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Top 60 ASMR videos on YouTube last week (2020-10-25 to 2020-10-31) [Discussion]

No eating|slime|magnetic balls|stop motion cooking|noisy reaction/comedy

Views Channel Video
1916880 Dr Debox iPhone 12 Unboxing and Camera Test! - ASMR
625852 Yoplait México Yoplait DISFRUTA | ASMR FRUTAL
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542776 Gibi ASMR ASMR | Bath & Body Works Employee Helps You Impress Your In-Laws
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493663 Tingting ASMR [ASMR] Sleep in 25 Minutes ~ Intense Relaxation
443296 Kənd Həyatı Qış Tədarükü Kələm Turşusu və Azərbaycan Xəngəli, ASMR food, Outdoor Cooking
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436881 ASMR PPOMO ASMR Brushing You😴🖌️ (Inaudible Whispering, 18 Face and Ear Brushing, Slow, Low Light)
433940 So Satisfying So Satisfying relaxing video asmr (no music) CHILL
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383356 ASMR Glow ASMR Perfect Wife...Or is she
379123 Jocie B ASMR ASMR Hair Brushing & Scalp Massage (For Sleep)
374392 asmr zeitgeist ASMR FAST & RAW VAMPIRE TRIGGERS for Shivers, Goosebumps and Tingles
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251039 Hatomugi ASMR [小声-ASMR] 不眠の呪いを解いて、あなたをぐっすりと眠らせます😴 2020ファンタジーロールプレイ / ハロウィーン
250649 959mari Soap Carving ASMR ! Relaxing Sounds ! (no talking) Satisfying ASMR Video | P527
250506 Jojo's ASMR [asmr] absolutely destroying the laws of thermodynamics and physics with reversed triggers
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210371 Jinx ASMR ASMR | Tingly Mouth Sounds 3dio 👅✨
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Look out for these AMAZING Torgue Weapons! | Weapon Discussion

Hey Everyone!

It's your friendly Neighbourhood Moze Main, Nootmad, coming back at you with another opinion post, this time around what i think are some of the best Torgue weapons you guys should try out on Moze! If you guys aren't a fan of long text posts, I actually made a video on it that you can find here! ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciVY34azlvo ), but if text posts are more your speed, here we go! Hope you guys find it useful :D
Now thats out of the way, lets get straight into the post!

The weapons!

  • Plaguebearer
Lets start with the Plaguebearer. It is a rocket launcher that drops from The Warden on The Anvil on Mayhem 6 and above! It can spawn in any element but i highly recommend getting yourselves the radiation AND corrosive elements. The plaguebearer is basically a better scourge and fires a slow moving projectile that spawns homing micro missiles as it travels through the air to its unfortunate victims. The 300/90 or the consecutive hits annoint works perfectly but i prefer using the consecutive hits annoint as it works smoother when taking down bosses like wotan and scourge. And yeah, this gun absolutely SLAPS, especially on Moze with skills like short fuse and fire in the skag den. I highly recommend pairing this gun with a shield amp build (i have one coming out on my channel soon so stay subscribed for that ;) )

  • Contained Blast
Moving swiftly to weapon number 2, we have the contained blast. One of my personal favourite Assault Rifles. Its a DLC3 weapon that drops from Abbadoxis on Ashfall Peaks on any mayhem levels. It being a torgue weapon, has sticky fire, but not as its alternate fire like standard torgue gear. The blast fires fast moving projectiles. The 1st shot will explode on impact and the next shot will be sticky projectiles that explode after a slight delay. Although it is a semi automatic weapon, you can still fire it very fast. I highly recommend the consecutive hits annoint in conjunction with a standard 3 tree build. You can find the write up for it in the pinned moze build album that you can also find here ( https://docs.google.com/document/d/10nJUJxvTmYP4k8bOrb_FaVVdouozwiqAZ0A-EzIENMo/edit )

  • Unkempt Harold
And now, for a change of pace, lets move to some torgue pistols. And we can touch on the prodigal son itself, the Unkempt Harold. Its a torgue pistol that can roll in any element and drops from Caber Dawd over at Bloodsun Canyon in DLC3, Bounty of Blood. Its a multi projectile pistol that combines high base damage and a decent semi automatic fire rate to dish out a tonne of damage. Combine this with a blastmaster or a mindsweeper class mod with the consecutive hits annoint and you got yourself a weapon that you can reliably mob and boss kill with.

  • DLC4 SPOILERS AHEAD: Prompt Critical
The next weapon is another pistol that comes in the form of the Prompt Critical. It drops from Evil Lilith in Castle Crimson onn DLC 4 Stick on a consecutive hits annoint and the radiation element alonng with a mindsweeper and you got a weapon of mass destruction in a very small package. It has a really fast fire rate ESPECIALLY in the sticky firing mode, but keep in mind that The Criticals unique selling point is its sticky mode, where the more sticky projectiles you land, the subsequent explosions radius AND damage increase. I got a really cool build idea in my mind to test out so be prepared for another post once i flesh it out :P.

  • Juliets Dazzle
Now, moving on from the pistols, we get to the Juliets dazzle. A base game legendary weapon that drops form Aurelia or Wotan the Invincible onn Mayhem 4 and above. It can roll in either cryo or kinetic and i highly recommend getting one in the consecutive hits annointment. Now although this gun is a bit of a struggle to use to its kick and its convoluted weapon sight, its damage is nothing to scoff at. It also has the unique passive of refilling its magazine after each kill, but considering we're playing Moze, the passive isnt really that great. But, the gun is still really solid overall.
Moving on!

  • Tiggs Boom
Lets start with the Tiggs Boom. Its a very interesting shotgun that drops from Wotan the Invincible on any mayhem level and can roll with a large variety of parts. I recommend the x18 variant with consecutive hits. It can also roll in anny element so i suggest getting yourselves the radiation and corrosive variants just to cover your bases with any enemy hp type. The gun also has the unique ability of splitting the sky and bringing down meteors on the enemies you shoot at, These meteors scale with your splash damage, so you can already tell that Moze can do absolute work with this gun. Keep in mind that these meteors are a bit dumb sometimes as they dont always work indoors and struggle to land themselves onto fast moving/flying enemy types (damn you Maliwan Takedown Wardogs! ) Considering it has a small mag size, i wouldn't suggest using a blastmaster class mod, but instead, a mindsweeper class mod for some absolute havoc.

  • Spade
And winding up the list, we have the Spade. Its a multi projectile, fast firing shotgun that drops from Waylon Hurd in obsidian forest and can come in any element.Much like the tiggs boom, its small mag size makes it ideal for mindsweeper usage, and its fast fire rate can boost your DPS quite significantly. The best setup for this would be a standard 3 tree, and once again, is something i will be making a video on soon. The spade also passes through enemies so you can take out multiple enemies in just a few shots provided they line up nicely. So, be sure to ask the enemies nicely to line up for maximum effectiveness

The End :(

So yeah, that rounds out what i think are some of the best Torgue weaponry you can get for Moze to smash through any content currently in the game. If you made it this far, i just want to thank you guys for reading the whole thing, and i hope you found it useful. I also want to let you know that i actually do a lot of video breakdowns just like on my own YouTube Channel here ( https://www.youtube.com/nootmad ) so feel free to check that out if you're after some up to date Moze builds and general information to improve your game knowledge! Like always, if you have any questions or thoughts, let me know in the comments! I hope you guys found this quick discussion useful and I'll see you guys next post! o/
submitted by nivman1410 to Borderlands