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Keepassxc (and generally encryption) with an HMAC-SHA1 challenge response

I have a Yubikey and I am considering to add a challenge response to my Keepass database (using a plugin). I wish to protect the database in a situation where an adversary has the database (offline attack), by hardening the brute force attempt. The Yubikey also helps protect the passphrase against the MitM attacks (keyloggers, malicious software, etc).

  1. A naive way is to simply set up the key to add a static password at the end of the user's password. The static password has the problem that if the password is stolen in a session, in can be used in the future sessions.
  2. The details of the challenge response are hard to find and put together. It seems that it's intended primarily as a tool for remote authentication with a web service etc, not for encryption. But it is used in full disk encryption and password managers as well. A secret key is shared between the key and the plugin (how long is this shared secret key?). The database is encrypted by the user's passphrase and the shared secret key. The secret key is then protected by an HMAC-SHA1 challenge. To do so, there are two possibilities. (a) In the guides it's stated that the keepass sends the key a challenge to which the key responds. If the response matches the expected one, it is used to decrypt the secret key, which in turn, together with the user's master key (derived from the passphrase), is used to decrypt the database. But in offline attacks, isn't the challenge well known? (b) On the other hand, the shared secret key could be encrypted with the future next challenge. Here at each stage, the plugin encrypts the shared secret key with a challenge and sends that challenge to the key that will be saved for use in the future iteration, while the key uses the existing challenge, the secret key and perhaps the user's passphrase as well to compute and forward a response to the plugin. The plugin will use the response to decrypt the shared secret key, which combined with user's passphrase, will decrypt the database. Is explanation (b) the correct one? In case (a), the challenge is seemingly useless and the role of the Yubikey is to increase the master key length by the secret key length. In case (b), the challenge is also unknown which adds further difficulty. What's the format of the challenge (length and character set)?
  3. I am considering to have two versions of the same database. The version, say in my office, is less likely to be lost compared to the ones in my laptop or USB sticks. In risky situations (laptop database as well as encrypted disk, phone, USB, cloud), I want to strengthen the security using the Yubikey. In other versions, a passphrase is enough. That's because sooner or later I will lose the key. There might be situations where the back up is lost too (dysfunction, damage, software loss of backward compatibility, etc). I want to leave a backdoor for myself. How can this be done properly? When I add an entry to my local database, I want the key-protected cloud version be updated as well with minimal effort. This way I get two versions with different security levels in different places.
Thanks for your clarification.
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Seven ways employers spying on their workers

Up to 80% of companies admit that they're trying to control their overwatch their employees one way or another. Most of them, 40-60%, monitor their employees' computers using computer monitoring software. 30% carrying video surveillance, and up to 30% use a wide range of sophisticated means of electronic surveillance. and sometimes they just go too far, a Big Brother far.
Here's the short list of the most shameless ways employees try to spy on their workers.
1). Real-time streaming video from work computers. Modern tracking tools increasingly remind us that a working computer is not our private property, and the employer has every tool in their shed to monitor employee computers to know what their subordinates are busy during working hours with. For example, the CleverControl employee monitoring system allows them to connect to the desktop of a selected employee at any time and track what they're doing.
The Kickidler software has gone even further. Their real time monitoring software allows employers to put on display a grid with the screens of all subordinate computers. If necessary, they can choose the particular screen and track the employee computer activity in detail.
In general, if you feel like doing personal stuff at work, you were born in the wrong era.
2) Screenshots and video recording of employee screens. Luckily, bosses usually have more important matters than relentless surveillance on their employees. Or so they say. But this does not mean that if the boss is out of office, then their employee computer's out of reach.
Many surveillance programs can take screenshots of the monitored screens at set intervals. For example, ActivTrak, Hubstaff, Staffcop allow this. Kickidler, in addition to screenshotting, could also take and save screen casts. Another software that allows them to do the same is Teramind.
3) Silent installation and monitoring of computers in the background. What would be the difference between productivity monitoring and voyeurism? Whether employees themselves are aware about surveillance.
Some organizations choose to use employee tracking software for real spying. In that case, they set up employment monitoring software to run in the background on working PCs or even mobile devices completely invisible to their users. In other words, the employer can put their spyware on every business smartphone of their employees to have access to whatever they're doing on and off work on them.
While some developers usually put this feature at the end of the list, the ActivTrak website mentions about an inconspicuous installation immediately after the conditions of the trial.
4) Control the camera and microphone of the device. Some programs allow you to remotely execute commands on an electronic device, such as turning on the microphone and recording conversations of others around it, which seems to be against any national legislation in the world. This is too much even for spyware.
XNSpy allows you to view (and download) all multimedia content that is stored on your PC. Photos and any images may be available if stored on a flash drive, and not in the cloud.
The already mentioned CleverControl can also have access to a webcam (screenshots) and a microphone.
5) Keyloggers. Tracking keystrokes can be a very useful feature for companies, especially those working with new technologies. A keyword tracker will also help you save important data.
But keyloggers - programs that write down each letter that an employee presses on the keyboard - is something completely different in terms of the degree of intrusion into personal space. And here we are again returning to Kickidler. Hubstaff, Interguard, or Work Examiner also has a similar feature.
Keyloggers record absolutely all actions on the keyboard - and there is no question of any personal space for the employee during work. In such a hypothetical scenario, the actions of the subordinate are completely transparent. Each click is recorded and uploaded to a web account, where the manager can view this data.
6) GPS tracking. Of course, in this list one cannot but mention GPS control. This technology for tracking employees is convenient to use during business hours, especially for businesses such as delivery services or real estate agencies. In employee monitoring software GPS tracking functions set in such a way that a person does not suspect when they are being watched.
There are various variations of this feature. Some programs implement only basic versions of GPS tracking, while others can track the device in real time and upload travel paths to the server. Some developments also show the full history of the location.
7) CCTV in latrines. And the "best" for the last. It would seem that the bottom of espionage for colleagues has already been reached, but... they knocked from below. At many job-related forums, employees complain about video surveillance in the toilets.
Worse than that? Only if the smell check if in the bathroom for more than 10 minutes, to ensure the employee was not sitting on the phone. Although, there is a reason to doubt if this was not merely a prank, whereas cases of the secret surveillance in the bathrooms are being reported constantly.
Luckily, in contrast to computer activity tracking, the law would definitely be on the side of workers. Such gross violation of privacy may even result in criminal liability.
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