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[Humanity Fucks You] #7: CCT and New Eden aftermath

Hello HFY, the next in my series of what happens when humanity's special gift in the stars is to have children with whoever they damn well please. As with the prior 6, I welcome constructive criticism.
I apologize for how long this one took. There was a lot of "life" stuff going on... and I found a sexy game that stole half a week from my life (I'll leave a link in the comments). So, here we go. Hopefully this will be the last of it before we return to how the whole Humanity Fucks You was before CCT.
As always, all you humans and mixed breeds: Keep those comments exciting!
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Post Writing Author's Note

I know the ending of this one might feel rushed, but I think that when I started the CCT arc, I bit off more than I could chew. I had a lot of ideas in my head and I wasn't prepared for the amount of writing that it would take to make them reality. I also apologize for how quickly I breezed over the aftermath of the Attack on New Eden.
On a high note, this means that I'll be getting back to the translated documents style of the first 4 in the series.

August 26, 2214: Cassandra Ferrell, ???'s House, G31-1-4 (planet)

Sore, sticky and warm with a pounding headache. Must have had one hell of a night. Cass awoke, opening her eyes and getting a view of Erika nuzzled up to her, using her breasts as pillows. Goddess may have been an exaggeration, but I still scored me a little elven model. Good job drunk me. With the question of just what drunk Cass managed to reel in answered, Cass looked at the "bed" she had ended up in. It was a giant white heart with 3 sets of red sheets, one on the main body that Cass was laying on and another set of sheets over each of the rounded sections, and a pile of pillows placed at the center of the 3 "beds" that made up the heart bed. Someone holds these events often. Behind Erika lay a male werewolf, 250cm of white furred muscle with his tongue flopped happily out the side of his wolf-like head.
Since I have one naked, I MUST KNOW! Cass moved her right arm from overtop of Erika to grab the sheets, clenching her jaw to keep from groaning at the pain, before pulling them up slightly and looking in. OH DEAR GOD! DID SHE TAKE ALL OF THAT! Cass blinked three times before dropping the covers, her eyes wide open as she looked up to see the white werewolf wink at her, smile, and exit the bed, walking off to the bathroom with no attempt at modesty.
After that I'm kinda scared to know who's gonna be sleeping behind me. Cleansing the monster she just saw from her mind, Cass slowly moved her arm back around Erika. After taking a moment to adjust to the soreness, Cass pulled her new elven friend even closer, Cass's lips ending up in a sticky spot in Erika's hair. Guess we got bukkaked.
Cass stood under the shower's spray, enjoying the warmth of the water and the feeling of finally being clean as she heard the door to the shower open. This is going to go one of two ways...
A hand covered in chocolate fur with 3 clawed fingers and a clawed thumb on either side of the palm appeared in Cass's vision before roaming up to her hairline, running through the hair and making ending its journey at her wresh ears.
Cass's wresh ears flipped to face behind her, seeking the source of a sultry voice saying "You know, it would be a shame not to have a third round with you." Third?
"I just got..." Cass began to say, the tactical positioning of the clawed hand revealed itself as the tops of the claws were dragged through the notch where her wresh ears connected to her head, right across Cass's spot she could never scratch herself. "YES, YES, YES! Right there! Right there!"

August 23, 2214: Petty Officer Second Class Aaron Smith, UGEC Space Force New Eden Staging Station 8

Two hours. I have two hours. Aaron Smith charged down the slightly flaming hallway the way his brother charged at weird gifted species. Three more steps and one of the feed lines from the staging station's plasma cannons broke free from the wall, its contents mixing together with a high voltage power line causing a spew of uncontained plasma as an electrical arc decided the feed pipe was the shortest path to ground. And here I thought the extra ablatives would only slow me down. Aaron charged out of the green explosion, his Thor combat powered armor suit a few millimeters of armor slimmer than it had entered the plasma ball.
As he ran down the hallway, Aaron checked every room he passed by, finding only small groups of bodies. Can't waste time with the dead, atmo is dropping steadily. When he finally reached a room that contained a body that the Thor suit's diagnostic equipment identified as alive, he pulled out a device the size and shape of an egg, but made of a clear plastic, out of an armored box on his suit's right leg. Aaron Smith tossed the egg into the center of the room as he picked up the young man, and a freshly scanned young woman, that the suit identified as alive. The egg, now free from the compression field, expanded to the length of a stretcher and floated about a half meter up from the floor (or what would have been the floor if artificial gravity was still running), opening its upper half to reveal a white pad. Aaron quickly placed the two he found alive into the egg, the top closing once both were in it.
Done with this room, Aaron hauled ass out of the room and further down the hallway, the egg following exactly one meter behind. 45 minutes before I have to turn around.

August 27, 2214: Cassandra Ferrell, Adams III Space Force Resupply Base

Cass held her fingers in her wresh ears, desperately trying to dampen the noise as Instructor Ericsson stood over her desk, his spit slowly covering more of her face.
"Are you even listening to me, maggot!? Does your touch of alien make it hard for you to think like a human, maggot!?" Instructor Ericsson shouted, his face becoming red as a cherry.
"Instructor Ericsson, I am legally required to inform you that it is illegal to produce vocalizations louder than roughly 65 decibels when inside of an enclosed space." Cass said, the small classroom, leftovers of her hangover from 2 nights ago, and wresh ears all making Ericsson's screaming even worse.
"AND WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT, MAGGOT!?" As much as this asshole deserves two black eyes and a broken nose, I lose the moment I strike him.
"By planetary law, I am required to report the incident to the committer of the crime within 15 minutes, their place of work, if they were working at the time, within 12 hours, and the planetary government within 24 hours." Cass replied, trying to keep a polite tone despite the budding migraine.
Instructor Ericsson had purposefully shouted his way through the 3 hours of firearms operation and safety training, which was immediately after the first lesson on weaponizing creativity. A bell rang in the room, at first quiet before raising in volume until Ericsson noticed it and finished yelling. In response, Squad 4 collectively rose from their seats before Ericsson sucked in a deep breath and everyone prepared for yelling method of speaking.
"Where do you maggots think you are going?" He said, in an abnormally quiet voice for the instructor. 3.
"Uh, um, lunch." Kat quickly replied, squirming as Ericsson shifted his glare onto her. 2.
"Did I say..." 1. "YOU COULD GO FOR LUNCH?! Sit back down, shut up and listen, maggots!"
Squad 4 sat down, every one of them looking distraught.
"Now, Anders, which part of the rifle is the grip?" Ericsson said, only slightly quieter than normal.
"Um, the round bit that covers the barrel that you hold onto, Instructor Ericsson." Anders said, quieting slightly as he spoke. I sense a lack of confidence.
"THAT'S A HANDGUARD MAGGOT!" Why can't he whisper when he is mad?
Ericsson angrily picked up a laser pointer remote from the podium, walked in front of Cass's seat, then let the laser pointer remote rest in his palm as he move his arm to face in the direction of a poster of the M301 Variable Yield Magnetic Acceleration Rifle. You're not getting away with taking my lunch without retaliation.
Cass reached out with her ghost hands, quickly spinning the laser pointer around as Instructor Ericsson brought it up to eye level and pressed the soft, gray button down.
"FUCK!" Ericsson shouted as the laser pointer remote he was hold shined directly into his eye. Holding his left hand over his eye, Ericsson shifted the laser pointer in his right hand before shining it onto a near vertical protrusion from the rifle, behind the trigger.
"What is this Anders?" Ericsson asked at a normal human volume, as he removed his left hand from his eye.
"Is that... uh... is that the grip, Instructor Ericsson?" Anders fumbled out. Yes Anders, that's the grip.
"Now, Graves! What is that!?" Ericsson shouted as he pointed the laser at the box beneath the action and lower receiver of the M301 on the poster.
"The... uh, um, uh... clip, Instructor Ericsson?" Kat said, already trying to shrink herself within her, uncomfortably small for her, seat.
Ericsson walked over to Kat's desk, only a few steps from where he had been in front of Cass, before leaning on it, staring the nervously curled werewolf in her eyes and shouted "THAT IS A FUCKING MAGAZINE, MAGGOT! A MAGAZINE! NOT A FUCKING CLIP! WE HAVEN'T USED CLIPS IN OVER 200 YEARS, MAGGOT!"
Poor Kat. She's ready to piss herself. Cass reached out with her ghost hands, pulling a trick out of her "fuck off, I'm not interested" bar playbook, and grabbed Instructor Ericsson's visible tighty-wighties and pulling up. As Cass felt the resistance that Ericsson's weight provided against the underwear, Ericsson stopped talking, then started grunting, then hit a high note right before Cass let go.
"Squad 4... you are... free... to go... to lunch." Instructor Ericsson worked out as he waddled off to the bathroom.

August 23, 2214: Petty Officer Second Class Aaron Smith, UGEC Space Force New Eden Staging Station 8

47 minutes before I have to turn around and this place is getting worse the deeper in I get. Aaron reared back, balled his hand into a fist, and slammed the mechanical fist into a fallen I-beam that was blocking the hallway, causing the I-beam to bend enough that it fell from the position it was jammed in onto the floor. As Aaron walked forward, over the I-beam and around some other debris that had made its way to the floor, the 4 eggs full of people he collected followed behind him. It's nice to have gravity again, but I'm not sure that's a good thing.
Aaron walked for another 10 minutes, finding only corpses, many with severe burns and melted flesh. I wish I didn't see that. Now, he was standing before two holes, one above and to the left of him and the other below and to the right, on the same trajectory as the first. Surrounding the hole was black silhouettes of people and melted metal. Looks like impact. Emergency shielding is holding, but that hole looks deep. Judging by the bodies, plasma.
Aaron jumped over the hole, barely getting to the other side. Gravity's increasing. Bad sign. He rushed down the hallway, finally reaching the command room. Reaching into the armored box on his left leg, Aaron threw out the last 4 eggs he had, letting them expand in the middle of the room. He quickly moved about, spotting and retrieving the Admiral, judging by his uniform, and a beat up looking, 40s to 50s, red haired woman in a lab coat. Was that all the command staff that survived?
Staging Station 8 shook, a loud rumbling passing through the station. Either hit the atmosphere or the tow points ripped. Aaron sprinted as fast as the Thor suit could carry him, the 6 filled eggs following him diligently. Within only a minute he was back at the hole where the plasma shot had struck. Damnit. Emergency shield is still running.
Aaron looked around him, trying to spot anything useful in the debris. Iron and steel? No. Copper? Wrong type of shield. Aluminum? No, not here. Wait, that wire's still sparking! Grabbing the sparking wire and a few of the I-beams that made their way to the floor, Aaron made an electrically charged loop and placed it against the emergency shield.
As the charged I-beams touched against the shields, a shower of sparks occurred and Aaron slowly pushed the I-beams into the emergency shielding. Once they were half way through, he pulled the live wire off of the I-beams and began pushing the eggs through the gap in the emergency shield, ignoring the warnings displaying in his HUD about the decompression.
Once the last of the eggs were through the hole, Aaron climbed out himself, grabbing one of the eggs and using it to drift, in a controlled manner, away fom New Eden's atmosphere.

August 27, 2214: Cassandra Ferrell, Adams III Space Force Resupply Base

Cass stood in the admin building of the Civilian Combat Training Command for G31-1-4, in front of a desk behind which sat a small asian man. The asian man looked up at Cass after a moment.
"Can I help you, mam?" The asian man asked.
"I would like to report 32 different violations of local interpersonal interaction law, 4 violations of local indoor noise codes, and 3 instances of minor coercion within the past 12 hours." Cass stated. This gets easier to recite each time I say it.
"Okay." The asian man said, reaching behind his desk to pull out a large, touch-screen tablet and presenting it to Cass. "Each complaint is to be filled out as the CCTCC-1 revision 5 form and each complaint that involves a breach of the law also requires CCTCC-2 revision 3. If CCTCC-2 revision 3 is not filled out, then the breaches of law won't be reported to the appropriate legal entity."
Cass took the tablet with a "Thank you, sir." and worked to fill out the small pile of paperwork. Hmm, half of the forms are easily repeatable.
Despite having to fill out almost 90 pages of paperwork, it had only taken Cass around 15 minutes. Utilizing the time she had been expecting to be filling out paperwork, Cass headed out to the front gate to Adams III proper. Ericsson said tomorrow was range practice. Might be amusing to outshoot the instructor.
The walk up gate was little more than a white, metal box with a bored kitsune woman and a mag-locked gate next to the box. Cass walked up to the box, the bored kitsune looking at her for a moment before saying "Credentials."
Cass handed over her UGEC passport, the bored kitsune scanning it, then looking over it and the results. The kitsune woman then handed the passport back to Cass.
"You know the drill. You are allowed anywhere on the base that a Spaceman Recruit could go, which includes the mess hall, the armory, and the range, which is at the north end of Adams III, as well as the family housing, parade field, camping grounds, and administrative buildings. You are not allowed in any secured builds without written permission by a Warrant Officer, Master Chief Petty Officer, Commander, Rear Admiral or higher rank, which command over the building which you are being permitted to enter. The barracks are also off limits without permission from the highest ranking person currently living in the barrack you are trying to enter." The woman droned on, achieving an even greater level of boredom.
"Yes mam." Cass replied as the bored kitsune woman unlocked the gate's mag-lock.
Cass quickly moved through the gate, the lock making a loud clang once it closed behind her. One advantage of being born on base: Honorary membership in the Space Force. Also would start a rank higher if I went that path. Following the basic directions of the gate guard and the signs placed along the main road, Cass began her journey to the firing range.
Petty Officer Abbott had been nice enough to give Cass a ride to the firing range, saving her around 30 minutes of walking. RDCs are always nice to me. Probably because I'm not one of their recruits.
Standing at the range, Cass took a good look around her. The firing line was a dirt plot with 25 positions, each marked by a numbered wooden post. The range itself was a series of metal targets with bullseyes painted on them every 25 meters and a wooden frame for mounting paper targets, for each position, at 200 meters spanning across an entire kilometer with a mountain of dirt as the backstop. Off to the east of the range was a small, concrete building marked "Armory." Looks like an armory for the range.
Cass entered the armory, walking into something reminiscent of a bank, with 3 tellers (dressed in camouflage) manning stations that had caging around them, with a metal drawer that could be slid between both sides. Cass walked up to station 2.
"I would like a range rifle, please." Cass said to the human behind the cage.
"M33 Civilian Defense Rifle?" The teller asked, after having looked Cass up and down. Right, I'm still wearing the CCT shirt.
"Yes please. And some ammunition, too." Cass responded.
"Alright, fill out the form on the clipboard I'm sending over. It will cover the M33 and 500 rounds of ammunition for 3 hours." The drawer opened on Cass's side with a clipboard, pen, and 3 sheets of forms.
Cass filled out the paperwork quickly, passing it back into the drawer. Damn, I'm getting good at dealing with paperwork. The teller looked over the forms, set them off to the side then walked into the back.
When he returned, the teller carried a rifle, that looked like a lazy cross breed between an AK and a G3 battle rifle, and a box marked "M33-FMJ, 500 round." He dropped both into the drawer on his side before saying "Alright, you are required to turn the rifle back in after 3 hours, however, if you exceed that time and who we send to retrieve the rifle confirms that you are still on the range with the rifle, you will not be punished for exceeding that time limit. However, if you exceed the time limit and are not using the range, then you will be fined 2,000 unity credits. If you are found in an area deemed suspicious for you to be armed in, your passport and identification may be revoked and you may face jail time. Also, I have included ear and eye protection in the bin. Enjoy your range time."
"Thank you!" Cass replied grabbing the rifle and ammo before heading back to the range. Taking position 12, she layed the rifle on the ground and removed the empty magazine, loading 5 rounds into it, then putting on the safety goggles and inserting the ear plugs, finally loading the magazine into the rifle once her safety gear was on. She waited for a moment before she heard someone shout "RANGE HOT!"
With that, Cass fired her five rounds at 100 meters, hitting the target 3 times. Low and left. Cass adjusted her rifle's rear sight up and to the right, loaded another 5 rounds and hit the target 5 times. Still low. Another small adjustment before "CEASE FIRE" was called.
Cass put down her rifle, the other 8, or so, people on the range did as well. As Cass watched one of the other shooters on the line get up and leave the range she spotted a human man with a long barrelled rifle.
Cass approached the man, after picking up her rifle and ammo, saying "Hello! Would you happen to be one of the base snipers?"
The man stood up from his prone position, turning to look Cass in the eyes. "Yes I am. Why do you ask?"
"Well you see, my CCT instructor hasn't been that good of a teacher and I was wondering if maybe you could teach me how to shoot better, since our range day is tomorrow." Cass said, pouting slightly as she did so. He won't be able to resist a chance to show off.
"Of course I can. Why don't you take position and fire off a few rounds, so I can see where you need improvement." The sniper said, a big smile across his face. Got him.

August 25, 2214: Doctor Brooke Reid Ferrell, Hippocrates Medical Station, New Eden

Doctor Ferrell lay in the medical bed, her breathing heavy and her body beaten. Attached to her were the standard fare of medical monitoring devices and an IV filled with artificial blood. The only thing the monitors are good for is background noise. Why do they insist on wasting them on me? Dr. Ferrell took in a deep breath and let it out. Can't get myself too worked up. Then I'll be swarmed with more doctors when nothing is wrong.
Knock, knock. The door to the hospital room opened, a 193 cm tall man with sky blue eyes, golden blonde hair, high and tight, and pale skin walked into the room carrying a brown paper bag and a laptop bag.
"Hey Doc. I grabbed your work computer and some cherry wine to help you pass the time." The man said, a gentle smile appearing on his face.
"Hello Damien. How did Jupiter work out?" Dr. Ferrell asked as she placed the wine on the side table next to her bed and the laptop bag on the floor near the beeping monitors.
"You really meant 100 when you said 100, Doc. Jupiter ran smoother than silk. I'm pretty sure some of the shield generators on it need repairs, though. Got hit by a tank gun and that dropped shields quick." Why did this idiot pick a fight with a tank IN A SPACESHIP?!
"Good. Hopefully I'll be able to look over the data from that soon. Who did they assign to fix Jupiter?"
"Lopez." Damien replied. Why do they keep assigning Lopez to fix the suits? He already fucked up suit 4's control systems.
"If you can, get Doctor Montgomery to do the repairs. Lopez never gets the shield emitters installed right."
"Have you had a chance to call your family. I'm sure they're worried about you." Clearly you haven't tried.
"I've tried, but the extrasolar comm sats aren't setup yet. Though I doubt my little girl is worried too much. Taylor, on the other hand, always gets unreasonably nervous when New Eden is attacked."
"Well, given what happened two days ago, I think he has a reason to be."
"It wouldn't have been a problem if Sadiyah had disabled the ship's guns." She should have destroyed the main computer after pulling all the data from it.

August 28, 2214: Cassandra Ferrell, Adams III Space Force Resupply Base

Here I thought I had seen desperate vehicles before, but this! This is absurd. Cass stood in line as it slowly moved into the trailer, which was a semi-truck trailer converted into seating with 2 floors, that appeared to seat around 55 per floor. And it's pulled by the oldest Mack truck I've ever seen. Including in museums. Not far from Cass, a second line funnelled into a second trailer attached to the first trailer.
After getting into the cramped trailer and finding a seat, the truck started up with a rumble. Sounds like one of the pistons is pinging. The truck lazily started to pull the two trailers forward, headed to Adams III proper and made its way to the firing range.
Once at the range, everyone exited the wannabee bus and grouped up with their squads. Shortly behind the truck came one of the M3s from the CCT vehicle tents, and one by one each squad was called over and each member handed a black backpack, before returning to their positions.
"Alright Squad 4! Here's how today is going to work. Once we are called, you will all be changing into the body gloves included in the backpacks you have been given. After that, I will instruct you on how to properly wear the armor plates also in the backpack and finally in the use of the M33 rifle included in the backpack, the M301 Variable Yield Magnetic Acceleration Rifle, the kigkig Golden Claw laser rifle, the namy Yituran Field Magnetically Induced Seven Stage Plasma Rifle Mark 4, and finally the Yyyn Combat Industries Gravitic Pulse Rifle Version 22. Those of you who are considered to be size category 3, or higher, will be trained on the M34 Howler medium machine gun in place of the M33." Instructor Ericsson yelled out, at a reasonable volume as a large, germanic man stood behind him.
So this is what it's like to be a dick in a condom. Cass stood in the changing stall while stretching in the body glove from the backpack she was given. The body glove covered everything from the base of the neck down to the tips of the fingers and toes in a tight, matte black material without any seams and thicker "pads" over the chest, back and crotch. Well, it certainly isn't military grade. Doesn't have the "Reactive Placement Liquid Protection," or whatever the fuck the military calls it. At least this skin tight suit doesn't give me a camel toe.
Cass continued her stretching, eventually walking around the small changing stall. It doesn't tug or bunch as I move. Guess I found where all the CCT budget goes. Cass did a few squats before picking up the backpack, the armor plates and rifle clinking together now that the body glove wasn't in it to serve as a buffer, and exited the stall of the wooden changing building.
Once Cass lined up with the rest of the squad, she took a look at her squad, each wearing the same matte black body glove as her. Protects against camel toe, but does nothing to hide a stiffy. Sexist if I ever saw it. A few moments later, the final squadmate arrived, took position, and Instructor Ericsson began to pace.
The large, germanic man's shadow fell over Cass as he rumbled out "Ericsson, there's no reason to have them so uniformly lined up. This is Civilian Combat Training. Let them space out far enough to not elbow each other when their putting the plates on." Whew, I was afraid he was after me.
"Yes sir, Administrator Albert." Ericsson replied quickly before adding "Squad 4, seat yourselves so that you are all at a comfortable distance from each other and can hear and see me."
Squad 4 spread out from their 2 tight lines into a scattering of people centered around Instructor Ericsson, who began his pacing routine, struggling to deal with the chaotic spread of his trainees.
"Squad 4, pull out the armor plates from your packs and place them on the ground." Ericsson instructed, keeping a reasonable tone while a single bead of sweat made its way down his forehead. The squad, including Cass, pulled the plates from their backpacks, which were white, curved, and of various shapes and sizes that were reasonably recognizable as to where they went. Along with the plates were small camo bags with black insides.
"What you are retrieving from your packs is the Ironhide Multi-Threat Body Armor System, or IBA. The IBA is made up of the body gloves you are currently wearing, multi-role composite armor plates and changeable plate covers that allow for the recoloring of the IBA to suit multiple environments with minimal material. The IBAs provided to you come with Urban Black and Forest Digital Camouflage covers. The plates of the IBAs connect to the body gloves using a mix of magnetic linkage points and adjustable straps..." Ericsson droned on as he led the Squad through putting on the armor plates. Ericsson looks nervous. Guess he's in more trouble than I thought.
With all the plates on, Cass looked like she belonged on a spec ops mission, covered in all black, except for her head and tail, with hard, black plates covering her chest, back, shoulders, knees, the front of her legs and the backs of her arms. Surprisingly light, but most standard armors are anymore. After Ericsson inspected each squad member, he led them through some basic in place PT.
"If your IBA is uncomfortable, speak to Armorer Hendric at the vehicle depot back at the CCT base. You will want to address any discomfort quickly as the next 5 days of training are going to be done almost exclusively in your IBAs." Oh god, it's killing Ericsson to be nice.
The time between Squad 4 getting their armor on and getting called to the range was spent by Instructor Ericsson going over the various rifles the Squad was going to use with far less yelling, spitting on faces, and "maggot"s than yesterday's lesson. When Squad 4 was called, Ericsson guided them over to the range, giving each the appropriate sight and hearing protection, though he did "stumble" and have some "trouble" while searching for the wresh earplugs Cass needed for her upper ears.
After getting their eyes and hears protected, each squad member took up a position in the dirt plot, next to the numbered posts.
"Squad 4, present your arms!" Instructor Ericsson shouted in his normal voice, which was admittedly reasonable considering the ear protection. Present arms? I don't have a fuc... OOOHHH, the rifle in the bag.
After pulling the rifle out of the backpack given to her, removing the magazine and checking the chamber, Cass held the rifle in front of her, looking over the squad. The only one that didn't have a M33 was Kat, who held up a machine gun visually similar to the M60. So that's what the Howler looks like. It's almost like a toy rifle in her hands.
After Ericsson looked over every rifle, he placed an ammo can by each position and shouted "Squad 4, load five rounds, assume a firing position, choose a target, then fire at will."
Cass laid her rifle facing downrange, loaded 5 rounds into the magazine she had dropped earlier and locked it into her rifle. Technically, the M33 is only rated for 300 meters. Too bad I practiced out to 500. With her rifle loaded, Cass laid on the ground, using her elbows, specifically the flat spots behind the point, to prop up her torso and rifle, straightening out her left leg and tucking her right knee up and forward to keep her diaphragm off the ground.
While Cass's squadmates fired off their 5 shots with relative haste, most from the sitting or standing positions, Cass concentrated on the 500 meter target. Breathe in, breathe out. Focus on the front post and center the sights. Rotate around the supporting arm. Relax and find natural point of aim. Perfect. Breathe in, hold out. With a gentle, consistent pull of the trigger Cass fired her M33, the man-size 500 meter target spinning just as Cass was sucking air back into her lungs.
The range went silent for a moment as Cass lined up her next shot. Repeating the process from her last shot, she fired, striking the target a second time. Then a third. Miss on the fourth shot. I blame wind. Finishing off with a hit on the fifth.
Before anyone could congratulate Cass, Ericsson shouted "Load 5 rounds, assume position, fire at will." Squad 4 began doing so, Cass taking her time to rest a little as she loaded another 5 rounds.
"WHAT KIND OF STANCE IS THAT, MAGGOT!?" Fuck, that was loud even through the earplugs.
Cass looked over to see Ericsson standing in spitting distance of Kat as she struck a Hollywood style standing position. She's going to knock herself over shooting like that. Before Cass could react, however, Administrator Albert appeared behind Ericsson.
Now that Cass could see the Administrator clearly, she could see that he was 2 meters in height and built like a tank made of muscle, with 3 dots on the left side of his neck. Hmm. I'd guess the Administrator took place in at least one super soldier program... He wore the same white t-shirt and black shorts that the CCT trainees wore during the first week. His veins bulged as he stood over Ericsson and hissed out "Come... with... me."
As the two walked away from Kat, Cass approached. Oh no, she's shivering like she's naked on an ice cap. Cass place a hand, somewhat awkwardly onto Kat's shoulder.
"You okay?" Cass asked while trying to be as calming as she could.
"I'm... I'm, I am... fine."
"Would you like me to teach you how to shoot standing?"
Cass quickly led Kat through the standing position, with the hip forward and the resting arm's elbow dug into the hip bone, which Kat was surprisingly able to do. Cass then led Kat through properly shouldering her machine gun and through the shooting fundamentals. After about 15 minutes, Ericsson returned with a hunched back and drooped shoulders.
Ericsson led Squad 4 through each of the rifles that he had told them about at the start of the day, staying as respectful as he could while still correcting issues he spotted. Every time Ericsson started to deviate back towards his drill instructor-esc behavior, Administrator Albert would correct Ericsson before he could fully devolve into the DI behavior.
The next 3 days passed in a blur as Cass sat through a day of respectful lecture on small unit tactics and guerrilla warfare, which was followed with 2 days of team building exercises and guerrilla warfare practice drills.
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submitted by unseenshadow2 to HFY


The most silent Gaming Keyboard (Ninja Stealth Mode)

The most silent Gaming Keyboard (Ninja Stealth Mode)

TL;DR: Scroll down to my winner of the title “Most Silent Gaming Keyboard as of May 2018”.
Keyboards emit noise when pressed, so using a keyboard can get on other people’s or even on your own nerves. There are many situations where a silent keyboard would be great. You may have a roommate who is annoyed by your late night gaming sessions. You may have colleagues at work hearing you typing all along. You yourself may be just annoyed by the keyboard typing noise or you may be a twitch streamer who doesn’t want his audience to get annoyed by loud typing. Whatever your case is, you may be in need of a silent keyboard. For me, it is my wife who watches TV movies in the living room, where also my gaming desktop is located. She is often immersed into an emotional movie moment and I am like totally focused on an Arena Shooter and hammering into my keyboard for quick reactions and movement. I don’t want to spoil the movie for her, so I usually play Arena FPS later when she is asleep before I go to sleep, but that time interval is too short for my gaming hunger. So I researched the market for silent keyboards which are also suitable for gaming. There is said and written much crap on the internet about keyboards being “silent”. They mean they are more silent in relation to other very loud keyboards but not actually silent. Be aware that you are in the total minority of people who care for the noise of their keyboard. The market for silent keyboards analogically is therefore very small. And the majority of people doesn’t care for the noise made and uses popular loud mechanical keyboards, which is why a keyboard on the internet is considered “silent” when it is more silent than a usual mechanical keyboard, but that is still louder than the usual office 10$ keyboard… I found it very hard to find a really silent keyboard, therefore researched it myself and wrote this guide to share my findings. Here are my results!

1. What aspects influence the noise made?

The value of the noise depends on many things. Here is what makes the difference.

1.1 The Switch Technology

The most important aspect of the keyboard to be silent is their switch technology. A switch is that thing under your keycaps which recognizes a keypress. It is responsible for how and when a keystroke is recognized. The keystroke actuation itself makes a sound. There are quite some differences. Here are the important technologies.

1.1.1 Mechanical Switches

Omnipresent in keyboard technology and the first thing you’ll get when searching for a gaming keyboard are Mechanical switches. Under the keycap is a plastic plunger pressing against the force of a metallic spring. Have a look at this piucture, because one picture says more than thousand words. On the side of this moving plunger is a U-shaped metallic plate. It’s basically another spring which will move in another direction and on the tip of it is the contact. By moving the plunger down the contact is more and more released and moves until it hits another contact which triggers the keystroke. Mechanical Switches are said to be responsive, fast actuating and best fit for gaming, but they are also very clickety clackety loud. I find this to be true due to their reliable construction, which is also what makes them loud. Cherry MX switches hold the majority of uses in keyboards. There are other mechanical switches from Razer, Logitech (Romer-G switch), and more. The switches from Cherry and Razer can be differed by their plastic plunger color under the keycap. Here is an overview of the most popular mechanical switches:
Properties Cherry MX Series Razer in collaboration with manufacturer Kailh
loudly clicky, tactile (with pressure point) Blue Green
not clicky (but still loud), tactile (with pressure point) Brown Orange
not clicky (but still loud), linear (without pressure point) Red Yellow
loudly clicky, tactile (with pressure point), higher actuation force Green (like Blue, with higher actuation force) ---
not clicky (but still loud), tactile (with pressure point), higher actuation force Clear (like Brown, with higher actuation force) ---
not clicky (but still loud), linear (without pressure point), higher actuation force Black (like Red, with higher actuation force) ---
Rather unpopular are Cherry MX Silent key switches. Cherry and RAM memory producing company Corsair which hopped onto the gaming products train some time ago collaborated together to develop a silent mechanical switch. Following the popular trend to modify all keys with O-rings to dampen the noise they developed a dampening system within the key switch which dampens the emitted noise more thoroughly. Quote: “In these quieter switches the colored plastic slide at the heart of the switch will now be made with a double-shot injection molding process to integrate a shock absorber made from a rubbery thermoplastic elastomer. This will soften the impact and dampen the noise produced when the key stroke bottoms out or springs back to the top.” What came out in August 2015 were Cherry MX Red Silent and Cherry MX Black Silent switches. If you undo the keycaps of said switches you can see that the Red Silent in comparison to normal Red switches have a pale red color, which is why they are also referred to as pink while the Black Silent have a pale black color and are referred to as gray. What Corsair had from this collaboration was their privilege to be the only manufacturer beside Cherry to use Cherry MX Silent switches until sometime in 2017. Since then only a handful of manufacturers dared to equip their keyboards with MX Silent switches for the market of people who like it silent, because it was already saturated by Corsair. And if they dared they only tried to sell the Silent Red switches and left out the Black Silent, what means that Black Silent switch keyboards are very hard to find. After all, adding the unpopular wish of a harder to press key to the already unpopular wish to have a silent keyboard sums, no, multiplies up to a tiny group of people who would want this. I don’t blame the manufacturers for this. Sorry, MX Black Silent switch guys... that is, if there are any.

1.1.2 Membrane Switches

The most common, cheap and more silent technology are Rubber-dome respectively Membrane switches. Under the keycap is a plastic plunger which presses into a rubber dome realizing the actuation force to be overcome. Under the rubber-dome is a membrane layer, then a contact layer, then empty space, then another contact layer. The movement of the membrane layer will eventually contact both contact layers and trigger the keystroke. I played over 10 years on an old membrane keyboard (Saitek Eclipse, First Version) and I still won many fights with it. You’re not THAT hard in disadvantage with such a technology, especially now where the manufacturers have improved their membrane switches. But it is still said to be inferior to mechanical switches. I find this also to be true, but to a limit. The advantage is only noticeable in quick reaction games like Arena Shooters but not in e.g. RPG’s. I like playing competitive quick reaction games, but still could live with this disadvantage if there would be a much more silent keyboard with this technology.

1.1.3 Mecha-Membrane Switches

There is a mix technology from Razer called Mecha-Membrane switches. Razer promotes them to unite the best of both switch types, soft membrane feel and mechanical tactile response. But in my opinion this technology combines the worst of both. The actuation is taken from the adverse, more unreliable and spongy squishy Membrane technology combined with an added mechanical side plate which adds a clickety clackety noisy and tactile feels response. Ok, the mechanical plate lifts the key plunger up again, so the rubber dome of the membrane is worn out much later for higher durability while being cheap, which is positive but not silent.

1.1.4 Topre Switches

Rather unknown are Topre switches. Topre is a small Japanese company founded in 1935 (!) which is a manufacturer of mainly all kinds of mechanical and electrical stuff, only a small side product of them among many other things is keyboards. They hold a patent from 1984 (not pending) which describes a key switch actuating by the change of its capacity while moving down. The measured value for the capacity triggers the keystroke. The actuation point can therefore be changed in the software settings while all other technologies have their actuation points fixed by their construction. This technology actuates without contacting parts and is therefore very durable. The limiting part for the durability is the rubber dome which is responsible for pushing the key back up after a press. Topre switches are said to have the best typing feeling of all technologies and are a bit more silent than mechanical switches. I could not test this, because keyboards with this technology are rarely shipped to Europe and not laying out in a store. They are also very expensive due to their high tech electronic and look rather oldschool grayish without any cool looking stuff. There is a RGB version which is rather new to the market, but is not shipped to Europe. And to buy an expensive keyboard looking like the 1980s with the chance of being only a bit more silent than mechanical switches seemed not a good idea for me. I therefore cannot make any confirmed statements about these switches. But feel free to try it if you can reach for a Topre keyboard more easily and leave a comment. I would appreciate your experiences with a Topre keyboard.

1.1.5 Romer-G Switches

Logitech's own Romer-G switches are mechanical, but a bit different than Cherry MX and Razer's. Look at the tech details of each switches to determine the differences in operating point distance, tactile point distance, total distance, actuation force, force curve, etc. There are 3 types of Romer-G switches: GX Blue: tactile: minimally tactile, loudly clacky (like MX Blue) Romer-G Tactile: minimally tactile, rather silent clacky Romer-G Linear: linear, I guess more silent
I only tested the Romer-G Tactile. They are about as silent as silenced MX Browns, which is pretty good and sets them in the middle field of the possible switch noise level.

1.2 Bottoming-Out

How you press the keys influences the sounds made dramatically. Pushing a key down to its ground and hitting it with speed produces noise. Pushing a key only to its actuation point without reaching the bottom will result in the bottoming-out noise not being produced. However while erasing the bottoming-out noise the noise made by the switch will still be there. If you search the internet for a silent keyboard there will always be some trolls who will tell you not to bottom the shit out of your keyboard and you’re done. This sounds good, but doesn’t work. Hitting the actuation point and stopping the movement before hitting the ground is more easily said than done. It gets even more difficult if you prefer a switch which is linear and not clicky, because it has no feedback for you to know if the way you already pushed is enough to trigger the keystroke. It also gets more difficult if you want to type fast or hit a button fast in a game, because of … physics. I just leave some keywords here without explaining it: way, velocity, acceleration, value tolerance, time elapsed. I find it too hard to do this and be competitive at the same time but still, it is a method to be more silent, though not the most silent possible. So if you want to try this method I recommend you to use switches which are not clicky and tactile (MX Brown, Razer Orange or just any Membrane switch) so that you have no loud switch click, but still a feedback to know when to stop your movement.

1.3 The ground you put the keyboard on

Typing on the exact same keyboard on a desk or on your lap are two different things to test the emitted noise! The surface under the keyboard adds into the “Violin”-effect (see 1.4.2) that all connected parts are resonating with every keypress. So if you type on the same keyboard on a hard desk it should be much louder than on your soft elastic dampening lap. Different desks may also produce different sounds. When comparing keyboard sounds make sure to test them on the same surface. Before buying a new keyboard which you hope is more silent than your current keyboard try to put a towel or a rubber mat under your current keyboard. This may help a lot! Though I must admit it doesn’t look that good and is also bad for the typing height and the wrist rest!

1.4 The other keyboard construction designs

There is much more to noise producing parts in the keyboard than only the switches. What really? YES! Very few talk about this, but this is VERY important if you search for an actually silent keyboard.

1.4.1 The Spacebar and other keys with a stabilizer

As you may have read above I used a Saitek Eclipse membrane keyboard for over 10 years. Some membrane keyboards are very silent. This was one of them, if it wasn’t for the spacebar! I bet you never wasted a thought on it, but as the spacebar is the longest key on the keyboard how do they make sure the spacebar doesn’t tilt to one side when pressed on the leftmost spot? Using two guiding plungers left and right would result in canting stopping the movement. So they use a solid metal strand, called stabilizer, which connects the left and right of the keycap with the ground of the keyboard where the stabilizer is fixed. While pressing the spacebar down the stabilizer rotates around the keyboard ground axis and moves within the swimming storage in the keycap See here. This construction is executed very differently in every keyboard and produces more or less noise depending on its execution. Silent stabilizer example (Fnatic Rush) vs Loud stabilizer example (Saitek Eclipse) My Saitek Eclipse had an awful loud spacebar. As I read, its successor the Saitek Eclipse II as well. Especially in Arena FPS games where you jump very often with the spacebar this gets annoying very quickly. No, I could not get used to jump with another key! It was so loud that it is the only reason I searched for a silent keyboard. Other keys with a long shape also may have a stabilizer like Shift, Return or also the german Enter key (with a vertical stabilizer).

1.4.2 The keyboard body (The “Violin”-effect)

Think of the keyboard as an instrument, a violin, where the keys are the strings and the keyboard body is the resonating body. Pressing a key causes the body to swing. Depending on the material, shape, supporting construction and other things this swinging will be heard as clanking, clattering, rattling, or something like that. I found especially big oversize plastic keyboards to be prone to this clanking about them. Although I suspected them to be, I found aluminium keyboard bodies to be not that prone to this effect. This effect is the same physical effect that makes a little wind up music box louder when you put in on a bigger solid body like a wooden casket.

1.4.3 Bad manufacturing or bad design

I experienced some keycaps being loose on their plunger which led to a sound when just touching the keycap without pressing it down. This and other noise emitting problems can occur when a keyboard is bad designed or manufactured. This has nothing to do with the key switch and is totally independant of it.

1.5 Modding

You can dampen the keystroke by doing it yourself! While this is nice, be aware that this will only affect the noise emitted by the downstroke and maybe also the upstroke of the key and not the other noise emitted by stabilizers, slightly loose keys, rattling keyboard body or other things. Common are O-rings which you tilt over the keycap plunger to dampen the downstroke. This is a cheap and easy method to dampen the downstroke. However, O-rings will not dampen the upstroke of the keypress and are not the best silent method. I will present you a more effective method which is more silent and will also dampen the upstroke of the keypress. The answer is QMX clips developed from the german keyboard company Uniqey. Founded in 1993 Uniqey produced high-end keyboards which today can be ordered individually modded directly from their shop. With their knowledge of keyboards they developed a third party dampening method called the QMX clips, thin plastic covers with a dampening material in the stroke spot which are mounted over the whole key ground (not the keycap).See here and here. They are compatible with all Cherry MX switches and some other switches.
For a long time the main reason against this method was that the first version of QMX clips was only compatible with PCB-mounted switches on keyboards while the vast majority of mechanical keyboards was plate-mounted (A switch can either be PCB-mounted, directly connected with the electronic card underneath or plate-mounted, mechanically mounted on the ground plate of the keyboard body). So no gamer with a mechanical keyboard could use them, therefore noone cared and rather used cheap O-rings. Uniqey developed further and released the second version of QMX clips in 2017 which are compatible with both PCB and Plate mounted keyboard switches. Thanks to a poster on this thread "thearctican" I got to know about these clips. I then ordered and tried them. They really do a big impact on the keystroke sound, but as always: the whole design of the keyboard matters. So please view below my results of keyboard tests with and without QMX clips. Additionally to say for QMX clips: Due to their thin body laying over the ground key the QMX clip will shorten the way of a keystroke to travel before bottoming-out, but without affecting the press trigger reliability. This means that you will bottom-out faster and can lift the key again faster for the next press, which for me means a slight competitive advantage. Due to the dampening material the force over keystroke way diagram will be changed a bit in that regard, that you will feel more force against your finger at the end of the stroke before bottoming-out. That means, that these lovely QMX-clips also add a little bit of my missed tactile feedback on linear MX Red Silents! Gorgeous! The QMX clips package comes with a keycap remover and a screw driver.

2 Tests and results

Finally some keyboard names will pop up now! I went to a local media store and tried some gaming keyboards laying out. They laid out open on the same surface, some keycaps were removed so I could see which switches were used. I tested many keyboards in this long gaming equipment shelf, even more than I have listed below. I also ordered many keyboards not laying out to test them at home. Here is list of the keyboards I tested:
  • Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth (Mechanical, “Stealth” means Razer Orange switches)
  • Razer Ornata (Mecha-Membrane switches)
  • Roccat Isku+ Force FX RGB (Membrane switches)
  • Trust GXT 840 Myra (Membrane switches)
  • Cherry MX Board 5.0 (Mechanical, with Cherry MX Red Silent)
  • Cherry Stream 3.0 (Cherry SX switches)
  • Corsair STRAFE RGB (Mechanical, with Cherry MX Red Silent)
  • Corsair K70 RGB (Mechanical, with Cherry MX Red Silent)
  • Corsair K70 RGB (Mechanical, with Cherry MX Brown, with and without QMX clips silencing)
  • Corsair K55 RGB (Membrane)
  • CoolerMaster MK750 (Mechanical, with Cherry MX Brown, with and without QMX clips silencing)
  • Fnatic Gear Rush Pro Silent (Mechanical, with Cherry MX Red Silent, with and without QMX clips silencing)
  • Fnatic Streak (Mechanical, with Cherry MX Red Silent, with and without QMX clips silencing)
  • Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum (Logitech's own Romer-G (Tactile version) switches, QMX not suitable/mountable)
Here is the result of my soundtests:
Keyboard Subjective noise for my ear Comment
Reference: Mechanical Keyboard with the clickety clackety loud Blue switches 100 TOO LOUD!
11. Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth 95 The tag “Stealth” is ridiculous here! Orange switches produce about the same noise as MX Brown switches. They are just called “silent” because they are a bit more silent than all other common mechanical switches like Blues
10. Razer Ornata 95 The rumors about this keyboard being silent is also ridiculous to me.
10. Corsair K70 RGB (MX Brown, unsilenced) 95 Not only loud because of mechanical browns but also not silent key and body design and also heavily rattling space bar on the upstroke. Here they used no stabilizer for the space bar but instead put two guide plungers left and right, which maybe why this space bar upstroke feels choppy.
9. CoolerMaster MK750 (MX Brown, unsilenced) 90 All over a solid built and more silent mechanical keyboard, but has also a bit rattling space bar.
8. Roccat Isku+ Force FX RGB 60 Silent membrane switches. But many Roccat keyboards and also this one are rattling with their big body due to the “violin”-effect. Also the spacebar is rattling due to its construction. Furthermore the spacebar has its bottom out below the border of the keyboards casing, so that your thumb will hit the keyboard body borderline before the spacebar is fully pressed. You have to poke into it to fully push it down. I found this to be very annoying and not suitable for gaming.
7. Trust GXT 840 Myra 55 Silent membrane switches. But also a bit body and spacebar rattling.
6. Cherry MX Board 5.0 50 Silent switches but the whole body is awfully rattling. Cherry might have developed the silent switch, but this is not everything when it comes to construct a silent keyboard. They still have to learn a lot about that.
6. Corsair K70 RGB (MX Brown, silenced with QMX clips) 50 Due to the bad silence design of this keyboard even dampened with QMX clips it is still significantly louder than a MX brown switch keyboard equivalent the CoolerMaster MK750.
5. Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum (Romer-G Tactile, unsilenced) 50 Logitech's own Romer-G switches are reliable, have a vague tactile feedback on the start of the downstroke and are about as silent as silenced MX Browns. That makes them rather silent, but still clacky. This keyboard does not rattle and the space bar is not tilting and rather silent but still louder than the other keys. Bottoming-out is loud. Solid choice if you want the click-clacking, but more silent. You have to like the macro keys placement, though.
5. CoolerMaster MK750 (MX Brown, silenced with QMX clips) 40 I <3 QMX clips and I really dig this keyboards style, but its design is not silent enough for me.
4. Cherry Stream 3.0 30 For me this keyboard is disqualified as a gaming keyboard and also as a typing keyboard, because when pressing A, S, D at the lower end the keyboard didn't recognize the keystroke. This must be due to the SX scissor switches. It may be silent, but I would never rely on it whether it is gaming or typing plain text. If you want to use it you have to press the keys directly in the middle. It is also very cheap so it may be an alternative for budget-friendly typing silence with a drawback.
4. Corsair K55 RGB 30 Corsair did a good job here. Very silent membrane switches and good construction all over. But most Corsair keyboards and also this one have the problem of a bad spacebar construction. The spacebar is much louder than all other keys, not really rattling but much louder. Also I don’t like the extra macro buttons on the left, because I don’t need them and am confused when searching blindly for the Shift button to rest my left pinky on it.
3. Corsair STRAFE RGB 25 MX Red Silent switches are THE BEST when it comes to be quiet! Much better than membrane or any other mechanical switch even damped with O-rings. This unique switch construction makes the difference! Very well done Corsair, but your spacebar still needs some work to make it silent.
3. Corsair K70 RGB (MX Red Silent) 25 Very well done Corsair, but your spacebar still needs some work to make it silent.
3. Fnatic Streak (MX Red Silent) 25 Very good keyboard with the best wrist rest ever made, but unfortunately Fnatic exchanged the silent stabilizers from the Rush against a double guide plunger just like the mechanical design of the Corsair K70 LUX and this knocks it out of competition in regards of silent typing. QMX clips won't do anything on this mechanical design, because it is the plungers that are loud not the switches.
2. Fnatic Gear Rush Pro Silent (unsilenced) 10 Absolutely gorgeously made silent keyboard! Everything is silent, also the spacebar!
1. Fnatic Gear Rush Pro Silent (silenced with QMX clips) 5 The QMX clips further dampen the noise to almost nothing. Sounds heavenly silent. The QMX clips also add a bit of tactile feedback to the linear MX Red Silents which I personally really appreciate and shorten the stroke way for more competitively performance without affecting the press reliability.

Fnatic Gear Rush Pro Silent dampened with QMX clips is the winner of the title “Linkblade’s Most Silent Gaming Keyboard as of May 2018”.

I’m happy to have this keyboard and to have typed all this on it. I hope this guide helps some of you silence fnatics ;-)
Note that silencing the space bar of the Rush with a QMX clip will lead the space bar to choppily jump over the edge of the QMX clip being in the way of the space bar keycap. I encountered this issue only at the space bar and I have a solution. Cut off the edge of the QMX clip with a cutter so it looks like this. This will not affect the firm grip of the QMX clip on the key ground because that is done by the other edges left and right of the clip. With this done the edge is not in the way anymore and the space bar is absolutely smooth.

2.1 About Fnatic

For anyone who never have heard of Fnatic selling keyboards: Fnatic is a popular ESports clan in UK who compete in many tournaments worldwide and have long collaborated with SteelSeries to sell gaming equipment until 2015. In 2015 they bought the manufacturer “Func” and tweaked their former products to Fnatics employed pro gamer's likings and now sell these products. Nice to know is that they tweaked all Func products except for the Func keyboard KB-460, which is now the Fnatic Rush. Func must have done something right on this one! After some point in 2017 when Corsairs privilege on MX Red Silent switches was gone, the Fnatic Rush was upgraded with this new silent technology to get the Fnatic Rush Silent on the market. Thank you Fnatic for this awesome silent keyboard!

3 Fnatic STREAK

3.1 Preview

Today on 10th May 2018 the new Fnatic keyboard Streak was released! Of course, I couldn't resist and ordered a Fnatic Streak to see if it performs just as well in silence as it's predecessor the Rush Pro. I personally hope that it is also silent to gain the following differences to the Rush. The Streak additionally features RGB backlighting in every color with full customization, seperate media keys and volume wheel, USB pass-through port and neodymium magnet attached PU leather wrist rest, which can be extended in 3 levels. For you half keyboard fans: there is also a tenkeyless version of the Streak (without the number pad) called MiniStreak.
I have big hopes for this keyboard. I will test it and again update this thread when I have more experiences to report :-)

3.2 The Surprise

Because the keyboard was shipped from UK to Germany it took 6 working days to arrive. Today on 20th May 2018 I unpacked the brand new Fnatic Streak with an eager grin and analyzed it. The first thing everyone does is repeatedly typing on the keys. Ahhhhh, such satisfactory tranquility with MX Red Silents, but ... what was that? ... what was that clacking? ... on the space bar? ... oh no, did they? ... I rush to my keycap tools to undo the spacebar key cap and...
Why Fnatic? Why? Why change a smooth running mechanical system???
Here and here you see a Rush space bar and here a Streak space bar with QMX clip. You immediately see the difference. And yes, the extra guide plungers on the side are squeaky and wobbly themselves and also do not hold the spacebar straight like a stabilizer does. That means that a QMX clip on the switch does nothing, because the extra guide plungers are making the noise. And furthermore pressing this space bar also feels wobbly. You can feel and see that the Streak space bar first tilts to the side where you press it before the other side of the space bar also moves down. Just like the Corsair K70 Lux tilts, because it has the same mechanical design. I don't like that feel and especially not the made noise! This issue applies to all the following keys for a german layout:
  • Spacebar
  • Right Shift
  • Enter
  • Return
  • Zero on NumPad
  • Enter on NumPad
  • Plus on NumPad.
more screenshots:
I'm so sad. I had such big hopes for this keyboard! With this loud key noise on the Streak the Rush is already my choice, no matter what fancy extra features are now to be analyzed.

3.3 Wrist Rest

The wrist rest is gorgeously soft. It is not as cool to mount onto the keyboard like the Razer Widowmaker whichs literally docks on with magnets, but on the other hand it's much more sturdy. You do not directly mount the wrist rest on the keyboard. The wrist rest is split into two parts the soft wrist rest top and the aluminium frame. The aluminium frame unfortunately has plastic connections which snap into 4 hollows of the keyboard body. The wrist rest then can be put onto the aluminium frame in 3 different positions and is held there by the several long neodymium magnets which works really fine and is very sturdy. Positon 1, Positon 2 and Positon 3. The wrist rest of the Streak is narrower than the wrist rest of the Rush. The Rush wrist rest has about the same distance as position 2. I would like to use position 3, because that is where my ball of the thumb is. So that is an advantage. Plus I think it won't look so dirty from your hand sweat so quickly like the Rush.

3.4 Media keys and volume wheel

The volume wheel is very unsatisfying :( When turning it sounds like there was sand inside of it crunching, grinding and grating on the inner materials. The snap-in points for me are too vague and cannot be felt well enough because they are too weakly built. There is no further rotation after giving it a fast spin releasing the finger (Yes, that could be realized also when there are snap-in points). Cheap looking white-transparent plastic shows up on each side (left and right) of the wheel. :-(
The new featured media keys would be satisfying to press when they would have thought more about it. The three media keys "Mute Mic", "Mute Sound", "Fnatic Button" are placed left to the sand grinding volume wheel. An additional media key with a lock on it (whatever that does) excluded from the others, because they didn't like it, was squeezed between "Esc" and "F1".
The thing is that they are very flat in relation to their surrounding high keys and also very close to them. That means that unlike for any other key the angle of your finger tip must be very steep to press these keys. So steep that if your finger nails are longer than 1 mm you may contact the board with your finger nail before the button is properly pressed. That ends up in an awkward and unreliable button press. These keys are not suitable to be pressed fast. You will probably evolve the habit of pressing these keys with your right thumb held down, because there are no buttons on top of them which gives your thumb place to bend its angle. I dislike it and rather stay with the Rush's Fn+F1toF12 functions row. In comparison to the Rush the Streak misses the direct functionalities "Volume Up" and "Volume Down"...the only functionalities I use .______.
The usual signal light LEDs for NumPad, CapsLock and Rollover had to give way to the new unfortunate media keys and are now awkwardly placed between the arrows and "Delete", "End" and "PageDown".
I never saw that a bad placement of signal lamps and media keys anywhere before...

3.5 Some strange stuff

I noticed that the Cherry MX switch of the space bar is unlike every other switch turned around by 180 degrees. Hm, strange. Doesn't matter though. But make sure you also turn the QMX clip before you place it on the space bar switch.

3.6 Conclusion

As mentioned above the noise issue with the long keys knocks the Streak out of competition for me. No, I'll stay with my Fnatic Rush, even though it has no super fancy neodymium magnet wrist rest and no fully customizable RGB lights which I didn't want to test because I know I would super like it and be sad to refund it. But no matter what your choice is, you have to do compromises. And since my first commandment is silent typing I'll stay with the most silent keyboard, the Rush.

4 Optical Linear Switches - The Silent Future?

Recently in this September 2020 I found out about Razer's new switches. They don't trigger via two metal contacts contacting, but trigger by an optical laser beam being covered or let through depending on how deep you press the key. The switches come in two flavors: Purple: tactile and clicky, that's the common gamer choice, but we don't want that, because it is loud. We want those Red switches, they are linear and damped on both the downstroke and the upstroke of the key. Also they travel shorter, only 1.0 mm at 40g actuating "force", than the purple switches with 1.5mm at 45g "force" (the unit gram actually means the mass needed to push down but that is proportional to the force: Force=Mass*(Earth)Acceleration).
These optical switches are very interesting in regards of possible silence performance because less parts grinding on each other (the metal contacts are gone) means less noise.
Getting rid of metal contacts also means getting rid of losing ~6ms of waiting time delay for the metal contacts to stop vibrating from the impact so that the signal is reliably continuous. That means that those optical switches get you a speed advantage in comparison to pure mechanical switches, because optical switches have 0ms delay as the signal is reliably continuous right from the start of the trigger threshold.
Also each switch has an own stabilzer! That means that the keycaps won't tilt before you press the switch stem down. If they do this right this gets rid of the shatter noise when touching the keycap (before pushing down, just touching).
I found a neat review on the Elite Huntsman with those silent Razer optical red linear switches here (he even has sound tests):
Unfortunately he states that the stabilizers do rattle and make noise, especially for the long keys. Again, the design of the stabilizers makes another keyboard design not suitable for silent users. But I have hope that someone will eventually get it right with optical switches and a good stabilizer design :) I think that the optical switch method can be more silent than my current most silent method (Cherry MX Red Silent with QMX clips). I'll wait and observe.
In October Roccat will release a keyboard with their new optical Titan switches. I'll have a look on that ;-)

5 Additional Links

If you still have no clue which keyboard you want to use check out this guide from the Wirecutters. They have spent much more time on their keyboard guide than me, because they get money for it :P Though, that guide is not about silent keyboards but generally about gaming keyboards.
If you have a Corsair K70 or definitely want to use a K70 no matter what you can check out this thread to perhaps get rid of the space bar rattling
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