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Clicker Heroes Root 2 v1.4

The website is going to take a while to get it ready. So if you want to play it now. Click the following link download the swf, save it to your steam swf located under:
program files (86) steam steamapps common CH
for standalones
grace won't be making a calc but made one for me
To revert back just verify your files by right clicking CH from your library>properties>local files> verify integrity of game files Patch notes are still be worked on but here are the list of changes


  • Have different cost/ multipliers
  • Base cost/ damage changed
  • added 1000 level upgrade 'v'
  • toggle skips 10 and uses 1000 instead
  • max raised to 100k
  • period removed from dread knight's lore


  • Gives more mercs (up to 10)
  • improves gilds to grant 1% each
  • grants TP at certain levels of AS at a fixed amount
  • increases HP scale
  • grants a free AC when done for the first time (must be new save)


  • first ascend grants AC ( must be new save)
  • Certain zone will allow you to start at higher zones
  • if you have enough HS spent you will have 200 levels of the first heroes, and 100 of bomber max and gog


  • Outsider affected anceints are now A*lnxB
  • Vaagur increased to 100% and level to cap is raised


  • Pluralized
  • spawn more often
  • spawn until there are 259 on screen

Ruby shop

  • double damage is now free
  • ACs cost reduced by 100
  • QA and TLs are doubled in cost


  • Have lore
  • Ponyboy reduced to 100x
  • affect B for the new formulas
  • xyliqil gives a exponential boost to nog (capping out at 2.2505)
  • xyliqil no longer affects siy/lib
  • Orphalaes increase merc survival rate per day
  • Orphalas no longer affects Chronos


  • different titles to zones
  • completing a zone is a hail to borb
  • shows HP scale in mouse over info
  • boss timer decreases 1 every 100k zones
  • PBC and TCC decrease as a function of (zone/500)-2


  • Treasure Chests have boss multiplier to health


  • Treasure Chests have boss multiplier to health after transcending
  • Kari and Borb affect Kuma/Bubos Coefficients instead of their exponents.
  • Fixed the merc bug where if you had 0 AS you didn't get one.
  • Hero level grant a hero soul every 200 hero level instead of 2000
  • Changed the text in the mouse-over for hero souls to reflect the above
  • HP scale shows 1.145 instead of 0 for <70 AS
  • Progression mode unlocks at z1 you're welcome
  • Quality button clicks all clickables
  • Stuff I can't remember

Known bugs

  • Post z15M you might have issues with ruby shop/ascensions. I still have no idea exactly why, but you can transcend save edit in gold and zone completed to 5M 10M then 15M and reload you save it will work, again no idea why.
Things I want to know
  1. What AS did you start at
  2. What was your build
  3. When did you lose 2 mpz or other zone scaling things
  4. Was it obvious when to transcend?
  5. Did you go to the point of an infinite ascension?
  6. Is the pace too fast too slow just right?
  7. Which set of heroes was your favorite?
  8. Which set was your least favorite?
  9. What do you like about this version of the game?
  10. What don't you like?
  11. What other changes would you like to see?
I can't do anything with clans/relics/bloop shop/DR without the source code.
Make a back-up of your save before playing.
submitted by nalk201 to ClickerHeroes


Making of Tender

Hi everyone! I just finished writing up this Making of/Postmortem of one of my first games: Tender. Here's a link to the article with pictures: Link. Or just read the text:
Around mid-summer 2013, I was inspired by a doodle drawn during lunch break to create a game. I quickly drew up a proposal and sent it off to a friend who also was interested in game development.
The idea was simple: A static platformer stage where monsters fell from the sky and the player would have to survive and defeat the monsters. I took inspiration from games like Planet Puncher and Dragon Defense (A previous flash game of mine). While this concept seems boring, I knew my capabilities and understood it was key to start simple or risk never finishing a game. Depending on progress, the idea could easily lend itself to extensive features such as upgrades and more levels or skills.
Choosing our tools: We had plenty of options, but not a lot of experience.
Monogame Flash XNA Unity 
Unity was built for 3D and seemed too cumbersome for a small 2D platfomer game. Monogame lacked documentaton and appeared to be more for cross-platform compatibility. It came down to Flash or XNA. Although I had a bit of experience with Flash, I would be focusing on art while my partner programmed. We agreed to try XNA despite the lack of Microsoft's support mainly because of there was a wealth of documentation and XNA had resulted in some great games. We created a prototype with minimal art.
However time constraints caused my friend to withdraw from the project. Left with all the responsibility, I switched back to Flash for 2 reasons:
I was familiar with flash SWF files are easy to deploy on browsers 
The final development environment consisted of FlashDevelop (a free opensource flash IDE) and Flashpunk, a popular game library.
Art and Animation: I have a painting background so I was comfortable drawing stages and sprites. However, animation was a tricky beast I've never attempted. Flashpunk uses blitting, a frame by frame animation technique that uses a spritesheet to animate entities. Initially, I spent a lot of time creating many inbetween frames and treating each one like an individual painting. I soon learned the illusion of movement could be established with quick in betweens that followed the motion since each frame would be seen for less than a second, I could skip detail and let the player's mind fill in the gaps.
With a small sprite relative to screen, I found the player didn't feel significant and the animations seemed small. I reworked animations in an attempt to make movements a bit more exaggerated and bolder. An example of this is in the attack effects, the final attacks were bigger and felt more powerful.
Coding: Coding was fairly straightforward. AS3 turned out to be extremely similar to other object oriented languages i.e. Java. FlashDevelop was a godsend. Compared to my previous trial experience with Adobe Flash Pro, Flashdevelop seemed to be more of an organized IDE strictly for coding without the hassle of that messy timeline. One mistake that cost me schedule time was not factoring how large the codebase eventually grew with over 70 classes and not organizing everything at first. I quickly learned to create modular, re-usable code; for example, there is an enemy superclass that handles the death and birth of every enemy since they all share the same fade-in effect and an animation death. Coding was the most grueling yet rewarding task: to implement something and watch it work beautifully in the game was amazing.
Game Design: Early on, I grew bored of the game's overly simplistic base. I wanted to add more of a narrative element rather than a pure arcade-like action game. I decided to contrast the heroic theme in classic action games and wove an unhappy narrative for the protagonist. This contrast is evident in the sharp divide between the alternating colorful levels of power and the black and white levels where the player was stripped of his ability to attack or fight.
Ultimately, the game consisted of a total of 6 levels, mixing a variety of platformer mechanics from stealth, jumping, to fighting. The story became a prevalent part of the game and gave the character a unique personality which inspired the game's name Tender. There are 2 bosses and several enemies. It was released on newgrounds and kongregate, two popular flash game portals mid-november 2013 after about 5 months of work.
Lessons Learned:
With Tender being one of my first games, a lot of things went wrong and just as many mistakes were made.
Testing & feedback: This was probably my greatest mistake. After I became the sole developer, I was the only tester, artist, programmer and game designer. I made snap-calls and game design decisions such as adding a story on my own whim. I held the game locked inside my head. I didn't have any idea of how the average person would play the game. Only a few friends/family of which I can count on one hand, played the game before release. Their feedback was invaluable and it surprises me I didn't realize this and seek out more at the time. My brother complained how the character lagged after he had attacked. This was due to my animations playing many frames, I sped up the animations and voila the attacks suddenly felt responsive. I decided to omit a title screen partly because it seemed redundant and partly because of laziness. The game was simple enough to just jump in. However, the hosted game took longer to load on the flash portals and players most likely would click away instead of waiting on a blank slate. A loading and a menu screen would've let the players know they were beginning. In addition, a menu screen would have cemented it as a full game as I would later find out many people thought the entire game consisted of the fighting monsters on the first level.
After I released Tender, I discovered the game was extremely difficult. Having played it hundreds of times, I severely underestimated my skill level. Many people told me they ragequit or gave up on the second level. This was a big shock because I created Tender to be played completely in one sitting and to be experienced as a whole. It was saddening to realize that combined with people who lost interest in the first level, most players were seeing less than 30% of the game. In future games, I plan to start testing early and test often. Observing how new players react to and play the game is vital. I also believe Tender did not make a great initial impression causing many people to quit early. First impressions are everything and the first level instilled no hints towards progression or story.
Marketing/Exposure: Although Tender was always intended to be a small free game. Simply uploading the game onto newgrounds/kongregate garnered little attention. It sits at a whooping 2K views on newgrounds tying views with a game I created in a week to learn flash. Something is going seriously wrong. Along with making a stronger initial impression, I should've tried to promote the game further. While there are many factors out of my (or anyone's) control in making a game popular, developers should open themselves up to the opportunity to be noticed such as posting to TIG or blogging about the game.
Too many hats:Yes, I can boast to my friends that I did everything myself, but at what cost? I would draw all day, even making concept pieces, and code all night. Despite my lack of musical skills, I ended up adding sound effects and scouring the internet for fitting music. I recall the last week where I scrambled to edit the sound and program it in. I had a constant headache from listening to the same tune or sound effect over and over. Juggling all the roles is exhausting; I eventually became drained and just wanted to be finished, causing me to cut corners like the menu. Being a sole developer is rough, especially if you have deadlines, in the future I will try to take more breaks.
What went well: Art: I received a lot of compliments on the art style. I think drawing in a natural painterly style from my painting background worked out well. Dustforce was also a positive influence on Tender's style.
Goal Completed: Initially, I just wanted to make a simple game to just call finished. Tender became a lot more ambitious and unique as development went on. While the changes in concept and game design did slow down my schedule, it made the game much better. When I look back at the initial proposal, I discovered I didn't just complete my goal, I blew it out of the park.
tldr: I created Tender, an action platformer over the course of 5 months using AS3 in Flashdevelop. I learned a wealth of information from completing my first full game such as:
animation should be responsive and direct take more breaks esp if solo developer ( or find a team ) always test and value player's feedback talk about your game! 
Here's the trailer of the game: Trailer. Thanks, feel free to ask me any questions!
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