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Local ping over Wi-Fi highly volatile! I've switched to 5GHz AC with higher speeds but no change in local ping!

I'm a tech support guy myself and spent many many years (most my life) diving into these sort of problems, but this is one I have yet to realize.
While playing my game (yes, the only one I play), Rocket League, I noticed some serious stuttering going on. My first idea was to blame the Wi-Fi and potentially some other routers in my apartment building for fucking with the signal, so I ran a ping test for 100 tries. This showed some seriously fluctuating results; from <1ms to >400ms!
So I said.. yep, too many wifi routers in a small area fighting over one another. My router is a Netgear R6200v2 which is capable of 5GHz AC, so I went and bought a new internal AC card for my laptop. I popped it in, reset the system, installed drivers, reset the system again, reset the router, and bam! I connected to 5GHz no problem.
I used inSSIder Office to determine if I was using the best possible channel. I messed with the channels quite a bit til I was satisfied. Then I ran a speed test to see that I'm now pulling 100+ mbps (my internet is 350/20) which I was VERY happily satisfied with.
So I jump back on Rocket League and I'm STILL seeing serious stuttering issues where it appears to work great for a bit and then I lag like hell for 10 seconds.
I run the ping test again and it doesn't look any better! What gives!?
Router is dead?
I've had my fair share of routers for sure! Probably watched 10+ die over the years, but never seen one do THIS!
I'm asking too much from my router?
For some understanding.. I work technical support for a company that offers Remote Management software to many different companies, mostly IT companies that offer their services to many other companies under them; sometimes having over 15000 end-points (servers & workstations).
I use our own software on my devices at home and have setup my home as like a mini lab to try to test as many parts of our software as possible. I have a Domain Controller (physical server), and a small mail server (physical), as well as my desktop, laptop, and my gf's laptop. Then we have a Roku, Chromecast, and my test MacMini device. I'm also Teamviewered into these devices (at least the two servers) almost 24hrs a day.
Perhaps I need to consider upgrading my router to more corporate standards? I don't think I'm hitting that level, but perhaps it's just wearing the router out quickly? I don't know; I hope I've come to the right place!
Attached Files
Ping log from the Domain Controller which is hooked up through switch to router via Cat6
Screenshot of inSSIDer of 5GHz on Channel 48
Log of pings on Channel 48
Screenshot of inSSIDer of 5GHz on Channel 161
Log of pings on Channel 161
Thank you all! I hope I didn't overload you with data! I am use to submitting bugs to our developers who require a stupid amount of evidence before bothering to look at a bug. :P
submitted by dj615 to PCsupport

Barco Clickshare: It Sucks.

I'm the A/V designer, installer, and support for four facilities, about fifty rooms. We're doing a new install and figured we'd give wireless presentation a shot. Intuitiveness is key, and the ClickShare is considered the best of the best, right? We bought one to try out before buying a bunch more, and I'm not at all impressed. I'm using it fresh out of the box, connected directly to the unit's WiFi and not through my own network. First off, each new user doesn't just plug in, press the button, and voila you're presenting. You need to plug in, wait for the button to mount on your device as a USB drive, and open the correct plugin that's on there. There's no clear indication on your computer that it started working, but once it is you can then press the big hardware button and the share starts. This is actually way more work for users than just plugging in an HDMI cable (HDCP and adapter issues aside, of course!) Second big problem... while the resolution is quite good, the framerate and audio sync were very bad. This device would do great for powerpoint slides, but we do a lot of video. Framerate was coming in at around 10-15 FPS, and audio sync jumped all over the place. This was tested across two decent and typical laptops, both a Mac and a PC, at 1080p60. The quickstart directions are also incorrect, as is the default 'help' screen when you boot up the device. Not really a problem for an installer or technician, but they advertise and package this thing as if it's great for those one-off conference rooms where the secretary also does the tech hook ups. On the pros side: When pushing the hardware button, it's very quick to connect. Screensplit was also very quick and intuitive. Resolution was solid and compression was not apparent in color quality or blocking. While this device might be fine for slides and very poor quality video, it is NOT a replacement for even typical use of HDMI at 1080p30. Quick video here comparing direct HDMI and the clickshare. I will say I also tried out Solstice, which is to some considered higher quality than Clickshare, and at least right off the bat the audio sync was off by 5-10 frames. We tried an old Paralinx Arrow we had laying around and found it was far, far better than the Clickshare. Plug right in, no install, no button, framerate was great. audio sync was great, cost about half as much. I think we'll end up deploying whatever the updated model is that Paralinx has out. tl;dr: Framerate and audio sync are BAD, also not intuitive enough to make up for the quality issues
Update, returned it. I went through it very critically as this project is for folks with a sharp eye for video and as this is a big renovation it needed to be reliable. (of course, quality and reliability are the bane of wireless video, but I had to do my due diligence) I suspect that a lot of folks that like the Clickshare are either not the end users/support, and simply install and leave, or they're not looking at this thing with a critical eye. No offense intended to anyone.
I even went back and forth via email with a big chain of Barco's people but haven't really had any concrete solutions to the issues, or pointers about things I may have screwed up. At this point it looks like they're interested in bugfixes, but I'm not interested in paying $2-4k per input on a device that needs bugfixes. In fairness to them, their support has been timely and our conversation hasn't concluded (I've been slacking!)
My troubleshooting was thorough:
Environmental condition check Unit placement Antenna orientation and line of sight Display processing/etc. turned off Switch to 5GHz band as recommended by Barco Determine ideal WiFi channel using inSSIDer Office as recommended by Barco - moved to totally unoccupied channels in 5GHz band Confirmed base unit set to 100% wireless signal strength Updated base unit firmware (sync was worse after update) Updated button firmware Updated client software Tried embedded audio out vs. analog audio out (improved sync, not fixed) Tried output of clickshare at 1280x720 (Big improvement to framerate. Overall a troubleshooting technique but not a solution - 720p coming into 4k display is unacceptable.) Tried lower quality capture mode in client software as recommended by Barco troubleshooting manual (Sync is very close with this, although drifts on occasion up to ~500ms.) Confirmed CPU usage OK on client computer Tried several different modern computers, Mac and PC. Sync issues persist. Tried different displays and locations. Sync issues persist.
At this point during testing, the clickshare started switching between my display and a still frame from several minutes ago, very glitchy and sporadic, with no change on my part. Stopping and restarting the share did not fix it. Video here: Barco Clickshare Glitch
Called Barco Clickshare support and they confirmed that all troubleshooting was thorough and that there was nothing else I could do or check to improve the sync or prevent the still frame glitch.
Note: On my desktop computer, I had to manually open the clickshare exe every single time I plugged the clickshare button in. This was inconsistent with my experience with other computers I used it with.
Unless a clear and definite fix for all issues can be provided, I would not trust this device in a day to day conference room.
submitted by phobos2deimos to CommercialAV