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A lot of partially finished Ocs please help with names :)

I has drawings on this doc as well https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WCWMSxMQO1MYPP5UG-EADY7QH1wZfSnsgZT8QA4-hhg/edit?usp=sharing
Hero course Students
  • Name: Utsusu Keii (移すmove 敬意 respect/esteem)
  • Hero Name: HummingBird(Hachidori)
  • Quirk: Telekinesis
    • Is able to select and move non living objects. User is not able to select objects close to and around living objects, such as clothes that are being worn. The total mass the user is able to select and move can vary depending on mental state. Overexertion causes headaches, and nosebleeds and sometimes even migraines
  • Personality: She’s a generally nice person and seems really humble despite her powerful quirk. She actually lacks a lot of self esteem. When she was younger she would be praised for her telekinetic quirk by adults and her family but there would always be girls who would gossip behind her back stuff like “it’s just telekinesis” “It’s not that powerful” “look at her acting like she’s above everyone”. This caused her to doubt the praise she got, seeing it more as a comfort for an average quirk rather than an encouragement. The sole reason she became a hero was because others kept telling her she would be a great hero with her quirk so she just followed along. She had no external desire to become a hero until (insert character development)
  • Notes: Her hero costume is designed to look like a hummingbird. She uses the red scarf to wipe away her nose bleeds so her enemies can’t tell if she’s over exerting herself

  • Name: Genki Kasu(元気Energy 化すchange into/convert)
  • Hero Name:
  • Quirk: Energy redistribution
    • If the he is hit with at least a minimum amount of energy, he will absorb a percentage of it and can store it to be used. He will take damage to whatever he did not absorb. Energy will dissipate after some time if not used.
  • Personality: Very protective of those close to him, willing to take a bullet for them because he believes he can handle it. Can end up careless because he sometimes thinks nothing can hurt him. He puts up a happy face no matter what situation he’s in, wanting to show that he’s okay and that he can take any hits for others.
  • Notes: I kinda created him to support Keii not sure about how to make his personality

  • Name: Ken Ayre (Ken (Kangaroo) and Ayre (Ayres Rock))
  • Hero Name: Saxton Hale
  • Quirk: Kangaroo
    • Extra strength, extra long feet, ears and a tail.
  • Personality: quite free and fun loving, doesn’t really take things seriously even his exams. Relies a lot on his strength.
  • Notes: He looks up to Miruko(manga character) which is why he moved to Japan, he’s australian(I know very stereotypical).

  • Name: Kemurei Seishuri (Mixture of the words "Smoke" "Spirit" and "Ghost")
  • Hero Name: Keimuri No Kami
  • Quirk: Ghastly
    • Can turn body and anything he’s directly touching into a smoke like substance(he learns to turn one other person with him) and travel faster than as a solid form. When he’s in his smoke form he can go through vents and otherwise small openings but it can be an issue if there isn’t enough space, making it dangerous to turn back as he would be trapped in the area he’s in. He can’t breath while transformed, so it can only last as long as he can hold his breath, also means its harder to do consecutive transformations. With training he has also learnt to make only one or two parts of his body gas as a form of defense. He can only do it for short bursts though.
  • Personality: Very cheeky/mischievous. Enjoys having fun and pranking classmates/friends
  • Notes:

  • Name: Hosekiyu Kabesho ("Gem","Crystal","Sphere","Wall")
  • Hero Name:
  • Quirk: Crystal bubble
    • She can create a hard shielding orb. She creates bubbles centers directly between both palms. Can have part of bubble being unformed, ie can be created around the wrist so hands are surrounded. The larger the bubble, the thinner the layer and easier to break though this can be compensated if she maintains the ship of the bubble using her palms instead of releasing it.. Bubbles created in the air float. She later learns she doesn’t have to create a whole sphere, making it easier to create a large strong shield.
  • Personality: She stands up for those who she judges needs to be defended. She’s generally a very happy person and usually tries to stop any fights and resolve issues without violence.
  • Notes:

  • Name: Shokuzo Saizo(changable I’m not sure I like what I came up with)
  • Hero Name: Bonzai
  • Quirk: Germination
    • User can grow any kind of plant they have been in contact with on their skin. They can create stuff such as cactus spikes to cover skin, tree bark as protection, create vine whips, poison Ivy, etc. more powerful when there’s more sunlight. User can make plants shrivel up and disintegrate to remove
  • Personality: Kind guy. Wants to use his quirk for rescue but is quite a jack of all trades. He loves gardening and hopes he can use his quirk to comfort victims during a crisis.
  • Notes: His mom’s quirk is that she can grow plants on her body, her skin is normal but she’s in a wheelchair cus she has like a giant tree currently growing out of her side, it doesn’t hurt her but it limits her movement. His dad is green. He makes plants he touches grow faster. Loves peaches.

  • Name: Jiremotsu Ingyoshin (Both anagrams of their literal translations of "Puppet Master" And "String")
  • Hero Name: Marionette
  • Quirk: Doll Joints
    • She can launch with a force or just detach body parts separated by seems on the body. Detached body parts be remotely controlled, ie having a hand move and grab things as if they were still attached to the body. Detached body parts can be pulled back to the user like magnetic attraction. However, if limbs are left detached for too long there is a risk of permanent injury due to lack of proper circulation.
  • Personality: Her face appears emotionless so some people get the chills the first time they meet her. Although her face rarely changes, she has quite the sense of humour which is even funnier cus she would say it with a completely deadpan expression.
  • Notes: She cut her hair into a pixie cut after getting into UA so it’s easier to launch her head.

  • Name: Chitan ... (チタン literally means titanium[according to google translate it can be read as chi tan and mean blunder]) or Zuko, posaya ( dont know how you feel about it, the first name is a combination of metal and Titanium and the second is a combination of pure and manipulation )
  • Hero Name:
  • Quirk: Titanium manipulation
    • Can liquify titanium to mould into shapes as long as in contact with skin or indirectly with manipulated titanium. The more pure the metal the easier to manipulate.
  • Personality: Zaku is very headstrong and always makes sure to get the job done, he has a dry wit, known as being very sarcastic. Due to the nature of his quirk he can be quite clumsy.
  • Notes: He was actually born with titanium limbs, his mom was having a really tough time in labour. He comes from a fairly well off family, his parents send him blocks of pure titanium as gifts. The more titanium the heavier it is so he can’t have huge amounts all the time, when he adds more metal his limbs physically look like they’re gaining muscle.

  • Name: Tanso Mikaraki
  • Hero Name: Mikarage
  • Quirk: Mirage breath
    • She’s able to emit invisible gas from breathing through her mouth. She can then manipulate this gas and create mirages based off her imagination. Through practice she has been able to manipulate this gas to hide her own form. These illusions that she makes have some sense of mass, if one lightly brushes it they would feel it, however a hard smack or punch would cause the gas to dissipate. With practice she has also been able to create vocal cords in her illusions to make said illusions speak. One weakness is that it can’t hide sounds and smells so anyone with a quirk that heightens these senses would see through the mirages. She’s also able to manipulate entire sceneries if she manages to breath out enough of her gas. Quirk is best used if opponent isn’t aware that she has activated it.
  • Background: Mikaraki's mom, Tanso Issanka, has a carbon monoxide breathe quirk, in which she breathes out carbon monoxide instead or carbon dioxide, which has greatly affected her life: she's not allowed to work and is limited to the amount of time she's allowed in public for the safety of others. The government forces her to wear a special mask so that the areas around her wont get polluted with carbon monoxide. Mikaraki's father, Gure, is a very loving man but because of Issanka's quirk, his bad habit of smoking and the stress from his job, Gure's health has been steadily declining. Mikaraki used to take her family and quirk for granted, often shunning her mother at a young age as she wanted to appear popular. However after her mother lashing out from the build up of being ignored by her daughter and being unwanted in society, Mikaraki saw the faults in her actions and has been trying to build a more solid relationship with her parents.
  • Personality: She's quite fun loving and plays around in class but she doesnt particularly like talking about her family. She's quite artistic but decided to pursue hero work as she believes she can work as a hero to help people like her mother who are shunned by society due to their quirks.
  • Notes: (I have come to realise someone else in the manga has this quirk but meh)

  • Name: Denshi Ryuko (電子electron 流行 trend, ryu means current)
  • Hero Name: Tesla
  • Quirk: Charge manipulation
    • User is able to control the flow of charge (electrons) within their body. They can transfer electrons to other bodies but will lose electrons, due to the human body having a limited number of electrons and she will become positively charged. To counter this, she can ground herself, allowing electrons from the earth to replace any transferred electrons. However, electrical currents can be painful and deadly but she learns to move the electrons so they don’t affect nerves and the heart. Carelessness could lead to death.
  • Personality: Due to nature of he quirk he’s actually quite careful and thorough. He’s had to research a lot about the human body and electronics to best use his quirk with without hurting himself. He likes to go with the flow and keep up with the latest trends. Quite sociable and is quite socially adaptive.
  • Notes:

  • Name: Kami, Surudoii
  • Hero Name: Lance
  • Quirk: Quills
    • His body creates excess keratin below hair follicles. He can control the growth of this keratin and turn them into quills. He can also make the quills stand up or flatten down. Flattened down quills act similar to scales and can act as a defensive technique. He can also release the quills, though not powerfully, a few metres at best. The quills will be released in the direction they are standing, making aim quite difficult. Dry skin makes the quirk stronger.
  • Personality: quite the sharp mind doesn't get angry hard to impress confident 24/7 no matter who he's fighting
  • Notes:

  • Name: Gale, Harpuya
  • Hero Name: Harpuia
  • Quirk: Balloon
    • She has a valve on their belly button. She can quickly fill up with air and become a round balloon. Different volumes of air means different flexibility and softness so they can fill up partially to be a nice air cushion, etc. She can also quickly release the air in them. This will send a blast air out of her valve which can knock back enemies in front of them but it also blows her backwards like if you fill a normal balloon and suddenly let it go.
  • Personality: a rather bubbly individual who generally enjoys the company of others, she tends to have her head in the clouds and uses rather circular logic. She isn't the brightest but she will not put up with a bully or and insult to her intelligence or lack of it, however she does have some form of an inflated ego which sometimes gets her into trouble, she can easily burst into laughter from single joke and is quite the jokester herself, she doesn't really know how to deal with serious situations but she will always try to lift someones spirit.
  • Notes: She's flat as a board lmao

  • Name:
  • Hero Name:
  • Quirk: Orbit
    • She can create an area around her where small non-living objects which enter or are in the area will orbit around them in a anti-clockwise direction. The objects would start to orbit at the minimum speed. Once they are in orbit around them, she can manipulate the speed at which they orbit though they can speed up at a higher rate and at higher speeds the longer they are in orbit. She can also manipulate the radius, extending beyond the "activation" area, the total range of the radius they can extend to is very large but if it's beyond a limit it would have to return to the "activation" area for a while before it's orbiting radius can be extended that far again. She can also change the rough shape of the orbit, from something more circular to elliptical, elliptical allows for a further maximum distance but it requires more speed. She can also slingshot objects out of their orbit but they require quite a bit of speed to be flung out. Once an object is in orbit around them, She can’t stop them from orbiting with their quirk as she cannot make the object orbit at any speed slower than the minimum but she can remove them by hand.
    • Simply speaking the activation area is kind of like a charging area so they can build up the speeds of objects in the activation area but when the object uses a lot of energy it needs recharging (kind of)
  • Personality: Calm person who’s likes to tell people how to better their lives. She usually gives quite good comments and suggestions but she’s a bit obsessed with star signs, and horoscopes which can be pretty irritating. She believes her quirk is stronger when her star sign is stated to have a good day.
  • Notes:

  • Name:
  • Hero Name:
  • Quirk: Carbon manipulation
    • They can change their own body carbon. They can change their nails to diamond, skin to graphene, etc. However, it takes time and concentration to rearrange the carbon atoms and can be damaging to the body if they change too much.
  • Personality:
  • Notes:

Support course Students
  • Name:
  • Quirk: Muscle fiber hair
Her hair is made of muscle fibers(duh). Just like normal muscles, she can train them to get stronger but atm one strand has the strength of a finger. Her hair has nerves in them too. The fibers themselves are naturally not very strong however they can be trained.
  • Personality: She’s rather scared of pain which was her reason for not going into the hero course. Although she’s in support she doesn’t actually create many support items, she prefers to instead help others with her quirk. Going by raw power, her quirk can easily train to be a very powerful quirk but her fear of pain caused her to decide to help the world by making support items instead. She’s very cooperative and is very good at taking instructions.
  • Notes:

  • Name: Riketsuki Koshimo
  • Hero Name: Peppermint
  • Quirk: Blood Ribbons
    • When her blood is exposed to air from an incision on the skin it doesn’t flow out as a liquid but comes out as ribbons with similar characteristics as sheets of iron. She can control the blood ribbons psychically.the ribbons are strong but malleable and can be extended quite far. The volume of ribbons is proportional to how much blood would normally come out of the wound. She can be wrapped around the users body to act as armour. They’re good to defend against sharp slices but are barely any help against blunt blows because they’re so malleable. If too much blood is used she start to suffer from anaemic symptoms and if really too much is used she could possibly suffer from blood loss.
  • Personality: Unwavering, Hard to anger, Hard to impress. Perfectionist, willing to sacrifice for the greater good
  • Notes:

  • Name: Clementine ...
  • Hero Name: Jellotine
  • Quirk: Gelatine
    • They can make their body have jelly-like characteristics to take in blows and deal them back. They can also make objects around them act like jelly, activate by placing all 10 fingers on that object or surface.
  • Personality:Very Cheerful, kind and bubbly. Usually wants to avoid combat but will take the punch for anyone. Loves sweets and gummy candy
  • Notes:

  • Name:
  • Quirk: Voodoo doll
    • Cuts a laceration that draws blood, she can turn that person into a little stuff toy. The person transformed would be vaguely aware of their surroundings but wouldn’t be able to move on their own accord or activate their quirks or feel any pain. Like many stuff toys, the people would have squeakers which would activate their quirk if they have an emitter or transformation based quirk. The quirk that comes out of the doll would be 10% of what it is in real life. The person will stay in the form of a doll for an extended period of time, however after the time is up, the quirk will wear off and the person will poof back to normal. However the time can be extended as long as she has skin contact with the doll. She can turn them back when she wants. If the person has injuries when she transforms them, ie a broken leg, the doll would show a similar injury, ie a torn leg. She can also stitch up the doll and when the person returns to normal they would have been healed as if they had gone through surgery and recovered, however, the doll can only be stitched up using a piece of her DNA such as her hair. Any injuries sustained to the doll would be shown on the person when they turn back, ie rip off the dolls head and you basically decapitated the person. If a person is turned to a doll and the doll is ripped for example but she sows them back, the actual person would not have sustained any injuries at all.
  • Personality: obviously she’s not mentally right, I think I want her to be a bit of a sociopath. She is morally oblivious to her actions due to her young age.
  • Notes: She’s a young girl, maybe 8 or 9 so she doesn’t have full control of her quirk
submitted by _euclase_ to BNHA_OC_Characters


Global Flexible Graphite Sheet Industry Market Research Report

Global Flexible Graphite Sheet Report offers key market insights based on diverse regions, product category and applications. The fundamental Flexible Graphite Sheet market landscape based on consumption, CAGR value, market share by type from 2014-2024 is explained. The study on Flexible Graphite Sheet Industry will help the clients in discovering the growth opportunities, development constraints and designing the feasibility study.
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According to the topography, the report is segmented based on revenue share, production, consumption status and Flexible Graphite Sheet Market value. Market dominance across regions like North America ( USA, Canada, Mexico), Europe (UK, France, Italy, Germany, Russia and others), Asia-Pacific (Japan, Korea, China, India, and rest of Southeast Asia), Middle East & Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Africa, Egypt and others) and South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and rest) are studied.
The market overview, scope, definitions and classification are represented. The revenue and market share comparison by product types from 2014-2024 are studied. The forecast market size estimation and maturity study is conducted. The top industry manufacturers are profiled with their product portfolio, regional dominance, gross margin, revenue and market share for the year 2018-2019. The competitive scenario of these top Flexible Graphite Sheet Industry players is explained based on revenue and growth rate from 2014-2019.
Furthermore, the regional and country level revenue and growth rate in Flexible Graphite Sheet Industry is presented for a feasibility check. To derive the market statistics various elements like population, GDP, technological innovations, and end-user analysis is conducted. Also, the import-export-status, procuring power parity and cost structures are considered for deriving market statistics.
In the next segment, forecast industry overview from 2019-2024 is represented in this report. Market size, revenue and growth expected in this market is explained. Also, regional-wise SWOT analysis, forecast development status and growth opportunities are reflected in this study. The upstream buyers and downstream consumer analysis are conducted to provide complete Flexible Graphite Sheet Market view. The product type, application and region with the highest growth potential and development plans can be analysed from Flexible Graphite Sheet Market Research Report.
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A pin-point strategic evaluation is done to analyse production value, growth trend, and import-export and consumption details. The segmented Flexible Graphite Sheet Market view is as follows:
Market Division By Product Type:
Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5
Market Division By Applications:
Automotive gasketing General industrial packing Pasts for semiconductor equipment Corrosion resistant seals IT industry Others
Market Division By Key Players:
GrafTech Mersen Xuzhou Jinxing Graphite Material Co. Custom Gasket Mfg Toyo Tanso Gasket Resources Garlock Teadit The Flexitallic Group Lamons Gee Graphite Ltd
Market Division By Regions:
  • North America
  • Europe
  • China
  • Japan
  • Middle East & Africa
  • India
  • South America
  • Rest of the World
The competitive Flexible Graphite Sheet Industry structure will analyze complete market performance based on key market driving forces. The SWOT analysis of top regions and players will determine the present and forecast market scope, estimated development and industry growth. The emerging product types, applications and market players are studied comprehensively. Flexible Graphite Sheet Industry insights into market value and market volume will be useful for strategic and profitable business plans.
The Key Questions Answered by this Report are:-
  1. What is the expected growth, development rate and Flexible Graphite Sheet market value by 2024?
  2. Which are market driving forces, strengths and development constraints in this Industry?
  3. What are the challenges and market risks faced by industry players that affect their growth?
  4. Which are top manufacturers in Flexible Graphite Sheet Market and what is their market share and gross margin?
  5. Which product types and applications depict the highest demand globally?
Thanks for reading this research report. If you have any special/custom requirements, please let email us and we will customize the report based on your requirements. Global Flexible Graphite Sheet Report is a complete research guide which will assist the eminent players in planning their business strategies. The ever-changing market dynamics, business plans, technological innovations are profiled in this report. Lastly, useful conclusions, data sources and implied research techniques are covered.
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Charlie John
Business Development Manager
Contact Line: +1 213 814 2700
E-mail : [email protected]
Web : https://www.marketwizard.biz
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