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The Problem With The "Resident Evil Was Always Action-oriented" Argument

(Note: Constructive feedback is welcome, but I'd appreciate any/all discourse respecting each other's views & personal preferences. No RE game is perfect, and there is no universally objective "right" way to make it. Different people across generations got into the series and resonate with it for different reasons. I will indulge in NO insults or comment wars)

I thought I'd offer my two cents as a longtime series fan since watching friends play the first two before trying out RE 3: Nemesis in childhood (I LOVED the concept, atmosphere, characters, and story, but personally could never get the hang of the tank controls). While I haven't played many of the games, I have taken enough time to understand its history & influence that I feel my assessment is adequately informed. Everything I'm about to say is based on my own perspective of RE + what actual fans from varying generations of the franchise have told me based on their anecdotal experiences:

Below, I will discuss three overarching flaws with every Resident Evil title being defended through this logic. Apologies for the length, but these are my unfiltered thoughts:

1) It oversimplifies the nuance, necessity, and influence of "survival" in survival-horror:

To clarify, I do not disagree with the statement that "RE was always action-oriented" in itself. That is indisputable, regardless of how people feel about it. It is a fact of history that a defining aspect of the series from the 1996 original onward was always combat, guns, and killing monsters. RE as we know it today wouldn't exist without those ingredients. That was intentional on the part of both Capcom & Shinji Mikami, who initially envisioned the original game in 1st person before the spread of modern shooters (an idea that would be explored in 2000's RE Survivor, then revisited in 2017's RE 7: Biohazard).

A fundamental trait of the term "survival-horror" that Mikami's team pioneered at the time was crafting a new kind of experience that gave players more agency to fight back, more control over their fate, and more overall input + options compared to the simpler gameplay loop of avoiding danger rather than confronting it (a formula once again popularized in modern gems like Amnesia & Outlast). The core of RE was always about players managing limited resources in the shoes of a vulnerable protagonist while discerning with their own best judgment when to fight vs. when to flee or evade.

Prior to this, the "horror" in horror games often led to getting frustrated when mistakes resulted in dying or being cornered with no means of defense, having to wait until you could retry from your last saved progress (Not that this formula can't be executed well, but it was becoming repetitive back then). Survival-horror birthed a new ball game by building everything around allowing players weapons & tools to prevent death but at the same time not providing enough resources to fight/kill everything. Just enough freedom was provided, yet restricted, to make decisions feel more important.

This balance is what helped get fans immersed in the underlying psychological game of thinking every step through BEFORE acting instead of gunning everything down like an 80's superhero. You could theoretically play that way, but it wasn't the intended framework and would generally be more difficult. Except, typically on New Game+ which was meant to reward players that already made the effort to complete the intended experience with unlockables to have more fun with less restraint. At THAT point, yes, more freedom was given to indulge in a power fantasy because it was EARNED.

Whatever extra toys & challenges players achieved for replayability, that doesn't change that the crux of the experience was first-and-foremost about SURVIVAL which is not exclusive to action & combat. The act of survival by itself isn't as black and white as "fight, heal, scavenge, repeat". It's nothing more or less than a goal, and the myriad ways of accomplishing it are the point of playing the game. This goal NEVER demanded action, except in specific instances. Players can just as plausibly survive by avoiding enemies (minus those that must be killed to progress) as they can by standing to fight.

The original three games are praised partially because they always kept this balance at the forefront of the intended adventure, maintaining that mental game within the player to make the most effective choices moment-to-moment. As the series progressed, however, the goal of survival (in addition to progression) demanded action more and more in service to that purpose, most heavily in RE 5-6. It arguably wasn't until 7 that survival was made the top priority again with action only being one means of fulfilling that mandate. For the first time in years, action was treated more as secondary.

THAT'S what I interpreted from Capcom & the developer's message of "returning to the series' roots". It wasn't just about returning to a dark house filled with monsters & puzzles, though that was definitely part of it, or even necessarily about being "scary" again. It was primarily about attempting and mostly succeeding at recapturing that balance of RE being a "thinking man's" survival game throughout (not just for specific puzzles). All core tenants of the original gameplay loop were transitioned into the new generation, taking full advantage of modern technology & controls to recreate that survival spectrum.

It was the first main series entry in years (since the original trilogy, depending on whom you ask) that successfully reintroduced and, in some ways, possibly evolved this dynamic. Does this mean that every game has to be like the originals to be a "true RE"? No, not necessarily. There's nothing wrong with deviating and taking risks in lieu of repeating the same formula past its peak. Again, however, there is a balance that must be kept at the center in order for the "survival" in survival-horror to carry forward. Otherwise, it is by definition no longer survival-horror. It's action with surface-level survival elements.

2) Resident Evil was originally intended as a SUBVERSION of the action sub-genre in horror:

Several younger series fans whose views I've listened to or read seem to mistakenly believe that RE's charm was always partially about action-hero protagonists performing superhuman feats in over-the-top sequences. Essentially, their argument typically boils down to "The characters were always superheroes in action-heavy plots, the sequels doubling down on that was a natural progression." Obviously, I have no authority to tell them they're wrong for feeling that way but this historically misrepresents the reasoning behind why Mikami's team designed the protagonists as elite cops.

As any RE historian worth their salt knows, the first game was inspired from three main sources: A) George Romero's zombie films, B) 1989's Japanese-exclusive horror game Sweet Home, which RE was at one point planned as a remake of or spiritual successor to, C) Hollywood B-horror, particularly of the 1970's-80's (Ex- '74's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Gameplay-wise, several aspects of its survival-horror blueprint were directly influenced by 1992's Alone in the Dark (particularly the conceptual change from 1st person to 3rd person with fixed camera angles against pre-rendered backgrounds).

Unfortunately, this generational gap combined with the series' steadily escalating action has influenced the misconception that, because RE took inspiration from over-the-top cheesy B-horror, the final product was therefore designed unironically as cheesy B-horror. This is a textbook example of a franchise's identity getting lost in translation as future games move away from its roots, which is common as sequels & spin-offs enter new territory over time out of desire to stay interesting/relevant. Again, this isn't inherently bad. Examples of this in film include the tonal shift between Alien vs. Aliens.

When fans are led to project what they believe the series was always about based on their introduction to it via a later entry, however, this can perpetuate ignorance and mischaracterize its legacy. Looking back at the original's main leads without having taken the time to understand its content, it can admittedly be an easy mistake to make. At first glance, S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team look like a borderline-cartoonish cast ripped out of the 80's and dropped into an almost laughable B-horror scenario. Their anime-esque art designs + goofy one-liners & dialogue all create a demeanor of virtual superheroes.

They intentionally present an action-star premise of hardened combat veterans following the call of duty into the thick of another mission, flying in their helicopter to investigate, close the case, get justice, and kick some ass along the way. This is painfully obvious, from their unrealistically stylized militaristic uniforms (especially Jill's pads and beret) to Wesker wearing sunglasses at night + inside. All of this, on top of the live-action intro's opening and the cast's flashy profiles, paints the protagonists as locked & loaded bad-asses who could stand alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger's Commando.

Anyone who's never seen or heard of RE before could watch the first minute or so of the intro and easily assume this game will have them stepping into the boots of a super-cop who can handle anything, mowing through monsters like an arcade shooter. Guess what? THAT WAS THE POINT. This makes it that much more tonally jarring and effective when these 80's archetypes find themselves completely unprepared, in way over their heads, and forced to run/hide for their lives. Finding what's left of their comrades picked off one by one, the true nature of the game finally opens up.

The hunters have become the hunted as the audience's perception of these supposed elite operatives is flipped on its head to unapologetically graphic results. The protagonists are now established as vulnerable, frightened flesh & blood mortals far out of their depth. Trapped like rats in a maze, the group must rely on their wits to survive a situation beyond anything they were trained for. You know what other story used this exact subversion tactic to similar success? 1987's Predator, another Schwarzenegger gem. And it is no accident that this trope was reused by Mikami's team for RE.

The whole setup literally shares so much DNA with Predator (right down to the heroes entering and then escaping the setting in a helicopter, following a climactic explosion), if Dutch's squad were police instead of mercenaries and hunted by mutants in a booby-trapped mansion instead of a lone alien in the jungle. For the interactive medium of gaming, especially a game instilling a mindset of "Survival first!" in players, that is a masterful buildup. It subverts expectations in the best way, albeit much quicker than Predator took its time doing since that was a movie and this is a video game.

Nonetheless, the method of pulling the rug out from under us is the same psychological principle. Instead of feeling confident and secure playing as Jill or Chris, you fear for their lives and therefore get that much more invested in their survival. This carried over into RE 2-3, which followed a rookie cop, a biker with some combat experience thanks to training from her brother who's a cop, and a returning protagonist from the original who's more experienced but still vulnerable and suffering from PTSD. In every case, the hero is over-the-top archetypal but simultaneously human and grounded.

This is a fair balance between the protagonist being an invincible action star vs. a wimpy everyman who can't fight back at all. What many fans criticize is NOT that these characters became more experienced, nor did they ask that every subsequent game reset the status quo with a fresh newbie lead (not that this wasn't appreciated every now and then such as Ethan's introduction in RE 7). The issue is that, as the sequels built these veteran characters up as progressively more larger-than-life, they consequently sacrificed the vulnerability & relatability that originally encouraged survival.

3) The core criticism was NOT about the action in itself, it was the action becoming dominant:

The problem isn't Leon becoming a govt. agent or Chris a soldier in the war on bio-terror. It's that, by the time of RE 5-6, they're depicted as super-soldiers who can overwhelm many enemies with little-no struggle which fundamentally undermines any incentive to fear for their lives. Whereas the original games toppled the B-horror action-hero in order to flesh out more three-dimensional humans beneath an exterior of bad-assery, the later games ironically lost fans by EMBRACING the archetype. They inflated these characters into superheroes, which is exactly what the original games subverted.

While 4 is often cited as the beginning of this thematic reversal, it's still commonly agreed that 5-6 took it to the next level (punching boulders in a volcano was just the tip of the ice-berg). It had little-nothing to do with suspension of disbelief, that was a factor throughout the series. It's that this made it more difficult to invest in the heroes' conflicts or victories since the formula had grown predictable. Some may argue that this was inevitable, that you can't make the heroes more experienced but still vulnerable. This attitude is partially influenced by confusing vulnerability for weakness or stagnation.

It's predicated on the narrative that what critics of the later games wanted was for all the iconic faces to stay the same or to be just as "weak" in every appearance. This is not accurate in the slightest. Plenty of fans who loved and/or grew up with the classics starring rookie heroes enjoyed playing their more matured versions just as much. Govt. agent Leon has about as many fans as rookie Leon. The difference is, Leon still felt vulnerable in RE 4. He was sent to rescue the President's daughter, not fight a one-man-war against a mutated cult. He was still under-prepared and faced frightening odds.

He entered a village expecting one kind of mission and found himself challenged at every turn. It was literally him alone (with occasional help from Ada, Luis, etc) against a huge population of monsters. Worse, he was infected himself. Unless you played skillfully, you could still be easily overwhelmed even by low-level foes in the village. By 5-6, you were not only playing the whole story with a partner but surviving feats many leagues above the first four entries. The escalation was far steeper, and at no point do the protagonists feel in genuine danger (the CG animated movies are even more egregious).

The balance of action & survival over the games are NOT equal. Not to mention, it's more difficult to die in every campaign's early game even on higher difficulty so long as you make the bare minimum of effort, except against higher-tier foes and QTE's (I tested this out, so I know what I'm talking about). The youngest stars of 6 (Jake MulleWesker and Sherry Birkin) have OP superpowers, for crying out loud (strength, speed, and regeneration). Meanwhile, Leon's capable of "John Wicking" everything in sight and Chris rag-dolls foes bare-handed (their fights in RE Vendetta are hilarious, but look cool).

To conclude, the significant contempt for much of RE's modern period isn't about wanting things to stay the same. You can make the heroes more battle-hardened, but still human & vulnerable. You can increase stakes without it becoming a Michael Bay movie. You can make these characters larger-than-life in context of their universe, but still weak enough to invest in their struggle. These are NOT mutually exclusive, it's a balance as it always has been. In fact, part of what made RE 4 successful was BECAUSE it moved on from the past and offered a new experience along with showing Leon's growth.

Jill's maturity in RE 3 wasn't that vastly different. Despite its greater emphasis on action while neglecting survival-horror, Mikami still kept just enough of the survival psychology to avoid pushing the extreme too far. He didn't forget the roots. 5-6 crossed this line, alienating survival. Capcom lost sight for a while of what made survival-horror in the first place because it bought into its characters' own hype (forgetting that this action-star tone is what the originals and even 4 to an extent poked fun at) and got greedy with its brand, pushing toward catering to new demographics for higher profit.

Okay, rant over. Again, my sincerest apologies for the length. Thoughts?
submitted by harriskeith29 to HorrorGaming


Why the Legion is Doomed to be Destroyed in a Total War with the NCR.

Even if the Legion were to win the Second Battle of Hoover Dam and conquer the Mojave Wasteland, they'd merely be buying themselves a little extra time and simply stall their inevitable demise. Note that the following analysis assumes that the Legion won the Second Battle of Hoover Dam and that the Courier died in Goodsprings.
To start off this analysis, let's begin with a run-down of the respective weapons, equipment and gear of the respective ranks of the NCR and the Legion going into the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. Beginning with the NCR garrison at Hoover Dam. The NCR Trooper comprises the core of the Republic's colossal armies and is the prime component of the NCR Army. A superb combination of volunteers and conscripts whose degrees of training, motivation, combat experience and access to equipment vary across the ranks, they're some of the most disciplined, most professional soldiers in all of the Wastes.
They're outfitted with modern military-grade ballistic vests that offer excellent protection against small arms fire, shrapnel and melee weapons alongside steel helmets. The NCR Army battalion that's stationed at Hoover Dam in particular is fully comprised of battle-hardened, fully-trained volunteer veteran NCR Troopers that are armed with 5.56 × .45mm NATO Marksman Carbines, 5mm Assault Rifles, 12-gauge Riot Shotguns and .308 Sniper Rifles to supplement their standard-issued 5.56 × .45mm NATO Service Rifles.
The NCR Patrol Ranger is one of the finest, most elite warriors in both the NCR military and the Wastelands, overall. Having survived a brutal training regimen that's so ludicrously difficult that 8-out-of-10 aspiring recruits wash-out, these purely volunteer harbingers of death have little to no equals in terms of skill, fighting prowess and strength.
They're outfitted with a suit of hand-made First-Generation Combat sporting a knife sheath, a hydration pouch and spiked spurs for unarmed combat that is impervious to any and all small arms fire, shrapnel and melee attacks. They're armed with 5.56 × .45mm NATO Marksman Carbines, .308 Sniper Rifles and .44 Magnum Trail Carbines.
The NCR Heavy Trooper is not only the elite heavy shock infantry of the NCR Army, but is also the proverbial sledgehammer through which the Republic may crush its enemies and obliterate all that may threaten its values.
Having earned their distinctive armor through immense sacrifice in blood, sweat and most of their young lives, they're the absolute best-trained, best-equipped, most battle-hardened, most professional, most skilled, most fanatically-devoted warriors in the whole of the NCR Armed Forces (rivaled only by the legendary NCR Veteran Rangers). Warriors that are more than willing to fight to their absolute last breath in defense of the Republic and all that it represents.
They're outfitted with NCR Salvaged Power Armor, suits of T-45d Power Armor that were captured from the Brotherhood of Steel during the Brotherhood War that have had their joint servomotors removed and their back-mounted power cylinders replaced with custom-built energy modules and built-in air-conditioning units so that Power Armor Training wouldn't be needed to wear them.
And while they're no longer legitimate suits of Power Armor in that they're no longer powered, they're still some of the absolute best and most protective suits of armor within the Republic's entire mammoth arsenal. Completely invulnerable to all but the most powerful conventional firearms, highly-advanced energy weapons, specialized ammunition and high-powered explosives, they can truly absorb Hellish amounts of punishment. They're armed with 5.56 × .45mm NATO Light Machine Guns, 5mm Miniguns, Heavy Incinerators, Flamers and Missile Launchers (albeit rarely).
The NCR Veteran Ranger is a living, breathing legend walking amongst the ruins and ashes of the Old World, drawing inspiration and hope from soldiers and citizens of the Republic as well as fear and terror from enemies and all those who dare to oppose the NCR.
Fabled for their unmatched fighting prowess, envied for their flawlessly unequalled marksmanship technique, feared for their unrivaled warfighting skills, awe-inspiring for their unsurpassed pugilist talent and legendary for their innate mastery over hardcore survivalist skills, the NCR Veteran Rangers are the absolute finest, best-trained, most battle-hardened, most professional, most skilled, most-elite and all-around most bad-ass warriors in not only the entire history of the Republic military, but also the whole of the Western Wastes, as well.
Centurions and Praetorian Guards of Caesar's Legion, Knights and Paladins of the Brotherhood of Steel and even the Republic's very own NCR Heavy Troopers have learned to shudder in terror and fear at the mere mention of the mythical phenoms of the Wastelands that are the NCR Veteran Rangers
These fabled guardian angels of the Republic are outfitted with the equally legendary Black Armor, a hyper-advanced suit of Third-Generation Combat Armor consisting of a highly-flexible vest of incredibly-rigid high-impact armored plating with adjustable straps on both the sides and the shoulders and a built-in throat protector that's mounted on the vest.
Combined with the state-of-the-art rounded-shell ballistic helmet sporting built-in lamps and infrared/visible light projectors as well as the complimentary highly-sophisticated armored mask with built-in low-light optics, an incorporated locking mechanism that joins the mask itself with the helmet shell, ear covers with built-in membranes that confer additional protection without inhibiting the wearer's hearing and built-in air filters, the mythical Black Armor is well-deserving of its stellar reputation.
As you can see, the NCR's forces are extremely heavily-armed, well-equipped and armed to the teeth with the absolute latest in top-of-the-line, high-powered firearms and state-of-the-art, highly-sophisticated energy weapons as well as superbly well-protected with an abundance of different varieties of military-grade body armors with varying degrees of effectiveness and even Salvaged Power Armor.
Now it's time for an evaluation of the Legion's weapons and technology. The Recruit Legionary is the primary foot soldier of Caesar's army and comprises the vast majority of the Legion's ranks. Trained and conditioned from before they could walk to become the perfect warriors, Recruit Legionaries are incredibly well-conditioned and in phenomenal physical shape, owing to a savagely intense training regimen that even the NCR Rangers would envy. Despite said conditioning, however, they're still the equivalent of literal cannon fodder with little-to-no actual skill in firearms usage and maintenance.
They're outfitted with a suit of makeshift featherweight armor that consists of sports equipment with bits and pieces of scrap metal atop a cloth tunic that's all lashed together with leather straps. An armor that's so weak that it couldn't even protect its wearer against the likes of a straight razor.
They're armed primarily with a "Machete" (what's really a lawnmower blade that's lashed to a stick) and "Throwing Spears" (what's really even bigger sticks with pieces of sharpened scrap metal fastened and jabbed into the tips), though they can rarely get their hands on firearms (albeit damn near broken ones) such as .357 Magnum Revolvers, .357 Magnum Cowboy Repeaters, 9mm Pistols, 20-gauge Single Shotguns, 20-gauge Caravan Shotguns, 5.56 × .45mm NATO Varmint Rifles and 10mm Pistols.
The Prime Legionary is the centerpiece of the Legion's fighting force and the core component of any Legion formation. Having survived 5 years in Caesar's forces, a remarkable accomplishment in and of itself, Prime Legionaries are no longer mere cannon fodder but are now the main frontline fighting force of the Legion. With the accompanying improvement in weapons and equipment as well as adequate firearms skills to make the promotion that much sweeter.
They're outfitted with the exact same armor as before, only with a slight improvement in protection. It still can't protect the wearer from shit, however. They're armed with the standard-issued "Machetes" and "Throwing Spears" though they also have much better access to more advanced weapons than before.
Melee weapons, such as Machete Gladius', Power Fists and Chainsaws, and firearms (of decent quality), such as 10mm SMGs, 12-gauge Sawn-Off Shotguns .44 Magnum Revolvers and .308 Hunting Rifles are all available to them in significant quantities.
The Veteran Legionary is the oldest, most experienced, most elite warrior within the lesser ranks of the Legion and is also the precise scalpel to the blunt, destructive warhammer of the Recruit and Prime Legionaries.
Having survived a full decade in Caesar's service, a monumental achievement in its own right, Veteran Legionaries are the elite rapid reaction force of the Legion that's tasked with neutralizing particularly tough adversaries that their lesser counterparts can't defeat and typically remain in reserve until otherwise needed for tipping the scales of a pivotal battle or campaign in the Legion's favor.
As they're the oldest Legionaries (a lot of whom have been with Caesar since day 1), they're also the most experienced, most capable Legionaries who are in their absolute prime in regards to martial prowess and physical resilience. They're second only to Centurions in terms of skill and experience, which is reflected in their improved access to superior weapons and equipment. They can also use and maintain firearms with frightening levels of efficiency.
They're outfitted with the same armor as before, though with even better protection. Still couldn't protect you from anything meaningful, though. They're armed with the usual standard kit in addition to melee weapons such as Fire Axes and Power Fists as well as firearms (of mint condition and with virtually unlimited access to) such as .44 Magnum Revolvers, .308 Hunting Rifles, 5.56 × .45mm NATO Marksman Carbines and 12.7mm SMGs.
The Decanus of the Legion is the lesser officer beneath the Centurion and is responsible for tactical small-unit operations and squad-level leadership. While not too different from ordinary Legionaries in terms of skill, equipment and even appearance, they still have slightly better access to weapons hence they deserve a separate segment.
Recruit Decanii can get access to 9mm SMGs and 10mm SMGs unlike Recruit Legionaries, Prime Decanii aren't any different from Prime Legionaries and Veteran Decanii can get access to 12.7mm Pistols unlike Veteran Legionaries (not a real improvement, I know). Everything else is exactly the same.
The Centurion is the absolute apex of the Legion's strength and the top field commanders of Caesar's armies, second in authority only to Legate Lanius and Caesar himself amongst a tiny select few of other superiors.
Having survived 15-20 years of a long, arduous life of fighting in Caesar's name (a completely unimaginable phenomenon, indeed) before finally earning the treasured armor of the Centurion (which they can decorate with the trophies of their fallen enemies at their leisure), Centurions are the absolute most elite, most skilled, most battle-hardened and ultimately the most dangerous warriors in the entirety of the Legion.
To even BEGIN to qualify for Centurion status, one must have fought in and survived numerous Legion campaigns as well as slain countless opponents in battle alongside the time requirement. All to ensure that only the finest of Caesar's warriors ever reach that level of authority in his Legion.
As the oldest, most experienced warriors in Caesar's army, the Centurions comprise the old guard of Caesar's army, most of them having served their lord since the very beginning. Their status all but ensures that they're reserved for only the absolute deadliest, most lethal of assignments that even Veteran Legionaries can't handle. They're ultimately only deployed if absolutely necessary.
In order to ensure that his Centurions can both accomplish their missions without even the slightest chance of failure and protect themselves without difficulty, Caesar has granted them unlimited access to the absolute finest weapons in his Legion's arsenal and has seen to it that they have acquired the absolute sharpest firearms skills that money can buy as a corresponding reward for their reaching Centurion status.
They're outfitted with Centurion armor which, while legendary amongst the Legion, really isn't that special. It's actually just Veteran Legionary armor with some cool decorations on it at the end of day.
Pieces of T-45d Power Armor on the right arm, the sleeve from a suit of NCR Ranger Patrol Armor and the pauldrons from an Armored Vault Suit on the left arm, the boots and shin guards from a suit of First-Generation Combat Armor on the lower legs, the crotch/thigh guards from a suit of NCR Ranger Patrol Armor on the upper legs, gloves from a suit of Leather Armor on the hands and a Super Mutant Brute chestplate on the torso, to be exact.
Realistically speaking, Centurion armor would be just about useless against virtually any weapon in the NCR's arsenal. Even a single 5.56 × .45mm NATO round fired from a basic Service Rifle would most certainly do the job, flawlessly.
They're armed with basic melee weapons such as Machete Gladius' and Chainsaws as well as high-tech melee weapons such as Thermic Lances (which are actually just repurposed metalworking tools) and Super Sledges in addition to powerful firearms such as .308 Hunting Rifles, 12-gauge Hunting Shotguns, 5.56 x .45mm NATO Marksman Carbines and even .50 BMG Anti-Materiel Rifles (albeit rarely).
Now we must now examine what will inevitably be a huge problem for the Legion even if they were to win the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. The Legion, even though it does in fact have access to some top-of-the-line weapons, only has them in an extremely limited capacity and strictly reserves them for only the highest-ranking, most elite Legion forces and field commanders.
The overwhelming bulk of the Legion's troops have little-to-no real firearms and what pitifully little that they can get their hands on are in extremely piss-poor condition. Not that it would matter, considering the fact that they don't have the proper training that's necessary to actually use them, much less maintain them.
The vast majority of Caesar's troops rely almost entirely on primitive makeshift melee weapons and their own martial prowess to fight their battles, which inevitably means that the Legion has to avoid direct engagement with NCR forces, instead relying on subterfuge and guerilla warfare to combat the Republic.
And it gets even worse for the Legion when one considers that the higher that its troops advance up the totem pole, the fewer Legionaries that it finds at the higher levels. A direct consequence of the Legion's overprioritization of quality and individual skill in combat is that it inevitably results in an extremely small cadre of elite warriors and field commanders surrounded by a sea of lesser soldiers and officers.
Combined with the fact that the Legion is only 34 years-old by the events of F:NV (meaning that even if one were to ignore things like inevitable attrition all throughout the Legion's war-filled history of expansion and conquest, they still wouldn't have that many Veteran Legionaries/Decanii and Centurions) as well as the fact that attrition over the years must be taken into account (the First Battle of Hoover Dam and the Legion's invasion of Colorado alone absolutely devastated their elite ranks), it's only obvious that the Legion's elite forces are relatively puny.
Furthermore, we know for a fact that there's enough Veteran Legionaries/Decanii for them to form a few of their own exclusive Centuria (a Century is 80-men-strong, I might add), with the Red Okie Centuria being a prime example of this. This definitely suggests that the Legion has at least a couple hundred Veteran Legionaries/Decanii at its disposal. As for Centurions, it's a little known fact that they're so incredibly rare in the Legion that they're actually explicitly ordered to not enter combat until absolutely necessary (i.e self-defense or if they're ordered into battle by a superior).
This, along with the fact that they're never really seen in any meaningful numbers in-game until the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, strongly suggests that there might only be at most several dozen Centurions in the whole of the Legion (there definitely wouldn't be over 100 of them). Either way, however, the Legion's elite forces are so pathetically tiny that they couldn't possibly justify the Legion having any meaningful amount of high-end weaponry.
The NCR, on other hand, doesn't have these problems as 1. the NCR prioritizes protection and firepower above all else for their forces and 2. even their most basic troops have exclusive access to essentially unlimited supplies of all manner of firearms and explosives as well as highly superb protection in the form of military-grade body armor.
Meaning that the NCR not only has a hopelessly insurmountable edge in firepower, technology and protection over the Legion, but that soldiers of the NCR also have a far higher life expectancy than their Legion counterparts, as well. All but ensuring that the NCR has a vastly higher volume of surviving battle-hardened combat veterans relative to the Legion that enables for the Republic to easily distribute extremely invaluable, ultimately irreplaceable combat experience and lessons learned in battle across the entirety of their military to a far greater extent than the Legion.
Scores of battle-hardened NCR Troopers that distinguish themselves on the battlefield go on to enlist with the NCR Rangers upon receiving an invitation to do so (fun fact: the vast majority of NCR Ranger recruits and even NCR Rangers themselves are/were NCR Troopers who earned their new status while serving in the NCR Army), earn the coveted Salvaged Power Armor and become NCR Heavy Troopers or earn promotions to positions of authority in the NCR Army (prime examples being Colonel Cassandra Moore and Colonel James Hsu). All of the above information will have colossal long-term consequences for the Legion, at the end of the day.
With that out of the way, let's move on to the main argument itself. The most positive estimates of the Legion's total numbers and military strength would be at best 5,000-8,000 troops. Then we must take into account the fact that the Legion is going to suffer massive losses (easily numbering into the thousands) taking Hoover Dam from the NCR as the NCR garrison here is extremely well-defended, well-supplied and heavily-fortified by both an entire battalion of elite, battle-hardened NCR Troopers and God only knows how many NCR Patrol Rangers, NCR Heavy Troopers and NCR Veteran Rangers.
Combined with the fact that General Oliver's Compound is extremely well-defended with force fields, a turret system, NCR Veteran Rangers, NCR Heavy Troopers, elite NCR Troopers and an absolute labyrinth that's filled to the brim with all manner of booby traps ranging from rigged shotguns, bear traps and mines of all types to grenade bouquets and overhanging objects (and given that you see a pile of fresh Legionary and Centurion corpses at your feet whenever you enter the Compound during the "Veni, Vidi, Vici" quest it's more than safe to assume that Legion casualties will be extremely massive just securing this area alone), this only serves to bolster my claim that thousands of the Legion's troops will perish at Hoover Dam even if they were to take it.
With only a mere fraction of their original number (that 5,000-8,000 will have been massively depleted after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam), now the Legion has to set out and secure the rest of the Mojave Wasteland, which will prove to be completely impossible over time. The Legion will find next to no tribes to assimilate as they exterminate the Powder Gangers, Fiends, Vipers, Jackals and the Kings in all of their endings.
And while the Legion still has the Great Khans and the Boomers, they won't help much. The Great Khans are down to little more than a pitiful rag-tag band of holdouts after both their ass-whipping at the hands of Mr. House and their decimation at Bitter Springs by the NCR. A fact that only gets worse when we subtract the women and female children (breeding stock), the elderly, the sick and the disabled (killed off immediately) as well as mention the fact that the Frumentarius Karl does say in his journal that the Legion would have to decimate most of the tribe, anyways. Meaning that the Legion will at most get a couple paltry handful of warriors from them.
As for the Boomers (assuming that the "Volare!" quest isn't completed) will prove to be more than a huge cost than a real benefit to the Legion. The Boomers' artillery alone would kill hundreds, if not thousands, of Legionaries with the Boomers themselves, armed to the teeth with Missile Launchers, Fat Mans, Grenade Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers, Grenade Rifles, 5.56 x 45mm. Marksman Carbines and 5mm Assault Carbines in addition to Mr. Gutsy combat robots and Sentry Bots, killing hundreds and even thousands more before the Legion finally conquer them.
Also consider that the Boomers, who worship their artillery and weapons with a near religious reverence, will by no means let their weapons fall into the hands of savages. Thus we could easily see them sabotaging their artillery (how hard would it be to load an artillery shell and lob a frag grenade down the barrel, after all?; and given that the Boomers only have 3-4 artillery pieces it wouldn't take long to do) and munitions stockpiles (just a few bricks of C4 could easily destroy all of the Boomers' weapons and ammunition supplies) to keep them out of Legion hands, which only adds insult to injury.
Even worse for the Legion is that when we subtract those Boomers that died in battle (most likely all of the adult males), the women and female children, the elderly, sick and disabled the Legion will have only a handful of male children to their name (remember that the Boomers are a really puny tribe that depend entirely on their firepower to survive) which means that they will have achieved nothing despite their massive losses incurred from conquering Nellis Air Force Base.
Then we also consider the fact that the Legion doesn't enslave civilized communities or Independent Towns unless under extraordinary circumstances (as evidenced by Siri over at the Fort who hailed from an Independent Town in New Mexico and was a medical student there prior to its destruction by the Legion).
Of course, it wouldn't matter as even if they did, the entire New Vegas area is completely evacuated by the NCR in the event of a Legion victory at Hoover Dam as evidenced by Arcade Gannon's Legion ending where he's convinced to remain in Freeside (all of Freeside, North Vegas, Westside, East Vegas and the Strip, which is really just a resort for NCR tourists rather than an actual community, are evacuated with those few that don't make it out, Arcade included, being killed by the Legion).
And when we consider that Nelson was butchered, Camp Searchlight irradiated and Nipton destroyed by the Legion with Goodsprings being left alone and Primm just falling under Legion authority (no point in enslaving the town anyways considering how it's just one big retirement home alongside Goodsprings which is also evacuated by all save a few old, stubborn folks) then it's blatantly clear that the Legion will have very few civilized people left to enslave.
With an even smaller fraction of survivors thanks to their conquest of Nellis AFB (in addition to hundreds more casualties against the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, the Kings and what's left of House's Securitron police force and the Chairmen) the Legion will soon realize its folly and discover that both holding the Mojave Wasteland and continuing their advance West is literally impossible.
The Legion's logistical situation and acquisition of supplies will soon prove to be an insurmountable nightmare within mere weeks of their occupation of the Mojave. The loss of Nipton, Camp Searchlight and Nelson will serve to severely hamstring the Legion's logistics with the eventual deaths of New Vegas, Primm and Goodsprings only complicating the Legion's supply lines even further.
As 99% of the Strip's revenue comes from NCR tourists and soldiers on leave and given how the Legion will most likely tear down the casinos and ban whores, booze, chems and gambling under Caesar's law, the Strip will eventually shrivel up and die due to loss of revenue. North Vegas, East Vegas, Westside, Freeside, Primm and Goodsprings, which are entirely dependent on Republic trade and commerce for survival, will eventually suffer the same fate as NCR trade and business abandon the region out of both fear and hatred for the Legion.
Especially after the Legion's successful assassination of President Kimball which will see him martyred and ensure that the NCR will cut off all ties to the fallen Mojave Wasteland. With all of the Mojave's communities and towns dying off, the Legion's supply lines will crumble and face imminent collapse within only a few months time (Hoover Dam isn't a viable supply route as while it does allow the Legion to cross the Colorado River in force it's just too far to provide adequate, long-term support) which will only serve to doom the Legion's occupation of the Mojave Wasteland.
We must also take into account that the Legion will need every last man, Denarius and resource at its disposal if it so much as hopes to hold the region and continue the advance West. Which will force Caesar to relinquish the Legion's entire empire East of the Colorado in order to do so. In Legate Lanius’ own words, the Legion's expansion campaigns in the East have been faltering badly as Caesar's obsession with Hoover Dam, New Vegas and the West has seen the Legion's full strength syphoned off towards Hoover Dam as part of Caesar's plan to overrun Hoover Dam, conquer New Vegas and eventually invade the West.
Imagine the Hell that the Legion will have trying to secure the Mojave Wasteland, which will prove to be so bad that the Legion heartlands will have to be left defenseless, lawless and chaotic just to even begin to make such an ambitious feat even remotely feasible. Some would probably argue that Caesar would surely never abandon the East just for the tiniest, southernmost tip of Nevada and just one little city but I'd advise you to reconsider.
Caesar explicitly states that while the Legion does have their own cities back East, NONE OF THEM are ANYTHING like New Vegas. Why is that such a big deal, one might ask? It's simple, really. While the Mojave Wasteland was relatively untouched by the nuclear holocaust that was the Great War, thanks to the quick and decisive actions of Robert Edwin House, New Vegas is at best a total dump and at worst an absolute shithole.
Filled to the brim with disease, essentially overrun with Raiders, bandits and common criminals of all stripes, absolutely crushed beneath the iron heel of a colossal drug-addiction crisis, bursting at the seams with abject misery and poverty and rampant with starvation, New Vegas is without a doubt little more than a massive dumpster fire.
Things are so bad in that cursed place that you actually have children chasing rats in the streets just to survive, locals constantly complaining about hunger pains and withdrawals and scum ranging from the Fiends to random little hooligan punks constantly ransacking the place.
Westside, the South Vegas ruins, East Vegas, North Vegas and Freeside are all Hellish nightmares that are almost completely hopeless causes, at the end of the day. Even if one takes into account the diamond in the rock, the New Vegas Strip, you still wouldn't find many reasons to be impressed.
What you have is a tiny wealthy resort community that still looks like a dump (though it's still a major improvement from the rest of New Vegas), has highly dilapidated infrastructure (the Tops Casino still has a giant hole on the side of the building) and is surrounded by a wall that's held together with spit, grit and a whole lotta' duct tape.
And while the Strip is safe, orderly and prosperous by the standards of the Mojave Wasteland (a very shit standard, I might add), it's ultimately a very terrible place by the standards of the rest of the post-apocalyptic world (i.e. NCR territory and lands under Legion control). If Legion cities can't even match the standards of that shithole, what does that say about Caesar's willingness to hold them? Especially in light of what he'd be gaining in return?
Furthermore, Caesar often tends to view himself as a mere barbaric king of the Gauls, with his Legion being nothing but one big nomadic tribe of savages without a true home or purpose in his eyes, which is extremely depressing. Caesar sees New Vegas as a true city, a true capital, a true home for both himself and his Legion, a true Rome that he can rule over and could preside over a true empire in. And the West as that very true empire that he so desperately relishes.
Do you honestly believe that Caesar wouldn't trade his current empire (which he clearly holds in very low esteem and almost regrets ever conquering it) for his new Rome and a stepping stone towards eventually conquering his new Roman Empire (the stepping stone being the Mojave Wasteland)? He'd trade the whole of the East for New Vegas and the Mojave Wasteland in a heartbeat and in doing so will seal the Legion's fate and imminent doom.
With the Legion having completely relinquished the East (and therefore cutting themselves off from their resource base, source of revenue/income and escape route, in the process) their supply lines and logistical network in chaos and having absolutely no source of replenishment and reinforcements for their ranks, the Legion will slowly but surely disintegrate, trapped in a permanent holding pattern in the Mojave that'll bleed them dry and drain them of all their resources.
The NCR, meanwhile, will have simply dug in at the Mojave Outpost and fortified their defenses there. They'd have most certainly brought in the 3 VB-02 Vertibirds (which are armed with Gatling Lasers, Missile Launcher racks and Mini Nuke Launchers and outfitted with heavy armor) that were conducting combat air patrols of the NCR military base just a few miles away from the Mojave Outpost.
Far from stopping there, however, Colonel Royez (who's outfitted with the Scorched Sierra Power Armor which is a fully-operational suit of heavily-modified T-45d Power Armor upgraded with onboard medical systems capable of healing any injury and an improved back-mounted power pack from a suit of T-51b Power Armor that will be capable of resisting nearly all of the Legion's weapons and armed with a Plasma Caster chock full of overcharged Microfusion Cells so incredibly strong that it can kill a lvl. 50 Courier in Power Armor with just 2-3 hits!) and his men (NCR Heavy Troopers armed to the teeth with Gatling Lasers, Plasma Casters and Tesla Cannons as well as NCR Troopers armed with Tri-Beam Laser Rifles, Multiplas Rifles, Laser Rifles and Plasma Rifles) will also redeployed there from the same military camp, as well.
Republic artillery pieces can also be deployed there to help bolster the outpost's defenses, as well. A massive network of bunkers, pillboxes and trenches all along the hill below the outpost as well as machine gun nests, sniper nests, minefields and razorwire can also be established to further enhance the impregnable defensive perimeter of the new frontline. Once all of this is done, the NCR will then proceed to flood the outpost with tens of thousands of NCR Troopers, NCR Heavy Troopers, NCR Veteran Rangers
And when coupled with the fact that the Mojave Outpost is atop a high hill, is flanked by mountain ranges on both sides (which will completely prevent the Legion from attacking its flanks and rear), is right on the border with fully-controlled Republic territory (which will make it impossibly easy to keep well-supplied and will also ensure that Republic reinforcements are plentiful and easily available) and the fact that one could see everything up to Primm and Nipton from the Mojave Outpost (that particular area is also wide-open, completely exposed and lacks any real cover which means that any Legion force of any meaningful size would be spotted from miles away day or night which in turn will prevent Legion surprise attacks), the Mojave Outpost will truly become a 100% impregnable fortress.
To make things even worse for the Legion, there's absolutely no bypassing the Mojave Outpost either as the only areas that can allow such a short cut around the Long 15 are completely and literally impassable. The Big Empty is often described as a wall to any living thing approaching it, the Divide is little more than a death trap and is completely avoided by the Legion for obvious reasons and Death Valley is so inhospitable that even the NCR, with its fleet of military cargo trucks and Vertibirds, flat out avoids that area out of habit.
Any army stupid enough to try and cross through these areas will not return alive under any circumstances. Which in turn ensures that only through the Long 15 can the Legion hope to invade the West and given that the Mojave Outpost is purely impenetrable and that the Mojave Wasteland is completely entrapped with mountains and the Colorado River, the Legion will be completely trapped in the Mojave Wasteland and will never be freed from their holding pattern there.
The NCR simply bides its time and let's the Legion wear itself out and tear itself apart trying to hold the Mojave Wasteland, occasionally fending off Legion assaults on the Mojave Outpost whilst inflicting heavy losses on the Legion, launching several limited-scale offensives here and there so as to deplete the Legion's ranks even further and deploying NCR Veteran Rangers into the Mojave Wasteland so as to ambush Legion supply caravans and patrols to worsen the Legion's logistical nightmare.
After almost a year, the Legion will finally be vulnerable, it's forces stretched absolutely thin down to their absolute breaking point, their supply lines and logistics completely exhausted and expended alongside their supplies as a whole, the Legion's ranks reduced to little more than a tiny skeleton crew, the Legion completely scattered across the entire Mojave Wasteland unable to guard it or defend it any longer and the Colorado River at its back, with absolutely no way of escaping their inevitable demise.
At this moment, the NCR finally attacks with a full-scale assault across the entirety of the Mojave, completely and utterly destroying the Legion in its entirety and killing/capturing Caesar himself as Republic forces swarm across New Vegas and wipe out his Legion all around him within mere hours, days if the Legion is lucky. And so the NCR-Legion War finally draws to a close, with the back of the Legion broken forever and ceasing to exist.
Either way the Legion is fucked with a Legion defeat at the Second Battle of Hoover Dam being a mercy killing at best for the Legion.
(Sources are down below in the comments section).
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