; finances. I’d grown a preference for offering exorbitant (relatively speaking) match and goal bonuses to lure League One/Two-level players to my Isthmian/Conference side, which ensured that Bolnore’s liquidity was teetering on the edge of the abyss every single season. Fortunately, the consecutive promotions continued all the way to the Championship largely thanks to players such as John Brown, a club legend who followed the club all the way from Isthmian to the Premier League (I’ll get back to him later). The cartoon villains of the board considered firing me for managing the finances like a drunken sailor. Miraculously, the club was then suddenly sold to some spanish bloke who immediately injected cash; not a lot, mind you, but enough to ensure that the smallest venue in the Championship could stay afloat and even make a few free transfers. Bolnore only spent three years in the Championship, getting promoted in their third season in part due to the magic of Mirkos Petrak, another club legend and goalscoring virtuoso (I’ll get back to him later).

I was cash-strapped with mostly Championship level players, and had to change playstyles accordingly to survive in the EPL. Through the first three seasons, AFC Bolnore would be known to play proper English 4-4-2 with long balls and hard studs (whew, euphemism much?) which would award us with ignoble mid-table positions. A gradual change began in the 42/43-season, where strategic sales allowed the purchase of Tom Moore, future vice-captain; and Tommy Spencer, Harry Kane-clone and absolute lad. These two and the return of one Kezie Keen (who I don’t have a screenshot of as the game opted not to save his history) led to a masterclass 4th place finish.
The rise continued from there. With powerhouses such as Man Utd, Arsenal, Man City and Sunderland going through upheaval and rough patches, Bolnore pounced. And, through continued development of their youngsters as well as the occasional iconic transfer, they’d finish runners up twice before dethroning Chelsea in 45/46. In the same period, Bolnore won the EL in 2043, and the CL (somewhat fortuitously) in 2045, as well as the domestic cups a few times - look it doesn’t matter. Only one thing remained; the elusive (true) Treble.
Anyway, after Chelsea’s second second place in -47, Miguel Perez, legendary manager (and for some reason, friend of yours truly) decided to join Manchester City instead. He spent a whole 5 months there before getting fired, whereupon he joined Stoke instead in the Championship. Every big team was in complete shambles. The season turned into a cakewalk after the fatigue from the christmas period started setting in, and I was merciless in the transfer market to ensure complete dominance over the English pyramid that I had worked so diligently to climb.

The Champions League was the one big hurdle that stood unforded. True, I had already won it once, but that was pretty much a fluke. While the teams on home soil had become routine, four clubs in Europe were still fully capable of massively fucking my shit up; Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, and particularly PSG. The latter almost had me give up in the penultimate season, as they managed to overturn a 0-2 loss at home to a 3-4 in thanks to an own goal and a massive blunder, both from the same defender. But the year after, it happened. It began with a needlessly narrow 3-2 vs. Basel, followed by a complete 11-1 walloping against Chelsea, then a delicious 7-2 semi final against Barcelona. Only Bayern remained for the final, and they’d fall to Chris Bennett’s desperate header from a free kick in the 30th minute of extra time, making it 3-2. AFC Bolnore, the “worst club in England”, are treble winners.
(Side note: I also briefly managed France for a couple of years, which was a dumb decision that may have indirectly contributed to making PSG an all-time powerhouse.)

This is the all-time AFC Bolnore best eleven as calculated by whichever algorithm it is the game uses. I’m pretty split on it, as while it’s nice to see the formative years and players being acknowledged in line with the superstars, a 4-4-2 still makes for a not quite optimal selection. Oh well;
GK - Dennis Bertram: Can’t really say I’ve had any outstanding goalkeepers, and it seems Bertram made the team sheet based on appearances alone. He has been a mostly nailed-on pick in the ‘modern age’ and is a reliable German goalie - what more can you ask for?
RB - Ryan Steade: At a glance, this is probably my best ever Bolnore player, stats wise. I reckon he’s at least 190 CA. I threw money at Chesterfield for him (£15.5M) because a scout said he’d turn out 4-5 stars. Since, he’s been a steade-y feature on the right back.
CB - Liam O’Hanlon: Okay, so, once I had won promotion to League Two and became pro, I disabled many of the lower leagues to ease the toll on my computer, and enabled a good chunk of the bigger leagues from around the world to avoid making England too dominant on the world stage. The side effect seemed to be a lot of random, good players showing up in leagues around the world. O’Hanlon was such a player, and I bought the Englishman for a laughable £12.5M from Anji in Russia.
CB - Damián Lozano: Joined up on a free from Valencia Mestalla when Bolnore was still in the Championship, and stuck around for six years, featuring reliably. Never quite good enough to get caps for Spain.
LB - Chris Morgan: Morgan really just proves that I haven’t had many long-serving left backs, as he showed up in the Conference and stuck around for five seasons until the Championship before he fucked off to Corinthian-Casuals to get relegated from League 1. I can’t remember him but he seems to have played well so he couldn’t have been bad.
MR - Tom Moore: This guy is shoehorned into the right midfield position because he can play there but he’s spent 98% of the time being a striker for me. He’s still around, serving as vice-captain being third-or-second choice up front depending on form, and although everyone keeps telling me he’s plagued by injuries, I’m just not seeing it after 256 league games.
MC - Kezie Keen: So this is where it gets fuzzy, because his player history has been removed to save memory. He joined in Conference N/S as a youngster from Arsenal, and followed the team to the Championship before joining Tranmere in the Premier League. After two seasons, he re-joined Bolnore, having now been retooled from a left winger to an attacking mid. By the end, he’d racked up the second-most appearances ever for Bolnore.
MC - Osmar: I’ll be honest, Osmar was an impulse buy in the PL which I wasn’t excited about. I needed a creative midfielder and he looked interesting. He was so consistent however that he pretty much played every game until he got displaced by a better midfielder, whereupon he graciously asked to return to Italy. How could I deny him?
ML - Marc Wilkinson: I don’t remember this guy, to be honest, but he played for 8 consecutive seasons during the Mid Sussex-years which makes him a friggin’ rarity.
ST - Matthew Dickson: I am so very happy that Dickson still is in the XI after all this time. I posted a screenshot of him years back. Although he was an atrocious footballer overall, he has many key attributes that allowed him to dominate on an amateur level - speed, stamina/workrate, and goalscoring ability. He alone allowed me to play a “boot it long to the fast lad”-style for about a decade, and when that didn’t work, his relatively intense pressing ensured that he’d at least create one goal from snagging the ball off any defender with a First Touch of 1 (which was everyone).
ST - Luke Harris: He’s just a rich man’s Dickson, really. He played for me in two periods between the Sussex County Leagues and League One, getting his most impressive scoring streaks in the Conference.
2nd GK - Jack Moore: As far as I can remember, I didn’t even mean for Jack to become a regular. I simply ran out of keepers in League 1 and brought him in on a free, and he unexpectedly developed into a starter who played all the way up to a whole season in the PL. He then moved to Reading and have had a very respectable career.
2nd Sub (MC) - Andrew Wilson: Wilson used to be my captain if I’m not mistaken, and he was a man of extremes. Completely devoid of everything resembling technique, he was first and foremost a physical powerhouse with the defensive sensibilities of a pitbull terrier, making playmakers pee their pants all around the country. Serving Bolnore from 35 to 42, he then went on to terrorise League 1 for half a decade before hanging up his boots.
3rd Sub (MR) - John Brown: The biggest atrocity of the all-time XI is that John Brown isn’t in the first eleven. This is a man who could have played Championship football but opted to join a Sussex County League Division Three team because he saw their potential. This is a man who diligently turned up every single day, from the arduous depths of Sussex to the heights of the Premiership, to make 528 appearances from Bolnore. This is the man who, in a single season, racked up 50 fucking assists and still went on to play for 8 more seasons despite teams 4 levels up wanting his services because he’s just that badass. Now he spends his days teaching the Bolnore youth how to be as awesome as he is. Praise be John Brown.
4th Sub (ST) - Mirko Petrak: Poacher extraordinaire from Croatia that I bought for the Championship. Fired his way into legend but fell a bit into the wayside when I started playing a more free flowing, versatile game and left the club. Still a top bloke though.
5th Sub (ST?) - Robbie Craven: Yeah, I don’t remember what this guy was like. A striker, most likely.
6th Sub (DC) - Andy Tatters: Tatters only made 86 league starts, which makes him the least featured players in the list. Bit of a robbery too, considering some of the players that came later, but I guess there’s some old farts in Haywards Heath somewhere voting on this and reminiscing about the good old days when the pitch was grown from cowpats.
7th Sub (ST) - Edu González: If Steade isn’t the best player I’ve had, this is the guy. Literally the Complete Striker made flesh, I lucked out as Barcelona had three excellent young forwards but only one position for them to share, so I bought him for a...reasonable £72M fee. Honestly, he hasn’t been terribly consistent and he’s injured a bit, but what a big game player he’s been.

Honestly, having written all this I’m finding it a little hard to let go. I semi-ironically swore that I’d never play Football Manager again after completing this, but the state of Bolnore now is a financially precarious one. If I were to, say, retire, and simulate for a few decades, I couldn’t leave them without establishing a healthy economy first...
submitted by Cee-Mon to footballmanagergames

What’s Your Ranking of the Anime You’ve Watched?

What’s Your Ranking of the Anime You’ve Watched?
I never thought I’d see the day where I would be crazy for anime. It’s weird because just two years ago, I hated anime. Then I finally went in with a more open mind and here I am, eating it all up. So while I can’t exactly call myself an anime purist, since I haven’t seen every anime in the book, I have watched a good chunk of anime to consider myself an anime fan. Here is my own personal ranking of every anime I have watched from worst to best. I would like to see your rankings too! Now I am well aware that there are a lot of you who have watched too much anime to count, so I can say you can at least include ten anime in your ranking, unless you want to go all out of course. Anyway, onto the countdown!
My ranking of all the anime I’ve watched:
27.) Okaa-san Online (Or Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?)
Starting with my list is this Milfsekai anime – a blend between being an Isekai anime, while having a milf in it. When I was in a waifu group on Facebook, and a few other anime fangroups as well, the main milf character was memed and talked about everywhere. I grew pretty curious about it and gave it a shot. It’s not good. It was so bad that I couldn’t even finish it. While it had a good idea, by having a main protagonist willingly going to the RPG world, and by trying to be a wholesome bond story between a mother and a son, it executes this idea very miserably by falling more into incest territory. The other characters are very stale and stereotypical too. You got the pure and innocent cinnamon bun of the party. You got the hotheaded tsundere. When it tries to do any fanservice scenes, it doesn’t feel like fanservice. More like fan-disservice. Either way, this anime was definitely not worth all the hype.
26.) Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts
This anime is… okay. I feel like it is copying a certain anime but I can’t put my finger on which anime it is. The characters are meh. I feel like everyone is a typical stereotype trope we’ve seen a thousand times in other anime. We have the love triangle between a main male protagonist, a tsundere and a sweeter girl. The lesbian yandere moments did hook me in at first with how hilarious it was, but then it became too much. In fact, it tries to cram a bit of everything. So much so that it becomes exhausting. The battle scenes are not all that impressive and the way the main character’s sister is so attracted to her own brother makes me… a little uncomfortable. Either way, this isn’t really a good anime. It’s fine to pass the time but definitely far from one of the bests.
25.) Citrus
So in this list, you will find a couple of yuri anime. This, unfortunately, was the very first yuri anime I watched and I will say this, it left a pretty sour taste in my mouth. The only likable character in this show is Yuzu, and she is too pure and innocent for the cruel world of Citrus. The story is basically about two stepsisters who fall in love with each other. I can’t get passed the pseudo-incest in this series. Along with that, I hated how Yuzu began to fall in love with Mei after being sexually assaulted. That is basically Stockholm Syndrome. I mean, I guess the girl-on-girl scenes are hot to watch, but if you’re looking for a genuinely good romance story, you will not find one here. I began reading the manga and while it is a little bit better, it’s still rapey in some parts which I don’t like.
24.) Tokyo Ghoul
I gotta say, it started with such promise. The concept of ghouls that have to feed on human flesh trying to live peacefully in Tokyo is a fascinating idea. And the conflicts they have with humans and other ghouls make you really think. But partway through the series, things go sideways and characters make decisions that seem really out of character for them and the story just goes down the drain. The series started out great, but just couldn’t carry it through. Season 2 was also so bad, I couldn’t even finish it.
23.) Death Note
So I was one of those poor unfortunate souls who got introduced to the story through the Netflix adaption first which left a bad impression for me. However, being told that the anime is so much better, I decided to give it a shot and… it was okay. The concept and setting was good. A book that can kill anyone who’s full name is written in by a guy who becomes the villain of his own story is a pretty decent plot. However, the execution was meh. I guess you could say it was a little too goth and emo for my taste. I could never stand Light, although L was a pretty cool character. Overall, while I did find this anime pretty good, it is one of the last anime on my list for a good reason.
22.) Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid
This is one of the few yuri anime on this list and also the only one I had to watch with my door locked. Seriously, I was shocked that this isn’t even a hentai due to how ecchi it was (If you can even CONSIDER it that!). The story and concept is also extremely bizarre. Basically there is this island of lesbians who are divided into to two. When one of them is sexually stimulated, they turn into a weapon. Well, I will say one thing, it’s got nearly every yuri fetish fanservice covered in the book. If you came to get turned on, and yuri is one of your main fetishes, this is the perfect anime for that. If you come for a good story, you may want to keep on looking. The animation of the fight scenes are not terrible though. However, eventually the fanservice will become too much in the way of the action. Then again, it is a fanservice anime exclusively for yuri fans so again, if you want a good yuri fanservice anime, this is perfect for that.
21.) High School of the Dead
So, being a sucker for zombie apocalypse stories (I don’t care how oversaturated the genre is, I just love this genre.), I’ve been dying for an anime focused on the zombie apocalypse. Now, I was extremely shocked when I found out that there was only one anime that actually has zombies in it, while other anime like Attack on Titan, Kabenari of the Iron Fortress and Tokyo Ghoul were only inspired by the zombie apocalypse genre. So I looked at the title and it is even titled as your typical Romero zombie film (Series) by having “of the Dead” in it. So when I got down to watching this anime, I finally got a zombie apocalypse anime… and something else. So this anime has more than just zombies. It features high school teenagers as survivors and the main characters (I mean, what else would you expect from a title with “Highschool” in it?) and this anime has a LOT of fanservice. Like a LOT. On one scene, you could be watching our survivors kicking ass and being badasses and in the next, you get a close-up shot of boobs in your face with some questionable boob physics. (Damn, what was going through the animators’ minds when animating those!?) I noticed the anime started to become self-aware so they just kept it in as a running gag. So why do I like this anime? Because it’s just so much damn fun! Look, it may be over-the-top with its ecchiness and fanservice, but as a zombie apocalypse story as a whole, it delivers perfectly! It shows the fall of society, the corruption of humanity and our characters having to abandon their humanity in order to protect each other from the horrors of the apocalypse. My favourite character Kohta Hirano was also a blast to watch. He was perfect zombie apocalypse character, as well as Saeko (Who is perfect waifu material imo). Hirano spent most of his days being a nerd so he made a weapon on the outbreak, and his days as a COD gamer and his shooting range practice really payed off for the apocalypse. Saeko is the type of character who loves to inflict violence and murder, so the zombie apocalypse was the perfect opportunity for her to unleash her inner-psychopath. I hope that Hirano and the tsundere Saya Takagi get together. However, the reason this anime isn’t higher is because again, the fanservice could still get too much and Alice as the Loli was questionable but overall, this was still a fun anime.
20.) Kabenari of the Iron Fortress
If you’re looking for a good horror zombie apocalypse anime without the ecchi like High School of the Dead, this is the closest we’re gonna get. Like what many other people say about this anime, the first half is brilliant, with such an excellent concept. However, the second half was so awful, with a very terrible villain. It tries to be something different rather than sticking with what was already good to begin with. Either way, it’s still well animated and the zombie aspects of this show is well done. If you’re looking for a character and story driven show like Attack on Titan, avoid this show. If you want a mindless zombie apocalypse show, check it out.
19.) Attack on Titan: Junior High
This is a fun anime. After watching the main show, I’ve found clips of these on YouTube. So at first, I thought it was just fan animation with good voice editing until I found this was an official anime! An official parody made by the same creator with the same voice actors! I gave this anime a watch and I really enjoyed it! With how dark and gritty the main show is, this was an amazing breather. I also loved how they also took each characters’ personality and cranked them up to eleven. I’ve had so many laughs through this anime and I still hope a Season 2 will be released. I’d recommend this anime to anyone who’s a fan of the original show while also being a fan of meta-humour where a story makes fun of itself.
18.) Isekai Quartet
Much like Attack on Titan: Junior High, this is an anime I thought was just a fan series made on YouTube, until I saw it was a legit real anime with the actual voice actors from their respective shows. It is also a crossover show of four main Isekai series – RE: Zero, KonoSuba, Overlord and Tanya the Evil. The only show here that I watched, however, was KonoSuba. So what do I think of the show? It was a heck of a lot of fun! So much so that it made me want to watch the other shows on this list. This is how I began to become a little more interested in the Isekai genre of anime.
17.) The Saga of Tanya the Evil
Ignoring the name, Tanya isn’t really evil. This is one of the anime that I watched because of Isekai Quartet. You will find all the main four anime on this list. Unfortunately, this one is my least favourite. I still enjoyed it though. I really did love the whole World War I type of setting, rather than your typical fantasy-type of Isekai world. The action scenes are pretty cool and Tanya the Evil (Though she’s not really evil but definitely messed up) was a fun ruthless character. The rest of the cast were great too.
16.) Overlord
Yet another anime that I got introduced to through Isekai Quartet. This is definitely an interesting Isekai anime since it actually has the main character roleplaying in an RPG. The story in a nutshell is basically this. Imagine being so levelled up, that you are practically a god at this point. Now imagine being sent all the way back to level one, while still keeping your stats. That’s basically the premise and setting of the show. It’s also unique because it focuses on a cast of characters who are actually villains. Ainz, the main villain protagonist, actually does start off as a more antivillain, but he becomes more evil and ruthless as the series progressed. I wish that the show kept many dark stuff from the manga though. Albeddo is also an excellent waifu. Still, while season 1 and 3 were pretty good, season 2 was not so great.
15.) Bloom Into You
Where do I even begin with this one? Well, when it comes to lesbian romance, this anime is by far the best story ever written about this. I’ve seen a few other yuri anime like Citrus, Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid and Sakura Trick, but none of them are nearly as great as Bloom Into You. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid was so ecchi and nearly so much like hentai, that I had to lock my door just to finish watching it. Sakura Trick is mainly there for girl-on-girl kissing… Lots and lots of kissing… And Citrus was just the complete opposite of what a good lesbian love story should be by giving us our main character being force kissed on the first episode and her becoming a victim to Stockholm Syndrome throughout the series. Sorry but I just really hated that. However, Bloom Into You completely blew me away. I don’t even want to count it as a yuri anime (Since yuri focuses more on sexualizing girls love, whether implicitly or explicitly.) as this is definitely a shoujo-ai. It is more focused on the emotional and romantic side of a lesbian love story and makes us care for the characters. Overall, this anime was just brilliant and this is coming from someone who doesn’t normally like romance stories. However, as someone looking for a decent LGBT anime, this definitely stands out as the best one. This is a love story about self-realization too, which is likely the concept they were going for. The characters Yuu and Touko are so well written and I really hope a Season 2 gets made some day. If anyone wants a decent yuri/shoujo-ai anime, I’d highly recommend this one. And while the dub isn’t terrible, (The voices for Yuu and Touko are really good) I’d highly recommend you watch the subbed version.
14.) Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
Such a fun slice-of-life show. All about an office worker who hires a dragon to be her maid, that in turn is madly in love with her. Kanna Kumui is super adorable and Tohru is such a hot dragon waifu. The other characters are also a ton of fun with some great character development. The comedic timing and writing is well done, having me laughing all the time. I think it is a wonderful series for its original story, plot, theme, and of course the enticing opening music to the episodes. It fits in our daily lives as to why we go through life with so many obstacles barring our way. Torhu, and Kanna must as well if they are to fit in without their horns, and tail to get in the way of success as well as trying to tame or rather domesticate another dragon who loves to play video games. A dragon named Fanfir. A legendary creature with vast power who would love nothing more than to wipe out our existence. The only thing that stops him is video games. Trials, and tribulations follow these dragons where ever they go, and Torhu loves Kobayashi with every ounce of her immortal soul. So does Kanna in her own way. It teaches about friendship, love, sadness, mistakes, and successes in tiny amounts but it is enough for these dragons to continue on living among us even for a short while. Definitely recommended for those looking for a nice slice-of-life anime.
13.) Given
While I do love the yuri and shoujo-ai genre of anime and manga, there’s also another that’s a guilty pleasure of mine, and that’s yaoi/shounen-ai. Yes, even though I’m a guy, I also like me some boys’ love. However, this is a very hard subgenre to come by because when it comes to yaoi in anime, nearly all of them have been pretty bad. They either fall too hard into the Seme/Uke trope and/or they make the uke look like a shota (I’m looking at YOU Superlovers!!!). Along with that, the yaoi anime I’ve seen has the seme abusing the uke into falling in love with them. And whenever a gay couple are in an anime, it’s an anime that isn’t exclusively yaoi like Yuri on Ice, etc. Thankfully, this anime manages to be a romance for all the right reasons. Finally! A yaoi anime that actually feels like a romance story rather than a disturbing age-difference abusive story! The main characters are each very likable, with Haruki being my favourite. The music is great too, with the final song being so damn emotional. It’s such a wholesome yaoi anime that I’d recommend.
12.) Cowboy Bebop
So when asked what the best dubbed anime is, nearly everyone points at Cowboy Bebop and I can see why. The voice cast really bring the personality and charisma to the characters! And the anime itself is just a fun ride! From the characters to the action scenes, this anime never failed to amaze me. Steve Blum (The guy who voices Wolverine) as Spike was also great. The other characters like badass Jet Black, cute Ed and waifu Faye Valentine were just amazing. Overall, there isn’t much else I can say except that I had a lot of fun with this anime.
11.) Steins;Gate
This show started off so painfully slow. However, I heard that it was considered one of the greatest anime of all time so I decided to push on through. Then once I got to Episode 8 onwards, I couldn’t stop watching and it became one of the most addicting anime I have ever watched. This show dives deeply into the concepts of time travel, and realistically – as well as believably – tackles at how there could be many consequences at messing around with the natural order of time and space. Along with that, it’s about a group of likable characters who work to uncover a conspiracy in order to defeat an evil organization known as SERN. While the English dub can be considered okay at best, I thought Okabe and Makise’s voices were good. It was also cool hearing Okabe’s voice having a similar mannerism and style as the Doctor from Doctor Who. Okabe is really likable and Makise is a very unique type of tsundere, as she’s the type of tsun who doesn’t physically assault the main character and the insults also go both ways between her and Okabe. Definitely a must-watch for all anime fans out there looking for something different and addicting. The first half is excruciatingly slow, but get passed that and it will all be worth it.
10.) KonoSuba
The brilliance of this show is that, rather than sticking the main character with a bunch of girls that he doesn't deserve, Kazuma is given a "harem" of girls that are exactly what he deserves. This is easily one of the funniest anime I have ever watched and the first official Isekai anime that I enjoyed. The main characters are such huge subversions on the usual main characters we see in other anime that that is where most of the comedy comes from. Kazuma is actually kind of a scumbag but he does get what he deserves. Aqua, who was set up to be the classical tsundere ends up being a useless idiot. Megumin, who was set up to be the adorable loli ends up being a bit of a likable brat. Darkness, who is set up to be a badass warrior ends up being one freaky masochist. In this show, there are a very few normal characters to help balance out the crazy such as best girl Wiz, as well as Yunyun, Chris, etc. It’s so much fun to watch and definitely recommended for those who want to see a hilarious Isekai anime (Or just comedy in general).
9.) Beastars
I am NOT a furry… BUT… I’d make an exception for this anime. While on paper, one may assume it’s just an adult version of Zootopia, it actually goes a lot deeper than that. While it does share some similarities, such as having two groups of animals known as predators and prey living amongst each other, that’s where all the similarities ends. In Beastars, it has the two groups living among each other, but the carnivores always have a high chance of eventually snapping to devour the herbivores, so the herbivores have every right to be afraid of them. Though there are some carnivores who don’t like the idea of turning on the herbivores but even they get the short end of the stick by being feared. Take the main protagonist, Legosi, for example. He is a timid and kind wolf, but many other herbivores are terrified of him. Then there’s the deuteragonist, Haru. She’s a rabbit so everyone treats her as cute and defenceless and she hates it. There are many other complex characters in here such as Louis. This is also a fully CG-animated anime and yet it works so well. It has some terrifying moments but overall is a really well-done anime. I really hope a second season comes soon. Another thing to note is that the opening is one of the catchiest and well animated I’ve ever seen too.
8.) RE: Zero
Isekai Quartet did NOT prepare me for this anime… It didn’t prepare me… It didn’t prepare me… With how light-hearted Isekai Quartet was, I was NOT expecting this show to be this dark! Still, of all the four Isekai Quartet anime, RE: Zero was the best one. On paper, it looks like a typical Isekai anime with a bunch of cute anime girls. Inside though, it is a psychological horror. This anime is probably the darkest anime I've seen yet. It’s on a whole new level of sadism. Subaru... My poor poor Subaru... No wonder he got the nickname Sufferu. The marbeasts are legitimately terrifying. The first one we encounter is the White Whale, which sounds just horrifying. What it does to its victims is even worse. Once it eats you, you become erased from existence. The great rabbit is also horrifying. The villains are no joke, especially Elsa and Beetlegeuse. It was so hard to watch and yet so investing that I couldn't stop watching. It still has best girl, Rem, and many other cute girls like Petra, Ram, Emelia and Beatrice. Also, Subaru is easily one of the most likable main protagonists I’ve seen in an anime. All that comedy and lightheartedness in Isekai Quartet misled me in more ways than I could have ever imagined... Season 2 ended a little too abruptly so I hope Season 3 comes out soon. Regardless, this is my favourite Isekai anime I’ve ever seen.
7.) Toradora
So when it comes to anime, normally I’d skip any romance anime. I’m just not into romance and drama. However, Toradora surprised me on every level. So after playing Doki Doki Literature Club and loving the tsundere trope, I decided to try and find a decent anime that follows the trope of having a tsundere love story. After searching for a while, I eventually found the perfect one that would eventually become one of my favourite show I’ve ever seen. Toradora is an amazing romantic comedy that everyone should watch. The characters are amazing and how the main characters’ personalities bounce off each other is very well done. Taiga and Ryuji are amazing characters. Ryuji is a cool character and how he endlessly tries to help Taiga is great. As for Taiga, she’s one of my top waifus! She is the tsundere queen. She’s small, cute and straight up amazing but can also be very violent, brash and proud. Definitely the best tsundere. And as for the supporting cast, they’ve all had their fair share of character development too. Most notably is Ami Kawashima. She started off as a manipulative spoiled brat and turned from a bit of an antagonist towards Taiga to a supporting friend and became more open and truthful. As for the romantic comedy aspect of the anime, it really owns that title. Taiga and Ryuji are polar opposites on every level but this pairing worked so well. When they finally became a couple, I was very happy. That post credit scene in the series finale still gets me everytime.
6.) Yuru Yuri
This is a really fun anime to watch. It is a slice-of-life comedy and a decent one at that. As the name states, this is a Shoujo-Ai/Yuri anime. However, that’s what most people expect. In fact, the yuri moments aren’t even the main focus. It’s really just a story about a club of girls that does crazy antics after school and follows a group of other characters. I love nearly all the characters in this anime. Kyoko, Yui, Akarin, Himawari, Sakurako, Chitose, Akane and Ayano were my favourites! I especially love how the anime plays with the decoy protagonist trope with Akari, where she was supposed to be the main protagonist but that role ends up going to Kyoko instead. And as for the yuri moments when they do happen, they’re well done and don’t even feel forced. Each girl has a certain crush on another girl. Chitose has a crush on Ayano, who has a crush on Kyoko, who has a crush on Chinatsu, who has a crush on Yui, and so on. The pairings are all interesting in their own ways. I also love how Ayano’s romance with Kyoko helped her character develop more. She learned to open up more. However, my OTP would have to be Himawari x Sakurako. The anime never failed to make me laugh. I still hope a Season 4 will be made because I’m just not done with the Yurus. I hope make a comeback soon!
5.) Attack on Titan
This was a hard piece to put on my list. In the beginning, before Season 3, this was much lower on my list but ever since that finale, Attack on Titan managed to beat Toradora on my list. What started off as an overhyped anime became an anime that is completely worth sitting through to the end. So being a sucker for apocalypse stories, this anime caught my attention. The Titans are basically just giant zombies. So for a while in Season 1, it took me some time to get completely into this show. I stopped midway through the Struggle for Trost arc because I just lost interest. But then the games came out and even my favourite YouTubers playing the games said the anime was excellent. I eventually came back to the anime and forced myself through most of Season 1 and I don’t regret it. This anime does a lot of things right. The first season gave us the characters, the plot set-ups and the clues to the mystery that was building up and when Season 2 came, I fell even more in love with the anime. Eren, who started off as annoying, became a really likable character from this season onwards. Armin had the best character development as his skills as a strategist really payed off from where he was originally a cowardly character. Other characters like Hange and Levi were great too (And both are my OTP pairing!). Season 2 became a big horror mystery story and I also loved the big twist with the identities of the Colossal Titan and Armored Titan. Next, Season 3A came and gave us something fresh and new – human-on-human warfare! What made this season unique was that unlike Titans, who are mindless and eat people because it’s in their nature, these humans have free-will and choice so they chose to be evil, which made the morality test for our main characters really intense. While I am mixed about Historia’s arc, everything else was good, including the biggest titan they’ve ever faced. Nightmare fuel indeed. However, what really made the anime was the second part to Season 3. We finally returned to the Titans and had all the mysteries solved. I won’t go further because it’s better watched. All I know is that I am extremely hyped for Season 4 next year.
4.) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
While going through the list of anime that I’ve been planning to watch, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood caught my eye. Considered one of the greatest anime ever created, how could I not check it out when binging through many anime? When I finally did get it, I noticed it had 64 episodes so I knew it was going to be a long watch. I chose to watch it anyway and I’ve only got one word to describe it… brilliant. At first, the first couple of episodes felt rushed but once I got passed them, the story perfectly picked up and fell more smoothly into place. The Elric Brothers are very likable in their own ways and their relationship really is the highlight in this action-adventure show. The show also has the best personified versions of the Seven Deadly Sins I’ve ever seen, the Homunculi, who also get defeated in awesome ironic ways that reflect their seven deadly sins. It has a great blend of everything. Drama, action, comedy and creepy moments. Every character serve their role perfectly and the final episodes were such an epic and satisfying conclusion. Easily one of the best things I’ve watched in a really long time, that it made me want to watch the 2003 show. While not as well animated, it was more darker in tone and the Homunculi are much better written (With the exception of Pride who is Wrath from Brotherhood).
3.) Spirited Away
This is the very first anime I’ve ever watched. Remember how I said you can add anime movies to your list as well? Well, I said that because I really needed to add this film. This was the anime that completely opened my mind towards anime in general. I mostly have the video game, Little Nightmares, to thank for this though. Watching a few gamers play the game, many said that the game reminded them a lot about Spirited Away. I grew curious so I searched for the anime. Just a quick note, this was during the era where I absolutely despised anime. Before, I heavily despised anime due to the artstyle ruining stuff in fandoms such as Creepypasta (Like turning characters such as Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack and so on into anime pretty boys), FNAF, Undertale, etc., that I just cringed when I saw anything anime related. I also didn’t like the lip-sync animation. However, I tried to go into this anime with a fresh open mind and all I need to say is… wow. This anime looks BEAUTIFUL. With the surreal designs of the characters, a really likable main protagonist and a very good plot, this is the one anime film that truly deserves to be seen by EVERY anime fan. In fact, I’d say show this to anyone to get them into anime.
2.) Mob Psycho 100
It took a long time for me to catch this awesome anime. After watching One-Punch Man, a lot of people have been recommending that I should watch Mob Psycho 100 since it was also created by ONE, the creator of One-Punch Man. When I saw this anime, I fell in love with it! First of all, the art style is very unique and the characters are very well written. Every character is unique in their own way. I love the main character and even Dimple, the evil spirit who follows Mob around. There were a lot of moments where I thought it was going to copy One-Punch Man but instantly shies away from that when you begin to suspect so. The comedy is very well done. What’s also very convenient is that when I just finished watching the entirety of Season One for the first time, episode one of Season Two was released so I could instantly jump to the next season! Season 2 was just as good, if not better than Season 1! Still, along with the catchy opening for Season One, amazing characters and well done writing, this anime definitely remains as one of the best things I’ve ever watched.
1.) One-Punch Man
So for a long time, I was never a fan of anime. However, let’s just say that I decided to try one more time to give it a shot and to this day, I am glad I did. I realized how much I was missing out on thanks to this amazing anime. Since I am a major superhero fan, I wanted to go for this anime. Dragon Ball Z could’ve been my pick for superhero but because of its complicated amount of seasons, episodes, etc. I decided to skip it. But I found One-Punch Man. It only had twelve episodes and the plot idea was actually interesting. A guy becomes so strong that he can win any fight with just one punch. So when I saw this anime, I instantly fell in love with it! It was a great mix of comedy, drama, action, etc. The score was great and the characters are all great too. Even Saitama, the guy who has gotten emotionless due to becoming too strong, is an amazing character. The anime was so good, that I decided to read the manga to continue the story and I don’t regret it. The world is amazing and I even love the villains in the series, even if most of them don’t survive after one hit. The first season left an amazing impression on me and it is my most rewatched anime to this day. This was truly the anime that got me into anime. So I began waiting for Season 2 and when it was released, it was also amazing. Yes, the animation and design quality wasn’t as good in Season 2, but there was one saving grace for that Season and that was my favourite character and villain – Garou! His character was just so well written. Overall, whenever someone asks what’s my favourite anime, I say One-Punch Man. Let’s also not forget the kickass soundtrack. I listen to both the theme songs every week!
So that’s my ranking of every anime I’ve watched so far! How about you guys? What’s your ranking of every anime you’ve seen from worst to best? Also, if you’ve watched too many to count, then you can limit the number to a minimum of top ten rather to make it simple.
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