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Why Season 1 was the Best Season this Chapter

I know some people like or even really like Season 4, but I'm seriously just not feeling this game that much anymore. I feel like this chapter has overall gone downhill since Season 1, and I wanted to explain why that was my personal favorite season of the chapter.
Do understand that I really like many mechanics/aspects added in later seasons, but I still believe Season 1 was the best season of this Chapter for many reasons. I don't think it was perfect, but I think it was just a great start to a new Chapter that Season 2 and 3 didn't follow up very well.
  1. Battle Pass:
I think Season 1 had overall the best Battle Pass because it had variety and didn't limit anything.
With variety, you should be able to understand what I mean. We had skins from a slurp juice monster, a fisherman, a medic, an 8-Ball man, a mountain climber, a diva(?), and a mysterious armored man (Fusion), all with an extra style that gave them a brand new appearance, as well as styles existing for all their pickaxes, backblings, and gliders. So you actually had 15 (Fusion counts as 3 here) skins as opposed to 7 (or 19 if you count the overtime styles, which I wouldn't). And also Sorona with 3 styles, so 16 (her styles are just recolors so she counts as 1 for me). Scratch also got a corrupted style, the first enlightened skin in the game, and you could say 17 validly.
I would say that Season 2 had the best Battle Pass if it didn't limit your choices. By that, I mean the whole you pick either a Ghost or Shadow style for every skin. As in you get either Shadow or Ghost Midas, and can never get the other style by any means. Please explain to me why that was forced onto us. I would be fine if you got 1 style as normal and then did somewhat challenges to get the other style, but that was never a thing. Why couldn't they make us choose only 1 skin to get the other style for at the end of the season, like if I saw my friend had Ghost Midas and I chose Shadow and I wish I chose Ghost instead or something now that I see him in game.
And then there's Maya. Great skin, I use her a ton, but why is the choice permanent? I understand she has tons of styles, but you never got to try her before making your choice. You should have at least had access to change her style at will all season, and then your final style was locked in when the season ended, so you could at least get the perfect Maya for you.
The game limiting access to styles for skins and cosmetics I paid for is just super anti-consumer and I don't understand why it was done except maybe with Maya.
And then we go into the Gold Agents. Cool idea, horrendous execution. You can level up to make each skin all Gold, why max Golden Peely at level 350. First of all, the grind was absolutely absurd. People that bought 100 tiers rarely got the full Gold Peely. I grinded all season and only got almost 300. And then after this, you can't even finish upgrading the Gold Agents you unlocked. Meaning my Skye who is gold except her feet will be unusable since her feet are still brown.
And you should have unlocked a Gold level slider after maxing out a gold agent, because honestly a character with a little gold on them looks better than being solid gold
On top of this, only the skin and their backbling was gold. Meaning no gold harvesting tools or gliders. And you also can't get a full solid gold look with any of the skins because the solid gold wrap is limited to a forced ability with Midas that objectively would have been better as an ability, allowing for more creativity and customization.
And even with these issues with Season 2's Battle Pass, I still think Season 3's is worse. The skins in that Battle Pass are good at best and boring at worst. Ocean is cool. Masked (tier 100) Fade is okay. Eternal Knight is cool but a bit redundant after 2 precious Knight skins for tier 100. Kit is good. Siona is creativity but boring and ugly. Scuba Jonesy is lazy and no one ever uses him.
And the Build-a-Brella isn't even good and wastes so many slots of the Battle Pass, while Maya took up 1 slot. And again, same issue, you can't use the style before you make your choice. And the lighting in the Build A Brella section was so bad and my Brella forever looks awful now.
Enlightened Eternal Knight's styles are good, but her Backbling needs those styles (which are IN THE GAME FILES AND ARE STILL YET TO BE ADDED WHAT ARE YOU DOING EPIC?), and should also have a corruption level slider, like the corrupted legends skins.
Moving onto Season 4, I'll keep this brief. Stop with this stupid locked cosmetics. It's a game. Why should this pickaxe, glider, emote, etc only be allowed to be used with a single skin? Does customization not matter? And please never do a full collab Battle Pass again. Most of this Battle Pass is filler. Season X's Battle Pass had more customization and locked most of the filler stuff (emoticons, sprays, etc) to challenges.
Season 1 had the best Battle Pass this chapter because it had variety and didn't have locked/limited cosmetics (except Corrupt Scratch if you never maxed him out, in which case, I honestly feel bad for you). And also Overtime Challenges. And 3D loading screens. And a Challenge ("Secret") skin that was actually a Fortnite skin revealed later, as opposed to being a skin from a superhero franchise revealed on day 1 of the season. Season 2's BP would be far better if they didn't have as many restrictions since the skins were just better.
  1. Balance/Lootpool:
For starters, I want to say that Season 1's lootpool was small and boring and could easily have used a few more items and weapons. But I think that Season 1 had the most balanced lootpool to date. It didn't have any obscenely OP weapons except maybe the higher rarity Rocket Launchers, and then Grenades when they stacked up to 10 at the start of the season.
But Season 1 had one big advantage over the later seasons; no Mythics (except the Mythic Goldfish, which shouldn't count). Mythic items/POIs are just awful and I seriously don't know why they're still in the game.
Season 2 had many Mythics, most of which were OP, but at least there were lots of them all over the map and they had to be kept throughout all of Season 2, and you could make the excuse they were experimenting. But Season 3 was nearly 4 months later and they kept 3(6) Mythics, with 2 of them being items that gave the user unparalleled mobility. Jules' Grappler gave the user infinite free glider redeploy and a height gaining tool, and Kit's Shockwave Launcher was just a bit obnoxious, since it was like a stack of Shockwave Grenades today, but Shockwaves weren't in the game at the time, making this item extra unique.
Season 4 somehow made this all worse by having Mythics that are not only annoying and OP, but offer entire new gameplay experiences, with the whole being able to fly thing with Dr Doom's and Iron Man's Gauntlets, and then a super strong projectile that has a cooldown. Iron Man's Unibeam especially is absolutely annoying and unbalanced.
  1. Other Gameplay elements:
I feel like Season 1 had the best map this chapter. Not that much has changed in the past year, but Season 1 didn't have Mythic POIs with NPCs roaming around that I just don't like, especially this season.
Season 1 also had the cabins on Eye Land (the central island), which I felt was the PERFECT central POI and I want it back so much.
The Agency I just felt wasn't suited for that role because it's a central POI, meaning you have to go through it often, and henchmen could easily interfere with your rotation, even if they just get a single bullet on you, that's 20+ shield gone, which is just annoying. And since people landed at The Agency often, anyone you run into there might have a Mythic item or tons of other high tier loot, which is okay for a challenge, but when this place is almost required to rotate through some games, it's unfair.
Thr Authority was a nice idea with the walls and ziplines, but the wall was just a bit tall and hard to scale (from the water), and should have had a few extra doors that opened to go through the wall easily.
Continuing with the map, Season 4 replaced Pleasant Park with a Dr. Doom themed Mythic POI (because... reasons). Why they didn't do this with Salty instead is beyond me, but whatever. And then they gave us the worst thing added to the game in a long time; Upstate New York. I've made posts about this before, but this change was just terrible in so many ways. First of all, it's way too big, destroying way too much of the original (better) area (Frenzy Farm + The Orchard). Secondly, it just ruins the map. Frenzy Farm may have been a big empty area, but it was near the center of the map and was great for rotation, especially with the addition of corn last season for healing, which is what should be on the map, especially near the middle. And not just this, this area is SO big, it disrupts rotation via vehicles. Remember that big interconnected road throughout the whole map with gas stations and all for the vehicles? A bunch of that was destroyed. Want to drive from Pleasant (I refuse to call it by its no sellout name) to Risky, Craggy, or Steamy? Impossible now without going off road. Want to drive a boat from Craggy to the center of the map? Impossible now. What to drive a boat from the center of the map to Steamy? Impossible now. Don't try to tell me rifts are a good substitute. They should not be required, and shouldn't exist JUST because of a Marvel themed map change that not a single person asked for. AND THEN, Upstate New York comes with the whole Stark Industries POI, with Iron Man and his annoying OP Mythics.
And actually going into other gameplay elements, Season 3 had Marauders and Season 4 has the Gorgers. I don't like either, but I'd honestly say Marauders were better, simply because they were at least cool and came with music, as annoying as they were. And they dropped a better variety of weapons and were slightly different every time. I am not saying Marauders should return, but Gorgers interfere with gameplay far more, and will lock down a certain area.
I like how Season 4 updated fishing, though.
Also Season 3 had Sharks. They were annoying but a cool idea I guess.
And Season 3 added fire and fireflies. Fire is cool, Fireflies are cool but kind of pointless.
  1. Storyline:
I know Season 1 had very little storyline, but I liked what it set up, which unfortunately was barely followed up with beyond Season 2, but it gave us stuff to question, like who E.G.O. and A.L.T.E.R. were, or who/what Fusion is, or what the REDACTED bunker is and what it's hiding, or how this map came to be and what happened to the old map, etc.
Season 2 and barely 3 were the only seasons which followed up Season 1's storyline well. Season 2 changed E.G.O. and A.L.T.E.R. to Ghost and Shadow, and let us vote for who took over the island (Shadow in the end), and did give us real map changes (the Shadow Safe Houses and new Mythic POIs). And then Season 2 has a live event that flooded the map for most of Season 3, but other than that, the storyline really just ended. The flood barely brought us anything new or needed. It could have been used to fix unbalanced POIs or areas of the map, but nope.
But even then, what happened to the storyline? Jules just appeared and disappeared without any good explanation. Meowscles left and Kit appeared and then left. TNTina, Brutus, and Skye are gone.
The only thing Season 3 added to the storyline was a premise with no followup, which is unsatisfying for me.
And onto Season 4 and the whole Marvel thing...
Please Epic...stop with collabs in the storyline. You have the creativity and that's why people got invested into the storyline at all. Just forcing in Marvel is not satisfying for anyone nor actually adds to the story in a way anyone wanted. People want followups to Ghost vs Shadow, which was the storyline that began at the start of this Chapter and never even got concluded.
Did a single person ask for "make Dr Doom from Marvel take over Pleasant Park and make it a Mythic POI with superpowers"? No. Why did Dr Doom take over Pleasant Park at all? How did he know about the abandoned Shadow Safe House (that should have been destroyed by the flood anyway btw) and why did he setup up a vault in there? That makes no sense. At least Stark Industries having a Vault makes SOME sense, since the land was just teleported in from the Marvel universe or something.
Why did Ghost and Shadow just disappear? What happened with the REDACTED bunker? What happened to Skye, Brutus, TNTina, Meowscles, Kit, Jules, or Ocean? We know what happened to Midas (I think), but that's 1/8 done.
What happened to the Seven? Do they still exist? What was the explanation for the The Device event?
These are just some questions Fortnite fans actually care about and want answered. And these questions had NOTHING to do with lazy shoehorned-in collaborations taking over the storyline that people wanted to evolve on its own and naturally.
Season 1 was far from perfect, but I felt the lootpool was balanced and left room for improvement. I felt the Battle Pass had lots of options and gave us unique and creative skins. I felt the map was mostly balanced and left room for improvement. I felt the gameplay was simple and could use the improvements we got later (Fire, Cars, better fishing, etc). I liked the lack of Mythic POIs, and even then, Season 2 did Mythic POIs FAR better. I felt the storyline was a great setup for further updates. But overall, I'm just not satisfied with how the game has changed this Chapter, and would very much prefer Season 5 to be a return to a basic Battle Royale with a subtle storyline in the background for dedicated fans like myself to care about.
There are still lots of good additions in later seasons. Season 2 added the ability to throw meds and shakedown downed opponents to find their teammeates. Season 3 added fire, cars, and random consumables with fancy effects. Season 4 added more fish and balanced fishing (a little). But I feel the negatives overall take over these great changes and just make it hard for me to enjoy the game anymore.
submitted by Flamingpaper to FortNiteBR


Please Rate my first ever yugi oh self built deck

Monsters: Twin Headed Behemoth
Legendary Fiend
2x Kuriphotons
Dark Lucius LV 6
Mask of Darkness
Mefist The Infernal General
Viser Des
Dark Mimic LV 1
Dark Lucius LV 4
Dark Ruler Ha Des
Sonic Shooter
Dark Mimic LV 3
Dark Jeroid
Lancer Archfiend
Dark Lucius LV 8
Dark Necrofear
Galaxy Brave
Blackwing- Bora The Spear
Photon Crusher
Amazoness Swords Woman
Photon Orbital
Metal Reflect Slime
Faustian Bargain
Offerings to the doomed
Allure of Darkness
Supply Squad
2x Polymerization
Supply Squad
Seven tools of the Bandit
Magic Jammer
Champion's Vigilance
Stamping Destruction
Zoma The Spirit
The Revenge of the Normal
Level Up!
Common Charity
Magical Stone Excavation
Dark Eruption
Creeping Darkness
Sword of Dark Destruction
Nightmare Wheel
Fusion Gate
The Forceful Checkpoint
Graceful Dice
Coffin Seller
Skull Dice
Kunai with Chain
Extra Deck: 2x Predaplant Dragostapelia
Starving venom fusion dragon
That's all for my deck. My main strategy is to debuff/burn the opponent whilst also casting Starving Venom and Predaplant to the field whilst the normal monsters are for support.
I used cards from a Twisted Nightmares starter deck, Destiny Masters, and some cards a friend of mine gave to me.
Any advice is welcome please.
submitted by NexysGaming to yugioh