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[Discussion] Volcanic Queen; Could It Come To Duel Links?

[Discussion] Volcanic Queen; Could It Come To Duel Links?
Nearly 3 years after Volcanics were first added in Duel Links, Konami has teased the potential addition of Axel Brodie/O'Brien as a playable character down the line. And though most Volcanic cards are currently in the game, including O'Brien's ace Volcanic Doomfire, courtesy of Primal Burst, and a lot of players are still traumatized by the mere sight of Volcanic Shell due to recent Invoked Neos showings, there are several Volcanic cards still to be added, including the very interesting Volcanic Queen.
And I know what you're thinking: isn't this just a worse Lava Golem? Well, yes... but actually no. So let's take a closer look at Volcanic Queen and the potential beneath it!
which is harder to see: the card text, or the fiery woman on top of volcanic queen's head?
  • Similarly to Lava Golem, Volcanic Queen can only be Summoned by Tributing a monster your opponent controls and on their side of the field, and restricts you from Normal Summoning or Setting during the turn in which you summon it.
  • However, unlike Lava Golem, Volcanic Queen requires only 1 Tribute, making it more flexible but less powerful as removal than its fiendish counterpart.
  • Volcanic Queen also has a burn effect... or rather two. Before going further into those, let's assume that, if Volcanic Queen were to be added, the damage its effects deal would be reduced from 1000 LP to 500 LP.
    • First, the player who controls it (aka, your opponent if you're the one who Summoned Volcanic Queen) can send another card they control to the GY to inflict 500 LP worth of burn damage. This effect effectively turns Volcanic Queen into a weapon your opponent can use against you... provided they have cards they'll want to get rid of. Overall, I'd say this is less of a double-edged sword effect than it seems, usually requiring your opponent to forfeit some card advantage for some measly burn.
    • Second, the effect closest to Lava Golem: on their End Phase, Volcanic Queen will either burn your opponent for 500 or force them to Tribute another monster. The fact that it happens in the End Phase rather than during Standby Phase like Lava Golem is a definite detriment, as it gives your opponent ample time to get rid of Volcanic Queen, something I'll go over more in detail later. Forcing your opponent to Tribute a monster they control does sound powerful on paper, but the burn damage is tame enough that they'll more often than not choose to keep their valuable monsters.
  • In terms of raw stats, 2500 ATK is less threatening to stare at than Lava Golem's 3000, making it unable to get over Cocytus for instance, and its measly 1200 DEF means you'll be able to use Volcanic Queen as a lesser Kaiju for easy non-targeting, non-destruction spot removal to latter get over with your very own Jerry Beans Man. Which might actually be the best thing to do with the card, because...
  • Due to the lateness of its maintenance cost and the burn effect it gives to your opponent, your opponent will have ample time to use Volcanic Queen however they see fit, its Level 6 making it compatible with generic lv1-to-3 Tuners for lv7-to-9 Synchro plays, especially in Shiranuis. Worse even, they might tribute it with the very popular Ballista Squad to get rid of one of your own cards.
  • As a part of the Volcanic archetype... this card has very little synergy with the rest of the archetype, which are often much better equipped to deal burn damage without handing your opponent a tool to potentially crush you with.
  • All in all, Volcanic Queen is a weaker and riskier Lava Golem, potentially having a role in niche stall/burn oriented decks like Stromberg or Invoked but not serving for much else. Worry not, duelists, its addition would not usher a new era of burn.
So, for our three main questions:

1- Is it a good card?

Eh... it's okay. It's a lesser Lava Golem, functioning more as a removal option with an added burn on top, where Lava Golem was more interesting due to being played as both a removal option and a reliable burn card, often winning the Duel on the spot.

2- Would it impact the meta?

Yes. Despite its mediocre effects, Volcanic Queen serves as a very powerful removal option that can be abused by a number of decks, and I have no doubt it could breath in some new life into Invoked, which I'm sure everybody on this subreddit would be happy about.

3- Should it be added in Duel Links?

I'm going to err on the cautious side here and say no, or at least not right now. Volcanic Queen's utility as a removal tool would be much too annoying to play against, not to mention Duel Links players tend to hate burn moreso than anything. It reminds me a lot of Kaijus in the OCG/TCG, which isn't necessarily a good or a bad thing - after all, Kaijus themselves were a necessary evil to get rid of the never-ending affluence of insurmountable, "cannot be targeted or destroyed" boss monsters which were themselves the result of more and more powerful non-destruction removal options like Castel or Silent Honor ARK.
That little bit of Yu-Gi-Oh history aside, Volcanic Queen doesn't really further any plays or create any interesting strategies, and as much as I hate staring down a boss monster I can't easily get rid of, I don't think Volcanic Queen would make for a very satisfying solution.
And that's all for now! Thank you once again for reading this, I was torn between looking at this card and Volcanic Counter in the wake of what I assume will be an O'Brien Roaming Duelist Event, but I figured Counter was less interesting to overly analyze.
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Scoundrels Chapter 107: Battle at the Western Bridge

I am The Bard, who likes nothing so much as a good turning of the tide. The moon may be a harsh mistress, but there’s nothing quite like watching all the plans of the evil one washed away like so many sandcastles.
The brilliant beacon of fire was seen from all across the city, and all not currently engaged in battle turned towards it in awe. Resistance Command put out the word across the line, trying to figure out whether this new arrival was friend or foe. Lamora reported in, grinning ear to ear. “Command this is Lamora, that’s our backup.”
”A little less unhelpfully vague Lamora?” Command sent back.
”That is Elsior Drakenblut, more than likely carrying the Conqueror’s Spear Anathema, and about to tear these snakes a new you-know-what.” Lamora faithfully reported. “Thank your lucky stars she’s on our side.”
There was a moment of stunned silence from command as they tried to process this. All of them knew the name Drakenblut, and probably knew of Elsior, and they all had heard of Anathema. But to see the spear wielded, its dreadful power unleashed, was an entirely different experience. “Roger that, can you patch us through?”
”Patching you through now command.” Lamora said with more than a little bit of a grin. “El, why have you always got to be so flashy? You’re making me a jealous goddess.”
”Become a goddess of something more flashy then, you’re a shapeshifter aren’t you?” Elsior replied. “Alright, who else is on this line?”
”Lady Drakenblut, this is Origa Deltus, speaking for resistance command. What’s your position and status?” Command replied.
”Currently on one-oh fifth and sixty-sixth, moving towards the river, and from there I’m headed towards the eastern gate, see if I can’t bring down that barrier and make us a way in without knocking down the curtain walls.”
Command paused for a very long moment. “You can do that?”
”Morrell pulled the barrier back rather than try to hold against me. I think I can pop it if I get close.” Elsior replied. “At the risk of sounding like I’m making a bad pun, our best shot for sending these things running is to cut the head off the snake. I can handle Morrell, and that scaly preacher, I just have to get to them, and not burn down the city in the process.”
”Roger that. We’ll send what support we can, but the snakes are pressing our defenses hard. I don’t know if we can push all the way to the river.”
”Command, send me the scoundrels, and we’ll handle it.” Elsior replied confidently.
”Say again? What do you mean the scoundrels?”
”Oh, right.” Elsior said somewhat sheepishly. “Ray, Lamora, and Keelah. Matlal is with me.”
”Not sure who Ray is, Lamora I trust you do?”
”He’s out of it for the moment, but he’ll catch up.” Lamora replied. “Permission to select a few men for a support mission?”
”Granted. Godspeed scoundrels.”
”See you at forty-ninth and bridge El.” Lamora sent.
”Don’t be late.”
”You got that Keelah?” Lamora sent.
”Roger roger. ‘Mora, we’ve been back for less than a day and you’re already volunteering us for suicide missions. Could we not just go off to some nice garrison posting?” Keelah grumbled good-naturedly.
”Times like these we need the heroes on the front lines.”
”I hate being a hero. It had better pay well and come with a fancy hat.”
Lamora chuckled, and sent to Raymond. “Ray, what’s your status.”
”Stage one of spell recovery is complete.” Raymond yawned. “Currently in stage two.”
”Power nap, coffee, and a bagel?” Lamora asked.
”Ghost cyclones are hungry casting. Two bagels, and the strong coffee.”
”Understandable, send me Cualli, it’ll help the backup move along.”
”On her way, and I’ll make sure I’m presentable.” Raymond replied, and put down his bagel. With notable effort, he forced the shadow back down into its place and returned to his human form. He chewed his bagel with some concern, it had never been that difficult to shift back before. Unleashing that much necromantic power could have unintended consequences if he wasn’t very careful.
At their destination and several minutes ago, several squads sat garrisoning one of the main bridges over the river. Two in particular sat, yawning lazily beneath the emerald dome. “This is the worst.” One, who’s name I cannot pronounce and shall therefore just call James, grumbled to the other, who was called Set. “We could be out commanding our own death squads, terrorizing the meat, and taking our fill of their blood and plunder.”
Set clubbed him on the back of the head. “You idiot. They’re for sacrifices, not eating. If you ever want a command you need to think less with your loins and gut.”
”Well excuse me for wanting to actually enjoy this supposed day of triumph. I’ve been sitting on this bridge for hours. We could have at least been deployed to the south, we might have won some glory for ourselves there.”
”Or more likely been shot and left to die in the gutter. Let them earn that “glory”, we are here to serve dutifully.”
”Still, you’d think taking over their capital would be less boring.”
At this moment, Elsior claimed Anathema, and the pillar of fire went screaming into the heavens. The two mooks turned to it, and then Set turned to James. “You had to say it you utter tool.”
Minutes later, doom began marching down the riverside towards the bridge. Eight feet of blood-red armor, wielding a spear dripping with liquid fire. The meat’s armor pulsed with magical energy like a heartbeat, its face obscured behind a diabolical helm. It moved almost casually towards the fifty-serpent strong garrison, speartip tracing a line of fire on the street.
”So then, is this the Ascalon the meat speaks of?” James hissed, no longer quite so eager for glory.
”Isn’t it supposed to be a male?”
”You can tell the difference?”
”I actually did my own dissections and didn’t ask Jaseth to do them for me. Regardless, kill it!”
The malisons drew back their longbows, arrowheads poisoned and barbed, and fired. A longbow wielded by a skilled archer can penetrate even sturdy plate if it finds its mark, and half a hundred arrows is a lot of chances to find a weak point. Elsior looked up at the rain of shafts, and smirked. With a snap of her fingers, thunder roared, crimson lightning arcing off her armor, and with a sweep of Anathema, she brought it down in a wall that shattered the shafts.
She burst through the wall of lighting, bringing it after her like a living thing. The Yuan-ti prepared to fire, focused entirely on the charging lioness. Just as planned. Out of the corner of his eye, James saw a green-gold blur striking out from a nearby window. He shouted a warning, and turned to fire, but light flared like the dawn.
The Yuan-ti dropped their bows and covered their eyes, as Matlal fell upon them, radiant as the sunrise in the midst of the dark and stormy night. He lead with blasts of fire from his palms, scattering the malisons. One of their captains, a mighty abomination, stood his ground and drew his blades, but he would never raise them. Matlal descended with a devestating axe kick, smashing his heel into the serpent’s head and crushing it.
He landed lightly atop the corpse, and formed a sphere of fire in his hands, then clapped them together and spread them out, creating a great wall of golden flames which divided the bridge in half. The water screamed and hissed, rising into a great mist which covered the bridge, but Matlal did not need his eyes to see.
He stepped forwards towards the southern bank, the fire covering his rear. His eyes gleamed, tracking the corrupted life-energy of the serpents. The blood of sobek called to him, flames kindling about his teeth. He stepped forwards in precise, metered movements, almost like a dance. But a dance for dragons, as with every motion, he called forth flame, either from the wall, or directly from his own ki. Each blast of flame was controlled, precise, and lethal, blasting fist-sized holes through heads and hearts alike.
Then an attacker burst from the mist, a great four-armed abomination, armed with four swords. The wave-bladed weapons moved in a dance, each one dripping with curses. Matlal quickly retreated, batting away several strikes to his legs and torso. Where the monk’s body met the cursed weapons, light and shadows flashed, hissing like water dripped into hot oil.
The ferocious assault put the lizardman on the back foot. Normally, his ki reinforced scales would have proven most efficacious at deflecting weapons, but the curses laid upon the blades required special concentration to deflect. Furthermore, on account of his enemy’s great strength, he could not risk a direct block, lest they smash through his spiritual defenses with purely physical force.
His back hit the railing, and the abomination lunged, certain of its triumph. Matlal caught the blade, and toppled backwards, monk and monster falling into the river below.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the bridge. Elsior wrought red ruin upon the yuan-ti. Her charge hit their hastily assembled spear wall and tore through like a .50 cal through paper. With a single blow from anathema, she melted three serpents, piercing to the center of their lines. She broke her momentum on a singularly unlucky malison, driving her elbow into his throat with enough force to decapitate him.
With a snap of her fingers, her stormforged armor lashed out, calling out with waves of paralyzing static. The storm answered, lighting falling from heaven to the head of anathema, which she swept about in a great arc. The great blade of hellfire and arcane electricity gutted the formation, hurling bodies away half-disintegrated from her power.
She thrust thrice with the great spear, and slew three with one hand. Meanwhile, into the other she called forth her mighty axe, and split two with a single backhanded strike. Without missing a beat, she halted and reversed the blow into a throw, sending the axe flying like a whirling guillotine blade. She then turned, and charged up the bridge, the speed of her strike throwing Set and James into the water.
The pair of mooks landed upside down, trying to orient themselves. As they did so, their jaws dropped as they witnessed a brutal sight. Matlal had gotten his jaws onto the abbomination, and had begun to spin. The lizardman’s death roll tore great bleeding chunks out of the man-serpent, shredding him apart and filling the water with blood and offal.
Deciding they had both had quite enough of glory, they imediately began swimming upstream as fast as they could. It was hardly optimal, but given that Matlal was downsteam from them, it was the only real option. After a moment, Set turned back and nearly fainted from fright, as Matlal had finished with his prey and now rose out of the water to stand upon it. Blood and water dripped across the sun-blessed scales, and his eyes were like looking upon the dawn.
”SWIM FASTER! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY SWIM IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!” Set screamed, redoubling his efforts to escape the chosen of the fifth sun. That light was as much of an abomination to him as he was to it, a burning, choking brilliance that seared his flesh and soul. He was naked before the light, before the all-consuming gaze that banished him like spring banishes winter.
Matlal did not consider any of this, as he stifled a laugh at the panicking Malisons. It was not in his nature to kill a fleeing enemy, even one of the race he considered his mortal foes. To destroy them was necessary, and he took no joy in it. He was amused, for they so rarely had the chance, or the good sense, to flee.
James turned back again, and let out a most unbecoming scream as a ball of fire streaked towards the cowardly pair. There was a great explosion of steam and spray, which hurled the serpents out of the river and onto the streets. Without hesitation, they rose and fled with all haste from the city, never to return. They later were found to be living a peaceful vegetarian life in the woods, making their way by selling medicines, having become violently pacifistic and somewhat hydrophobic.
Seeing another death squad approaching from the north, Matlal gave a shout to Elsior. “You’re throwing around of lightning there Elsi. Care to see the trick I told you about near Raevir’s?”
Elsior’s eyes widened, and she grinned under her helmet. “Let em have it old man!” She shouted, and loosed another bolt towards the enemy. Matlal raced towards the water’s edge and leapt up, intercepting the lighting bolt. Catching it on his outstretched fingers, he took the power in. He raised his other hand, and focused his ki through it. He could not control the lightning, only guide it, and make it even more powerful. With a roar like the eruption of a solar flare, a wave of light poured out from his outstretched hand and washed over the death squad.
As Matal’s bare feet landed on the stone, he let out a yelp and hopped to the side. The solar bolt’s passage had turned the stones red-hot, and reduced the entire death squad to dust. There was no longer any trace of them whatsoever. “We are doing that trick again.” Elsior said, duly impressed.
”One of these days I’ll teach you how it works.” Matlal said, and then noticed another squad approaching from the west. “They don’t know when to quit.” Matlal grumbled, before lifting his head up at the cry of a condor.
As he watched, a staff fell from the condor’s grasp, and with a flash of light, Raymond and a squadron of hobgoblins emerged. Raymond caught the falling staff, and leveled the adamantine blade towards the oncoming serpents. “Fire!” He roared, and the guns complied.
The death squad’s sorcerer attempted to raise a shield, but Lamora fell like lightning upon him. With a single silver sliver slash, said sorcerous serpents sinister soliloquy was silenced, and his skull fell to the stones with a splat.
The hobgoblin’s bullets slammed into the front ranks of the death squad and splattered them across the street. Caught in the open with no cover, their mostly cloth and chain armor was no match for black powder. Those towards the rear found their armor no protection either, as Lamora’s blade cut through them with utter contempt. A storm of crossbow bolts fell upon them from all directions, seemingly from nowhere and everywhere at once, while the cackle of a kobold filled the air.
Those few remaining charged the hobgoblin line, hoping to break through. With practiced disicpline, the soldiers frustrated them, seamlessly swapping from rifle to halberd in seconds. Serpentine spears hit the wall of polearms in a disjointed melee. One, seeing Raymond carried only a sword, struck there, hoping to use their reach to their advantage.
Raymond raised his blade in a parry, deflecting the strike upwards, and following through with first an upward counter that split the head of the spear from the shaft, then stepping fowards with a lunging swipe that split open the serpent’s throat. Raymond quickly stepped back, pointing towards the mortally wounded yuan-ti with his staff. The creature’s body began to bulge and gleam indigo, as Raymond hastily raised a shield. There was a dull boom, muffled by the shield, and then silence.
Raymond dropped the shield and cleaned his borrowed sword, nodding towards Elsior. “I like the new armor. Red’s a better color on you than black.” Then his eyes flicked to the spear, and he took several steps back. His shadow stretched out weirdly behind him, clawing at the stones in an attempt to drag itself away from him.
Memories flashed, a burning agony in his chest, then his whole being, torn to pieces by that infernal flame. There was no cool darkness nor peaceful oblivion, only the howl of fire, and the mocking laughter of a dark god. He shook his head. “Not a fan of the spear. Definitely not a fan.”
”I can tell.” Elsior said, looking at the shadow with some concern. “That thing under control?”
”Mostly.” Raymond replied, observing his own terrified shadow with a slight degree of curiosity and annoyance.
”I think I better keep the spear close to hand then, just in case.”
”Spooky getting spooked, that’s something I haven’t seen in a while.” Keelah replied, casually tossing the dead yuan-ti’s jewelry into a bag. The others stared at her, and she continued looting. “What, if I’m stuck playing hero I’m at least getting rich off of it.” She finished her looting, and sat up with a somewhat heavier bag. “Especially since you idiots lost the entire bank of Raevir’s Landing somehow.”
”Blame Saeorai for that one.” Raymond said, cracking his neck.
”I did, that’s why I wanted to kill her!”
The scoundrels smiled. Some things never changed, even in the most dire situations. “Alright, let’s go pop that shield and finish this-“ Raymond began, and then the ground shook.
”Ah shit. I knew things were going way too well.” Keelah groaned, as she looked towards the sound of the boom. She took several steps back, swore in four different languages, and loaded her crossbows. “Hell of another shoe to drop.”
A massive armored titan strode down the main north/south street, armored like a black lion, tall as a building, and wielding a glaive that crackled with arcane power. It raised up the glaive, and a bolt of lightning as thick as main street stretched out from it, wiping away entire blocks along with everyone inside. Elsior narrowed her eyes. “So, Angela has finally taken the field.”
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