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The official update notes for the January 21, 2020 Battle for Azeroth Season 4 update are here. Patch serves to provide some class and general bug fixes. The unstable PPA supports Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 18.04 LTS, 19.04, 19.10 and 20.04 LTS. The pre-expansion patch was released on August 28, 2020. Windows 8 build 7989 kms activator. Ray Ewry would be second on the list with 10 gold). World of Warcraft content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Blizzard or its [HOST]l version.


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Install Plater Nameplates By Terciob. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (abbreviated as TBC or BC) is the first expansion for World of Warcraft. Pro evolution soccer 2020 online patch. For the first time, a point system based on official sponsored Majors and Minors were used to determine invites to The International. Wow patch 4.2.2 to 4.3.0 enus games. As of November 18, 2020, 368 episodes of The Amazing Race have aired, currently in its thirty-second season. Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/105.


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The Amazing Race is an American adventure reality game show in which teams of two race around the world (except the Family edition which featured teams of four and was raced entirely in North America). Sometime during the Cataclysm Cataclysm expansion, the downloader's look was updated to match the overall look of the expansion. Make videos ready for playback on the DVD or TV devices. The production of Netburst processors was active from 2020 until May 21, 2020. If you need car racing, raceing game, drag racing, realistic racing, multiplayer game, console game, Racing Rivals APK is the best free game, super fun, racing experience, mind blowing, sound effects. This is a partial list of multiple Olympic gold medalists, listing people who have won four or more Olympic gold medals. Score board for open PvP based games with timer.

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Weekly Custom Car Showcase: Round Thirteen

Weekly Custom Car Showcase: Round Thirteen
Weekly Custom Car Showcase: Round Thirteen
Round thirteen, Scary number right? Almost did this on Friday for the meme but I'm trying to maintain some consistency.
And now, here's the winners of Round 13:
Running Wild - Grotti Cheetah Classic
[Enus] Paragon R

Guess the car! - Grotti Furia
New section is being scrapped since I can't filter for just gallery posts. Might make a return if that changes or we can resolve this issue in the future. I wouldn't hold out for it, knowing Reddit.
And for the Modded submission this week:
日本の国内市場は悪い (Japan's domestic market is bad) - Annis Elegy RH5
Link to the mod pack containing the car: here
Congratulations to all our winners this week. Winners will receive the WCCS Winner flair and a corresponding Discord role. Winners, please direct message me with your Discord name (name#XXXX). If you would like a custom subreddit flair, include your desired text in the message as well.
If you have previously won the WCCC, let me know which flair you would prefer to have.
For those of you who want to and have yet to be featured, these sorts of photos are great reference. Don't try to copy outright, but borrow and blend elements that you like to create a great shot.
Round Fourteen Winners will be announced next week.
About the WCCS
In this weekly event, the WCCS Team will select three featured photos posted in the main subreddit throughout the week that will be judged on a variety of factors:
  • Visual Cohesion: the car pictured is in focus and clearly the subject of your photograph. I highly recommend this guide. It's a short read, if you're an up-and-coming GTA photographer who wants to get featured, there's no easier way to learn the basics.
  • Lighting: Proper lighting is a must. Click here for some Do's & Don'ts.
  • Vehicle Customization: this is purely subjective, but you know what I mean. Don't throw whitewall dubs, a flashy bodykit, and a big-ass spoiler on some random car and expect to get featured.
  • Setting/Background: Again, not looking for anything in particular here, but the setting and background that you choose can make a huge difference. Think about where your car would look the most at home.
REMINDER: DO NOT SUBMIT PHOTOS IN THIS THREAD. Post your shots on the subreddit as you normally would. We monitor the sub throughout the week and will be on the lookout for suitable posts.
Concerning Modded Entries
  • This section is to highlight some of the vehicular mods being made by members of the community.
  • For clarity, only the vehicle itself will land you in this section. This includes edited versions of the vanilla/original vehicles.
  • Optionally modded parts of the vehicle such as wheels and license plates will allow the post to remain in the normal category of entries. Vstancer will also land you in the normal category as long as the car featured is in the vanilla game.
  • Modded locations will be allowed to fit into the normal category only if the vehicle is in the vanilla game.
  • Modded Liveries will fall under the Modded category as they can significantly change the look of the car as a whole.
  • As far as PC Mod flairs go, 'Tag what you see' applies to the following:
  1. Vehicles - Vanilla Edit, Lore-Friendly or Real life vehicle mods
  2. Wheels - Any set of modded wheels/rims
  3. Any other customization options - Examples being modded liveries and custom license plates. If it's not in vanilla tag it.
  4. Locations - Real or fictional, if it's not in vanilla tag it all the same.
  • Everything else is fair game, If you feel something needs the tag for another reason go ahead.
  • We do not require the tagging of graphical mods as some are nearly impossible to discern and these rules are on the basis of what you're seeing, not how it looks.
If you're still unsure of what we're looking for, please consult the Discord #tips-tutorials channel and the Subreddit Wiki located in the sidebar. Don't be afraid to ask us directly either if you have any concerns that aren't addressed or that you're unsure of.
Posts with any violations whatsoever (including (visible UI) & phone pictures of your screen) WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
The points listed above, along with other factors, will influence the team's picks. There will [normally] be three winners each week.
Showcase prizes will be exactly the same as those from the WCCC, but labelled as WCCS Winner instead.

submitted by RetroInspired to gtavcustoms


10 random useless car facts

I learned a lot of things snooping through handling.dat and checking out various cars. So I'll just lump a lot of these little fun facts into one post
  • The Vapid Trophy Truck and Desert Raid have the highest suspension travel (55 cm/21.6 in) of any Personal Vehicle. The MTL Dune (56 cm/22.04 in) and the Sasquatch (60 cm/ 23.62 inches) exceed this, but as a Pegasus vehicle and an Arena War vehicle respectively, these two are limited to freemode and a few races.
(This is also still far lower than the "40 inches" (1.016 m) of suspension advertised on in-game websites)
  • The Hijak Khamelion is the only electric car allowed a Turbo upgrade. This is because it's technically a hybrid (canonically it uses the engine to charge the batteries just like a Fisker Karma, however it functions as a pure electric car in-game.)
  • All Enus Cognoscenti cars (as well as the Nightshark) have soundproofing. When in first-person, all outside noises (including the horn, tires, engine, etc) are very muffled. Strangely only NPC voice lines are completely unaffected.
  • Kurumas are special as they do not lose any grip going off-road. Most normal cars have an off-road grip loss value of 1; some SUVs, trucks, and rally cars have lower values from 0.2-0.8. But for some odd reason, Kurumas have a flat 0.
The Dinka Jester (and Racecar variant) is unique as it has an off road grip loss of 1.4; making it uniquely horrible to drive off-road.
  • There are 7 Benefactor Schafters, making these cars have the most varied:
1) Schafter (Base sedan)
2) Schwartzer (Two-door sport coupe)
3) Schafter V12 (Luxury high-performance sport sedan)
4) Schafter LWB (Luxury limousine)
5) Schafter V12 (Armored) (Armored high-performance sedan)
6) Schafter LWB (Armored) (Armored limousine)
7) Turreted Limo (Armored and weaponized stretch limousine)
  • The Progen Tyrus is bugged. It has a center of mass (vecCenterOfMassOffsetY) set below it's pivot center (fRollCenterHeightFront/fRollCenterHeightRear), the car will actively tilt into a turn rather than leaning out. This could also be Rockstar's lazy implementation of "active suspension."
Either way, it noticably helps the Tyrus in high-speed cornering
  • The Vapid Contender's front windshield is bullet resistant, and the Zirconium Stratum's rear window is completely bulletproof (the rear window will still shatter and break, however this is only visual - bullets will not pass through)
  • The Gallivanter Ballers are unique in having front-biased all wheel drive (60% power to the front wheels). This makes these SUVs a little understeery, but significantly more stable and more difficult to spin out. They're definitely fun for off road use as well, though they won't compete with any of the Off Road class cars.
  • The Marshall and Liberator monster trucks actually have a ridiculously high amount of horsepower, much more than you'd expect. Their engine power stat is set to 0.40 - this is higher than every stock Super car in the game barring the Deveste 8 (0.42). It's more power than a maxed Adder (0.384), ETR1 (0.396), and just shy of a maxed Truffade Nero (0.405).
The only thing keeping the monster trucks from being one of the fastest cars is their extremely high drag of course
  • The Pegassi Tezeract has the lowest drag stat of any car in the game, with just 2. That's less drag than any motorcycle. To put this into perspective, the second lowest drag in the Supers class would be the Vacca, which has a value of 7.6. Some other supercars' drag values include the Krieger with 9.42, the Entity XF with 8.5, the T20 with 10.427, and the Voltic and Tyrant tied third with 8.
submitted by skyeyemx to gtavcustoms