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GameCopyWorld - Game Index
1 Ragnarok Origin Basic Guide - FIND YOUR THING 29%
2 Refine bug - Transcendence Technical Support / Bug Reports 70%
3 RO Mobile Daily and Weekly check list - Google Sheets 28%
4 Rift/ Cracks Drop List and Quest Guide - Ragnarok Mobile 100%
5 Paste2.org - Viewing Paste WfD4MDFO 67%

Ragnarok Origin Installation guide: RagnarokMOrigin

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What is Magic Sewing Machine (Reinforce, Mithril Refine

If refine rate is 12 or higher, increases Max HP Max SP by an additional 10%, and reduces after skill delay by an additional 10%. Alchemy Basics: Acid Bottle Creation -Preface - We learned that we could produce hydrogen chloride under certain conditions in our experimentation with immortal hearts. If the exchange fails, all items exchanged will be. This also means a bunch of new taming items. Displays the animation of a skill without really using it (debug function) [email protected] { { { }}} Adds visual effects to the.


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The Machine will give you 1 Cracked Buckler, equip it and talk to the Machine again. The position of the smelter shown in the Refinement UI will. Battle Fork NPC sells: 20: NPC buys -Is said to look like the 2 handed Three Branch Spear, this spear is very light and usable. These jobs/classes are Swordsman, Acolyte, Mage, Archer, Thief, and Merchant. MMO Insider Community - anything about Hacks, Bots, Cheats, Guides and more!

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Game, Event, Quest Script Releases [pRO] Lotti Girl & Refine Master Sign in to follow this. Crack do iron storm. Murgee auto keyboard keygen. WELCOME TO ANIMA BELLUM RAGNAROK ONLINE! With these updates, it will help you create more exciting journeys, explore the game with its improvements, and get more items as you traverse in the world of Ragnarok!


Ragnarok M: Eternal Love : Lightbringer Codex (Episode 7)


Table of Contents

  • A.) Introduction
  • B.) Stats
  • C.) Gears
  • D.) Enchants
  • E.) Cards
  • F.) Skills
  • G.) Aesir Monument
  • H.) Rune Box
  • I.) Praying Card
  • J.) FAQs
  • K.) Additional Material

A.) Introduction

  • This is an easy to read cheat-sheet that you can compare to your current set-up.
  • This will forever be a work in progress as long as I'm playing RO:M Eternal Love!
  • Will be updated over the course of new updates.
  • Read the guide as-is and check the FAQs at the bottom when something isn't too clear for you.
  • You have a question not in the FAQs? Just ask and I'll add it in for everyone else to see!

B.) Stats

  • These are the stats that I'm currently running with. It may be different from your character because you might need other stats.
  • After doing some tests, higher LUK trumps higher STR in terms of damage dealt. It may be different for other characters so be sure to test it on your character first!
  • PVE - If you're wearing Saint's Cape or Shinewhole's Robe, you can add more VIT if you haven't reached the cap of 300k HP yet.
    • 114 STR
    • 159 DEX
    • 113 LUK
  • PVP - Why do we need to aim for 320 Total STR and 170 Total Dex? Because of the Begetter Skill Gene Destroy. It strips away 50-80 of all stats except VIT depending on how good their rune is. We need this to keep Avalanche's 240 str requirement activated and in order for Arm Cannon to still have instant cast.
    • 320 Total STR (without 3rd party buffs)
    • 159 VIT
    • 170 Total DEX (without 3rd party buffs)
    • X LUK

C.) Gears

  • Weapon
    • +10 or +15 Avalanche
  • Off-hand
    • +12 or +15 Rosa Chain - Superior option for PVP.
    • +10 or +15 Skeleton Bracer
  • Armor
    • +10 or 15 The Chosen's Armor (PVP)
    • +6 Saint's Cape (PVE)
  • Garment
    • +12 Ancient Cape
  • Shoes
    • +8 Rune Boots - Cheaper and more defensive option.
    • +12 Wolf Grandma's Slippers
  • Accessories
    • +6 Dog Servant - Entry level accessory. Easy to snap and good value for its price.
    • +15 Bright Moon
    • +12 or +15 Ring of Contract
    • +12 or +15 Hermit’s Bundle

  • For Headgears, I won't be including any limited-time options like red gacha and monthly options.
  • There are many other viable options that are not listed here in order to not overpopulate the list.

  • Head
    • Rudolph's Horn - Cost-effective option for it's price.
    • +10 Orc Hero Helm - Best one you can buy for Zenny. Usable for PVE and PVP.
    • Eggshell Biu - Must have if you want to survive being on the front line. Broken equipment while CCd means you can't pop repair alloys.
    • Thunder God’s Kabuto - Best offensive option for crowd control.
    • Abyss Cry - Enables Minorous deposit unlock.
  • Face
    • Beast Mask - Best one you can buy for Zenny.
    • Frost Masquerade Mask - Best PVE option.
    • Juggling Queen - More damage to MVPs and Minis but doesn't help against normal monsters.
    • Goblin Leader Mask - Best defensive PVP option.
    • Alchemy Beak - Best offensive PVP option.
  • Mouth
    • Abyss Whisper - Best one you can buy for Zenny.
    • Spiked Scarf - Entry level PVP option.
    • Dreamweave Silk - Highest damage increase.
    • +6 Kraken Treasure Key - Best overall defensive PVP option.
    • Watermelon Pop Rock - I personally use this over Kraken Treasure Key for the extra Fire Resistance.
  • Back
    • Baby Owl - Best one you can buy with Zenny.
    • Chi Ling Wings - Best free offensive option from the main quest.
    • Midgard Bag - Best free defensive PVP option.
    • Angel Token - Best defensive PVP option that you can grind for.
    • Starlight Sweety - Best offensive option for crowd control.
    • Thunder Taiko - Best offensive option for Photon Cannon.
    • One Eye Captain - Best consistent offensive option.
  • Tail
    • Summer Banana Split - Best one you can buy with zenny for MVPs.
    • M.Def Fairy - Best free pvp defensive option.
    • Rainbow Wishing Whale - Best offensive option.

D.) Enchants

  • Weapon
    • Morale
    • Sharp Blade
    • Tenacity
  • Off-hand
    • Armor Breaking
    • Tenacity
    • Phy. Dmg Inc. 3-4%
    • Dmg Reduc. +3-4%
  • Armor
    • Morale
    • Max HP% +8-10%
    • Phy. Dmg Inc. 3-4%
    • Stun Res +20-25%
  • Garment & Shoes
    • Divine Blessing
    • Max HP +8-10%
    • Phy. Dmg Inc. 3-4%
    • Stun Res +20-25%
  • Accessories
    • Sharp Blade
    • Tenacity
  • Head & Mouth
    • Dmg Reduc. +3-4%
    • Atk +50-60
    • MaxHP +500-600
  • Face
    • Morale
    • Phy. Dmg Inc. 3-4%
    • Atk +50-60
    • MaxHP +500-600
  • Back
    • Blasphemy
    • Morale
    • MaxHP% 8-10%
  • Tail
    • Blasphemy
    • Sharp Blade
    • MaxHP% 8-10%

E.) Cards

  • Weapon
    • Minorous Card - Best overall option for MVPs since most targets are Large.
    • Hydra Card - Cheapest PVP Option.
    • Skeleton Worker - Noticable upgrade from Hydra Card.
    • Drake Star Card - Non-gacha option to unlock Minorous Deposit.
    • Phreeoni Star Card - Gives the highest damage for PVP.
  • Off-Hand
    • Marc Card - Entry level. Best value for money.
    • Agent of Love Card - Best overall option for PVE.
    • Lude Star Card - Cheaper compared to GTB but no drawbacks.
    • Golden Thief Bug Card - Halves magic damage after all other reductions.
    • Race or Element Appropriate Card (Penomena, Centipede etc.) for PVE.
  • Armor
    • Thara Frog Card - Base defensive option for PVE.
    • Ghostring Card
    • Angelring Card
    • Munak Star Card
    • Skeleton Archer Star Card
  • Garment
    • Muka Star Card - Overall defensive option against Magic.
    • Jakk Card with Deposit
    • Orc Baby Card with Deposit
    • Easter Egg Hunt Card - Cheapest offensive option.
    • Vagabond Wolf Star Card
    • Mastering Star Card
  • Shoes
    • Ferus Card
    • Eddga Card
  • Head
    • NPC's Reveng Card - Cheapest offensive option.
    • Nightmare Card - Cheapest defensive option. Counters Starlight Sweety.
    • Andre Star Card
    • Eggyra Star Card
    • Orc Hero Card
  • Accessories
    • Ultraman Card
    • Baby Desert Wolf Card
    • Osiris Star Card
    • Race or Element Appropriate Card (Kaho, Santa Poring etc.)

F.) Skills

  • This is my skill route for PVP. For PVE, just remove the pvp-oriented skills and skill-up pve-oriented skills like Fund Raising, etc.
  • Merchant
    • 10 Enhanced Cart
    • 10 Loud Exclamation
    • 1 Change Cart
    • 10 Buying Low
    • 10 Over Price
  • Blacksmith
    • 5 Overthrust
    • 10 Adrenaline Rush
    • 10 Weapon Perfection
    • 5 Hammer Fall
    • 5 Skin Tempering
    • 10 Weaponry Research
  • Whitesmith
    • 1 Cart Boost
    • 10 Cart Termination
    • 5 Overthrust Max
    • 10 Meltdown
    • 5 Human's Heart Light
    • 3 Trading Master
  • Job Breakthrough
    • 20 (10) Meltdown
    • 15 (10) Human's Heart Light (you can skip this for pve)
    • 10 (5) Skin Tempering
    • 15 (5) Loud Exclamation (higher points here for pve)
  • Mechanic
    • 1 Madogear License
    • 10 Knuckle Boost
    • 10 Arm Cannon
    • 5 Anti-Gravity Armor
    • 1 Side Slide
    • 3 Self Destruction
    • 8 Magnetic Field
    • 8 Neutral Barrier
    • 10 Axe Mastery
    • 4 Optical Camouflage Stance
  • Lightbringer PVE priority
    • Lightly Equipped
    • The Pioneer Lv5
    • Machine Learning Lv8
    • Recursion Lv6
    • Recursion - Energy Lv7
    • Recursion Lv9
    • Overload Increase Lv4
    • Restart Lv1
    • Overload Increase Lv9
    • Target Locked-on Lv2
    • Target Locked-on - Defense Remove Lv5
    • Target Locked-on Lv5
    • Machine Learning lv9
    • Photon Cannon Lv6
    • Photon Cannon - Breakthrough Lv6
    • Photon Cannon Lv9
    • AI Lv5
  • Lightbringer MVP priority
    • Lightly Equipped
    • The Pioneer Lv5
    • Overload Increase Lv7
    • Circle Lv1
    • Overload Increase Lv9
    • Photon Cannon Lv6
    • Photon Cannon - Breakthrough Lv5
    • Photon Cannon Lv9
    • Machine Learning Lv8
    • Recursion Lv6
    • Recursion - Energy Lv7
    • Recursion Lv9
    • Circle Lv5
    • Circle - CD Lv4
  • Lightbringer WAR priority
    • Lightly Equipped
    • The Pioneer Lv5
    • White Noise Lv5
    • Photon Cannon Lv6
    • Photon Cannon - Breakthrough Lv6
    • Photon Cannon Lv9
    • Overload Increase Lv9
    • Restart Lv5
    • Restart - Reborn Lv5
    • Restart - Speed up Lv3
    • Overload Increase - Machine Life Lv6
    • Machine Learning Lv9
    • Recursion Lv6
    • Recursion - Energy Lv7
    • Recursion Lv9
    • Consciousness Awakening Lv8
    • Consciousness Awakening - Vigilant Protection Lv6
    • Consciousness Awakening Lv10
    • Parts Replacement Lv10
    • Machine Learning Lv9
    • The Pioneer - Stun Lv5
    • Target Locked-on Lv2
    • Target Locked-on - Defense Remove Lv5
    • Target Locked-on Lv5
    • Circle Lv5
    • Circle - CD Lv4

G.) Aesir Monument

  • Aesir Monument Simulator - http://www.romcodex.com/runes/
  • How should you read this list? Just prioritize the nodes from the top and you'll be slowly filling your aesir page out.
  • I find this as the simplest way to teach people how to fill out their rune pages.
  • Grab all the extra contribution runes along the way when you have spare contributions.
    • Blacksmith Ring runes cost 4-8 GMs each.
    • Whitesmith Ring Runes cost 12-18 GMs each.
    • Mechanic Ring Runes cost 20-30 GMs each.
  • Priority List
  1. 4x Arm Cannon - Enhance [Mechanic Ring]
  2. 2x Dmg to Demi-Human [Blacksmith Ring]
  3. 5x Successive Flying Punches [Mechanic Ring]
  4. 5x Swiftly Transform [Blacksmith Ring]
  5. 5x Axe Proficiency [Blacksmith Ring]
  6. 10x Axe Proficiency - Empower [Whitesmith Ring]
  7. 4x Arm Cannon - Destroy [Mechanic Ring]
  8. 4x Luck Switch (2-5 only) [Whitesmith Ring]
  9. 3x Hover [Mechanic Ring]
  10. 3x Elemental Armor [Mechanic Ring] (You can skip this once you reach Lightbringer)
  11. 4x Axe Proficiency - Empower [Mechanic Ring]
  12. 5x Neutral Dmg [Mechanic Ring]
  13. 3x Luck Switch [Mechanic Ring]
  14. 5x Str [Blacksmith Ring]
  15. 5x Max HP% [Blacksmith Ring]
  16. 5x Stunning Damage [Blacksmith Ring]
  17. 3x Ignore Def [Mechanic Ring]
  18. 2x Loud Exclamation - Defense [Breakthrough Ring]
  19. 2x Demi Human Damage Reduction [Breakthrough Ring]
  20. 4x Fire Protection [Breakthrough Ring]
  21. 2x Phy. Dmg Inc. [Whitesmith Ring]
  22. 6x Str [Mechanic Ring]
  23. 3x Luck Refining [Breakthrough Ring]
  24. 5x Max HP% [Whitesmith Ring]
  25. Strength Expanding [Whitesmith Ring]
  26. Strength Expanding [Mechanic Ring]
  27. Attack Spd [Whitesmith Ring]
  28. 3x Dex [Mechanic Ring]
  29. VIT [Mechanic Ring]
  30. Magnetic Field - Enhance [Mechanic Ring]
  31. The rest of the Gold Medal runes in the way of more contribution stats.

H.) Rune Box

  • Advanced Runes - Skill Runes
    • Rapid Armor Rune - 2nd option unlocked. Gives movement speed and makes you immune to a plethora of traps and environmental hazards.
    • Energy Cannon Rune - The lowest possible charge time is the best for PVP. It is better to be able to use 1 or 2 stacks every now and then compared to charging up 6 stacks with a chance of it being blocked by skills such as Auto Guard, Kyrie or Light Shield. Be sure to keep a 5 or 6 charge one for PVE. For structured PVP, high charge stack might be better since rebuffs are much less common and targets might have less block.
    • Ballistic Modification Rune - As much Arm Cannon Damage that you can get since it boosts your Photon Cannon Damage.
    • Magnetic Field Rune - 3rd option priority. Allows you to move under Magnetic Field. Very helpful for Controlling groups and blocking passageways. 2nd option unlocked allows to you reveal invisible enemies.
    • Machine Re-start Star Rune - 3rd option unlocked. Allows you to fully regenerate your HP and SP without removing Buffs.
    • Iron Fist Rune - Increases Knuckle Boost & Pioneer Damage.
    • Mech Pulse Star Rune - 3rd option optional. It increases The Pioneer's strength, staying power, and overall combat efficiency.
    • Shadow Barrier Rune - Increases Neutral Barrier's duration and effectiveness.
    • Soul Shout Rune - Increases strength. Best filler rune since you can't go wrong with more stats.
  • Attribute Runes - Red
    • Penetration ATK
    • Armor Breaking ATK
    • Destruction ATK
    • Assault ATK
    • Element ATK
  • Attribute Runes - Blue
    • Steel DEF
    • Spell DEF
  • Attribute Runes - Yellow
    • STR Buff
    • DEX Buff
    • LUK Buff

I.) Praying Card

  • Atk Card Priority
    • Pen
    • Ignore Def
    • Dmg to Demi-Human
    • Atk
    • Refine Atk
    • Neutral Dmg
  • Def Card Priority
    • Max HP
    • Magic Dmg Reduc.
    • Dmg Reduc.
    • Def%
    • Neutral Dmg Reduc.
    • Mdef%
  • Element Card Priority
    • Fire Dmg Reduc.
    • Wind Dmg
    • Fire Dmg
    • Water Dmg Reduc.
    • Wind Dmg Reduc.
    • Earth Dmg Reduc.
    • Holy Dmg Reduc.
    • Shadow Dmg Reduc.
    • Poison Dmg Reduc.
    • Ghost Dmg Reduc.

J.) FAQs

  • Q: What stats do the Pioneer Borrow?
    • A: Most stats from your stat page and most buffs and consumables. It does not borrow converter status, and skill effects from weapon, aesir, and runes.
      • 1 = STR, INT, AGI, DEX, VIT, LUK
      • 0.8 = ATK (But can be increased by Mech Pulse Rune by 0.81-1.0)
      • 1 = ATK%, DEF, DEF%, MDEF, MDEF%, MAXHP, MAXHP%
  • Q: Mastering vs Vagabond?
    • A: Short answer is, Mastering will yield you more damage increase overall compared to Vagabond. On the other hand, Vagabond opens up more PVP-oriented build possibilities since STR has more uses in PVP because it increases stun chance and duration. Personally, I don't own any of these two cards since the damage increase for its price is simply too steep and I prefer using defensive cards like Jakk.
  • Q: What refine level should I settle for my Weapon or Accessories?
    • A: At least +6 so you'll be able to activate the 4th enchant bonus and the first two tiers of Anvil Refine. +5/+10/+15 refine will also give you a +0.9% hidden Refine Bonus multiplier for a total of 2.1% max per piece of equipment. See Damage Formula in Additional Material.
  • Q: How much Ignore DEF do I need in PVP?
    • A: As much as you can. Def% increases the Ignore DEF requirement and by default, Assumptio gives 50% and Synth Armors give around an average of 10% so 160% is a good number to aim for.
  • Q: How do I get to more Ignore DEF?
    • A: It’s quite easy for Mechanics.
      • 3% - Aesir
      • 12% - Minor Adv Runes
      • 10% - Skills
      • 20% - Praying Cards
      • 25% - Rosa Chain (37% at +12, 51% at +15)
      • 15% - Ancient Cape
      • 4% - +8 Wolf Grandma Slippers
      • 3% - Spirit Tree 1 & 2
    • That’s a total of 92%. You can get the rest from Morale Enchants or God Weapon.
  • Q: What 4th Enchant should I get for my Equipment?
    • A: It depends on your current setup or how you want to build your character. It’s all about personal preference and how you want to play the game. Do you want to free up your off-hand or garment slot? Get Morale Enchants. Do you want more staying power? Get Tenacity. Do you hate getting CC’d? Get more Stun Resist. Do you want to push for more Damage? Get Sharp Blade.
  • If you have any questions or there are things that you want to discuss then don't hesitate to message me!
  • Thanks for reading!

K.) Additional Reading Material

submitted by Formana to u/Formana

Updated MSF Infographics, November 2020, V4.5.0

Hi everyone,
As always, please let me know if you want to see anything more, have questions or constructive feedback from these graphics. I won't waste my time if it's not a constructive conversation, so keep it civil please.
After last months overhauls, there haven't been dramatic changes this month. The tier list still needs refining, as does the new speed graphic. The challenges and events graphic will be revised next month, after hopefully more toons are made reasonably farmable, as the graphic is based of the ease of building the respective team.
These guides are updated to the paywall release of Stature - November 5, 2020. They also pre-empt the arrival of Yellowjacket and Ghost.
If in doubt with rosters because of the new toons, refer to August's graphics, the graphics from September, or the graphics from October.
If you get resolution issues and are on mobile, use the Imgur app - or open on PC. For some reason, viewing the Imgur link just as a webpage on mobile doesn't allow for high-quality viewing. Otherwise, here is a link to the MSF Infographics Discord server for all of them, along with other content creators.
So..technically able to use Dr Doom to unlock Phoenix after he arrives.
I mean, I doubt you'd be able to get him without her, but the principle of adding him was just too funny to omit.
So it still needs fine tuning, I'm not happy with it, but it conveys the range between each tier better. Added all the new toons, a couple of position reshuffles.
Updated for the new characters, Doom War 2, Greek orb updates and general business.
This includes the changes for later this month, if unsure for current squads (e.g. Sin 6) refer to August/September graphics which are still 95% accurate.
Haven't added the Pym Tech team into this, as I doubt they are going to replace any current teams on attack. I would likely be looking for them on more of a defensive side, if only because of the amount of dodging and evades may cause a time-out. So they'll get added next month.
Same as always, until we can upgrade rooms.
Held off from updating this at all this month - the lack of new characters being in a reasonable farming location means the current teams, while not the best, are still able to complete the higher levels, while still being mostly obtainable.
Base guide, but like last month, your roster will determine what you can make work and what is best. Updated a couple of teams, added Symbiotes, correct farmability portraits.
This will still slowly change as ISO-8 and the game evolve, but it's relatively confident and stable now. Again, thanks to the PoH alliances, Remanx & Co., MSF.gg and the Ragnarok alliances for helping provide information to make this. They deserve all the credit for this. Still looking to eventually add the ISO-8 information to the War Team and Arena/Raid graphics, tailored for those modes.
This month's new graphic (been adding one each month so far) is an updated base speed list. Now, all this information is available on MSF.gg (shoutout to their amazing site) - however some people get a benefit from seeing this visually rather than flat numbers.
I do need to fix where the portraits are and put them in alphabetical order to they are easier to find. But we have heroes on the left, villains on the right.
At the bottom are the characters with speed manipulation in their kits - for example Black Pathers' speed up on kill, or Hawkeye's reduce speed meter attack.
This is not 100% definative, because there are many modifiers that can add/subtract from speeds in the game, but it is their base speeds at least.
Again, if you have any constructive feedback, suggestions, or requests, I'd love to hear them below!
Thanks guys, and 'Good Luck, Commanders!'
submitted by AMV to MarvelStrikeForce