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Top Legend Tempo Demon Hunter Mirror Guide

Hello! I have been playing HS for a long time and started participating more and more in the CompetitiveHS subreddit and thought that I might contribute a guide to one of my favorite matchups in the game currently, the Tempo Demon Hunter mirror. DH gets a lot of hate as an aggro deck, but I like to think that it has a lot of complexity in terms of trading and pushing damage. Every point of damage matters but so do your minions. So it is important not to over trade, but equally as important to not over commit to face damage.
I hit legend day 1 this month with Tempo DH (overall record of 25-14) but most importantly I saw a lot of mirror matches and went 11-2 in the mirrors. Not a huge sample size but very positive. Here is the deck I used to get there:

  • 2x Twin Slice
  • 2x Battlefiend
  • 2x Beaming Sidekick
  • 2x Blazing Battlemage
  • 2x Chaos Strike
  • 1x Spectral Sight
  • 2x Umberwing
  • 2x Eye Beam
  • 2x Frozen Shadoweaver
  • 2x Satyr Overseer
  • 2x Vupera Scoundrel
  • 1x Altruis the Outcast
  • 1x Kayn Sunfury
  • 2x Glaivebound Adept
  • 1x Metamorphosis
  • 2x Warglaives of Azzinoth
  • 2x Skull of Gul'dan
Proof of legend
Funny enough, I got my legend this season playing against a Demon Hunter who had the 1k win portrait. I'm currently sitting at 404 wins with the class.
Proof of stats (for this season)

When I first started playing the DH mirrors (pre-nerfs) I always thought that being on the coin really hurt the win rate but with the inclusions of Sidekick, Vulpera, and Shadoweaver I think that being on the coin is actually an advantage. Using the coin effectively to build a board while clearing their's really swings the matchup and can put you heavily into the lead.

The mulligan is pretty typical, you want to look for 1 drops, and on coin you really want a 1 drop with a Beaming Sidekick. A turn 1 play with a 1 drop and a Beaming Sidekick is extremely hard to come back from and typically can only get punished by an outcasted eye beam an a hero power. But even if that play gets made, you still keep decent tempo since they spend their turn 2 clearing your single 1 drop. The is pretty similar to a lot of matchups, but here is what I look for in the mulligan:
Twin Slice - Really straight forward. Allows you to clear minions while activating your own effects
Battlefiend - I wouldn't twin slice with this or coin hero power unless you are clearing one of their minions, otherwise, the bonus attack is pretty much never worth it
Beaming Sidekick - While you really want to hit a 1 drop (or Satyr later on) with this card, if you have no other turn 1 play, this card is completely fine to play as a 1 mana 1/2
Blazing Battlemage - Best neutral 1 drop in the game, extremely strong with sidekick
Chaos strike - This is not something I will typically look for but if I'm on coin with no 1 drops in sight I'll keep it to help ensure that I can clear whatever my opponent plays. You can coin this out on 1 or use just use it normally on 2
UmberWing - Really helps in the matchup when played early. You can coin this out and play a twin slice to kill a minion while developing your own 1/1s and have that second weapon charge to help clear or activate something like Satyr. If you have no 1 drops and the board is clear or you can clear it with twin slice this is definitely an easy turn 1/2
Eyebeam (situationally) - An okay keep on the far left or in the middle with a 1 drop on the left so it's an easy outcast. It helps to help bail you out when your opponent makes a big coin play. Eye beam can be pretty important if you're falling drastically far behind on health, it's important to stay healthy, and this keeps you healthy while killing minions
Frozen Shadoweaver - One of the best cards in the mirror. When playing on the coin, this card is much stronger than on the play. You can play this card before your opponents big turns where they need to move their face and then it leaves you open to make your big plays. If you play this on your turn 4 it lets you block out your opponents Warglaives or Glaivebound Adept, and you can put on your Glaives to get ahead on board

Important Cards -
There are some really important cards in the matchup that I'd like to discuss. These cards have some really straight forward uses, but they can all also be played to get huge advantages which put you heavily in the lead if played well.

Vulpera Scoundrel - At first I didn't like the idea of this card when I first started seeing it and I continued to play Sigil Runners. They can still perform but I've come to prefer the Vulpera. A 3 mana 2/3 doesn't exactly generate tempo, but it can swing tempo with the cards it finds (it is also really good outside the mirror). You tend to find the staple damage cards with this quite often, Meta/Twin Slice/Chaos Strike, and other cards in your deck. But you can also find board clears in Immolation Aura, Blade Dance, Soul Cleave, or Eye Beam. I've found myself taking eye beam in situations where I'm behind on HP and need a clear.
It can also generate really interesting cards like Blur, which if you have Glaives on, or are about to put them on, you can swing your face into their minions without taking damage, which paired with Satyr can generate a lot of tempo. One of my favoirte finds from Vulper early on is Mana Burn. If you can find Mana Burn on 3, you can completely shut down the opponent with a Frozen Shadoweaver going into their turn 5, and then Mana Burn going into their turn 6. It shuts down the two biggest swing turns and prevents just about any plays they would want to make. This combination is almost impossible to come from and has won me a few games. That being said, I don't think that Mana Burn is good enough to run, but discovering it early can be really great.
Glaivebound Adept - One of the cards that makes this matchup so interesting to me. Good usage of this card can swing tempo or push for lethal. This card is a presents a lot of pressure, even in hand, so I have a personal rule where I try not to be the first to drop a Glaivebound Adept. Typically, if you use Glaivebound first, it just gets hit right back with the opponent's Glaivebound. Due to this, I'll typically only break this rule if I have 2 Glaivebounds in hand or I just have no other answer. Just using this card on 5 can cost you a game. Glaivebound is an awkward clear for Demon hunter outside of responding with a Glaivebound or maybe an Eye Beam and a small minion. The other options typically include Warglaives or Meta, but who wants to take 6 to face or use that sweet hero power on a minion? I have tried doing things like keeping 1 Glaivebound in the mulligan alongside a 1 drop or two but it just never pans out as well as mulliganing it away.
Kayn Sunfury - An extremely strong card in the matchup, 5 health on a minion is a lot, meaning it trades really well, or you can just drop it on 4 and hit face and let them deal with it. If you can get it out, your opponent's mostly likely going to remove it with a Glaivebound, which can be huge. If you do not have a freeze on 4, you can drop Kayn and use it for what I like to call 'Glaivebound bait'. You can get their Glaivebound out so you can just hit their Glaivebound with yours and after that the board is typically won
Skull of Gul'dan - One of the best cards in the deck for many obvious reasons. This card, like Glaivebound, I have a rule for; try not to use it with playable cards in hand. If you play this card you almost always give tempo back to your opponent. I will rarely use this card on curve, I will play Adept/Meta/Warglaives. I'll pretty much play whatever I can to make sure I have tempo and only after I have tempo and am out of good plays will I use skull. If you're sitting on 6 mana and only have a twin slice and a couple 1 drops would be a good example of when to play skull with playable cards. You can also play skull if you have tempo and are certain that you opponent cant' take it back if you don't draw anything to develop
Metamorphosis - Typically you want to hit face with this, but you can use it to remove high priority targets that you couldn't otherwise. If you're using this on minions though, chances are you're really behind. I've found that you can sit on the last use of the hero power for a turn if you can fill out your mana in other ways. Just having the option of a 1 mana 5 damage hero power exerts a lot of pressure on your opponent, that's 5 damage sitting there that they can't do anything about
A notable exclusion - I do not run ooze. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I don't typically enjoy playing ooze. It is only good in certain matchups and in the DH mirror if you are playing ooze to remove a weapon you're giving up tempo because you probably have a lot more to respond to than the 1 charge left on Warglaives.

Parting Words
I know I didn't cover everything in the deck, but I wanted to go over the mulligan cards and what they are/why I keep them along with the more important cards in the matchup. Thanks for reading, if you have any questions about the matchup, other matchups, or anything else about Demon Hunter I'll do my best to answer!
EDIT: Looking back I should have included Vulpera in my guide since it is such an interesting card. Due to quite a few questions about it, I have added a section on it and apparently I had a lot to say so it is two paragraphs.
submitted by PrinceAudrick to CompetitiveHS


Godzilla: Battle Through time (70-year anniversary game idea)



Portals to other times and dimensions start appearing all over the world. Kaiju and people appear from them. The Xiliens see this as an opportunity to invade earth; can Godzilla (2019) end this invasion?


You play as Godzilla (2019), Mothra (2019, Unlockable, Level 20), Rodan (2019, Unlockable, Level 40) or Kong (2017, unlockable, level 80) After the main campaign is completed, you can play as other monsters or make dioramas using the models, like in Godzilla Vs (PS4, 2015)


Release Date
October 27, 2024
The game menu is the planet, akin to the one on the Monarch sciences website. There are not levels, per-say, but missions. You can roam the planet looking for nuclear energy, from either generators or naturally occuring sources, When a new Titan appears from the past, future or emerges from the earth/sea/ice, it will appear on the menu. You can choose to give chase or continue to let it roam, but you will eventually have to pursue it to progress. The oceans are similar to levels, with the hollow earth tunnels have obstacles and enemies. You can also go to godzilla's temple to get radiation faster, but you cannot stay too long, because that may result in you turning into Burning Godzilla and dying.

Release Date

October 27, 2024
submitted by JackSpinorex to Monsterverse