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Explore the vast expanses of the desert wastelands – from the small towns dotting the Mojave Wasteland to the bright lights of the New Vegas strip.

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Ultimate Skyrim 4.06 - Additional Mods: Recommendations/Guide(?)

  • This is a post for the Ultimate Skyrim community, as well as for Belmont Boy and the Ultimate Skyrim Dev Team. I wanted to share some of the mods that I have personally added to the latest release of Ultimate Skyrim (4.06 HF2) that I believe only improve the experience, in both tiny and large ways, while staying compatible with US 4.06 (AFAIK)
I only have limited experience in xEdit and could of missed something!
  • This is for anyone looking to add more mods to their installation and also is a limited list of mods that I believe could be looked at by BB and team for possible future inclusion for future versions? :)
This is a list of mostly small mods. MANY being just simple SKSE Plugins that should have no problem with compatibility. It includes Bug Fixes, Crash Fixes, User Interface additions, fixes, and small Immersion mods that should not affect the game balance in any negative way as far as I know. I have tested these mods a decent amount for some time now and am mostly confident that they have no issues.
I recommend NOT installing any of these extra mods if you are new to modding or don't know exactly what you're doing.
  • I HIGHLY recommend that you create a copy of your Ultimate Skyrim profile in Mod Organizer just in case something goes wrong. To do this open Mod Organizer. Click "Profile", click "Manage". And then choose the latest Ultimate Skyrim you have installed in click "Copy". Name it whatever you'd like and Press "OK" and then "close."
Understand that whenever Ultimate Skyrim does eventually update to a new version. You will either have to do a manual update, which should be in the instructions of ultimate Skyrim when 5.0 releases.
OR you will need to do the automated install for 5.0 and then Re-Install all these mods and any other additional mods you've added.
  • These mods below have NO .ESP file. This is a good thing for several reasons. The "Load Order?" on the Left Pane of Mod Organizer shouldn't matter. Just place them all below Whatever is already the lowest. If you want to be extra super safe you can place them all above the Latest Ultimate Skyrim Files on the left Pane of MO.
Adding mods mid-save is always a slight to HIGH risk. I can not guarantee that adding a mod mid-game will cause no issues! However it is likely safe to add mods without a .ESP file mid-Game. Though there is always risk
Adding additional mods to Ultimate Skyrim (Such as the ones in this post) is not Officially supported.
For help with Extra Mods with an active group of people I recommend you go to the Ultimate Skyrim Discord and ask for help in the Extra mods channel.
I also HIGHLY recommend reading all the Mods descriptions to know what you're downloading. And don't forget to endorse!
Very small but great mod. Simply makes the in-game cursor smaller instead of the GIANT default one.
Makes the Dialogue menu look much nicer with a high amount of customization. I use the preset found below.
Yes I know this say Skyrim Special Edition, It's just a .cfg file so it should be 100% fine. Scroll down to the correct file on the Downloads Page.
Same as above, this mod says Skyrim Special Edition, however its just a script file. It works 100% fine in LE. What it does it fixes the script to where NPCs will take off their boots, gauntlets, helmet, and cape if they wear them while going to sleep. This allows you to keep the MCM option friendly sleepwear to robed like US had in the past before the bug was discovered. This makes more sense logically, and also looks much better than taking off all their clothes in the cold land of Skyrim.
SKSE plugin that slows down (or speeds up) the lockpick on the lockpicking screen to allow more accurate control. AMAZING! I prefer changing it's ini file to 0.12 instead of the 0.5 default. This makes the lockpicking screen slower but not too slow.
Uses magic to make the game startup faster.
SKSE Plugin that should be in the vanilla game. Allows you to sprint jump without breaking balance.
Little Plugin that fixes some bugs in the vanilla game.
CTD Fix that will lessen even more crashes that US already fixes.
Small mod that makes the Dog bark a bit more quiet. Muh immersion.
Fantastic mod that animates Clutter. Choose what you want animated in the FO-MOD. I recommend almost all of them.
Yes this mod says its for Fallout New Vegas, it works for Skyrim too. Helps prevent crashing essentially.
Download the file "DisableProcessWindowsGhosting v2" in the Optional Files section.
The Installation is a bit weird, and if you don't know what you're doing I recommend not doing it as it can CTD your game instantly if you do it wrong, can be un-installed at any point however.
To Install open up the .zip and make a folder called "SKSE". Inside the created SKSE folder make a new Folder called "Plugins". Inside the plugins folder place the "DisableProcessWindowsGhosting.dll". Now re-ZIP up that folder and add it into Mod Organizer like any other mod.
SKSE->Plugins->DisableProcessWindowsGhosting.dll This is the File Path you need to create yourself in a .ZIP
Very nice organizational/UI mod. Makes the MCM menu larger. Looks very nice, I prefer Option 4
Muh Immersion! Why should Skeletons make breathing noises if they don't have lungs?
Removed the Warning that SkyUI shows occasionally. I downloaded this because of a map replacement mod I use.
Make Hircine's voice sound more like the original games, very small and welcome change.
Small Immersion mod that makes blood come off you while in water.
Great mod that prevents NPC's telling you random comments just by walking behind you.
Bug fix for Immersive Horses that makes you talk function choose the closest NPC instead of a random one.
Another crash fix mod that works with everything, helps prevent even more crashes.
This mod make the Quick-Save hot-key make a Full save instead. I also recommend disabling all Auto Saves to decrease loading screen time and preventing save bloat.
GREAT mod that lowers the volume of the ridiculously loud Thieves Guild secret entrance in Riften.
This mod removed unnecessary clutter from the Lock picking menu. I Recommend the Normal Version.
Same as above however this mod is for the reading UI. I recommend the Take and Steal version.
I call this a bug fix for ENB. Fixes the meshes for the waterfalls in Markarth to not be bright white with a ENB at night.
Simple Plugin that makes the screenshot Pop Up go to the console instead of on the UI.
Makes the time between the hours in the Wait/Sleep menu go by much faster.
Removes the dialogue submission for putting on poisons.
(Mods with an .ESP)
These shouldn't have any real compatibility issues but it is Possible I missed something! I can not guarantee that these mods will not cause issues. However I am almost certain that they will not. Use at your own risk.
Unless stated otherwise, the Load Order for these mods shouldn't matter very much as they tend to not mess with already existing records. HOWEVER, I recommend placing all these mods with ESPS ABOVE Requiem.esp to make sure Requiem isn't overwritten.
You also MUST make sure that you always rerun the "Reqtificator" within Mod Organizer. If you do not know how to do this then I advise against installing these mods with ESPs.
Essentially a new and improved "Real Roads" which US uses by default. This one doesn't have bugged textures when blood gets on the road, and just looks nicer IMO. Has been updated and fixed the bouncy character movement from the past.
Makes the UI look much more like a proper PC port for the Skills Menu. Highly Recommended.
Makes the Main Menu work more like Skyrim Special Edition with showing you the Character.
Does two things. One, it makes Loading screens run mostly at 60FPS instead of 30. Making it smoother (won't fix lag spikes for loading screens). And two, decreases load screen times.
Amazing mod that allows you to tell your Followers to meet you at any City in the Game. Very Immersive and helpful.
GREAT Mod that shows much more information in SKYui. Such as Weapon Length, Weapon Stagger, and speed. I recommend hitting the gear icon in Skyui and only using the added ones you want.
Technically a visual mod. This adds low hanging fogs/clouds around mountains and does two things. One looks nice and atmospheric. And two it helps hide Z-Fighting.
IMMERSION! Adds Fallen trees throughout Skyrim that make the world feel more real, and adds some helpful bridges out of them too.
Make it where an Argonians horns won't completely vanish out of existence while wearing a helmet. Good for Immersion and you could argue visuals as well.
Small Immersion mod that adds a few lines of Dialogue to Guards that allows them to show you where the closest Tavern is/ Temple/ Blacksmith, etc... Very helpful for role playing.
Bug Fix / Utility Mod? Adds a small doorbell outside the college of Winterhold that Immersively teleports Faralda to that location. Helps fix the bug where she is nowhere in sight and gets stuck.
(ESP Mods that include a MCM)
AMAZING MOD that adds a full on reputation system into the game. Something Vanilla is sorely lacking. Has a small issue with Skyrim Unbound where you need to adjust in the MCM if you are the thane of Whiterun or not. As well as Dragonborn. Very simple fix, read the description on compatibility for more information. Adjust the MCM to your liking.
Great mod that was previously in Ultimate Skyrim because of a compatibility issue that no longer exists AFAIK. Adds a random name to the generic NPCs in Skyrim such as guards. I recommend adjusting the MCM to show the original name in Brackets on a new line.
Installation for the ini Update is a little weird, you'll need to open up the Real names mod in the explorer and replace the ini in that with the updated one. This is not Necessary for the mod to work however and it only adds more functionality.
Incredible yet simple mod. Lets you pick books straight up instead of always reading them first. No more wondering if you've actually read the book, or just had it in your inventory.
  • That concludes my list of additional mods that are small in scope that I believe fit very nicely in US.
I choose to not really include any visual mods as there's already a few guides on that subject. Also 5.0 is supposed to improve the visuals anyways so there's that!
  • Some other resources I think are worth looking at
Mini Guide on Increasing FPS
This Mini Guide is a great way to help increase your FPS, especially around towns and cities.
To add onto it, I'd also recommend if you are having performance issues or just want a solid 60fps that you remove Dyndolod as well, as that will also increase your FPS essentially everywhere.
The Mod Windhelm Exterior altered also can hit your frames pretty hard, so if you have FPS problems in that area and want more, I'd recommend removing that as well. Be sure to follow the instructions!
New Save game and re-run the Reqtificator!
With these tweaks above + in the above guide I genuinely get a solid 60fps 95% of the time.
And the game looks incredible (With added Texture, Flora, NPC, and slight weather tweaks + ENB Tweaks)
I highly recommend the tweaks/guide if you struggle with lower frames than what you want!
  • Thanks Yosharian for making the above guide!
Ultimate Skyrim fix for flickering Lights
If I'm not mistaken US 5.0 is going to be doing something similar to this post, so you can determine if its worth the effort to do it yourself or wait for a properly patched version of the above link.
However, I do use this and I LOVE it. I think the lighting looks far superior to the default US with this "Fix" in both Dungeons and Inns for example.
  • Thanks Cd-ROM for making the above guide!
Hazardoss' Gameplay/Balance Threads
Hazardoss's guides are awesome, I use them all and highly recommend them if you know what you're doing! They cover lots of things. such as gameplay and balancing mods!
  • Thanks Hazardoss for making the above guide(s)! As well as helping me out with lots of random mod things the past half year!!
NPC Visual Mods Guide - WICO - EEO - Bijin
Great guide that I also use that tremendously improved the look of the NPCs in the game.
As well as your playable character!
I personally only follow the WICO and EEO portion of this guide, as I feel Bijin isn't rugged enough for Skyrim.
  • Thanks SuperSurferDave for making the above guide!
And finally thanks Belmont Boy and team on making Ultimate Skyrim a reality! Keep at it!
  • (Apologies for possible bad formatting. I'm new at this)
EDIT: Added some more mods and removed Don't push me while I'm talking, it was bugged
submitted by PeonTheGrate to ultimateskyrim