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Read this if you are struggling.

Many of you are reading the posts on this subreddit, just trying to get to the vibrational stage. There is a shift in what you need to think in order to actually astral project.
In order to actually astral project, you don't need to focus on getting vibrations, because you can project before then and sometimes they don't even occur.
You need to focus on getting outside of your body once you are able.
I can't tell you how many times I thought I was just relaxing, and I was actually able to astral project. I probably missed so many chances to astral project just because there were no vibrations or sounds.
If you want immediate results, wake up naturally and don't move. Stay conscious and try to astral project. You will immediately start astral projecting after a couple of seconds.
Do not make vibrations your goal, make astral projection your goal and you will achieve both.
edit: If you want to hear what you may hear during the vibrational stage, click here. And remember, vibrations don't always happen.
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New track from me. Would love some feedback :-) https://soundcloud.com/shift-e-1/shiftz-88-clip

Dunno if this is the right forum for this, but here goes... This is my first attempt at deep/bass house (I usually make trap and future bass), and I would love some feedback from you guys. Good or bad, as long as it's constructive. Cheers :-)
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