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I need help stopping my insurance company from suing my friend for a boating accident happened couple months ago

Hey guys first of all I really appreciate having interest in my post. I'll might end my friend's life for good and really need some help.
So let me explain the accident itself first. A friend of mine finally purchased a $4k boat after working his ass off for years at Saturday midnight on late July. Few other friends were supposed to come as well but they couldn't make it so only me and him went to test drive on Sunday. After some fishing and stuff we decided to go out to larger areas with bigger waves. But apprently we didn't notice there was a shallow, stone riverbed that goes fairly far inside the rivers and high tide was pushing us to the shore. I don't remember what exactly happened before it the crash but thankfully there were lots of people around the shore since we crashed near a old historical site in Sunday afternoon so they helped us getting to the shore(we literally just walked outta the boat cause it slid pretty close to the shore on riverbed I mentioned earlier) and EMT came soon without any problem. My friend was diagnosed few broken bones including jaw, sternum, and ribs later but he refused to take it and his mom took him to the hospital. I, on the other hand suprisingly didn't suffer any serious injury so his mom just took me home later. But later night I was having so much pain that I couldn't even sleep after adrenaline washed off and my other friends who were supposed to come and also used to work in EMT suggested me to check myself out since there's high possibility that I lost memory or even consciousness and my friend who was sitting right next to me broke several bones. I went to emergency room with my guardian(I'm under 18)to take x-ray and stuffs and as I mentioned earlier doc told me I only had some muscle ruptures(although it hurt like a motherf**er lol) and gave me a sheet with some generic head injury protocols(wake up every 2 hours while sleeping for 2 days, call ambulance if I vomit more than once, etc). Surprisingly hospital cost me like a grand when doctor didn't even give me a painkiller but my guardian told me that she'll pay for it first and get a refund from insurance agency later.
But the problem is, my friend had everything like boating and fishing license except the insurance since it was supposed to be a quick test run after a day he bought the boat. Also last night my guardian sent me an email from the company saying they may need proof that the boat was uninsured and asked me what info I have, who's boat it was, who we were with, and where we crashed. It also stated that most boat owner know they need insurance in order to use it and he exposed himself to the risk of *being sued if he was uninsured*.
He already lost 4 grands for the boat, few more for his tooth he lost, and another few for towing fee. It's definetely gonna hit him real hard if my insurance company sues him and I DO NOT want this to happen. Is there anything I can do to prevent this by any chance?
tl dr: Me and my friend had a boating accident a day after he bought it without insurance, went to ER to check myself just in case for brain injury, and now insurance company wants to sue my friend
Thanks in advance everyone. I'm kinda feeling hazy in the early morning right now so there might be some typos and stuff
Edit: ON, Canada
submitted by AppleK47 to legaladvice


My S.O. was victim of a hit and run (car v. bike) accident. We have health insurance, but still owe a lot in medical bills. Driver was identified but has no insurance and is not officially employed. Our lawyer said there was very little hope of getting any money so he quit. Are we screwed?

We are in Colorado. The accident happened about 2 months ago and the medical bills are just starting to come in. Thankfully we have decent health insurance as the total bill was close to 14k, but we're still on the hook for about 4k plus whatever the ambulance ends up costing. We are both exclusively cyclists so there's no auto insurance on our end that might cover the balance (yes, we now know about non-driver insurance and we will be getting it). The woman who hit my S.O. is likely going to do some jail time if the local police ever see fit to arrest her - they have charged her with a felony hit and run that resulted in significant bodily harm (plus driving with a suspended license and no insurance).
My S.O. is basically resigned to paying the damn bills, but my outrage meter is going off. I know healthcare and criminal justice aren't this country's strong suit, but how can there be zero recompense here (as our former lawyer seems to believe)? S.O. was riding her bike a block from our house in broad daylight, gets hit by someone turning into her, spends a night in the ER with 4 broken ribs and a punctured lung, and at the end of the day WE are financially responsible for the whole ordeal because the driver is an uninsured, unemployed asshat too callous to even check that the person she just ran over is OK?
This is as much a rant as a request for legal advice because there are still too many unknowns and the police haven't even arrested the perp. We've reached out to the victims advocacy unit but they've been about as helpful as the PD. The woman at least owns a car, but I'm guessing any proceeds from the auction of that would go to her criminal liabilities first. And if she does have a job that is off the books, she will probably lose it after becoming a felon, so garnishing wages looks unlikely.
Are there any other avenues we should be looking into to get justice and reimbursement for medical bills?
submitted by A_man_on_foot to legaladvice