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[Analysis] Nifty Or Thrifty: Kanto Cup (PvP Meta/Budget Review)

Hello again, fellow travelers!
The "Nifty Or Thrifty" article series takes a comprehensive look at the meta for PvP Cup formats: Kanto Cup, in this case. As is typical for the NoT series, I'll (re-)cover not only the top meta picks, but also some mons where you can save some dust with cheaper second move unlock costs... or don't need a second move at all! Because for those on a stardust budget--and/or folks trying to save up some dust for the future--it can be daunting trying to figure out where to spend or not spend it. We all want to field competitive teams, but where can we get the best bang for our buck and where should we perhaps channel our inner scrooge?
As I try to usually do, I will start with those with the cheapest second move unlock cost and steam ahead until we finally arrive at the expensive Legendaries, though after that I will have a couple more to talk about that ALSO have high level up costs.
But enough intro. Let's dive in!

10,000 Dust/25 Candy

Vine Whip | Frenzy Plantᴸ & Sludge Bomb
May as well start in Pokédex order! Venusaur is a Kanto Pokémon that has maintained high relevance in PvP as new generations and new Grass types come along, and while part of that is certainly due to an above average fast move combined with the best overall Community Day move (2.22 Damage Per Energy) in Frenzy Plant, it's just as much due to Sludge Bomb, which turns Venusaur into a true dual threat: it does all the things you want your Grass to do (beating all Waters but Golduck and Shadow Slowbro/poke, and ALL Ground and Rock types, plus the Electrics) while also leveraging Sludge Bomb to beat the Fairies and all other Grasses but Confusion Exeggutor. As bonues, Venu also tends to beat Snorlax and most Mews at Great League level, typically taking out Mew before it can bring even scary stuff like Overheat into the equation. It's a solid and very versatile performer, and well worth an Elite TM for Frenzy Plant if you don't have one already. Venusaur has already proven it has PvP staying power and is a very safe investment.
Fire Spin/Dragon Breathᴸ/Wing Attackᴸ | Dragon Claw & Blast Burnᴸ/Overheat
So I'm going to try to make a tricky comparison simple, because between all the various fast moves and then normal AND Shadow permutations, Charizard could take up an article all by itself. Instead, I will jump to bullet form for a moment:
  • Original flavor Zard (Fire Spin, non-Shadow) does nothing completely unique, but gets many of the big wins other movesets are more known for (Machamp, Golbat, Snorlax, Magneton, etc.), and most importantly, has the cleanest and most efficient win of all over Hypno.
  • Shadow FS Zard seems to have the greatest "boom" potential, with unique wins over things like Ninetales, Dewgong, and Muk, and also beats Hypno (though it's closer), but also loses to Machamp, Snorlax, Golbat and others that non-Shadow is able to beat, and has razor thin wins over the Charmers, so there's "bust" potential here too.
  • Dragon Breath Zard not surprisingly has the easiest and most consistent wins over Dragonair and Dragonite, beats Snorlax and Poliwrath and FS Zard, and can JUST squeeze by with a win over Hypno, but has the hardest time against Grasses and is the only set that cannot overcome Articuno. Shadow DB is a big dropoff, by the way.
  • Wing Attack Zard has the easiest wins against Fighters, and gets many sneaky wins that other movesets do (Alolan Sandslash, Snorlax, Dragonite, Golbat, etc.) and somehow gets the most comfortable wins over the Charmers. Shadow WA Zard is a close sidegrade, dropping Snorlax, Golbat, and A-Slash to gain wins over Fire Spin AND Dragon Breath Zard, as well as, critically, Hypno. Oh, and the Charmers again make it a very close battle with the drop in bulk.
Got all that? I hope so, because I'm not planning to go through all that again! The main point is this: there are many nuances based on moves used, but Zard pretty consistently beats Grasses and Fairies, loses to Electrics, Rocks, and Ghosts, and the rest are... well, those nuances. Zard is good, and you can expect to see quite a few of them.
Water Gun | Hydro Cannonᴸ & Ice Beam/Skull Bash
Nothing fancy here. Blastoise is the blue collar worker of Water types: goes out and does its job--and quite well, thankyouverymuch--with workmanlike efficiency, and a few extra tasks (Haunter, A-Muk, Beedrill, Charmers) besides. It does need Skull Bash to beat Articuno reliably, but I think the better play may still be Ice Beam to keep Grasses honest.
Volt Switch | Wild Charge & Brick Break/Thunder Punch
Breaking Pokédex order for a moment to cover the "fourth starter" of the Kanto region. One of the very first Pokémon I ever covered in a full, spotlight article was Raichu, running Brick Break, which is not a great move but comes with such frequency that it basically turned Raichu into a psuedo-Fighting type that was able to slay even things like Bastiodon in open Great League. Here in the confines of Kanto Cup, that still has value as a way to beat up Steels (defeating Magneton and Alolan Sandslash) and Rocks (and even Snorlax! while still doing the normal Electric things too, to include beating ALL Waters (no Mud Boys here!) and Flyers, plus Beedrill, both Muks, and usually even Mew. Thunder Punch is perfectly viable too, and obviously gives more options against things that do not resist Electric damage, but the extra utility offered by Brick Break is hard to ignore.
Volt Switch | Wild Charge & Grass Knot/Psychic/Thunder Punch
Here I think it is Wild Charge you want in slot #1, and then while Thunder Punch remains an option for the second move, you are probably better off with Psychic to answer back against the Poisonous Grasses, or Grass Knot for extra utility, especially against some key Rocks that you don't get otherwise. But however you slice it, it would be easy to say that AhChu is slightly worse overall than Original Recipe Raichu, but while it's true that it loses to things Raichu can beat (Beedrill, Shadow Nite, Snorlax, and A-Slash), the wins it picks up are VERY impactful: Hypno, thanks to resisting Confusion damage, and the Alolan Rock win I linked to above. Those are both BIG names in this meta. Sometimes it's about quality over pure quantity.
Poison Jab | X-Scissor & Drill Runᴸ/Sludge Bomb
While it does get wiped away by Hypno like a bug on the windshield, the Bee does a lot of good in this meta. It is a premier Grassassin, taking them all out except Confusion Eggy, and beats most Fairies, Fighters, Poisons, and the Shadow Dragons and many prominent Electrics too. Shadow Bee is a viable alternative, with the biggest differences being that it drops some of the closer wins (like Magneton and AhChu) to gain regular Dragonite, Alolan Sandslash, and more consistent wins against Mew. No Bugs are truly great in this meta, but Beedrill is easily the best of the bunch.
Gustᴸ | Aerial Ace & Brave Bird
Might we be able to use our new Gust Pidgeots? It is admittedly a somewhat niche role, but as the best (non-Legendary) bird in Kanto, Pidgeot DOES have a role. It slays all the Fighters (including Machamp--regular AND Shadow--and its scary Rock Slide), Grasses, and Bugs, for starters. It also takes out all the Ghosts, A-Rat, Snorlax, Clefable, Muk (even with Thunder Punch), and beats Hypno if it's running with the generally recommended Fire Punch (rather than Ice or Thunder). Again, quality over sheer quantity.
Quick Attack | Crunch & Hyper Fang/Hyper Beam
Rarely ever seen in open GBL play due mainly to its fatal double weakness to Fighting, A-Rat is much better in limited metas like Kanto Cup. Specifically here, it represents one of only two eligible Darks, giving it huge advantages over the potent Psychics like Hypno, beating every Psychic type in the format except Alolan Raichu, and with ease. And that Dark typing also means it takes out the potent Ghosts too. Outside of those niches, A-Rat is a chonker with high bulk that deals generally unresisted damage, allowing it to hang around and beat things like Beedrill, Zapdos, Magneton, and Golbat, and then Charizard and Venusaur if it has Hyper Fang. Or there's home run potential with Hyper Beam, dropping the consistency of Fang (and Zard and Venu in the process) but giving A-Rat a potent weapon in drawn out battles and potential wins over Lapras, both Muks, and the mirror versus Fang Rat. Yes, keep it away from Charm and Fighters, but short of those, A-Rat rarely goes down without a good fight.
Charm | Ice Beam & Play Rough
Speaking of Charm, Wiggly is the undisputed best Charmer in this meta thanks to its unique-for-Charmers resistance to Ghost damage, which gives it wins over HaunteGengar and also Hypno, since its Shadow Ball is rendered all but useless. Thanks to its sky high HP, it also tends to emerge with a bit more left in the tank than other Charmers (like Clefable) in shared wins. Note that I ran the sim there with JUST Charm, as Charming somthing to death and THEN springing Ice Beam or Play Rough on whatever follows is always the right play when you can do it, and leads to wins over things like Lapras and Articuno that Wiggly can fall short on if it DOES try to throw a charge move at them instead of just sticking with Charm.
CLEFABLE is the second best, replicating most of Wiggly's success besides the Ghosts and, critically, Hypno. Those are siginificant differences, though, and put Clefable clearly at a much lower tier. Ignoring that I am temporarily switching to a 'mon with a 50k second move unlock, ALOLAN NINETALES is a very solid Charmer as well, with its resistance to Ice being useful in getting the best Charm win rate against Ices, easily beating Lapras and Articuno and being the only Charmer able to beat Dewgong. But its fatal weakness to Fire and neutrality to Fighting holds it back a bit, particularly against the Fire Punch many Hypnos may run with, and it tends to lose that as a result. It may be better off as a funky Ice type... at least it then beats Hypno!
Wing Attack | Poison Fang & Shadow Ball
I BADLY want to recommend the Bat, because it's a thrifty superstar in many metas... just not so much this one. For one thing, it loses to Hypno in even the best of circumstances (with Hypno having Fire Punch and Bat landing the Shadow Ball... STILL a loss 😞). And while Bat does capably handle most Grasses, Fairies, Fighters, and Bugs, that is basically the extent of its usage. Shadow Bat is a bit better overall, tacking on Dragonite, Charizard, and A-Muk, but losing even harder to Hypno and others. Run it if you like it, but this is not a meta that particularly fears the Bat, man. 🦇 (No, of course that's not a pun, why do you ask?)
Volt Switch | Rock Blast & Stone Edge
Ready for a shock? The Alolan Rocks look potentially HUGE in this meta. Both GRAVELER and GOLEM operate nearly identically, but the few differences are pretty key ones. Graveler has slightly higher bulk, allowing it to outtank Wigglytuff and Clefable, as well as Haunter. However, while Golem loses to that trio, it is able to beat Venusaur and Hypno (JUST before they each strike their own killing blows) instead thanks to Golem's higher Attack. Either way, the Alolan Rocks can smash and blast their way through a massive chunk of the meta, fearing really only Fighters, Razor Leafers, and sometimes other Grasses or Charmers (and Water damage from non-Water types, like Dragonair, since Volt Switch tends to keep other Waters at bay). These guys REALLY appreciate the lack of Mud Boys! Give the Alolan Rocks a hard look... it's not every day you can get THAT kind of performance for such a cheap investment! One final note: Golem has to be under Level 20, so hatched Alolan Geodudes won't do.
Dragon Breath | Aqua Tailᴸ & Crunch
IF you're going to run it at all, it's likely with Dragon Breath for the fact that it can beat Hypno and the Dragons at Great League level (plus A-Muk and Poliwrath), but it's worth noting that Waterfall washes away Machamp, A-Slash, DB Zard, and Golbat. Shadow Gary looks a lot scarier but is a small step backwards overall.

50,000 Dust/50 Candy

Powder Snow | Ice Punch & Bulldoze/Blizzard
Ready for another Alolan surprise? BOOM. This little guy puts in some WORK, making full use of its Steel type resistances by beating all the Dragons, Grasses, and Fairies in the Cup, plus nearly all Bugs and Poisons as well (only Tentacruel and psuedo-Fighter Pinsir evade it), plus all non-Rock Electrics, Haunter and Gengar, and even beefy A-Rat for good measure. I like the extra coverage that comes with Bulldoze, but Blizzard certainly has a lot more blowout potential and A-Slash tends to win bigger with it.
Fire Spin | Psyshock & Overheat/Solar Beam
C'mon, Niantic... Weather Ball Ninetales when? Well, until then, Tails is still very solid. You can argue it's actually the best Fire here (aside from the multi-faceted A-Wak, at least), beating Charizard head to head, as well as numerous things Zard cannot overcome, including Lapras, thr Muks, Zapdos, and Ninetales' chilly Alolan cousin, and it tends to have an easier time with Mew as well. (Zard, conversely, is able to overcome Beedrill, Machamp, and sometimes Shadow Nite, but that's it.) You also have the potential threat of Solar Beam... you don't even have to actually run it to keep Waters and Rocks and Grounds on edge... though if you do and actually land one, you can stop your sets for that day and go out on a high note. 😄 You're likely going to see a lot more Zards than Tails anyway, but maybe now you can use some insider's knowledge to get the jump on them with something a little better.
Razor Leaf | Sludge Bomb & Moonblast/Leaf Blade
Yet again, VILEPLUME and GLOOM are just as good, if not better, than the more famous Victreebel. They beat basically the same things (Vic uniquely beats Snorlax, and Plume instead gets Magneton), but Plume and Gloom tend to emerge with more life left over for the next 'mon up, and have more versatile charge moves to throw out before wilting away. Vic is better at bringing the immediate, in-your-face pressure with Leaf Blade, but try Plume and Gloom out sometime too... you may find you like them better. Either way, Leafers gonna do what Leafers do, shredding ALL Waters, Rocks, and Grounds, plus the Fighters, Fairies (one area where there is a sizeable gap between Plume's remaining HP and Vic's), and Electrics too. But stay far, FAR away from Flyers, Dragons, Ices, Poisons, Bugs, and especially Fire! Oh yeah, and Hypno has their number too. 😢
Confusion | Poison Fang & Bug Buzz
One of the very best counters to Grassholes (and Grass in general), and many other things besides, to include Charmers, Fighters, Poisons, and even oddballs like DB Zard, Shadow Nite, and Lapras. Honestly, you can kind of think of it as a better, slightly more expensive Golbat in terms of functionality and utility. Moth is a champion of Silph Arena Cups of the past, so you may already have one still sitting around from back then to dust off and use, so check your inventory!
Counter | Rock Slide & Cross Chop
Rock Slide is such a good weapon in the (many) hands of Machamp, and allow the regular and Shadow versions to claim the title of best Fighters in this meta. Not only does Champ do everything you could ask of a good Fighting type, but it can even beat Venusaur, Beedrill, Charizard, and Dragonair and the Shadow version adds on Mew, Muk, and Alolan Marowak. The power of Rock Slide!
PRIMEAPE's unique weapon is Night Slash, which combined with the powerful Close Combat allows it to replicate much of Champ's success, the differences being losses to... well, the names I just mentioned above, but wins against Machamp itself and Alolan Raichu (who doesn't appreciate Night Slash), and Primeape at least forces Hypno to shield or it will die. So there's that.
Mud Shot | Ice Punch & Dynamic Punch/Hydro Pump
Less potent than the Counter users, but also less predictable. Ice Punch is pretty much mandatory, but you can then run it either with Dynamic Punch for more of a classic Fighter role (beating Lapras, Dewgong, and the Alolan Rocks) or with Hydro Pump to instead surprise stuff like Charizard, Beedrill, and Alolan Marowak. Either way you also beat stuff like Dragonite, Haunter, both Muks, and of course Snorlax and A-Slash. Poli doesn't have the eye-popping numbers, but it's a uniquely versatile threat that has answers where other Fighters don't.
Confusion | Shadow Ball/Focus Blast & Fire/Ice/Thunder Punch
Do not mistake how late Hypno appears in this article to mean it's not big here, as it is probably THE central figure in the meta. (I'm just trying to mostly stick with Pokédex order!) Hypno doesn't have a crazy high win rate, but it just beats so many things so efficiently, and is basically hard countered by nothing but the few Ghosts, Darks, and some other meaningful Psychic types in the Cup. Confusion does much of the damage, and Shadow Ball or Focus Blast are fantastic closing moves, but the real wrinkle to Hypno is predicting which Elemental Punch it's running, making for a nightmare decision the first time you get that "Attack Incoming!" while facing one down. Fire Punch is arguably the best overall, putting pressure on the Steels (Magneton, A-Slash) that are a pain for Hypno otherwise, but note that Thunder and Ice Punch are equally viable and able to beat Charizard and bring different pressure elsewhere (Thunder to Waters, Ice primarily to Grounds, and both to Flyers). Shadow Hypno is remarkably similar, trading new losses against Shadow Nite and the Alolan Rocks for new wins against Lapras and DB Charizard. You definitely want Shadow Ball over Focus Blast, the latter of which is a bit slow with S-Hypno's decayed bulk.
Oh, and one more thing: if you have a high stat product IV Hypno, not only does every single win become a BIGGER win, but Hypno now has paths to beat Mew, Alolan Raichu, and even Alolan Marowak! 👀
Poison Jab | Acid Spray & Hydro Pump
Tentacthulhu is a PvP option you either like the feel of or don't. It's very bait reliant, with proper timing of when to lay down Acid Spray baits or just go for the throat with Hydro Pump being key to its success. It's at least comforting to know it can reliably grind down Fairies, Lapras, Charizard, and even Dragonite with just Sprays, but to break out you need to land that Pump, flipping the Muks, Snorlax, Golbat, A-Rat, and basically all the Ices and Fighters but Shadow Machamp (that darn Rock Slide again!) that way. I wouldn't recommend trying to cram and get good with Tentacruel for the first time now, but if you have experience piloting Tenta, you should be able to deploy it here too if you wish.
Incinerate | Drill Run & Flame Charge
Well here you go, your first chance to really use Incinerate. And it's... okay? In fairness, Rapidash itself isn't the best in Great League (it's better in Ultra League, actually), so perhaps this isn't the best first look, but we'll take what we can get! And that's a Fire that does standard Fire things while also knocking over both Muks and Mew with Drill Run. You can probably do a little better, but I'm just here to present the facts!
Psycho Cut | Body Slam & Megahorn
Man, if only My Little Pony got Drill Run too. Oh well. Megahorn will do, especially since it beats Hypno with it. Oh, and other stuff, like all the OTHER Psychic types, and all the Dragons, and all the Fighters, and Venusaur for a cherry on top. Not a bad little niche!
Thunder Shock | Magnet Bomb & Discharge/Zap Cannon
Mostly relegated to the trash heap since Magnezone arrived, MagneTON still has value. It's blazingly fast in throwing out Magnet Bombs and Discahrges, outracing the Legendary Birds (and DB Charizard), Dewgong, Dragonite, Muk, all Fairies, Golbat, and even Poliwrath and, somehow, big bad Shadow Victreebel. Or you can lose a little speed potential to go big with Zap Cannon, dropping Poli and Bat to potentially gain the mirror and, yes, Hypno--even with Fire Punch!--with a good bait to set it up. Spicy!
Ice Shardᴸ | Icy Windᴸ & Water Pulse/Aqua Jetᴸ/Blizzard
He of the double Elite TM quandry, if you've taken the plunge (or pulled off a steal in a past trade) and acquired one, absolutely, it can WRECK here, yes. As with A-Slash earlier, there are coverage moves (Water Pulse or Aqua Jet for the TRIPLE Legacy moveset), and they are the way to beat... well, A-Slash. But Blizzard does everything else they can do, and adds on unique wins against Snorlax and most of Mew's Mewvesets, plus the mirror match (and is the only way to realistically beat double Legacy Lapras too) and gets a much easier win against Alolan Muk. Forget the coverage, IMO... go for broke here with Blizzard. Gong has got the thiccness to reliably spring it.
Posion Jab | Thunder Punch & Dark Pulse/Sludge Wave
I keep mentioning them, so time now for the Muks... yes, both of them, because original Kanto Muk is a fun option too. No, it can't really tangle with Hypno, but it CAN reliably beat down Fairies, Grasses, most Dragons, Charizard, Zapdos, Dewgong (w/o Blizzard, of course), Snorlax, and even the Fat A-Rat. The commonly accepted moveset is Thunder Punch (which still makes NO sense to me thematically, but whatever) and Dark Pulse, but there's the option to drop Pulse for Sludge Wave, dropping the Dragons for sneaky wins against Articuno and Poliwrath.
Snarl | Dark Pulse & Sludge Wave
Less moveset surprises here, but that doesn't detract from the results. As one of only two Darks in the format, A-Muk easily handles Hypno (not even Focus Blast can save it without a big-time energy lead) and all other Psychics (besides pesky AhChu) and Ghosts. But it doesn't end there, as A-Muk also swallows Grasses, fellow Dark A-Rat, Golbat, Magneton, Zapdos, Charizard, and most Dragons and Fairies too. It wants nothing to do with Grounds or Rocks or most Waters and Ices, but there is a good chunk of the meta that wants to steer well clear of A-Muk's wide maw.
Shadow Claw | Shadow Punchᴸ & Shadow Ball/Sludge Bomb
Basically the same Pokémon, with just these key differences: Gengar's slight advantage in bulk means it can beat Haunter head to head and survive Poliwrath (which Haunter cannot), while the higher Attack of Haunter allows it to sneak in a win over Dragonite. One other nuance: while Sludge Bomb is usually laughed off in favor of Shadow Ball, in THIS particular meta, it has one key thing going for it: beating the Ghost-resistant Wigglytuff. In Haunter's case it maintains all the wins it got with Shadow Ball, while Gengar sheds a Ball win against K-Muk, but either way, I think Sludge Bomb may actually be THE way to go here. Consider it, at least!
Fire Spin | Bone Club & Shadow Boneᴸ/Shadow Ball
Sadly, K-Wak doesn't have a ton to offer, but A-Wak certainly does! And that sim shows the moveset I think you want most: Fire Spin, Bone Club, and Shadow Bone, which is consistent at beating Hypno (ironically, getting cute with Hex actually usually LOSES that), as well as outracing Lapras and even Dragonite. In addition to the surprising loss to Hypno, Hex-centric movesets also lose Wigglytuff, and Shadow Ball certainly works, but it's relatively slow speed means that things like Alolan Raichu and Mew can more easily escape (not to mention Lappie and Nite). If you built a good Shadow Bone one and didn't have much time to use it in Halloween Cup, now is its chance to shine!
Waterfall/Poison Jabᴸ | Icy Windᴸ & Drill Runᴸ
Let's end the 50ks with a fun one! Another multiple-Elite-TM special, this odd fish isn't Dewgong levels of deadly, but it certainly merits a look. It consistently takes out Fires, as you would expect, and also things like A-Muk, Articuno, A-Slash, A-Tails, and Poliwrath that may be a little more of a surprise. Waterfall further nets wins like Haunter, Beedrill, Snorlax, A-Rat, and Alolan Rocks, while Legacy Poison Jab instead handles the Charmers, Lapras and Dewgong, and Dragonair. Both versions can be tricky to maneuver around, especially if you don't know what to expect. This author has the triple Legacy one--first thing I used Elite TMs on, actually--so study hard, as there will be at least one poking around out there! 😉

75,000 Dust/75 Candy

Ice Shardᴸ | Surf & Ice Beamᴸ/Skull Bash/Blizzard/Hydro Pump
Yes, you really do have all those viable options. Heck, you could even run Water Gun variants if you want or can't get Legacy Ice Shard, but Shard is just better in general. (As just one example, neutral Ice Shard actually beats FS Zard faster than super effective Water Gun due to Shard's higher energy gains... go look it up, it's true!) Anyway, Surf is a given, but the second move is basically whatever you want it to be. I generally recommend Ice Beam (linked above) if you can get it for the pressure it brings to Grasses, but Blizzard is a perfectly suitable replacement if you can't get Legacy Beam, Skull Bash is great for general coverage (and makes Dewgong easiest and beats all other Lapras movesets in the mirror), and even Hydro Pump has a niche as the hardest counter to Fires and Ices, and being the easiest, most consistent way to beat A-Wak in particular. Pick your pleasure and deploy the plesiosaur!
Mud Shot/Rock Throwᴸ | Hydro Pump & Rock Slideᴸ/Rock Blast
Newsflash: at least with Legacy Rock Slide, Lord Helix can beat Hypno! The only way the hypnosis Pokémon wins is with Thunder Punch, its least preferred Punch overall in this meta. SlideStar also takes out Fires, Flyers (even Zapdos), Bugs, and most Ices with ease, plus both Muks, A-Rat, and with decently high Attack, the Alolan Rocks too. You CAN run non-Legacy Rock Blast instead, but Hypno, Beedrill, Dragonite, and Zapdos become much harder to beat, so it's not recommended. If you want to flex DOUBLE Legacy though, with Rock Throw, it does lose out to Hypno (due to being slower to reach charge moves), but every other win comes easier, and it adds on Haunter as well.
Fellow "Rock Boy" KABUTOPS does much of the same without Legacy moves, but it does miss out on Hypno, Zapdos, and A-Rocks. And that AERODACTYL you have left over from Flying Cup does okay-ish here, but is even a step back further behind Kabutops. Probably best to just let Lord Helix represent off-the-wall Rock types in this meta.
Lick | Body Slam & Superpower
Yes, it puts in work, with the only things that really blow it out being Fighters or high damage fast moves (Razor Leaf or Charm). Lax puts up a good fight against most everything else and is a top notch "safe swap", just as it is in the higher leagues. But it's more than JUST a safe swap, with safe wins against Hypno, Haunter, Dewgong, Beedrill, Mew (usually), all Electrics but Kanto Raichu, and ALL the Alolans except sometimes A-Tails. That is a VERY good win list when you look at all the names on there. Snorlax obviously isn't cheap to prep, but it's well worth the investment!
Dragon Breath | Aqua Tail & Dragon Pulse/Return
Underrated in Great League already, this meta may present 'Nair with the chance to open some eyes to all the good it can do. In this meta, that means beating Hypno and Mew, Snorlax, Beedrill, A-Rat, Haunter, Golbat, both Muks, all Electrics and Rocks and Grounds but A-Grav and Kabutops, and ALL Fires and Grasses, just to name a few. Some of that is Aqua Tail, yes, but much of it is just pure beatdown from the Dragon moves. Return is a viable alternative--and cheaper!--but Dragon Pulse is necessary to ensure Hypno and Snorlax and a couple others, and the second move I heartily recommend.
Dragon Breath | Dragon Claw & Hurricane/Draco Meteorᴸ
Well, it's not the wide win spread you want, but you WILL see Dragonites at some point, I am sure. Hurricane and Draco Meteor perform about the same overall, so at least you can get by without Legacy moves. Grasses, Bugs, Poisons, Snorlax, other Dragons... those are the things that have the most to fear from 'Nite. Much of the rest of the meta takes a pounding but emerges victorious in the end. Shadow Nite does manage to knock out Hypno and Haunter, but is otherwise a straight downgrade, with things like Bee, Bat, and the Muks all slipping away.

100,000 Dust/100 Candy

Running out of room, so let's get through the Legendaries (and Mythical) in rapid fire form!
  • ARTICUNO does indeed seem best with Legacy Hurricaneᴸ, with which it beats everything Blizzard (Snorlax) and Ice Beam (Wiggly, Clefable) can, plus Poliwrath and Mew. AND it needs good PvP IVs to consistently overcome Hypno. But after all that investment, you get one of the format's very best Grass, Dragon, and Bug counters that also freezes out Muks, most other Flyers, and those Charmer and Snorlax wins I mentioned. Shadow Artie is a downgrade, tending to lose to the Charmers and Mew.
  • ZAPDOS is okay... Shadow Zapdos is better, picking up surer wins over Venusaur, Dewgong, both Muks, and Mew. Either way, it's not among the top tier of Electrics here, but it does well enough in that role, and beating ALL Grasses, Fighters, and Bugs on top of it makes Zapdos a potent flex option. Regular or Shadow need Legacy Thunder Shockᴸ though... perhaps you have one you already built for Flying Cup?
  • MOLTRES is sadly not that great, basically acting as a worse Charizard here. And the Shadow version is a mere sidegrade with either Fire Spin or Wing Attack. Oh, and they all require Legacy Sky Attackᴸ to even be THAT useful. I think you can pass on this one.
  • Shadow Mewtwo just doesn't seem worth it for the investment required, but MEW certainly could be. Writing about its many various Mewvesets would fill up a whole article unto itself, so I will just say this: expect to see it with Shadow Claw almost always, which spells trouble for Hypno, and with Surf or Psyshock most of the time as well. Beyond that, good luck guessing what to shield!
And there we go... we made it through! Well, mostly. There are a couple more that must be maxed out (and therefore don't neatly fit into any "thrifty" analysis) that I will put into a comment/reply below, as well as a few others I will mention that didn't quite make the cut for the main article, but are worth a brief mention. So look for that in a reply. But otherwise, we're done! Hopefully this proves helpful in helping you prep for Kanto Cup, a format that looks fun and hopefully not QUITE as centered on one or two specific Pokémon like Flying and Little Cups did. There are several strong--even dominant--performers, no doubt, but multiple ways to work around them and craft some unique and competitive teams. Good luck!
Until next time, you can always find me on Twitter for near-daily PvP analysis nuggets, or Patreon. And please, feel free to comment here with your own thoughts or questions and I'll try to get back to you!
Thank you for reading! I sincerely hope this helps you master Kanto Cup, and in the most affordable way possible. Best of luck, and catch you next time, Pokéfriends!
submitted by JRE47 to TheSilphRoad


[FREE RELEASE] MYbloXX for iOS - The first crowdsourced AUTO-UPDATING "xBlocker" | Block ads, revokes, trackers, miners & more!

[FREE RELEASE] MYbloXX for iOS - The first crowdsourced AUTO-UPDATING

Introducing MYbloXX for iOS
A crowdsourced AUTO-UPDATING "xBlocker" for iOS!

Repo: https://myxxdev.github.io
Compatibility: iOS 4 - 14*
Official Telegram Support Group
Telegram: MYXXdev | Twitter: MYXXdev

After many months of closed beta testing, MYbloXX for iOS is now officially available to the general public! You may have seen it mentioned here and there on jailbreak but official release was delayed due to my Dad's on-going battle with Coronavirus. Apologies for the delay but today is the day!

What makes MYbloXX for iOS better than the alternatives?

The problem with alternate ad-blocking tweaks is that they rely on hosts file modifications to block ads... Not only is this static, requiring constant manual additions to the file and pushes of package updates (rarely done) but it also takes a toll on your download/upload speed... The more rules in the hosts file, the longer it takes to render pages. This method also requires additional tweaks (LetMeBlock and mDNSrestart) to allow mDNSresponder’s use of the hosts file. This is also a strain on system daemons which causes a significant amount of battery drain, especially if mDNSresponder goes haywire, which it’s known to do.

That’s where MYbloXX for iOS comes in!

Security is a top priority for everybody... MYbloXX for iOS is no different. This uses absolutely no third-party servers to re-route your traffic, unlike ffapple and other third-party DNS/Ad blocking App Store apps. They claim to not do so but how do we REALLY know that? MYbloXX for iOS is different: All traffic is routed DIRECT...

MYbloXX for iOS is a simple configuration profile that uses JavaScript to check against specified rules within a PAC file. If the domain requested is within the PAC's rule list, it will sinkhole. The PAC congifuration uses wildcards to more effeciently block targeted ad-servers and known domain structures like http://ad._____ - This script is available in plain-text so you can see exactly what MYbloXX for iOS is doing and how it works HERE.

The use of wildcards means a vast majority of entries within the hosts file can be removed to ensure a fast, efficient ad-blocking method.

MYbloXX for iOS uses a powerful Apple stock feature that is usually only available to those with "supervised" devices. It also allows for on-the-fly updates to quickly add new ad-servers and works on all versions of iOS, all carriers and ISP’s (IPv4 and IPv6 respectively...

So... Just how effective is MYbloXX for iOS and how does it stack up against the competition?

It was put to the test against 2 other popular ad-blocking tweaks (BlockYouX & Mega UHB) using adblock-tester.com
The numbers speak for themselves! All 3 tests were conducted using the following settings:

Contextual Advertising: ON
- Google AdSense: ON

Analytics Tools: ON
- Google Analytics: ON
- Hotjar: ON

Banner Advertising: ON
- Flash banners: ON
- Empty Block button SELECTED (if not shown)
- Gif image: OFF (explanation below)
- Static image: OFF (explanation below)

Error monitoring: ON
- Sentry: ON
- Bugsnag: ON

Final scores (in order);
MYbloXX for iOS: 94/100
Mega UHB: 81/100
BlockYouX: 72/100

Gif image and static image tests were turned off because I’ve decided not to attempt to block these... Why? Although possible, it’s highly likely it would have an adverse effect, potentially blocking legitimate GIF’s (now that they’re hugely popular on social media) and small images. This ad technique is pretty antiquated at this point either way and most do not do this anymore.
MYbloXX for iOS aims to block as many ads as possible out of the box using a technique that has not been used in any other ad-blocking tweaks until now. With new ad servers being created on a daily basis, on rare occasions, it’s possible you’ll come across an ad in an app/on a website.
If this happens, please use the MYbloXX app to submit a report or reach out via Telegram: MYXXdev Support Group. The more that use this feature, the better!
Ad-servers that are added to MYbloXX for iOS will be updated AUTOMATICALLY on your device providing up to the minute protection from ads, revokes, trackers, miners and all other malicious content/threats.

• Works for WiFi and data (5G/LTE/4G/3G) connections.
• Does not rely on hosts/other tweaks to work.
• Works in stock AND jailbroken mode.
• Works alongside VPN servers/apps.
• Blocks all language ad-servers.
• Works for all versions of iOS.
• No filesystem modifications.
• Blocks Facebook video ads.
• Blocks pop-ups/Redirects.
• Blocks user stats scripts.
• Blocks app revocations.
• IPv4/IPv6 compatibility.
• Blocks in-game ads.
• Blocks tweak ads.
• No battery drain.
• Auto-updates.

JAILBROKEN USERS: This package will SPOOF your devices “isSupervised” status allowing easy installation. Upon removal of this package, your device will return to its true unsupervised state.
STOCK USERS: MYbloXX for iOS requires you (legitimately) supervise/manage your device using Apple Configurator 2 (Mac only) prior to installation... THIS REQUIRES RESTORING YOUR DEVICE in order to configure/supervise so please ensure you BACKUP YOUR DEVICE! HOW TO SUPERVISE WITH APPLE CONFIGURATOR 2
A special thanks to Charlie Todd, Droom0ne, John Coates, LakesideMiners, Usman, yoyo and all beta testers for their contributions!


Reviews: ★★★★★

“MYBloXX is the most robust ad blocker I've used. It works very well every where on the device. Very responsive developer with quick updates. And it’s all free. I definitely recommend this blocker.”
[email protected]

“I've been using MYbloXX since the initial beta release and I can definitely be the one to say that it’s the best ad blocker to this day. It’s my go-to ad blocker now.”
[email protected]

“Wow! I never knew this existed. This is amazing!”

“Very nice. Just made the jump from BlockYouX, working great!”

“Use MYBloXX! Best ad blocker by far.”

“MYbloXX is the best I’ve found!”
[email protected]

“Just tried it, it’s brutal.”

“I just switched to MYBloXX and it’s better than the rest.”

“The MYbloXX dev is very responsive; he fixed an issue I had with one of my apps blocking something it shouldn't have in under an hour!”

“Have been using MYbloXX since day 1 of beta release... After using all other ad blockers, I can definitely say that MYbloXX is on another level! None of the other ad blockers come close. The dev is very responsive, always available to sort out any issues.”
[email protected]

“MYbloXX is so good that it annoys me every time I have to use somebody elses device that's full of ads.”
[email protected]_Mittal

“Since my ISP removed the option to change DNS, I wasn’t able to use AdGuard DNS anymore. MYXXdev released the first beta which went so smooth and buttery that I liked it a lot and became a loyal user. It met my needs, it's battery efficient, bug free, very responsive, seamless updates, blocks popups and even works in a non-jailbroken state. This really is a must have tweak!”
[email protected]

“I’ve been a beta tester for MYbloXX and it’s been strong from the get-go! The dev really does commit to his tweak and pushes daily updates so we can get the best experience possible. He also takes the time to listen and resolve any issues we face regarding his tweak extremely quickly! Would recommend to anyone that’s used Mega UHB and wants better performance!”
[email protected]

“One of best ad blockers ever!”
[email protected]_YouAre

“Blocks everything for me!”
[email protected]



- Why does my device say "This iDevice is supervised and managed"?
At no point is your device actually TRULY supervised. The message in Settings can cause alarm (and so it should under legitimate circumstances) but MYbloXX for iOS doesn’t actually supervise (or “manage”) your device.
MYbloXX for iOS uses a hidden stock Apple feature (usually only available to devices that are supervised under Mobile Device Management (MDM)) in order to block ads, revokes, miners etc. Under normal circumstances, this would require a person to manually supervise their device with Apple Configurator 2. This not only requires a Mac but also requires restoring your device.
The beauty of being jailbroken, we can SPOOF this setting, fooling iOS into BELIEVING it’s in a “supervised” state. Obtaining “spoofed supervised” status was simple: Changing one key string (“isSupervised”) in CloudConfigurationDetails.plist from “false” to “true”.
You can try this for yourself in Filza:
After a respring, you’ll see that the “warning” message is now in Settings.
Again, at no point is your device TRULY supervised... This would require YOU physically restoring your device in your possession. MYbloXX simply tricks iOS into thinking it is to allow the installation (this is also why MYbloXX for iOS is available for stock users as they have the option to legitimately supervise their device to use it).

- Can I remove the supervised message in Settings?
YES! AFTER you've installed the MYbloXX for iOS profile, please install isSupervisedBeGone from the MYXXdev Repository to remove the message.
You can immediately uninstall the isSupervisedBeGone package after install - This will not make the warning message re-appear.
NOTE: THIS REVERTS SUPERVISION SPOOFING ENTIRELY. If, for whatever reason, you remove the MYbloXX for iOS profile, you will need to reinstall the MYbloXX for iOS package to re-spoof and reinstall the profile.
I recommend keeping a spoofed status so you can remove/re-install the MYbloXX for iOS profile with ease but this package is available for those that wish to remove it.

- Does this block ads systemwide or just Safari?
SYSTEMWIDE! MYbloXX for iOS blocks ads, revokes, trackers, miners and more in all browsers, games, tweaks and apps that use external/dedicated ad servers!

- Does MYbloXX for iOS work in stock mode?
YES! MYbloXX for iOS xBlocking technology works in both jailbroken AND stock mode!

- How often is MYbloXX for iOS updated?
MYbloXX for iOS is updated by hand by yours truly as reports come in/as I find ad-servers... Updates are typically more than once per day!

- How do I get the updates?
No enduser interaction is required! Your device will automatically call out and receive the latest PAC rules from the MYXXdev GitHub repository. This will only occur when you use something that requires an active internet connection so there's no fear of overnight/standby battery drain. Sit back, relax and enjoy up to the minute protection!

- Will I have to update anything in Cydia?
This package will rarely receive updates... Only if features are added/changed that require a full package update. Everything else is handled by the PAC automatically.

- Why does the MYbloXX app crash on launch/stay on a black screen?
If the MYbloXX app sits at a black screen after launch, it's likely you have OpenURLPrompt (or similar) installed that's blocking the MYbloXX app from redirecting to/opening Safari. This is required in order to install a profile (an Apple set restriction). If the app crashes to the SpringBoard immediately upon launch, you may be using an older version of iOS that isn't officially supported (but does work). The app is basically a shortcut to THIS PAGE. You can use this link to continue installation and file reports.

- Does this block YouTube ads?
NO! Some apps/services self-host their ads... YouTube being one of those services. This requires patching out the ads in the app directly with a separate tweak. Why? The ads are hosted on the same servers as the content itself - Blocking the ad-server would block the service entirely... Very smart on their behalf but annoying for us!
Services that use this ad-hosting technique:
- Facebook/Messenger
- Instagram
- Reddit
- Snapchat
- Twitch
- Twitter
- YouTube
I recommend using Haoict's family of ad-blocking patches/tweaks alongside MYbloXX for iOS for these particular apps.
Snapchat - They have recently started moving their ads from snapads.com to the same servers that host stories and Snaps. MYbloXX for iOS will still block the majority of ads until they fully transition but it's possible you'll see a small percentage of them. This requires a patch to remove them completely but it's unlikely that will happen due to their stance on tweaks injecting into their app.
YouTube - There are multiple tweaks available to block YouTube ads. I recommend YouTopia by sinfool... Lightweight and FREE.

- Does this block Cercube/Watusi banner ads?
NO! MYbloXX for iOS blocks ads that are hosted on dedicated/external servers. Removing these types of hard-coded self-promotional banners is considered piracy and will NOT be removed by MYbloXX for iOS. Some tweaks use this method to encourage purchasing a license... Please support the developers!

- How do I fully remove MYbloXX for iOS?
You can remove this profile/package at any time using your choice of package manager (Cydia etc.) as well as/or navigating to Settings - General - Profiles & Device Management - MYbloXX for iOS.

- MYbloXX for iOS blocks app revokes?
YES! MYbloXX for iOS blocks apps revokes meaning even if a certificate is revoked for an app you have downloaded from a third-party store, it will continue to open and remain VERIFIED even in stock mode!
NOTE: This will only work if the CERTIFICATE OWNER revokes the certificate. If this happens, it will continue to open and last until the expiration date of the certificate. HOWEVER, If APPLE remove the developer account attached to the certificate entirely, the application will unverify and crash on launch.

- Can I delete the MYbloXX app?
The MYbloXX app is included in installation for reporting purposes (and initial installation). Please use this to report any ads or issues you have. If you must, you can hide the icon with Lynx, Springtomize, HideYouApps etc.

- Can I uninstall the MYbloXX for iOS package after installing the profile?
You'll lose the integrated pop-up/redirect blocker (TabBlocker) that's included in the package as well as the ease of reporting/profile re-installation. I'd recommend hiding the app icon opposed to complete removal.

- How can I support your work?
Donations are not required but definitely appreciated. It takes a lot of work to ensure MYbloXX for iOS is efficient and up to date. Although everything updates for you as an enduser automatically, it's still very much so manual research and data entry on my end. If you wish to donate to support continued development for years to come, a PayPal donation page is setup HERE. Thank you in advance for your generosity. MYbloXX for iOS relies solely on donations since it cannot be monetized by ads for obvious reasons ;)

- What is MYXX FM?
MYXX FM is another of my projects that I own/operate... I included MYXX FM branding simply for exposure and for those that enjoy music that wish to support another of my hobbies... Again, commercial/ad free so non-monetized but it's something I enjoy doing.


Coming Soon:
• *TabBlocker update for iOS 14.
• Activator action to easily enable/disable.


Changelogs are available on the Telegram support group as well as the tweaks depiction page.


Thank you and please enjoy!
submitted by MYXXdev to jailbreak