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Movie Review: 'The Watcher'

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The Watcher: How Keanu Reeves Was Tricked Into Playing the

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Just finished my first watch of entire series, some observations

I am a Real Housewives watcher, love LVP but have always avoided Vanderpump Rules. I thought I wouldn't be interested in these self-absorbed waiters/wannabe actors and I was also under the false impression that Lisa wasn't very involved with the show. I was wrong about that and her involvement is one reason why I did come to love it as you get to see her as a boss and quasi-mom to these idiots without other jealous bitches trying to take her crown. Let's break it down:
Katie Maloney Schwartz - This may be an unpopular opinion, but she is the heart of this show and the glue that holds it together, even while being annoying and boring. She is generally sane and rational and plays the voice of reason in a lot of arguments. I liked her a lot more than I thought I would.
Stassi Schroeder - I like Stassi, but she is her own worst critic. Her bravado is because of her insecurity and it shows. She is a bully in the early seasons but without much teeth. Her leaving and coming back does humble her, but I have no desire to read her book or know anything about her life.
Kristen Doute - She seems mentally unwell and at times its uncomfortable to watch her because of this. She does bring the drama but at the obvious cost of her own mental health. Her attitude toward men and sex feels like she's suffered some trauma in her life, that also made me uncomfortable. She's toxic.
Tom Schwartz - Practically not there for me except for his relationship with Sandoval. Him and Bubba can be cute, but they were stale. And he definitely fucked that girl in Vegas.
Tom Sandoval - The male heart of this show and a pleasure to watch most of the time. He can be vulnerable and seems in touch with his emotions. Watching his rise to TomTom was gratifying, while Schwartz was just lucky to also be named Tom. And he definitely fucked that girl in Miami.
Brittany Cartwright - I don't get her, I don't get why all the other girls love her so much. I just see her as a doormat. I'm not sure if it was for fame or love, but she hitched her wagon to Jax and wouldn't let go. It will be her downfall and she probably deserves it.
Lala (Lauren from Utah) Kent - This is going to sound bad, but she's a stupid whore. She was by far, my least favorite consistently through the series. The way she talks tough is so fake, her whole persona just really rubbed me the wrong way. The only time I felt anything for her was when James told her, "you sleep with the fat man because he pays your rent," and she looked genuinely crushed. Because it was true.
Scheana Marie Shay - She is a real enigma to me. I thought I would just hate her try-hard attitude but I found myself really pulling for her. I see why she annoys people, but she was one of the more genuine personalities to me. The bad edit the last two seasons really sucked, she looked so stupid going on and on about Rob and Adam and Max and Brett. They did her dirty. I think Mike Shay was an asshole, he didn't want to face his issues, just blame her.
Ariana Maddix - I like her, "wish I could be her" type of like. She's clearly intelligent and usually smart enough to know when to keep her mouth shut - and when to choose her battles. Her relationship with Sandoval seems the most stable and loving on the show (beside LVP & Ken of course). I was always rooting for them.
DJ James "White Kanye" Kennedy - What a piece of work this guy is. Obviously a lot of his behavior could be ascribed to his drinking problem, but wow, he just lays it all out there and is so immature. He was brutal in his talking head interviews and could be very cruel. I hope he stays sober, because he is a very unkind person when he's drinking and it makes it hard to root for him at all.
Peter Madrigal - I felt bad for him, always having to put up with all the fuckery. But never could seem to keep a girlfriend so it makes me wonder about him.
Raquel Leviss - Meh.
Danya Kathan - I could get into her if given more time, she certainly could hold her own with these people despite her bad taste in men. I think her, Danica and Charli are the future of VP if there is a future.
Max Boyens - What a joke, I hope nobody ever touches his dick again. Truly is the definition of fuck boy.
Brett Something - no thanks, not interested.
And of course I saved the best for last ...
Jax Jason Cauchi Taylor - I think I could write an entire thesis on this guy and it wouldn't be enough. The Jax Taylor person he created could've gone one of two ways - serial killer or reality TV star. A true sociopath bordering on psychopath. We've watched him lie, cheat, steal - all with no remorse and an attitude of "just get over it" when he gets caught. Truly astonishing that he has friends at all - do they watch the show? Do they hear what he says about them in the interviews? Its bad enough what he says and does to their face but then he's absolutely insane in these interviews. I think he's on drugs which exacerbates his personality disorder. Jason might've been a nice guy but Jax killed him a long time ago and there is no going back. He's entertaining but I would also be happy to never see him and Brittany on my TV again. I don't think fatherhood is going to mellow him out, if anything I'm concerned his constant need for attention is going to go into overdrive once Brittany has a baby to take care of instead of him - the future for these two may be bleak.
And finally I'd like to say this show was great for my LVP fix, I do truly adore her - while I know she has her faults, I think she is loyal and generous to the people she cares about. Plus the lifestyle porn is awesome, so much more Villa Rosa and flashy cars on VP than on RHOBH. All in all a good watch and I was bummed when it was over with no new season in sight.
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Is Season 5 actually the best? Hear me out...

SPOILERS A few things have struck me about Season 5 - I'm sure most of them have been discussed individually at some points, but it got me thinking that against popular opinion, it may actually be the best of the 5 seasons.
  • It has matured in a way that the other seasons arguably haven't: I'm not taking anything away from the first 4 seasons - they are a collective masterpiece, and don't really need to mature, but the 5th season took some big storyline risks which people (me included) perhaps struggled to come to terms with at first watch (more on this later), but are now much more relevant (...fake news anyone?)
  • The scenes and stories within are in some cases the most intense/heartbreaking/amusing of the whole series: A lot of these are executed early within Season 5, but Marlo's callous betrayal of Joe, Avon surprising Marlo in Jessup, when Bunk tries to get Freamon to talk sense to McNulty but ends up going all in, to name just a few, are all incredible scenes that are spread throughout the season.
  • It attempts the near-impossible, and actually does pretty well: without wanting to go into all of the detail here - season 5 attempts to add further complexity to the overall series, while also tying up all loose ends by the end (partly by submitting to a chaotic cyclicality). It does a pretty good job, and when you compare it to other shows with highly complex story lines that try to end quickly, it massively stands out, imho.
  • The serial killer story gets some stick, but... I get more and more comfortable with this with every re-watch. Further to my point about fake news, clearly this is the outlet for the overwhelming frustration that McNulty (and by extension Freamon + other officers) feel towards the system. Bodie's death really crushes McNulty and sends him back into a spiral - is the story really that far-fetched or is reality actually much, much more bizarre? "The lie's so big, people can live with it, I guess..."
  • When you watch season 5 the first time, there's perhaps a sense of feeling let down that lingers: I know I felt this... we don't get a final showdown between Marlo and Omar, we lose Prop Joe, Daniels is only commissioner for about 30 minutes (Valchek, lol), Dukie becomes a conman/junkie, Scott Templeton really is a humungous jackass etc. etc., and overall... it's the end of the greatest ever TV show (what could be more disappointing that that?) - it doesn't seem fair, but then what is the Wire really about? There aren't supposed to be any happy endings, and when there are... they're certainly not always happy for the watcher (though it was good to see Bubbles at that table...)
"There ain't no back in the day, n*a! Ain't no nostalgia to this shit here. There's just the street, the game, and what happen here today." Oh indeed.
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